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       *****     **    ** **   *****  ****    ****    **    ****  **
       **   *  **  **  ***     **     ** **  ** **  **  **  ** ** **
       *****   **  **  ***     *****  **  ****  **  **  **  **  ****
       **      **  **  ** **   **     **   **   **  **  **  **   ***
       **        **    **  **  *****  **   **   **    **    **    **
                    ******    **  **  ******   **    **
                    **    *   **  **  **    *   **  **
                    ******    **  **  ******     ****
                    **   **   **  **  **    *     **
                    **    **    **    ******      **

***********************************POKEMON RUBY*************************************
    Hey, and welcome to the world of pokemon! I'll be givin ya the grand tour of 
the most awsome game in the world,POKEMON RUBY!!!

Alright the key part of this town is get your first pokemon.
The way you get your soul pokemon is:
1.set your alarm clock in your room.
2.go next door to your rivals house.
3.go outside and up to a small boy and you should see a man running from a dog.
4.Now the cool part.go to his bag on the ground and choose one of the three pokemon 
there.(Remember this will be the pokemon you have for the rest of the game)

Fire Type

water type

Grass type                
  The only thing you really have to do here is once your in oldale go up and you 
should get to a route. Keep going up after that and you should find a girl or a 
boy. (depends on who you picked)Now you got to prove your ability with your pokemon.

Once in petalburg you must go to the gym. There your dad will talk to you. Why'll 
hes talking he'll be interupted by a boy. This boys name is Wally. Wally as well 
will be your rival. Now as of this point you have 2 rivals. Wally will talk about 
having to leave petalburg to go to verdanturf. After wally is done, your dad ask 
you to go with wally to catch a pokemon for him. Then you'll go with wally and 
you'll help him catch his pokemon.(in order to verse the petalburg gym leader you 
need 5 badges)

Rustoboro city
When you get to rustoboro you need to go to the building to the left of the pokemon 
center. There you will HMcut. After you get cut, go to the gym and fight the leader.
(I recomend if you have the second evolution before going in)
Now after you beat the gym leader you come out to see a man running and then a man 
after that.Talk to the second man that came out. The man you just talked to is part 
of Devon corporation. He asks you to retreive the items that the first man running 
out took. The first man is part of team magma.Badguys)After you get the goods/items 
stolen, go back to rustoboro and go to the devon corporation and give the guy the 
goods.now after that,the guy will take you into the devon building. When your 
inside you'll talk to the boss . He';;ll ask you to take a letter to Steven and 
take the goods to capt.stern in slateport. Then he'll give you a pokenav. Now we'er 
off to Dewford.(you should have saved an old mans pokemon named peeko.He's the old 
man take will give you a ride to dewford and slateport)

Now when your here go down to where you see a man. talk to him and he'll give you a 
old rod. Now go up to the beach and then right to a cave.Go in the cave.When in the 
cave you should see a man/a hiker.Talk to the hiker and he'll give HMflash. After 
that, head to the stair down in the cave. Once in the cave use flash to light your 
path and find your way out. Once you get out of the dark area go left and down 
until you get to a door. Walk through it. Now go talk to a man standing in the 
middle of this room. This is Steven, he is the one you need to give the letter to.
After you give him the letter get out of the cave and get back to dewford. Now go 
to the gym and fight the leader. After that go back to the boat and head towards 
Slateport. Once in Slateport go to the The shipyard by the man with the boat. Now 
talk to a man in the shipyard named dock. He'll tell you to look for capt. Stern. 
ow go to the museum next to the Pokemart. Once inside the museum, You must pay a 
fee for entry,$50. Now go up the stairs and talk to the man standing next to a boat 
model.This capt.Stern. He will take the goods. Now right after that, Two of team 
magmas grunt will walk in. Fight them!!! After your done fighting the leader maxie 
will walk in. Maxie tells you he's Going to Mt pyre. 

Go up to the gym and fight Wally. After your done go in the gym if you want. Now 
once your done, Go back down to a house to the right of the pokemart. Go in. Talk 
to the guy sitting down and he will give you HMrocksmah. 

Now walk up to the cave. Go in. Now go up and left to some rocks.Use rocksmash. A 
man on the other side will thank you with the HMstrength. Now walk out and down to 
some houses. Go in the first house and talk to wally in the room to the right.

Mauville part2
Now walk to a path to the right of the gym. Go up the path untill you get to some 
rocks in your way. Again use rock smash. Once the rocks are gone your on your way 
to Fallabor town.

Once in fallabor you probobly had a long journey so get healded at the poke center. 
Now walk to a house to the left of a pokemart. After that walk to a crevist to the 
left of the home. press a on the crevist to get a gift. Now continue your journey 

Meteor falls
When you get here go forward then across a bridge and you'll see a few members  of 
team magma harassing a man for an item. Later you find they took a meteor. Now go 
back to The beginning of the fiery path.Once there go right and go into a building. 
When your in talk to a woman who looks like a stewardess. After the ride up you 
should be at Mt. Chimney. Go Up then right until you come to some grunts.FIGHT 
THEM!!!After your done fighting maxie and his grunts go to the machine to the right 
and press a to get a meteor.(Take the meteor to Fallabor proffesor)Next stop 

Now your in lava ridge go around to the pokemon center. now go left to an old 
woman. She should give you an egg. Now go down to the gym. Fight the leader!!! 
After your done with the leader go outside. your rival will come to you and give 
you go-googles.Next stop Petalburg.

petalburg part 2
Ok now you got five badges time to fight the gym leader!!! After your done fighting 
your dad, go left to a house. This is Wallys old house. Now go talk to the man in 
front of you. He will give you HMsurf.TO BE CONTINUED!!!

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