Pokemon League Teams - Guide for Pokemon Ruby

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Recommended Teams For The Pokemon League
Lv 60-65

Tough Team

Blaziken-Flamethrower,Blaze Kick,Sky Uppercut,Brick Break
Swellow-Wing Attack,Aerial Ace,Double Team,Focus Energy
Haritama-Vital Throw,Seismic Toss,Arm Thrust,Endure
Aggron-Iron Tail,Metal Claw,Earthquake,Rock Tomb
Minum-Shock Wave,Charge,Thunder,Thunderbolt

Cute/Beauty Team

Minum or Prusle-Shock Wave,Spark,Charge,Thunderbolt
Illumise-Solarbeam,Focus Punch,Double Team,Return
Jigglypuff-Water Pulse,Blizzard,Thunder,Fire Blast
Skitty-Iron Tail,Frustration,Ice Beam,Dig
Beautify-Giga Drain,Silver Wind,Poison String,Psychic
Gardevoir-Hypnosis,Dream Eater,Psychic,Future Sight

Odd Team

Wobbufet-its four moves
Castform-Solarbeam,Fire Blast,Thunder,Blizzard
Silcoon-Tackle,String Shot,Poison Sting,Harden
Spinda-Thrash,Teeter Dance,Dizzy Punch,Psybeam
Clamperl-its four moves

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