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 ___      _    _______  _______  _       _____  _____  _  _____  _      ___
| _ |    / \  |       ||       || |     |  ___||  ___|| ||  ___|| |    | _ \
||_||   / _ \ |--| |--||--| |--|| |     | |___ | |___ | || |___ | |    || \ \
| _<   / /_\ \   | |      | |   | |     |  ___||  ___|| ||  ___|| |    ||  | |
||_|| / _____ \  | |      | |   | |____ | |___ | |    | || |___ | |___ ||_/ /
|___|/_/     \_\ |_|      |_|   |______||_____||_|    |_||_____||_____||___/

 ___      _      ___     _____  ___  _      _  ____     _      __      _    _
| _ |    / \    | _ \   |  ___|| _ || \    / ||  _ |   / \    |  \  ||| \  / |
||_||   / _ \   || \ \  | |    || ||||\\  //||| |_||  / _ \   ||\ \ || \ \/ /
| _<   / /_\ \  ||  | | | |    || |||| \\// |||  __| / /_\ \  || \ \||  \  /
||_|| / _____ \ ||_/ /  | |___ ||_||||  \/  ||| |   /   _   \ ||  \  |   ||
|___|/_/     \_\|___/   |_____||___|||      |||_|  /___/ \___\||   \_|   ||


Single player Walk-through
for the PS3
Version: 1.01
By: Scott Sawyer (A Simple Fox)
Email: [email protected]
Date of Creation: 7/17/08
Date of last update: 9/09/09

Copyright 2008-2009 Scott Sawyer

| [A0]   Table of contents  |

[A0] Table of contents
[A1] Introduction
[A2] Characters
[A3] Controls

[S0] Single Player walk through
[S1] Welcome to Bad Company
[S2] Acta Non Verba
[S3] Crossing Over
[S4] Par for the Course
[S5] Air Force One
[S6] Crash and Grab
[S7] Ghost Town

[G0] Gold Locations (where the gold crates are)
[G1] Welcome to Bad Company
[G2] Acta Non Verba
[G3] Crossing Over
[G4] Par for the Course
[G5] Air Force One
[G6] Crash and Grab
[G7] Ghost Town

[C0] Collectibles Locations (where the collectible weapons are)
[C1] Welcome to Bad Company
[C2] Acta Non Verba
[C3] Crossing Over
[C4] Par for the Course
[C5] Air Force One
[C6] Crash and Grab
[C7] Ghost Town

[L0] Legal/copyright information
[L1] Credits
[L2] Version history


| [A1]   Introduction   |

--- Author's notes:

As you might have already guessed, this is a Single player Walk-through
for the PS3 game, Battlefield: Bad Company. I have never played a
battlefield game before this one and I am not exactly a veteran of this
series. I have however, been playing FPSs since my elementary school days.
Flash forward a decade and here I am are writing a walk through on one. I
personally remember looking at walk-throughs when I was little. It was always
nice that someone went out of there way to help out newbie players like
myself. I always wanted to be that guy to someone else. I guess here's my

Any questions, comments, advice or anything for that matter you can contact
me through my e-mail. I know that I can't catch every little mistake. But if
you help point out to me where I messed up, that would help make this guide
more helpful to others who read it. Thanks for your time and I hope you find
this guide helpful.

--- Story notes:

Battlefield: Bad Company is one of many battlefield games. The series has
been around for a while and  it is the pride and joy of many computer FPS
players (despite its short comings). The story of BF:BC isn't very deep but
it's very fun the first time through. It's the journey of a bunch of misfit
US soldiers serving their country as cannon fodder till they find a better
reason to fight, namely gold. You wouldn't be playing the single player much
after you beat it but the on-line multi-player is where it shines. So sit
back, pop in the disk and enjoy Battlefield: Bad Company!

| [A2] Characters             |

Preston Marlowe (aka “New Guy”)

The protagonist of BF:BC and the “new guy” to the squad. He comes from a
long family line of soldiers so it was also natural for him to join as well.
After shipped to Europe, he found himself bored just sitting in an army base
all day. One thing lead to another and well... If he just landed the chopper
a few yards to the left, no one would have ever known. Ironically, getting
send to Bad Company is probably the best things that's happened to him.

Marlowe is the most mellow of the group and seems to take everything that
happens in stride. He wants to be a part of the group and and fights hard
with them. But no matter what he does, he's still “The New Guy”. Out of the
squad, he is the only one that tries not to get on Sarges nerves.

Sergeant Samuel D. Redford (aka “Sarge”)

Leader of Marlowe's squad is Redford or Sarge as he's called. He is the
only soldier to be transfered to Bad Company by his own request. He knows
that hes playing long odds but if he can play it safe, he can get out in
a few more days. He's been working with Sweet-water and Haggard for a while
and knows how to deal with their antics. As for Marlowe, Sarge seems to
like him. But then again, you'd like anyone who doesn't go out of their way
to annoy you.

Private Terrence Sweet-water

Sweet-water is a communications expert of the squad. He's been in the squad
with Sarge and Haggard for quite some time. He joined the army to get
college aid but didn't expect to be in the front lines. After accidentally
uploading a virus to the army mainframe he was kicked into bad company.
Sweet-water and haggard are good buddies (although it's hard to tell
sometimes) and they drive the comedy throughout the game.


Oh Haggard! Your a laugh and a half! With sweet-water and sarge, he's been
around the block more then once in bad company. He is the demolition expert
of the squad and it shows. He can't go ten minutes without blowing something
up. Which is one of his primary reasons to join the military, apparently
they like it when he blows stuff up. He is a lovable goof off and enjoys
annoying sarge and Sweet-water.

Mic One Juliet (aka “Miss July”)

Hello~! Miss July! She is the radio dispatcher for the 222nd. Army
Battalion's Bravo Company and a real sweet heart. While she is very kind
hearted, she is very stern when it comes to Bad Company's screw ups. When
the top brass turn a blind eye to the squad and abandoned them she still
helps them out with field Intel. She knows Sweet-water has a crush on her
but she kindly keeps reminding him that they are in the middle of a war.


Mr. “Acta Non Verba” himself and leader of the biggest mercenary army in the
world, so it's no doubt his reputation precedes him. He is rumored to pay
his men in gold and anyone who is capable of taking them down deserves it.
His men are extremely well trained and have state-of-the-art weapons.
Needless to say stealing from him is not a very smart idea as Bad Company
will find out.

| [A3] Controls               |
The controls of Battlefield play similar to most shooters out there.
Once you get used to them, it feels as smooth as breathing. The default
setup is the setup we use and the setup that will be displayed in this
walk through.


[R1]   =>  Fire. (Pretty self explanatory.)
[R2]   =>  Toggle Weapon. (switch between you primary weapon and secondary
[L1]   =>  Zoom. (Brings up your guns sites. For sniper rifles, you look
           through the scope)
[L2]   =>  Toggle Item. (switch between your two items that you can carry)
 /_\   =>  Produce Knife (pull out knife, if you already have it out, you
           slash with it)
 ()    =>  Enter/Use/Pick up (the “Action” button of this game.)
 ><    =>  Jump. (Duh...)
 []    =>  Reload. (Reload your current weapon)
 (R)   => Look/crouch. (use the right analog stick to look, press down R3
          to crouch/stand)
 (L)   => Move/Sprint (use the left analog stick to move, press down L3
          to sprint)
 [S>   => In game menu (brings up the in game menu. Pauses the game in
          single player)
 [S]   => Score (brings up game leader board in Multi-player.)

Note: The D pad has no use except Up, which is use to take snapshots in
Note: You can change your Look axis to inverted if that is your preference.

IN Helicopter

[R1]   =>  Fire.
[R2]   =>  (Not Used)
[L1]   =>  Ascend.
[L2]   =>  Descend.
 /_\   =>  Change position (switch between pilot and gunner seats)
 ()    =>  Exit.
 ><    =>  (Not Used)
 []    =>  (Not Used)
 (R)   => Yaw/Pitch.
 (L)   => Roll & Forward/backward throttle.
 [S>   => In game menu (brings up the in game menu. Pauses the game in
          single player)
 [S]   => Score (brings up game leader board in Multi-player.)

Note: you can change your Flight axis to inverted if that is your preference.

IN Land/Boat

[R1]   =>  Fire.
[R2]   =>  Deploy smoke (Used in tanks)
[L1]   =>  Throttle
[L2]   =>  Brake
 /_\   =>  Change position (switch between driver, gunner and passenger seats)
 ()    =>  Exit.
 ><    =>  Throttle (Yes, there are two buttons for the same thing. for
           some odd reason...)
 []    =>  Brake (Same goes for the brake too)
 (R)   =>  Look/move turret (look around, press R3 to toggle camera views)
 (L)   =>  Turn
 [S>   =>  In game menu (brings up the in game menu. Pauses the game in
           single player)
 [S]   =>  Score (brings up game leader board in Multi-player.)

Note: pressing down on the D pad changes the radio station in your vehicle.

| [S0] Single Player    |

--- Introduction

This is the single player walk through section. Although I did not
find the single player campaign difficult at all, I realize some players
may need help in this field. This walk through is done in “hard”
difficulty, which means there is less cover and less ammo to go around.
(and you take more damage.)

And don't worry about dieing, when you die, you respawn with all your
stuff back and the enemies REMAIN dead. Yes, thats right, short of
big boss fights and such, the grunts stay dead. Which turns the game
into a little bit of a grind fest at the end but it's still loads of fun.

You get NOTHING for collecting all the collectibles and gold but for
the sake of competition, I added their locations to the guide.

(you do get PSN trophies for collecting all the gold and collectibles, but no
“in-game” awards. Sorry.)

Have fun!

| [S1] Welcome to Bad Company |
Gold: 0
Collectibles: 5

[S1.1] Section 1 => Tutorial (aka Welcome to the sandbox)
Objective: Reach Sweet-water
Objective: destroy the barrels
Objective: fill up on ammo
Objective: blow hole in wall
Objective: repair vehicle

You begin the level treated to a nice little introduction mini-movie,
welcoming you to bad company. After the introduction, you're thrown
into a jeep with your squad mates, you can look around but can't move
so just enjoy the ride. Just when you start to get to know your squad
mates... BOOM!!! AMBUSH! You're under attack and you.... black out...?
awesome... so you awake from your “near death” experience and your stuck
in a ditch. Sarge helps you “get your bearings back” so just follow his
instructions and the tutorial will be done in no time.

[S1.2] Section 2 => Stop the Artillery Shelling
Objective: eliminate artillery crews

now that intros and tutorials are over, time to start getting into the
war. Hop in the car you just repaired and your teammates will hop in
also. Follow the dirt road till you see a building on your left, hop
out. There is a road block just ahead and you need to go by foot now.
Move past the building and you will see a valley below you. Sarge should
tell you that there are hostiles ahead and he's right. Creep to the
right side and you should see a guard patrolling and another in the
house just north of him. You can't see but there is also one in the
house to your right. Take out the paroling guard and the one in the
north house in one sweep. You only need a few bullets to drop each of
them. Hop down from the cliff and take the one enemy in the house by
storm. Be careful, he has a shotgun and will drop you if you don't spot
him fast enough. [SEE C1.1]

Keep holding onto your M416 and move up the hill behind the north house.
Keep crouched and on your toes, a guard should be coming down to greet
you, say hello with your bullets. Move past him and meet the second
guard just over the hill. Move up past the Howitzer to the next one on
the cliff side. Stay sighted, and pick off the enemy units as you see
them around the next bend. Remember that the artillery controller is
also up there and he can jump you if you don't pay attention. Moving
past the second Howitzer, keep on your toes as there is a shotgunner
just around the bend and another one on the hill behind him. There
should be three enemies by the final Howitzer so approach carefully
and take them down quickly one by one.

* Regroup at Smoke *

[S1.3] Section 3 => Protect the convoy
objective: Man the artillery gun

Quickly jump on the Howitzer and take out the enemy vehicles. They
only need to be hit once to be destroyed, however you need to lead
your shots A LOT to actually hit them. Be careful when firing near
friendlies as hitting them is an objective failed.

This comes down to how good you are on the howitzer and how good you
can eyeball and pan your shots. I try to shoot at the middle of the
road just as they enter my field of vision. It takes a good 3-4 seconds
between squeezing the trigger and the rounds hitting the ground so try
to plan ahead. If you time your shots right you can take out 2 or more
vehicles in a single strike. When the enemy vehicles park they are easy
shots but they usually park next to friendlies so be EXTRA careful when
shooting. When they park, the enemy goes on foot. So try to smoke them
quickly or you'll have to shoot individual soldiers near your buddies.
Which ends badly most of the time...

[S1.4] Section 4 => Objective RAM
Objective: Proceed toward the river crossing.

After effectively kicking ass with the Howitzer, move to your west and
work your way down to the truck in the road. Quickly run out into the
middle of the road and aim. A Vodnik will come down the road. ALWAYS
KILL THE GUNNER FIRST, I cannot stress this enough! Once you kill him
the driver should bail out, cap him also. If alls well you should have
taken no damage and have a Vodnik. Take it, it's slightly more armored
then the Humvee. If it's damaged, repair it.

Drive your Vodnik down the road to the town you just shelled with the
artillery. Meet up with your buddies you just saved., they should tell
you to go ahead without them. Follow the road till you hit the way-point.

* Objective Complete *

* New Objective: search house for weapon *

get out of your Vodnik and knife open the door. There should be an XM8
in room in front of you. [SEE C1.2]

* Objective Complete *

* New Objective: eliminate all enemies *

Follow the road to the bridge on the way-point. You'll come to a town.
Bail out at the gate and move around to the west side of the town. Cap
the guy in the left building at the gate. Knife the fence and take cover
on the west side of the building. You teammates will charge up the middle
of the road taking out any hostiles in the way, so don't worry about
getting nailed from the side. Move your way up to the bridge and jump
on the emplacement. Mow down anyone you can see, look for muzzle flashes
from people firing behind bushes. Don't let you gun overheat, fire in
bursts. When you see a red dot (aka hit detention: telling you that you
hit them) unload on them for a few seconds to get them behind destructible
cover. After awhile you'll see a tank, hold you position. Don't bother
firing at it, just hit foot soldiers around it. After about 15 seconds a
chopper pops up to save your bacon. Thank god for air support! Charge up
past the tank to the other side to regroup.

* Regroup at the smoke *

* Objective Complete *

[S1.5] Section 5 => Objective Mustang
Objective: Proceed toward the west farm.

When you start out there should be a Vodnik near you and an ammo crate.
Fill up on ammo and hop in the Vodnik. Follow the road east till you hit
a fork in the road. Take the unmarked road, that appears in your map but
isn't a dirt road in front of you. Drive till you see a small house and
hop out of your Vodnik. Hide behind your truck and take out the gunner
in the Vodnik the enemy has. Follow along the edge of the house and
take out the guy in the window and near the back door. Knife out the
back door and knife the guy inside, shoot him through the window if you
don't trust your knifing skills. Pick up the shotgun if thats your thing.
I'm not really a fan of the shotgun but I picked it up and put it down
just to have the collectible. [SEE C1.3] If your good with the shotty,
by all means use it.

Repair your Vodnik if it is damaged. If it's destroyed, no biggie, repair
and take the enemies. If thats also destroyed, then you can go back for
your old one or hike there on foot. Your choice. So your driving along
and you want to take the north east road to the way-point in the farm.
It's a nice little ride and I enjoy listening to the best radio station
(radio blue steel) on the way there. Well, all good things come to an
end as you see enemies shooting at you and a road block in front of you.
Hop out and take cover behind the pillars.

* Objective Complete *

* New Objective: eliminate all enemies. *

Run to the West side of the town and clear out the closest building. Move
from building to building taking out hostiles as you go. The shotgun really
shines here as it is a one hit kill against the enemy troops, just make
sure to be close enough. Keep moving up the west side while working your
way to the northen barn with the silo. Move into the barn from the west
side and take them by surprise. After shooting (or knifing if you are
feeling evil) go up the latter and take the emplacement from your unwitting
enemy. Shoot the explosive crates next the the building in front of you and
try to take out the guards in there. Hop down carefully and mop up any
survivors (there should only be about 3-4). Make sure you look out for
anyone hiding in the second floor of barns and on top of silos. It my be
hard to get at them with the shotgun so be careful, at those ranges it
take two shells so dive for cover quickly.

* Objective Completed *

* Regroup at the smoke *

mini-mini movie time! Thats that sound? Thats the sound of a tank!!!

* New objective: Pick up Rocket Luncher *
* New objective: Destroy the light tank *

That is a tank. Mister Tank is not our friend. Mister tank can kill us
very very fast. But Mister tank can't be hurt with gunfire. So lets make
mister tank meet Mister Rocket Luncher!

Run around the building, using it for cover. If the tank sees/hits you,
you'll be dead in seconds. Play a little game of “ring around the rosy”
and grab the Rocket luncher.

* Objective Completed *

Great, now keep playing that game and shoot the tank as its heading away
from you. Blow a hole in the wall if there is not one there to cut through
the building to cut off the tank. Two well placed rockets can do the job.
As long as you stay out of its field of vision, it's very easily dealt
with. When moving around the inside of the middle barn, try not to let
the Vodnik get hit. It's your ticket out of there soon. Switch back to
the power tool and head for the smoke.

* Regroup at the smoke *

Aww that sucks. The poor helicopter pilot! Funny how they are more upset
over the fact they they have to keep working then a buddy just got shot
down in front of them. Ehh... thats war for you.

[S1.6] Section 6 => Objective Impala
Objective: Proceed toward the Anti-air base

repair your newly acquired Vodnik and head east out of the town. Follow
the path east till you come to a cross road.

* Objective complete *

* New Objective: Pick up C4 *
* New Objective: Destroy the anti-air guns *

right way you'll come into some action. Hop out of the Vodnik and take
out the emplacement closest to you near the cross roads. Use it for
cover and move carefully to where the C4 is. Once the area is clear, pick
it up. [SEE C1.4]

* Objective Complete *

Great now that we have the C4 we can take out those guns. You can do this
in two ways. You can throw a C4 on an AA and blow it up right there, or
you plant all the C4 first and destroy them all at the same time. Your
choice. I prefer the latter option, just because it's bad-ass.

Keep moving up the road taking out enemies as you go, you should see
the entrance of a trench. If you have grenades, lob one or two in. if
not, take out the shotgunner from a distance. Try to carefully move up
on the side of the trench taking out enemies one at a time. Do not go
into the trench or into the hills. You will be flanked from multiple
sides. Just take it easy and worry about one kill at a time. Shotgun
users might be temped to drop the weapon for an AEK because of the need
for medium range effectiveness. Move up the east side and finish anyone
off. Plant your C4 on the eastern most AA gun. Get back into the trench
and move up to the middle AA gun. Take out the remaining guards, one of
them has a shotgun so don't advance too quickly. Plant the C4 when alls
clear. Don't be afraid to use enemy emplacements against them, it can
help in a pinch, especially if your shotgunner at medium range. Move
to the west and take out the last remaining souls and plant the last
C4. Take a few steps back and... BOOM! You are officially bad-ass my
friend. Before you leave pick up the extra C4 just west of you just
in case you need it later.

* Objective Complete *

* Regroup at the smoke *

[S1.7] Section 7 => Objective Bronco
Objective: Proceed towards the east farm

one more objective till we call it a day? You've been saying that for the
past 5 objectives! No matter. Hop in a vehicle, my preference is a Vodnik,
and make your way to the east farm. You might want to grab a SCAR, it will
make the next part much easier. (SCAR is collectible 5) [SEE C1.5] Head
north up the road as Haggard tries to borrow some money from you. Oh
Haggard! You're a laugh and a half! Ahem... so anyway, move up the north
road till you hit the town in your way-point. You should be jumped on
both sides about half way there. Take out the enemies closest to you on
the west side and then focus on the east. If you still have a shotgun,
just lob a grenade or two to take them out. Some ambush this was... wait
it's not over? go to where you just threw a grenade (or shot) and you
should see some hostiles just east of you. Do what you must and take them
out. Move back to your Vodnik and head toward the town again.

* Objective Complete *

* New Objective: eliminate all enemies *

As you round the bend an enemy emplacement should open fire on you, bail
out and head for the west side of the town and look for cover. Move up to
the barn next to the silos and take out the hostiles in there. Go up the
latter and use the emplacement to mow down anyone you see. Move back down
the latter and cross the street. Make sure to look both ways before you
cross... yea I said that, it's good advice. It's to make sure no-one is
going to cap you in the butt as you cross. See mom was right about
something. Moving right along, go to the first house and clear it out.
You should have got them all, that was easy right?

* Objective Complete *

* New Objective: Eliminate enemy reinforcements *

I knew it was too easy! Sweet-water is right, where's friendly support?
Are we doing this war by ourselves? Don't expect any help soon as enemy
reinforcements are coming for the east. Be very careful of that tank,
it's not very friendly. Grab some C4 from the building your in. and
high tail it out of there west to the other side of the street. Knife
through the fence and hide on the other side of the building. Go
upstairs and there is a rocket luncher. If you don't trust your C4
skills grab that. Go out the north door and take out anyone in sight.
If you haven't already killed the gunner on the Vodnik because you have
a shotgun, avoid him for the moment. Move back behind the barn you
first came into and move behind the silos and take them out from behind.
If worse comes to worse, C4 or shoot a rocket at the Vodnik.

There should be now an tank crossing the river and a squad of enemy
soldiers coming from the south east. Run around to that southwest
building and rocket snipe the tank. If you have C4, you have to kill
all the foot soldiers first in order to get close enough to plant on
the tank. 1 C4 or 2 Rockets take out the tank. If you need more rockets,
and you shouldn't, but if you do there are in the southeast most
building's second floor. Mop up anyone thats leftover, pick up ammo
from the ammo crate near the southwest building with the first rocket
luncher if you need more ammo. Also if you want to switch back to your
M416, there is one in the barn that you used the emplacement in to the

* Objective Complete *

* Regroup at the smoke *

Woot! The army is finally here! Ten minutes too late. But at least they
showed right?

* New Objective: Follow the Convoy *

hop in a vehicle and follow them, doesn't matter what. Why? You'll
find out soon....

OH SHIZZLE BIG NIPPLES!!! artillery strike! Dive for cover!

* Regroup at smoke *

[S1.8] Section 8 => Objective Taurus
Objective: Destroy the radar jammers

Well, this sucks. You have to cross the river, past enemy bullets and
artillery. By the way, that shelling isn't a graphic. If it hits you,
9 times out of 10 you're dead and it's completely random pattern. Just
thought you'd like to know. If you have been stubborn and held on the
the shotgun, now your going to pay for it as most of the fighting isn't
really close quarter. But if have the rocket luncher that will make your
life easier.

So when you feel it's safe, which it never is, cross the river. If you
can't, you can try going around which is equally dangerous. Move up the
trench and stay low. Stay to the north side of the base and work your
way up. When you see a guard tower, shoot it with a rocket or try to
shoot the guard. The rocket is a lot easier. Move up and be careful of
hostiles to your south. Move up to the guard tower. Take out all the
enemy troops before trying to destroy the Jammers. Shoot them as you
move south and watch out for enemy emplacements in the distance. They
can shoot you for a lot of damage. Rocket the second guard tower. If you
need more ammo, there is some in the northern guard tower you just came
from. Use a grenade on the any remaining guard towers and save two
rockets. One rocket for each crate. The enemy keeps on coming if you
wait too long, so go for it while the coast is clear. There is also C4
by the center guard house if you run out of rockets.

* Objective Complete *

* Regroup at the smoke *

the fire works were nice, but where's the finale?

* New objective: Move in a Secure the base *

Hop on the MG and start taking out those... not Russian guys? Whatever,
a hostile is a hostile eh? Be very careful with this MG. It has no
protection like the other from bullets. If you take hits, go heal
yourself quickly. It's hard to see so trace back their muzzle flashes
and unload in that spot till you see a hit detection. After on the MG
for a little or until you get board, hop on foot. They are in the middle
so try to flank them from the sides. Pick up the XM8 if you haven't yet.
It is very helpful at this part. Move up the sides and continue to flank
their positions till you get to the top of the hill. When you get to the
top, peek out and take out the guy on the MG. Move up to where he was and
complete the level. Good Job! Enjoy the mini-movie because the next level
is gold rush time!

* Objective Complete *

* Level Complete *

| [S2] Acta Non Verba         |
Gold: 5
Collectibles: 1

[S2.1] Section 1 => Proceed Toward Riverbank
Objective: Search the house

You're miles into enemy lines and you spot one of those many signs
you're going to see throughout the game. The sign says “Acta Non Verba”,
and it means that it's a mercenary base. And there there is mercenaries
there is gold. So it's safe to say you will be looking out for these signs
along the whole game. Go in the house and claim your first gold crate.
Before you leave pick up the C4 on the side, it might come in handy.
[SEE G2.1]

* Objective Complete *

* New Objective: Move out *

Move up the road and sarge tells you he sees Russians.

* Objective Complete *

* New Objective: Eliminate all enemies *

Well that was an easy objective. Creep through the grass making your way
to the town up ahead. You will see guards along the way. Try to creep up
on them and take them from a distance. Get too close and your teammates
open fire killing any little bit of “stealth” you had going. In the houses
ahead of you there should be guards in the balconies. Take them out first,
especially the one on the emplacement. Blow open the wall the the house next
to you and take out the guards in there. Move up into the building with the
emplacement and finish off any one in the area. [SEE G2.2]

Go out the back door toward the riverbank. There should be about 3-4
hostiles near the boats. Take them out and complete the objective.

* Objective Complete *

* Regroup at the smoke *

[S2.2] Section 2 => Operation Backfield
Objective: Destroy the missile launchers
Objective: Destroy the fuel storage

You can destroy any of the two objectives in any order you like. I went
after the Fuel Dump first, this is just one way to do it. If you want a
SCAR, it's in the building across the broken bridge to your north. I
find that the M416 is more effective at longer ranges then the SCAR so
I will hold on to it. Be careful crossing the river as enemy boats scout
the area.

Use the emplacement to take down that boat that keeps coming around.
Jump into one yourself and move along the coast to the southern base.
There is a base here so be careful not to attract too much attention.
but if your looking for gold then go ashore. There are about 5 guards,
attack from the west side. [SEE G2.3]

move past the base and keep going till you pass two small islands and go
ashore on the east coast. Move in on foot to the Eastern most objective.
Follow the edge of the level. Bum rush the gate and blow a hole in one
of the buildings and hop in. Hop form building to building taking out
hostiles as you go. Take out all the enemies on the edges of the base
and move around the back of the main building containing the objectives.
There should be a back door that will let you get the jump on any guards
inside. Move upstairs and finish anyone off still up there. Plant the C4
that you picked up earlier and detonate it. BOOM! Fuel Storage is done!

* Objective Complete *

Don't get to comfy, a few vehicles are on the way. Remember to take out
the gunners first and mop up the rest of the forces. These guys are
specialists go they will be carrying ammo for your SCAR if you have one.
They have the AKS74U, which is one of this maps only collectibles.
[SEE C2.1] Before you leave, if you want a shotgun there is one in one of
the center buildings containing the 870MCS.

Remember the boat you left behind? Yea? Then go back and use it to cross
the river by where the southern base is. Move up to the wall quickly because
some enemies have an elevated position over you. Blow a hole through the
wall and enter. Move up into the building and clear it out. Make sure you
get the roof also. From the roof, rain down bullets to the hostiles on the
ground. Shoot explosive crates to open up their cover for easy pickings.
Go down stairs and finish off anyone still left in the base. There is C4
near the north entrance of the building with the objectives in it. Blow
it to hell just like the last one.

* Objective Complete *

* Regroup at the smoke *

[S2.3] Section 3 => Secure the bridge
Objective: Pick up mortar strike
Objective: Eliminate soldiers on the bridge.

Pick up the mortar striker next to you (duh...) and move so that you can
see the objective (red triangle). Mortar strike it until you complete the
second objective. Simple yes?

* Objective Complete *

* Regroup at the smoke *

Move to the smoke. When you see a Vodnik, hop in it because on your way
you'll be attacked by one too. Take it out and keep moving up the road
till you see a ruin. Hop out of the Vodnik and move down the hill to the
smoke, take out some specialists along the way.

[S2.4] Section 4 => Objective Offside
Objective: Destroy the stationary gun

Move down the hill to the entrance of the town. Shoot a grenade into
the window of the building in front of you, there should be someone in
that building. Shoot a second grenade into the building closest to you.
Move into in and start shooting out the front window. There is a SCAR
right next to you. Pick it up and grenade the objective in front of you.
Move to the building right in front of you. Go to the second floor,
there is C4. Pick it up. Keep moving north through the buildings, one
of them will have a shotgun in the second floor. Pick it up if you
want to. I find the SCAR more helpful. Run across the street and dive
into the building with the objective. Knife everyone in the building.
(or shoot them but the knife is one hit kill so unless you have the
shotgun, it's easier.) C4 the objective.

Work your way, building to building , and follow the south buildings.
One of them should have a heavy emplacement on the balcony. Go into that
building. There should be a rocket launcher [SEE: G2.4] Pick it up,
you're going to need it to fight the tank. Move toward the north and
meet up with light tank. Shoot it with a rocket, move around the building
and shoot it again to kill it. Move up to the next objective in the north.
Don't blow it up right way, go into the building from the back, grab the
ammo form the ammo box and clear out the building first. Go to the top
floor and grenade it.

Grate now the last one. Move toward it but be careful, its raised up and
on a little peninsula making it very easy for their emplacements to rip
you a new one. Shoot a rocket at it, it should get the others to scatter
for a second so you can rush in. there is C4 downstairs but just grenade
it and move on.

* Objective Complete *

* Regroup at the smoke *

[S2.5] Section 5 => Protect the tanks
Objective: keep the tanks alive

Pick up the Repair gun. You're going to need it. Move toward the
objective, you should see a small house. [SEE C2.2] Take out everyone
in the area. Try to stay ahead of the tanks and draw the enemy fire to
you. If you loose the tanks you fail. Make sure to pick up the M249 from
inside the house and cover the tank column. If any tanks are hit by RPGs,
take out the RPG and repair the tank. You can ride in the tank, but that
means that you can't scout ahead, so only do so if you know exactly where
the enemy is.

When you are attacked by light tank you can “deconstruct” it for a
quick kill or just keep healing the tank until it kills the light. It's
ok to lose one tank and you probably will, just don't lose them all.

Make sure to grab the M416 from the second house on the route, it will
help in the next section.

Before regrouping, you can grab the gold in the cemetery. It's by some
sheds near then south of the cemetery. [SEE G2.5]

* Regroup at the smoke *

[S2.6] Section 6 => Assault East Zabograd
Objective: Destroy the radio equipment

When you start, move though the south entrance of the city. The building
right in front of you has an emplacement so take that out quickly. Move in
and use that building for cover as you take out hostiles nearby. You
might have to go inside some of the buildings to flush them out or they
will use shoot your from the windows and run. Move along the south side
of the city. While moving down the street, stay in the back yards, there
is a hostile with a tri-pod at the house all the way at the end of the
street. Get real close and pick him out of the window. Look north and pick
off the guards with headshots. You can shoot the crates near the guards
to kill them and the radio in one shot. The radio equipment is in the
second floor.

* Objective Complete *

* Regroup at the smoke *

[S2.7] Section 7 => Groundhog Down
Objective: Protect the US tank

They made the call? Who gets service all the way out here? Thats some
expensive roaming minutes! Well since you didn't stop them, a tank got
shot up and needs repair. This seems a little out of your league to
repair so leave it to the experts. While they repair the tank, you
need to hold off the enemy waves. This is the first real choke-point
in the game. Unfortunately, being able to respawn and keep going where
you left off makes this from a “very challenging” boss to a “thats
was supposed to be boss?” boss. Which kinda robs the satisfaction of
a job well done, to me at least. None the less, there are many ways
to beat it. This is just one way.

Run to the building next to the tank. There should be a box of ammo,
an emplacement and a rocket pick up on the second floor. Get on the
emplacement and start mowing them down. If they are in buildings, then
use your grenade luncher to expose them. Save the rockets! You will need
them. Prioritize RPGs first! They will cripple your tank. If you get hurt,
run behind the wall and health inject yourself. After the first wave is
the tanks. They take about two rockets each. Make use to take them out
first and stream of men poring out of them. When the second wave ends.
There is a mini wave that follows it. Hop down and take out anyone else
that spawns after the main tank battle. I beat it without dying once
doing it this way, but if you do happen to die the tanks stay dead. So
it's not really that hard to mop up later.

Like I said, there are other ways to do it, but I found I caught the
least amount of slugs this way. and I found that having the high ground
really helps.

* Objective Complete *

* Regroup at the smoke *

[S2.8] Section 8 => Secure Harbor
Objective: Reach harbor

Hop in your Humvee and drive to the end of the road. Sarge will tell you
to hop and move out on foot. Follow up the hill and move to the smoke.
Prepare for a little mini movie.

* Objective Complete *

* New Objective: Reach the trucks *

Huh... looks like Sarge got some gold fever too. You can go back and grab
the SCAR in the shack behind you but I prefer to stick with the M416. Its
all up to you. Run down the hill and take out the guards by the out post.
Blow a hole through the wall and shoot everyone you can see. When it's
safe, hop though the hole. You can grab an XM8 (I did...) if you want.
Shooting the explosive barrels really helps flush them out. So follow
the barrels and move toward the trucks. Some of them may come around
corners fast, so knife them if they get too close.

* Objective Complete *

* Level Complete *

| [S3] Crossing Over          |
Gold: 5
Collectibles: 6

[S3.1] Section 1 => Saving Private Haggard
Objective: Reach Haggard by the smoke.

Aww... hell Haggard! Now why did you have to invade a neutral country?
I'm pretty sure thats against some kind of treaty, or something... O well.
Looks like you have to rescue Haggard before he's charged with war crimes.

First things first, take out the guard in the tower and move along the
cliff face taking out hostiles as you go. The descent will probably get
you pepped with gunfire so you might want to do it quickly. Hostiles will
come from the southeast, so move to the northwest and be careful of
emplacements. In the building at the entrance is a MRTR-5 (Mortar Strike)
that you can use against them. When grabbing it, an RPGer might try to
pop you in the building to the northeast. Take care of him as soon as you
see him.

Move up the northeast till your almost at the river. So should see/hear
a tank coming across the bridge. Move to the south using the buildings as
cover. When most of the grunts are clear, hop on the Anti-tank platform
nearby and take out the tank before he can get a shot off. Then hop off
and clear out the rest. If you can make it across the street alive there
is a Rocket launcher in one of the buildings. [SEE C3.1]

Cross the river, just north of the bridge. Make it up the north side of
the base and fire through the chain link fence (after you knife it down
for a better shot.) Mop up the rest and move toward the smoke.

* Regroup at the smoke *

* Objective Completed *

[S3.2] Section 2 => Cover Your Tracks
Objective: Destroy the south antenna box

Well, seeing as your all going to be court marshaled when you get back.
You might as well go for the gold right? Right. Well, we need to lay
low till we find it. Off to destroy the nearest radio antennas.

Continue along the road till you get to a road block. Looking out for
snipers as you do so. [SEE G3.1] [SEE C3.2]. Grab the XM8C if you want
and move up the hill Toward the antenna. Kill the snipers and take
their SV98. [SEE C3.3] I find sniper rifles to be most useful in large
areas like this. You can keep onto the XM8C if you are not sure of your
sniper or pistol play.

Move up and pick up the C4 from the building. I'm sure you know what to
do from here...

* Objective Complete *

* New Objective: Destroy the east antenna box *

Move along the road north but stay off the road itself. In side the
building is a sniper and an AN94. One of my favorite rifles in the game.
[SEE C3.4] Pick it up and use it on the attackers advancing. Now I love
snipers, but I love this gun more. Unfortunately you will be better
off with the sniper rifle more so then the AN94. *tear drop*

Follow the north road while sniping any snipers you come across. When
you come near the base, snipe the guy on the emplacement. Once you do
the enemy will rush you. Snipe them as they come from the west. And move
around to the side of their base. Use your pistol for close encounters.
It may take a few bullets but if you can fire it fast, it can drop with
1-2 clean headshots.

Once you take out all the guards. Blow the Antenna and take backtrack
to the Vodnik. Nearby is a power-tool that should come in handy.

* Objective Complete *

* New Objective: Destroy the north antenna box *

One down, one more to go. Unfortunately, your vandalism hasn't gone unnoticed.
An attack helicopter is on it's way to stop you. You have two choices; run
down the hill and grab the AA run near the barn, or Grab the rockets near the
antenna and shot down the Helicopter. Ether way works, but plan on dying a
lot because that Heli does some serious damage when it shoots at you. You
don't have to worry about running out of rockets because there is an ammo
crate in the hut in the base.

Once you take down the Heli, move to the barn if you haven't already and grab
the power tool and Vodnik. [SEE G3.2] Then drive on the northern road to the
next objective while enemy reinforcements are arriving. When driving be
careful of RPGs and Enemy transports ambushing you. If you're attacked, just
hop out and hide behind your transport while your repair it and usually your
squad will take care of the rest. It would Behoove you to pick up a rifle
during the trip because the base is crawling with guards and you will find a
lot of close to medium range combat.

Plow through the front door of the base and have your transport's Gun do as
much as it can. Then bail on foot following the edge of the base using the
containers and buildings as cover while you make your way to the objective.
In the Hanger on your right as soon as you enter the base is a AN94 if you
need one. Shoot a grenade at the objective once you clear the base out.

* Objective Complete *

* Regroup at the Smoke *

[S3.3] Section 3 => Chase The Gold
Objective: Reach the harbor

We gotta get to the harbor before we lose the trucks. Hop in the tank right
there and drive along the south road to your left. There will be plenty of
resistance but if you need to repair, just quickly hop out,  hide behind,
and repair like last time. Several tanks both light and heavy will try to
stop you along with Vodniks so prioritize tanks and RPGs first. Take it slow
and try not to engage too many at once.

When you get near the end of the road, there is another road just south of it.
Switch to that one and make your way toward the house with the empty
tank near it. Inside is Gold, a MG36 and a powertool if you need it.
[SEE G3.3] [SEE C3.5]

Keep Following the southern road but take the norther fork. Be Prepared
for multiple Tank on Tank warfare and expect to be outnumber 2 and 3 to
one at times. Blast though or drive though, just get to that Smoke alive.

* Objective Complete *

[S3.4] Section 4 => Locate The Gold
Objective: Scout the harbor

Time to find us some gold. Move along the southern side as you eliminate
hostiles as you go. The MG36 sights will make taking them down at a
distance a breeze. Move up and take the south side as you cross the river,
Snipe them with the MG36 as mush as you can. Beware of the Vodnik and
the MG when moving up. You should come to a wall with a road to the south.
[SEE G3.4] Follow the southern road and enter the hanger to your left.
Inside is rocket launcher. That will make taking down the MG and Vodniks
a lot easier. Move forward like last time, taking enemies as you go. Go up
the ramp and stay to the south. Be careful, some of them have Shotguns.
Use grenades to flush them out of the buildings. There is a XM8C in one the
buildings if you want it. Go to the smoke for the objective.

* Objective Complete *

* New Objective: Reach the cargo ship *

Cross the Catwalk in front of you while taking down all the enemies you see.
Use your rocket on the Vodnik and once the area is clear climb down to the
ground. [SEE G3.5] [SEE C3.6] Move up the Docks toward the objective.
Be careful of snipers, counter snipe them if you have the SVU. Move up
carefully and check your corners when you move. It's just a matter of
moving forward bouncing from cover to cover and avoiding sniper rounds.

Reach the objective and see that beautiful “Objective Complete” sign.

*Objective Complete*

*Level Complete*

| [S4] Par for the Course     |
Gold: 5
Collectibles: 8

[S4.1] Section 1 => Reach the Vista Point
Objective: Regroup at the smoke

So you've been given an offer you can't refuse? Well this isn't the first
time the US Army has acted like a mafia. Moving on; regroup at the
smoke to get your first objectives.

* Objective Complete *

[S4.2] Section 2 => Destroy The Missile Launchers
Objective: Destroy east missile launcher
Objective: Destroy west missile launcher
Objective: Destroy south missile launcher

Follow the road to the south to reach the Vodnik. Hop in and follow the
road. Once you reach the two houses, hop out and take out the enemies
inside. [SEE C4.1] follow the road under the bridge and make your way
to the first base.

Once inside the base, take out the guard in the tower [SEE C4.2] and
make your way along the east side taking out guards as you go. The first
wooden building had a NS2000 [SEE C4.3] which will come in very
handy here. Once the base is cleared out, go in the building with the
objective on top, grab the C4 and blowup the SAM.

* Objective Complete *

Hop in the tank and head east up the road then turn north crossing the river.
Near that emplacement is a power tool, grab it and follow the road north east.
Do not destroy that boat, we need it later.

Cross the bridge and get off on foot. Move along the south east side of the
base. Circle around behind them and knife open the fence. You should only be
about 30 meters from the objective. Attack them from behind while using the
SAM as cover. Slip about the north side as you are attacking. Once everyone
is dead, destroy the SAM with the C4 nearby and pick the Power tool back up.

* Objective Complete *

Hop in a golf cart and go down the souther road like you were going back to
the south SAM. Turn north just before the base to the outpost you cleared
out and got the power tool then. Hop in the Boat. If you want Gold and
Collectible go northeast otherwise just go attack the base to the west.

If you go north there is an island with a Gold bar and a M24.
[SEE G4.1] [SEE C4.4] Head west to the outpost all the way in the north
above the objective. It may not look like it but you can fly though the
“Out of Bounds” area if you are quick enough. Get off and head for the
outpost. Inside it is a M16 and a gold bar. [SEE G4.2][SEE C4.5]

Hop back in your boat and move south to the enemy base. Get out and
attack from the west. Clear out the hostiles from a distance. Beware of
the RPGs and hostile on the TOW. Sweep in to finish the rest.
[SEE C4.6] Blow up the Objective with the C4 near by.

* Objective Complete *

* Regroup at the Smoke *

[S4.3] Section 3 => Supply Drop
Objective: Reach and pick up supplies

Take your boat all the way back to the eastern base to pick up a vehicle,
any will do, and drive to the objective marked by smoke. Pick up the
“Laser Designator” on the crate to continue.

* New Objective: Destroy the tank *

A tank will come, you need to destroy it. Ether C4 it or use the laser
designator, your choose. Whichever one you feel more comfortable using.
If this is your first time using it, then I might be hard at first but with
a little (or a lot...) of practice it can be more deadly then C4. Ask the
people who play Online. Anyway, go regroup at the smoke.

* Regroup at Smoke *

[S4.4] Section 4 => Reach the Supply Station
Objective: Eliminate all enemies

Grab a vehicle and move south down the road. You'll run into the base. Jump
out at the gates and start blasting as you make your way to the white
building next to you. Inside is the PP2000, one of my favorite weapons in the
entire game. [SEE C4.7] Use it to clear out the enemies up a head and with
this badass SMG, that shouldn't be a problem. Just try not to die, the hike
back is rough. Once they are all dead, grab a power tool and tank and move
on. [SEE G4.3] By the way, there are many, many different types of weapons
in this base. Grab one you like before leaving. I'll keep my PP2000 on if
you don't mind.

[S4.5] Section 5 => Reach the Palace
Objective: Regroup at the smoke

Head down the road with your heavy tank. There will be some resistance but
just repair your tank after every fight and you'll be fine. You'll reach a
golf course halfway up. Kill them and move on. There are MANY tanks up ahead
so take them out quickly and don't venture off to the west of the map unless
you want to meet a lot more. When you round the top of the road and start
heading south, there is a tiny outpost with a Tank and Gold. [SEE G4.4]

When you move south, you will encounter a pair of entrenched tanks.
DON'T go down the middle, you'll be shred to pieces. Go along the
left side (East) and hit it from the side. Once it is taken out, head west
and hit the other one in the rear. You should be able to do this in one
go, but it may be hard for a beginner to pull off in one shot. Keep moving
south till you get to the base. [SEE C4.8]

The VSS may (more like will...) make your life a lot easier, so if you want,
grab it. Don't step on the bridge, it blows up, take the cat walk to the side
of it and proceed down it taking out hostiles as you go. Take the lower
decks to lessen some of the gunfire. Expect to run for cover a lot and use
Life 2 almost constantly when on the move. It's hard but you can beat the
emplacement and sniper.

*Objective complete*

[S4.6] Section 6 => Capture The President
Objective: Reach and secure the palace.

This is a hell of a fight. DO NOT RUN DOWN THE MIDDLE. OK?
You might get away with that on easy, but this is hard. They will kill you
before you get a shot off. Go around the extreme left or right sides and
engage them for there. Cover is essential to this section, you need to
use it well. Don't forget about your hand grenades, use them all you
want, there are lots of kits laying around to use so use them if they
can help you fight better. If you can get behind them by going around
the sides you finish off the other side by using their own emplacements
against them.

It's quite the fight inside so be prepared. [SEE G4.5] You can use the
front or back door, whatever works. The Back door lets you get the
drop on them a lot more easier. Once all the hostiles are killed you
regroup in front of the presidents room. If you can't then there is a
straggler left you need to kill in or near the palace.

* Objective complete *

* New Objective: Regroup at the palace vault *

Go to the marker...

* Objective Complete *

* Level Complete *

| [S5] Air Force One          |
Gold: 5
Collectibles: 0

[S5.1] Section 1 => Helicopter Tutorial
Objective: Land the helicopter

So now you're flying a helicopter. If this is your first time flying
a helicopter, let me tell you; the difference between the single
player and multi player helicopter is equivalent to night and day.
The single player Helicopter was designed so that anyone can
it. Don't go into multi player and think it'll be that easy. Those
of you who have flown helicopters in multi and are good pilots
will probably be board with this extremely easy version but
try to have fun with it.

A few simple tips when using the single player helicopter:
This helicopter can hover every easily to allow for easier shots but
try very hard not to hover. When you hover you are a sitting duck
in the sky. Toggle between 1st and 3rd person, 1st person for
precision aiming, 3rd person for situational awareness. You can
switch to the gunner seat to rain death on the enemy but keep in
mind you will be hovering the whole time open in the sky. Hope
these little tips will help make the level easier if your not much of
an Ace pilot.

With the disclaimer out of the way, follow the tutorial instructions.

Quick side note, do not fly to high, it's like leaving the combat
zone. Your helicopter is start beeping and if you don't fly lower
you blow up.

Land the helicopter

* Objective complete *

*New Objective: Repair the helicopter *

hop out, find power tool, repair,

* Objective Complete *

* New Objective: Get back to the helicopter *

 take off.

* Objective complete *

* New Objective: take off and destroy the trucks *

aka target practice. They don't fire back. Use them to practice your
flying and shooting real quick. Once they are all dead, move on.

* Objective Complete *

[S5.2] Section 2 => Move Out
Objective: Follow the river

Follow the river, it's that simple.

[S5.3] Section 3 => Destroy Military Infrastructure
Objective: Destroy the radio equipment
Objective: Destroy the military barracks
Objective: Destroy the fuel sites

Once you're at the Dam, take out the two trucks crossing the bridge.
[SEE G5.1] Keep flying to your next objective. Shoot the silos as you
approach them. Once they are destroy, take out the AA mobile coming
across the bridge. Move on to the next objective.

* Objective Complete *

Fly to the barracks and start shooting at them. Once you get them
damaged enough, you complete the objective. AA mobiles will come to
stop you so keep an eye out and don't hover for two long. Taking them
out at a distance while strafing around their fire can help.

* Objective Complete *

Moving on to the last objective. Take out the AA on the bridge then
hover over the base while taking out everyone you see. Once it's kind of
safe, land the helicopter, repair it and take out the rest on foot. A Vodnik
will be appearing to crash the party but just ignore it and get inside the
Communications building. On the bottom floor is the Computers. Destroy
them for the objective. [SEE G5.2]

* Objective Complete *

[S5.4] Section 4 => Move Out (part 2)
Objective: Get back in the Helicopter

Run back to your helicopter and take off. You can ignore the hostiles,
just get to the chopper.

* Objective Complete *

* New Objective: Follow the river *

Follow the river to the checkpoint. [SEE G5.3] There is AA guns
that might get in the way. Destroy them and get to the checkpoint.

* Objective Complete *

[S5.5] Section 5 => Cut Off Serdar's Supply Lines
Objective: Destroy the trucks

Move up the River. This part of the level is really just a demolition
derby. Destroy all the trucks to complete the objective. Try to
prioritize targets that can destroy you fast and engage at a distance.
The trucks can't escape so take your time with the guards. Retreat
and repair whenever necessary. [SEE G5.4]

After all the threats are gone. You can take out the trucks.

* Objective Compete *

* New Objective: Destroy the incoming boats *

These boats pack a mean punch, take them out at a distance and
swerve to avoid their missiles. If you take them out quickly they
are not a big deal.

* Objective Complete *

[S5.6] Section 6 => Reach the Refuel Base
Objective: Follow the river

Low on fuel? Really? So I took out all that Anti Air to run out of
fuel? Ugh... What a day! Make your way up the river to the refueling

* Objective Complete *

* New Objective: Land at the helipad *

Do I need to explain this...

* Objective Complete *

[S5.7] Section 7 => Refuel The Helicopter
Objective: Find a fuel truck and return

Once you land, you are already under attack. Grab the emplacement
and start mowing them down. Once most are down, move to the
middle of the base with the big white building. Inside is a RPG,
grab it. [SEE G5.5] Now move to the north west. Take out the
hostiles near the truck then drive it back to the helicopter.

* Objective Complete *

* New Objective: Protect the helicopter *

Well, since Haggard screwed up the helicopter, sweet-water has
to fix it. So in them mean time you got to hold back a whole lot of
angry Serdarin Troops. Hop on an emplacement if you can and start
shooting. Take out the troops marching up the road first then the
ones closer to you. They will attack in 3 waves. The second will
have Vodniks so use your RPG against em.

* Objective Complete *

* New Objective: Escape in the helicopter *

I thought there was a third wave? Well there is. Tanks. Lots of them.
Just run back to the helicopter. It's not worth dying trying to fight them.

* Objective Complete *

* Level Complete *

| [S6] Crash and Grab         |
Gold: 5
Collectibles: 2

[S6.1] Section 1 => Locate Squad Inside The Village
Objective: Investigate the command post

You start off alone, with a pistol and surrounded by hostiles, this
is not going to be easy. Avoid contact with the enemy as much as
you can as you descend toward the the town. Stay to the southern
side if you can. Follow the edge of the combat zone till you hit the
harbor. Then use your motion sensor balls to move in taking out
hostiles with quick head shots. Quickly pick up a rifle and move
toward the spot marked on your map.

* Objective Complete *

[S6.2] Section 2 => Learn The Locations Of The Squad
Objective: Reach the communications center

Grab the M95 right next to you. [SEE C6.1] [SEE C6.2] Quickly run to the
parked boat and hop in. A Vodnik is coming so you need to be quick.
Sail up the river heading north east. Pass the bridge and moor off the
coast near the end of the combat zone. There is a sniper and several
assaults here so be careful and use your motion balls if you have any.
Inside the house is a M16 if you prefer but I'm sticking with the M95.
[SEE G6.1] Go off road and walk along the edge of the combat zone
heading east. Once you reach the road, follow it north. Once you reach
the base start your assault. Move forward carefully into the base.

* Objective Complete *

* New Objective: Investigate security room *

They know your here so be on your toes. Snipers and Assault coming
from the the catwalks will get annoying but you can get them with cover
and good accuracy. Move up the cat walk to the next “floor” of the base.
Make your way into the white building in front of you. If you have the
sniper still just knife everyone inside. Make your way to the objective.

* Objective Complete *

[S6.3] Section 3 => Rescue The Squad
Objective: Reach the Monastery

The plot thickens... move past the stairs and up the latter in the next room.
When you get up the stairs there should be a ammo box. Refill your
weapon and throw out a motion sensor ball. Holy **** on a **** sandwich!
Thats a lot of dots near you! Carefully move to the door. Knife anyone you
see. Careful, there is also a Vodnik outside as well. Play hide and seek and
try to use keep out flanking them till they are all dead.

If you want a gold bar follow the next paragraph: [SEE G6.2]
Once they are all dead grab the Buggy and move south. Take out the road
block and keep following the road till you hit an outpost. Be careful of the
2 snipers to your right. Break into the base and clear it out. Gold is one
of the buildings.

Remember where you left the boat? You need to go back there, to cross
the river. So head on back down there. Once you cross the river head
north west to the town right next to you.

Bounce from building to building cleaning house. You can grab the Mortar
Striker if you want but I prefer the motion sensors. After the town is dead,
move north to the hydroelectric plant. Storm in and take everything out.
Use creates for cover and stay on the west side when advancing. Once
everyone is taken care of, cross the bridge and take out the other side.
A Vodnik is going to appear as soon as you cross so be ready for it.

Grab the Buggy and move north along the road. Go past the little town
[SEE G6.3] and follow the road into town. There is going to be a huge
gun battle here so watch your corners grab the Rockets because a Tank is
going to show up. Try staying within cover till you can destroy the tank,
then mop up the foot troops afterward.

Follow the road north after the battle. It zig zags up the hill leading to
the monastery. A Vodnik will jump you along the way. Once you reach
the fork. Go left and take the bridge. [SEE G6.4] Take it all the way up
 to the monastery. [SEE G6.5]

* Objective Complete *

* New Objective: Locate the squad. *

Break in a shot up the place! More or less... They are crawling in the
cat walks, alley ways and building inside the monastery. Try to take
out the cat walks first then the surrounding buildings in the courtyard.
Once you have the courtyard, move into the building thought the right
door in the stone. Take out everyone on the ground floor. Then go
back outside and Take out anyone that has walked outside. Move
forward toward the objective.

* Objective Complete *

[S6.4] Section 4 => Reach the River Mouth
Objective: Locate Serdar

Well, the gangs all here! Go up the stairs to the very top if you want
the PSN trophy “On Top of The World”. Go outside to the courtyard
and take out the mercs in the buggies. Grab one and make a mad dash
back down the mountain. Fly down the mountain and follow the road
till you hit the hydroelectric plant. By now the enemy helicopter is
making your life hell. Once you get to the plant, hop in a boat or
another vehicle and keep the mad dash to the docks going strong.
There really isn't any surefire way to beat this other then running
your ass off.

* Objective Complete *

* Level Complete *

| [S7] Ghost Town             |
Gold: 5
Collectibles: 6

[S7.1] Section 1 => Reach Sadiz
Objective: Eliminate all enemies

First things first, move up the beach toward town. When you get to
the top of the hill, start blasting. Take out the rooftop guards first and
then the ground troops. [SEE C7.1] [SEE C7.2] [SEE C7.3] [SEE C7.4]
A tank will appear, take it out with the RP that is in the hut next to where
you came over the hill. Once it's destroyed, regroup at the smoke.

* Regroup at the Smoke *

*Objective Complete*

* New Objective: Advance towards Sadiz *

Drive the tank up the road, when you get to the town you will come
under RPG and TOW fire. [SEE G7.1] [SEE C7.5] [SEE C7.6]. Use
the buildings as cover and flank from the west. After you eliminate
most of the enemies a tank will show up. Just TOW him real quick
and move on.

Grab the power tool and the tank and move to your next objective.

When moving up the road, you get attacked by 3 tanks. Draw them
out one by one. If it's one on one you should win no problem. Repair
after each tank destroyed. When all three are gone, move on. There
will be more tanks up ahead. Kill them too. Keep following the road.
[SEE G7.2] Keep following the road and you will reach the objective.

* Objective complete *

* New Objective: Destroy the two bridges *

While running down the hill, grab the C4 along the way. Fighting
through the city will take way too much time, we need to get to the
bridges before those tanks do. Skirt around the south side of the
town and avoid as much fighting as you can. Run into the river
and place C4 underneath the bridges by running in the river. BOOM!
If you don't have C4, a rocket or grenade launcher will work too. Just
try not to fight those tanks guarding it.

* Objective Complete *

* New Objective: Advance towards Sadiz *

Now stay on the north edge of the city and make your way to the
objective. Head down the path toward the emplacements. Try to take
them down from afar. Use the Destroyed tanks as cover when you
push up. Duck under the pipe and take out the emplacement. The
building near it has an ammo box for you. [SEE G7.3]
Run up the hill to the smoke.

* Objective Complete *

[S7.2] Section 2 => Reach The Gold
Objective: Pick up supplies

Well that was a long section. Phew... Well, we're half way done, keep
up the good pace! Move to the Red Smoke and grab the supplies. It's
on the roof of the building near you. When you get to the smoke, pick
up the laser designator (Haggard's “Flashlight Thingy”)

* Objective Complete *

* New Objective: Use laser designator on the silo *

Simple enough, go do it. You can miss...

* Objective Complete *

* New Objective: Move out *

You can pick the C4 back up or keep the laser designator. If you want
that PSN trophy for JDAMing the helicopter then keep it. Well, time
to skedaddle... Use your C4 or Laser designator to destroy all the tanks
before you make a break for the objective. Once they are out of the
way, just plow thought the foot soldiers. [SEE G7.4]

* Objective Complete *

* New Objective: Locate transport *

Death is raining all around you so safe cover is beyond important.
Stay under the cement buildings for protection from the Artillery
strikes. Shoot hostiles as you go. If you have the laser designator,
taking out the tanks is much easier, otherwise you can use the Rocket
launchers laying around the place. Once the Tanks are out o the way,
keep moving on the left side toward the objective. [SEE G7.5]

* Objective Complete *

* New Objective: Get into the jeep *

Why can't all objectives be that easy...?

* Objective Complete *

[S7.3] Section 3 => Defend The Gold
Objective: Reach the anti air gun

Looks like it's time to take out the big man himself, The Legionnaire.
Run down the train tracks toward the AA gun. Don't waste your ammo
on the helicopter. Just concentrate on taking out the emplacements as you
go and using the train cars for cover. When you make it to the end you
get a save point, thank god... When you make it to the AA gun, BOOM!
It's gone. The legionnaire blows it up. You need to find another way to
take it down.

* Objective Complete *

* New Objective: Take down the legionnaire *

Get to the top of the platform for the FINAL SHOWDOWN!!!
Dramatic enough? Three rockets or two JDAMs, it's up to you. If you
get a JDAM in you get a PSN trophy “One in a million”

When he shoots, hide. He will eventually hover still, take the shot then.
If you JDAM, target him while he's flying, then when the missile drops
he will be stationary. Get it?

Once you blow him up enjoy the ending.

I smell a squeal!

| [G0] Gold Locations   |

This section is an index that is to be used in conjunction with the single
player walkthough. When you see a [SEE G#.#] look in this section for
that tag and it will explain where the gold crate is in that area. You can
ignore the tags if you wish, all they do is tell you where the gold is.

There are 5 gold crates in every level except the first level.

| [G1] Welcome to Bad Company |

There is no Gold to be collected in “Welcome to Bad Company.” Gold hunting
starts in the second level, Acta Non Verba.

| [G2] Acta Non Verba         |

There are 5 gold crates in this level

[G2.1] Pick it up in the house you just searched.
[G2.2] Go upstairs to where the emplacement was, there  should be a gold
           crate near it.
[G2.3] In the Center of the southern base, in the ditch under the planks.
           You have to crawl to get it.
[G2.4] It's in the room with the rocket luncher. On the other side of the
[G2.5] Just after you protect the tanks, go to the south of the cemetery.
           Between two sheds.

| [G3] Crossing Over          |

There are 5 gold crates in this level

[G3.1] Right on the other side of the road block. (Section 2)
[G3.2] In the Barn's basement. (Section 2)
[G3.3] In the empty house near the empty tank. (Section 3)
[G3.4] When at the wall, go to the northernmost stairs near the containers.
            Get a running jump off the stairs onto the containers, and hop to
            the next one and take the Gold. (Section 4)
[G3.5] Past the 2 large hangers in the wood shack at the southern part of
            the docks. (Section 4)

| [G4] Par for the Course     |

There are 5 gold crates in this level

[G4.1] On the island in the middle. (Section 2)
[G4.2] In the west building near the power tool. (Section 2)
[G4.3] Just north of the base by the power tools and tanks, knife
            the fence and walk up the hill, it's near a pillar and bench.
            (Section 4)
[G4.4] In the small outpost near the bend in the road. (Section 5)
[G4.5] In the back room in the palace near the back entrance. (Section 6)

| [G5] Air Force One          |

There are 5 gold in this level

[G5.1] Land near the white building near the dam. The gold is inside.
           (Section 3)
[G5.2] In the room opposite the objective is the gold. (Section 3)
[G5.3] Just before the checkpoint, there is a small island with
           two guards, on that island is the gold. (Section 4)
[G5.4] In the white building at the end of the base is the gold.
           (Section 5)
[G5.5] In the white building with the RPG. (Section 7)

| [G6] Crash and Grab         |

there are 5 gold in this level

[G6.1] Next the the building with the M16 inside. (Section 2)
[G6.2] in a building, in a base to the south of the communications
           base. (Section 3)
[G6.3] Instead of going into town, make a left onto the dirt road and
            follow it to two houses next to a Vodnik. The gold is on the
            Side of the house by the river. (Section 3)
[G6.4] Take the fork right an jump over the road block. Fight your
           way up to the ammo crates in the ruins. Just northwest is
           another grouping of ruins with the Gold inside it. (Section 3)
[G6.5] When you get to the guard tower by the monastery, slide
            down the cliff face till you reach some ruins. They will be
            just north of the bridge you just crossed. It's in a hard spot
            but keep looking. (Section 3)

| [G7] Ghost Town             |

there is 5 gold in this level

[G7.1] As soon as you enter the town, the second building on the left
           has the gold. (Section 1)
[G7.2] one of the wooden buildings on the side of the road, It's near
            a buggy. (Section 1)
[G7.3] Next to the building's side, facing near the out of bounds zone.
           (Section 1)
[G7.4] Right before you enter the alley way the objective is in, the
           second building on the left's second floor has the gold.
           (Section 2)
[G7.5] On the right side near the swimming pools is the last Gold.
            You have have to grab it before getting in the buggy or
             you can't get it. (Section 2)

| [C0] Collectibles Locations |

Collectibles are weapons that are found thought out the game in
Single-player. They can be found on crates or off soldiers bodies. Treat
this section just like the gold section. Use tabs to find the collectible
near you. If you see [C#.#] go to that tag in the collectibles section.

The amount of collectibles in a level varies depending on how many you
have collected in previous levels. There are other places to pick up these
weapons besides my locations, these are just the locations I first found
them in.

| [C1] Welcome to Bad Company |

there are 5 collectibles in this level.

[C1.1] Pick up the AEK971 the patrolling guard drops. (Section 2)
[C1.2] Pick up XM8 as one of your objectives (Section 4)
[C1.3] Pick up the 870MCS from inside the building you just raided.
           (Section 5)
[C1.4] There is also a box near the C4 with a S20K shotgun. (Section 6)
[C1.5] Instead of going north, go to the town southwest near southern
           bridge. In the largest building there is a SCAR rifle. (Section 7)

| [C2] Acta Non Verba         |

there are 2 collectibles in this level.

[C2.1] Pick up the AKS574U off the dead specialists. (Section 2)
[C2.2] Pick up the M249 in the small house to the south. It's right
           along the road the tanks take. (Section 5)

| [C3] Crossing Over          |

there are 6 collectibles in this level.

[C3.1] After you're done with the tank, follow the road near the
           river south. The second building south of the bridge has the
           SPAS12. (Section 1)
[C3.2] An XM8C is next to the road block. (Section 2)
[C3.3] The SV98 is picked off the dead snipers. (Section 2)
[C3.4] AN94 in building. (Section 2)
[C3.5] A MG36 is in the Empty house with the Gold. (Section 3)
[C3.6] A SVU is in the first hanger under the catwalk to the south.
           (Section 4)

| [C4] Par for the Course     |

there are 8 collectibles in this level.

[C4.1] In the northern building is a VSS. (Section 2)
[C4.2] Grab the PKM off the dead guard in the guard tower.
           (Section 2)
[C4.3] The NS2000 In the first wooden building on your left.
           (Section 2)
[C4.4] The M24 is on the island next to the gold. (Section 2)
[C4.5] In the south building is a M16. (Section 2)
[C4.6] There is a MG3 near the north west of the base.
           (Section 2)
[C4.7] The PP2000 is in the white building (Section 4)
[C4.8] There is an UMP in one of the guard post right before
            crossing the bridge.

| [C5] Air Force One          |

If you have been following my guide since the beginning,
there will be no collectibles in this level. There may be one
for you if you didn't pick one up for an earlier level.

| [C6] Crash and Grab         |

there are 2 collectibles in this level.

[C6.1] In the building your in is a M95 (Section 2)
[C6.2] In a building in the harbor at the mouth of
           the river is a XM8 LMG. (Section 2)

| [C7] Ghost Town             |

there are 6 collectibles in this level

[C7.1] One of the guards will drop a T194 shotgun (Section 1)
[C7.2] One of the guards will drop a 9A91 (Section 1)
[C7.3] One of the guards will drop an AUG (Section 1)
[C7.4] One of the snipers will drop the GOL (Section 1)
[C7.5] One of the guards will drop an QJU88 (Section 1)
[C7.6] Instead of going left, if you go to the first building
           right in front of you, the second floor has the SPAS15
           (Section 1)

| [L0] Legal/copyright information             |

( aka, the boring necessary stuff)

This “walk-through” is published by Scott Sawyer This means that
if you wish to: display, copy, edit, link or in anyway use the information
contained within this article, you must gain permission from me
to do so. I have no problem with anyone wishing to use this guide, to
help them with the game itself. However, I do have a problem if: you are
stealing my work and passing it off as your own or using my work for your
own monetary profit. Please respect my hard work and the other
walk-through creators out there. Thank you.

The only sites that have permission to host this guide is:

other sites, such as other FAQ/Walk-through type sites or my own personal
sites, will be added at my discretion.

| [L1] Credits                |

Ah... the credits. The part of the paper everyone skips over because it's
boring. The only reason you would read it, is if you were looking for you
name to tell all your buddies how cool you are. Well we wouldn't be able
to write this walk-through without the help of these cool people, pointing
out our mistakes and overlooks. So thanks to all who helped!

Scott S   => Writer

Special thanks to:

Bad Company's website ( for additional info on the game.
DICE for making a kick ass game.

| [L2] Version history        |

Version 1.02 (7/9/09) => Grammatical corrections. 
Thanks to Mr. Wong for pointing them out.

Version 1.01 (7/2/09) => Some minor corrections.

Version 1.00 (6/27/09) => Removed all Sections except Single player guide. 
Removed Sections will form their own guides.

Version 0.75 (6/9/09) => Single player guide 100% complete.
Added unlock codes for QBU88 and USAS12, courtesy of Tehi_king. 
Added Golf Cart to vehicles.

Version 0.66 (1/19/09) => added info on SUV, QBU88, M60, UZI
and M1A2 tank, courtesy of Tehi_king

Version 0.65 (1/16/09) => Added personal site to copyright. 
Added Introduction to most sections.
Worked on weapons section. 
Started on Level 3.

Version 0.60 (11/30/08) => Worked on weapons section. 
Worked on gold rush section. 
Error Corrections.

Version 0.50 (9/21/08) => Finished Kits section. 
Worked on gold rush maps. 
Worked on tactics section. 
Worked on Weapons/Vehicles sections.
Changed contact Email.

Version 0.40 (8/4/08)  => Finished points section. 
Finished Level 2 with all gold. 
Finished Introduction.
Finished Characters section. 
Worked on multi-player sections. 
Added Conquest maps section.

Version 0.30 (7/30/08) => Finished unlocks section. 
Worked on multi-player sections. 
Added points section. 
Added Tactics Section. 
Need to rework weapons and vehicles section.
Worked on Vehicles. 
Worked on maps.
Names added to the credits!

Version 0.20 (7/23/08) => Worked on level 2. 
Found level 2 collectibles.
Worked on characters section.

Version 0.15 (7/22/08) => Started Level 2 walk-through. 
Found 4 gold pickups.

Version 0.11 (7/22/08) => Worked on weapons section. 
Found last Collectible from level one. 
Level One completely done.

Version 0.10 (7/22/08) => Level one done. 
Missing one collectible from level one. 
Fixed minor errors.

Version 0.06 (7/21/08) => Started working on Single player walk-through.
Level 1. Found almost all collectibles in level one.
Added Kits section. 
Worked on Unlocks section.
Worked on Multi-player section.
Fixed Minor errors.

Version 0.05 (7/21/08) => Worked on weapons/vehicle section.

Version 0.04 (7/20/08) => Worked on weapons section.

Version 0.03 (7/19/08) => Worked on overall organization. 
Added maps section. 
Worked on weapons & vehicle section.
Minor corrections.

Version 0.02 (7/18/08) => Finished controls section. 
Worked on weapons and vehicles. 
Some work on Single player layout. 
Organized how Gold locations will be shown.

Version 0.01 (7/17/08) => Started Walk-through. 
Made Table Of Contents and Legal Information


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