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				   RAGE Guide
			           By: KOH13
				Copyright KOH13
Table of Contents						     [TOC]

Version History                                    [VH]
Tips and Tricks					   [TAT]
0. Introduction                                    [000]
I. Disclaimer                                      [001]
II. Controls                                       [002]
III. Guide Walkthrough                             [003]
Quell Bandit Threat                                [QBT]
Wingstick Mastery                                  [WM]
Medical Supplies                                   [MS]
 Where’s Juno/Radio Tower Repair              
Mutant Alert                                       [MA]
The Missing Parts/Find the Buggy Parts             [FBT]
Durar’s Time Trial                                 [DTT]
Destroy Barricade                                  [DB]
Dan’s Message                                      [DM]
Changing Clothes                                   [CHC]
Stanley Express                                    [SE]
Renting a Garage/Arming your Buggy                 [AYB]
Sally’s Offer/Sally’s Bounty                       [SBOUNT]
Wellspring Bound                                   [WB]
Feltrite Crater                                    [FC]
Feltrite Sample                                    [FS]
Defibrillator Upgrade                              [DB]
Miracle Cure                                       [MC]
Fidnding Feltrite                                  [FF]
Cuprino Needed                                     [CN]
Dusty 8 Sponsorship/Win the Dusty 8                [D8S]
Starky’s Challenge                                 [SC]
Mutant Bash TV                                     [MTV]
The Re-Run                                         [TRUN]
Resupply Watchtower                                [RWT]
Destroy Bomb Caches                                [DBC]
The Wellmaster/Hijacked Well                       [HWELL]
Deadly Delivery                                    [DD]
Special Delivery                                   [SD]
Liberate Captain Marshall                          [LCM]
Recover ID Drive                                   [RIDD]
Lost Research Data                                 [LRD]
Subway Town                                        [ST]
Gaining Influence                                  [GI]
Foreman Jones/Mutant Expansion                     [FJME]
Bricks Offer/Bricks Bounty                         [BOBB]
Abandoned Distillery                               [AD]
Comet Bloom                                        [CB]
Gearhead Vault                                     [GV]
The Price of Power                                 [POP]
Monarch Needed/Starky’s Challenge                  [MNSC]
See Lassard/Ark Equipment                          [AE]
Talk to Portman/Assault on Authority Bridge        [AAB]
Talk to Captain Marshall/Assault on Capital Prime  [ACP]
Epilogue 					   [EPI]
IV. Wellspring Job Board/Subway Town Job Board	   [004]
Mission Person                                     [MP]
Mutant Menace                                      [MM]
Stolen Merchandise                                 [SM]
Caravan Cover                                      [CC]
A Proposition/RC Prototype                         [RCP]
The Exchange                                       [TE]
Eviction Notice                                    [EN]
Help Wanted                                        [HW]
Bounty Hunter                                      [BH]
V. Weapons of RAGE                                 [005]
VI. Recipes/Schematics                             [006]
VII. Card Locations                                [007]
VIII. Vehicle Jumps                                [008]
IX. Achievement/Trophy Guide                       [009]
X. Special Thanks                                  [010]
XI. Contact                                        [011]

Version History                                                      [VH]


- FAQ is created and posted on GameFAQS


- Updated Authority Augmenter, Apohis Infusion, EMP Grenade and Regenerative
Infusion items needed to make.


- Added content to Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks							    [TAT]

- Always have at least 5 Lockgrinders with you, as you don't know how many
locked doors are in an area.

- Always carry wingsticks as your secondary weapon, these are your best
friends as they can 1 hit kill enemies 95% of the time.

- Always sell all your junk to make money except Feltrite Crystals as you need
them for a Job "Finding Feltrite" after that you can sell them.

- Keep a minimum of 5 ingredients each for schematics/recipes you use as they
will be helpful when you run out.

- When driving make sure you have some shields as they will save your life.

- You can destroy bandit towers with rockets/pulse cannon [NOT SURE ABOUT THE

- When playing strum, write down the notes he plays to win the game.

- If you see a group of people, use a grenade or RC Bomb to take them out

- Buy stuff from Stew in Subway Town if he has the items you want as they are
cheaper with him than the stores.

- I would switch to Pop Rockets and Fat Mama ammo after you buy the schematics
these are a big help as they require less bullets and can take out enemies

- Always aim for the head, as it is a 1 hit kill most of the time except for
heavy armored guys and sometimes popping off teh helmet.

- When surrounded and no escape just die then use your defib charge to stun
everyone then kill them all.

0. Introduction                                                      [000]

Hi everyone this is going to be long guide for Rage so please forgive me if 
I miss anything like side quests, items, recipes or other things that may be 
relevant in the game, I’ll try my best to find everything and write a proper 
guide for it, I’ll cover the Main storyline quests and the side quests to 
the best of my ability and cover other things as well.

I. Disclaimer                                                        [001]

This guide is written by KOH13. This may be not be reproduced under any 
circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any 
website or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. 
Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display 
is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

II. Controls                                                         [002]

I’m sorry I don’t have the controls for the 360 or PC, only for PS3 but if 
someone would give me the controls for each system that would be helpful.


[]: Reload Weapon
/\: Jump
X: Interact
O: Crouch
L1: Aim down sight
L2: Quickuse activation 
L3: Sprint (Click)
R1: Fire weapon
R2: Weapon/Ammo Selection (Hold for menu)
R3: Melee attack
Select: Open Dossier 
Start: Pause
D-Pad UP: Quickuse Selection
D-Pad RIGHT: Quickuse Selection
D-Pad DOWN: Quickuse Selection
D-Pad LEFT: Quickuse Selection


[]: Boost
/\: Exit Vehicle 
X: Enter Vehicle/Fire Weapon
O: E*Brake
L1: Quickuse Activation
L2: Brake/Reverse
L3: Not Used
R1: Not Used
R2: Accelerate
R3: Not Used
D-Pad UP: Quickuse Selection
D-Pad RIGHT: Quickuse Selection
D-Pad DOWN: Quickuse Selection
D-Pad LEFT: Quickuse Selection

III. Guide Walkthrough                                               [003]

I tried my best to make a good walkthrough and I know its not perfect and 
I’m probably missing things but I look throughout the guide because some 
stuff that’s not in the sections might be in other places.


It’s the year 2029 and the earth is preparing for imminent destruction from 
a asteroid heading for Earth, so they decide to build Arks underground to 
survive the impact, the game starts off with the asteroid travelling the 
galaxy and towards earth, the player is then placed into cyro-sleep to be 
awakened later, the game then flash forwards to where your Ark has 
malfunctioned and you are released from your pod, you later realise you are 
the only survivor and it has been 106 years since you were put alsleep, 
who knows what the world looks like now, you then embark on your journey…


You awaken from your sleep and need to do some tutorials before you can leave, 
look and up down then head to the control panel, after that head for the door 
and leave, go left and where you get jumped and almost die but get saved by 
a stranger, hop into the car and let him drive. He’ll bring you to his 
settlement, keep talking till he gives you the mission “Quell the 
Bandit Threat”, pickup the pistol and the CARD (Dan Hagar) near the beds, 
hop on the ATV and follow the marker to the Ghost hideout.

WINGSTICK MASTERY                                                    [WM]

Hagar Settlement: Loosum Hagar [Optional but RECOMMENDED]

All you have to do is score 10 points to unlock the Wingstick weapon from 
Loosum to use and now can buy from stores in the game.
Reward: 5 Wingsticks, Now can be purchased from stores

QUELL BANDIT THREAT                                                  [QBT]

Hagar Settlement: Dan Hagar

Find the dead body and loot it, jump up and look into the crate for some 
food cans, the stairs lead to nowhere. Head north and crouch don’t forget 
the bottles here then jump over the barricade, pickup the radio and bandages 
[theres a door here that’s locked, you need the Lock Grinder to open it], 
here is where you face your first enemy, kill him then head right for some 
cans, then look on the counter for a Mug and a Book, turn around and go right 
where you fight a guy who drops down, kill him and then go left, pickup the 
bottle near the fountain and head through the next door where a guy is hanging 
so kill him when he drops down, go right and up the ramp to get a CARD 
(Ghost Bonestick) kill the guy when you go left and head towards the statue 
where you get caught.

After that you wake up and the guy stabs you where you get to play a little
 mini game which is to save your life called The Defibrillator, this is pretty 
simple just follow the tutorial to finish it. Loot his body and open the door, 
sneak up on the guy and kill him, stay in this room and take out 3-4 enemies 
in the next room then head left where you face another 4 Ghosts, kill them 
and look left for the bandages, keep moving forward where 2 Ghosts zipline 
down and there another 3 more, don’t forget about the grenades and go right 
but don’t forget to get some snacks and drinks from the machines. Kill the 
obvious guy here then take out the 2 on the bottom, run down and grab some 
more grenades, face 2 Ghosts by the vending machines and another 2 after 
you kill them and you complete the mission, grab snacks and drinks and zipline 
down, exit the hideout and go back to Hagar for your reward ($100)

MEDICAL SUPPLIES                                                      [MS]

Hagar Settlement: Dan Hagar

After you come back Hagar tells you that they were attacked and need medical 
supplies, travel to the next settlement marked on your mini map, if you need 
to trade anything go to the centre of the settlement where you can trade and 
sell items. Once at the settlement you’ll talk to Rikter who then tells you 
to talk to Janus where she gives you the mission “Where’s Juno” after that
 Rikter gives you the mission “Radio Tower Repair” both of these missions are 
completed at the same time if your wondering. Head to the marker on your map, 
get go the stairs and go right when you hear people talking, take them out 
then take cover as people across will start shooting you, then head down 
where a guy pops out, pop him and head right up the hill to the Radio Tower, 
enter the building and find Juno’s body and 2 bandits, kill them and pickup 
the calibrator, head through the door and look left before going up the 
ladder for a CARD (Rikter), put in the calibrator then zipline down, go back 
to the settlement for your reward (Combat Shotgun and Healing Bandages 
Recipe), head back to Hagar for your reward ($100)

MUTANT ALERT                                                         [MA]

Outrigger Settlement: Ramos Outrigger [Optional but do it for trophy]

After completing Rikter’s and Janus jobs talk to Ramos Outrigger, he tells 
you that they need to warn people about mutants, so travel back to the Ghost 
Hideout and use the launcher to shoot fireworks, after that 3 mutants will 
attack you, kill them and head back to Ramos for your reward.
Reward: Adrenaline Overdrive Recipe 

THE MISSING PARTS/FIND THE BUGGY PARTS                               [FBT]  

Hagar Settlement: DR Hagar

Hagar tells you to talk to DR the mechanic to give you your own buggy but 
tells you that he needs parts from Johan to repair it for you, head to the 
Outrigger settlement to talk to Johan. He tells you that his shop has been 
raided and needs you to get back his spare parts, he gives you the Lockgrinder 
schematic, small gears, hardware packet and electrical wire, go to the marker, 
the enemies are pretty much in the same place except when you make your way to 
the Wasted Garage there is a guy waiting for you. Go down and pickup some 
gears and a hardware packet in the room beside the locked door, open the door 
with the grinder, go down the stairs where 3 people are talking, cook the 
grenade to take the two talking the guy on the right sitting, there are about 
5-7 enemies in this room, after that pickup some beer, gears, a radio then 
get the Alternator which will unlock the door that was electrified. 

Go down the stairs when you turn the corner a guy in waiting for you, kill him 
quickly so he doesn’t toss his grenade at you, the next room has about 5-6 
enemies in there after that go up the stairs to get a CARD: Bonestick, some 
beer and a radio, there are some gears in the room with the locked door, open 
the door to get steel blades, 2 Grenades, cloth rags and a antiseptic formula.
 Down the hall there is guy hiding behind the table, pickup the oil can on 
the table to your left, head into the next room where 3-4 guys are waiting 
for you, get the gas can, hardware packet, cloth rags and cheap dress shoes 
when enter this room, head to the next room where 2 guys are behind the wall 
so take them out first then when move up a guy will rush you, 3 more guys when 
you go left, pickup the canned corn/blueberries, beer and electrical wire in 
this room then enter the hallway where 2 people come at you, grab the 
Distributor Cap and wait for an explosion to enter the next room, kill the 3 
people here and grab the hardware packet before heading downstairs.

This is the last part of this job, go down and grab the Fatboy ammo and 
Buckshot shells, move to the end where a car will start and try and run you 
down but get stuck (EPIC FAIL) and heres your first boss, wait for him to 
overheat this weapon before attacking him, also there are guys that rush so 
take them out before attacking him, just repeat this till he dies. After that 
a guy will open a door and shoot you, kill him then go through to get the 
Piston Assembly (TROPHY: WASTE MANAGEMENT), open the lock door to get Fertile 
Crystals, large oil cans and Buckshot shells, a guy will open a door which 
leads to the exit of the complex. After you come out there are 2 people 
looking at your ride, pop them and head back to DR for your reward.
Reward: Tow Radio, Buggy

DURARS TIME CHALLENGE                                                [DTT]

Hagar Settlement: DR Hagar [Optional]

All you have to do is beat his time of 45.00 seconds to get the part, this is 
really easy.
Reward: Evenflowx2, Card: Dune Buster 

DESTROY BARRICADE                                                    [DB]

Hagar Settlement: Dan Hagar

After you come back Hagar tells you that the bandits have made a barricade 
and need you to blow up so they can trade with other settlements. He gives
 you the sniper rifle, then make your way to the marker. My suggestion is 
to boost to the gat then get out, take out the guy on the left first and 
wait for another guy, then do the same thing on the right then plant the 
explosives and get back to the settlement for your reward.
Reward: $100

DAN’S MESSAGE                                                        [DM]

Hagar Settlement: Dan Hagar

After the barricade is destroyed Dan needs you to go to Wellspring to talk 
to Mayor Clayton, take your buggy and follow your marker after you reach the 
gate of Wellspring, get out and talk to Solomon to get in, go right and to 
the door with the W on it to talk to Clayton, he then tells you to change 
your clothes to blend in.

CHANGING CLOTHES                                                     [CHC]

Wellspring Settlement: Mayor Clayton

After that talk exit and go left and then left again into a tunnel till 
you meet a woman named Ginny which she is in front of the clothing store, 
go in and talk to Coffer to pick out your outfit. (NOTE: You can only pick 
one outfit and only Anarchy Edition games can pick the Crimson Elite Outfit)
Wastelander: Get discount on all stores expect vehicle parts
Roughneck: Can take more damage expect vehicle damage
Fabricator: Not sure but I think it gives you more items when you 
engineer stuff.
Crimson Elite: All 3 outfits combined into 1 outfit
Head back to Mayor Clayton for another talk.

STANLEY’S EXPRESS				                     [SE]

Wellspring Settlement: Stanley [Optional]

I would suggest doing this for the cash for early in the game to buy 
ingredients and schematics. It’s not much but its still something.

Settler Postal

REWARD: $100
TIME: 2 Minutes

Bandit Postal

REWARD: $150
TIME: 2.2 Minutes

Northern Express

REWARD: $200
TIME: 3.25 Minutes

RENTING A GARAGE/ARMING YOUR BUGGY                                   [AYB]

Wellspring Settlement: Mayor Clayton

After you finish talking to Clayton he tells you to go to Mick the mechanic, 
he is located right across from you, talk to him who then tells you to talk 
to the Sheriff which is located behind Claytons office to the left and up 
some stairs, he then tells you to get some weapons on your ride before 
sending the supplies back, so go down the stairs then go left and then right 
to talk to Rusty who then tells you to talk to Jackie Weeks who then tells 
you to talk to Slim (in the booth behind weeks) to race, now you can either 
do all the races that are available if you want (This is can be done it is 
really easy or you can win the race and get your part to finish the job, its 
really up to you. You also receive the trophy Lead Foot for winning your 
first race.) Head back to Sheriff Black who gives you the supplies to take 
back to Dan, when you are about to go the Garage a side job will pop up 
“Sally’s Bounty” go to her to receive the job. After that head back to Dan 
to get his prized possession, the Desert Striker Crossbow, he then tells you 
go back to Wellspring and stay there since people are looking for you.
Reward: Desert Striker Crossbow

SALLY’SOFFER/SALLY’S BOUNTY                                        [SBOUNT]

Wellspring Settlement: Sally the Bartender [Optional]

Sally Bounty is a continuous job and I’m not sure when it will end, You get 
$10 and 1 Racing Certificate for each car you destroy, you all get a bonus 
if you are in the area needed for that part.

Destroy the 3 bandits needed to get your reward.
Reward: $25, $40, Card: Sally, Fertile Crystals

Destroy the 3 bandits needed to get your reward.
Reward: $75, 5 Race Certificates, $50
Location: Scorcher Territory

Destroy the 5 bandits needed to get your reward.
Reward: $125, 11 Race Certificates, $110  
Location: Scorcher Territory

Destroy the 4 bandits needed to get your reward. Now they have rockets and 
Reward: $150, 
Location: Scorcher Territory

WELLSPRING BOUND                                                     [WB]

Hagar Settlement: Dan Hagar
Head back to Wellspring and either talk to the Mayor or the Sheriff as they 

MAYOR CALLS/FELTRITE CRATER                                          [FC]

Wellspring Settlement: Mayor Clayton

The Mayor then tells you that some bandits have gotten there hands on feltrite 
ore and wants you to get a sample of it, so follow your marker to the 
destination keep driving till you reach your marker, there are 2 people waiting 
for you so run over 1 of them then get out and take the other one out, go up 
the stairs where 2 people will come out and attack you, dispatch them then 
head for the drill, wait for it to come out then take out the guy that pops 
out when leaving, go back to Clayton for your reward.
Reward: $200

FELTRITE SAMPLE                                                      [FS]

Wellspring Settlement: Mayor Clayton

Follow your marker to the location, stay on the bottom as they location is on 
the bottom, you can also complete “Sally’s Bounty 3” when here, keep going 
till you his place, get out and press the call button to lower the bridge, 
then go up the lift. After that listen to him then put the sample on the table, 
he’ll go on about stuff then give you a mission “Defibrillator Upgrade”, you 
cannot complete this job till you do the Defib Upgrade one.

DEFIBRILLATOR UPGRADE                                                [DB]

Dr. Kvasir Home: Dr.Kvasir 

After talking to him exit and get into your buggy, then travel to the marker 
and get out, look on the mini map for a blue trail which means there’s a path 
underneath, then enter the city. Keep going forward till you see a guy feeding 
on a dead guy, take him out silently and then 2 of his buddies come out from 
room to the left move up and 1 from the right and 1 jumps over the barricade, 
keep going and a guy from the left in a room will come out, after that pickup 
the ammo on the shelf (Pistol rounds, Fatboys, Buckshot, Grenades, Assault 
Rounds and Authority Round) then go upstairs, travel get to the parking lot of 
the hospital, when you get close 5-6 guys come out, kill them all then a big 
dude with a flamethrower attacks you (really easy to kill, use sniper and aim 
for his head, just run side to side to dodge his attacks) 3 mutants will come 
out while fighting him and another 3 when he’s dead, go to the stairs but grab 
the Turret Barrel and oil cans on the tool box, keep moving up and you’ll see 
a hand (don’t worry about just wait for it to go away) then enter the room. 
The way you came in is shut, grab the books, suitcase, pistol rounds and 
buckshot, explore the room where stuff starts breaking, mutants are coming, 
there are about 5-8 guys, they come from the walls first, then the ground, 
then the roof, after you kill them all the door will fall to the next part. 
Drop down and pickup the book, there are 2 people that throw stuff at you 
(across from you and to your right), drop down again and 3 people come out 
(1 from the drainage and 2 from the stairs), go up and find a book, wine 
bottle, nanotrite conduit in this room, go to the left room for some steel 
blades and a RC Kit. Go down the open space and fight 4-5 mutants and after 
that fight a tentacle one (easy to kill, just shotgun him to death and dodge 
his dash and tentacle attacks) and 1 more comes out after you kill him. Go 
down some stairs and find that the door is locked, you need to restore power 
to it but first pickup Assault Rounds, Pistol Rounds, canned food, old hiking 
boots, cheap dress shoes, electrical wire kit, hardware packet, now you press
 the switch on the door and follow the wire to the circuit breaker where you 
fight 5 guys, 2 when coming back to the door, 2 to your right and 1 that jumps 
the wall, after that press the button again and the door is open, grab the 
bottle when going down and kill a Slime Mutant when you come down, can take 
some damage but nothing to worry about, now head to the next part.

Go left to get the CARD: Slime Mutant on the table, if you have a lockgrinder 
open the door to get a Turret Barrel, Fatboys, Buckshot, Assault Rounds, 
Pinkies, Canned Food, Ordance Pack and Hardware Packet. Look for the wire on 
the ground and follow it to a hole in a fence, shoot the yellow barrels to 
open the door, grab Pistol Rounds, Buckshot, Assault Rounds, Mug, Steel Tip 
Bolts, and a book, go into the other room and flip the switch, go back out 
where a mutant drops out of the ceiling, you fight like 6-9 guys which 2 of 
them are Slime Mutants, go down the escalators, you can go right back are 
blocked by lasers {Another Job later} so head outside and grab some Assault 
Rounds, Buckshot and Steel Tipped Bolts near the stairs, there are 3 mutant 
patrolling, kill the open one and wait for the other 2 to come to you and 
blast them with a shotgun, go down and 4 more guys come out, go left and 
through the open door and up and face like 4-5 guys and go up some more then 
right and up again, go left to the locked door to get Feltrite Crystals, 
Grenades, Bandages, Buckshot, Assault Rounds on 1 shelf and Feltrite Rounds, 
a wrench, gas tank and small battery pack.

Go up the stairs and around then drop down and find a Rocket Launcher, 
after you pick it up you’ll fight a boss (Remember that hand you saw earlier, 
that’s what your fighting). To beat him you must shoot him in the chest and 
in head. First step is to shoot him in the lower right side of the stomach 
area then he backs off, he then later starts throwing rocks at you, hit his 
lower right stomach area to stun him (aim for the area, Rocket Launcher will 
spot it, wait till you see the area glow and shoot him right away) he will 
later rush you so all you have to do is dodge which is easy (wait for him to 
grip both walls of the building then go up the stairs and shoot him in the 
head part which is glowing obviously). You need to do this 3 times in total 
and with each hit he gets faster at throwing stuff at you and punching you 
as well.

After you beat him go left through the open door which is open now, go down 
and see Authority Rounds, Pistol Rounds, Grenades, Fatboys and Buckshot, go 
down one more floor and get Antiseptic Formula, Cloth Rags and Bandages, go 
down to the bottom floor where a guy is walking around, take him out quietly 
then 2 more and a slime mutant come out, kill them then get the gauze pads, 
electrical wire kit and nanotrite conduit in this room, then move up an see a 
guy walking around sneak attack him the kill the Slime Mutant that comes down, 
pickup the cloth rags and antiseptic formula on the tray go up the escalator 
and a guy to your left will start throwing stuff, then go up to the top and a 
slime mutant will attack you, pickup the mug, books, electrical wire kit, 
nanotrite conduit, small batter pack on this floor and then head left and up 
the escalators, keep moving and see a mutant and a slime one then head right 
to the surgery room, you’ll find cloth rags, antiseptic formula, bandages, 
electrical wire kit, turret barrel, ordance pack and your Defibrillator 
upgrade (It’s Alive Trophy). The doors are closed, now wait for an explosion 
and 3 mutants and 1 slime guy come out, go down the stairs, don’t forget 
the hardware packet on the shelf to the right before heading down the 
corridor, at the exit is cloth rags, a hammer and a RC Kit head out.

Go back to Kvasir and get your Defib upgrade, now you can die twice before 
getting a game over, now head back to Clayton with the sample to complete 
the job.
Reward: $200

MIRACLE CURE                                                         [MC]

Wellspring Settlement: Richard in Sally’s Bar [Optional]

Needs you to get some Night Blossom for his wife so he can make a recipe, 
go up to Crazy Joes swamp and grab one, head back to Richard and complete
 the job.
Reward: Apohis Infusion Recipe, Bandages, 2x Desert Spores, Night Blossoms

FINDING FELTRITE                                                     [FF]

Wellspring Settlement: Jacob in Sally’s bar [Optional]

He needs you to find 20 Feltrite Crystals for him and you’ll get a nice reward.
Reward: Defibrillator Upgrade [Reduces cooldown time to recharge]

VISIT SHERIFF/CUPRINO NEEDED                                         [CN]

Wellspring Settlement: Sheriff Black

Visit Sheriff Black who tells you get some better wheels before continuing 
this mission, tells you that you need a Cuprino and tells you to go to Jackie 
Weeks so head to the race track. After winning the Cuprino, talk to 
Sheriff Black.
Reward: Card: Cuprino

DUSTY 8 SPONSORSHIP/WIN THE DUSTY 8                                [D8S]

Wellspring Settlement: Jackie Weeks 

Head over to Jackie Weeks who tells you the only way to get the Cuprino is to 
get a sponsorship from JK Stiles who runs Mutant Bash TV, so head out to him, 
while heading there you can do Sally Bounty x5 and do the Tiger Jump before 
reaching him.
Reward: Cuprino Vehicle

STARKY’S CHALLENGE                                                 [SC]

Wellspring Settlement: Starky [Optional]

Near the race track, race him to get an upgrade for you Cuprino.
Reward: Magnum Grill

MUTANT BASH TV                                                     [MTV]

Mutant Bash TV: JK Stiles 

Talk to JK Stiles who says he needs a new contestant on his show and is 
looking for someone, complete it and you get the sponsorship. Stock up before 
heading in as you will be teleported automatically to the arena, there are 5 
waves in this arena and you are judged on 3 things, Accuracy, Kills and Time, 
these will be tallied up from all 5 rounds and get the amount of money from at 
the end of the game.

1st Round: This is pretty easy, there are 3 waves of people, first wave is 6 
people who drop down, second wave is 6 people sliding down and the third wave 
is 3 people in the towers and 4 people that come out from each of them. Head 
out then pickup some ammo for the next round on the table/shelf.

2nd Round: There are 2 waves in this round. The 1st wave is about 5-6 guys and 
watch out for the spinning monkey, the 2nd wave is 6-7 guys whicht his round is 
easy, proceed to next part and grab ammo for next round.

3rd Round: There is only 1 wave but is a bonus round. Try and shoot the $$$ for 
extra cash but if you take too long then enemies come out, 6 guys come out 
then the round is done, grab ammo for next round.

4th Round: The next round is fun since you don’t have to kill a lot, there are 
about 10-12 guys and spikes come out from the floor (The lights give away the 
position of the spike location)

5th Round: After that round you fight a boss and if you did the Defib job first 
then you know this guy is easy but all you have to do is dodge this ram and 
tentacle attacks and you’ll be fine. Exit the arena head back to Stiles you 
makes him your sponsor.
Reward: Sponsorship, Card: JK Stiles

THE RE-RUN                                                         [TRUN]

Mutant Bash TV: JK Stiles

After completing the JK Stiles challenge, you can run it again for more money 
but can only do it once. 
Reward: Whatever your score was in the arena.

RESUPPLY THE WATCHTOWER                                            [RWT]

Wellspring Settlement: Sheriff Black

Black needs you to supply some guys up in the watchtower, so take your new car 
and drive up there, give the supplies and drive back for the reward.
Reward: $175

DESTROY BOMB CACHES                                                [DBC]

Wellspring Settlement: Sheriff Black

You receive RC Bomb schematic from Sheriff Black, now head over to the Shrouded 
Bunker. Once inside go down and see a guy working on a car, kill him then 3 
more people are here and a guy across from you [NOTE: If you hit the bomb 
cars they explode but cannot get them anymore instead get parts needed to 
build it], use the RC car on the obvious spot and blow the cache, after that 
2 guys come check it out, then use the lift to go down.

Sneak kill the guy working when coming down, then move up and see guy working, 
snipe him and 6-7 people come out, stay here and snipe them all, then grab AR 
Rounds, CARD: Shrouded AR, RC Bomb, then move up and get Canned food, 
AR Rounds, Clipboard, Mug, Hammer and grenade. Not sure if there is a guy 
around the corner (if a guy runs away that’s where he’ll be), then look right 
for the locked door (Bandages, Beer Bottles, Fatboys, Authority Rounds and Gun, 
Grenades and Buckshot), head down and look left before heading into pipe for 
Pistol Rounds and Bandages before you enter the pipe, move through the pipes 
then go right where 2 guys are here, 1 at window and 1 around corner to your 
left (try and not hit the cars) and 3 more people from behind come attack you, 
there is a wrench, nanotrite conduit, clipboard and a small battery pack on the 
table then head down the stairs where 2 people are hiding behind cover, then 
head right into the room for a Keycard, AR Rounds, old hiking boots) move up 
and 3 people are taking cover, Spray Paint, Oil Cans, RC Kit, Explosive Pack, 
Nanotrite conduit, Wrench and Small Gears are on this floor, then head up to 
the door that was locked and used the keyvard. Grab the paint cans and buckshot 
on the shelf and beer along the railing, take out guy playing with RC car then 
get into position to snipe the next 4 guys, there is RC Bomb. Canned food, 
Radio, Explosive Pack, Nanotrite Conduit, Small Battery Pack, Steel Tipped 
Bolts, RC Kit and a Hammer on this floor, use the RC Bomb underneath the stairs 
to blow up the cache.

Head through wall and see guy coming down stairs as well as one taking over up 
there, 2 guys down to the right and then go upstairs and 3 people are here, 
when going to the door, 3 people are waiting for you, then exit and a guy to 
your right then 4-5 guys in this room and 1 guy on a turret above you, wait for
 the doors to open and 2 guys and armoured guy comes out (We’ll call him a 
Juggernaut) fall back and take cover to kill the Juggernaut then go down and 
see 3 guys and a Juggernaut down there, look right to use the RC Bomb to blow 
up the last of the caches.

Go through the hole and activate the lift, kill people while going up until 
you reach the top, 4 people come out 2 on the lift and people on the side, 
make sure you are not on the lift as it will fall, then exit the bunker 
(Debunked Trophy), head back for reward.
Reward: $225

THE WELLMASTER/HIJACKED WELL                                      [HWELL]

Wellspring Settlement: Carlson

After talking to Black an alarm will sound, tells you to go to Carlson who 
operates the well, he is located beside mayor Claytons building with the
 water tap on his door, talk to him as he tells you the well was taken by 

Head down into the well, go down and see Jerry who tells you that they were 
ambushed and need help, see guys in water so use electro bolts to kill them 
and then loot them, cook a grenade for the room to the right as there are 3 
people in there, then grab Grenades, Electrical Wire Kit, Oil Can and Canned 
Food, go down the tunnel and a guy pops out, go down to the end and pickup 
some gears then go back and turn right, you’ll see more guys in water so zap 
them, then go down hall and go left for a locked door (Pistol Rounds, Fatboys, 
Wingsticks, Assault Rounds, Canned Food, Oil Cans and Spray Paint) then go 
right and there are 2 guys which 1 rushes you and 1 stays up top, then move 
up and 6 people will come out, you can either let them come to you or die 
and defib them all. Move ahead and see a pile of bodies and a guy is at the 
top left corner, get Spray Paint, Pistol Rounds, Hardware Packet on shelf, 
then head for the open doorway and the gate will close, 3 people will jump 
up and 1 more guy opens the gate to attack you, move forward and then 2 
people flank you, 1 guy across on the other side then 3 more when you reach 
there, then 3 guys with 2 rushing you and 1 staying back, grab the Spray 
Paint, Shoes, Mug and Oil Cans, go down and sneak attack the guy here then 
there are 5-6 guys hiding behind each pillar, look left for a ladder and 
get CARD: Mine, Gas Liters, Canned Food, Wingsticks and Fatboys, go down 
the stairs and see 2 people wait for both of them to be in the water, 2 guys
come down then there are 2 to your right and 1 guy tries and ambush you
then proceed to next part. Use the switch but the bandits will stop you, there
are 3 waves of 3 (2 rush you while 1 stays up top) on your forth try the gate 
will go up and 2 people come out when go up, look left when you enter for 
Feltrite Crystals then go up for Assault Rounds, Pistol Rounds, Oil Cans 
and Spray Paint.

Meet up with Valder who is trying to disable the device and needs you so 
follow him, stay behind the box and snipe out all the bandits till its safe 
to move in, go left for a CARD: Valder, Pop Rockets, Buckshot, after that go 
disarm the device and use the lift to get out. Head up ladder and back into 
Wellspring. (Wellness Plan Trophy)
Reward: $200

DEADLY DELIVERY                                                      [DD]

Wellspring Settlement: Carlson

Tells you to take this to Dr.Kvasir, so go to him, keeps talking and then 
gives you the Mind Control Bolts and schematics for them.

SPECIAL DELIVERY                                                     [SD]

Kvasir Settlement: Dr.Kvasir

He tells you to go Elisabeth of the Resistance which she is located in Sally’s 
Bar sitting at the end of the table. On your way back you can do Sally 
Bounty x7 (Hellfire: $200). After talking to her she needs to do something

LIBERATE CAPTAIN MARSHALL                                           [LCM]

Wellspring Settlement: Elisabeth

She tells you that there leader Cap. Marshall is being held captive in 
prison and needs you to break him out, follow the marker, when you reach 
the highway you will do Feltrite Finder mini game which leads you to the 
prison. Get out and snipe the guy in the middle turret then head into the 
prison, after your in look to the left tower as a guy is looking for you, 
drop down and go into the prison.

Go up and pickup some gears on the box then go into the left room where 
there is Beer, Hardware Packet, Cloth Rags, Pistol Rounds, Buckshot, 
schematics for the EMP grenade and Feltrite Power Packs, then go into the 
other room, grab the Antiseptic Formula before heading down then EMP the 
generator not before grabbing some beer to the right of it, go through and 
look into the crate to the right for Hardware Packet and CARD: Power Supply, 
then kill the guy up top and kill the guy with the shield (you could EMP him 
but just blast his head instead but need to be accurate as its hard to hit) 
EMP the generator then go down the stairs before going through the door to get 
Fatboys, Steel Tipped Bolts and Buckshot, a guy comes our from the door in 
front of you and takes cover, there are 2 other guys here, go into the room 
and get the Feltrite Power Packs and then EMP the generator from the open 
window, go down and grab the Beer and Grenades on the tray, wait for Jetpacker 
to come down and kill really fast to get the trophy for it, then 3-4 guys come 
down, go to the cell closest to the generator to get a Water Purifier then EMP 
generator, grab the Pistol Rounds, Buckshot and Grenades on the table to the 
right of you then go into the other room and get Old Hiking Boots, Electrical 
Wire Kit, Small Battery Pack in this room, go into the crack in the wall and 
look behind the table for Turret Barrel, CARD: Giant Mutant, Ordance Pack. 
Disable the generator so the turret doesn’t pop up then go into the next room 
and take cover to the left, then disable the generator by EMP through wall 
to right, there is a guy hiding behind the corner, grab Beer and AVX2 ammo, 
go into the room and move up from cover to cover then exit the room, EMP the 
generator if you want to, there are 2 guys on the ground (1 normal and 1 
shield) 2 up top and one drops down after all 4 are dead, go left for AVX2 
rounds, disable the generator and go upstairs and get Old Hiking Boots, in the 
room are Cloth Rags, in the corner is CARD: EMP Grenade, AVX2 Rounds and some 
books, there are 3 guys in the next room (2 Normal and 1 Shield), Beer, 
Oil Cans, Small battery Pack at the corner to the left up ahead, Suitcase and 
Books to your right on the table. Two rooms, the left one has Books, Rusty 
Ladle, Beer and Oil Cans and the right room has Authority Rounds, Feltrite 
Crystals, head for the gate and see 2 guards at the bottom; you have 2 choices 
(1) Kill guards release doors and kill 3 mutants or (2) Open cells and yet 
Mutants kill guards then kill mutants, head down then go left for the locked 
door and get CARD: Captain Marshall, AVX2 Rounds, Wingsticks, Fatboys, 
Feltrite Crystals and then free Cap. Marshall, 3 guys plus a Shielded one, 
take them out and CAP takes his weapon (look in box for CARD: Drop Ship) 
follow him and come to a room with Sniper Rounds, Authority Rounds, Buckshot, 
Antiseptic Formula, Grenades and Fatboys.

Exit out and there are 3-4 guys here, push up and 3 guys and one a turret 
attack you, after you kill them another 3 and turret guys come out, go right 
and down from some Buckshot, head for the middle part for some Steel Blades, 
Authority Rounds, Buckshot and Sniper Rounds, go to the opposite stairway to 
disable the generator, grab Authority Rounds and AVX2 Rounds on shelf, then 
head down the other way to get Fatboys, Pop Rockets, Electrical Wire Kit and 
Feltrite Power Pack, now go back and disable the lasers for Marshall to get 
in, wait for a bit and a drop ship will appear, man the turret 1st wave is 2 
guys and a Shield and the 2nd wave is 3 guys and a shield, after that the 
door will blow up and he will use the elevator and you need to find another 
way out (Jail Break Trophy). A guy will kick the yellow door in so kill him, 
go to the table to the right and get CARD: Shielded Guard and Oil Cans. When 
returning to Wellspring you can do Sally’s Bounty x8 (Ashes to Ashes: $250
for 5 cars). Head back to the bar and open the door grab the CARD: Elisabeth 
on the barrel and talk to her.
Reward: Nothing

RECOVER ID DRIVE                                                     [RIDD]

Wellspring Settlement: Captain Marshall

You tells you that he needs an ID Drive from your Ark to help him, so travel 
back to where you first started. Get of before you go down the slope, 2 guys 
here, kill the guy sitting then the other guy, head into your Ark get your 
drive, 2 drones appear and then trouble, 2 guys around the corner and then 2
more up further, get back into your car and go to Marshall.
Reward: Nothing

LOST RESEARCH DATA                                                   [LRD]

Grab the ammo and head back to the Dead City. Enter and go into where exited 
from, grab Authority Rounds, Grenades and Buckshot on 1 shelf and Feltrite 
Power Pack, Buckshot, Pistol Rounds, Fatboys and Steel Tipped Bolts on the 
other, go up and the lights go dark, then a mutant comes out and attacks you, 
move up and look in the drawer of gears and a battery pack, go up and look in 
crate for Canned Food, now back into the Surgery Room, exit and see guys 
chasing mutants, head for the escalator and see 3 people come in, silently 
kill them and then 1 guy comes up, kill him and the 3 other guys on the very 
bottom floor, go ahead and see red lights on the door and it will blow up 
and an Enforcer and Shield Guard will walk in, go up and see a mutant get 
sniped, the sniper is at the top left and another guy on the same floor as 
you, go up and see another sniper up top and 2 people below, take out the 
sniper then the 2 guys, pickup Authority, Pulse Rounds and EMP grenades by 
the guards you killed then head for the shanty town, 2 snipers in the 
building across from you, keep moving and end up at an open area, 3 people 
drop down a guy manning a turret, grab the Authority Rounds and Buckshot by 
the turret and head through the doors, books and beer are in this area, go 
left into the shady area and take out the guard here, then wait for his 
partner to come in and take him out, disable the generator and grab the data, 
go through the door and grab EMP grenades, Buckshot, Authority Rounds and 
Fatboys, go through the other door and up the escalator where 3 guys drop 
in, then head back to the streets of Dead City. 

Go up and see a sniper up top, 3 other people here, 1 across from you, 1 
hiding behind cars and 1 by the slope, go left for the CARD: Kraken then go 
up the slope for Buckshot, Assault, Authority, Sniper Rounds then go down the 
stairs and disable the generator and grab Authority, AVX2, Pistol, Sniper 
Rounds and Killerburst here then head back up through the lasers and head 
forward, keep going till you see a guy sniping so take him out, then go down 
and 2 Enforcers and Shield Guard will come out, keep going down till you 
reach the beginning where there are 2 Enforcers and 1 Juggernaut here, exit 
and return to Marshall. (Get yitC deaD Trophy)

SUBWAY TOWN                                                          [ST]

Just listen to what Marshall has to say till you reach the resistance base, 
after you reach the base he will tell you to talk to Redstone before coming 
back to him, go left to the Docs office and grab the CARD: Authority Mutant, 
then head up the lift, talk to Saul then head upstairs and go left to Redstone.
Reward: Nothing

GAINING INFLUENCE                                                    [GI]

Redstone needs you to do some jobs before he can trust you so, he tells you 
to talk to Foreman Jones then return to him. [NOTE: YOU HAVE TO DO A LOT OF 
JOBS BEFORE HE WILL TRUST YOU] You actually have to complete 3 missions for 
Reward: Nothing
BRICKS OFFER/BRICKS BOUNTY                                           [BOBB]

Subway Town: Brick the Bartender [Optional]

Just like Sally’s Bounty except only harder vehicles to destroy. 
Reward: $10, 1 Racing Certificate for each car destroyed 

ABANDONED DISTILLERY                                                 [AD]

Subway Town: Dietrich

Talk to Gabe after leaving Redstone’s office for Foreman Jones, he’s right 
outside sitting on a barrel, then to right into a room and talk to Dietrich. 
He needs you to go to his factory and help him get his stuff, go out to the 
Wasteland and get off after you clear the bridge, look right for a cave to 
go in, while travelling through the cave keep looking right for a crate with 
a CARD: Portman on it, then keep going till you get into the Distillery.

Keep moving till you see a locked door, go right into the room to get a 
lockgrinder, paint cans, beer and then open the door, go right and get some 
Fatboys, Shoes and Oil Cans, you’ll see a mutant jump down and go where he 
jump down, see a mutant at the end there, kill him and 4-5 of them come out, 
go down and right where 2 more come out, Paint Cans, radio, Mug then go 
upstairs, grab Oil and Canned Milk then go right then look outside the 
window and see 2 guys feeding, take them out quietly and jump down, then 
move up and 7-8 mutants will attack when you reach the ladder, go up and 1 
will drop down, go up again and 2 guys come up and 1 throwing daggers at 
you, go around and 3 people hop onto your container then drop down where 
5-6 guys attack you, head through door and kill guy who comes out of hole 
then drop down.

Head up to the brewery, grab stuff on table then the jugs, place it in the 
spot where its supposed to be and turn the valve, now you need to hold out 
till the jug fills up, if you have turrets and bots now is a good time to 
use them, fill up 2nd jug and repeat, head behind you to exit, climb the 
ladder and go back to Dietrich.
Reward: Regenerative Infusion Recipe  

COMET BLOOM                                                          [CB]

Subway Town: Norbu [Optional]

An old man needs a herb to help ease his pain, you can already have this 
herb in your inventory if you found it otherwise follow the marker to get it.
Reward: $300

FOREMAN JONES/MUTANT EXPANSION                                       [FJME]

Go find Jones which is located past the guy power drilling. He will tell you 
that mutants have messed his work and needs someone to help him, Get into 
the buggy and once pass the bridge, go right and get out and head down to 
the Subway.

Go down and loot the body, grab Hardware Packet on the crate, go down and look 
left for an oil can, then down again loot another body, go in the train car 
and get Feltrite Crystals and a Oil Can then go left, keep going and looting 
bodies on your way, you’ll see mutants running away, go up the stairs and go 
left but go straight into the washroom first to get some beer, go back and 
pickup the TNT and Authority, Assault Rounds, Buckshot and Oil Cans, then 
the gate closes, you then fight like 15-17 guys before one of them opens the 
gate to attack you, 4 guys come out when you leave and 1 with TNT in his 
hands, go down the stairs and 2 TNT people and 4 more, head to the door and 
mutie will kick it in, grab Mugs, Books, Small Battery Packs, Electrical Wire 
Kit, Nanotrite conduit, Turret Barrel. Go down the subway car, then a gut pops 
out of the hole, then fight like 15-17 more people with a TNT thrower at the 
top left corner, go up and 3 guys will come out, there are books in the left 
stall, 2 more guys when you go further up and another 2 when you up further, 
oil cans at the corner, drop down and go left for Authority Rounds and 
Buckshot then go up and over where you fight like 19-21 guys then face the 
Large Mutant with flamethrower gun, kill him to stop the small fries from 
coming, rob the vending machines and go through the big hole, grenades in the 
blue car, gas tank on floor, go down and grab the oil by the car here, then 
go right and face like 8-10 down the hall, move up and a guy will jump out, 
go down and face 3 more plant the TNT (4 Places, Left Wall, Middle Pillar, 
Train car and Right Wall, then detonate the TNT then face like 9-12 guys 
then the train doors that are beside the detonator will open and 3 guys will 
come through, go through the cars and exit, head back for reward. 
(Trophy: Mutie Blues)
Reward: $200
GEARHEAD VAULT                                                       [GV]
After coming back Redstone tells you he needs another power source and the 
gearheads are using it, so head upstairs to the Strum player and Locked Door 
and look for the Management Office (SIGN ON DOOR) then enter.

Go up and see a guy eating but a spiked ball which is a explosive trap, blow 
it up and kill the guy, there are 3-4 guys here and a sentry bot, there is a
 Rusty Ladle and Can in dumpster, Ordance Pack, Hardware Packet on table and 
oil tanks on the ground, move up and fight another 3-4 guys and a sentry bot 
in the next room, go up the ramp and a Juggernaut will come down, back off and 
kill, now go up and get oil can on shelf, look right at a car which has a 
CARD: Advanced Sentry Bot in the backseat, buckshot ob the table then go up 
where a guy rushes you and another guy in this room, AVX2 Rounds on the chair 
to your right when you come up and Bandage on the table, go left for Beer, 
Authority Rounds. Books, Hardware Packet, Ordance Pack, Small Battery Pack 
then up the ladder, vending machines behind you and Turret Barrel and Nanotrite 
Conduit to left on crate, move up and a guy jumps on the table and rushes 
you with 3 people covering him, RC Kit, Explosive Pack around the corner on 
crouch and book on bench, 3 people around the corner and a rusher, then 2 down 
the hall with Authority Rounds, Mug, Books on table, turn off valve then use 
elevator to get down.

When you come down a guy will attack you where the fire was, head up and rob 
the ATM’s here, 2 guys hiding behind the reception desk, go right for a 
CARD: Gearhead Shotgun, then back for some grenades, then head to the next 
part where 4-5 people are, move to the doorway and a Juggernaut is waiting 
for you, go up and get beer on desk and Fatboys in one of the rooms and 
Buckshot to the left when you enter, head through the doorway and fire comes 
out, kill this Juggernaut first then another one comes in through the door you 
came through, after that go up the stairs where a guy kicks a barrel at you 
then grab radio on floor when up here, move up and be careful of the propeller 
as it will kill you in one hit, head to the vault and look left for gold bars 
then grab the power source. (Trophy: Vault Assault)

Exit the vault and a Flamethrower dude will come in, shoot his tank to kill 
him and watch him fly, get out and 2 people waiting for you, head for exit 
and gates come down and explosion happens and a Juggernaut walks in, kill 
him and exit through the hole, there are 2 people down the stairs, look 
behind you and jump over the desk and grab the CARD: Gearhead Jet on the chair, 
head down and disable valve and leave, head back to Redstone but don’t forget 
the locked door near the entrance for Oil Cans, Paint Cans, Wrench, Turret 
Barrel, Electrical Wire Kit and Spray Paint.
Reward; Nothing

THE PRICE OF POWER                                [POP]

He needs you to go to the Gearhead base and transfer the power from there to 
here so do it but you need a better car, you need the Monarch so head down 
the race track and talk to Starky.

After you get the car travel to the power plant, before you enter look down 
and to your right for a CARD: Monarch. Guy is sweeping the floor so take him 
out quietly, then grab Mug by CPU, then head down the hall and see electricity, 
use the yellow box to turn it off, see a dead guy, grab his Electro Bolts and 
shoot the yellow box to turn off the power, go upstairs for Hammer and Turret 
Barrel, shoot the next box and get Feltrite Rounds, Rockets, Cheap Dress Shoes, 
Steel Blades and RC Kit and go down one more to get Buckshot and Shoes, 
now head for the open door [Once through, it closes] fight a Juggernaut 
around the corner and 2 guys backing him up, go left for the Locked Door and 
get Feltrite Crystals, Electro Bolts, Buckshot, AVX2 Rounds, Paint Cans, 
Clipboard and Oil Cans, move up and 1 guy across on the other side and 1 to 
your left, 3 sentry bots here, go up and right and kill 2 people across from 
you, go to other side and 1 guy up top and 1 on bottom plus a sentry bot, a 
Juggernaut will come from the elevator, head there and call the elevator where 
4 guys come out while waiting for it, get in and it stops, the boss cuts the 
wires and you fall to your death.

Luckily you have nanites in you to keep you kicking, your defib charge will be 
at zero though after the drop but its better than being dead. Crouch and get 
out, grab beer on floor and go upstairs for some headphones, 4 guys, a rusher 
and 1 sentry bot are here, grab Hammer and Cans before going left, either 
through the crack in the wall or down the stairs where you face 1-2 sentry bots 
then up the ladder, go up the stairs and a guy in the room exit and 2 sentry 
bots will come out, keep moving forward and grab the radio and clipboard here, 
then go left where a guy around the corner and 3-4 guys across from you, go 
through and downstairs where a Flamethrower dude is waiting, there are blades 
also moving with 2 people down the hall, go the locked door to get Pulse Shot, 
AVX2 Rounds, Buckshot, Pop Rockets and RC Bomb. Go down and 2 people are 
hiding behind the pillars, go left up the ladder and right and jump to get 
Ordance Pack, Nanotrite Conduit, Electrical Wire Kit, drop down and face like 
6-7 guys, 2 more down the hall, move up and go down the stairs and get a 
Suitcase and Buckshot then to the door, go up and see a guy working and one 
guy up to your left, take out top guy then worker, after that 6-7 guys come 
down the catwalk and then a Flamethower guy, go through the doors and the 
they will close, grab Bandages and Buckshot here and then go up to face the 
boss, really easy, after that switch the power and head back. 
(Trophy: Power Struggle)

After that a guy will rush from behind, go upstairs and then down where 2 
people drop down then one of Redstone guys needs your help, follow him and 
you’ll see some switches, attack the guys across from you till the doors open 
behind you, before you leave go left and up the stairs and look in the cabinet 
for the CARD: Gearhead Boss, head back to Subway Town where the Authority 
are at Redstone’s place go back to Marshall to finish.
Reward: Nothing

MONARCH NEEDED/STARKY MONARCH                                       [MNSC]

Beat Starky and win his Monarch, which is really easy to do.
Reward: 800 Minigun Ammo, 6 Pulse Rounds, 8 Homing Rockets
SEE LASSRD/ARK EQUIPMENT                                            [AE]

Lassard tells you he needs the decrypter for your ID Drive and its located 
in Jackal Canyon.

After you enter the canyon, look left and climb up some rocks for beer, 
Dynamite Bolts, CARD: Jackal Crossbow, sneak attack the guy here then go 
right into the cave, come up to the bridge where 2 guys are on and 5-6 archers 
across from you, go to the switch to release the gate and grab Beer, Dynamite 
Bolts, Cloth Rags, CARD: Jackal Club then head back down where a guy on ledge 
to your left starts shooting at you, then go down and a guy rushes you in the 
cave, keep moving and 4-5 guys and a archer across from you (WATCH OUT FOR 
BALLON BOMBS) then keep moving and 2 people zipline down, keep going and 
barrels start falling run up and face 3 people then go to the zipline, take 
out archers before going down, then guy below you and up top, zip down again 
and shoot the guy across from you, fight 6-7 guys on the bridge, go into house 
and get Grenades, Steel Blades, Cloth Rags, Dynamite Bolts, Beer and Small 
Objects, go up and take out the 2 guys from the lift and go left for a Night 
Blossom, go down the lift.

After coming down, sneak attack the guy here, gut around the corner to your 
left and grab Wrench, Dynamite Bolts, go left into house for Explosive Pack 
and Toaster and right house for Sniper Rounds and Buckshot, move up and 7-8 
guys come out of the manholes here, move up and reach top where 2 guys rush 
you and 1 guy across from you, move down where 2 guys rush you, then 4 guys 
with bows, move down and 2 guys come out to your right, grab Buckshot and 
Fatboys here, just keep looking down killing when 2 more guys rush you then 
grab Nanotrite Conduit, RC Kit, keep going down and near the bottom guy 
rushes you, look in the shacks for stuff then head to middle part where 4 guys 
are waiting for you, shoot the barrel and kill the guy in the ARK, go in and 
grab the decrypter.

When exiting a guy comes to your left, kill him then use the zip ride to get 
back to beginning, when your about to drop a guy is down here, sneak him then 
a guy drops down when you drop down, exit and return to Lassard.
Reward: Nothing


He tells you they need the shield down to attack them, travel to the marker 
where you see 3 mutants at the door, run them down then get out where more 3 
more come and run them over, blow up the door and run over the next 4 mutants 
for the trophy. Keep driving till you see an elevator, drive onto it and go up

After your up there is a guy hiding behind the crate and 2 Shield Guard and an 
Enforcer to your right take them out and grab the EMP grenades, go left where 
3 people drop down, disable the generator, go left some more and get a 
Turret Barrel and look down behind it for a CARD: Elite Guard, then head 
over to the next generator and disable it, then head to middle control to 
unlock the barrier to let your car in, drive back to Base for last mission.
Reward: Authority Pulse Cannon, 200 Pulse Cannon Round, 3 BFG Rounds


He tells you that this is the last mission and you need to there base to end 
it, look on desk where Portman was for the schematic: Authority Augmenter. 
Head across the bridge and follow for marker to there base, when near the 
door go right and get out and enter a small hole, use the panel on the left 

Keep moving through the ducts till you get out where see a BFG round on the 
crate, exit and a drone will come out, it will either spot you or destroy it 
then lead right where 2 guys come out, then move up and 2 Shield Guards amd 
Enforcer here, AVX2 Rounds on crate, then go left for BFG Round, then go 
right where 2 Enforcers and 1 Juggernaut are waiting, then up a bit more 
and 3 Shield Guards the up the elevator.

After you go up you fight like 6-7 Special Mutants before you can access the 
controls, move up and kill 2 Muties, then go down and deactivate the lasers 
then head back up where more Muties attack you with Enforcers, grab ammo on 
crate before leaving, move up and more guys them keep moving, go down to 
switch the bridge on where 7-9 Muties attack you, then run across where more 
guys come, go left to grab some ammo and proceed the other way where you fight 
4-5 Muties, 2-3 Enforcers and a Juggernaut, when near the end you fight one 
more Juggernaut and then grab the ammo and go up the elevator.

Head up and the room is sealed, activate the satellite uplink where you need 
to do both sides, you need to hold out for both sides before the uplink is 

EPILOGUE                                                            [EPI]

After you finish the game, the tower will emit a signal to the satellite 
where it receives the message, ARKS across the world start emerging, now 
Humanity has a hop of rebuilding itself. You also get a trophy for beating 
the game and for what difficulty you played on.


Here is the jobs on the board in Wellspring and Subway Town, shows when 
they come in and the rewards.

MISSING PERSON                                                      [MP]

Wellspring Job Board: Unknown

So you have to go back to the Ghost Hideout (your first job of the game), so 
just go back there. This place is more harder than the first time you were 
here, you know when you got your first kill, now theres 4 of them with guns 
so just kill them (NOTE: If you have and Lockgrinders you can open the door 
that was locked which holds Fertile Crystals and a CARD: Ghost Pistol), 
head down to the fountain where 2 people come out and when you kill them 2 
more people climb up from the wall to attack you, there is steel blades on 
the crouch before you go to the fountain, before you enter the next part 
look left on the desk near the door for some electrical wires then kill 2 
more people, after that go to where you were captured to finish the mission, 
now you head back where you face 1 guy at the fountain, 2 more when you enter 
the next room and 1 more to end it and that’s all folks.
Reward: Nothing

MUTANT MENACE                                                       [MM]

Wellspring Job Board: Unknown

All you need to do is provide sniper cover for the repair crew, you also get
an upgrade for your sniper which makes it semi-auto and not bolt action
anymore. There are two paths for the mutants to come from, just keep blasting
them till the waves stop coming, the mission will end when 2 mutants jump
onto your sniper spot.

STOLEN MERCHANDISE                                                  [SM]

Wellspring Job Board: Unknown

Travel back to the Wasted Garage exit and go in. There are 2 people when you 
come in, 1 patrolling the area and one working on a bench, wait for the 
patrolling guy to come closer to the guy working then cook them together, 
after that 1 guy comes in and takes cover, after him a guy rushes down the 
hall so take him out, there are 2 people taking cover down the hall, run down 
and go up the stairs where a guy comes down for you, go up and 2 people are 
hiding behind a wall, cook them and then go to the door where a guy pops out, 
and there are 3 guys hiding around the corner to the left, go up the stairs 
where a guy rushes you and 2 people are suppressing fire, after that pickup 
the beer and your reward.
Reward: 8 Beer Bottles, $200

CARAVAN COVER                                                       [CC]

Wellspring Job Board: Unknown

You provide sniper again for a group of 3 people. Starts off with 3 people 
walking down with a buggy when 2 cars come and run down one of the guards, 
there are a total 8-10 enemies, after that they will keep moving. They will 
then be attacked by 1 buggy carrying 3 people and 1 guy on the bridge, also 
there are 2 RC cars and that should end the mission.

A PROPOSITION/RC PROTOTYPE                                          [RCP]

Wellspring Job Board: Unknown/Phallinx Hagar

Head back to the Hagar Settlement and talk to Phallinx Hagar who then tells 
you he can upgrade you RC Bomb if you get him the schematics, so head back to 
the Shrouded Bunker.

Enter and go to the hole in the wall, sneak attack him then take out the 
Juggernaut, then 1 more guy hiding near lift, go down and 2 people are waiting 
for you and 1 guy down the hall, move forward and 3 people and a Juggernaut 
are here, keep moving and go left through the door where 2 people are taking 
cover, head left and downstairs where 2 people are across from you and a guy 
tries to ambush you form behind, go back up and left where 5-7 guys and a 
Juggernaut are waiting, get into sniping position and take them all out, head 
down then go right and find prototype car on a table, go up the stairs where 
a guy is waiting and head up the lift, where 4 guys and a Juggernaut are 
waiting, my suggestion is to rush the Juggernaut then die and defib him, 
exit the bunker and return to Phallinx.
Reward: Advanced RC Bomb schematic

THE EXCHANGE                                                        [TE]

Wellspring Job Board: Unknown

Provide sniper cover for Sheriff Black. Wait till the deal goes south and 
take out the people by the car. There are 3 snipers, 1 across from you, 1 to 
the bridge to the right and 1 top right corner. After that the drop ship will 
drop people down like 3-4 people. Just look for the laser sight and kill them.
Reward: $200

EVICTION NOTICE                                                     [EN]

Subway Town Job Board: Unknown [After Gearhead Vault Job]

Travel back to the Blue Subway Line where the Shrouded Clan have taken control 
here. Go to where you detonated the TNT from and see 4-5 guys here, move up and 
a gun is around the corner, turn the corner again and see a turret, when go to 
the next part 3 guys will shoot at you, go up the tunnel and see a guy when 
you get up there and one runs away, go into the next room where 4 guys are 
here, hop over the barricade and turn the corner where another turret is 
waiting, go down pass all the stalls where 5-6 guys are below you with 1 guy 
across on a turret, go down and into the traincar, when you exit a turret is 
waiting you and one at top of the stairs, go up the stairs and right to get 
CARD:Dyno-Mutant then go left and 2 guys and a Juggernaut are here, go left 
where you got the TNT for Nanotrite Conduit, Explosive Pack, Small Battery 
Pack, Electrical Wire Kit, then 3 guys attack you from behind, go back to the 
stairs where 4-5 guys attack you, go back down and past the vending machines 
to the other door where a guy kicks in the door, go in and another guy is 
here, pop him and finish.

HELP WANTED                                                         [HW]

Subway Town Job Board: Unknown [After Gearhead Vault Job]

Go back to the Gearhead Vault to stop the Authority from finding stuff, go in 
and see a drone, 3-4 people in this room, go up and left to see a turret and 
generator, take out the generator to stop the turret [EMP grenades on table if 
you need them] move up and 2 Enforcers and a Shield Guard will come down, go 
up and see the drone again when going up the second slope, move up and grab 
EMP grenades on table before entering the room. Rob the ATM’s again 2 Shield 
Guards and Enforcer here, disable the generator but kill the Enforcer that’s 
near it first, move up and when you turn the corner there’s a guy here, 1 more 
to your right and 1 up top, go upstairs and see 1 guy patrolling, kill him and 
his partner will come out, go downstairs where 2 Shield Guards walk in kill 
them and EMP the generator to complete the job.

BOUNTY HUNTER                                                       [BH]

Subway Town Job Board: Unknown [After Abandoned Distillery Job]

Go back to the Distillery Factory, don’t worry you can use the shortcut to get 
back, when mutant feeding on body kill him, grab the jugs and repeat the 
process again to complete the mission.
Reward: 2 Vials of Blueshine

V. Weapons of RAGE                                                  [005]

Not much of a variety in the game but still its fun at least. I’ve put this 
into 3 parts, Location which tells you where to get it, Ammo type which tells 
you what kind of ammo the weapon uses and upgrades which shows if there are 
any upgrades for this weapon.


Its always fun to punch someone to death but is used as a last resort.


Starting weapon (DLC is Fists of Rage)


Who needs ammo when you got these babies.


Fists of Rage is bought Anarchy Edition 


Not the strongest weapon in the game but when you use upgraded ammo this 
can be a bad boy.


Starting Weapon the game, given to you by Dan Hagar.


Pistol Rounds: Standard issue ammo for any pistol in the wasteland

Fatboys: Twice the size of a regular bullet but the half the shots, useful for 
armor penetration.

Fat Mamas: The best ammo for this gun, twice size and twice the power of a 

Fatboy, if these don’t kill someone then RUN!

Killbursts: Bullets within bullets, shoots all bullets at the same time


Monocular: Zoom with a scope now


A very nice weapon to have for CQC, but even better when you can use the Pop 


Given to you from Rikter after completing Radio Tower Repair job.


Buckshot: Standard ammo for the shotgun

Pop Rockets: Shoots a rocket at an angle exploding on impact

Pulse Rounds: Fires a single straight shot that is used to disable any 
electronics in the area hat was hit.


Shotgun Extender: Increases the capacity of shots in the shotgun.


A handy weapon to reach targets at a distance or to take them out from afar.


Dan gives it you during Destroy Barricade Job


Sniper Rounds: Standard rounds for the sniper rifle


Auto Loader: You get this upgrade during Mutant Menace Job, it makes your bolt 
action rifle into a semi-auto one.


Only available in the Anarchy Edition, this shotgun shoots both shells at once 
and then needed to reload. 


DLC from Anarchy Edition 


Buckshot: Standard ammo for the shotgun

Pop Rockets: Shoots a rocket at an angle exploding on impact

Pulse Rounds: Fires a single straight shot that is used to disable any 
electronics in the area hat was hit.




A weapon of stealth in the wasteland, very useful for thinning out the crowd 
before attacking. 


Given to you after completing Resupply Dan Hagar.


Steel Tipped Bolts: Standard bolts used for the crossbow

Electro Bolts: Stuns the enemy if not kill them, best used when enemy is in 
water to make it more effective 

Mind Control Bolts: Hit the enemy to take control of there body, you have a 
time limit of long you can control him, if you take to long he will explode.

Dynamite Bolts: Explosive tipped bolts that explode after a certain amount of 
time, best used if sticking to enemies.




A good gun to have in a fight, best used in mid-close range fights.


Bought from either Halek Hagar or Coffer


Steel Assault Rounds: Standard rounds for the gun

Feltrite Rounds: Upgraded rounds that penetrate armoured enemies easier when
 regular rounds wont. 


AR Concentrator: Helps reduce the spread of your shots

AR Stabilizer: Helps reduce the recoil when firing


An upgraded version of the Assault Rifle, it has all the upgrades already that
the Assault Rifle has but faster fire rate.


Bought from Coffer or found during ‘Destroy Bomb Cache’ job


Authority MG Rounds: Standard issue rounds for the gun.

AVX2 Rounds: Upgraded rounds that penetrate armoured enemies easier when 
regular rounds won’t.


Laser Sight: Helps you aim while firing from the hip.


A useful weapons for taking out tough targets.


Found during Defibrillator Upgrade, when fighting the giant mutant


HE Rockets: Regular Rockets for the launcher.

Viper Rockets: Used only for vehicles.




A chaingun that wreaks havoc wherever it goes.


Given to you by Portman after completing Assault on Authority Bridge.


Pulse Cannon Rounds: Standard rounds for the cannon.

BFG: Charge up the shot before obliterating everything you see.



VI. Recipes/Schematics                                              [006]

Here are where the recipes and schematics are found, also what you need to 
make it and how many you get for each item constructed.


Location: Ramos Outrigger [Mutant Alert Job]
Items Needed: Bandages, Night Blossom
Items Made: 1
Description: Increases max health for 60 seconds


Location: Bought from Coffer in Wellspring Settlement 
Jani in Subway Town for Advanced Version
Items Needed: Explosive Pack, Nanotrite Conduit, Small Batter Pack, RC Kit
Items Made: 1
Description: An remote controlled bomb that has wheels, like driving but can 
only go so far. When upgraded its emits a EMP pulse when detonated.


Location: Bought from Coffer in Wellspring Settlement 
Jani in Subway Town for Advanced Version
Items Needed: Ordance Pack, Nanotrite Conduit, Small Battery Pack, 
Electrical Wire Kit, Hardware Packet
Items Made: 1
Description: A little helper that assists you when fighting. When upgraded it 
gets more power and health.


Location: Bought from Coffer in Wellspring Settlement 
Jani in Subway Town for Advanced Version
Items Needed: Ordance Pack, Turret Barrel, Nanotrite Conduit, 
Small Battery Pack, Electrical Wire Kit
Items Made: 1
Description: A stationary turret, that helps you defend areas when you can’t. 
When upgraded its stronger and can take more damage.


Location: Halek Hagar after Quell Bandit Threat if Wingstick Mastery is done
Bought from Coffer in Wellspring Settlement
Jani in Subway Town for Advanced Version
Items Needed: Steel Blades, Electrical Wire Kit
Items Made: 15
Description: Tracks the enemy is close if enough and will return if not 
to damaged when thrown. When upgraded the wingstick can hit multiple targets.


Location: Richard in Sally’s Bar [Miracle Cure Job]
Items Needed: 2x Desert Spores, Night Blossoms, 1x Bandages
Items Made: 1
Description: Increases your max health.


Location: After completing Assault on Authority Bridge look on the table 
where Portman was to get it.
Items Needed: 2x Nanotrite Conduits, Electrical Wire Kit, Feltrite Coupler,
Fletrite Power Pack 
Items Made: 1
Description: Increases you damage with any weapon [NOTE: If you played Quake 
before you will know that the symbol here is Quad Damage]


Location: Bought from Coffer in Wellspring Settlement
Items Needed: 6x Steel Tipped Bolts, 1x Explosive PAck
Items Made: 8
Description: Makes bolts that now explode.


Location: Found during Liberate Captain Marshall, you can’t miss it since 
you need it for this mission.
Items Needed: 3x HE Grenades, Electrical Wire Kit, Feltrite Power Pack
Items Made: 3
Description: EMP grenades that disable electronics devices. 


Location: Bought from Coffer in Wellspring Settlement
Items Needed: 12x Fatboys, 1 Explosive Pack
Items Made: 8
Description: Makes better ammo for the pistol, recommended when other 
bullets can’t get the job done.


Location: Janus Outrigger [Medical Supplies/Where’s Juno Job]
Items Needed: Cloth Rags, Antiseptic Formula
Items Made: 1 Bandage
Description: Heal you during battle.


Location: Johan [Find my Buggy Parts Job]
Items Needed: Small Gears, Hardware Packet, Electrical Wire Kit
Items Made: 1
Description: Breaks any door that it locked


Location: Received when you complete Special Delivery Job
Items Needed: 12x Steel Tipped Bolts, 1 Explosive Pack, 1 Ghost Toxin, 2 
Mutant Adrenal Glands
Items Made: 6
Description: Makes bolts that control people with.


Location: Bought from Coffer in Wellspring Settlement
Items Needed: 16 Buckshot Shells, 1 Explosive Pack
Items Made: 10
Description: Highly recommended to use when its taking to long, pop a couple 
guys here and there and were done.


Location: Dietrich from Subway Town [Abandoned Distillery] 
Items Needed: 2x Night Blossoms, Bandages, Vial of Blue Shine
Items Made: 1
Description: Increases your health regeneration.

VII. Card Locations                                                  [007]

Here are all the cards in the game with there locations.

1. Dan Hagar: Inside Dans house, by the beds

2. Grenade: Exit Dan’s Garage and find on some barrels and beside a woman.

3. Loosum Hagar: To the left of the door on some rocks by Dan’s House

4. Ghost Bonestick: In the Ghost Hideout where face your second enemy, go up 
the ramp and find it near the top.

5. Ghost Pistol: Come back during Missing Person Job and unlock the door.

6. Rikter Outrigger: When you find Juno’s body go into the next room and look 
left to find it on a table.

7. Wasted Club: After getting the Alternator, go downstairs then see a guy 
hiding behind a pillar, go up the stairs near him and get it on the ledge 
at the end. 

8. Dune Buster: Awarded after winning Durars Time Trial

9. Sally: After accepting Sally’s Bounty, just destroy 1 car and get it from 
her for your reward.

10. Slime Mutant: On the table to the left after entering Dead City Central.

11. JK Stiles: Awarded after completing Mutant Bash TV

12. Cuprino: Awarded after talking to Sheriff Black, after you won the Cuprino.

13. Shrouded AR: After you come down the lift in the Bunker, and go into the 
next room, go to the big doors and look left on some crates.

14. Mine: During Hijacked Well, when fighting those behind the pillars, look 
left for a ladder, closest shelf to you when you go up. [MISSABLE AS YOU CAN'T

15. Valder: After meeting him in the Well, and you go to the next part with 
him, go left to find it on a table. [MISSABLE AS YOU CAN'T COME BACK TO THIS 

16. Elisabeth: When your about to finish Liberate Captain Marshall, when your 
heading down the stairs, look on a barrel.

17. Power Supply: After disabling the first generator, look right into a crate 
with some other stuff in it. [MISSABLE AS YOU CAN'T

18. Giant Mutant: After seeing your first turret, look behind you and see a 
cracked wall, go in all the way to find it on a table. [MISSABLE AS YOU CAN'T

19. EMP Grenade: After getting some shoes from the stairway, go up and then 
right to find it in the corner on some barrels. [MISSABLE AS YOU CAN'T

20. Captain Marshall: When come down the stairs to meet Marshall, look for a 
locked door here at the bottom to get it. [MISSABLE AS YOU CAN'T COME BACK 

21. Drop Ship: After Marshall grabs his weapon, look in the crate to find it.

22. Shield Guard: After the guy kicks in the yellow door in the prison to 
right for a table where it is on. [MISSABLE AS YOU CAN'T COME BACK TO THIS 

23. City Guard: Starter Deck bought from Coffer, Jani, Teague, Hendrick.

24. Club Mutant: Starter Deck bought from Coffer, Jani, Teague, Hendrick.

25. Mayor Clayton: Starter Deck bought from Coffer, Jani, Teague, Hendrick.

26. Jetter: Starter Deck bought from Coffer, Jani, Teague, Hendrick.

27. Sheriff Black: Starter Deck bought from Coffer, Jani, Teague, Hendrick.

28. Crazy Joe: Go into his shack by the swamp to see it on the table.

29. Enforcer: Before you step into the pipe for Dead City, look down and right 
to find it hiding in some grass.

30. Dagger Thrower: After coming out of the Wasted Garage Exit, look up and 
see the railing there, drive up and get off to find it at the end.

31. Sentry Bot: Start from Kvasir’s bridge and head left, keep going left till
 you see a rock, look down and should be around there.

32. Sentry Turret: While doing the Where’s Juno/Radio Tower Repair Job, after
 killing the 2 people you meet, go right and down some stairs to see it on 
a chair by some beer.

33. Shrouded Minigun: While doing the Feltrite Crater Job, you’ll see a blue 
container here, go inside to the end.

34. Shrouded Heavy: After you have the keycard to open the door in the bunker, 
look behind you and see some pipes, hiding in there.

35. RC Bomb Car: At the beginning of the Bunker, the first cache hole, look 
left to find it between some boxes.

36. Wasted Turret: After you kill the boss in the Garage, look left inside a 
grey shelf.

37. Wasted Pistol: When coming downstairs, look for some speed limit signs, 
look left in a box to see it lying in there.

38. Janus Outrigger: On the crouch up here by Janus. [MISSABLE AS YOU CAN'T

39. Drone: After reaching the main lobby of the hospital, see the escalators 
going up, go around and find it underneath on a table. [EITHER FOUND DURING

40. Kraken: After killing the Tentacle mutant in the streets, go into the 
building it came out from and look inside.  [EITHER FOUND DURING YOUR FIRST 

41. Ghost Boss: After you found the missing person, look under some table 

42. Scoop Mutant: After winning Mutant Bash TV and your exiting, look left 
on a table to find it.

43. Advanced Sentry: In the parking lot of the Vault Job, after the Juggernaut 
comes down, go up and look and see a car, look in the backseat

44. Gearhead Shotgun: After coming to the bank lobby, go right to see it lying 
a ledge by some plants

45. Gearhead Jet: After Juggernaut makes a hole in the wall after you leave the 
vault, look left and jump over the desk to see it lying on a chair.

46. Authority Mutant: After arriving to the Resistance Base, go into the Doc’s
Office and see it on a tray.  

47. Monarch: Before entering the powerplant, look right at the steps to see it.

48. Portman: When going to the Abandoned Distillery, look right while in the 
caves to see it on a crate.

49. Dyno-Mutant: While doing Eviction Notice, after disabling the turret up the 
stairs, go right into the shop to see it on a table.

50. Jackal Club: When you enter the Canyon, look left and limb up some
rocks to reach it.

51. Jackal Crossbow: Its by the switch on a table where you need to
release lock to open the door.

52. Gearhead Boss: When your about to leave the powerplant, go left and up some
stairs so find it in a cabinet.

53. Large Mutant: When visiting the Dead City for the first time, use a
RC Bomb in the drainage pipe where a mutant comes out, then explode the
barrels to unlock the door to get in. [MUST GET ON FIRST TIME HERE SO DO

54. Elite Guard: While disabling the bridge lasers, go to the left generator
and go to some boxes with a Turret Barrel on it, look behind it.

VIII. Vehicle Jumps                                         [008]

There are a total of 18 jumps in Rage, 11 of them are in Western Wasteland 
while the other 7 are in the Eastern Wasteland. I’ll try to help you hit all 
of them to the best of my ability. [GET: HARDWARE PACKET, ELECTRICAL WIRE KIT, 

1. First Jump: After you get the Dune Buster, head back to the Ghost Hideout, 
where you see the ramp to hit the drone, really easy to do.

2. Butterfly in Sky: Right behind you from your first drone, back up to the 
cliff then boost ahead aiming for the pillar which a slope ramp, this can be 
annoying to do.

3. In the Basket: After destroying the barricade, look left at the crater, 
then go near where you drive down easily, you want to hit mini ramp near here 
to break it.

4. I think I Can: After arming your buggy, go down the right path when you 
exit Wellspring, you want to take the path that leads up to the drone,
 easy to hit.

5. Mini Gap Jump: Stay on the path and its a little further down, you’ll 
see a ramp which makes it easy to hit.

6. Highway Hop: When doing the Feltrite Sample Job, you’ll come to the 
Scrocher territory where you’ll see broken highway to a drone.

7. Leap of Faith: In the same spot just take the other broken highway to 
break the drone.

8. Tiger Jump: When travelling to JK Stiles, stay on the bottom path and 
don’t take the highway, you’ll see it, drive onto the ramp and hit it.

9. Dedicated: After resuppling the Watchtower, go inside and go left, you’ll
 come to a fork in the path [left and up, go left] boost to where the drone 
is and claim your prize.

10. Science that Makes you Crazy: After coming back from prison, drive off 
the cliff where there are 2 towers, stay to the right [THIS ONE IS HARD SO I 

11. Crazy: Drive to Crazy Joes swamp, this one is tricky, look for blue paint 
on the rocks near here [That’s your guide] use that and boost to break.

12. Gimme: When you leave Subway Town, you’ll see a drone in front of you, 
drive up and go off ramp to hit it.

13. Bunny Hop: When going to the gears base, go up the highway and take the 
left exit to smash it.

14. In the Gears: Near the entrance of the Power Plant, go left and see the 
ramp to hit it.

15. Shock and Awe: Also near the Power Plant but need to drive up some cliffs 
first, carefully drive then hit it.

16. Over the Hills: After exiting the Plant go and look for a green ramp, 
this will lead you to the drone.

17. Off the Dune: After you disable the bridge lasers keep going till you see 
the drone, drive over the dune and angle yourself to hit it, it can be 
challenging but can be done.

18. Near the Heart: When near Capital Prime you’ll see a Authority garage to 
your left, drive to it and go around to the right, carefully drive on the 
cliffs until you angle yourself properly to hit the final one.

Congratulation’s you have hit all 18 jumps, that’s how we done man and nobody 
will mess with us LOL, hope this helps you out guys :P.   

IX. Achievement/Trophy Guide                                       [009]

Here’s a list of the trophies/achievements in RAGE. I’ll show you how to do 
and get each trophy.

A True Legend: Complete a Legend of the Wasteland on Nightmare difficulty
How to get: Play any mission on Nightmare difficulty and complete it

Anthology: Complete all Legends of the Wasteland
How to get: Complete all the missions in Legends of the Wastelands on any 
difficulty to get it.

Arts and Crafts: Construct 10 Engineering Items
How to get: In campaign, just construct any 10 items

Bringin' Home the Bacon: Earn 750 Dollars in one episode of Bash TV in 
the Campaign
How to get: Try and do this on your first time here as you will get a 
better chance of getting rather on your second time here. 

Debunked: Complete Shrouded Bunker in the Campaign
How to get:

Decapathon: Get 10 Headshot kills with the Wingstick
How to get: Headshot 10 enemies in either Campaign mode or Legend of the 
Wasteland mode.

Decrypted: Complete Jackal Canyon in the Campaign
How to get: Complete Ark Equipment Job

Deliverance: Complete the final round of Strum
How to get: Don’t mess up a chord in strum [My suggestion is right is down 
if you can’t remember it]

Demolition Man: Destroy 100 Enemy Cars
How to get: Destroy 100 bandit cars when travelling the wasteland in your 

Dev Graffiti: Find the secret Developer Graffiti Room 
How to get:

Fresh Meat: Complete a public Road RAGE match
How to get: Play any Road RAGE match online and complete from start to finish.

Ghost Buster: Complete Ghost Hideout in the Campaign
How to get: Get it after you complete the job “Quell Bandit Threat”

Gladiator: Complete Mutant Bash TV in the Campaign
How to get: Complete Mutant Bash TV Job

Gotta Have 'Em All: Collect all Playing Cards on one play-through
How to get: Look at Card Location section to find them all

Hardest Deck: Beat Teague's hardest Deck
How to get: In Subway Town, go into Bricks Bar and play Teague.

Hat Trick: Kill at least 3 Enemies with a single Mind Controlled Enemy
How to get: Do it when there are 3 people bunched up together, kill 2 other 
people since the guy blowing up counts as one.

Hey, not too rough: Finish the Campaign on any difficulty
How to get: Beat the game on any difficulty 

Hurt me plenty: Finish the Campaign on at least Normal difficulty
How to get: Beat the game on Normal difficulty or higher

It's Alive!: Complete Dead City in the Campaign
How to get: Complete Defibrillator Job

It's Good!: Score each of the 3 Field Goals from the ATV
How to get:

JACKPOT!: Roll 4 Targets in the first round of Tombstones
How to get: This is probably the hardest trophy to get since its all about 
luck here, play the game over and over again till you hit all 4 targets in 
one roll.

Jail Break: Complete Authority Prison in the Campaign
How to get: Complete Liberate Captain Marshall

Jetpacker: Kill an Authority Enforcer during Jetpack descent
How to get: While in the prison, kill the guy who drops down right away to 
get this. This can be done at other spots where Enforcers drop down

Jumper: Perform all 18 Vehicle Jumps
How to get: Find and hit all 18 Authority Drones in the Wasteland

Just a Flesh Wound: Complete the final round of 5 Finger Filet
How to get: Look of the guy playing with the knife in one of the Bars to play 
the mini-game.

Keep 'Em Coming: Get 5 kills with one deployed Sentry Turret
How to get: Best used after getting the Advanced Version of it and use it 
during Abandoned Distillery Job

Lead Foot: Win a Race in the Campaign
How to get: When win your race when doing the mission “Arming your Buggy”

Master Chef: Collect all Recipes and Schematics in one play-through
How to get: Find all the Recipes and Schematics in the game, look at 
Section with Recipes/Schematics to find all of them.

Mechanocide: Kill 100 Enemies with Sentry Bots, Sentry Turrets, or 
RC Bomb Cars
How to get: Just use any of the 3 to tally up to 100 kils

Minigamer: Win all Minigames
How to get: Win 5 Finger Fillet, Tombstones, Strum, Rage Frenzy

Mr. Oddjob: Complete 5 Job Board Quests in one play-through
How to get: Get is after doing A Proposition/RC Prototype

Mutie Blues: Complete Blue Line Station in the Campaign
How to get: Complete Mutant Expansion Job

MVP: Get first place in a public Road RAGE match
How to get: Get first place in any mode in a online match

No Room for Sidekicks: Complete a Legend of the Wasteland without any 
player(s) becoming incapacitated
How to get: Don’t die in a mission in Legend of the Wasteland

Obsessive Compulsive: Reach 100% Completion in the Campaign
How to get: This means all jobs, side jobs, schematic/recipes found.

Open Minded: Get 10 Headshot kills with the Sniper Rifle
How to get: Can be done in campaign or in Legend of the Wasteland

Passive Aggressive: Get 3 kills with a single Sentry Bot
How to get: Best used after getting the Advanced Version of it and use it 
during Abandoned Distillery Job

Power Struggle: Complete Power Plant in the Campaign
How to get: Complete The Price of Power Job

Rage Cup: Win all Races in the Campaign
How to get: Get all Gold in Wellspring and Subway Town

RAGE Nightmare: Finish the Campaign on Nightmare difficulty
How to get: Start to end on Nightmare difficulty without changing it

Roadkill: Run over 10 Mutants
How to get: Look at Assault on Authority Bridge Section.

Silent But Deadly: Stealth kill 10 Enemies with the Striker Crossbow
How to get: Get 10 one-hit kills without being seen

The Legend Begins...: Complete a Legend of the Wasteland
How to get: Complete a mission on any difficulty in Legend of the Wasteland  

Three Birds, One Bomb Car: Kill 3 Enemies with one RC Bomb Car
How to get: When bunched up, use the bomb to kill them

Tinkerer: Construct 50 Engineering Items
How to get: Done over time, so just keep making

Ultra-violence: Finish the Campaign on at least Hard difficulty
How to get: Beat campaign on Hard difficulty or higher

Vault Assault: Complete Gearhead Vault in the Campaign
How to get: Complete Gearhead Vault Job

Waste Management: Complete Wasted Garage in the Campaign
How to get: Complete Find the Buggy Parts 

Wellness Plan: Complete The Well in the Campaign
How to get: Complete Hijacked Well job

ytiC daeD: Complete Dead City Reverse in the Campaign
How to get: Complete Lost Research Data Job

X. Special Thanks                                                 [010]

I would like to thank some people but I did this FAQ all by myself, so I will 
be waiting for people to me make this guide so I can credit them for the work 
as well, c ya people ;P

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If you got any tips or information that is useful for the FAQ, please email me 
@ [email protected], you get credited for sharing this info with 
me but make sure you check the FAQ before emailing me, it might be covered in 
the FAQ.


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