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The REAL Way To Use The Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device

From the master guidemaker doogy300


1. Basics Training
2. Test Chambers
3. Da FAQ
4. Handy Hints For The Not-So-Rocket-Scientists
5. Legal Things You Can Ignore


1. Basics Training
Not Quite Rocket Science

In the world of Portal, you're a human rat trapped in a high-tech maze,
with only a deranged and sadistic A.I. with a tendency for cake and a
never-before-thought-of gadget designed for breaking the rules of reality
and physics to keep you company.

You play as Chell, an orange jumpsuit-wearing woman stuck in a "brief detention
in the relaxation vault". You must guide her through the Aperture Science
labs with a prototype handheld portal device.

The only other "person" (if you could call it that) is GLaDOS. In GLaDOS'
scrambled silicon brain, mankind's highest ambition is to aquire "cake".
As such, she will occasionaly speak out to Chell about how Chell will be
awarded with cake when the tests are over. It quickly becomes evident
that GLaDOS' notion of "cake" may differ from our perspective.
I.E. will Chell be the recipient of a freshly-baked cake, or rather, just
one item in a list of ingredients?
Here's a hint: the only way to safely dispose of the portal device is to
incinerate it. And cakes require high temperatures to bake.

Let's look at our new friend, the ASHPD.
It is your primary means of navigating this mind-bending environment.
To use, simply aim at a flat surface. If the aiming reticle is in outline
form, this means that the surface is not made for portals and that you should
find another surface. When you see the reticle become filled in, fire away.
This surface is A-OK for portals.
When you have a shot lined up, press the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to launch a blue
portal, or the RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON for an orange one. Easy.

You may come across cubes in your travels. Use these cubes in the challenges;
they will be very useful for holding buttons down, getting rid of turrets,
or reflecting those floating orbs around.

Those pulsating orbs, by the way, need to be directed into ball catchers.
Use the cubes and portals to achieve this. Don't touch the orbs though;
there's a reason why they are used as weapons by the combine.

Turrets are also frequently-occuring annoyances. They will fire barrages
of hot lead into your flesh if you step into their line of sight. If you
could get behind them, you could pick one up...


2. Test Chambers
"Get A Career In Science!" They Said


Wake up, Chell.....
The Portal has you.....

Heh heh. Just kidding. When you awake from your
groggy sleep you find yourself in a cold, sterile chamber.
It ain't the Motel 6. Follow the PA through the nearby
orange portal to find yourself in a room with a big red
button on the floor. A giant cube drops from a Vital Apparatus
Vent; pick it up with the E button (or whatever button you assigned
the INTERACT BUTTON), and drop it on the button with another
push of E. Walk through the door that just opened.
Congrats - you just solved your first puzzle. Rest assured that
the eggheads behind Aperture Science have the rest of the puzzles
ever more challenging.

After the elevator ride, look for the orange portal. The blue portal
switches between three locations: a room with a red button, a room with
a cube, and a room with the exit. Dash through the portal when you spot
the room with the cube. Grab the cube, walk back through the portal.
Wait till you see the button through the portal and dash in. Drop the
cube on the button and leave through the portal again. Now wait for the
portal to show the exit. Move through and that's that.

After another lift, wait for the doors to open and proceed through.
When you reach the bottom of the stairs you should see a blue portal.
Go ahead and walk through it. Forget about the door on the other side;
you should see the prize below: the Handheld Portal Device! Jump down
and grab it. Sure, it's not fully-functional (it can only fire blue portals
at the moment), but now you can create portals of your own.
Fire a blue portal anywhere in the pit, move through and walk through
the door leading on.

After leaving the lift, you come across a merciless chasm. Where's the bottom?
Don't fret; there's an orange portal on the other side. Launch a blue
portal on your side, and that impossible gap has just become possible.
Uh-oh, another gap lies just ahead. Fire a blue portal beyond this new hole,
and walk through the orange portal. There we go! Both pits have been pwned.
And that's p for portal. Portal-owned.



3. Da FAQ

Send in those questions to [email protected]

Q: When do you get to fire orange portals?
A: You get the upgrade in Test Chamber 11.

Q: What does GLaDOS stand for?
A: GLaDOS stands for Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System.

Q: I'm stuck on the advanced version of a test chamber! What do I do??
A: Take it easy. Just send me an email and I'll send you a helpful
walkthrough. At least, until I decide to put in an Advanced Tests chapter.

Q: Are there cheats for this game?
A: Yes. They are all inputted through the console (except for the PS3 and
XBox360 versions). The cheats are similar to the Half-Life 2 console cheats.


4. Handy Hints For The Not-So-Rocket-Scientists
Ph.D Not Required

Here's some advanced placement portal science:

Use this when the place you need to be is much higher
than you, and stairs or lifts aren't around.

First, face the place you need to get up to.
Turn around and you should spot a suitable surface for a portal,
just across from the destination. Place a portal there.
Next, find the deepest pit you can safely jump into (you
may need to get up higher if there is no pit). Place a second
portal there.
Now jump in the second portal! You'll fly right in and across
to your destination.

Use this when you can't find a deep enough pit to use in flinging.

Instead of placing the second portal in a pit, place it anywhere where
you can walk to it. Moving through will eject you from the first portal.
Quickly, while you're falling back down, launch that second portal
onto the ground where you'll land! Now land in the
portal and you'll be flung across to your destination.

Use this when there are no portal-safe walls around your destination.

Place a portal right in front of the ledge that holds the place you
need to be. Now, find a deep pit and place the second portal in there.
Jump in the second portal and prepare to land on the high ledge.

This isn't really gonna get you far; it's just what everyone wants to do.

Fire a portal at the ceiling right above you. Now fire a second portal on the 
floor right below you. What you get is an experience not unlike that of
a freefall ride.


In a narrow corridor, fire a portal on the wall to your right. Now fire
a second portal right opposite it, on the wall to your left. Run through
one of the portals. Who is that person? Let's chase them!


5. Legal Things You Can Ignore

Portal: The REAL Way To Use The ASHPD
by doogy300
Email: [email protected]
Copyright ACI 2007
Portal is a registered trademark of Valve Software.

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