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Parachuting, a world of free falls.

There's two spots for parachuting that I've found so far.

There's one on top far above land on top of mount Chiliad. Simply ride up around 
the slopes of Mount Chiliad to reveal the tip top where there's a camper, and a 
journey, ( the two vehicles ). Also there's a flag, with a slopped stone near it. 
If you hit that, it's a great jump, but watch out, it's sort of deadly if you're 
using a street bike or dirt bike; or bmx mountain bike. If you're looking to get 
your adrenaline pumping, simply head towards the two vehicles. Behind them on the 
rocks is something that looks like an orange back pack, but surprise! it's a 
parachute!. Put that bad boy on and either; pedal of that jump than jump of the 
bike when you're away from the mountain, than free fall for a bit. press the circle 
button to release the chute. Or, if you want to be more risky. Get in the journey 
or the camper and hit the jump. Note: you won't go as far, and it's probably more 
dangerous in the journey. Try free falling until you think it's time to pull the 
cord. If you wait to long, you'll either splat like an insect on the jagged rocks 
below, or won't pull your cord in time and break your precious legs into fours.

Okay, now that you're traveling way away from Mount Chiliad, to the down town area 
on your map. Note: It's really not in the downtown area, it's the financial area. 
They're right next to each other though. There will be a huge building, with signs 
in front saying " visitors welcome ". Head into the doors, where there's the 
opening, and you'll be carried to the top. It'll automatically give you a parachute 
and you can jump right off the tower towards the streets below. Note: don't land on 
any of the buildings, or you'll have to jump down off them and you might die. 
That's pretty much all, other than The parachutes disappear unless you kill 
yourself, or get killed, than they'll re-spawn. Have fun! 

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