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                    RAINBOW SIX 3 GLITCHES

  Here are some glitches I found out on X-box Live and I would like to share
  them with you.

                              1.1: Wall Glitch
                              2.2: Meat packing plant
                              3.3: Scharians
                              4.4: Airport 1
1.1 In a standing,or crouching position get far enough away from the wall
  so that when you lean towards it doesn't push you back.  Then slowly move the left 
thumbstick towards the wall so that you don't unlean. Now your upper body should be 
through the wall.  You can only shoot through certain types of walls like 
windows,vents, and garage doors.  Sometimes you can only use a Desert Eagle (50 cal)

  2.2  When you start at the red teams spawn get out of the place by the door who is 
to your right, then keep walking in direction of the little stairs ramp, face the 
wall and go on the ramp You'll be abe to walk in the middle of the room.

  3.3 Go to the top of the big ladder, walk then run across the crates, out of the 
map then get behind the gate in the spawn

 4.4  First get on the ladder inside where the airplanes are being held.  Then hold 
A for 8 seconds you should now be on the planes.



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