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Rare Items FAQ

v. 1.25 by Khaotika!

This FAQ is written for the US version of Phantasy Star Online for the Sega
Dreamcast. It is written for the sole purpose of finding all the appropriate
items for your character, best weapons for them, managing your inventory, 

This FAQ shall not be posted up on any gaming websites without my
permission. Email me at [email protected] if you wish to do so. Also,
the plagarizing or selling of this FAQ is illegal. Feel free to print this
for your enjoyment. ;)

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It will be updated once a week, unless I happen to get a glut of new info..


4/10/2001 - v. 1.25 - More, more, more..how do you like it, how do you like
it?.. heh. Added 3rd NOTICE... :p

4/3/2001 - v. 1.2 - Corrections, additions... isn't anyone tired of this
game yet? :p Also added a SECOND NOTICE, as well as some serious questions..
3/27/2001 - v. 1.15 - Correcting info, adding info..as usual. :p
3/20/2001 - v. 1.1 - More rares info added! Also, added a few URLs and a 
3/13/2001 - v. 1.0 - Basically, this FAQ was torn straight from the uber-
gigantic Items/Weapons/etc. FAQ I wrote. It was getting quite huge, so I
decided to split this from the main FAQ. Besides, over 90% of the email I
receive is about rares.. :p Added quite a few things, as well as (hopefully)
correcting some information like 'where an item falls under', info on how
to get them, etc.

For info on regular items, please refer to my Items/Weapons/Armor/Units FAQ.


Contents -



1. Hard to Find But Worth it Regular Items
        (Weapons, Armor, etc.)

2. Rare Items
        (Weapons, Armor, Units)

3. Mag Items

4. Rumors, Fun Stuff, and other common questions

5. Trade List/My Items

6. Thanks and Credits



While I appreciate the ton of emails I get about my 2 FAQs, PLEASE, PLEASE
don't email me asking for free handouts of these items. Some of these I
have, but most I don't. Those I do have, I'm probably using. Any Special 
Weapons I happen to have are mainly for my own use, or to have for the hell
of it. And no, I don't have Heaven's Punisher, please quit asking for it.
What the hell use would a Gae Bolg be to a RAmar anyway?? I would consider
trades, but I don't have much of value..most of what I have, could easily
be found on your own.. :p

And if you do see me on PSO, please be kind. My mental health is usually one
step away from the looney bin.... @[email protected]


"Why haven't you responded to my email yet?*
-Because I receive between 10-35 emails A DAY concerning this game/FAQ. It's
slowed down considerably since the first version, but I still get a LOT of
mail. I'd really like to respond to them all, but I only really get a chance
to reply to a few very rarely. Most of the emails that I do get have either
questions that can be answered by reading the latest version of the FAQ/or
people asking me to play a game with them. You can find that info later on
in the FAQ..


Please, please, PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE FAQ, before you decide to send me
information!! A lot of the email I've gotten recently just states info that
someone else has already sent me! Thank you! Also, some people have been 
sending me the same 3 or 4 questions about items.. Take the time to read
all the way to the bottom, and if your question isn't answered by the faq,
please feel free to email me...


This FAQ is here as reference for the seemingly never ending amount
of rare items found in this game. It should serve as an all-purpose 
reference guide for anyone looking for the best weapon for their character, 
to which units are the best to attach to your armor. Some of these rares are 
quite common (DB Saber anyone?), while some are MADDENINGLY difficult to 
find. ID, Hours Played, The Person who starts the game, etc, all seem to 
make finding certain rares easier.

Some items, weapons, etc. can only be used by certain classes. Androids
cannot use Magic, so items related to that are useless to them. Keep
in mind that some classes learn to use weapons/spells, etc. at a faster pace
than others.

As for the items list, you can hold a maximum of 60 items total in storage,
as well as 30 on your person. 90 items seems like a lot, but your space will
fill up quickly, trust me. ;)

I can't do this FAQ alone, so I need some help acquiring info about some of
the rare items you may find in your game, such as Magical Piece, Pan
Arm's Blades, etc.

Email me at [email protected] if you have anything you want to add
here. I'll put it in the next revision. :)


1. Hard to Find But Worth It Regular Items

As we all know by now, finding that one rare item you've been looking for
countless hours really makes the time spent in this game well worth it. But
for all those who haven't had such luck, here's a small list of hard to find
regular items, that are just as good, and in some cases, better..


A great weapon needs to have a lot of high photon percentages on all 
enemies. Blizzard types help in online games, as they can help freeze the 
faster VHard enemies so your teammates won't get slaughtered. Tempest weapons
are great against the machines of the Mines, while Burning types help against
most Cave monsters. Other very useful types for online (or offline) play are
Gush, Arrest, Hell, Geist, Demon's and Devil's. Have a LOT of extra cash and
have nothing to buy? Use a Charge weapon. A Gladius with any of these types
should be kept on your person at all times, if you're not a Hunter.


For quick attackers, I recommend a Blizzard Ripper or an Arrest Ripper. To
take out a legion of enemies, Gush Gungirs and Caliburs help tremendously.
Nothing beats a weapon of the Gungir or Calibur type with a Demon's, 
Devil's, or even a Hell attribute. Try to find a weapon that suits your 
playing style, as well as one with the attribute you feel helps you out the


To help get a swarm of Dimenians off your back, try a Demon's Laser or even
a Devil's Laser. Blizzard and Arrest types also help out as well. Androids
who can't benefit from attributes like Geist or Spirit, can use a Charge
type weapon if they have the extra meseta for it. If you can find a Hell
Arms, hold on to it, and teach the Ruins enemies a lesson.


Nothing feels better than using a Blizzard weapon, followed by a well placed
Rafoie to show enemies what 'a cold day in Hell' really means. Geist Rayguns
are a Godsend for Forces, so you should always be on the hunt for one with
some high percentages. Arrest, Demon's, Devil's and Hell also help out in
a pinch.


Ultimate Frame        ??             Level 80          VHard Ruins

Guardian Armor   70000 to 240250+    Level 75          VHard Mode
Divinity Armor        ??             Level 78          VHard Mode
Celestial Armor       ??             Level 85      Rarely dropped after
                                                   beating Dark Falz in
                                                   V.Hard mode.

Divinity Barrier    22898+           Level 63          VHard Mines/Ruins
Spritiual Shield      ??             Level 71          VHard Ruins
Celestial Shield      ??             Level 75          VHard Ruins

(availability of Guardian Armor/Divinity Barriers/Spiritual Shield will 
increase as you play VHard Ruins more often)


2. Rare Items

This covers the rare items found while playing through the game by
yourself or with others. The chance of finding these, is of course, better
if you play in a multi-player game online. Some of these are more common
than others, and some, even though they belong to a certain family of
weapons/armor, can be equipped by any character.

If you find these items (with the exception of rare units), they will
usually be unknown weapons/armor, in LARGE FONT, and you will have to see
a tekker to actually reveal what they are. Once analyzed, these items will
show up in your stock in Gold Font.

The easier to find ones are around 9 Stars. The harder to find ones are
10 Stars or more..

has an affect on when all rares will appear. Don't expect to find things
like Brionac on your first trip through VHard Ruins. *



#Saber Types#

DB'S SABER        All CLASSES    A sword with the       Hard Ruins/
(ATP must be 265 or higher)      initials "DB" carved   VHard levels/
(up to +9)                       into the hilt. Uses    VHard Forest/??
                                 TP to create a power- 
                                 ful attack.

KALADGOLG         All CLASSES    A legendary sword      Ruins/Hard Ruins
(ATP must be 295 or higher)      long sought after      /VHard Forest/Al 
(up to +9)                       by warriors. Its       Rappies/Hildebears
                                 special attack         drop this as well.
                                 freezes enemies.       /??

DURANDAL          Hunter ONLY    A legendary sword      Hard/Vhard Forest
(ATP must be 310 or higher)      known as "The Knight's /Dropped by
(up to +9)                       Blade." Its special    Hildebear/Ruins/
                                 attack steals          ??
                                 experience points.

#Sword Types#

FLOWEN'S SWORD    Hunter ONLY    Bears the serial     V.Hard Mines and
(ATP must be 385 or higher)      number 52-0003.      Ruins./??
(up to +9)                       Refills user's TP by 
                                 a small fraction 
                                 with a special 
                                 attack. (also raises luck by 10)

LAST SURVIVOR     Hunter ONLY    A sword said to      Vhard Caves/33532+
(ATP must be 480 or higher)      protect its bearer
(up to +9)                       in battle. Its
(Bought in SKYLY, ORAN,          special attack
VIRIDIA, REDRIA sections)        steals HP.

DRAGON SLAYER     Hunter ONLY    A legendary sword    Sometimes after
(ATP must be 495 or higher)      born by one who      killing Dragon
(up to +9)                       defeated a dragon.   in Hard Forest/??
                                 Adds an explosive    (sometimes V.Hard
                                 fire attack.         Ruins) Even Falz
                                                      sometimes drops. :p
                                                      It's Everywhere!!

#Dagger Types#

BLADE DANCE       Hunter ONLY    A short sword named     VHard Mines and 
(ATP must be 385 or higher)      for its dance-like      Ruins/??
(up to +9)                       attack. Its special
                                 attack paralyzes

BLOODY ART        Hunter ONLY    A legendary short       Ruins/24432+
(ATP must be 412 or higher)      sword named after all
(up to +9)                       the blood that it
(Bought in ORAN, GREENILL        spilled. Its special
sections)                        attack halves enemy HP.

CROSS SCAR        Hunter ONLY    A legendary short       Ruins/??
(ATP must be 463 or higher)      sword that leaves 
(up to +9)                       cross-shaped scars on
                                 its victims. Adds
                                 Lightning damage.

#Slicer Types#

SLICER OF ASSASSIN All CLASSES   A legendary throwing    V.Hard Mines and
(ATP must be 475 or higher)      blade used by elite     Ruins/??
(up to +9)                       assassins. Its 
                                 special attack can
                                 kill instantly.

DISKA OF LIBERATOR All CLASSES   Diska with Havoc        VHard Caves/??
(ATP must be 480 or higher)      ability.
(up to +9)

DISKA OF BRAVEMAN  Hunter ONLY   A legendary throwing    ??/35119+
(ATP must be 495 or higher)      blade for the brave.
(up to +9)                       Sacrifices HP for a
(Bought in WHITILL section)      powerful special attack.

#Partisan Types#

BRIONAC           Hunter ONLY    A legendary long        VHard Ruins/??
(ATP must be 475 or higher)      sword made of 
(up to +9)                       precious Photons.
                                 Its special attack
                                 steals enemy TP.

VJAYA             Hunter ONLY    Partisan with Charge    ??/??
(ATP must be 495 or higher)      ability.
(up to +9)

GAE BOLG          Hunter ONLY    A legendary long        VHard Forest 
(ATP must be ?? or higher)       sword that is said      and Ruins
(up to +9)                       to become sharper       /50000+
(Bought in BLUEFULL,             with every blow.
GREENILL sections)               Its special attack
                                 freezes enemies.

#Handgun Types#

VARISTA           All CLASSES    A legendary high        Hard Ruins/Just
(ATP must be 110 or higher)      performance pistol.     about everywhere,
(up to +9)                       It's special attack     really../??
                                 causes paralysis.

CUSTOM RAY v.00   All CLASSES    A pistol used by        VHard Mines, 
(ATA must be ?? or higher)       mechanic group          Ruins/Also Hard
(up to +9)                       "team00". Proves the    Mines, Ruins/??
                                 bearer to be a member
                                 of the team. Adds fire

BRAVACE           Ranger ONLY    A legendary pistol      Hard Caves/??
(ATA must be 118 or higher)      reserved for high-
(up to +9)                       ranking officers
                                 aboard Pioneer 1.
                                 Adds lightning damage.

#Rifle Types#

VISK*235W         Ranger ONLY    A legendary rifle     Hard Mines and
(ATA must be 118 or higher)      crafted by Visk, one   Ruins, VHard
(up to +9)                       of the three masters.  everywhere/??
                                 Its special attack
                                 paralyzes enemies.

WALS-MK2          Ranger ONLY    A rifle with the        ??/??
(ATA must be 120 or higher)      Havoc ability.
(up to +9)

JUSTY-23ST        Ranger ONLY    A legendary rifle       ??/50000+
(ATA must be 125 or higher)      crafted by Justy,
(up to +9)                       one of the three
(bought in GREENILL section)     masters. Its special
                                 attack halves enemy HP.

#Mechgun Types#

M&A60 VISE        All CLASSES    A legendary machine     VHard Mines and 
(ATA must be 120 or higher)      gun from the Vise       Ruins/??
(up to +9)                       Corp. Sacrifices HP
                                 for a powerful
                                 special attack.
                                 Also raises luck by 5.

H&S25 JUSTICE     All CLASSES    A legendary machine     VHard Mines and
(ATA must be 122 or higher)      gun from the Justice    Ruins/50000+
(up to +9)                       Corp. Its special
(Bought in GREENILL, ORAN,       attack freezes
PURPLENUM sections)              enemies.

L&K14 COMBAT      Ranger ONLY    A legendary machine     VHard Mines/??
(ATA must be 124 or higher)      gun from the Combat
(up to +9)                       Corp. Its special
                                 attack paralyzes
                                 enemies. Also raises
                                 Luck by 10.

#Shotgun Types#

CRUSH BULLET      Ranger ONLY    A legendary shotgun     V.Hard Mines and
(ATA must be 122 or higher)      made with concentrated  Ruins/33000+
(up to +9)                       pure Photons. Its 
(Bought in VIRIDIA section)      special attack steals
                                 enemy HP.

METEOR SMASH      Ranger ONLY    A legendary shotgun     V.Hard Ruins/??
(ATA must be 125 or higher)      with power that
(up to +9)                       rivals a meteor
                                 strike. Its special
                                 attack steals TP.

FINAL IMPACT      Ranger ONLY    A legendary shotgun     VHard Forest, 
(ATA must be 125 or higher)      with tremendous power.  Mines, Ruins/??
(up to +9)                       Its special attack 
                                 steals experience 

#Club Types#

CLUB OF LACONIUM  Force ONLY     A legendary cane made   Hard Ruins/VHard 
(MST must be 430 or higher)      of sturdy Laconium      Mines and Ruins/??
(up to +9)                       metal. Its special
                                 attack adds explosive
                                 fire damage. 
                                 (also raises Luck by 10)

MACE OF ADAMAN    Force ONLY     A mace with the Storm   VHard Forest/??
(MST must be 440 or higher)      ability.
(up to +9)

CLUB OF ZUMIURAN  Force ONLY     A legendary cane made   VHard Forest/??
(MST must be 450 or higher)      of the magic stone 
(up to +9)                       Zumiuran. Its special
                                 attack can cause instant

#Rod Types#

BATTLE VERGE      Force ONLY     A legendary battle      Hard Ruins,
(MST must be 460 or higher)      cane made so Forces     anywhere in
(up to +9)                       can hold their own      VHard/??
                                 in a fight. Halves
                                 enemy HP.

BRAVE HAMMER      Force ONLY     A legendary battle      VHard Mines/??
(MST must be 470 or higher)      cane for brave
(up to +9)                       Forces. Its special
                                 attack uses TP to
                                 launch a powerful

ALIVE AGHU        Force ONLY     A legendary battle      Hard Caves/VHard
(MST must be 480 or higher)      cane made for a Force   Ruins/??
(up to +9)                       for intense fights.
                                 Its special attack
                                 steals enemies' HP.

#Wand Types#

FIRE SCEPTER: AGNI  Force ONLY   A legendary magic cane  Hard Ruins,
(MST must be 470 or higher)      containing the power    anywhere in
(up to +9)                       of fire. Its special    VHard/??
                                 attack adds fire damage.

ICE STAFF: DAGON  Force ONLY     A wand with the Freeze  VHard Ruins/??
(MST must be 480 or higher)      ability.
(up to +9)

STORM WAND: INDRA  Force ONLY    A legendary magic cane  ??/50000+
(MST must be 490 or higher)      containing the power
(up to +9)                       of lightning. Adds
(Bought in PINKAL, VIRIDIA,      lightning damage.
WHITILL sections)

#Unique 9 Star Weapons#

AKIKO'S FRYING PAN  All CLASSES  The ultimate weapon? Find all 'Weapons'
(ATP must be 52 or higher)       --hard, yet supple,  members during 5 of
(up to +9)                       and smooth!          the offline quests.
                                                      Talk to their boss
                                                      to receive it.

(During 'Secret Delivery', find a man who mentions 'WEAPONS'. Answer his 2
questions with "!!" to receive the first emblem. Get their approvals in 
these quests: Value of Money, Gran Squall, Lost Bride, Claiming a Stake.
Beat each of these quests in order for the approvals to save. 
You will have to beat all quests once to play through older ones again. 
You can find these people by looking for new people walking around in town
during the quests. After this, return to Secret Delivery, speak to the 
same man, he'll tell you to find his wife. Speak to a woman near the shops,
and after a few lines from them both, you get the frying pan from her.)

BOOK OF KATANA    All CLASSES    The 4 swords forged    Caves/Ruins/Hard/ 
                                 by the heavens:        VHard Levels/??
                                 Sange Kamui Agito Yasha

(Find all Books of Katana as well as an Agito. Take these to the appraiser
in the 'Seek My Master' quest to have him form them into the true Agito,

AGITO             All CLASSES    Model and maker        Ruins/Hard/VHard
(ATP must be 195 or higher)      varies. Some are       Lvls (Appears as
                                 fakes, some real.      Book of Katana)
                                 Find the appraiser     Possibility of ?
                                 in the 'Seek my        different versions,
                                 Master' quest to       including the one
                                 reveal value.          true sword. (1975)

OROTIAGITO        Hunter ONLY    AUW1975 model.         See Book of Katana
(ATP must be 470 or higher)      Made by Dousetsu.      listing./??
(up to +9)                       Its special attack
                                 halves enemy HP.

*NOTE* - It _is_ possible to find the true Agito, Orotiagito, on your
own, without the help of the Books of Katana.



#Knuckle Types#

BRAVE KNUCKLE     All CLASSES    Gear for the fists     Hard/VHard Forest
(ATP must be 250 or higher)      and feet to boost      /??
(up to +55)(9 Stars)             attack power for
                                 unarmed combat. Its
                                 special attack causes

ANGRY FIST        All CLASSES?   Freezes enemies as     ??/??
(ATP must be ?? or higher)       its special attack.
(up to +30)

GOD HAND          All CLASSES?   The ultimate gear for  ??/??
(ATP must be 470 or higher)      unarmed combat. Its
(up to +15)                      special attack steals
                                 experience points.
                                 Adds +5 to Luck, +15
                                 to ATA, + 5 to DEF.

SONIC KNUCKLE     All CLASSES?   Gee, what do you think? ??/??
(ATP must be ?? or higher)
(up to ?)

#Claw Types#

PHOTON CLAW       All CLASSES     Claws with Photon     Caves/Mines/Ruins
(ATP must be 215 or higher)       blades for quick      (Normal, Hard, 
(up to +20)                       attacks with right    VHard)/??
                                  hand. Special attack
                                  steals enemy's HP.

SILENCE CLAW    Hunter ONLY?      Legendary Claws that  ??/??
(ATP must be 336 or higher)       kill silently. Its
(up to +15)                       special attack can
                                  fell enemies with a
                                  single blow.

NEI'S CLAW    HUnewearl/RAcaseal  Related to Phantasy   ??/??
(ATP must be ?? or higher)        Star 2's Nei.. Takes
(up to +9)                        HP from enemies.

#Scythe Types#

SOUL EATER        All CLASSES     A cursed sickle that  Kireek sidequests
(ATP must be 165 or higher)       drains HP from the    in offline quests.
(up to +35)                       user. Its special     Also dropped by
                                  attack drains HP for  Hildeblue.
                                  a powerful strike.  

(Play through these quests in order: Dr. Osto's Research, Unsealed Door,
Waterfall Tears, Black Paper, From the Depths. In Dr Osto's research,
DO NOT TELL SUE YOUR NAME. Play through the quest. Meet her again in
Unsealed Door, talk to her, beat the quest. Waterfall Tears - continue
into Cave 2 after you beat Anna, to find Kireek and fight him. Black
Paper - fight Kireek in Cave 1, beat the quest. From the Depths - fight
through Ruins 2 and 3, after Ash leaves, continue on to fight Kireek
for the final time. He should drop Soul Eater when beaten.)  

*MAKE SURE that you have AT LEAST one slot open when you defeat Kireek,
or you WILL NOT be able to get his Soul Eater.. If you are full, then
quit the From the Depths quest, and play it over with room for it...

SOUL BANISH        Hunter ONLY    A cursed, but powerful    VHard Ruins,
(ATP must be 295 or higher)       sickle, that drains HP    possibly 
(up to +9)                        from the user. Its        acquired by
                                  attack drains HP for a    killing with
                                  powerful strike.          the Soul

*NOTE*- A lot of people are confused about the 'description to obtain'
part of the Soul Banish listing. What it means, is that the person who
sent me this info, told me that while he was using his Soul Eater to
kill enemies in the Ruins, one of them dropped a Soul Banish.

#Enemy Weapon Types#

(These weapons appear as 'insertnamehere's Arm'. Take these to Dr. 
Montague in one of the quests like Unsealed Door to have him appraise
it as a weapon. *NOTE* He's the kooky lil fat FOnewm wandering around
in yellow..)

DELSABER'S BUSTER  All CLASSES    Delsaber's hand, now       Ruins/??
(ATP must be 295 or higher)       now an enemy weapon.  Find Dr. Montague 
(up to +9)                        Powers up 100% if     in one of the 
                                  used with a Delsaber  quests, (Unsealed
                                  shield. Lightning     Door, for ex.) and 
                                  damage.               bring him the arm 
                                                        to make the weapon.
                                                        Dropped as 
                                                        'Delsaber's Right

S-BEAT BLADES  Hunter/Ranger ONLY An enemy weapon made  Hard Mines/Ruins
(ATP must be 485 or higher)       from the hands of a   Kill a Sinow 
(up to +25)                       Sinow Beat. Its       Beat/Delsaber
                                  special attack can    and they drop
                                  kill in a single      this as 'S-Beat's
                                  strike.               Arm'.

PAN ARMS' BLADES   All CLASSES    An enemy weapon made  Hard/Vhard Caves.
(ATP must be 300 or higher)       from the hands of     Defeat Pan Arms
(up to +25)                       a Pan Arms. Its       and they drop this
                                  special attack        as 'P-Arms' Arm'.
                                  paralyzes enemies.    

C-BRINGER RIFLE    Ranger ONLY    Made from a Chaos     Hard/Vhard Ruins/??
(ATA must be 133 or higher)       Bringer's arm.        Dropped by 
(up to +9)                                              Delsaber?

C-SORCERER'S CANE  Force ONLY     A magic cane made     Hard/VHard Ruins/??
(MST must be 420 or higher)       from the cane of a
(cannot be grinded)               Chaos Sorcercer. 
                                  Reduces TP cost by
                                  10% and steals enemy TP.

#Double Saber Types#

DOUBLE SABER       All CLASSES    A double bladed       Caves/Ruins/Hard 
(ATP must be 235 or higher)       photon sword. Its     Mines/VHard levels
(up to +20)                       special attack steals /??
                                  enemies' TP.

STAG CUTLERY       Hunter/Ranger  A legendary double-    V.Hard Forest/??
(ATP must be 343 or higher)       bladed sword usable    (also 'Fake in
(up to +15)                       only by male Hunters   Yellow' V.Hard
                                  and Rangers, causes    quest)

TWIN BRAND         Hunter ONLY    The ultimate double-   VHard Mines, Ruins
(ATP must be 470 or higher)       bladed sword, only for /??
(up to +9)                        masters. Its special
                                  attack halves enemy HP.

#Shotgun Types#

SPREAD NEEDLE    Ranger/Hunter    A custom shotgun that  Ruins/Hard Lvls
                     ONLY?        shoots countless       /??
(ATA must be 130 or higher)       needles. Its special
(up to +15)                       attack paralyzes enemies.
                                  FOnewm and FOnewearl cannot
                                  equip because of low ATA.

INFERNO BAZOOKA    All CLASSES    A bazooka of sorts.        ??/??
(ATA must be 125 or higher)       Its special halves
(up to +9)                        HP.

FLAME VISIT        Ranger ONLY    A flamethrower that        VHard Caves/
(ATA must be 118 or higher)       incinerates enemies with   (Dropped by 
(up to +15)                       huge fireballs. Its        Pouilly Slime)
                                  special attack confuses    VHard Mines/??

#Sword Types#

VICTOR AXE         All CLASSES    A Photon Axe, which        ??/??
(ATP must be 250 or higher)       steals enemy HP.
(up to +20)

CHAIN SAWD        Hunter/Ranger   A chainsaw sword.          ??/??
(ATP must be 470 or higher)       Its special steals
(up to +30)                       HP.

LAVIS CANNON       Hunter ONLY    Few facts or even rumors   ??/??
(ATP must be 500 or higher)       are known about this
(up to +15)                       ultimate sword. Its 
                                  abilities are a mystery.

#Handgun Types#

EGG BLASTER        All CLASSES    Robotnik/Eggman's          ??/??
(ATA must be 100 or higher)       blaster. Shoots ripple
(up to +15)                       waves of energy.

SUPRESSED GUN      Ranger ONLY    A small gun that fires    Hard Mines/??
(ATA must be 110 or higher)       Photon Bullets.
(up to +40)

HOLY RAY           All CLASSES    A holy handgun that        ??/??
(ATA must be 120 or higher)       causes paralysis.
(up to +30)  

HEAVEN PUNISHER    Ranger ONLY    The ultimate gun, a weapon VHard Forest
(ATA must be 135 or higher)       veiled in mystery.         /??
(up to +15)                       "Divine Punishment," its
                                  special attack, is based
                                  on time...         

-The Heaven Punisher's special attack, is similar to the 'Death From Above
Light Shower' that Dark Falz can use during his many forms. It works on
Time, aka the Internet Beats clock at the bottom of your menu screen. The
special attack can ONLY be used at EVEN hundreds on this beat clock. So,
the only times it can work are times between: 0-100, 200-300, 400-500, 
600-700, 800-900. So if you want to use it, and your time is for example:
145..you'll just have to be patient and wait until the clock reads 200.
*Thanks to [email protected] for this info*           

#Cane Types#

STING TIP          Force ONLY     A special battle cane with VHard Ruins/
(MST must be 260 or higher)       needles on its tip. Its    Sometimes 
(up to +45)                       special attack steals TP.  dropped by
                                  Adds 30 to MST.            Dark Falz./??

#Wand Types#

TECHNICAL CROZIER  Force ONLY     A special magical cane     ??/??
(MST must be 285 or higher)       made for Forces. Made by
(CANNOT BE GRINDED)               an adept in science and
                                  magic. Casts Barta.

MAGICAL PIECE      Force ONLY     A special magical cane     VHard Ruins/??
(MST must be 390 or higher)       with the magic rock Heart
(CANNOT BE GRINDED)               Key on its tip. It can
                                  cast Zonde without TP cost.
                                  Adds 30 to MST.

#Rod Types#

CADUCEUS           Force ONLY     A special cane created     ??/??
(MST must be 320 or higher)       based on a legendary holy
(CANNOT BE GRINDED)               cane. Casts Foie as a 
                                  special attack.
                                  (Resembles a cane with
                                  angel wings)

PSYCHO WAND        Force ONLY     A mysterious cane known    Sometimes found
(MST must be 450 or higher)       only as the ultimate       after killing
(up to +15)                       cane. Its abilities are    Nar Lilly./??
                                  (Resembles a pitchfork,
                                  casts a random low level spell)


*NOTE ON 'PAIRED' ITEMS - You may benefit from bonuses if you happen to
equip a weapon and/or armor/shield with the same name. Delsaber's
Buster, with Shield increases your attack speed. If you have Flowen's 
Sword, Shield, and Frame, you'll experience a significant increase in
Defense. I'm assuming something similar happens if you have all of DB's
items together..*

HUNTER FIELD    Hunter ONLY       Protective gear for    Dropped by Rag
(Lv 28 or higher)                 Hunters. A thin        Rappy on VHard
                                  defensive field. If    Forest/??
                                  someone has a 
                                  different one...

RANGER FIELD    Ranger ONLY       Protective gear for    Ruins/VHard
(Lv 28 or higher)                 Rangers. A thin        Forest/??
                                  defensive field. If
                                  someone has a 
                                  different one...

FORCE FIELD     Force ONLY        Protective gear for    Hard Mines/??
(Lv 28 or higher)                 Forces. A thin
                                  defensive field. If
                                  someone has a 
                                  different one...

*NOTE on the FIELDS - apparently defense and evade increase by some margin
if you and all your teammates are wearing these at the same time..

REVIVAL GARMENT  All CLASSES      Protective gear that   ??/??
(Lv 58 or higher) 11 stars        stimulates the natural
                                  healing process for
                                  gradual HP recovery.


STINK FRAME      All CLASSES      Protective gear that   VHard Caves/??
(Lv 71 or higher) 9 stars         truly reeks when worn.

D-PARTS ver1.01  Androids ONLY    Special defensive      Dropped by VHard
(Lv 51 or higher) 10 stars        parts that can be      Pouilly Slime/??
                                  equipped only by

D-PARTS ver2.01  Androids ONLY

PARASITE WEAR: All Except Androids Parasite Armor that   Found in VHard
Nelgal                             boosts Def, but       Forest/??
(Lv 54 or higher) 11 stars         decreases HP. Not
                                   equippable by

PARASITE WEAR: All Except Androids Parasite Armor that   Defeat De Rol Le
De Rol                             boosts Def, but       in Hard/V.Hard.
(Lv 66 or higher)                  decreases HP. Not     He sometimes drops
                                   equippable by         this./??

PARASITE WEAR: All Except Androids Parasite Armor that   ??/??
Vajulla                            boosts Def, but
(Lv 89 or higher)                  decreases HP. Not
                                   equippable by 

SENSE PLATE   Hunter/Ranger ONLY  Protective gear that   ??/??
(Lv 53 or higher) 10 stars        stimulates the 
                                  wearer's senses,
                                  making traps visible.
                                  Not useable by Forces.

GRAVITON PLATE  Hunter/Ranger ONLY Highly protective     VHard Mines/??
(Lv 54 or higher) 10 stars         gear that also lowers
                                   accuracy. Not equippable
                                   by Forces.

ATTRIBUTE PLATE Hunter/Ranger ONLY Protective gear that  ??/??
(Lv 54 or higher)                  boosts all resistances
                                   when equipped. Not
                                   equippable by Forces.

FLOWEN'S FRAME   ALL CLASSES?     Bears the serial       VHard Forest/??
(Lv ?? or higher)                 number 52-0003.

CUSTOM FRAME ver.00    ??         Protective gear used   VHard Caves/??
(Lv ?? or higher) 12 stars        by military mechanic
                                  group "TeamXX". Proves
                                  membership in Team.

DB'S ARMOR   Hunter/Ranger ONLY   Mysterious armor with  VHard Forest/??
(Lv 76 or higher)                 "DB" carved in the 
                                  plate. It is said that
                                  there is a matching
                                  sword and shield.


INVISIBLE GUARD  All CLASSES      A transparent shield    Ruins/VHard Ruins
(Lv 17 or higher) 9 stars         that isn't much to      VHard Forest/??
                                  look at, but 
                                  significantly boosts

SACRED GUARD     All CLASSES      A protective screen      Dropped by
(Lv 17 or higher) 11 stars        that guards the wearer   poison spitter
                                  with holy light and      in VHard Ruins/
                                  prevents any adverse     VHard Ruins/??

S-PARTS ver1.16

S-PARTS ver2.01

LIGHT RELIEF     All CLASSES      A special protective     Ruins/Hard and
(Lv 17 or higher)  9 stars        screen for the left      VHard Ruins/??
                                  hand. A barrier of 
                                  light boosts resistance
                                  to darkness.

SHIELD OF DELSABER Hunter/Ranger  A barrier made from    Sometimes dropped
(Lv 41 or higher)     ONLY        the left arm of a      by Delsaber as
12 stars                          Delsaber. Evasion is   'Delsaber's Left
                                  doubled if used with   Arm'/??
                                  the Buster of Delsaber.

HUNTER WALL      Hunter ONLY      A special protective   ??/??
(Lv 41 or higher) 11 stars        screen usable only by
                                  Hunters. Boosts 
                                  Attack Power.

RANGER WALL      Ranger ONLY      A special protective   ??/??
(Lv 41 or higher) 11 stars        screen usable only by
                                  Rangers. Boosts 

FORCE WALL       Force ONLY       A special protective   ??/??
(Lv 41 or higher) 11 stars        screen usable only by
                                  Forces. Boosts Mind

ATTRIBUTE WALL   All CLASSES      A protective screen.   ??/??
(Lv 41 or higher) 11 stars        Boosts all resistance
                                  for all classes.

SECRET GEAR      All CLASSES      A special protective   VHard Caves/??
(Lv 41 or higher) 11 stars        screen designed for                 


PROTO REGENE GEAR All CLASSES     A prototype of a       Normal/Hard Mines
(Lv 66 or higher)                 protective screen that /??
                                  simulates natural 
                                  healing. The regeneration
                                  isn't functional.

REGENERATE GEAR  All CLASSES      A regenerative shield  Sometimes dropped
(Lv 66 or higher) 11 stars        that restores HP when  by Al Rappy (blue)
                                  enemy attacks are      /Hard Caves/??

REGENE GEAR ADV. All CLASSES      An advanced            ??/??
(Lv 66 or higher) 12 stars        regenerative shield
                                  that restores HP/TP
                                  when enemy attacks 
                                  are deflected.

FLOWEN'S SHIELD  Hunter/Ranger    Bears the serial number VHard Forest/??
(Lv 66 or higher)    ONLY         52-0003.
10 stars


DB'S SHIELD   Hunter/Ranger ONLY  A shield with "DB"     ??/??
(Lv 66 or higher) 10 stars        engraved on it. It is
                                  said that there is a
                                  matching sword and armor.


DRAGON/HP         Raises max HP by 30   Normal De Rol Le?/??
OGRE/POWER        Raises ATP by 15-16   Hard Ruins/V.Hard Levels/??
ANGEL/MIND        Raises MST by 15-16   Hard Ruins/V.HardForest/??
METAL/BODY        Raises DEF by ??      ??/??
ELF/LEGS          Raises Evade by 29    Hard Ruins/V.Hard Levels/??
ELF/ARM           Raises ATA by 15-16   Hard Ruins/V.HardForest/??
ANGEL/LUCK        Raises LUCK by ??     ??/??

HP/GENERATE       A reinforcing unit    ??/??
                  for protective gear.
                  Restores HP as you
                  walk medium distances.
TP/GENERATE       A reinforcing unit    ??/??
                  for protective gear.
                  Restores HP as you
                  walk medium distances.

TP/REVIVAL        A reinforcing unit    ??/??
                  for protective gear.
                  Restores TP as you
                  walk short distances.

GOD/HP            Raises max HP by 40   ??/??
GOD/POWER         Raises ATP by 20-25   V.Hard Ruins
GOD/MIND          Raises MST by 25      V.Hard Ruins
GOD/BODY          Raises DEF by ??      ??/??
GOD/LEGS          Raises Evade by 38-40 V.Hard Ruins
GOD/ARM           Raises ATA by 15      V.Hard Mines and Ruins
GOD/LUCK          Raises Luck by 10     Caves?/V.Hard Mines and Ruins

GENERAL/BATTLE    Raises attack speed   ??/??
                  by 10%

DEVIL/BATTLE      A reinforcing unit    Dropped by Nar Lillies and
                  for protective gear.  Pouilly Slimes in VHard Caves.
                  Boosts attack speed
                  when equipped. (by 20%)

GOD/BATTLE        A reinforcing unit    Rarely dropped by Dark Falz in
                  for protective gear.  Very Hard Mode/Nar Lillies/
                  Boosts attack speed   Pouilly Slimes/Pan Arms in 
                  significantly when    VHard Caves.
                  equipped. (by 30%)

WIZARD/TECHNIQUE  Raises all technique  ??/??
                  levels by 1.

DEVIL/TECHNIQUE   Raises all technique  Dropped by Pouilly Slime in
                  levels by 2.          VHard Caves.

GOD/TECHNIQUE     Raises all technique  Dropped by Pouilly Slime in
                  levels by 3.          VHard Caves.

MASTER/ABILITY    Raises ATP, ATA, MST, Nar Lilly drops this in Hard
                  Evade, DEF, LUCK by   , Normal Caves/??

HERO/ABILITY      Raises ATP, ATA, MST, Defeat Nar Lilly in Hard Caves/
                  Evade, DEF, LUCK by   also Pan Arms/??
GOD/ABILITY       Raises ATP, ATA, MST  Rarely dropped by Dark Falz in
                  Evade, DEF, LUCK by   Very Hard Mode.




STATE/MAINTENANCE Prevents all status   Caves/??



3. Mag Items

When playing in game, you may actually come upon an item that really isn't
a weapon, armor, item, or body part. This item is called a Mag Item. 
These usually show up as Cells or Hearts, followed by the name of the
mag they help create. The best place to find these items are from Al
Rappies in VHard Forest.

Here are a few names of these cells. When fed to your Mag on certain 
occasions, your Mag will transform into a rare Mag. For more accurate info
on these, please refer to Nozedive13's excellent MAG GUIDE at GameFAQs.

Heart of Opa Opa
Cell of Mag 213
Heart of Chao


4. Rumors, Fun Stuff, and other common questions

-Rare Weapon Rumors-

Dragon Elk - The supposed 'Gladiator Spike', aka. Spike Gladius. I've had
about 3 people email me about it's confirmed existance. I'm not quite sure
what to think, really, until I see more evidence. Sharked. Not real.

Photon Whip - Again, mostly rumors. I ran into someone last night (3/26/01)
who claimed to possess this. It would be really nice to see a whip-type
weapon in the game, though. :)

Black Death - AKA, the Black Double Saber. No proof that this exists, other
than the rumor of it being Gamesharked..

-Other Item Rumors-

Lv 999 Mags - Sorry to say, but hacked. :p

God/HP++, God/TP++ - There are a few who claim these ACTUALLY exist. I'm
sort of inclined to believe them, seeing as how most other units of this
type can have pluses or minuses. The only ones I've seen were hacked. In
fact, a friend let me try one out.. (he's mentioned in the list, not 
saying who..) Gives you 9002 HP/8982 TP, respectively..

-Fun Stuff-

*Fun Fakes*

I'm making a lil mini-site (www.khaotika.com/pso.html), dedicated to making
up some funny fake weapons for use in PSO. Items along the likes of 
Arm of Starscream, Link's Boomerang, Rico's Ring, etc. Check it out. I 
should get it up and working sometime within the next two weeks..

*My weapons collection*

Despite the fact that I put a NOTICE at the top of this FAQ, I _STILL_ get
emails asking for handouts. I'll be MORE THAN HAPPY to game with you to help
you find a weapon, but I'm not about to give up any of my hard-earned
items. :p If you're asking me to taunt you, then I'll be more than happy
to oblige...

-Common Questions-

*Do you have Heaven's Punisher? Can I have it d00d? Pl33se??
-No, no, and no. :p

*How do you get the Soul Eater?
-Great taste, it's in there...uh, I mean, it has a listing in this FAQ.
Read that to obtain it.

*Where are the rare enemies?
-Beats me. Probably all at Starbucks or something. Al Rappy and Hildeblue
appear in Forests, Nar Lillies and Pouilly Slimes appear in Caves. 

*What do I do with ???'s arm?
-Read the FAQ. :p , particularly the section under #enemy weapons..

*I need Lvl 15 tech disks!! Help!
-Ok, this isn't a question.. but you can get most lvl 15 disks anywhere,
as long as you look for them hard enough.. (I have Foie 15, Deband 15,
and Gibarta 15). Hard attack technique disks (Ra-levels, Grants, Megid)
can only be obtained from a PINKAL ID player or their games..

*What rares are in my ID?
-What I have written down in this FAQ is what I know about.

*How do I get a Spread Needle?
-Sell your soul to me. Email me for my address. :p Actually, I heard that
REDRIA, VIRIDIA, and BLUEFULL have the highest chance of getting one..

*Does God/Equip exist?
-How should I know? :p I've never seen a RAcast with a Sting Tip, so I
think that it's a hacked item. It'd be fun if it did exist..

*Duz NE1 have Devil/Tech--?
-No, now stop bugging me, or I will eat your eyeballs.


*Can I get multiple Soul Eaters/Frying Pans per game?*
-You only have 3 chances each to get these during your character's life.
Once in Normal, once in Hard, and once in VHard. So, if you happen to
screw something up, try to get them in a higher level. If you screwed 
them all up, try making a 2nd character and get the weapon from their
game. Otherwise, you must trade for them/be lucky enough to have an 
enemy drop the Soul Eater (it happens!).

*Do items like Lavis Cannon/Nei's Claw/Sonic Knuckles/insert random item
here exist?*
-Lavis Cannon, I hear, can definitely be found on your own. Nei's Claw
is supposed to be a prize in some sort of Japan only tournament.. so, 
I suppose the ones you see out there are possible Gamesharked clones.
There is a rumor that the NPC (Non-Playable-Character) Sue has the
Claw. As for Sonic Knuckles, they do exist, but I believe under the
same circumstances for the Nei's Claw (duped/sharked).

*WTF? I traded for a TP Material? What does this do?
-Thanks to Odlanor, I've seen actual TP Material. It raises your max
TP by 2. Of course, you could always do this with Mind Material, but
after your MST maxes, Mind Material becomes useless, hence TP material.
Odlanor acquired this from a trade, so I have no idea if they really
exist, but I've heard of people actually finding multiples of this in
the Ruins.. and hey, Sega does actually update the servers every once
in awhile...

*I can't use (insert item here) online! Help me!
-Sega's been cracking down on a lot of things lately. PKing (Player
Killing) is gone, with the banishment of Devil/Technique--, as well
as the possibility of the banned use of some weapons on this list.
AFAIK, Nei's Claw, Sonic Knuckles, and Egg Blaster have all been
banned from online use. (of course, I expect an email telling me 
different. :p ) Methinks Sega is going after Dupers and Gamesharkers.

*Why haven't you updated the Items/etc.. FAQ?
-Because the overwhelming majority of mail I get is for this FAQ...
And peeps asking for free stuf.. :p Most people are more interested
in what this FAQ offers than my other one anyway..

*Your FAQ states that you can only find (insert random item here) in
(insert random location here). I found it in (different location).
What's up with that?
-I only call 'em as I see em. Up until a few weeks ago, I had no
idea you could get Blade Dances on Forest 2. What's posted is just the
information I'm given. There are countless cases of people finding rare
items in the strangest of locations. Items that have descriptions of
'found almost everywhere' or 'vhard levels' mean just that. They can
be found ALL THROUGHOUT the game on those levels. You just have to keep
looking, keep playing, leave no stone unturned, so to speak. No info here
is technically wrong info, it's just that some people have varying 
degrees of luck, or varying section IDs. Just keep at it.

*I want to play/trade with you. Where are you?
-At the bottom of the FAQ, I list Ophelia, Block 10. As for times, I'm
usually on between 9/10pm to whenever in the am Eastern Standard Time. 
Be kind to me if you see me. Oh, and sometimes I jump to other ships, or
don't log on every night, so don't be surprised if you don't see me there.


5. Trade List/My Items List

I'm getting sick of finding nothing but armor and units when I play
offline, so I decided to start a trade list. Rules and current items up
for trade can be found at www.khaotika.com/pso.html , under the appropriate
section. (Will be up sometime this week) I'll also post a list of my
current non-tradable items, so you can gawk. Or something to that effect..


6. Thanks and Credits

This FAQ was a Herculean effort on my part, and I couldn't do it without
the following people who helped make this FAQ possible.

*This list was getting to be about as big as a mob hit list, so I decided
to trim it to just names. :)*

Bantam13, Rugal Bernstein, Viet Loc, Neil Nylander, Mike Shafer, 
Muddobbers, Ken Chiu, Sin, [email protected], jshuey22, darkgohan45, 
Alex Jennings, Krowten, Dave, [email protected], [email protected], 
WafflecakeBoy, [email protected], CTRobot, [email protected], Drolemag, 
Wei Huang, Artimis Lincoln, [email protected], Adam Noyce, Spoonman,
[email protected], [email protected], Paradox, Thomas Ferrill,
Hibiki Kanazi, Zarathos X, [email protected], Wulfson, Tran Sam,
Tam Nguyen, Y2J, XYoshikiX, ApocT, Drew, SNK Fan, [email protected],
Steve Her,am, Duda, Istanbul, [email protected], XeNoGeArZ, 
[email protected], Allstar, Chris van Breda, Doombringer, A.Mok,
Hitman [email protected], Raz Masters, Colin Milliken, Brett McIrvin,
[email protected], Zatan, Ray Watts, [email protected], Ukyo, Jerry Lutrell,
Zack Williams, [email protected], [email protected], 
[email protected], LordSephiroth, Mel Matsumoto, [email protected],
Nick Hawes, Deathbringer, Aerie Meriander, Macneto, Kujin, Solo, Tauros,
M, [email protected], Cleopatra IX, Christian, Rodion Steshenko,
Toasty, [email protected], [email protected], Matt Gulbransen,
Zyn, Wolfwood, Malibu, Shifting Colors, Odlanor, Gideon, Tony Kenshin,
Darqstalker, [email protected], TybiErIuS, Henry Huang, Lia Timbrook,
Darkside, Ivan Kowalenko, Craig Aoyama, [email protected], 
[email protected], [email protected], [email protected], 
DeJarnatts', Michael Bergmann, [email protected], Curt Immerfall,
us, Joel Pickering, Firebreather, JP KiROS, Someisa, Eddie Ryan, 
Bill Miller, robby de los angeles, [email protected], Daniel Bouchard,
Katie Eastridge, Ben Mercer, [email protected], Whatley,
Tommy Moninger, Justin Bohlman, Takashi Hasegawa, Christian Jones,
[email protected], kokeh, [email protected], ZeroN, Charm, Trevelyan,
Danger_Girl, Poleziax, Balance, [email protected], David Flores, Karbold,
PC, Nitris, Darin Adams, Jonathan Hall, Justin Bredbenner, Praetorian,
[email protected], mooneyspam, Jason Walton

Everyone who's been a part of my team - Thanks for all the good times,
boss fights, and countless hours of playing...

Thanks to CJayC for hosting this up at GameFAQS. Don't work yourself
to death or anything... :P

*A side note: I hate the Soul Eater questing. Infinitely stupid MOME and 
ASH....* (grumble)

*Another side note: There's no such thing as 'one person finds photon
claw the other finds double saber.' I should know because I found both
in my game. :p *

PHANTASY STAR ONLINE, as well as the Phantasy Star name and games
are copyright/trademarked Sega/Sonic Team, 2000 - 2001.


Look me up Online - I'm a RAmar (Human Ranger), with blonde hair, goatee,
green suit, named Khaotika. (Still Lvl 100 as of 4/10/01)

Failing that, I'll be there as LuccaAshtear (FOnewearl, lv 58+) from 
Chrono Trigger, or as Pixiebitch (HUnewearl). TV's Frank (HUmar), has been 
retired. :p

Look for me at Ophelia, Block 10.

* Khaotika! - [email protected]


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