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                            THE LEGEND OF ZELDA
                              OCARINA OF TIME
                      (: not master quest mind you :)


1. breakdown
2. Controls.
3. How to do that glitch for infinate gold spiders. (cant member the real name).
4. How to get the biggoron sword.
5. The Boss List
6. The mask quest.
7. The (for now) inCOMPLETE song list.
8. FAQ'S section.
9. Legal Junk

                              1. Breakdown

Hi, Nick here (aka TheLynch) And today im going to tell you some really cool stuff 
from my favorite game, The Legend of Zelda OOT. W00T! BOOYA!!! L33T!! rofl.
  Btw, this is my first time posting on this site, so be nice!! :)
                              2. Controls

Its a preety simple control scheme they got goin for this game...

A button- This is used for selections, and as an action button               
B button- This button pulls out your sword (or bow) and do attacks                
Y button- The C-stick LEFT in button form.   
X button- The C-stick RIGHT in button form
Z button- The C-stick DOWN in button form
L shoulder- Hold this down and what you got is a lock-on shoulder button
R shoulder- If you have one equiped, this button gets the shield out
C stick- Look Above
Control stick- This moves Link in the direction that you point the stick in
D-pad- NO USE
Start Button- This button is used for an ingame menu

And thats all she wrote. ( actually, HE. lol)

                              3. The Gold spider glitch

  If you pull this trick of correctly, you can actually get over 100 gold spiders a 
lot faster than having to travel across hyrule.

You must have: Bombs, Boomerang, And the Song of Storms to do this trick. - In 
order to get as many gold skultullas as you want, you should go to the tree 
somewhat close to where you first met Talon. Then play the song of storms. A hole 
will open and you can jump down.You will see that parts of the wall are able to be 
bombed, so after you first drop, go to the bombable wall to the left and lay a 
bomb. Behind it is one of the gold spiders. Get right up next to the teleporter, so 
you have it as close as you can behind you. Once you kill the gold spider, L-target 
the coin, then throw your boomerang at it. As it comes back, do a back-flip into 
the teleporter. A blank message box will come up if done correctly. Now that your 
back up on the surface, check your Gold spider list and it should have 1 more for 
ya. If you go back down there, the spider will still be there. You can do this as 
many times as you want.         And There ya have it.

More will come VERY soon.          


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