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Game Name:Tube
Type of game:Outer-Space racing
Game Copyright:Bullfrog, 1991
Game content age rating:8 and up (unrrated by ESRB)
Game Content indicators:Difficulty level, Mild violence VS. robots
Type of guide:FAQ
Author:Chaz5000, Writer to the stars
E-Mail:[email protected]
Guide copyright:Chaz5000, 2001
Guide content age rating:All Ages
Guide content indicators:None
Version Number:1.00
Part 6 of Chaz5000's forgotten games FAQ quest, with the entire list below.
  Full list of Guides in the series(All of which available at
1. Wandering Hamster-FAQ/Walkthrough
2. Neophyte 3-FAQ/Walkthrough
3. Neophyte 1-FAQ
4. Wandering Hamster-Item and weapon list
5. Neophyte 2-FAQ/Walkthrough
6. Tube racing guide
           Table of Contents
Section 1:Introduction
Section 2:Controls
Section 3:10 Hints to further your game
Section 4:FAQ
  Section 1:Introduction
 "Tube" is A Bullfrog game(Same guys who later created "Sim Theme Park", 
"Theme Park World", "Sim Theme Park 2:SimCoaster", "Theme Park", among other
games) that was created as a test for a prospective employee to see what
he could do.  Though it was never commercially released, it is available
for download from The Home of the Underdogs(  
  It is a complex racing game, between the difficult-to-figure-out controls,
the horde of enemy ships just waiting to blow your ship out of the sky,
nasty spirals, and even points where you have to drive while upside-down,
or at a ninety degree angle.  
  To help destroy some of these nasty obstacles, you are given a basic 
missile launcher, with the capability to enhance it with power-ups that allow
it to scatter-shoot, increase the firing rate, and even fire off 
  All of these components create what is one of the finest games that I have
ever downloaded that was under a-meg-and-a-half.  It runs as well on a 486/66
as on a P3/700!
  Section 2:Controls
 The controls for "Tube" are easy enough to use, AFTER you figure out which
button does what.  The controls are:
        Q:Speed Up-you must hold down the button at all times to drive
        A:Reverse-though I don't see why you'd want to
        O:Steer left
        P:Steer right
 SPACEBAR:Shoot-Wheee!  Missiles and blowing stuff up!  Yahoo!
 F13:Activaye the super-secret cheat code that gives you infinite time
  Section 3:10 Facts that may or may not further your game
 1.  Never reverse
 2.  These Bullfrogs are in no way related to the bullfrogs from the Book
       of Exodus(The ones that graced Pharoah's dinner table...and bedroom...
       and outhouse...and living room...and throne room...and lunch)
 3.  To complete a corkscrew, hold down the direction the corkscrew spirals
 4.  The roundy-hollow-cylinder thingamabobbers increase your weapon's power
 5.  Some barriers lower themselves after a moment and some don't
 7.  Know the difference between the two aforementioned barriers
 8.  Rule 6 is the secret cheat code that gives you the Mega-Missiles
 9.  Playing "Tube" does NOT count as credit hours toward Driver's Ed class
      #314A-Driving upside-down in outer space
 10. Wandering Hamster is a brilliant game
 11. Eleven is a prime number
 12. Along the way he never lied
     Read my Wanderin' Hamster Guide
     Yaaaaay Chazzy
  Section 4:The FAQ
 Q:Why aren't there any questions?
 A:Send me some at [email protected] section is simply a placeholder
   for the format of the guide.

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