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Sonic Adventure 2
Prof. Gerald's Diary
Written by Ali1mg

Table of Contents

1. FAQ Info
2. Prof. Gerald's Diary
3. Contact Me
4. Disclaimer

1. FAQ Info

This FAQ contains a lot of spoilers in the story so
that means if you don't want to know what happens

2. Prof. Gerald's Diary

I don't quite know what happened or what went wrong. Was it a mistake to 
create the ultimate lifeform? I thought it would be something that would 
benefit mankind. But then the military guards landed on the colony that day. 
They were sent to destroy the research project that I had been working on. My 
colleages at the research facility, my granddaughter, Maria, I hope you are 
all safe. The colony was completely shut down, probably to keep the prototype 
from falling into the wrong hands.

The ARK was shut down under the premise that there had been an accident. I 
found Maria's name among those who died when the ARK was shut down. She meant 
everything to me and I couldn't bear the thought that she died because of my 
research. I lost everything. I had nothing more to live for...I went insane. 
All I could think about was to avenge her...somehow, someway. I got scared as 
I no longer was able to control my thoughts. All I could think about was that 
I wanted it all to end. Based on my original projections, I was able to complete my project: Shadow. I 
designed its mind to be perfect, pure. I will leave everything to him. If you 
wish, release and awaken it, to the world. If you wish to fill the world with 

3. Contact Me

For any question about the game and the FAQ and
any suggestions email me. No Spam and viruses
and other thing like that or I will
delete it. Put the subject as Sonic Adventure 2
Diary FAQ or I have no idea why you emailed

My email is [email protected]

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