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- Quick & Dirty Walkthrough V1.6 - 
by Guiler (J Novakouski - [email protected])
with lots of help from Robo Chop 

This guide may be reproduced only with my permission, for non-profit 
purposes only. If you would like to post a copy of this on your fansite, 
email me at [email protected] In addition, if you do so, I will 
automatically send you any updates I have made.


This is by no means complete, but it ought to help you
beat the game. If you know of something that I don't,
drop me a line at [email protected] and I'll
credit it you for it.

-Version History
-Other Stuff

Version 1.0--through Safecracker Scene 6 (11/19/2000)
Version 1.1--added Rescue Attempt through Alpine Intrigue, Scene 2
Version 1.2--added Alpine Intrigue, Scene 3 through the end (11/20/2000)
Version 1.3--various updates, corrections, first batch of email (11/27/2000)
Version 1.4--various updates, corrections, 2nd batch of email (11/30/2000)
Version 1.5--various updates, corrections, 3rd batch of email (12/3/2000)
Version 1.6--various updates, corrections, 4th batch of email (12/13/2000)

0.1 Notes

0.1 NOTE
It has come to my attention through various emails and communication, as 
well as replaying the game, that the location of key items changes each time
you play the level. In Berlin, for example, the charges can and will be in
different locations. I am playing the game to find as many possible 
locations for these charges as i can, but i will not be able to find them
all; i am only one person. If you've found a key item like a charge in
Berlin, a barrel on the cargo ship, any miscellaneous intelligence item 
(they are randomized throughout the whole game), a codebreaker, a lighter,
or any other piece of equipment in a different place that i have found them,
or in a place i have not even looked, please feel free to email me. I will
give you appropriate credit and put it in the walkthrough. Thanks for
everyone's help! I am also working hard to get 100% completeness on all
the intelligence items, but as they are in different locations each time
you play, this is a real trick!

A special thanks to all those who sent me additions to the walkthrough.
These people include (alphabetically): 
Kirk Bratvold ,
Mike Fay ,
James Garfield , 
Brian Gerona ,
jrdepriest ,
Charles Koeller , 
Nicke Lekselius , 
Christian Malbeuf ,
Jake Martinez ,
Robo Chop , 
Kerry Shireman , and 
Smith .

Thanks and keep the info flowing! If you'd like to send in information to
be added to the walkthrough, send it to 

An extra special thanks to the guys at Monolith who slaved for over a year
to bring us this awesome game. Monolith, you rock. Announce the sequel, and
i'll preorder it 2 years in advance :)

'Where's the fun in that?'

You have to shoot a bunch of assassins as they try and hit the civilian
target. If you're nervous, ask Bruno to call out the shots for you. If 
you're cocky, tell him not to.

When done, grab the ENVELOPE on the desk and the AMMO BOX and open the door.
Go down the hallway and around the balcony, down the stairs. FUNNY 
CONVERSATION: audible from the balcony. There's also a LETTER on the far end
of the balcony from the stairs.

Note the window in the courtyard. Above it is a hook that you can later use
the belt hook shot to get into. Don't use the window ledge next to it; it'll
break on you. Up in the room is an ENVELOPE on the dresser. When you come
out the door, you find you're in the room that the guy locked himself out

Go through the door on the ground level and down the hall to Apt 12. Make
sure to open both windows. You'll now have to shoot a bunch of thugs who
will try and get you through the door/wood panelling. Switch to your pistol
or an automatic you might have and hide behind the upturned bench for cover.
Before you leave, grab the FOLDER under the desk. Hopefully you got the AMMO
BOX on the way in.

Go back to the courtyard and leave via the 2 blue double doors. They are
unlocked now.

'You look like you need a monkey.'

FUNNY CONVERSATION: audible from the starting position, about a monkey. Kill
the guy here, quietly if you can. Hopefully the other guards will not 
notice. However, it is likely they will. Here is where you learn a painful 
lesson: enemies can shoot through gates and fences, and YOU, for the most
part, cannot. So either pick the lock, or shoot it off. Make sure you grab 
the NOTE tacked to the wall next to the gate.

Kirk Bratvold  writes in:

At the beginning, it's actually easier if you pick the lock BEFORE you
kill the guy who is talking to the monkey salesman.  This way, you can
kill both enemies without having to worry about trying to shoot through
the gate.

Go into the hotel via the rusted blue door. The hotel is circular in nature,
so going right or left won't make much of a difference. Let us, for sake of
being arbitrary, go right. 

FUNNY CONVERSATION: talk to the man standing next to the woman in the blue
dress. Use the barrette to pick the lock on the door here. Go in and take
the DOSSIER on the shelf. Follow the hall around to room 101, where you can
find a LETTER hidden under the bed. There may be armor in room 103.

Go past the toilette, past the girl at the soda machine, and halfway up the 
stairs. From here you should be able to hear another FUNNY CONVERSATION.

Continue up the stairs and kill the guy in the red jacket. Go into room 204
and get the LETTER on the dresser next to the TV. There may be body armor in
room 203.

Get over to the balcony and over the railing. It's tough, but try to jump to
the wooden ledge to the right. From there you can open the window to a 
locked hotel room. There is a BRIEFCASE inside.

To continue on, go into the hallway between rooms 203 and 204. Go past the
balcony into the patio. Grab the ENVELOPE on the bar.

Continue past this to a courtyard. There is one guard leaning against a 
post, another patrolling at the far end of the courtyard, and a third with a
submachinegun in the right tower. You can get the last one with the sniper

Go past the courtyard. Head a little right, but not around the corner. FUNNY
CONVERSATION. Shoot the guy, and then go over to the desk and get the FOLDER
on the desk. Go through the hall past the desk and into the waiting room
with the people. Get the DOSSIER near the guy at the window with the blue 

Now head toward the hall entrance; FUNNY CONVERSATION. Shoot the 2 guards 
and get the BRIEFCASE on the ice machine.

Continue down the hall into the next courtyard-type-hall-thing. Shoot the 2
guards there. Grab the FOLDER on the bench surrounding the central plant and
the BRIEFCASE behind the luggage cart. Note that there may be guards on the
balcony above the central plant/bench area.

Go through the open doorway and go right. Talk to the purple girl thrice;
you'll get her to amuse the guards. Listen in for a FUNNY CONVERSATION.
Then, go left and shoot the guard that patrols out the door with a sniper 
rifle (he is not always there). Get the FOLDER on one of the patio tables.

Go in the door at the end of the patio/courtyard and down the hall with 2
guards. Proceed to the elevator room, and past it. Go straight at the T
intersection. Note that there may be armor on the left. Follow the carpet 
until you see Bruno.

This next part is a tough as you have to get to the guards and shoot them
before they shoot the hostages. When possible, use the sniper rifle.
Go over to the window and get the NOTE against the wall. You can return
later and use the sunglasses to photograph the book.

Return to the elevator room, shoot the guards, and disarm the bomb on the
elevator door. Continue down the hall, shoot more guards, and disarm the
next bomb on the conference room door. Quickly turn the corner and shoot
the two guards before they murder the civilian.

Continue back to the room with the guys standing next to the elevators and
the luggage cart. There are more thugs and another bomb.

Go further back and you will find 4 thugs trying to kill a guy. Wax 'em and
go back towards the tourist desk and disarm the bomb near the phones.
Go back into the courtyard; 2 more thugs and a civvie. Keep going back into
the halls with the guest rooms in them (201, 202, etc) and you'll come 
across 2 more sets of thugs and civilians. Once you save them both, the 
level ends.

'Oh! You are a horrible person!'

Shoot all the thugs and go into the exit on the opposite end of the court-
yard. Get the armor and DOSSIER on the bench there. Head right, past the 
sign, down the stairs, and get in a gunfight with the 5 or so guards there 
in the courtyard; or not, if you can sneak.

Head towards the red door, and then around the corner. Go around the next
corner towards the palm tree. FUNNY CONVERSATION audible from the balcony, 
about a monkey. Go around the balcony, left, and down the stairs near the 
blue columns, into the building. Head right, through the room with the 
carpet, out the other end of the building, and take another right. Note
that there may be armor on the bench near the exit of this building.

Get to the top of the ramp and go right, onto the wooden balcony. In the
plants by the double doors can be found a LETTER. Then go back to the top
of the ramp and towards the blue telephones sign in the building. Go in and 
grab the ENVELOPE under the telephone. Continue around, past the urn, to 
another room with a FOLDER on the floor. Go out of the building by going to 
the end of the hall past this room and jump across the gap to the armor by 
the melons.

Find the LETTER under the table to the left on this porch. Cross the bridge 
to the other patio and find the DOSSIER under the table there.

Head back down to the street, where the monkey guy is. Head up the dirt ramp
near the monkey guy, go around the corner, and take a right onto the plank
bridge. Up the ramp, and take a right. There are guards and a BRIEFCASE. Go
through the next courtyard and up to where the guy knocks over the table. Go
past this to the next courtyard and head left to the blue doors. Be careful,
as the room has a couple guards in it. Go into the room, and be aware that
there is a guy hiding behind the crates to the right. Get the FOLDER, body
armor, and DOSSIER in this room. Continue on through the doorless doorway
out onto the balcony on the left, and see if you can snipe some guys from 

When done, continue on down the hall that runs along the balcony and down to
the  street. Go down the stairs to the market stall to get the armor, and
then dive into the water. Go along the canal. When you reach the end, go
underwater and go right. Go all the way to the end of this canal, and get 
off on the right side to get a BLUEPRINT and an AMMO BOX. Go back up to the
main courtyard and cross the broken bridge. Choose to capture the thug to 
get a FUNNY CONVERSATION. Just ask him nicely 3 times. Or, you can torture 
him. It makes little difference.

'I will kill any man she leaves alive.'

You start out at the far end of a field. Snipe some of the bad guys while 
you can. For fun, aim for the gas tank of the car. Go up to the tent to get
an AMMO BOX. Then head left into the valley. When you see the next tent, 
snipe the guy in it if he's there. 

Then find the tent in the ruins on your right and get the ENVELOPE within. A
car will pull up. Shoot the guy, or wait until he hits his own gas tank.
There's body armor in a largish room nearby. Continue down the valley, past 
the minefield unless you have mine detector glasses. Out by the van in the 
minefield is a FIRE EXTINGUISHER, an AMMO BOX, and a BRIEFCASE. If you don't
have the sunglasses, you can still get out there by going carefully along 
the left edge of the minefield. Good luck. Note that there is a NOTE tacked
to the sign at the minefield gate.

At the end of the valley is a large palace. The best way to get in is by
falling down the well hole nearby. Fall into the water and then swim to the
landing and wax the guy with the submachinegun. Get the LETTER at the bottom
of the pool. Another guy will come down the stairs, so be ready for him.

Follow the path to the top of the stairs. Go down the hall past the door to
hear a quick FUNNY CONVERSATION. Go up, shoot the guys, and get the
BRIEFCASE behind the chair. It may instead be by the open crate.

Then, go back down the stairs to the door and through it.

Get the DOSSIER on top of the crates. Cross the courtyard, watching for
guards (there are many) to the locked door on the other side. Open it to get
an AMMO BOX and body armor.

Leave the storage room and head right, down the hallway, quietly. Listen for
a FUNNY CONVERSATION, and one guard will actually kill another. Then you can
ambush him. Cross this next courtyard and get the ENVELOPE under the tree.

Head into either of the doors here; they lead to the same place. Go down the
ramp to the gate and open it. Go behind the machine to get a BRIEFCASE.

Go up the stairs for a FUNNY CONVERSATION. Wax the 2 guards and grab the 
LETTER on the balcony railing. Now either go back the way you came and down
the hallway past the stairs to the courtyard, continue to the other side and
then down the stairs on that side to the courtyard. Either way, you must go
into the courtyard and leave via the doorway that is to your left as you 
face the gate. There's going to be one guard on your immediate left and 3 
to the room on the right.

When done, head right and out onto the balcony. Mission ends.

'Why must i be made to say such idiotic things?'

Check below for Robo Chop's alternate Walkthrough for this level.

Find your first contact somewhere out on the street. He's wearing a tan
jacket. Then head for the payphone which is to the left of the guard house.
Get the FOLDER there. Go into the building with the woman standing outside.
Ring room 205. Go up the elevator, and knock on the door. Get the folder
that is stuck under the door and then go back down to the street, 
and back into the alley near where you started. Go down the stairs to
the bar and meet the guy there.

Now go to the gate and talk to the guard. Before you go through the gate,
grab the LETTER on the cabinet. Sneak into the compound and listen to the
FUNNY CONVERSATION there. Wait for them to finish and separate, and then
shoot one of them (hopefully without leaving the body in camera-shot). The
garage should open and issue forth some guards. When you've dealt with them,
go through the garage to the other side. If this does not happen, head over
to the hatch on the left side on the patch of grass. Open or shoot the lock
and go down. Follow it to the end, and then go up the ladder. Go to the
little shack here and try and shoot the guy before he sets off the alarm,
but don't leave the body in sight of the camera inside. Good freaking luck!
After many many tries, i managed to do this once. Open the gate by pulling
the lever here.

Regarding this, Nicke Lekselius  writes:

You had trouble killing the guard by the gateswitch without setting of the 
alarm in Berlin by Night("Good freaking luck! I've yet to do this without 
setting off the alarm. "). Here's how I did:

Open the door and move out of sight. Throw a coin away from the door and 
wait for the guard to come out, make sure he doesnt see you. He will search 
for the coin with the back to you. Take him out your favourite way, sneak in 
and open the gate!

Also, Kerry Shireman  writes:

Hey, I liked your FAQ on No One Lives Forever.  I had a comment about Berlin
by Night, Scene 1.  It's about killing the guard in the shack to open the
inside gate after you go through the tunnel.  It is possible to kill him
before he sets the alarm off and without the camera seeing his body.  The
first thing I do after coming out of the tunnel is pick off the tower guard
across the way with my silenced 9mm.  Then I open the door to the guard
shack, barely crossing the threshold so he'll discover me.  He goes apesh*t
and runs for the alarm without drawing his weapon.  Then I shoot him just as
he gets to the alarm buzzer, but (obviously) before he trips it.  I've been
able to consistently kill him without setting off the alarm by doing it this
way.  The funny thing is the camera pans across where he lays.  Who cares,
it works!

Even though I've been able to get through that piece undetected, it's still
impossible to get through scene one without setting off the alarm.  I can
get pretty far though.  After killing the guard in the shack and opening the
gate, the ground guards inside the gate know where I'm at.  I typically run
back and take cover behind the fencing by the generator to the left of the
tunnel exit.  This draws fire from pretty much everyone.  The action will
draw both ground guards on the inside of the gate to go around to the
outside of the gate, through the garage door and out the back door running
right behind the two guards who hang out in the garage.  All this and none
of them ever trip the alarm.  They just come out lined up like ducks.

After the duck shoot I go back out through the garage, come back around to
face the recently opened gate and stand about thirty yards in front of the
gate entrance.  I then take out the far tower guard directly in front of me.
This is as far as I can get without tripping the alarm.  After this is the
last two tower guards and something like 4 ground guards and the 3 penned
dogs.  As soon as the next tower guard around the corner sees me, the alarm
goes off every single frickin time.  I have found NO way around it, but I
just started playing the game so maybe I'll revisit it sometime.

James Garfield  adds:

You did ask for suggestions/additions, however, and I noticed that in Berlin 
by Night, Scene 1 you mention shooting the guard in the shack and not being 
able to do it w/out setting off the alarm.  I happened to get lucky and work 
out a solution:

1)Position yourself to the right of the door (as you face it from outside) 
and crouch.

2)Toss a coin down the concrete walkway back towards the door to the garage.

3)The guard will slowly walk out the door in "suspicious" mode.  You must 
shoot him after he leaves the doorway but before he reaches the edge of the 
opened door.  One shot in the head.  Inside the doorway, his body will set 
off the alarm.  Too far down the walkway the other guards will be able to 
see his body and will get quite wise to your presence.

It has worked for me now half a dozen times.
Christian Malbeuf  writes:

I know what you mean about that guard in the small guardhouse.
If you want to get him without the camera spotting the body, simply walk
on the concrete walkway in front of his door to get his attention ("What
was that?").  Then stick to the garage wall and throw a coin in front of
the door.  He will actually open it and come out to investigate.  One
shot to the head.  No noise.  No cam.
Also, the two guards at the very beginning of the mission can be
dispatched with a simple throw of an explosive lipstick.  They are killed
where they stand, out of the camera's sight, and the garage guards
somehow don't hear the explosion.

Back to the place at hand, the guard shack...

Proceed back around through the garage to the gate and through it. Follow 
the street until it comes to a gate. Go in the door by the gate. Get the 
LETTER on the table there and into the office behind it, where you can get 
an AMMO BOX and turn off security by hitting that big red button. Go around 
through the back door, and shoot the guards and the guards in the tower with
the spotlights. Then head to the gate in between.

Update on this scene! I actually managed to get through the whole thing
without setting off the alarm once! I did get the 'exciting music' once at
the end when i shot one of the guards and his buddy came to cover him, but
i didn't get in any spotlights and had no bullets fired at me. So it can
be done (on super spy no less)! But it isn't easy. That quarter trick took
me 10 tries and i finally shot the guy by the gate with the Hampton Carbine 
because i couldn't get the timing of 3 rounds right.


Robo Chop  writes in:

 After you bribe the guard and enter the main gate,
the two patrolling guards begin their funny
conversation. Both guards are standing by the van.
They will begin their patrols once the conversation is
over. I use this diversion to get to the hatch. I
watch the camera until it starts panning away from me.
I then creep along the edge of the outer wall until I
get to the end. I then hide in the corner next to the
building. The guards will still be conversing. The van
and the guards are between me and the camera. I then
wait for the camera to pan around again. I then sneak
along the edge of the building with the van between me
and the guards. I watch the second street corner
camera before picking the lock to the hatch area.
Speed is critical but the operation is not that
difficult to do. Slipping past the third camera (in
the hatch area) is not that difficult either. I then
hop down the hatch. Leaving the hatches open in this
Scene apparently has no effect on the guards. By the
time you are in the underground pipe (the same one
discussed in the first intelligence item of the scene)
the guards have finished their funny conversation and
have begun patrolling.
    At the end of the underground pipe, I pop up in 
another grassy area. I go directly to the gate house.
I crouch next to the right side of the door. I pull
out a coin. While crouched down, I open the door. (The
door blocks the vision of the camera). Although the
guard faces the door nothing happens because he
doesn't see me. I then toss the coin on the path
leading to the gate house. I quickly change to the
silenced pistol. He comes completely out of the
gatehouse to check the noise. I pop him with 3
silenced bullets. The camera doesn't see him because
his body is completely outside the gatehouse. I sneak
into the gatehouse and hide under the camera until it
pans away from the gate switch. I then hit the gate
switch and hide under the camera again. When it pans
away from the door I sneak out. I then travel along
the path back to the hatch. Halfway to the hatch I
stop and face the gatehouse. You can see the tall
guard tower which is located behind the gatehouse. I
take aim at the guard and pop off 3 silenced bullets
(with 2 bullets he shoots back at you. 4 bullets will
cause a richocet and the alarm will be sounded; ditto
for all the other guards.). I fire off my rounds when
the guard patrolling on the ground is the furthest
away from the tower. When the tower guard is killed
the searchlight stops moving.  I head back to the
hatch and go through the underground pipe again. I pop
up in the hatch area again. I crouch by the hatch door
underneath the hatch camera. This time the two guards
are on patrol. I watch until both are walking away
from me (and the second street corner camera is
panning away). I follow the second guard but stay by
the wall so the second camera doesn't see me. The
second camera will finish its cycle and start panning
back towards the hatch before the guard finishes his
walk. I sneak up behind the guard from the wall as he
pauses at the end of his walk. With his back to me, I
pop him with 3 silenced bullets (I've tried karate
chops and the poisoned barrette but I've been
unsuccessful in stopping him from shooting and causing
the alarm to sound. The performance of either the
karate chops or the poisoned barrette in NOLF has not
been good so far. If you hit him with only two bullets
he fires back at you. If you fire four bullets the
fourth bullet often misses because the body has
already fallen to the ground. The fourth bullet
therefore causes a richocet which causes the alarm to
sound). I then sneak down the street to the corner.
The guard in the first tower is already dead. I watch
the camera mounted to the outside of the gatehouse,
race down the street and then stop underneath the
gatehouse camera. I next use my sunglasses to zoom in
on the guard behind the crates beside the second guard
tower. I place the crosshairs on him. I immediately
switch to the silenced pistol (without moving my
mouse) and let off a volley (1 for head shot or 3 for
body shot). He goes down. (Using the sunglasses in
this fashion allows you to succeed with long distance
shots with the pistol). I repeat this sequence with
the guard in the second tower as well as the second
patrolling guard. I then sneak to the street
passageway leading to the next area. The tower in the
next area will shoot immediately. The alarm sounds.
All hell breaks loose. I shoot the tower guard. I then
wait along the wall of the street. 6 guards will turn
the corner and come directly at me. The 6 guards come
at me in a straight line. I never move my crosshairs,
I just keep firing and all 6 guards go down in no
For players who like to sneak... they should know that
it's impossible to sneak through the entire scene. The
alarm will always go off at some point during the
scene. Even the moves I've described above have to be
executed with precision. Any minor mistake will cause
the alarm to sound. [Additional Tip: The fastest and
most accurate way to fire three silenced pistol rounds
is hold the fire button down for three shots rather
that click the fire button 3 times. This is especially
true for long distance shots and quick reacting

Jake Martinez  writes:

Just wanted to let you know that I completed both Berlin 1 & 2 and most of
3 without being detected. So it *is* possible to complete both those
scenarios with stealth. The only time you really have to break out the big
guns is after you locate the doctor schenker. There is a scripted sequence
where a bunch of goons run down the hall towards you - for that you will
need either a grenade/impact explosive or good aim with a fully automatic
weapon ;)

Scene 1 *really* isn't that hard. Since you have the sunglasses with the
zoom feature you can use that to aid your aim. By zooming in and centering
a guards head with the glasses, you can then zoom out and switch to the
9mm and blow a hole in his head from very long range. There are 3 tricks
to completing this level without setting off the alarm.

1) The first guard by the first gate after comming out of the sewer can be
eliminated by using the coin to lure him out of the guard booth and
shooting him in the back of the head. Works like a charm every time.

2) The guard dogs *can* be shot through their cages if you have good
aim. You only need to shoot them in the body to take them out.

3) In the last building section there is a guy under a camera guarding the
hall to the room where the button to turn off the alarm is. You can get
past this by waiting until the camera is panning back across to your right
facing the guard, shoot him in the head with the 9mm and then run like
hell to the room with the alarm button in it. You can press the button and
turn off the alarm system before the camera can focus in on his dead body.

Once that is taken care of, getting to the far gate is an easy matter of
prudent sniping and sneaking.

I managed to get through this level with 100% accuracy, 0 detections, 0
disturbances caused and 0 bodies found. It *can* be done, it just took me
a little bit of time to figure it out. Hope that helps some.

'That's not the worst part. Of course there was a scene...'

Please note that there are 3 charges on this level, the location of which
will change each time you play the game. I have noted where i have found
charges, and in places where other people have found charges, but do not
be surprised if they are not where i say they are. I am working to correct
this and list all of the places where the charges may be found (if indeed
this can be done). Bear with me please! If you've found a charge someplace
and i don't have it listed, mail [email protected]cademic.marist.edu and i'll credit
you for it and put it in. Thanks!

Check below for Robo Chop's alternate Walkthrough for this level and other
possible locations of the 3 charges.

Grab the NOTE on the wall to the left and proceed into the courtyard. Go 
into the door on the left with the light over it. FUNNY CONVERSATION. Shoot
the guys and get the letter under the camera. Then activate the CHARGE that 
may be on the barrel in this room. The rest of the building may be optional,
depending on where your charges are. If you're not up for a challenge, 
leave the way you came.

Now here's the real trick...

Around the next bend or so is a hall where a guy patrols. There's also a
security office on this hall, to your left. You have to sneak up the the
edge of the hall, wax the guy in the office through the glass before he
sounds the alarm, and THEN get his 2 buddies, making sure not to leave their
bodies in the hall because there is a camera protecting it. What i do is
shoot the first guy and then run back, baiting the other 2 to follow me so
i can shoot them in the nearby hall, but once you kill one, the other will
run for cover, so be quick and aim for the head. Get the body armor in the

At the other end of the hall from the security office i found one of the 
CHARGEs, so this is another possible location for them.

Proceed to the warehouse part, where you must shoot another guy in another
office which is on the 2nd floor, and then another guy in view of a camera.
Did I mention this whole part was optional? Up in the office is body armor, 
and down in the warehouse, on a shelf, is a TAPE. Leave via the double 

This courtyard here with the truck is connected to the one you came in from,
so those of you that skipped all that mayhem just to get one measley item
pick up the story from here.

From here, find the locked gate and open it. Jump up onto the crates and go
in the window. Shoot the guard in the head and activate the CHARGE which
may be hidden between the crates on the fuel barrel near the guy you just 
shot. Open up the garage door using the button on the wall near it.

Shoot the 2 guys (hopefully shooting one will have the other one run to the
body to check it) out of sight of the camera. Then go through the double
doors with the windows to your left. Go down the hall and down the stairs
over which the camera is hung. Note there may be a CHARGE on the fuel 
barrels to your left. There might also be armor behind the machines in the
room adjacent to the room with the stairs. Leave the way you came, as the 
other way leads to a door out into the courtyard with the truck and the 
locked gate you just went through.

Behind the van is a raised platform, a loading dock of sorts. You must go to
the door under the camera, at the left end of the platform, or go in the
window on the right side of the building. If you go in the window you'll be
in a closet off of a barracks room with a body armor in it, out of sight of
the camera. Going in the door will lead you to the dining room right next
to the barracks room.

Note: This part can be particularly difficult on super-spy because you only
get one 'zoom' of the camera before it goes off

Get into the dining room and dash up the stairs and through the double doors
at the top. You're now in a courtyard with a patrolling guard. Instead of
going in the double doors, go around instead to the right and in the side
entrance. There will be 3 guards on the way. Once inside, grab the LETTER on
the desk.

Go up the stairs and around the bend to the next office. This office is the
main entrance room. Go through the double doors across from you, dispatching
any guards, and into the first library room. Select the glasses and take a
picture of the book when the target turns green.

Do the same in the next room down the hall on the right. Go around the bend
to the end of the hall and through the door and up the stairs. Up here is
the lighter if you haven't already got one yet.

Once you've got the charges set, taken the pictures, and gotten a lighter 
(if you didn't already have one), go back down to the side entrance to meet
your contact. Equip the lighter and 'use' it on him. It should be blue.

Once done talking to him, go back in the side entrance and use the lower 
door on your left. Go down to the basement and through the door. Go up to
the shelf and 'use' it. Note that there may be a CHARGE in the first
basement room; this can be easy to miss, and frustrating because you never
think to go down there until you've met your contact, but you can't meet
him until you set all the charges.


Robo Chop  writes in:

I grab the NOTE and proceed into the courtyard. I
sneak into the door on the left with the light over
it. While the two guards are distracted because of
their conversation I open the door between the outer
room and their room [Note there is a Lighter on the
desk in the outer room]. I back out. I use the coin
trick again to get the two guards out of the adjoining
room and pop them. I then grab the letter under the
camera. I didn't notice any detonation charges in the

The locations of the 3 detonation charges were
different in my game.  
Here were their locations:
#1 and #2 were located on the fuel barrels in the
tough "warehouse part" location in your FAQ ("Now
here's the real trick...").  
#3 was located on the fuel barrels in the alley
leading to the side entrance to the library. The fuel
barrels are at the inside corner  of the left hand
turn leading to the side entrance/2 guards/and the
agent you need to contact.

Other things that I saw in Scene 2 were:
1. In the room where your CHARGE #1 was located I
found a LETTER on the top of some crates. Next to the
letter are an ashtray and a silver-red thermos (It's
the only time I've ever seen a thermos).
2. You can enter the building containing the dining
room either from a double door (left side) or a window
(on the right side). The window doesn't open so I
broke the window by shooting it. This let me enter the
closet of the barracks room. The guard in the dining
room stood with his back to the barrack room door
which made it easy to dispose of him.
3. I found a LETTER on one of the dining room tables.

"I don't trust you. I think you're planning to hurt me. Over."

FUNNY CONVERSATION. Sneak behind the pillars. If the guards or cameras see
you you're in for a firefight the whole way in. Get behind the desk and take
a picture of the book that the woman is looking at. There is also body
armor here.

Go up and around the stairs and into the first office. Get the DOSSIER on
the shelf. Talk to the scientist for some funny stuff, and then, if you
think he'll sound the alarm, you can shoot him.

Try and shoot the one guard in the hall in view of the hall intersecting
it so his buddy will come running over, and then you can shoot him. Go past
that hall and into the locker room at the end of the hall. Shoot the guard
lounging by himself and get the LETTER on the bench near him. There is no
need to shoot the other 2, as that will only raise the alarm.

Go down that hall you just passed. Before turning the corner, listen to the
FUNNY CONVERSATION. Turn the corner and go into the second office on the
right and get the BLUEPRINT on the desk.

Go into the next hall, shoot the guard, and use the steel door near the
exit to the office (don't use the elevator yet). Go into the hall. FUNNY

If you go down the elevator and have a code-breaker, you can get through a
locked door by the platform with the goat on it. Otherwise, you might as
well go down the elevator near the guard you just shot. Through the code-
breaker door is a room with a very large goat and an office overlooking it
with a FOLDER in it.

Sneak out of the elevator. FUNNY CONVERSATION. The trick here is to either
wax both guards without making a sound or to hide from them as they leave.
When they're gone, get the LETTER on the table where they were talking.

Be aware that before you leave there is a guard walking on the platform 
above you. You can try to shoot him if you want, but the camera might see
the body (even though logically it shouldn't be able to). It might be best 
to avoid him.

Head down the corridor that the guards were headed down; the one on the
right. Head to the next room and up the stairs. Go down the hallway until
you see a room with a glass wall. Hang out under the camera, and if the 
guard from the initial room is still alive, you can hear a FUNNY 
CONVERSATION. At this point, a guard will start coming down the hall toward
you. Retreat to the stairs and ambush him outside of the view of the camera.
The other guard will be in the room with the glass wall, and if you're a 
good shot you can get him from under the camera. His body won't be seen by 
the cameras. However, there is a scientist who will come in the room, and 
he will notice the body, so you'll have to shoot him, too. Or, you can just 
sneak past the whole thing.

Next to this glass-walled room (a kitchen) is a cafeteria with a camera in
it. Go around the cafeteria down the hall and around the bend to where you
can see the balcony that overlooks the entrance, where a guard is/was
patrolling, depending on whether or not you shot him or were spotted by him.

Note that this balcony intersects with another hall; you will need to go 
down this hall to get to Schenker. For now, continue across the balcony 
to the next hall and go in the door with the radiation symbol on it. Get 
the BRIEFCASE on the ground next to the desk.

Continue on down the hall, down the stairs, and kill the 2 soldiers there.
Then go out into this room and take a right. You should see a lab there. Go
in and get the FOLDER on the long counter against the wall. There is also
body armor on a shelf in the hall in front of the lab.

Now go back up the stairs to that hall that i mentioned before; the one that
connects to the balcony overlooking the elevator. Sneak into the first 
office on the right and get the body armor by the wall and the FOLDER on
the bench. Wait for a guard to wander into this room and shoot him (if the
alarm hasn't already gone off).

Continue to the end of the hall. Go in the lab on the left and get the
ENVELOPE on the lab bench. Then go in the one on the right and get Schenker.
You'll talk, and then be attacked by guards. Equip the AK and unload the 
clip at the door as they enter. Then talk to Schenker again. The alarm 
will have gone off. Get back to the end of the hall. Expect an ambush; 
there will be more guards waiting for you.

If Schenker ever cowers from gunfire and you need him to move again, just
'use' him again. When you get to the balcony, head left. Follow the hall
around, go down the stairs, and take the Gray door under the camera in that
room at the bottom of the stairs. End mission.

Jake Martinez  writes:

btw, if you've already played through the game once, you can keep the alarm
from sounding all the way up to the end of scene 3.
Right after you meet the doctor, if you use the sleeping gas perfume on the
doorway as the 4 solders come through, you will sleep them all before they
fire a shot and set off the alarm. The rest of the guards are pretty easy to
eliminate with quick reflexes ;)

"It's not potato salad! It's cottage cheese!"

Choose 'What about your wife?' and 'How is such a thing possible?'

Once the cut-scenes are finished, equip the Hampton (or whatever heavy
weapon you chose) and go out the door, left. Go into the first cabin on the
left and get the DOSSIER there. Go back out and take a right from Schenker's
cabin this time. Go through the next cabin and then into the bathroom in
the next antechamber. Get the LETTER and body armor there.

In the next cabin the door will burst open. Open the hatch in the floor and
continue forward. Open the next hatch and listen to a FUNNY CONVERSATION. Go
around the bathroom here and up the stair on your right. Then go into the

"Please be full of hay! Please be full of hay!"

You are unarmed. Go into the conference room and get the FOLDER. Go down
the ladder real fast and get the gun. Shoot the guy and grab the BRIEFCASE
in the cabin to your right. Run back real fast and down the hatch. Go up
and grab the DOSSIER by the ruined door. Run back the other way, shoot the
two guys to get their ammo, and run into the next cabin. Grab the FOLDER on
the table to the right and dash down the hall.

At this point, the plane breaks apart and you are free-falling. No good,

Here is the trick to this level. Look down. You'll see a guy below you.
Catch up to him WITHOUT SHOOTING HIM. Once you get close enough, Cate will
say something like 'mind if I borrow that?'. Get even closer, and you'll
automatically grab it from him, ending the level. Think you got close
enough, and the level didn't end? YOU DIDN'T GET CLOSE ENOUGH. GET CLOSER.
that there will be other parachuters coming down after you. Shoot them if
can; their accuracy is uncanny, considering the circumstances.

Robo Chop  writes in:

There's no way to quickly swoop down upon the guy
located below you (he's the objective). I simply had
to wait the 1.5 minutes of game time before I was down
at his same level. The other parachutists have amazing
aim!  In order to stay alive for the 1.5 minutes I
stayed away from the objective(!) and stayed away from
the other parachutists. I fired off all of my rounds
in the first 80 seconds. (maybe that's why I received
an ammo bonus after the mission?!). When I was almost
at the guy's level I rushed in towards him. That's how
I survived this level. The trick I learned was to stay
as far away from the objective as possible until the
very end.

The falling seat with civilian passed right through me
during the freefall. I didn't receive an intel item.
I'm very curious to know where the 8th intel item is.

"Heck yeah, look at him. He's concentrating so hard on not being noticed
he'd probably follow you into heavy traffic without a second thought."

Talk to the woman in front of you and then note the FUNNY CONVERSATION. 
Sneak along the wall and jump onto the dumpster. Go in through the window.
There is body armor here, but you will most likely not need it yet.

Go straight towards the couple at the table, then right. Find the woman
and the big guy at the table. FUNNY CONVERSATION. Keep following this hall
until you find the women's bathroom. Go in and take the DOSSIER there. Turn
back around and head back to the table with the couple that complimented
your dress. Go through the doorway on the woman's side. Go past the phones
and up the spiral staircase. Head right and then to the door in the area
with the stone walls. Go in and get the LETTER on the desk.

Return back down the stairs and head back to that same couple. This time go
through the door near the man (you've been this way once before) and find
the guy with the green shirt in the next room. Talk to him.

Now head back to the women's room.

Robo Chop  writes in:

My cover was blown a few times at the very beginning
of the scene. Immediately preceding the "Blown Cover"
failure screen I saw the second bouncer (the one being
flirted with) running with his hands over his head. We
don't equip any weapons for this Scene (except
barrette) and I had nothing in my hands. This problem
went away when I equipped sunglasses and then put them
away. I think this is a bug. The software believes
that I have a weapon in my hand at the beginning of
the scene.
Charles Koeller  writes:

I have something that you have missed in Rendevous in Hamburg, Scene 1. 
Before going into the office for the letter, there is a woman looking
over the balcony.  If you talk to her you will find she is the guys
girlfriend who is waiting outside for her.  If you talk to her again she
will leave an envelope for you.  This is the 3rd piece of information in
this level.

"Hell no! It's reckless and dumb! But that's not gonna stop me!"

Go out the door and turn left. Shoot the 2 guys that are trying to hit the
civilian. Head right and grab the perfume by the phones. Go into the store-
room, down the stairs, and through the brown door. Kill the 4 or 5 guards,
take a picture of the book on the table and grab the DOSSIER on the barrels.

Go through the next door and watch out for the cart they knock down at you.
Up the stairs, and take the left door. Get the LETTER on the table. Go back,
take the door on the right, and kill all the guys in the kitchen. Get the
folder in the sink. Go into the next room, around the next corner, and into
the stage room. Shoot the 3 guys, and then watch the cut scene.

Head out the double doors and down the stairs. Go into the bar room and get
the DOSSIER there. Back up to the stage room.

Go out the stage door into the next room, the storeroom. Get the body armor
and the BRIEFCASE.

Open a window and go out into the alley. Go past the dead agent and get the
AMMO BOX under the sniper. Head back the other way, and down the stairs. At
the end of the alley you can hear a FUNNY CONVERSATION about beer. Many
people consider this to be the funniest one in the game (although your
mileage may vary), so try not to miss it.

Sneak around the corner and try to avoid the spotlight. Of course, you don't
really have a silent weapon, and there is no alarm to be raised, and you're
just trying to get away, so if you want to take the less subtle approach and
blow everyone away, go right ahead!

Head around, through the dock area (it's one-way) towards the HARM crates
and right. Get onto the barge; end mission.

Robo Chop  writes in:

1. I grabbed the perfume (sleeping gas) at the phone
booth. I go into the storeroom, down the stairs and
open the brown door. I use the sleeping gas. It
effectively knocks out most of the guards. I either
use the sleeping gas again to finish the guards in the
back of the room or use the pistol. [The sleeping gas
is very effective!! I plan on using this item on
future missions. ]
2. The conversation about beer is very funny. When I
checked my ammo before the attack I noticed that I had
phosphorus ammo. It must have come from the ammo box
below the sniper of the dead agent. It's pretty cool
ammo. I think most players won't realize they have it
and will miss an early opportunity to see & use these
tracer-like bullets.
3. At the end of the scene there are HARM crates next
to the barge. Next to the HARM crates is a body armor.

"Didn't you use to work for MISERY?"

Advance slowly towards the gate, and listen for the FUNNY CONVERSATION. Kill
the guard and go up to the gate. Pick the lock or shoot it off, and then
dispatch the next guard. Make your way up the stairs to the office and get
the LETTER on the desk.

Go into the hall with the camera. The first office on the right has armor.
The second one on the right has a guard and a LETTER. The one on the left
has nothing of note.

Leave the building and go into the alley by the green van under the camera
outside. Go around the corner to the left, and shoot the guy in the head.
Wait for his buddy to show up and shoot him, too.

Proceed down this alley towards the wheel affixed to the concrete structure
ahead of you. 'Use' the wheel and get back from it. There will be a guard
that runs up to it. Ambush him.

Continue around the corner to the right. If you have the belt buckle, you
can use the hook above the camera to get onto the roof and go down the
hatch on the roof to get a LETTER. If not, head into the building entrance
near the camera and grab the FOLDER on the cardboard boxes on your right.
Head down towards the locker room. Shoot the guy and his buddies around the

Robo Chop  notes:

In the locker room, check one of the lockers. In it is
a letter and a body armor.

He later adds:

2. Simply using the Hampton Carbine I'm able to sneak
around "A Tenuous Lead" Scenes 1 & 2 and achieve
virtually perfect scores. Here's the bad news. Even
though I was killing everything with one shot, I
started Scene 3 and soon ran out of ammunition (.45
caliber) for the Hampton Carbine. I then realized that
there were no AMMO boxes in Scene 2!! Scene 1 only had
one AMMO box which was in the room with the acid pool
& valve handle. I was near the beginning of Scene 3
and I had plenty of weapons but I found myself without
a stealth weapon (no ammo for Hampton Carbine and no
Shepherd's arms with silencer). I would therefore have
to RAMBO my way through the rest of "A Tenuous Lead". 
[Note: I outfitted myself for the "A Tenuous Lead"
missions with the Hampton Carbine and the AK-47. ]
I've therefore learned an important lesson for people
who like to sneak through the missions:
1. Hampton Carbine ammo is very hard to find in the
2. You don't find silencers in the missions.
3. The bad guys will always have submachine guns and

Conclusion: When selecting weapons at the beginning of
a mission you should select the stealth weapons (the
Hampton Carbine and the Shepherd Arms w/ silencer)
because you won't find them (the Carbine or the
silencer) in the game. You can always pick up an AK-47
or submachine gun from your first victims. 

You'll come to a set of steam blasts over a walkway. You're going to have to
time it so you don't take any damage. Steam damage applies to health (red)
rather than armor (blue), so it cannot be replenished in-mission.

At the end of the hall you go into a room with malfunctioning electrical
equipment. Go down the stairs. FUNNY CONVERSATION. Grab the NOTE on the
wall by the valve machinery and go further down the stairs. Shoot the two
guys, grab the NOTE on the wall next to the electrical box, pull the box
handle, and grab the LETTER on the ground by the boxes.

Go back up the stairs to the top and up the ladder where the electrical box
was shorting out. Open the hatch there, climb down, and turn the wheel 

Head back down to the middle level and go through the blue double doors. Go
around the corner, past the steam, to the space under the pipe and get the
VALVE HANDLE. Note that it is possible to get the VALVE HANDLE without
draining the pool of acid it's in (you did that by climbing up the ladder
that was electrified) and you will take minor damage for doing so, but you
cannot use the handle until you drain the acid (thanks to Robo Chop). Once
you've got the VALVE HANDLE, use it on the steam generator on the stairwell
that looks like it's missing a handle (it's on the middle level).

Now go downstairs and out through the double doors. Up the stairs and 
through the door you'll meet Goodman. End level.

Robo Chop  writes in:

This is an easy level for player who likes to sneak.
Sneakers should be able to get a perfect score. I
strongly recommend the Hampton Carbine in this mission
(vice the Shepherd Arm's silenced pistol).
1. The valve handle is in the acid pool. A player can
grab the valve handle without draining the pool. The
player will take some minor damage. However, player
can't use the valve handle on the valve stem until the
acid pool is drained. It is a quirk of the game.
Players need to know that the acid pool must be
drained in order for the valve handle to work.
2. In the same room as the acid pool & valve handle is
an AMMO box. it's in the corner behind one of the big
steam generators. 

Please note that the locations of the CHARGEs in this level are random each
time you play the level, so the locations i have here may/will not be the
same as yours.

Go in through the double doors by the guard. Go through the hall with the
pipe and the camera and get the LETTER on the boxes around the corner.
Through the double doors is an open area filled with pallets and crates.
A guard patrols here. Go up onto the boxes to the left and onto the roof.
Then open the window. From here, you can hear a FUNNY CONVERSATION and get
the drop on the guards there. Wait for one to head towards the door, and
then shoot the other one.

The warehouse consists of a set of interconnecting large rooms filled with
crates. The second one you come to from the entrance may have an explosive 
CHARGE set on a fuel barrel. Also, get the LETTER that may be on the 
forklift nearby.

By this CHARGE is a set of double doors. Go through them, and then take the
double doors to the immediate right. FUNNY CONVERSATION. There is a room
with 2 guards and a set of lockers and a set of shelves. On one of the
shelves is armor. There may be a CHARGE underneath the alcove under the
stairs. Go up the metal stairs to find more armor.

Around the corner is an office. Grab the FOLDER on the desk. Go to the end
of the office and left. Go to the room at the end of the hall and pick the
lock; or shoot it, if you want. Go in, and snipe the guy you see from here.
Alternately, you can kill him by activating the power box behind the door
and using the crane to drop boxes on his head (thanks to Robo Chop for this

From here you might also see a pile of fuel barrels and a CHARGE attached 
to them, down on the warehouse floor. Go back down the hall to the doorway
that leads to the yellow walkway and get down onto the floor. Activate that
charge. Turn around and you might see another CHARGE, right in front of you
at the other side of the room.

Go around this corner and left, back into the locker room. Return to the
yellow walkway above the warehouse floor and leave via the open doorway on
the platform where the guard you sniped was standing. On your left may be
more fuel barrels with a CHARGE on them. Activate it.

Jump across to the barge and go around the crates. You may be able to
find an ENVELOPE there. If not, it might be at the other end of the dock
bridge, across the water from where you are. There may also be a CHARGE
in an alcove over there, so it's worth checking out if you're missing one.

Now you have to return to the beginning of the level. Unfortunately, the
warehouse is now filled with HARM goons in full purple regalia with AK's.
Be careful on your way back. On the way back, if you go upstairs through
the warehouse (towards the crane control room) you may run into a FUNNY
CONVERSATION. Wait for the suit guy to go into the office that was locked
previously and then shoot both him and the guard. Inside that office is a
TAPE. When you're done with that, head back to the beginning of the level
and 'use' the double doors you came in.

Robo Chop adds:

Up until you activate the fourth detonation charge,
this scene is a "Walk in the Park" for those players
who love to sneak around. Up until the fourth charge,
you can easily achieve a virtually perfect score on
"Detected", "Disturbances caused" as well as
"Accuracy" (assuming you are using the Hampton

1. The first LETTER that you mention in your FAQ was
not in my version of the scene. Instead it was on the
fork truck in the middle warehouse.

2. Here were the locations of my 4 charges:
#1 in warehouse room with two guards (funny
conversation about smoking)
#2 and #3 was in the room with the crane (just like in
your FAQ)
#4 was outside. Approach the barge. Turn right before
you reach the barge. Walk down the pier. The barrels
with the charge is right there. There is one
patrolling guard nearby. A LETTER is on top of the
nearby crates (There was no letter on the barge in my
version of the scene.). There is a body armor near the
barrels. P.S. It's a great night for a swim! OK...
I'll admit it. I didn't do it intentionally. I kind of
slipped off the barge. The good thing about it is that
I was able to spot the patrolling guard and sniper him
before he saw me. I guess the guards don't look for
SuperSpy Frogmen.

3. The Crane is a lot of fun!!!!
Once you get into the upstairs office (and grab the
FOLDER from the 2nd desk), go down the hall to the
door with a padlock. There's a sign on the door that
says "Out of Service". Pick the padlock and enter the
room. You can easily sniper the guard in the warehouse
from this room, but what fun would that be. We've all
sniper-ed guards a hundred times before. Wouldn't you
rather dispose of him in a more spectacular manner!!
The crane control mechanism doesn't work when you
enter the room. But if you find the power panel in the
back of the room and flip the power switch the crane
control mechanism "sparks" to life! Throw one of the
levers on the crane control mechanism and watch the
action! But the fun isn't over! Leave the room, go
down the hall, turn left and go into the warehouse.
Watch what happens to the room you just left!!

Grab the LETTER on the crate to your left. Go up the stairs, open the door
and listen to the FUNNY CONVERSATION. Sneak around the corner to the office.
Open the office door from cover and wait for the goon to inspect the shelf
that is nearly right under the camera. Then get him with a head shot. Get
the FOLDER and the ENVELOPE in this room.

Go back out into the hall and head left. Go through the door marked 'exit'.
Shoot the guard and then go out into the courtyard. If you have the zipcord
hookshot belt thing you can get up onto the platform above and jump across
to the window on the right.

Smith  writes:

I think in Tenuous Lead Scene 3
when you walk out from a first building .. there are HOOK that require BELT
to move up.. and use JUMP JUMP JUMP combo to goto the black tunnel..

I think earplug in there...

By getting in there, i found the earplugs, armor, and a DOSSIER. It can be
very difficult to get in there, at first but the trick is simple; don't make
running jumps. Jump up, then hit forward, jump up, then hit forward, and so
on. Note that the planks will begin to fall as soon as you get on them, so
jump quick!

Go under the yellow walkway up to the gangplank and left, quickly and
quietly to avoid the 2 guards on the gangplank. If you actually sneak up
the yellow stairs up to the corner, you can hear a CONVERSATION, although
it's not very FUNNY. Doing so will cause one guard to leave.

Go into the courtyard on the left and around behind the boxes to the stairs.
Go down this hall, shoot the guard in the hall that intersects it, and 
continue to the end and through the door.

Here you'll find a stairway leading up to a courtyard. At the top of the 
stairs is a crate room, and there might be a LETTER on top of a stack of
boxes in here. Then, go back down to the grass. Head in, shoot the
guard, and pick the lock on the door. Go in and up the ladder. Wait for the
crane to come by and jump onto it. Then ride it onto the boat. End level.

Go back to the guy you just knocked out and take his gun. He's behind you,
around the corner. Find the patrolling guards around the corner and shoot 
them. It's very hard to accurately describe this room as it's pretty 
uniform, so suffice to say that there may be a blue container in one corner 
that you should photograph, and nearby it is an open doorway.

Go into this doorway and left. Before you go around the corner you will hear
a guard calling out for someone. Back up and ambush him. Then go around the
corner and straight ahead and listen to the FUNNY CONVERSATION. Shoot the 2
guys and get the armor and the LETTER on the floor here. Behind a pile of
orange crates here is a yellow container that you must photograph.

Sneak through the door on the other side of the room, into the open doorway
and then right. Listen to the FUNNY CONVERSATION. Then, seneak around to the
left until you find a walkway. Under the walkway is a red container that you
must photograph. Go up the ladder and hit the red button to lower the
elevator. Get on it, then hit the red button there to raise it. Photograph
the green container there.

The problem with all of this is that the containers are in different places
sometimes, so this set of instructions might be innaccurate. While I've
always found the red one in the same place, I've seen the yellow and green
and blue ones in different places. It doesn't really matter, though; you
don't need to photograph them all.

What matters is that you go into the open air duct near where the guys were
talking about Inge Wagner's bad music. That should be in this very room I
described. Go down the air duct and the last right will lead to a hatch
that can be opened. Climb down from here and weld the combo lock off.

Climb up the set of ladders, get the armor at the top, and go through the
door. Go around through one of the doors and take your first left, towards
the guard. There is a LETTER on the duct near him. Then turn around and go
up the ladder. Go down the hall and up the next ladder. End level.

On the floor of this room is a cigarette lighter. If you don't see it, just
wander around for a minute until you find it. Weld off the lock and go 
right. Watch the engine explode and then go through the door on the right.
Go through the door at the other side of this room, and then go left.

Dive into the hole near the steam jets. Get the LETTER, then resurface for
more air. Dive back down and follow the passage to the end. Go up into the
room here and get the gun, the AMMO BOX and the ENVELOPE. Swim back the way
you came and go back down the corridor the way you haven't been.

Open the door and dive into the water. Swim over to the other section of
the walkway past the steam blast and pull the lever on the electric box
there. Jump up onto the beam and then the upper walkway. Head for the near
(closed) door.

Jump down the hole with the spark. There is a pistol and a silencer for it
in this bedroom, if you didn't get the other one. Go through the door and
shoot the guard. Continue down the hall, and when you see the wobbling
valve, shoot it. The water will rise. Swim to the top and up through the
hole with the broken ladder. Close the hatch behind you. Continue down
this linear hall, into the bridge, and down the hall past the radio room.
Get the FOLDER on the table of the conference room and return to the radio
room. 'Use' it to end the level.

Robo Chop  adds:

A Tenuous Lead, Scene 5
Using your flashlight will help you navigate
underwater. [The flashlight is a permanent

The Dive, Scene 1
Location of Intel Items
1. BRIEFCASE next to luggage cart in hallway leading
to Room 208.
2. Room 208, FOLDER on bed.
3. "LETTER hidden behind a chair by the fire" (same as
in your FAQ).
4. MICROFILM on desk in Room 207
*Body Armor located in Room 203.

Open the door. Wait for the guy to investigate his buddy and then shoot him,
too. Go down the hall and to the right, through the double doors. There
should be 4 or 5 guards on the way. Now you're on a balcony around a field
with an Oktoberfest sign over it. Either go down into the field and shoot
off the lock to go into the storeroom, or go around the balcony to the 
other side, past the 2 guards, back into the inn.

Both paths lead to a carpeted hall. Carefully turn the corner and shoot the
guy in the balcony above you. Then turn around and walk backwards and shoot
the guy in the balcony directly above you.

Take the left and go into the room, shooting the guy here. Get the LETTER
on the mantle and armor by the bed. Continue back down the hall you were
headed and note room 207; there will soon be 2 guys coming out of here.

Go forward, shoot the 2 guys here, and head for the fireplace. There is a
LETTER hidden behind a chair by the fire. Go into the room at the end of
the hall (203) and get the microfilm in the wood storage area next to the
fireplace. There may be armor in here.

Return to room 207, shoot the 2 guys, and go in once the maid comes out.
Note that there might be a TAPE on the desk on your right-hand side here.
Open a window and go out on the ledge. Watch out for the sniper on the
other side. Move left across the ledge quickly; it will collapse. Go past
the fire escape, and look to your right and up. There is a sniper there,
and above him is a hook that you need to use the belt hookshot on. End

Go around the corner, left, and out the window. Looking up, you'll notice a
guard. Shoot him. Once you go out the window there will be one on the right
on the roof, and one on the roof above you, to the right. Head right and to
the window there. Open it.

There are 2 guards and armor in this attic. There might also be a LETTER.
Go up a ladder at the end to find another guard. Open the hatch to the air 
ducts and go in. Go down until you hear a guy say 'she's in the air duct' 
and then back up. They are going to fill the duct full of lead, so wait 
until they are reloading and time it so you don't get shot.

At the end of the duct is another hatch. Get down onto the gutter on your
right and watch out for the 2 gunmen, both above you on the right, one near
and one far. Go along the gutter and jump onto the trellis or shack. Then
go down off the back of the shack so you don't die from falling.

Go into the shack and get the NOTE tacked to the wall. Then go to the ivy
trellises across from the shack and climb up the right-hand one. Head along
the gutter up to the water tower, and then over to the gutter behind the
tower, above the way you came in. Go in the first window on the left, past
the 2 guards, and out the window on the other side.

Go left onto the gutters, and into the hatch on the far end. The duct will
break, and you will fall into a vat of beer. Get the ENVELOPE on the
stove. Leave the kitchen, and head to the elevator. Get the armor and the
FOLDER by the chairs on the right. Then head left.

Sneak down this hall towards the open area. Note the balcony above. There 
will be about 4 or 5 guys up here, so be ready for them. Once they are
disposed of, that drunk guy in the green jacket will come through the double
doors at the end of the hall on the right.

Head through the doorway and out the exit on the left. End level.

Robo Chop  adds:

My version of the scene exactly matches the one in the
FAQ. There are 4 intel items in the scene. 

1. In the second attic that you enter, there will be
two guards and a BODY ARMOR. After dispatching them,
you will be attacked by a third guard at the top of a
ladder in the furthest part of the attic. There's a
LETTER behind the crate at the bottom of the ladder.

2. The Flashlight is very helpful in the scene.

3. There's a BODY ARMOR next to the stove in the room
with the beer vat.

4. Once on the roof (with the water tower) walk across
the gutter (above where you exit-ed the air duct that
you where being shot at). Enter the window in the
first steeple. If you attempt to continue walking down
the gutter to reach the second steeple, the gutter
will collapse and you will die.

1. You start out in an attic. The exit from the attic
is a shutter leading out to the roof. There are three
guards waiting to ambush you. This initial encounter
can be tough. Here's how to deal with them. Arm
yourself with the Hampton Carbine. Open the shutter
(the shutter will swing upward). Face right. Turn on
the Zoom.  Quickly shuffle a tiny bit out the opening
and immediately shoot the man on the roof. You will
only have a second to take him out before he starts
shooting at you. Quickly shuffle back into the attic.
Now face the opening. The shutter blocks most of the
view of the roof ahead of you, but not all!!!! Crouch
and use the gap between the shutter and the shutter's
frame to spot the bottom half of the man on the roof
ahead of you. Use your scope and take him out. For the
last guard, slowing creep out the opening and spot him
on the roof of the building you've just left. He's
easy to dispose of.
2. There a point in the scene where you a crawling
through the air duct and you hear the guards say,
"she's in the air duct". They then fire their weapons
into the air duct. The best way to avoid damage is to
never stop running. By the time they finish saying
"she's in the air duct" and begin firing, you should
have already run past the killing zone. 
3. When you get past the killing zone, you eventually
crawl to a shutter. Without opening the shutter you
can see through the cracks of the shutter. A guard is
on roof to your right. Be patient. Let him continue
walking on his route. Once he's out of sight, open the
shutter. Prepare your sniper rifle for his return.
When he returns take him out with one headshot. The
second guard on the roof won't be alerted. Later on
when you walk under the water tower on the roof,
you'll see the second guard with his back facing you.

Head up towards the hole in the wreckage. Go up through the sparking hole
and open the door. Continue down the corridor until you see a door on the
right. Open it, go in, and get the shipping manifest. Then take your next
right, and watch out for the passage to collapse on you.

The next room is a large cargo hold. There are no less than 3 sharks in
here. It's hard to hit them, but it is a good idea to try; if they hit you
at all, it's insta-death. The speargun fires slow, so time your shots well
or wait until it heads right for you. Note that you can (and should) 
retrieve any spent spears; they do not disappear like regular ammo. This
also goes for the crossbow, when you get it.

There is a letter in one of the alcoves by a forklift. There is also a set
of BLUEPRINTS in one of the open cargo containers. Head for the open air
duct at the far end of the cargo hold. Go down this passage until it leads
to a supply room.

Get the TAPE on the shelf of the supply room and open the door in the next
room. Go right, down the hall, and through the blasted hole at the end of
the hall. Go up through the sparking hole.

In the antechamber above, open the closed door and go left down the hall.
Watch out for a piece of the wall to explode. Take the first left, which
leads to the kitchen. The ANTITOXIN is on the table and will allow you to
avoid all damage from poison if you have it on you.

Go back to the hall and take the next right. By a set of stairs here is a
BRIEFCASE. Now, to the end of the hall, and right. Open the door and head in
to the captain's quarters. Get the log over the bed and the LETTER in the
open drawer.

Now you must go back to the beginning of the level. There are 2 problems,
however. One is that the ship will be filled with HARM divers. The next is
that a passage will close off, forcing you to find another way out.

When you get back to the door in front of the supply room, the door next to
it will be open. Go this way, instead. You end up in a large crate storage
room with walkways. Note that there is armor in the far right corner of this

Skip the first door on the left, and go off the walkway, to the lower, 
second door on the left. You'll go down a set of stairs and down a long
hallway. When you see an open air duct above you, go up. Follow the air
duct down and then go out onto the open walkway. Go up to the locked door
and then look left and up. There is a large hole that you can swim through.
Go in here and swim up. End level.

Robo Chop  adds:

The Dive, Scene 3
The cut sequence shows a HARM submarine passing by.
The number on the hull of the boat is 8675, but much
further down the hull is the number 309. This is a
reference to the famous song "867-5309 Jenny" by Tommy
Tutone. You can check out the song at:

Here are the list of intel items in my version of the
1. Ship's Manifest.
2. Cargo Bay with Sharks: MICROFILM located on the
floor in the center of the room (near the flipped fork
3. Cargo Bay with Sharks: LETTER In the alcove in the
back of the cargo bay next to the upright fork lift.
4. Look for blasted wall. Go up through the sparking
hole in the ceiling. Follow the passageway to the
first closed watertight door. Approach the watertight
door. Turn around. On the floor at the foot of the
HARM crates is the blueprint.
5. Kitchen: BRIEFCASE is on one of the kitchen
6. Captain's Cabin: Letter in open drawer next to bed.
7. Captain's Cabin: Captain's Log is floating above

Other Items:
1. ANTITOXIN located on table in kitchen.
2. BODY ARMOR. After you make the detour from your
original path (the detour is by the supply rooms), you
enter a large crate storage area. In the back of the
room on the left hand side is a stairwell which leads
down. At the bottom of the stairwell is the BODY

Other things:
1. Sharks take 3 hits to kill unless you hit them in
the head. Be patient when dealing with them. You can
easily kill them all off without exposing yourself to
2. Flashlight is very useful.
3. When you shoot the HARM divers, they scream pretty
well under water. (They must have incredible lungs.)
Seeing them speared to a bulkhead was a very nice
visual effect.
4. The pot on the stove in the kitchen has soup in it.
Despite the frequent rocking of the ship, the soup
hasn't floated away. The only plausible explanation is
chef's cooking.

If you cannot sneak, this level will be very hard for you, especially if you
want to get all of the items. You must sneak and are not allowed to kill

Get the ENVELOPE on the table. Sneak up to the doorway and listen to the
FUNNY CONVERSATION. Head left and listen to the FUNNY CONVERSATION. Then
turn around and dash right, past the camera and into the office on the 
right. There should be 2 scientists looking at an overhead projector. If you
are feeling lucky, jump up onto the table and sneak forward to get the
FOLDER on the table there. Otherwise, just go back out into the hall and 
into the office at the end of the hall.

Run in and shut the door. Listen to the FUNNY CONVERSATION. This is the
Baron's office. You'll return here in a few moments. Wait until the
conversation is over and the manager leaves the area.

Quickly dash around the corner to the open office in the right. If you feel
lucky, dash back out the way you came and open the office door right ahead
of you, sort of on the left side. Inside is an ENVELOPE.

In any case, open the door next to the open office and go in. Take the
ENVELOPE on the table. Return to the open office and set the trash on fire
with your lighter and run as fast as you can into the office that you were
just in. A security guy should come out from across the hall and run into
that office to put out the fire. This will give you the opportunity to run
into the room he was just in, the security office, and pull the lever there.
This shuts off security.

Now you can make your way back to the Baron's office at your leisure. You
can, of course, head down to the next door on the hall, which is under
construction, and grab the blueprints in there, but there's a guard in there
that you need to avoid.

Once you have returned to the Baron's office, close the door and 'use' the
pen holder on the desk. The bookshelf lowers and you can go into the next
room. Pull the lever and go up the stairs. Use the porthole door and go
up the stairs and around the corner, onto the roof. Go into the alcove on
the left and listen to the FUNNY CONVERSATION. Then wait for the guard to
pass the alcove and turn around. Then dash out after him and to the left.
Go along the left wall and you'll see a lever attached to an electrical box.
Pull it and jump down into the office.

You'll see a radio-control device with an antenna on a small table nearby.
Hit it and grab the MICROFILM on the table next to it. Then head for the
wood-and-glass door. 'Use' the gray control box next to the door and go
down the hall through the wood double doors, and then back down the stairs.
Close everything you opened, and head back to Goodman. End level.

Smith  writes:

I play this mission many many time .. and I see a GOOD way to walk without
detect by guard and do not use too much time !! so , I want to exchange my
idea : )

1. get the intelligent item on the table .
2. walk inside .. go left .. you will hear a conversation of clerk , you
will see Intelligent Item on the desk near her .. but you can't get it now..
goto the room opposite her .. you will see the paper in bin .. use your
lighter here.. and goto ther other door
3. you will see woman toilets here!! at the end of toilet .. there are 3
woods , you can push it push all of them
4. now you are in the big hall .. it's incomplete room.. there are blueprint
on the wood .. get it and goto the far door

5. when you out .. go left .. the first door that you see is a SECURITY
CONTROL ROOM .. shut down all camera systems

6. walk out security room look right hand .. you will see MR HOPSON or some
name talk with another clerk .. there are 3 room opposite this conversation
zone .. there are 1 intelligent item in each room except the middle , get it
all and wait in any room until all conversation end
7. at the table .. back of no 6. , another intelligent item is here..

8. move to the way you do not go .. you will see a door with sign "DUM AS" ,
get in

9. tough something at table .. bookcase will swap and touch switch at wall
.. ladder will move down , open the door that has 3 hole

10. come over the ladder again , you will hear a conversation of 2 gurads ,
save here .. and sprint to the left hand .. there are switch , push it and
move in the doam ( inside the gate )

11. remote on the table , touch it .. intelligeht item is next remote..

12. move out the dumas room .. move forward .. , right hand is a dark room
with overhead .. jump to the table .. you will get intelligent item here

13. move back to woman toilet , you will see the way to first clerk that you
ever pass on thebegining mission .. get intelligent item on the table and
flee away...

14. back to goodman .. mission end

all intelligent item is 8
you will get 1 from goodman

it's 9

Robo Chop  writes:
1. After ^Óusing^Ô the pen holder, the book case moves
to reveal another room. You enter the room, hit the
switch and go up the ladder. At the top is a door with
three circular windows. Passing through the door you
enter a rooftop patio. To the right is a gray door.
Behind the gray door is a room with an elevator. The
elevator doesn^Òt work. Does anyone know how to
activate the elevator. Does anyone know where it goes?
2. After hitting the switch in the security office,
you^Òre safe from all the security cameras. Ignore the
noise that the cameras are making. Although they sound
like they^Òre operating normally, they aren^Òt.
3. The model that pops up in Dumas's penhouse office
appears to be the warehouse area in Scene 2.

Go around the back of the office and wait for Goodman to draw one of the
guards out. Then, shoot the other one through the glass, go in, and pull
the lever, opening the gate. Send the mechanical dog to distract the one
in front of the gate, and grab the LETTER in front of the kennel.

Go through the opened gates and through the door on the left. Listen to the
FUNNY CONVERSATION there. Go through the next door in this room and up the
ramp. At the top of the ramp is an open road with two guards. You must get
them both before they sound the alarm. Go for the one on the far right
first, as the one on the near right is not facing you.

Go into the wood door on the left, at the left end of this road section.
Sneak into the steaming room and listen to the FUNNY CONVERSATION. Sneak
back and wait for the guy to leave for his office. Shoot him in the head
as he leaves. Then get his buddy with the AK between the machinery and the
flaming machinery.

Head down the ramp and past the room with the camera. Turn the corner and go
up the ladder. Wait for the guard to go into the other room, and then go
after him and kill him, out of sight of the camera. Go into his office and
photograph LEDGER #1.

Return to the room with the flaming machinery.

Go in the gray door with the window, on your left. It's locked with a 
padlock, so you'll have to pick it; shooting it off will make noise, which
will alert the guards and cause them to raise the alarm, and you will fail
the mission.

Go up the stairs, and shoot the guy on the right in the head. Climb the
ladder and head left to hear a FUNNY CONVERSATION. Wait for one of the guys
to leave and then the other guy will come through the door you're looking
at. Presumably, you'll shoot him in the head real fast, and he won't make
much noise. Then, find the other guy and shoot him. Get the LETTER on the
floor near him, and photograph LEDGER #2 on the table there. Go through
the gray door and down the stairs.

Head right along the tracks and then left to the locked door. Pick it. Go
in, open the door on the right, and jump up on the crates by going to the
smaller ones in the back. Get to the ledge over the glass window and crouch
into the air duct to get the BANDAGES. They will protect you from dum-dum
damage. Open the hatch on the floor and fall down. Use the door on the left
this time, and you'll find yourself on the other end of the road section
from where you started.

Go through the garage door into the room with the trains going through and
jump across an open flatbed to the other side. Open the door to the far
left and wait for the guard to come by. When he does, shoot him in the

Go into the courtyard, turn left, and go in the wood door at the top of
the short stairway. Get the ENVELOPE on the table here. Listen to the FUNNY
CONVERSATION by the doorway.

This next room is a trick; the guards are on the other side of a long fence,
which you must get around if you intend to kill them. However, you do have
a minimal amount of cover in the form of some large fuel containers. What
you can do is wait at the doorway you are with the hampton on zoom and after
a few moments one of the guards will come around to your side of the fence
You can get him, and then sneak up on the other one by going around the
fence when he isn't looking.

Climb up the ladder on the other side of the fence and head along the
walkway. You'll come to a hall with a red door on it. Wait for the guard
to come near you and wax him. Then go into the room with the red door. There
should be armor behind the door. Go further down the hall and you'll note
a door that must be opened with a codebreaker. Go into the office behind
the glass and photograph the LEDGER #3 there. There should be armor in
his office, and/or in the office with the camera.

Return to the last open outdoor area with the 2 cameras and head for the 
large gate in between the cameras. It should be open now, and the level
should end.

Robo Chop  writes:

Additional locations for items
1. Body Armor: In guardhouse at beginning of scene.
2. Body Armor: In office with LEDGER #1
3. Body Remover: In the back area of the storage room
(the storage room below the air duct where the
BANDAGES are located)
4. Room with Codebreaker access near LEDGER #3:
Contains AMMO Box.

Go into the compound and open the car door. Get the LETTER in the front
seat. Open up the trunk and get the BRIEFCASE. Go back to the entrance, and
go to the left side of the mansion, to the trash. Open up the lid and get
the ENVELOPE there. Now go up to the door (see below for the last intel
item) and ring the doorbell. Tell the butler you are from the magazine, and
tell him you want to interview him for the 'perfect lives series'.

Ask whatever questions you want; you'll get the important information
automatically at the end.

Smith  writes:

YOOOOO I found all intelligent item in Man of influence now...

last intel item that I miss is mail .. over the floor in front of dumas's

Robo Chop  writes:

You quickly find out that Dumas is an moron. (which
explains his name: DUM-AS$). If the majority of your
questions are about hunting or are flattering to
Dumas, then Dumas will reveal to you that the safe at
the corporate office is protected by infrared sensors.
He further reveals that triggering the sensors causes
poison gas to be unleashed.

In order to achieve the ^ÓRemain undetected^Ô mission
objective for ^ÓA Man of Influence^Ô mission, you need
to have a score of ^ÓDetected = 0^Ô. Not achieving this
objective appears to have no consequences.

Before you start, I highly recommend not taking the crossbow and submachine
gun, and choosing the silenced pistol and hampton carbine instead. The
default choices give you the crossbow, which is pretty useful sometimes,
but has limited ammo and the only ammo you'll get is the bolts you pull out
of your victims once they die. I also recommend taking the barrette if you

You start in a construction yard. Work your way up to the stacked plywood.
Listen for a FUNNY CONVERSATION. One of the guards will come around the
fence toward you and you should wax him.

Make your way up to the construction trailer and go in. Get the BLUEPRINT
and armor inside and head for the main tower. Go up the ladder on the
scaffolding and around the corner. Get the LETTER on the end of the platform
by the lunchbox and climb down.

Once down the ladder, go behind the crates under the platform and get the
LETTER there. Then go the other way, around the piles of crates into the
next room. 'Use' the forklift and go into the garage door it opens. FUNNY
CONVERSATION here. Head around the corner, and then follow the guy heading
over to the table. Shoot him and take his Hampton SMG.

Go back to where you just were and go right, to the door the other
guy just went through. Go down the stairs and shoot him. At the bottom
you'll find some green HARM crates and armor behind them.

Open the gray door here and shoot the guy sweeping the floor. Head toward
the machinery and then left to hear another FUNNY CONVERSATION. Go around
the corner and shoot them. Head left into the office and get the ENVELOPE
on the desk. Then head around right, towards the electrical machinery.

Kill the 2 or 3 guards here, jump up onto the green crates, and over into
the electrical area. Hit the red button to activate the elevator and then
go behind the machinery to get the MICROFILM. You can use the elevator 
behind the corner to go back to where you started by jumping up some
crates. Go around the front of the building, pick or shoot off the lock on
the gate, and use the yellow elevator here. If you prefer, you can instead
use the crates to jump over the fence if you can't pick the lock and don't
want to make a scene.

Robo Chop  writes:

You don't need to select a codebreaker for this
mission. One is provide in Scene 4.

Location of Intel Items  (5 items):
1. BLUEPRINT: in outside trailer with foreman (Same As
In FAQ [acronym SAIF])
2. LETTER: on platform (SAIF)
3. LETTER: either at bottom of elevator shaft (SAIF)
or on crate right at the location of the FUNNY
CONVERSATION about dog with skin problem (which is
immediately after where the fork truck crashes into
wall). This letter says: ^Ó H.A.R.M. Memo: A penny
saved is a penny earned. Please shut down all
electrical power during non-peak hours. Remember what
H.A.R.M. stands for.^Ô   [I take this as a clue to the
meaning of the acronym: HARM]
4. ENVELOPE: either in office (SAIF) or on ground in
next area right next to the saw-horse table and the
5. MICROFILM: either behind machinery with red button
(SAIF) or ??unknown??

Welcome to your first boss fight! You must find the red button in one of
the corners of this level, hit it, and then put the shorting-out radio
between you and Inge. She will charge towards you and electricute herself.
She is bulletproof, and the goons are infinite, so don't even try to shoot
them all. They keep popping out of holes on the ceiling. You will need to
electricute Inge several times. When you are done, head for the yellow
elevator under the Inge sign.

Brian Gerona  writes:

I think I have a much easier way to handle this boss.First look for the
red button .. and when u find it .. run towards the radio and turn it off
(press that red button on the radio) ... with this .. that .. ummm whats
her name again? heheheh that Boss will try to turn it on again ( shes has
to .. she cant sing without that .. :)  this gives u a good chance to
press the red button. Its that simple .. turn the radio off and go wait
near the red button ..and when the boss reaches for the radio .. press
the red button .. this gives u a more accurate way of hitting her rather
than ... pressing the red button first and standing near the radio ..
cause this makes u a sitting duck against the goons ...

Robo Chop  writes:

Location of Intel Item (1 items):
1. LETTER : located on pile of wood behind the
shorting-out radio.

1. Hitting the red button in the corner of the area
causes large lightning bolts of energy to crackle near
the radio. Those large lightning bolts go away when
Inge has touched them (and taken damage). You must hit
the red button again to cause more lightning bolts and
again lure Inge to the radio. Repeat this sequence
until Inge is dead.
2. The guards are paralyzed (and stop shooting!!!!)
when Inge starts singing the high notes of her song.
You'll notice that she stops moving when she does
this. (Normally she is chasing you.) The fact that
Inge's high-pitched notes cause the guards to stop
shooting is definitely the only good thing about
Inge's singing. [The next time I do this mission I'll
check to see if her singing does damage to Kate.]
3. There's lots of armor around the area. 

Get the note on the right side of the pillar in front of you, and take
cover behind it, as there are guards to your left across a large pit. If
you feel lucky, you can snipe them from here. When done, head across the
steel beams into the next room.

Advance forward and into the next antechamber. Listen to the FUNNY
CONVERSATION. Advance in and waste both guys. Go toward the fence and get
the LETTER by the lunchbox and the armor on the plywood to your left.
Continue on and listen to the FUNNY CONVERSATION between the 2 guys in the
pit below you. Shoot them both and go up the stairs on your left. Get to 
the top and watch for guards. Snipe them if you can. There is a FOLDER you
can get up here.

Go back down the stairs and onto the half-finished wall in the pit. Go into
the alley behind this pit and to the right. There is a locked door here that
you can shoot off or pick. I recommend picking it as there are guards within
earshot and they will raise their 'alarm' state if they hear the gunshot.

Open the garage door and get the BLUEPRINT on the table. Then, back up to
the doorway and look up. Shoot your hook shot at the hook there and get
ready for a gunfight. NOTE: you have to swing forward once you get up there.
Get the armor and the LETTER on the scaffold to the right and go out onto
the balcony.

Go into the doorway of the unfinished stairway and along the ledge to the
planks. Look up. Shoot your hook shot at the hook there and go up. Go out
onto the balcony and jump up the boxes.

Go out onto the steel beam here and then onto the corrugated rooftop. Fall
on to a beam on the right and cross over to what looks like another 
stairwell that is lit with yellow/orange lights. Inside is an elevator you
can use. Go out into the courtyard and up the ladder into the crane. Watch
out for the 1 or 2 guards, if you didn't snipe them from above. End level.

Robo Chop  writes:

Location of Intel Items (5 items):
1. NOTE: On pole at starting point.
2. LETTER: by lunchbox (SAIF) or on rooftop. The
rooftop location is difficult to get! Once on the
rooftop, you should sniper the waiting guard down
below. Walk down the left steel beam. Hop off the
steel beam next to the guards body. Walk back to the
area just below the start of the right steel beam.
Grab the LETTER. Now the tough part. There's no way
to climb back up to the steel beams. Instead you need
to climb down the building. Go back to where you
jumped off the left steel beam. You'll notice a wall
immediately below it. There's a gap between the steel
beam (you lept off) and the wall. Jump on to it.
Crouch. Walk straight along the top of wall. The wall
drops in a couple places. The wall ends at a vertical
steel beam. Turn around. You'll notice the wall has a
thin ledge a few feet down. Walk forward and drop on
to it. Walk to the corner. The edge continues to the
corner and through it (although it is very difficult
to see). There are ledges every 6 feet down the walls.
As you approach the corner take a leap to the other
wall. You will fall 6 feet and land on the next ledge
down. Turn around and repeat. Repeat until you are
down the building and next to the horizontal iron
beams leading away from the starting point of the
scene. At this point you need to retrace your path to
the rooftop in order to continue your trip to the next
3. FOLDER: by lunchbox at top of stairwell (SAIF)
4. BLUEPRINT: on table in garage (SAIF). There's a
BODY ARMOR as well.
5. LETTER: either on scaffold (SAIF) or on the balcony
immediately next door.

The last part of the scene is to cross over to the
other building. Use the left steel beam after you have
snipered the waiting guard down below. As you walk
across the beams be sure to look below! You^Òll have a
couple of opportunities to sniper some guards that
most players won^Òt see. This will make the rest of the
scene go much easier.

Sneak into the building real fast; there are HARM guards patrolling the
rooftop. Kill the guard away from the camera, and go up to the blue double
doors. Listen to the FUNNY CONVERSATION. When they are done sneak up on the
one guy, and also get the MICROFILM next to one of the lockers on the left
side. Follow the otehr guy and get him, too. Inside the shed he heads to is
a set of armor.

Climb down the ladder here between the central building and the shack here,
and you'll find yourself on an airfield of sorts. Shoot the red barrels to
cause that signal Goodman wants.

Go in the double doors under the camera and through the door on the left.
Kill the 2 guys and get the FOLDER. Then get in the door with the window
washer and hit the big red button. Then go back to the double doors and head
right this time. Go through the single door and note the armor in there. In
the next room is a guard to shoot. Go back towards the elevator and then
through the double doors on your right, up the stairs. Get the LETTER
floating in the pool, and then head back to the helipad/airfield thing.

Jump up the blue crates to the air duct and go in the hatch. At the end,
shoot out the flaps. Go out on top of the duct and then on top of the blue
machine and shoot out those flaps. Go in and up the ladder (careful; you
don't automatically grip it and may fall).

Open the hatch at the end of the duct and shoot the guard on your left. Go
around the other side of the elevator and open the white hatch there. Then
hit the red button. The elevator door is now open. Jump to the ladder in
the elevator shaft, and move down. The elevator will move up to meet you.
Open up the hatch on top of the elevator and climb down.

Cross the black metal bridge to the other tower and hit the red button to
move the window washer over. Then get into the rig and hit that button to
end the level. Don't forget to get the BRIEFCASE by the bench behind the
second tower.

Robo Chop  writes:

Location of intel items (5 items):
1. LETTER: At the starting point, enter the door and
look on crate.
2. MICROFILM: either in locker room (SAIF) or in room
with window view of helipad.
3. FOLDER: either in room with 2 guards (SAIF) or on
table next to the pool.
4. LETTER: floating in pool (SAIF).
5. BRIEFCASE: by bench behind second tower (SAIF) or
in room with the elevator and emergency elevator
release button.

Other possible locations for BODY ARMOR other than
those already stated in FAQ.
1. BODY ARMOR: In room with the window washer
activation button.
2. BODY ARMOR: Outside, next to red button that moves
the window washer to you.

You must recover 8 intelligence items. Because they are randomized each
time, I can only tell you about the ones I have found; you may have better
or worse luck than me.

You start in an office. It is very important not to be seen by a camera.
Get the body armor in the closet if you need it and proceed to the hall.
Cross the hall to the office across the hall on the left. Go in and get 
the ENVELOPE under the desk by the chair. Watch for guards, and try and
shoot them when they are not near a camera.

Sneak out into the hall, an hear the FUNNY CONVERSATION about spy shows.
Proceed around the corner and cross to the tiled office. When the camera is
not looking, run down the next hall to the office with what looks like copy
machines (not sure about this 60's tech). Then dash down the hall to the
sitting room between the next 2 cameras. There is a FOLDER you can get

Head to the large, double-door office next. Go in one door and out the 
other. You should see a FOLDER under a bench near the second door into this
large office. Once you have the folder, return to the large office and go
into the open doorway behind the sheet-covered desk. Go through this small
area, down the ladder, and into the next office. Grab the BRIEFCASE on your
left on a table and open the door nearest the briefcase table. There also
might be a letter under one of the desks; check just in case. Listen for a
FUNNY CONVERSATION. Wait for a guard to pass by the door, and shoot him 
before you continue.

Go right to the gray door and make sure not to alert the guard leaning up
against the other door; it'll only cause an alarm. Instead, cross to the
double doors under the camera and go through them. Go left into the ladies'
restroom and get the DOSSIER in one of the stalls. Also try the men's room.
The items on this level tend to be randomized, so if it's not where I say
it is, keep looking elsewhere.

Continue down the hall to an office on the right and duck in before the guy
in the security office sees you. Get the MICROFILM on the shelf in here.
Sneak around quickly to the door of the security room and shoot the guy
inside. Note the gray keypad on the wall. You must eventually come back
here and use the codebreaker on it to open the elevator door. Note that if
you don't have the codebreaker, it is in a different place every time you
play, so don't expect me to tell you where it is.

Head down to the breakroom and shoot the guy there. Then head into the
auditorium via the gray door and get the letter by the podium. There also
might be one among the seats.

Head back to the security room and toward the elevator, which is in view
of the window from there. Go over to the elevator, and out of sight of the
camera. There may be a LETTER beside the copy machine in the alcove in
front of the elevator.

If you haven't gotten your 8 items, keep looking is all I can say. Since
they are randomized, it's hard to say where they are. When you are done,
go back to the security room and use the codebreaker on the keypad there.
This opens the elevator door, which you can use to end the level. Make sure
you get the codebreaker back before you go in the elevator!

Robo Chop  writes:

Location of intel items (9 items although only 8 are
needed to move on to scene 6).
You start the scene in a conference room. Outside the
door your first hallway. The two rooms on the other
side of hallway can contain intel items (1 & 2).
1. ENVELOPE: in room off of first hallway (SAIF).
2. BRIEFCASE: in the other room off of the first
3. FOLDER: between magazine racks (SAIF).
4. FOLDER: under bench in hallway outside large office
space with sheet-covered desk. (SAIF)
5. BRIEFCASE: In the large office space immediately
after having walked down 1 floor. (SAIF)
6. DOSSIER: either in stall in women^Òs restroom (SAIF)
or in stall in men's restroom.
7. MICROFILM: either in office by security office with
guard (SAIF) or in office in short hallway next to
where the second guard leans against the wall (getting
the item in second location is impossible without
causing an alarm unless you use a COIN to deceive him
away from the cameras.
8. LETTER: next to podium in auditorium (SAIF)
9. LETTER: either beside copy machine (SAIF) or in

1. Codebreaker is provided to you. It's located in one
of the offices near the restrooms.

Shoot the guard on the walkway above you. Move under the walkway and listen
for a FUNNY CONVERSATION. Snipe the guy when he moves to the far hallway,
and wait for his compatriot to check him out, and then snipe him, too. Go
under the stairs to the left and into the men's room, and shoot the guy

Shoot the guy patrolling the walkway above the men's room and then go to
the far hall. Shoot the guy patrolling the walkway above the camera in this
hall, and then go past the office watched by the camera. The next is a 
trick. Sneak past this camera and into the office with the gray door. Close
the door and listen to the FUNNY CONVERSATION. Next part is tricky; try to
shoot the guy here so he won't raise an alarm, but make sure he's alone and
the guy on the walkway isn't around.

If you get in a firefight, you can then go upstairs and get 3 intelligence
items on the walkway above. This is assuming you didn't set off any alarms,
of course. Anyway, go into the office nearby and get the MICROFILM in the
second office behind it. There might be a LETTER or a BRIEFCASE in the 
front room.

Continue down the hall until you find a gray door on the left you can open.
In here are 3 guards, an AMMO BOX, a codebreaker (if you need one), and
the lever to disable the security cameras. It's probably worth the firefight
that will ensue.

At the end of the hall is a breakroom that is attached to a large open
office. There should be body armor and a DOSSIER (or an item of some kind)
in here. I also found a FOLDER on one of the desks.

Go up to the top level and in the door on the left. Go around to the central
room and shoot the guard there and get the body armor. Then continue around
and open the last door on the left. This is the Baron's office. Go into
the attached sitting room and 'use' the crooked painting. Use the code-
breaker on the keypad behind it.

Switch to infra-red sunglasses. You will have to go through a set of 
increasingly difficult rooms filled with laser beams. Do not touch the 
beams. The last room seems impossible, but is in fact, not. Open up the
grate on the floor between the 3rd and 4th rooms and climb down under
the room. Crawl under the room, go up the grate, and get the LETTER. Then,
take a picture of the book there. End level.

Something you must be careful of is to avoid the conductor until you've got
a ticket. If you see him coming, duck into an alcove or something, or a 

Open the first door and shoot the 2 guys. Head through that door and forward
among the cars. On the next car, in the second store-room you can find a
FOLDER on the shelf there.

Head to the next car, go into the conductor's office, and get the passenger
list. Turn back around and head back to the galley car, and then further
back from there. FUNNY CONVERSATION. Watch out for the conductor. This is
the dining car.

Head back to the next one, and look for a LETTER underneath a seat to the
left. Keep heading back until you see 2 goons having a FUNNY CONVERSATION.
Duck into the second cabin in this hall and get the BRIEFCASE and the 

Go back 2 cars and into the first cabin. An agent will tell you about the
assistant engineer. Now turn around and head all the way back to the front
of the train, past the conductor's office. His room is the front-most on
the train.

Once you've got him, head all the way to the back of the train. The train
will be filled with goons this time, so be on your guard. On one of the last
baggage cars you'll find a TAPE on one of the shelves on your right. Get
back to the caboose, jump on, and turn the wheel. End level.

You're going to be heading straight for a bunch of guys with machineguns.
Shoot them fast. Get off the caboose and head on down the boarded passage
once you've shot off the boards. Grab the note on the wall before you go.

At the end of the tunnel is a large open area crossed by a large walkway.
Over on the blue crates to the left is a LETTER if you want it. Then head 
under the walkway on the right and up the hill. Try to avoid trouble.

Head for the hole under the foundation of the large warehouse on the right 
side. Sneak in and listen to the FUNNY CONVERSATION. Follow the one-way
twisting passages to the ramp at the end.

You should now be in a supply room with armor in it. There is MICROFILM on
one of the shelves. Sneak out the door, forward, and then left. Get the guy
lounging here and listen to the FUNNY CONVERSATION.

Head around the corner and immediately take a right into the walls of 
plywood. Take the first right and go to the end of the tunnel. Listen to
the FUNNY CONVERSATION here. Then jump on top of the stacks of plywood and
snipe the 2 guys.

Note in front of you there is a motorcycle. The next part will be either
very fast and fun, or very slow and frustrating, depending on whether or
not you are good at riding the bike. Regardless, you'll probably take a lot
of damage because the enemies are quite accurate, even if you are going
really fast and weaving.

Ride the bike until you come to a checkpoint. You'd think that at top speed,
you could ram through the gate and make a daring escape, right? Wrong. You
are stopped dead by the gate and have to open it. So stop some distance from
the gate, shoot the guards, and then ride the bike up to the gate. Open it
and continue on. Get the DOSSIER and the armor inside before you go.

Follow the road to its termination. You will be attacked by a helicopter.
Hit it with AK rounds and try and hit the rotor and any gunmen it has. Then
proceed up the watchtower nearby. Get the armor, AMMO BOX, codebreaker, and
the grenade launcher that the one guy has. Then hit the red button.

Go down the ladder and do the white rock across the road from the tower. A
panel should have opened up, allowing you to use the codebreaker on the 
keypad there. Get the codebreaker and proceed into the now-opened passage in
the rock at the end of the road. End level.

You start at the top of a walkway. Make your way down and try not to make
too much noise. At the bottom of the walkway go into the office, get the
MICROFILM and the armor, and hit the panel there to open the large steel

Head down the passage behind the door. Go into the first lab on the right.
Inside is the lighter, on a desk there. Go through the door on the other
side and listen to the FUNNY CONVERSATION about crates. Then go back the
way you came; fighting in the next room practically guarantees setting the
alarm off.

Continue down the hall you were in and open the door. Go down the ramp on
the right, through the archway on the right, and then through the doorway
in this hall on the right. You'll come to a fenced door locked with a combo
lock. Good thing you got that lighter upstairs, eh? Open the door with the

Kill the guard in the next room, get the SECURITY PASS on the table, and
disable the security system using the red glowing button on the console. Now
you can run around and murder to your heart's content without the alarm 
going off, if that's your thing.

Return to the initial hallway with the lab on it. Go through the door at the
end of the hall and go up to the elevator on the left. 'Use' the security
pass on the console there to open the door, and don't forget to take it
again. Go down the elevator.

Go left and down the stairs. Open up the locked door and get the AMMO BOX
and the BLUEPRINT. Go back up the stairs and to the right. While on the
stairs, watch out for the guys on the walkway above; there are 4 of them.

Go through the locker room and kitchen and down the hall. Listen for the
next FUNNY CONVERSATION. Unfortunately, unless you interrupt this one, an
explosion will go off and an alarm will go off, so shoot one of the guys.

Go to the end of the hall and through the door on the left. Continue along
to the end of the hall and then all the way around. There's a pretty FUNNY
CONVERSATION down one of the long halls here. Near the desk where the guy
was talking about the Edsel there are a set of bathrooms. In the women's
bathroom are the FUZZY SLIPPERS which allow you to sneak better.

Find the grate-protected elevator along the long hallway and go down it.
Listen for a FUNNY CONVERSATION. Go down the one-way passage through the
door and head left when it splits. Open the door with the lockpick and head
in. Schenker is there. If you don't have a codebreaker, get the one on the
desk here.

Head down the right passage (the one you haven't been down) and unlock the
double doors with the codebreaker. Head down the hall to the electric lab.
Wait for the lightning to strike the plate in front of you, and then move
to the gap between it and the next one. Schenker cannot be hurt by the
lightning (it'd be too hard if he could) so don't worry about him. There'll
be a gunman up on your left about halfway through.

Head up the stairs at the end of the lightning plates and open the door with
the codebreaker. Go up the stairs and through the doors as Schenker 
suggests. Then go up the ramp and up more stairs to the exit.

Before you begin this level, please note that the only 'silenced' weapon
you are given by default is the speargun. Consider replacing a machinegun
with the silenced pistol and the SVD with the Hampton Carbine. You do need
at least one sniper rifle on this level, however, because there will be
snipers you must face in the second scene. I've actually gotten chewed out
on forums by people who mention that they didn't take a silenced weapon
with them, and so are stuck dead on TROPICS 4, which requires complete
stealth, and my walkthrough notes that you must kill people at certain
points in that mission.

Ambush the guard nearest you and then take out the other one. Make your way
over to the double doors on the other side of the bridge, under the camera.
Listen for a FUNNY CONVERSATION, but consider killing both guys before they
walk off; once they get around the corner, they'll be in view of a camera
and nearer to a bunch of other guards, and it'll make it much harder to 
deal with them.

Go into the office around the corner, and get the armor and codebreaker if
you need it; otherwise, just use it as cover against the camera there.
Through some bizarre occurence, neither the camera nor the guards can see
you behind the glass of this office; at least while crouched, anyway. So if
the guards come by and then walk down the hall through the double doors or
check out the bodies, feel free to shoot them, as long as the camera won't
see them.

Go through the double doors across from the window and down the hall. Take
your first right and then right again through the double doors. Inside this
supply room is an AMMO BOX. You might also find armor and a LETTER on one
of the shelves.

Leave the room and go up the stairs, right, right, and then left through the
single door. Inside is the scope for the crossbow, if you happen to have
one. I never take one if i can help it.

Use the codebreaker on the double doors here and go through them, down the
stairs. Behind some supply boxes here is another AMMO BOX with poison
crossbow bolts.

Leave this room full of crates and head back towards the initial hallway
across from the security office. At the end of this hall is a room with a
set of stairs and a keypad-locked room. Open this door and go in.

Shoot the radio and grab the FOLDER on the floor by the cabinet.

Head back to the security office and go in through the other set of double
doors there. Beware of the second camera and the guard there. On a pile of
crates next to a thermos in the middle of this large store-room is an

Go through the double doors at the other end of this room. Switch to an
automatic weapon and hit the elevator button and jump on. You'll meet 
another elevator about halfway and have to shoot its occupants. Stealth is
not an issue.

Jump across to the central beam and climb up the ladder. You'll reach
another level with a set of double doors. Head out of the doors and left,
and into the small door there. Go left and then up the stairs. Shoot the
guy through the glass window across the walkway, wait for his buddy to
investigate, and then shoot him, too. There is armor and a BLUEPRINT in
the glass office. There is also a codebreaker on the shelf here if you need
one. Use it on the double doors near the office. Go around the corner to
the elevator. End level.

Wait for the guard to come by and ambush him. Use your sniper rifle to take
out the guy on the tower ahead of you before he does too much damage to you.
Those SVD's are vicious.

Go down the jungle path to the right. You'll find 2 guards engaged in a
FUNNY CONVERSATION. Get them and also snipe the guy in the guard tower 
ahead of you. Be careful as they have grenades. Also try and get the LETTER
that may be on the left-most path next to the lunchbox.

Continue along the road until you find a tower next to a gate. Deal with the
guards there and head into the split in the rocks on the right side of the
road, back a bit from the gate.

Go through the small bog and find an ENVELOPE on the end of one of the
planks. Keep going, across a stone bridge, and wait for a FUNNY CONVERSATION
a little up the path. A couple guards will come down the path towards you
while talking so back up.

Dispose of them and proceed up to a wod bridge. Kill the guards on the other
side and cross carfully; the bridge is flimsy and prone to breaking in 
parts. If you hear the wood start to break, jump. You'll soon find yourself
at the road again. Shoot the guy on the right and head right a smidge to

Head left up the road, away from the gate. The road ends at an ancient
temple of some sort. Watch for guards on both the left and right sides, and
see if there is a BRIEFCASE on the bench near the central door. Then go up
the right-hand ramp into the room there. Prepare for a firefight.

Go into the bedroom on the left and get the LETTER by the beds. Then head
out the left exit down the broken steps to the stream. The stream ends in a
lake with a watchtower in the middle.

Locate the large metal pipe on the left cliff face. Use the belt hook shot
on the hook at the top of the pipe. End level.

Go to the end of the pipe and weld off the lock on the grate. Climb down
the ladders. Before you fall into the water, SAVE IT! The next section is

As soon as you jump down into the water, a FUNNY CONVERSATION will begin.
Do not stop to listen to it! run into either side of the pipe and find the
pipe section that goes downward. You'll end up in a pool under a rocket
that is about to go off! Grab the LETTER in the water and run out of the
pool, up the ladders to the beams secured by locks. You must weld off all
8 locks and then dive into the water before the time limit is up or you
will die. Good luck.

When you have done this (it may take many tries), go back up to the platform
that rings the area, right below the support beams, and jump into the
window that was just recently blown up. Go out into the hall and down the
stairs. You'll see about 10 guys come down the hall towards you. Waste 'em
and head down that hall.

It ends in a breakroom. Get the FOLDER on the table and keep going. Go left
and up a set of stairs, through an empty supply room to a guard office.
There is armor there and a codebreaker if you need it. Use it to open the
door downstairs. Proceed up the stairs. End level.

In this level you cannot let the alarm go off. If you do, it's game over.
This makes it absolutely critical that you have a silenced weapon if you are
to be successful. I imagine that some have done without it, but that is
certainly the hardest path, and as walkthroughs rather naturally tend 
toward the path of least resistance, the following description of the level
assumes that you have at least ONE silenced weapon. And yes, i did beat the
level with only the speargun. But no, i didn't do it on super-spy :)

Make your way forward and into the alcove to the right. Continue this way,
ambush the scientist, and take him out, too. He'll sound the alarm if you
don't. Head for the archway on the right and wait for the FUNNY 
CONVERSATION. Once it's through, back up and ambush the guard that's headed
your way.

Once he's out of the way, head down towards the green walls and left around
the corner. Go through the doorway into the room with the machinery. Watch
for guards. Head up the stairs through the gray door here and listen for a
FUNNY CONVERSATION. This one is actually important to listen to. When it's
done, head back down the stairs and wait for the scientist to come down the
stairs. You can ambush him there without fear of being seen. Go up and wait
for the scientist to get near the green crates where you can shoot him. Then
you still have to deal with the guy in the courtyard and the guy on the
walkway up above.

Once you've done this, head up the ladder, into the office and use the
radio. Go up the small set of stairs at the bottom of the ladder. Go around
the corridors. Listen to a FUNNY CONVERSATION near the control room. One
of the scientists will come down the hall towards you. Ambush him, and then
head to the control room. Beware of the scientist and the 2 guards inside.

Then head down the hall to the room with the astronaut and wax him. Get any
items you want to get before you do so, because once you kill him the level

For the curious, there are other ways to get to the radio, but this is the
most direct and least tedious way to do it.

Don't worry about alerting anyone; you won't see any guards until you get
your first weapon. Get used to the modified vision of the suit. Use the door
latch on the right side and go up the tunnel. Listen for the FUNNY
CONVERSATION. Then proceed down the ramp.

Head down the passage through the next door to Goldenrod Sector. Keep 
heading left until you find the pink space lounge. Go in and listen to the
to one of the couches in here.

Keep going left until you find an elevator on the outside of the circle.
Note a FOLDER by the phones here. Go up the elevators and you'll find 
yourself in research. Go left until you see a large door on the outside
of the circle. Go into the left lab and get the codebreaker and MICROFILM
on the tables.

Now go in the central door and get the laser gun. You will be attacked from
behind by guards. Shoot them. Note that lasers ignore armor; including 
yours. Leave the lab and head left until you find a door protected by a
guard and a force field. 'Use' the console and your security pass will
unlock the door.

You are now in Zero-G. Head up the shaft. Exit via the double doors at the
top. You should now be in Raspberry. Go up the central elevator around the
corner and down the ramp between the consoles. Go to the left room first.
Use the codebreaker on the keypad on the left wall. Now go to the one on
the right and do the same thing.

Go back down to Section Goldenrod. Note that the alarm has gone off. Guards
will pop up everywhere. Note the LETTER floating around in the top of the
Zero-G shaft. Head back and fight all the guards on the way. There is a
particularly vicious fight at the elevator on Goldenrod.

Head left and find the doorway heading into the center of the circle. Then 
head left and towards the storage supply room. Listen for the FUNNY 
CONVERSATION. Well, that was funny. Head back for the elevator on the right
that you just passed.

This elevator goes to Hydroponics, Chartreuse Sector. Head left and ignore
the stairs. Go into the lab and through the open doorway on the left.
Turning right, you'll see a hall and a sign marked 'Umbilicus to the Top
Secret Labs'. This is where you want to go. Follow the arrow. Head across
the bridge above the grassy area and shoot the guy on the other side. Open
the door. Follow the sequence of doors until you end up in a large open
corridor. Look...meteors! Run for all your worth. It doesn't have a time
limit, but you've got about 20 seconds to get to the other side before a
meteor strikes the tube and kills you. RUN! End level.

Proceed through the door and down the ramp to the right. Go down the 
elevators past the escape pods. Run around the lab and down the ramp in
back and get the antidote. Then head for the elevator.

Well CRAP! It broke. Jump up the support beams on the side, up until you
get to the escape pods. Some will break, so be careful. When you get to
the top, the level ends.

Mike Fay  writes:

We all know how much a b*tch the snowmobile ride in 12.4 ALPINE INTRIGUE,
SCENE 4, is. I REALLY wish I had taken the Hampton(sp?) sniper rifle with me
through 12, just for scene 4 (conserve bullets for 12.4!)... I find the
snowmobile (and cycle) almost impossible to control, the guards are way too
accurate, and if you can't snipe them silently (one shot) from afar, they
tend to gang up fast, making 12.4 a real b*tch (for me, anyway). So you
might include at 12 Scene *One* to grab the Hampton, since probably nobody
wants to go all the way back to grab it again once they get to Scene Four,

Which reminds me. For 12.1, where you tail the baronness, I was sorry to see
your FAQ only talked about shooting everybody. I assumed my cover would be
blown if I killed anybody, so I tried the whole thing stealthily, and got
quite far, as follows (it was cool, trying):

Quickly grab the ENVELOPE off the table to your far right, then run back
over the walkways to the left (hear the baroness say DREADFUL) until you're
at the top of the stairs with the two guys waiting at the van. The baroness
will stroll her icy butt on by. Wait for the SECOND time one of the two guys
goes walking under you, then quickly crouch-walk (not crouch-run) down the
stairs, into the door the baroness entered. Believe it or not, the
black-haired guy standing there won't do anything. Quickly follow the
baronness to the little courtyard (hear her call the babe a FANCY PANTS),
jump the rail to the left onto the porch of the Kooke Nooke (hear the
baroness rather eat a KITTEN), then jump back over the rail on the far side
and go up the stairs, following the path along. This whole time, you will be
near goons and they'll often say "I heard something", but nothing will come
of it, if you do it right. In the room up the latest flight of stairs is a
BRIEFCASE, then open and jump out the window above it. Follow the alleyway
around to the left to a barn-like loft. Go out its door, follow the walkway
to the left (hear the baroness call the restaurant with the Frankfurt
placard PROVINCIAL), talk to the ski bum about his beer-drinking feats if
you want, then enter the second story of the Frankfurt restaurant. Get a
Geldmacher nightvision scope off a shelf, go downstairs, and find an
envelope for the baroness' Imelda shoe order. Crouch-walk out the front door
and cut to the left, and the goon won't notice you (or just karate him from
behind). Pass some guys talking about the weather, who give you a start. Go
in the Inn(?), whose front window looks out on the phone booth with two guys

Ok, this is where I stop being able to do this without killing anybody, I
have to kill the phone-booth guys. Can anybody figure a silent way around
these guys? Besides getting real lucky with a coin distraction, I suppose
(is there a way to ring the phone?). The funny thing is, there's a clear set
of walkways on the second story to left of the phone guys that looks tailor
made for going around them, but I'll be damned if I can find out how to get
on them (or if it's even possible).

Head left around the corner and down the ramp. Shoot the guy and then follow
the street around the corner until you see the VW bus. Shoot the guy there
and then shoot his buddy.

Go over to the van and then right, into the room with the crates. Turn the
corner and find a LETTER by the barrel on your left. Go down into the next
courtyard, shoot the 2 guys, and go left into the hotel. Get the BRIEFCASE
by the couch in here. Leave and head for the large open door on your left.
Go down the ramp into the next courtyard.

Shoot the guy on the right and head over to him. Listen to the FUNNY
CONVERSATION and then go into the hotel behind the wall. Go up the stairs
behind the desk and get the SVD scope on the shelf there. Continue out onto
the balcony and take a right through the building. Go out through the
window and into the alley. Find the LETTER behind the trash can.

Return to the street in front of the hotel and go left behind the 
Oktoberfest sign. Go right, into the building here and then around to the
street again. Listen to the FUNNY CONVERSATION. Then shoot the 2 guys. Go
into the courtyard behind the phone booth and into the double doors to the
left. End Level.

Go into the building around the corner to the right and then left into the
room to get the Hampton SMG silencer, and listen in the corner to the FUNNY
CONVERSATION about spies and operatives. Wait for one of the guys to come
into the building and ambush him. He ought to have a hampton, so now you
can have a silenced SMG.

Go into the next door and to the kitchen beyond that. The next room over is
full of bunks and features an open window. Go out it, avoiding the camera,
and straight along the path. You might want to wait for the patrolling 
guard to come into view and shoot him before going out the window.

Go up to the corner and listen to the FUNNY CONVERSATION. You can open up 
the garage door and go in if you want, although there isn't usually anything

Go around the corner and shoot the guy there, then get under the camera. Go
into the door that the other guard just went in (it should still be open)
and try to find a FOLDER behind the desk. Go down the hall to the end and
around the corner, past the double doors. Get the rocket-launcher case on
the table. Go into the room with the sleeping guy, kill him, and get the
armor and the MICROFILM on the desk.

Go back to the hallway. Go down the hall to the first doorway on the left. 
Try to wax the guard in here without setting off any alarms. Go around to 
the other side of the crates into the single gray door and listen to the
FUNNY CONVERSATION. Then go to the other gray door and into the garage to
get the codebreaker there. Return to that other gray door and head out
into the courtyard. Go into the door under the camera. Go down the hall
and use the codebreaker on the console.

Return to the building with the garage and proceed to the double doors that
you didn't open. If you already killed the guards out here, it shouldn't be
a problem. Otherwise, bait them into the building and kill them. Then go
through the now-opened gates and over to the main double doors. Use the
button pad to open them and go in. End level.

Head out into the courtyard and up to the main double doors. Turn left and
head for the double barn doors. They're locked, so you can't go in that 
way. Head left under the arch and listen to the FUNNY CONVERSATION.

Unfortunately, the courtyard and walkways are full of guards. Nonetheless,
you must go in that way. Head for the door at the end of the courtyard under
the walkway on the right side. Go up the stairs, out the left door, and
down the walkway until you find a door on your left. Listen to a FUNNY
CONVERSATION. Go in the left-most door and out the window and into the

Follow the road around to the area with the spotlights. There will be a 
grate in the middle of the field that you should go into. You will fall into
the water and be given a time limit to find a place to warm up, after which
you will freeze to death. Swim to the locked grate, shoot off the lock, and
swim until you find a hole in the ice to pop up out of. Run along the snow

You'll soon find an area with a guard. Get past him, jump across the ledge
to the next snowy ledge, and run quickly across the icy bridge. It will
start collapsing as soon as you get on it. Continue along the path and hug
the rock face on your right. You'll go through another corridor and come
out into a valley, where you'll see a wisp of smoke to your left. Head for
it and the level ends.

ADDITION: I heard mentioned on the Monolith Forum that there was an AK-47
scope, and asked where it might be found. I got the following reply:

Author: jrdepriest 
Date: 11/29/2000 8:26:05 PM 
Subject: Scope for the AK-47 
link to this message. 

I remember someone asking about where the scope was. I had gotten it 
before but couldn't remember where I found it.
I was replaying some of the levels and I wrote down where it was this 
Alpine Intrigue, Scene 4.
It is in the little house that you warm up in. There is a trunk to the 
right of the furnace; open it and the scope is inside. 

Unlike the motorcycle level, you MUST use the snowmobile because you have
to jump over a large gap with it. Get on the snowmobile and head left from
the house, up the hill. The jump is relatively close to the beginning of the
route, so after that you can ditch the thing if you like, although it's a
long haul without it.

When you see a bridge with a truck, stop. There are guards up there, and
some have AK's and the one on the left has a rocket. Snipe them down unless
you feel lucky, and then continue on down the corridor.

You'll go through a tunnel and come to a field with 3 or 4 guards in the
distance. Unless you want to take lots of damage as you run them down, get
off the snowmobile, snipe them, and continue on.

Around the bend is another field with more guards. Keep going and you'll
soon come around a bend to find a house on the cliff to the right and an
electric fence to the left. You must kill the guards and blow up the barrels
near the house to disable the fence. One of the fence guards has a rocket
launcher, so be careful.

Get the AMMO BOX by the gate, weld off the lock, and go past it. Around a
couple twists and turns you'll find another field with guards, and another
one beyond that. The next obstacle you come to is a minefield. Switch to
mine detector sunglasses and slowly drive through the field, getting off
the snowmobile about every 15 feet to check for mines.

The next obstacle behond that is a railroad bridge. There are 3 guys on the
bridge and 5 on the ground below. One of the guys on the bridge has a rocket
launcher, so watch out.

After this, it's smooth sailing until the end. Just bear left where it
looks like the path forks and you'll end up at a fortified area full of
boxes and guards. Jump up the boxes on the left side and over the fence into
the compound. If you approach carefully you can hear a FUNNY CONVERSATION.

Head into the tunnel. You'll come to an area full of crates near a truck.
There is armor in the back of the truck. Continue down the corridor and

Go up the elevator and head to the left, into the building. Head up the
stairs and listen to a FUNNY CONVERSATION. If you need armor you can find
it in the room at the top of the stairs. Otherwise, just head out into the
courtyard. Watch for snipers in the towers. Go up to the gondola, pull the
lever, and hop in. End level.

You start in a machine room of sorts. Grab the LETTER on the beam and head
for the room suspended above the gear. Go out of this room and down the
stairs. Go down the hall and into the break room. Go right, into the
bathroom, and get the LETTER. Then go left back into the gondola room. Go
through the wood door on the other side of the gear.

Through the door in here is a machine room. Immediately on the left is a
room with a rug, a table, a shelf, and a ladder. Climb up the ladder to the
top and open the hatch. Turn left. If you look hard, you can see a crawl-
space that is hidden by the blending of textures (anti-aliasing will
actually hurt you, here). Duck into the crawlspace and go through here.

You end up out a window onto a roof outside. Go along the roof, up the
sloped roof, and into the room with the crates. Pick the lock and go down
the hall to the first room on the right. Get the ENVELOPE on the floor by
the bookcase and pull the lever on the electric box by the worker. Then go
back into the hall and down the broken staircase.

Take the first left and go into the main hall. Get the BRIEFCASE on the
benche here and use the elevator to go up. Cross the hall and go down the
stairs to the icy hallway. Continue out to the courtyard and the level ends.

Just keep insulting Armstrong's manhood and he'll fight you. Run up to him
and punch him. When he winds up to punch you, back up. If you have a lot of
trouble, run into the room with the beds and wait for him to run in. Then,
get on the bed near him and punch down at him. He won't be able to hit you.

Head out the double doors, down the hall, and into the hall with the
stained glass windows. Note that there is a coin at then end of the hall
with the coffins. Go left and out onto the snowy ledge. Jump across the gap
And up onto the parapet. From there you can jump into the window, knock out
the guard, and get your stuff.

Then head through the door (move the beam), around the corner, and kill the
guard standing there. Take his AK; you'll need it in a minute. Find the
ENVELOPE in the next alcove next to the thermos.

Go into the room with the crates and out the open doorway. Find the guard
and get his SMG. Then go back to the crate room and down the ladder. Go
through the pool of water under the fence and get the armor behind it. Then
proceed up the ramp.

Open the door. This is a guaranteed combat area, so just mow down anyone you
see with the AK or the SMG. I have yet to do this without alerting at least
one guy. Use the lighter on the locked door, go down the stairs, and 'use'
the log sticking out of the wood pile. Get on to the elevator. End level.

Mike Fay  writes:


"Open the door. This is a guaranteed combat area, so just mow down anyone
you see with the AK or the SMG. I have yet to do this without alerting at
least one guy."

I can do it without setting off an alarm, if that's what you mean. One guy
momentarily sees me, but can't get a shot off. Here's how, if your FAQ wants

To make this easier, first you should snipe the guy on the walkway near the
spotlight above the two guys; do it earlier/upstairs from the 'front' door
with the walled walkway that leads nowhere; otherwise the two guys here will
hear you sniping from near them.

Ok. Open the door. There are two guys right outside to the left that are
tricky. Watch the timing of the lights. Pop out a moment after they swing
by. Pop the guy farther guy (the one kinda facing you), then load three
directly into the head of the second guy, then pop back out of the light.
You have to be really quick and accurate, but he won't get a shot off (and
raise the alarm) if you are. Get your lighter out, switched to welding
torch. Wait for the lights to swing. Run (fast speed) then actually crouch
down inside the doorframe, as close as you can get to it, and the lights
won't see you. Viola.

Bad news. You will self-destruct in 10 minutes. Go up the yellow walkway
ahead and around the whole area to a gray door. Head left into an office
and down a ladder. Open the locker on the left and get the armor. Go into
the green hall and into the large room. Switch to the belt buckle.

The doors will close and the room will fill with gas. Look up and find the
hooks above you, in the ceiling. Run over to the area below them and use
the buckle to get up above the room. Go over through the gray door and down
the ladder. Deactivate the gas using the lever on the right-hand side of the

Proceed out through the door down the hall. Go left. Go all the way around,
past the steaming rock, past the stairwell on the left, and up the stairs
at the end of the hall, near the scientist. Follow the walkway right and
hit the red button on the console by the scientist. Then go back down the
walkway, down the stairs, and wait for the antidote sample to arrive. Open
up the glass with the keypad and get the antidote. You are cured.

Return to the stairs along the long hallway. Go up the stairs and into the
cargo bay on the left. Open the lock on the hatch in the floor and go down
it. Go left down the hall. End level.

Head down the hall and wait for a guard to come through the doorway on the
left. Shoot him, and get his buddy too for good measure. Get the LETTER on
the orange crate. Go around the corner to the gray door with the color
splotches on it. Go along the walkway to the green door at the end, on the
right, and go in for a FUNNY CONVERSATION. That is, if you haven't alerted

Go up the stairs to get armor, and then go down around the corner. Follow
the passage until it leads to another color-splotched door. Cross the 
tracks through the train car and get the armor. Then go up the stairs and
along the walkway to the green door.

Follow the passage behind the door to a lounge. Get the BRIEFCASE by the
chairs and head for the bridge. WARNING: the brige is going to move apart
and a shark is going to come out. Also, a guard will begin shooting you
from the left. Get to the far end of the bridge as fast as you can, shoot
the guy, and watch him fall into the water. The shark will eat him, causing
it to ignore you. Then, swim to where the shark came from and up onto the
dock. Do not try to kill the shark. You can't. I emptied 100 rounds of 7.62
into his face and he did not seem to mind. Then he ate me.

Once you're on the dock, go up the stairs and then through the double doors
and across the bridge. Go up to the door on the left, shoot the 2 guys, and
take the LETTER on the table. Go to the next door on the hall and listen
to the FUNNY CONVERSATION. Then open the door and it becomes even funnier.
Get the codebreaker on the shelf. Continue down the hall until you reach
the elevator.

Use the elevator to to up to the next level. Go into the lounge here and
pull the beer tap to open a secret passage. Follow this passage to its
conclusion and open the door. Hit the button on the chair and use the
codebreaker on the keypad to open the safe. Then get the list of names.
Shoot the guards that come in and go out the other door towards the 

Go down the hall to the dining room. A well placed grenade ought to take
care of the guards in there. The door is locked, so go in the grate near
the door. Go out the other grate, equip the SVD, and prepare to meet the
first of the red-dressed chicks you've seen all game through cutscenes.
She also has an SVD and will be quite thrilled to shoot you in the head, so
try and get her first. It'll take several head shots to put her down. Must
be a lot of hairspray, i guess.

Go into the hall, up the stairs, and to the right. Find the crooked painting
and 'use' it to open a secret passage. Go left, out the grate, and onto the
balcony to get the bacalov. Turn around, go to the other end of the passage,
and open the door. Shoot the guys inside and hit the button under the 
fireplace to open another passage.

Hit the next room with a grenade before you go through. Open the passage in
this bedroom and go into the next passage. Open the grate and mow down the
opposition. Open up the single door in the far right-hand corner and head
out. Pass the gate and go onto the balcony to get armor. Then send up the
elevator using the lever by the side of the shaft. Go down the elevator and
meet the guard in the courtyard.

The door will open and mow down your friend. Go out the door and head right
to get armor. Then head left toward the spotlight. There is a guy with a
grenade launcher under the spotlight so watch out for him. Use the keypad
by the main gate to open it, and go up the ramp through the large door.
You'll have to fight 3 guards, and then you should go through the single
door on the left.

You'll end up in a room and one of the red girls will rush you through the
door with an AK. As soon as you hear 'try this one on for size, back up and
fire some grenades toward the door as she comes in. If you're lucky, she'll

Unfortunately, once you go out the door she came in, you'll see the last
one on the balcony ahead of you with an SVD. This is what the Bacalov or
the grenade launcher is for.

Hmm. Well, there was supposed to be a helicopter here, but it isn't there.
Go left, get up on the slanting beam, and get onto the balcony. Then head
for the collapsed part of the roof in the corner. Jump down, and the level

Get out onto the dock and pull the lever by the gondola. Get on and equip
an automatic weapon. You're going to have to fight off the helicopters. Yes,

While you can shoot the things down, the most important thing is to hit the
gunners on the side. The helicopters follow scripted paths and will fly off
to be replaced by new ones after about 30-60 seconds each. If you must
shoot them down, aim for the rotors. Phosphorous ammunition seems to be
particularly disagreeable to helicopters.

After the cut scene, SAVE IT and edge to the left side of the car and use
the belt buckle on the hook on the tower to get off the car. Go down the
ladder and meet Volkov.

Now for a nasty bit of fighting. If you are really fast, after the cut scene
you can head left and make your way along the ledge to your gun and armor
while being shot at. The trick is that the ledge collapses real fast 
underneath your feet, and so it's likely you'll fall to your death, plus
Volkov is firing an AK at you, and the force is pressing you into the left
wall. You have to use your Quake jumping-bunny technique to actually pull
it off, and it'll only work about 1 time in 10, by my reckoning. Still, it's
the fastest way to the gun.

The other way is to head right. When you reach the cave, look over the 
ledge. There should be another ledge beneath you. Fall down to it and 
continue heading right. At the end you will be able to jump up onto a step
and then onto the top level of your side of the area. From here you can
head down to your gun and the armor.

Now the 'easy' part. You must defeat Volkov with your measly pistol. Just
wait until he comes out from cover and use one of the icicles on the top
level for cover while you reload. Note that it is harder for him to hit
you if you duck.

First the easy part. Shoot the Baroness in the head a couple times to
discourage her.

Now the hard part.

You must get all of the civilians off the street. If you manage to 'use'
all of them, the level ends automatically, without you having to hide
anywhere. There are eleven civilians, which I'll count off as i describe

You start in front of the baroness. There will be a gunman above you to the
right. Shoot him, and then back up to get an AMMO BOX if you need it. Then,
run forward and left to find a civilian in blue. Click him and head right.
ONE. Around the right corner is a woman in pastel blue. TWO. Head straight
down the corridor towards the street. Head left and get the woman by the
Oktoberfest sign in yellow. THREE. Note the shooter on the balcony ahead
of you.

Go into the hotel's courtyard and get the man in dark clothes. FOUR. Go
around the corner to the right and get the woman in blue. FIVE. Turn around
and go into the tunnel there and to the left. Up the ramp and through the
door you'll see 2 more to your left. WAIT! There's actually one on your
right on the stairwell, in a tan shirt. Get him first and then the other
2 on the street by you. SIX. SEVEN. EIGHT.

Head left through the small doorway toward the barrel. Go right, around the
crates, out onto the next street and get the guy in blue in front of you.
NINE. There is a shooter on the balcony to your left. Head left down the
street towards the last 2 civilians. TEN. ELEVEN. End level.

It's good if you have the antitoxin this level. Your opponent will try hide
behind the gravestones and shoot you with cyanide bullets. Use the grave
stone for cover and shoot him once he emerges from cover. If you really
need the antitoxin, there's one in the middle of the road in front of you.
Make sure to get the AMMO BOX behind the grave in front of you. Kill the
guy and the level ends. Oh, and the game, too. Hope you had fun!

Make sure to sit through the credits and see the cut scene at the end.

At this point, no one that i know knows what H.A.R.M. stands for. Mention
is made in the Trouble in the Tropics intelligence items of an organization
called 'Hair Alternative Replacement Membership', but if you get all of
the intelligence items, it comes to light that HARM had a trademark dispute
with them and Volkov settled the issue through non-legal means, so it is
unlikely that this is the name.

For that matter, what does UNITY stand for?

After playing the game a couple times, i've noticed that the locations of
intelligence items vary each time (including the barrels on the cargo ship)
so it is likely that they will not all be where i said they were. The same
goes with body armor, which seems to be less frequent on more difficult

If you become angry at a guard for shooting you or evading you or for some
other reason and shooting him doesn't seem enough, load up an automatic
with a fresh clip and shoot at the body some more. It will continue to 
twitch and spew forth blood, and perhaps you can get some grim satisfaction
from this. I did...but i'm sure Senator Lieberman would not approve.

Robo Chop  notes:

Interesting Game Note:
The first time I did "The Dive, Scene 3" I didn't
reload any saves. I took a long time to completely
search the ship for all intel items!! When I finished
I received three bonuses. Having found all the intel
items, I wanted to do the scene again. I wanted to
complete the scene as quickly as possible while
maximizing my performance stats. I saved and reloaded
the scene at a number of points. I accomplished all of
my objectives quickly and efficiently. My stats were
exceptional; however I received no bonuses. I now
strongly suspect that the number of times you reload a
scene has a significant impact on the bonuses you
receive. The amount of time you use to complete a
scene has little or no impact on bonuses.

Helpful Tip:
I often use the conversations of guards to sneak right
by them. It also gives me the opportunity to double
back on them and ambush them from behind.

Here are some of the "Awards Earned" that I've seen:
1. Bullet Avoidance Commendation
   Issued by the UNITY Apparel Supply Department
2. Thanks for Not Getting Hurt Award
   Issued by Mr Jones, Chief of Unity
3. Armor Bonus: Operational Safety Medal
   Issued by the UNITY Field Agent Insurance Division
4. Armor Bonus: Undamaged Operatives Certificate
   Issued by the UNITY Body Armor Repair Shop

More Awards Earned  that I've seen:
1. Prudent Targeting Commendation. 
     Issued by Overworked Surgeons United
2. Certificate for Self-Preservation. 
     Issued by the UNITY Recruiting Office
3. Bullet Avoidance Commendation. 
     Issued by the UNITY Apparel Supply Department.
4. Award for Marksmanship. 
     Issued by the International Association of

Robo Chop reports finding 7 items in UNEXPECTED TURBULENCE, but both of us
are still looking for the 8th. Any suggestions? Robo Chop is pretty sure it
isn't in scene 1... I have a theory that it has to do with the guy who falls
out of the airplane in scene 2. If you listen, you can hear a guy screaming;
it is a civilian still sitting in an airplane seat. Something he's got?

What does HARM stand for? For that matter, what does UNITY stand for?

In the adjoining room there's 8 goat pens. There are 4
goat pens on either side of the room. In the middle of
the room is a sunken section of the floor. The sunken
floor definitely doesn't look normal. Do you have any
idea what the purpose of the sunken section of the
floor is? 

If you have a possible or sure answer for any of these questions, just email
me at [email protected] and i'll put it in the FAQ for everyone and
give you credit. Thanks!

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