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                                  MAUVILLE CITY
The leader of the Mauville city gym is Wattson.He uses electric-pokemon,so if you 
picked Mudkip(you should have a Marshtomp by now),he'll be easy.Being part 
ground,electric moves don't effect Mudkip.If you didn't pick him,use ground and rock 
pokemon.Use fire for his magnemite and magneton.Before you can attempt a battle with 
Wattson,you'll find Wally blocking the entrance to the gym.In order for him to 
move,you must fight him in a battle.He only has the Ralts you helped him catch,so it 
shouldn't be too hard.Phychic moves don't do a thing to dark-types,so Poochyena or 
Mightyena would be perfect.After you win,he'll go back to Verdanturf.If your in 
front of the gym,walk to the right,past the pokemon center,and enter the building 
with bikes outside.Talk to the guy wearing green(Rydel)and answer yes to his 
question.He'll give you one of two bikes:Mach bike and Acro bike.Choose one and now 
you can ride one cycling road!The Acro bike can do tricks,while the Mach bike is 
just speedy.For the Acro bike,press B while riding to do a wheelie.To do a bunny 
hop,press B while holding still and you'll start hopping up and down.To jump,push B 
and up at the same time.Exit the bike shop and go to the house directly below 
it.Inside,talk to the guy and he'll give you HM06,Rock Smash.Next,go to the game 
corner.Inside,talk to the girl in the upper left corner.She'll say she made a 
mistake and got two of the same dolls,then offer you her extra doll.Say yes and 
she'll give you the doll,which is a doll of your starter pokemon.If you want to 
play,you need a coin case,so leave and go inside the house that has a guy with 
glasses standing outside of it.The girl inside will say she wants Harbor mail,which 
they sell in Slateport.Go back to Slateport,buy one,and talk to her again.She'll 
give you the coin case.If you try to exit the city going up,you'll find your path 
blocked by rocks.Use rock smash on them,but without Wattson's badge,the move can't 
be used.There is also a house and a guy standing at the door.This is the Winstrate 
family.Say yes to his challenge and you'll fight his family of four all in a row.If 
you beat them all,go inside and talk to the grandma.She'll give you the Macho 
Brace.Exit the left of the city,though,and you'll be heading toward Verdanturf.
                                VERDANTURF TOWN
The normal rank contest hall is were you get the contest pass,which lets you enter 
contests.After that,go into the tunnel and go left and down to the other exit.There 
is a guy who says he's looking for his glasses.This is were that itemfinder May gave 
you comes in handy.Another good thing is that it points you in the direction of the 
item.Search around until you find the Blackglasses.Talk to the boy again and he'll 
say that they're not his and leave.Give these to a dark pkemon to hold and it will 
power up its dark-type moves.Go back in the tunnel and go up and then left to find a 
girl and two rocks that can be broken.If you have Wattson's badge,use rock smash and 
the guy will reward you with HM04,Strength.Now,you can get from Verdanturf to 
Rustboro easily.Go back to the route above Mauville,use rock smash,and keep going 
up.There's a cable car to Lavaridge town,but Team Magma is blocking the way.You have 
no choice but to go through the fiery path and on to Fallarbor town.
                                FALLARBOR TOWN
There's not really anything to do here.Just walk straight through.In the 
route,though,you'll come to the Fossil Maniac's house.Talk to the boy outside the 
hole that's in the house and he'll give you the TM Dig.Keep going until you see a 
gentleman standing next to a Poochyena.Talk to him and he'll give you the TM 
Roar.Keep going down.Take the stairs and keep following the path until you get to a 
cave(Meteor Falls).Inside you'll find Team Magma and a scientist named 
Prof.Cosmo.Before Team Magma leaves,another team(Team Aqua),arrives.They follow Team 
Magma out of Meteor falls and go to Mount Chimney.Follow them back to the cable car 
and ride up.The exit is blocked by battling Magma and Aqua members,so your only 
choice is to go up.Battle the T.M.(Team Magma)members and you'll have to face 
Maxie.Defeat him and take the meteorite they stole from Meteor Falls out of the 
machine.Deliver it to Prof.Cosmo,who is in his house in Fallarbor town.He'll give 
you the TM Return.With T.M. out of the way,you can go back to Mount Chimney,descend 
Jagged Pass,and enter Lavaridge Town.
I'll finish later.Sorry for any inconvenience.  

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