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Welcome to the world of pokemon! Now I will tell you everything on this so you can 
complete the game!

Littleroot Town

Ok the game starts out you in a moving truck so when it stops leave the truck. Then 
you mom comes out and says that this is the house we are miving into(Note: the house 
differs by which gender you picked. If you chose to play as a boy, your house is on 
the left. If girl then your house is on the right.). Then you go inside the house. 
Once your mom has finished talking to you, she tells you to set your clock upstairs. 
Go upstairs and set your clock. Also withdraw the potion that is in your pc. Now go 
downstairs and your mom wants you to see the interview of your dad at Petalburg Gym 
but missed it(hey doesn't this remind you from Gold and Silver when you became 
champion, they didn't do the interview! I HAD to laugh at that!). Now she tells you 
that Prof. Birch(DON'T get any funny ideas of his name)lives next door. Go see him. 
(again the gender reflects, If a boy, May is your rival. If girl, Brandon is your 
rival.) Since he isn't home, the mother talks to you. Saying that she wants you to 
see their kid(from now on I am going to put Brandon/May for your rival.) Go upstairs 
and talk to Brandon/May. Once done he/she leaves and you should leave the house. 
After go up to where the exit is and the little boy says that he hears someone 
screaming, go up and you see Prof. Birch being chased by a Poochyena. Go up to his 
bag and you have to choose between three pokemon. Treecko,Torchic and Mudkip.(Note: 
Each pokemon has it's pro and cons so don't pick a pokemon that is better than the 
rest instead pick your favorite one) Once you pick one, you will be battling a 
Poochyena, you should be able to defeat it in 2-3 turns. Afterwards you will be in 
Prof. Birch 's Lab. Then he talks about you being a strong trainer like your Dad(yes 
your dad is a gym leader) so he is letting you keep the pokemon you used earlier.
(whichever you chose to fight the dog with)and wants you to see his kid on Route 
103. Once you leave the lab, go to Route 101.

Route 101

Nothing much to do here...(Note: Quick Growth- since you fought a lv.2 pokemon face 
a pokemon (any pokemon) that's at lv.3 ONLY. Then don't battle anymore wild pokemon. 
Then go to route 103, face Brandon/May and once you beat their pokemon, your level 
should jump to lv.7!)head to Oldale Town.

Oldale Town

Walk up and you should see a pokemart person standing outside talk to it and once 
the preson has finished talking, she will give you a potion. Now head up to Route 

Route 103

Walk up and you will see Brandon/May standing there talk to him/her and will battle 
you(Note: their pokemon will reflect what you chose, if you chose Mudkip, Treecko 
will be the pokemon you face. If Torchic, Mudkip you will face. If Treecko, Torchic 
is the one you face. Once you defeat him/her. He/she will wait for you in Oldale 

Oldale town

Brandon/May will tell you that they are heading back to the lab. Go to the lab.

Littroot Town

Once inside the lab Prof. Birch gives you the Pokedex and Brandon/May gives you your 
first five pokeballs. Leave the lab and leave the town. When you do your Mom stops 
you. She has a gift for you, the Running Shoes!(press b to use them) Then you start 
your adventure. Now head to Oldale town.

Oldale Town

Go to the right and you will be on Route 102.

Route 102

All you can do here is battle trainers and pick berries. Onwards to Petalburg City.

Petalburg City


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