Poke'mon Advantage Tables - Guide for Pokemon Emerald

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This guide was made purposely to show all weakneses and advantages through each 
poke'mon. Also below the weakness and advantage tables are weather effects. Below 
that are combination pokemon weaknesses(Ludicolo)that are normally hard to figure 

Ice super effective against:Grass and flying
Ice weak against:Fire and Rock

Fire super effective against:Grass and Ice
Fire weak against:Rock, ground, and water.

Water super effective against: Fire, ground, and rock.
Water weak against:Grass and Thunder attacks(ex:Thunder, thunder bolt, volt tackle)

Dark super effective against:Ghost
Dark weak against:Fighting

Ghost super effective against:Psychic and Ghost
Ghost weak against:Ghost and Dark

Fighting super effective against:Normal and Dark
Fighting weak against:Flying

Psychic super effective against:Fighting
Psychic weak against:Ghost

Thunder super effective against:Flying and Water
Thunder weak against:Ground

Grass super effective against:Ground, rock, and water
Grass weak against:Fire and flying

Poison super effective against:Grass
Poison weak against:Ground

Dragon super effective against:Dragon
Dragon weak against:Rock, ice, and dragon

Rock super effective against:Fire
Rock weak against:Water, ice, and ground

Ground super effective against:Electric, poison, and Fire
Ground weak against:(Same weakness as rock)

Normal super effective against:NOTHING!
Normal weak against:Fighting

Bug super effective against:Psychic and grass
Bug weak against:Fire and ice

Steel super effective against:Rock and Ice
Steel weak against:Fire


Weather Effects


Rain(Rain Dance or Drizzle)
Effect one:Power up water attacks
Effect two:Weakens fire attacks
Effect three:Electric attacks never miss while raining(Great for great double-
battle strategies such as one pokemon uses Rain Dance or Kyogre uses Drizzle(its 
ability and a strong electric pokemon that can use Thunder; best when fighting 
Juan, the final elite four)

Effect one:Slightly power up rock and ground attack and defense
Effect two:Hits the following enemies after each turn:Grass, fire, water, dragon, 
flying, dark, fighting, normal, psychic, electric, bug, and poison.(All types 
except certain ghosts, rock, steel, and ground)

Sun(Drought or Sunny Day)
Effect one:Use and last for 5 turns, while sunny, you can use Solarbeam while the 
sun is up without loading
Effect two:Power up Fire attacks
Effect three:Weaken water attacks

Effect one:Slightly boosts Ice pokemon
Effect two:Attacks all pokemon except ice pokemon.(And CASTFORM since it changes 
through weather)

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