Planetary Mining - Guide for Ratchet & Clank 2: Going Commando

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 Planetary mining is what all you can get out of planet Tabora and Greblin. 
This is for planet Tabora. 

CRYSTALS: When you find the guru (that guy by your ship) he tells you to find 
10 crystals to repair your ship. After you get ten crystals, continue crystal 
hunting! It is great way to upgrade weapons. Plus you can get the skill point: 
heal your Chi by collect all the crystals on the planet. Do this before you try 
the raritanium part(trust me it easier this way). Also like he says he will pay 
you cold hard bolts!!! Great for those people a little short (bolt wise not 

RARITANIUM: After you get the gravity boots (planet Joba)go to the platform 
with the raritanium ship. Before you get in the ship equip the kilonoids as 
protection. Then fly to all the raritanium spots. This is great for people who 
upgrade their ships. Don't forget even if you don't think raritanium is 
important your wrong. You can never have too much raritanium.

WEAPONS: You heard me right weapons. Not found on this planet, but upgrades. 
You can upgrade all the weapons. I recommend these to upgrade first:
                    kilonoids:        great as defence for any one!
                 Tesla shield:        good as a close-range attack defence
                  mega rocket:        long, short, any range is target range!!!!

NANOTECT: With all the stuff I mention it is easy,fight,fight,fight the 

PLUTANIUM BOLT: It is far north

Thank you for reading and I hope you like my first FAQ!!!

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