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Does Luigi or any other Mario character in the game?
Luigi doesn't appear! Toad, Yoshi and Princess Peach appear in the game though!

Are free stars appearing in the game?
Yeah, there are some Toads that give you stars!

Do 100 coins get you a star in a Bowser level?
No, but 8 red coins do!

In the Bob-Omb summit there are Pink Bobombs. What do they do?!
They are the good guys, they give you some hints! 

There are 2 pinguins in the first snow level i entered. Wich one is the good one to 
bring back to his mom?
The first one you see is the one you need to bring to his mom!

Whats that strange room i entered by entering the roof?
Its a bug programmed accidently!

How can i beat Boo's? They disappear if i look at them.
Attack them from the back or Ground Pound him.

Theres an Ukiki on the top of a mountain. What does that mean?
Catch him! He asks you to release him if you do that. Say 'yes'. He'l bring you to a 
star if you do that!

Are there any enemies that were only in SMW?
Yup, Wiggler and a few others.

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