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Rare Items in Vanderfell:

Cuirass Of Saivior's Hide: This is my favorite Item in the game,
It is not easy to find because to get it you have to travel to Tel
Fry wich is southwest of Sadrith Mora and there is no boat or Silt
Strider to take you there, so you will have to either waterwalk, levitate
or just swim over there. Before you go make sure you have a levitating
spell or potion, and make sure you can open a lock level  of 100. When 
you go inside the tower take the first right up a hallway and go through the door
on top. After you go through the door take a few steps forward and look
up, you will see a hole in the ceiling, levitate up there and look for a 
closet with the lock level 100, use a lockpick or a scroll or spell to 
open it inside is the Cuirass of Saiviors Hide, it resists magicka 60%.

Daidric Scourge: You again have to go to Tel Fry wich is located south west of 
Sadrith Mora to get This item, You enter the tower go up the hallway to the right 
and go in the door on top, take a few steps forward and look up  there is a hole in 
the ceiling, levitate up there  and go to the room Divath Fry is in, Look for the 
big chest not the little one. The big chest is locklevel 100 and is trapped with a 
very harmful spell so disarm it first, Inside is the daedric scourge.

Daidric Cresent: Again go to Tel Fry wich is located south west of Sadrith mora and 
as you enter the Tower take the first Right up a hallway go through the door on 
top, take a few steps forward look up and you will see a hole, levitate up there
and go to the same room divath Fry is in  in the same room, look for the small 
chest on the left, it also is lock level 100, open it and get the Daedric Sanctuary 
Amulet, go to your inventory and equip it, it will tell you to travel to Magas 
Valor go there and kill the deadra that is in there, you will automatically be 
transported to Tel Fry and you will have the Daidric Cresent in your inventory but 
the Amulet will be gone.

Bloodworm helm: This item is easy to find, go to maren ancestral tomb
wich is located west of the ashlander camp Erabenimsun, go inside and
kill crazy Batou, a warning will appear, it will say, with this characters death
the thread on the phrophecie will be broken and it will tell you to load a saved 
game, IGNORE THE WARNING, it doesnt mean anything, he is not part of the prophecies.
Take take the bloodworm helm from his inventory and walk away.

Bow of shadows: A very awsome item for the marksmen players, this item is located
in Venim ancestrol tomb wich is located north of the Zainab ashlander camp, there 
is also is a lot of loot in this tomb, feel free to take it.

Eleidons Ward: This shield is amazing, it can heal 50 to 100  points with every use.
It is located in Ibar-dad wich is west of the Urshilaku ashlander camp. there are 
people inside of this cave and they will attack you, kill them and go through the 
wooden gate using the key found on the table found in the room the altmer Elante is 
in or just pick the lock on the gate, once you go through the gate you will have to 
swim, when you go under water go to the path way on the right and go up you should 
see some daedra,kill them and go through the daedric door  and look 
look around, you will find amazing loot but look up on the wall and you will see
a white shield, that is Eleidons Ward.

Denstagmer's ring: This item is very useful, it resists shock, fire, and frost 
damage as a constant effect. It is located in Falas Ancestrol tomb wich is east of
Gnisis. It is in the lower chambers of the tomb in an urn marked D'BRYANT.

Fang of Haynekhtnamet: This item is a very powerful shortblade weapon, It is 
located in the Sixth House Base Mammea, located north of the stronghold Berandas.
It is a tough battle inside this base and dont go in there if you have a low level 
character. When you go inside the base find the door to the Shrine Of Pitted Dreams.
Inside look inside the bathtup looking thing that carrie corprus meat and the Fang 
Of Haynekhtnamet will be inside the one of them.

Fists of Randagulf: This item is so hard to find its amazing, It is located in 
Ilunibi wich is in khartag point north of the town on gnar mok, ilunibi is a sixth 
house base you will go in on the main quest. Now dont say I didnt warn you this is 
tricky because for one its a huge base, for another there are powerfull creatures 
in here, and there are corprus beasts so becareful. Inside the base there is a room 
called Soulsrattle, inside you will find dagoth Gares if you have not completed the 
mainquest,DO NOT KILL HIM you will need him later, instead look on the left side of 
the room where that corprus meat carrier is at,and look behind it, the fists of 
Randagulf are there, get out of there before you are forced to fight dagoth gares.

Azuras Servant: Another powerful shield, get to Tel vos and go to the  northeast 
tower, you can search for this shield and still not find it because it is hidden
inside a room that looks like the wall itself, search the walls until you find the 
passage. the trap door is in one of the  rooms you first find when you go down the 
the staircase , you will have a locklevel so bring a lockpick or spell and when you 
open the hideen  door, the shield will be guarded by a deadroth kill it and take 
the shield.


Mask of Clavious Vile: It is located in the tower of Sorkvild the raven, wich is 
east of Dagon fel, Sorkvild is a necromancer who is accompannied by other 
necromancers. when you enter the tower head right and kill the man in chitin armor 
he has the Saints Black Sword A nice little weopon now go back to the entrance 
and head left kill the girl in the magical robe take the robe from her now go back 
to the entrance and head straight you will see an orc in bonemold armor kill him
and go on, he has nothing nice. Finnally go up the trap door and you will see 
Sorkvild kill him and take the Mask of Clavious Vile From his Inventory, now look 
on the little table near the trap door, there is a daedric dagger there. 
The Mentors Ring: This Item is located southeast of Hla Oad in Samary's ancestrol
tomb. Inside the tomb there is a urn that says LORD BRINNE open the urn and take
the ring.

Ring of Phynenaster:This ring is located in Senim Ancestrol tomb southeast of Dagon 
fel, I dont have have much detail on this item but dont worry it is in there.

Vampiric Ring:This ring is perfect for a vampire, it drains the opponents health and
fatique. It is located in Ald Radanya in western Sheogorad, it is west of the 
sanctus shrine and north of the Urshilaku campis currently in possesion of the 
skeletual wizard, kill him and take the ring from him, WAIT, do you see the  
bonebitter cup on the table, DONT DRINK IT, if you are planning to join the 
thieves guild because it is a item you will need for a quest.

Staff of Hasedoki: this item is located in Gimothran ancestrol tomb wich is south of
the stronghold falensarano, it is in possesion of Koffuto Gildar, kill him and take
the staff.

Sword of White woe: not a rare item but powerful, can be found easily, go to 
balmora's eastern guard tower, it is on the top floor on top of the dresser, there 
is a guard up there so you will have to kill him.

Boots of the Apostle: Can be found on the underground caverns of the stronghold
berandas wich is located south east of Gnisis and east of Koal Cave, the boots are 
on the body of a dead hero and the body is guarded by two winged twilighs.

Azuras Star: Go to the shrine of Azura wich is located east of Molog mar. Talk
to the statue of Azura inside the shine not the big one outside. She will give 
you a quest, She tells you that she has made a bet with Sheogorath, and that she
has sent one of her Priestess to live alone for 100 years, Sheogorath says that it 
cant be done and Knowing now that he is going to lose the bet he has sent his 
minions to trouble the Priestess at the Island she is at, Azura wants you to 
travel there and kill the minions of Sheogorath, the island the priestess is in 
is northwest of Dagon fel but azura tells you it is north, THAT IS WRONG, game 
makers sometimes make mistakes, When you arrive on the island there will be a bunch 
of daedra around, DONT GO IN THE SHACK, that is where the priestes is at, if you 
disturb her, Azura will lose her bet and you wont get azuras star, kill all of 
the deadra and when you kill the golden saint it will say his name is Stoada, take 
sheogoraths signet ring from Stoadas inventory and go back to Azuras shrine,
Azura will give you Azuras star, a soulgem you can use as many times as you want.  

Goldbrand:This is an awsome longblade weapon that does fire damage and has an
awsome attack power. go to the daedric shrine ashurnibi  wich is located north of 
Hla oad and as you reach the shrine you will see a wooden bridge to get to the 
shrine, listen carefully it is hard to find this shrine,when you cross the bridge 
go behind the shrine, on the southern coast of the island are three big rocks piled 
up against one another dive west of those rocks and you will see a broken up shrine 
under water, now dont look for the entrance to the shrine, because there isnt one,
instead look for the Beothiahs statue's broken head, dont bother with the body 
nothing will happen, when  activated the head of  Beothiah will give you a quest, he
wants you to rebuild his shrine and he sends you off to find a sculptor in caldera.
Once you reach Caldera go to Ghorak manor, inside talk to the orc Duma-gro-lag about
SCULPTOR, he will agree to help you rebuild Beothiahs shrine, but he will need 2000
gold and plans, get the 2000 gold and the statue book from Joshabas book store in
Vivecs foreign quarter lower waistworks and report back to Duma-gro-lag, he will
tell you the shrine will be built in Khartag point wich is north of Gnarr mok and
west of the stronghold andasreth. Wait a few days for the shrine to be built and 
after the work is done talk to the statue and receive goldbrand, a powerful kantana.

Helm of Oreyn Bear claw: Go to Assudipal, a daedric shrine located on an island
west of the sanctus shrine, go inside the shrine and talk to Malacaths statue,
He will give you a quest, he wants you to kill Farvyn Oreyn who is on a mission
in Gnar mok, travel to gnar mok and ask around for Farvyn Oreyn, you will learn 
that he has headed south of gnar mok to kill some netches that have been troubling
the people in town, head south of town and you will see Farvyn Oreyn and Two other
Guys, kill him and his men, now head back to malacaths statue and Receive The helm
of Oreyn Bear Claw.


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