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Facts about pikmin.

Table of Contents
1.Pikmin Colors
1A.Red Pikmin
1B.Yellow Pikmin
1C.Blue Pikmin
1D.Purple Pikmin
2.Pikmin Types
2A.Leaf Pikmin
2B.Bud Pikmin
2C.Flower Pikmin
1.Pikmin colors
To start pikmin are tiny plant-like creatures that are about 1cm tall. Pikmin 
can be used to battle, carry, destroy, build, etc. You can make more pikmin by 
taking pellets or dead enemies to one of the three onions.

1A.Red Pikmin
Red pikmin are the first color of pikmin you will discover in the game. You 
find them in the Impact Site. Red pikmin are immune to fire and have an 
excellent attack against enemies.

1B.Yellow Pikmin
Yellow pikmin are the second color of pikmin you will discover in the game. You 
find them in the Forest of Hope. Yellow pikmin go higher than other pikmin when 
thrown and they can pick up bomb rocks to destroy enemies or wallls.

1C.Blue Pikmin
Blue pikmin are the third color of pikmin you will discover in the game. You 
find them in the Forest Naval. Blue pikmin are immune to water and can save 
other pikmin that fall in the water if they are by it and if they are idle.

1D.Purple Pikmin
If you are fighting a Puffstool and it sprays a gas on your pikmin any pikmin 
exposed to it turn purple with mushroom caps instead of a leaf, bud, or flower 
and they will also try to attack Olimar. If they start attacking Olimar you 
must shake them of before they destroy you and if you do that or have other 
pikmin attack them they will turn back to normal or die.
2.Pikmin Types
When pikmin are sprouted they will have a leaf but you can change them to a bud 
or flower.

2A.Leaf Pikmin
Pikmin that are first sprouted will have a leaf. These pikmin are slowest. If 
they are bud pikmin and lose thier bud they turn back to leaf pikmin.

2B.Bud Pikmin
If you wait after pikmin seeds sprout they will turn into buds. These pikmin 
have average speeed. If they are flower pikmin and lose thier flower they will 
go back to bud pikmin.

2C.If you wait longer after pikmin seeds turn into buds they will turn into 
flowers or if you give leaf or bud pikmin nectar they will change directly to 
flower pikmin. Flower pikmin are the fastest. Pikmin can lose thier flower if 
they are shooken off by an enemy.
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