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Pokemon Type Hunt: Dragon Volume

So you want to find yourself a Hoenn Dragon-type? It’s not easy. Getting them to 
their final, most powerfully Dragon evolution isn’t easy… and neither is tracking 
them down. But I’ll help you hunt this rarest of types down. Ready for the raw 
power that a Dragon-type holds? Then read on…


Bagon is hard to find. It inhabits only ONE cave in Meteor Falls, and you’ll need 
full badges to reach it. To get there, enter Meteor Falls and go to the back(Surf 
and waterfall are required). Get to the old people and go up. There is a Trainer, 
Dragon Tamer Nicolas, on the highest point. Of course, your Bagon will be stronger 
than his Alataria with a decent bit of training. Go down the wet bumps. Stay to the 
EXTREME left(otherwise you have to start over) and go down the ladder. Go down and 
right to the water, then use Surf to reach a beach. Enter the cave and Surf to the 
back beach. Run around a while and you’ll find it. Catching it? You’re on your own.


You can’t catch Flygon, only it’s twice-pre-evolved form Trapinch. It’s really 
easy. Just enter the desert and run around. You’ll find one. Raise it to lvl. 35 
and then 50 to obtain Vibrava and the Flygon you wanted. But training is on your 


You’ll only catch it if you chose the red Pokemon after beating the Elite Four. 
You’ll see it at random places. It will always try to run. Keep it in the battle 
with Arena Trap, Block, or else Mean Look.


Like Latias, catching it requires you watch the TV show on it. Unlike Latias, you 
need to choose the blue Pokemon. After that, see Latias’ entry.

Simple. Just reach the top floor of the Sky Pillar, and catch it. Rumors of a red 
Rayquaza are unconfirmed. It’s level 75, so cross your fingers, and hope for the 

Got all the Dragons you can handle?? Hold your Poke Balls until the next Pokemon 
Type Hunt volume: Ice Type comes out.

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