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For Sega Genesis AND PC

Written by CHAZ5000
E-Mail [email protected]

Legal Information:
This Walkthrough is to be found only at GameFAQs.com at the moment.It is 
Copyright 2001 Chaz5000.
"Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure" is copyright 1995 Activision.  

Current Version:
1.00-03/13/01 - A good start. Includes Boss Strategies and hints
for every level, plus codes and a overview of the ENTIRE complicated plot.

You are Pitfall Harry, Jr.  Your father, Pitfall Harry, has been kidnaped by
Zakelua, some sort of evil spirit thang.  You brave all sorts of lethal
traps and pits, defeat the hardest of enemies, destroy bosses who are
completely evil, until finally you reach the final showdown with Zakelua.
You destroy Zakelua and save your father.  The End.

Level Hints:

Ceiba Jungle-Avoid the pits and the spiked thingies.  Though this level is 
not too tough, you need to learn the routine-you'll be repeating many levels
that are very similar to this one.
BOSS: Jaguar.

Xibalba Falls-First and foremost, DON'T FALL IN THE WATER.  Watch out for the
green sludge on ledges.  You slip if you touch it.
BOSS: None

Tazumal Mines-Watch out for the bats.  You get your first hidden area in this
level.  Shoot the weird bugs on the ropes before you try to climb the ropes,
or you'll fall off AND you'll lose some health.
BOSS: Mine Cars-Sort of.

Lost City of Copan-Watch out for the bone-throwing enemies.  You get the 
Atari 2600 warp in this level.  To get it, touch one of the Atari enemies.
Also, be sure to save up any magic stones you get in this level-you'll need 
them for the boss.
BOSS: JaguarTwins

Copan Temple-In this level, you meet the skeleton-flame-thrower guys for the
first time.  Not much different from the Lost City of Copan, except for it
taking place indoors and not having the annoying JaguarTwins as a boss.
BOSS: Big roundy-thing that smushes you.

Lakamul Rain Forest-Avoid the tar, but otherwise it's a rehash of the first 
level, outside of there being no boss and that the ledges are slippery.
BOSS: None

Yaxchilan Lagoon-Stand on the gator-heads when they're closed, just like from
classic Pitfall.  Gator-heads are also your only method of transportation in 
some spots!  Be sure to not fall into the water, because we all know what 
THAT does to young Harry.  
BOSS: None

Palenque Ruins-Bounce on the tongue things to ascend to the level exit.  
Count to 5 on the platforms that pull out from under you before you jump to
the next one. Just make sure that you count at a reasonable pace, not 
1...2...3...4...5 or 12345,  somewhere in-between.  
BOSS: None

Tomb of Palenque-VERY difficult.  Even though there is no boss, the enemies
make up for it.  The level design itself is not much different from that of
previous indoor levels.
BOSS: None

Balankanche Mines-My favourite level.  Very difficult to actually beat, but
fun to play.  About one-fifth into the level, you will encounter ghosts.  
Even though they don't actually inflict damage on you, they cause you to lose
your balance, which means you CAN'T CONTROL YOUR MINE CAR, and it is very 
likely that you will wreck.  Note the similarities between this level and
"Mine Cart Carnage" of Donkey Kong Country.
BOSS: None.

Jaina Island Falls-This level is sort of like Yaxchilan Lagoon and Xibalba 
Falls, but is more difficult.  Whenever it is possible, take the high road.
When you take the low road, you risk either falling into the water or being
eaten by an alligator!  When you take the low road, sometimes the only way
to get across the water is to ride on gator heads. The high road is 
definitely best for this level.
BOSS: None.

Tikal Ruins-Sort of like "The Lost City of Copan" but you should look out for
the new enemies. If you can, save up at least 20 magic stones for the boss.
Not too tough a level, but they make up for it with the boss.
BOSS: Jaguar Man(He's tougher than the final boss!).

Temple of Tikal-You have ALMOST beaten Pitfall.  However, they don't make it
easy for you to reach Zakelua.  You have all of the hardest enemies in the 
game concentrated into one level, plus all of the stupid collapsing 
platforms, lethal spikes, and other "Pitfalls"(Ha)!  Mercifully, the level
doesn't have a boss.
BOSS: None

Warrior Spirit-Nothing else here but the boss and a life refill in the 
BOSS: Uh...Warrior Spirit.

Boss Strategies:
Level 1:The Jaguar:
Jump over it, lob a stone, dodge, repeat.  Kind of tough for a first boss.

Level 3: The Mine-cars:
Not really a boss, but a tough thing at the end of a level nonetheless.  
Jump over the cars carefully; if you can get into the rhythm you'll be okay.

Level 4: JaguarTwins:
Ouch.  If you have a bunch of magic stones AND your pepper is still working,
then jump down into the boss pit, then jump onto the RIGHT ledge.  Start 
throwing the magic stones until you're out.  Then jump into the pit, and try
to get a rythym of jumping over one jaguar and attacking the other.  If you 
don't have any magic stones, then attempt to fight them like the first boss,
but it still is easier just to get some magic stones.  

Level 5: The big-roundy thing that smushes you:
Jump over it, ignore the free life, and run like the wind.

Level 12: The Jaguar Man:
Avoid his claws at all costs.  Though you should attack him like the 
first boss, you should also conserve your weaponry-you'll need all the ammo
you can get when it comes time to fight Zakelua!

Level 14: The Warrior Spirit:
Ouch.  Save the life refill until you REALLY need it.  If you have 40 magic 
stones, then this fight is a breeze.  For us mortals out there who didn't 
save up 40 magic stones, this fight is very difficult(almost as tough as 
the first boss from "Vectorman").  Throw a Boomerang or a stone, run away 
from his attack as best you can, and repeat.  If and when you beat him, you
win the game!

Sega Genesis Version:
99 of each weapon-A,B,UP,C,A,C,A,
Infinite Continues-C,C,C,C,LEFT,A,DOWN,UP,DOWN

PC Version:
99 of each weapon-pumpyouup
9 Continues-eatmorebran
9 Lives-meowmeowlikemeowman
Stage Select-idbuythatforadollar
Classic Pitfall-letsdothetimewarp

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