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Ver. 1.1

Title: Resident Evil 
Producer: Capcom
For: Sony Playstation
font: Courier 10
Created: 05/20/01
By: Ghidrah
EMaul: [email protected]

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addresses. If you come by and read this and would like your Addy posted with the 
others, EMAUL me.

 If anyone wishes to use this on their site, I would like to know. I don't have a 
problem with it's use by others on Gaming Forums, FAQ Sites or being copied for 
personal use, etc. I do, however, have a problem with someone making money from it, 
however unlikely that may be. It wouldn't be ethical, eh! I would like to know if 
it's to be used on a site, just so I could drop by and see it.


Table of contents

01. Crap
02. Introduction
03. RE1 Versions
04. Characters
05. Inventory
06. Weapons
07. Definitions
08. Insights
09. Orientation


01. Mansion 
02. Guardhouse
03. Mansion (return)
04. Sewer
05. Underground Labs
06. Tyrant Lab
07. Escape to the Heliport
08. 'Ádíjj',t'áá

01. CRAP


    This guide is "BAM" free!
    It became all too apparent at the end of writing the Dino Crisis In-Depth and 
Speed Guide, that I had a "BAM" problem. My Checker and my wife, ( both one and the 
same, lucky me) pointed out that I was hooked on "BAM". "Ridiculous", I 
said. "You're blocking", she said. "Am not", "Are too", "Nuh-uh! ...'BAM'! GOT THE 
LAST WORD!" "SEE!!!" she cried. "What?" I said. "OOOhh, you can't even see the 
problem ... you're just ... just too close to it." She ran into the kids' room, 
grabbing both around the necks. Dragging both out into the kitchen, whispering in 
it for yourself, do it for the children ... and MEEE!" (This was said at a volume 
and pitch that made all her neck veins bulge out, distorting them horribly and 
shattering glass throughout the neighborhood.) So, discretely, with the assistance 
of close friends and family, I admitted myself into the Emeril Lagasse Clinic for 
BAM addiction. I'm happy to be able to say that I am now pretty much cured. After 
six months of intensive psychological and physical revulsion and shock therapy, I am 
free. The doctors say that the facial ticks, incontinence and nightmares will 
gradually subside, fading into the past. I hope it doesn't take too long. I had to 
defend myself against a man who thought I was making a pass at him in a convenience 
store last week. I hate wearing depends, they make me sweat too much in the crotch 
area. My wife kicked me out of the bedroom, she's tired of the animal like screams 
and thrashing about that wake her up in the middle of the night.

    Resident Evil has been out a long time, since '96 I think. My copy has 1997 and 
1998 typed all over the place. I'm guessing it has something to do with the release 
of the Director's Cut version. Most of the people I've spoken to say Resident Evil 
debuted in '96. I'm not into the history or the ins and outs of the game aside from 
playing it.
 In the summer of '98, for the month of August, I traded with a friend (Pat, a 
paying friend - he worked for me at the time, thus the "paying" part) - my copies of 
Tomb Raider 2, Porsche Challenge and Odd World/Abe's Odyssey for his copies of 
Nightmare Creatures and Resident Evil. I played NC first and liked it a lot. 
However, I was disapointed in the ending because I found it to be anticlimactic, 
considering how eventful and exciting the game was. The ending bummed me out.
 Resident Evil, like Nightmare Creatures, had me weirded out from the beginning with 
it's eerie music - dark, "EVIL"! The beginning FMV gave it a dark and sinister 
atmosphere in the "Night of the Living dead" style, campy B-movie  genre. I had 
never heard of Resident Evil, can you believe it? Well, there was that stint in the 
Trappist Monastery.
 Anyway, I got moued on by the first zombie, the one dining on Kenneth, in the 
sitting area of the hall off the Dining Room. I didn't know what to do. I didn't 
even know how to open inventory because Pat had lost the manual. I called him and 
asked for the how-do-you's. He had never finished the game. (What a help!) I made it 
to the long hall on the way to the outside patio where the rusty boiler and the 
chemical bag are. I proceeded to get moued on by the zombie Dobes after they blew 
through windows. I swear, the shock of hearing the breaking, shattering glass as 
they jumped though the windows nearly gave me whiplash. Of course, the act of 
throwing myself out of the chair I had been sitting in only a few seconds before 
didn't help. (My neck hurt later in the day.) I had never played anything that made 
me jump like that. I LOVED IT! I WAS HOOKED, BAD!!! A week later I had completed the 
Jill version and went to work on Chris. I hated playing as Chris. He's as dumb as a 
stick and his inventory size sucks bilge, although I got the impression that he 
could take a hit better than Jill. The screams made by a hunter shot in the sewer 
area made the hair stand up on my back. (I mean Jill's back.) I played as Jill three 
times and as Chris once. When Pat threatened to file a small claims suit against me, 
I reluctantly gave both games back. I went out and bought RE2 as soon as I had the 
spare cash. It's my favorite of all the RE games. I now have RE1, 2 and 3. 
 I haven't played RE Survivor or Code Veronica. I hear I'm not missing anything in 
Survivor and I'm bummed about CV, but what are you gonna do?



 I don't feel much need going into RE's history. If you've been playing the game 
long enough, you probably know more about the ins and outs of the story than I do. 
If you've been playing speeds, then you should know the house and the other 
structures in the estate as well as anyone by now. Up to this point, if you're into 
speeding RE, and you know you can do it faster but just can't figure out what you 
should do differently, watch out for:
Backtracking too often.
Too many pickups. 
Hitting the save rooms repeatedly to empty the inventory.
Getting hammered by the uglies too often.
Forgetting to bring something.
Forgetting to "X" out the FMVs.

 Any or all of the above cut into the game clock. Maybe this guide will help you 
figure out what it is.

 This is not an easy program, it's near brutal. I have more restarts than I care to 
mention. I get hacked severely, the maneuvers are incredibly tight - there is no 
room for error. Oft-times, if I get hacked on by anything other than a dog, I 
restart, especially if it's close to the beginning of the game. The time lost in an 
attack blows it for me. These are the times when the ball gag serves me well, so, if 
I'm able to, I shoot first. (This rarely happens, I always get moued on). This means 
that there are times when more than 12 targets may be taken. 
 The only shooting in the game will be to clear an area of one or more targets that 
are too difficult to navigate with any reliability on a regular basis. Aside from 
the Boss shoots, there will be 12 kills made by Jill in this guide, all using the 
Launcher. I used to carry the Revolver. I love that piece. The response time for aim 
and fire is faster than the Launcher. This is important when you are tempting fate. 
In an effort to cut more time off the game clock, I stopped carrying the Revolver.
Time saved in switching weps.
Freeing up one spot in inventory for pick-ups.
 The latter point is the most important point of all. What this does is eliminate 
the need to stop at the SAVE/INVENTORY room in the Sewer, thereby eliminating the 
left turn and all it entails. Basically, it means saving approximately 30 seconds of 
game time. When you enter the sewer, to avoid the need to access the S/I room, you 
must have four free spaces in Inventory for the required pick-ups in said Sewer.

 12 kills might seem like a lot, but, up to this writing, it's the only way I can 
navigate the game and stay as healthy as I do, which isn't to say that I'm always in 
the "GREEN". More often than not, I'm at or around YELLOW/GREEN or YELLOW/YELLOW 
caution. Often, I'm in "RED" danger health through the Guardhouse and the Sewers. 
I'm usually hacked on by the dogs in the garden area. (The bastiches hack me to 
pieces.) The Guardhouse and Sewer are relatively safe in the speed version.

 All FMVs are to be "X'd" out to conserve time. I've clocked the FMVs to give some 
perspective to the time saved by X'ing them out. Each FMV in itself doesn't amount 
to much. However, collectively they total more time than most speed gamers are 
willing to sacrifice for the sake of watching them. If you have an uncontrolled 
desire to watch the FMVs in the game, go to a PS website and D/L PSMPlay or PSXPlay. 
Then you can watch them any time on your comp.


03. RE1 Versions, (Commentary)

     As stated, there are three different versions of the RE1 CD on the market. We 
have the original version which rightfully holds the name Resident Evil. 
Resident Evil, (The Directors Cut) this RE1 CD improved the graphics in certain cut 
scenes and FMVs, moved articles around to different locations and it increased the 
number of hostiles in the game, e.g., where (in the original) there would be one 
zombie, there are now two. Whether they also became tougher or not I can't tell. 
Arranged Mode is a alternate version of the original, complete and separate.
Resident Evil, (The Directors Cut) Dual Shock. This is RE DC, but has the added 
benefit, (you decide) of the Dual Shock option. You get to feel the controller 
vibrate in your hands when you fire off a weapon or get moued on by a gruesome. I'm 
sure someone must like it, it gets on my nerves, so I have it shut off when I play. 
Maybe you could figure out how to have fun with it while you're by your lonesome.

     Many people prefer one version over the other, Original or Arranged. I prefer 
Arranged, reflected by the writing of this guide. Like many players, (original and 
arranged) I also prefer to speed the game. This is where some contentions 
arise, "SPEED TIMES" we're all looking for the key to the fastest time. The (Psycho 
Puppies) of which I "MAY" be a member, (I'm afraid to think deeply on this subject) 
work to define the fastest possible time allowed by the particular game. Most of us, 
when we find a crack in the game armor, blab it to all the rest of the gamers in 
hopes of being the first to find it. Some, like myself, write guides for the game so 
that others may play and or verify the claims made, thereby adding another notch to 
our search for the "PERFECT RUN" belt.
There are differences in the two versions of RE1 that prevent any comparison. In 
this case it's akin to comparing apples to oranges.
Each version has it's own requirements of play, what you can get away with in the 
original version, you can not in the arranged version, unless there is a shark code 
that allows you to scoot around it.
When talking technique, one should be specific as to which version you're playing so 
as not to further confuse the other who may lose control of their bowels and attempt 
to bully you into believing them. Using foul language and personal attacks on the 
individual, to belittle them into conceding a claim makes one look like a dick to 
anyone with even half a civil mind. Stalking can occur too, it's crazy what lengths 
some kids will go to, to force an issue.

     So, The amendment to this Arranged guide, is in light of, (not so new) new info 
that works for both the Original and the Arranged game. It's the only one of the 
many, that I can personally verify. The rest of the so called "TRICKS or SECRETS" 
that were given to me under duress I'm sure, could not be accomplished by moi on the 
Arranged version for Jill. This one instance does help knock some time off the grand 
total, close to two minutes, an eternity in a speed game eh! How many would kill 
their weasel brother or sister for a two minutes savings on RE1? "OOH, OOH, Me 
Monty, I'd like to kill my weasel siblings for two whole minutes on my game!" I knew 
you would! 
This little humdinger comes from Firebrand, and he/she, (not sure which) certainly 
is a "Firebrand". I can't remember what Firebrand's brother's SN is, but from what 
they say, He or they both have or had the fastest RE1 time on the planet, somewhere 
around the 1:09:00 mark. Be aware that this time is for the Original version of RE1 
only, not Arranged. This time, and the game that produced it is supposed to be on 
tape at a game verification site on the NET. Unfortunately we weren't allowed to see 
it, also, Firebrand and Firebrand's brother refuse to write a guide for text 
verification from the masses, claiming that it would compromise their game secrets. 
I tried to get them to write, but they refused to acquiesce. C'est la vie! 
From ensuing conversations with the often volatile brothers and some of their 
minions, (they followed me to other sites I go to, in an effort to get others to 
believe them and I'm guessing to harrass me.) 
"HELLO" I'm a doubting Thomas, so sue me for not taking everything I'm told or read 
as the truth, so much of it isn't.
Needless to say, in much of the word wars that emerged from the bros, out of all the 
secrets they did divulge, only one of their "SECRETS" did in fact work for both 
versions, (it must have killed them both just a little) even though all but one of 
them appears to be proprietary to the Original version. 
It's this one tactic, it kills me in it's simplicity, I can't figure out why it 
never occurred to me, !!!DUH!!! This is what comes from wearing blinders while 


Don't even go in the room, you don't need it when speeding the game.
Don't you just hate it!!! I deserve to punch me in the face for being so blind, I 
would too, if I didn't know how much it would hurt!
So, When the little tidbit comes up in the game, expect to see an asterisk (*) 
designating the change where the option is placed.

Here's to you and your bro Firebrand for a killer solution.



    The main group isn't large for Jill's version of the game. We have Jill, Barry, 
Wesker and much later in the game, Chris is discovered locked in a cell for the 
entire game. HAAAA HA HA HA - in our version, "dumb-as-a-stick" stays in the cell. 
TOOOO BAD! We know everyone by now. "Jill, You. You, Jill." "Hey, don't touch me 
there!" I'll avoid any in-depths for the human characters, aside to say that, except 
for Wesker's greed, everyone in this game has the IQ of a paperclip. Jill has a 
whiney voice and it gets on my game nerves. I like her game voice in RE3 much better.

    The denizens of Resident Evil, however, need some discussion. If one of the 
reasons you're having a problem in the game is zombies, dogs, ceiling monkeys or 
hunters this section of the guide may help you knock some time off the clock and 
minimize damage to your avatar.


 They aren't very fast, but they have excellent extention for lunges/long reaches. 
They can attack equally from either side. (Damn ambidexterous zombies.) Their only 
drawback is that you have about 2 seconds of surprise time. This means that as soon 
as you enter a cell (room), and once you are in a line of sight condition, you have 
about two seconds to get by them without damage. This condition is made more serious 
if you are in a close quarters situation, like a narrow hall with one zombie or a 
wide hall with side by side hall hogs. A staggered set of zombies is easier to deal 
with by weaving through them, but only if there is enough space between the two. The 
game controller and the camera angles don't allow for perfect control, so it's more 
or less an art form. The time it takes to be attacked and to recover from said 
attack is a longer moment than it is to shoot the blighter. There will be a few 
opportunities to shoot zombies. I have noticed that I'm able to make it by zombies 
to the left or right with equal success.

 The dogs are very fast and appear in groups of two or three. They attack from 
either side and the attack is short in duration. So, if you get hit, you most likely 
won't lose much time - a second at most. Don't allow Jill to be dragged down - 
it's "GAME OVAH" if she does. If Jill has been hit three or four times and is in the 
RED, quickly access inventory and heal. As long as the dogs aren't bunched up, you 
should be able to weave through them without extreme damage. The worst point in the 
game is on the way to the sewers. Jill must pass through the dogs 4 times to power 
the elevator and drop the gate in the pool. The second worse point is on the way to 
the Gaurdhouse. I almost always get hammered between the last gate and the 
Guardhouse door. One trick I'm working on is switching direction at the last second. 
It seems to work somewhat. On the way to the Guardhouse there is room to see ahead, 
so the swerve is successful more often.


 These are big, green and FUGLY! Their screams gave me chills when I killed them in 
the Sewer. Usually, with four swipes from a Hunter a healthy Jill is toast. Once 
they lock on, they can move pretty fast and they can jump over Jill, landing on her 
other side. It can take up two revolver rounds to chunk a Hunter, so don't get hit. 
Two major draw backs: one is that Hunters are left handed, so always pass to the 
Hunters' right side. Jill's right side should pass closest to the Hunter. You'll see 
the difference on your first pass. Secondly, if you can get by them on a run, 
they'll give up on the chase after a few steps.


 They are black with long arms and they like to hang from the ceiling and  jump on 
Jill's back to hack on her. Disgusting monkeys! They have a long reach from the 
ceiling and, like Hunters, they are also left handed. So, if they're hanging from 
the ceiling, have Jill pass so that her left shoulder brushes the Monkey's right 
side. If they're on the floor, then treat them like Hunters.
 Another weird, gross thing of note - if you kill a ceiling monkey, it appears to 
have maggots strewn about it after it's on the floor - EEEWE.



    Jill carries an inventory, I call it her Mobile Inventory. Jill is allowed to 
carry eight working items in her inventory, not a lot when you think about it, so 
you must be very selective as to what you keep in it, what you pick up and when you 
pick it up. When Jill starts the speed game, she will have these items in inventory:

David Bowie's knife, (whodah thunk?)
One semi auto pistol (default)
The rocket launcher 
The revolver

(*) I'm told by one NET friend that his version of RE1 doesn't allow the Launcher 
and Revolver to be in inventory together, maybe he has the Original version. I don't 
recall him saying whether he has the original or the first Dual Shock version. It 
may be an anomaly, I don't know.

  At your first inventory room stop, you'll be getting rid of the knife, pistol, 
acid rounds and the FAS. For a good portion of the first half of the game, her 
inventory will go from full to about half full. This is critical at the beginning of 
the game, in the Mansion. The acquisition of the stones keeps the inventory full. 
The rest of the time, inventory is around half full. (This is in the off chance that 
you get hacked on by an ugly and need to pick up some weed.) Later on, in the second 
half of the game, it fluctuates between half and 3/4 full.     



    For the entire game, Jill will be carrying the Rocket Launcher. At the beginning 
she will have the afformentioned weapons with her and all but the Launcher will be 
dumped at her first opportunity. The launcher is used for all kills.
 That is it for les weapons, mes amis. Our Jill, she has no need for anysing else, 
n'est-ce pas?



Save Room: Any room where a typwriter is stationed for the purpose of saving your 

Inventory Room: Any room where an inventory box is stationed for the purpose of 
storing or removing supplies and weapons.

S/I Room: Any room where Jill may save her position and utilize the inventory box.

S/S/I Room: The Serum, Save, Inventory room. 

FMVs: Full motion videos, these pop up in the game now and then and should be 
(X'd) out.

Mobile Zombie: A zombie that may appear anywhere in a zone of occupation

Zone of Occupation: A mobile zombie's area of patrol, e.g., 2nd fl. Dining rm. There 
are two mobile zombies, one on each side of the dining rm. The zombie on the movable 
statue side, can patrol from the edge of the broken balcony railing to the opposite 
end of the room, (near the big window area) The 2nd mobile zombie is on the north 
side of the Dining Room where the small door is. This zombie patrols from the small 
door to half way to the big double doors 

Cletus zombie clones: The FMV zombies, in the 1st floor sitting room and at the 
Basement Stairs FMV. They had the FMVs written into their contracts - big bucks. Oh, 



    When navigating through a room or hall, always try to stay close to the wall 
where the door or stairs are going to show up, unless there are zombies along that 
side. It will make hitting the door with the action button easier than swinging into 
it and missing by a hair either way, having to adjust and possibly take a hit from 
one of the rotten bunch.

    Get in the habit of using the controller's (L1) shoulder button when shooting 
more than one target. It will help save a few fractions of a second for each round. 
Remember to release the action button, tap solidly on the (L1) shoulder button and 
fire the next round. It only happens twice in this game, once in the guardhouse and 
once in the 2nd floor Library. That could translate into a couple of seconds in game 

    Always run - walk only to adjust for hitting your marks in the game. i.e, 
hitting switches, making pick-ups and accessing doors. These are points you should 
be hitting without walking, but if you're on edge it happens. Having to re-adjust 
often can be upsetting and consume a lot of time in the entirety of the game.

    I have been informed by one RE player that he is unable to have the infi 
launcher and the infi revolver in inventory simultaneously. For this speed, use the 
Launcher only in the mobile inventory. There are only two events where two targets 
are taken out together. Two zombies in the #3 Dormitory room bathroom and two in the 
2nd floor Library. In this case, tap (L1) after the first shot to acquire the second 
target - fast enough?

    Never hit the "X" (Action button) when approaching an object like the Pump in 
the Mansion's plant room, the Crank station for the Pool's Flume gate in the Garden, 
the doom books, etc. Immediately go to Inventory instead. This is a big time-saver, 
not having to read all that crap.

    Picture Puzzle Room: When doing the picture puzzles, it is too easy to screw up 
by hitting the wrong button, When the type starts to roll by, start tapping the "X" 
(action button) until "There is a switch, will you push it?" is visible. Stop 
tapping the "X" button and wait for the "Yes/No question to materialize, then hit "X"

FMVs: seven in all. I'm going to cover the duration of each, just to get a 
perspective on their combined length.

FMV1. Cletus zombie, 1st floor Sitting area, duration 14 secs.

FMV2. Garden, Pool Flume door, duration 13 secs.

FMV3. Ustus Shark, Guardhouse, Basement,  duration 7 secs.

FMV4. Manny the Hunter, Mansion rear entrance, duration 15 secs.

FMV5. Cletus zombie, Basement, Kitchen, duration 14 secs.

FMV6. Secret Garden, Fountain, duration 12 secs.

FMV7. Tyrant, duration, 23 secs.

      Total time: 98 seconds. One minute and thirtyeight seconds is an eternity in a 
speed game. Totaled up, it's one of the largest time-saving tricks in the game.



    Since RE doesn't list the names of the rooms as you enter them, we must adopt 
other ways of identifying the areas of the game to eliminate confusion. For the 
seasoned RE player, this will not be necessary - saying "1st floor Statue map room" 
or "2nd floor Armor room" is enough. For an easy way to navigate the mansion, I 
designate the Main Lobby as starting point. Facing the central stairs with your back 
to the front door, NORTH is toward the stairs and the back of the mansion, SOUTH is 
to the front door, EAST is to the Statue/Map room and WEST is toward the Dinning 



OK, get a nice hard kitchen chair with no arms to get in the way of your thrashing 
spasms and set it in front of the tube. Get a cushy blanket and lay it in front of 
you, (it serves a dual purpose), It catches the controller if and when you throw it 
(they're getting too expensive to break these days) and when you throw yourself to 
the floor after getting killed for the umpteenth time today. Lastly, if you have 
children about the house and neighbors within yelling distance, you may want to 
invest in a ball gag. This keeps your mouth from getting washed out with soap 
everytime the swears go flying. They are too difficult to distinguish with the ball 
and gag in place and keeps the volume down, too, so you won't have to worry about 
the police showing up on a Disturbance of the Peace report.

 You'll be working from a Jill saved file in arranged mode that has the Launcher and 
Revolver in inventory.
 Load the game, X out all the beginning crapola until you get to the Jill's saved 
file. Click it in and let's get rocking. ("Hon, where's my cowboy hat and spurs?")

 Anyway, aside from repeatedly being moued on, the worst part of the game is putting 
up with all the cut scenes. It's almost as bad as Dino Crisis, but never as bad as 
Metal Gear Solid.


    Wesker lets Jill and Barry investigate the gunshot heard from another part of 
the house. 

 (Cut scene) The cut scene forces Jill and Barry to go west to enter the Dining 
Room. As soon as you have control of Jill, run to the other end of the room to where 
Barry is standing. (cut scene) Watch and listen as Barry gets stumped by blood on 
the floor. When you have control of Jill, run north to the door that gives access to 
the sitting area hall, turn left and run into the sitting area. Meet Cletus the 
zombie, FMV, (14 seconds), X Cletus FMV out and piss him off. Run back to the 
Dinning Room (cut scene) and allow Barry to deal with the miffed Cletus zombie.

 Run east back to the main lobby and drag Barry with you. (cut scene) Run behind the 
stairs and pop out on the other side. Barry will be waiting for you. (cut scene)

 (If you stand still long enough, Barry starts walking back and forth along the 
front of the lobby, staring at the walls, waiting for Jill to run around the back of 
the stairs.)

 Barry gives Jill a lock pick and leaves. As soon as you have control, access 
inventory and arm with the Launcher. Climb the stairs, go east to the 2nd floor and 
follow the balcony south to the second door which is to the right of the 2nd floor 
Hallway. Enter and run the length of the hall and out to the veranda. (2nd floor 
porch) Meet up with Forrest Whitaker - a tad pale, I know, but hey, it's expected 
under the circumstances, he's a dead zombie. He looks like he lost a lot of weight, 
let his hair grow and permed it, too. You know where the KEY is so go for it and cap 
Forrest as he stands up for a bite.
 Exit the veranda and meet up with Barry Bear on the main lobby's balcony.(cut 
scene) Take the acid rounds from him, like you have a choice in the matter. Return 
to the 1st floor, go east and pass through the Statue/Map room, then continue east, 
enter the long "L" shaped hall; it carries two window-crashing dobes. Now run, and 
do not stop to play "fetch the human".
 Exit the L-shaped hall at the north end and run to the door on Jill's right and use 
the Armor Key. Enter the Rusty Boiler/Patio area, 

(Ignore the dog, if you can. It will be faster and, in many cases, safer to hit it 
once with the launcher.)

 Keep to your left and run between the dog and the inside wall. Take the corner a 
little wide, but not so wide that you slam the railing on the outside fence. This 
slows you down too much, giving the dog behind you a chance to catch up. Just graze 
the fence railing so that you approach the chemical bag from the right side near the 
fence, moving toward the rusty boiler. (This gives the best approach to the chemical 
bag, it's important to hit the bag perfectly.) As Jill kneels down to get the 
chemical, the 2nd dog will leap over the fence, land and pass right in front of her. 
The 1st dog will now be very close. If you hit your mark correctly, Jill is still 
unscathed. It's very important to be exacting on this next move, you may still take 
a hit here, maybe even two hits. I have been able to make it out of here about 10% 
of the time without being touched, about 50% of the time I take one to two hits, the 
rest, two and more. 
 As soon as you have control of Jill, you want to have your thumb on the 
forward/left turn area of the directional button and your right thumb on run. Don't 
try to cut the corner tight on the way back to the door, it will slow you down and 
increase you chances of being hit. Swing wide and head for the door. Once I'm past 
the corner I'm free. It's gotten ugly before, so as I mentioned at the beginning of 
this cell, you might have been better off smoking the 1st dog. He's the trouble 
 Back in the hall, continue west through the zig-zag hall. Enter the north door, 
(hall to picture puzzle room and to Garden Shed). Ignore the three zombies and enter 
the grey door on Jill's right. This is the hall to the save room and 2nd floor 
stairs. Have Jill hug the wall to her right; when she reaches the corner, stop, turn 
right and run to the save room door, thus bypassing any conflict with the two 
zombies. Access the save box, dump the Knife, Pistol, FAS, Acid rounds and Revolver. 
Exit the save room, turn left, blow a kiss to the zombies and run, looping around 
the zombies to the stairs. Climb both flights of stairs, turn left, hug the wall on 
the right and run by the zombie to the first door on the right. Use the key, enter 
the ante chamber and then the bug room. Retrieve the half stone. (You only need to 
push the fish tank and armoire for two scrapes each).

 Exit the bug room and the ante chamber. As soon as you gain control, turn left, hug 
the wall on Jill's left side and book past the two slothful zombies. (It's not their 
fault. They just finished watching president Bush explain his new energy policy to 
America.) Turn left at the corner and exit the hallway. Enter the Armor Room Hall. 
As soon as you have control, turn left, hug the wall and run past the zombie. (This 
is a 70% success move. If the move isn't made succinctly, you're going to be moued 
on, so run straight and swing a wide right around the zombie. Hit the Armor room 
door at a run, use the key and enter. Walk to the left of the first statue and push 
it over the hole in the floor. Run to the 2nd statue and push it to the other end of 
the room and over the other hole. Run back to the button and push it. Run to the 
glass cabinet, get the wooden emblem and exit the Armor room. 

 Run straight out of the Armor room, hit the wall, turn right and run by the zombie. 
You want to find Richard now, so stop at the door on the left, unlock it, enter and 
run to Richard. (cut scene) When the cut scene is over, Jill has exited the room and 
is now out in the Armor Room Hall. "X" out the map showing the location of the 
Serum/Save/Inventory room on the first floor of the west side of the Mansion. Turn 
left, run to and through the door to the 2nd floor Lobby balcony. Run across the 2nd 
floor main lobby's balcony to the door leading to the 2nd floor balcony of the 
Dining Room. 

 Enter the Dinning room's 2nd floor balcony. Press and hold (R1) and fire. When the 
scene returns, the zombie near the movable statue will be capped. (I can get by him, 
but I get moued on trying to push the statue.) Run to the statue and push it (six 
full and one half scrapes) to the edge and then over the opening in the balcony 
railing. The 2nd zombie may be very close as you. Push the statue over and wait 'til 
it turns right, facing the railing. Now do a 180° and run to the wall. Turn right 
and run along the outer wall. Done succinctly, you can safely pass the zombie. 
However, this is a "Mobile Zombie". 

 If positioned correctly, the 2nd mobile zombie turns toward the railing for a split 
second as Jill pushes the statue over. This is the opportunity Jill needs to run by 
 However, the second mobile zombie isn't always at the optimum starting point when 
you enter the Dining room. He can be very close to the statue, thereby nullifying 
the suggestion just given, in which case he must be smoked. He could be walking 
toward the other end of the room, toward the Dining room's big windows. This makes 
for easy passage; just stay to the receding zombie's left side and he'll spin away 
from you trying to turn around to the right. More often than not, he's near the 
statue. Sixty percent of that time, he's too close to the statue and must be removed 
to avoid an attack.

 Continue along the balcony to the door at the Dining rooms northwest end and exit 
the Dining room. Cap the zombie, run to the stairwell, hit it hard and turn hard 
left, staying tight to the railing, bypassing the acid-hurling Jombie zombie. Run 
around the stairwell to the stairs. Take the stairs to the first floor and access 
the Serum/Save/Inventory room beside the stairs. Run to the shelf, get the serum, 
turn and access the Inventory Box. Dump the key and exit the S/S/I room.

 When you have control of Jill, run - bearing right and down the L-shaped hall. 
Ignore the zombie dobes. (Aren't they cute, though?) All that hanging, rotting flesh 
flopping around as they bounce and pounce their way to Jill's neck, if they get the 
chance. (Adorable or what?) I prefer to stay away from the window side until I make 
the last right turn. Run to and pass through the door at the end of the hall.

 Enter the Plant/Tiger statue room's hallway. As soon as you have control, turn 
right and run a looping left, so as to scrape the wall on Jill's right side, thereby 
avoiding Mack and Myer, two zombies for hire.
 This can be a tough move. You could hit the corner of the wall on your right. If 
you do, you won't have enough time to adjust and make it down the hall using this 
route. Here is a neat trick I discovered in a panic move: turn around and run back 
toward the door that Jill just used to enter this cell, then swing around behind the 
two, to the corner where they were originally standing when you entered. From there 
you'll have the space and time to make it down the hall to the plant room. (The time 
you lost in the process will toss out any chance of the killer time you are going 
for, but it'll keep you alive.) It's healthier and still faster than shooting the 
two of them after the "cluster". Once past them, move over to the left wall and hug 
it to the very end. There's a zombie at the end, blocking the door. DUH! Hit the 
wall hard and do a sharp right, keeping Jill's left shoulder and face scraping the 
wall the whole time. It's OK, she gets a facial when the game is over.

 Enter the Plant room, approach the pump, access Inventory and drop the chemical 
into the pump's reservoir. When free, run to the stone and get it. (If you're really 
hurting, take a Red and Green weed and heal before you take the stone.) 

 Return to the Hall, hug the wall to the right to avoid El Zombo and once past, 
swing to the left side of the hallway to avoid Mack and Myer further down. Turn left 
and head to the Piano Room. Once you're in the Piano room hall, move to the left 
side of the hallway so as to hit the Piano room door, for quicker access. Once 
inside the piano room, run to the shelf, push it and get the music notes. Approach 
the piano at a run. (It's important to save time, so, to avoid the shimmy to the 
right or left, try to hit the piano where Jill will play it.) Run into the Gold 
Emblem room, take the emblem and pop the wooden one in when you're free. Once 
completed, head to the Dining room.

 Once in the Dining room, place the Gold emblem in it's niche above the mantle at 
the fireplace. Then run to the broken statue on the floor and recover the stone. 
Turn around and run to the secret opening behind the grandfather's clock and take 
possesion of the BLUE GEM. Jill will now go to the Tiger statue room. Exit the 
Dining room to the sitting area hall, enter the Tiger Statue room hall and take your 
1st right to the Tiger statue room.

 Enter the Tiger Statue room, access Inventory and place the blue gem in the statue. 
Take the Key and exit the room. You now want to get Jill back to Richard on the 
second floor. Run back through the Dining room, into the lobby and up the first 
flight of the Central Stairs. Turn east, (right), climb the second flight and enter 
the door to the Armor room hall. Take the first door on Jill's right, run to 
Richard, give him the serum and watch him die. 
(After all the crap you went through for this guy and he ends up dying on you. If I 
weren't in such a hurry, why, I'd pump a few caps in his...... Never mind - back to 
the game.)

Enter the door in front of you, turn right and stay close to the wall. Swing around 
the zombies and hit the stairs running. (These guys are acid-hurlers, so don't mess 
with them). When you reach the door, unlock it and chuck the key. Enter the attic, 
run forward, swinging a wide left, grazing the wall against Jill's right shoulder. 
The post will be coming up on Jill's left. Keeping the wall against Jill's right 
side, run toward the direction the snake comes from until the cutscene kicks in. 
This approach puts Jill into a position to hit BigHunkaSnake on the first shot. When 
the cut scene ends, BigHunkaSnake comes out. Hold down ready and fire. As soon as 
she's free, she'll fire a round. Don't wait for the snake to exit the room. Beat the 
snake to the opening and get the stone. Turn around and beat feet out of there. If 
you don't bounce around on the boxes and walls, you'll make it out of that area 
before the snake has a chance to slither down the passage. Exit the room, turn left, 
keep the wall against her left shoulder and descend the stairs at a run.

 (If you're lucky, you'll get by unharmed, sometimes I get hurled on, sometimes they 
grab me. More often than not, if I have my wits about me, I'm able to hit the one on 
the left and swing right between the two before either one can hurl.)

 Make your way out to the Armor room hallway. You now want to get down to the first 
floor and to the Picture Puzzle room for the final stone. Turn right, staying close 
to the right side of the hall and run the horseshoe-shaped hall. Remember to stay 
close to the right wall until you pass the second zombie near the Bug Room hall 
door. Enter the Bug Room hall , staying close to the right side. Run until you come 
to the corner, stop, turn right, staying close to the right wall and run past the 
zombie. Swing left onto the stairs before they can get close enough to grab our 
whiney sweety-pie. Descend the stairs and run to the door at the end of the hall, 
avoiding the two zombies near the save room door. Once through the door at the end 
of the hall, you are in the Picture Puzzle Room Hall again. Turn right, hug the 
wall, (keep Jill at a 60° angle to the wall) and run past the two zombies, but don't 
turn out to the left, away from the wall, too soon. Enter the Picture Puzzle room. 
Run to the second picture (newborn) and push the button. Run around the corner and 
press the button at the second picture (infant). Go to the 3rd picture, (lively boy) 
and press it's button. Turn around and do the 1st picture on this side of the wall 
(young man). Run back to the first part of the room and do the first picture on this 
side (tired, middle-aged man). Now, turn around and run back to the second side of 
the room and do the (bold old man). Now for the final picture at the very end of the 
room. Take the stone, enter Inventory and combine the two stone halfs. Exit the 
Picture Puzzle room.

 When you have control of Jill in the hall, run two steps into the hall, bear to the 
left and fire a round into the zombie that's standing in the way of the hall that 
takes Jill to the Garden shed. If you don't take the couple of steps into the room, 
you'll hit one of the two zombies coming from the larger section of the hall first, 
forcing a second shot or an attack. (You must bear left into the hall because the 
Launcher is slower to fire than the Revolver. If you run straight out into the hall, 
the first of the two zombies in the larger section will have time to attack you 
during the Launcher attack.)
 Run to the end of the hall and exit the door on the left. You are now in the Garden 
shed hall. There are two zombie Dobies in this hallway. You will ignore them, 
weaving through both. It isn't difficult to do. Once past them, move to the left 
wall, thereby using it to line up with the stone plaque. You can't afford any 
mistakes here, the dogs will be on you like pork strips on Pu Pu Platter! As soon as 
you see the plaque, hit start to access inventory. You are safe, for the moment. The 
trick here is to place each stone without getting moued on. To do this you must 
access the stone and double hit (X). As Jill is placing the stone, start tapping 
start. This will get you back into inventory the quickest. Between each stone, 
you'll be able to see the dogs moving. As the last stone is being placed, press and 
hold forward/right and run, keeping your right thumb hovering over (X). As you 
regain control, you'll swing Jill over to the door, hit (X) and access the Garden 
shed door. WHEW!!! That were a close one, EH? Move the portable stairs to the shelf, 
climb it and retrieve the square crank. Step down and exit the other side of the 

 (If you've been through a few scrapes, I would suggest getting some weed - a green 
and red, combine them and eat it. If you noticed that you're still in the green when 
you picked up the crank, don't bother, you'll pick up some extra time.)

 Run across the yard to the gate. The island in your way is a particular pain in the 
butt when you have three zombie dogs on your glutes. I almost always take a hit here 
and in the alley to the Guardhouse. Once through the gates, approach the crank 
station at a run, Inventory and crank - ASAP!. "X" out the Flume Door FMV. Pool 
Flume door FMV (13 seconds)
 Run to the ladder, drop down, run and climb up the other side. Make a bee- line to 
the elevator, ride it down to the lower level of the gardens and weave your way 
through three more dogs to the Guardhouse Gate. Be prepared for three more dogs. I 
walk to the first corner of the alley, turn a sharp right and run past the first 
dog. Odds for me are, I'll get hit at least once in here, often two times, before 
getting to the Guardhouse door. I suggest running at the dog and swerving left or 
right at the last second. This has been the most successful maneuver with the dogs 
when the room allows. If they are running in the same direction as you, you don't 
have much to worry about.


    When you enter the Guardhouse, your inventory will have the Launcher and crank. 
There is more than enough room to get all the pickups in the Guardhouse. Bypass the 
S/I room and head straight for the Game room.

 The holes in the floor are there for Harry (plant 42) to grab at you. I have tried 
many times to figure Harry out. To date, I have no definitive set of moves to ensure 
a no-hit. Most of the time I take anywhere from one to two hits, usually at the Game 
room door. Once in a blue moon, I take a hit at the first hole and the third hole.

 Once you are in the Game room, turn right and run to the table so that you form a 
straight line between the table and the bar. Pick up the Red book, turn to the door 
and run between the spider and the wall. If you had hit your mark, you'll be out of 
the room before the spider has a chance to lock on. Exit the Game room. Once outside 
the Game room, I almost always go to the left of the hole, stop at the corner, turn 
left and keep the third hole on Jill's right.
 Run through the door that leads to the #2 Dormatory room hall. Run down the hall to 
the first door on Jill's right. Enter the Beehive, Chemical room hall. Get the #2 
Dormitory key from the table near the Beehive, do a 180° and exit this hall through 
the door you used to enter it. Turn right, run down to the #2 Dormitory room, unlock 
enter and enter the bathroom. Believe me, you don't want to know what it is they're 
doing in there.

 (I've tried dozens of times to work out a fast and safe way to deal with these 
two,... uh,... guys in here. I shoot one guy and I can get around the other guy 
about 30% of the time. When I do, it's like wall, toilet and tub bumping time; this 
comedy act is too time consuming. The fact remains, the best solution is to shoot 

 As you wait for the room to load, press and hold (R1) and fire. Once done, release 
fire, tap (L1) and fire - neat, quick and safe. Get the key and head back to the 
Bee/V-Jolt/ #3 Dormitory room hall. Enter #3 Dormitory room, run to the center of 
the room and cap Al the zombie. Pull the V-Jolt book and replace it with the red 
book from the game room. Enter Harry's Dining room.
 Meet Harry - big mofo, eh? As the room is being loaded, press and hold (R1) and 
fire. When the room returns, maintain your position and let the launcher do it's 
stuff. Three rounds later, (cut scene) Harry shrinks up and regrows. Harry then 
grabs Jill, Barry comes to the rescue and frys Harry to de bone, or root, I meant 
root. When free, get the key and return to the #2 Dormitory room, move the shelves, 
climb down the ladder and move the first of the three boxes down to the other two 
boxes, (do not block the elbow of the hallway). Move the box closest to the water 
into the water. Now move the second closest box into the water. Lastly, move the 
third box into the water and run over the box bridge. Enter the partially submerged 
basement through the doors. Turn right and wade your way to the Control Room. X out 
the shark FMV - Shark FMV, (7 seconds). Turn left and use the key on the Control 
Room door. Enter the Control Room, pull the levers down to drain the basement, run 
to the button on the wall near the door and unlock the Storage room next to the 
Control Room. Enter the Storage room and get the Helmet key. Exit the Storage room 
and return to the first floor. Get the weed near the basement doors, combine and 
take them if you're hurting, (I'm usually in the Caution Yellow and sometimes in 
Danger Red. Exit the basement. Prepare to leave the Guardhouse and return to the 
Mansion after talking to Weaselboy Wesker.

 Leave the Guardhouse, get the weed at the Garden Gate, combine them and store. Run 
by the dogs in the lower Garden, (unless you run right into them grouped up, you're 
pretty much safe) ride the elevator up to the Pool area, cross the drained pool and 
enter the last dog area for this section of the game. Enter and run through the 
Garden shed to the back entrance of the Mansion.

03. MANSION (return)

    Run to the end of the hall and get the Hunter FMV, (15 seconds), X out the 
Hunter FMV. Turn and run to the grey door, the second door on your left, as soon as 
you have control. Enter the save room hall and run straight for the stairs. Do not 
mess with these Hunters, they just finished watching "The Heart is a Lonely Hunter" 
for the 46th time. Climb the stairs by twos, turn left at the top of the stairs, 
blow Steve a kiss, (that's who he was before the species change) and run Jill's 
buttocks off to the end of the hall, turn and enter the Fireplace room. Take the 
weed and enter the SNAKE Room. 

 Run to the piano and hit X for the cut scene. Press and hold (R1) and fire. When 
free, three rounds will chunk Jake the Snake. MMMM, taste like chicken. Run to the 
hole and wait for dumb-as-a-stick Barry to miss the smoking, rotting, evaporating 
purple snake on the floor and ask our pretty if she's found anything interesting. 
Barry will offer the rope. When Barry drops the rope, don't wait for him, access the 
Gravestone and drop down.
  Have Jill's left shoulder against the wall and run straight to the door, bypassing 
Julio Iglesias, (another species change, couldn't buy work after his voice went). 
Enter the door to another hall. This one is "S" shaped and it has two zombies mouing 
on somebody. I don't know who, never hung around long enought to look. 

 Enter the Kitchen, turn right and run to the elevator. Kill the sleeping zombie on 
the floor after he moues on Jill by breaking his neck. Take the single weed.
(There have been a number of times where I have been able to run by the sleeper, on 
the way up to the Library. I hit the wall hard and turn left, still running. I have 
always been moued on the way back, though.)

 Enter the elevator and ride up to the 2nd floor.
 Exit the elevator, turn left, run into the Library door and enter before the Hunter 
gets you. Run to the right side of the room. We're going after the Battery in the 
secret room, but first we gotta take care of Sparky, who wants to take a bite out of 
Jill. Cap him. Move the shelf, enter the room, run to and get the battery. Exit the 
room, move into the book area and take out the two zombies waiting in there. Run to 
the back room, push the Roman Centurian statue over with one push. Then push it to 
the trigger spot. When the door slides open, get the Red Doom book.

 Exit the Library, ignore the Hunters and enter the elevator. When you get down to 
the Kitchen, run to the Kitchen door leading to the stairs. Cletus FMV, (14 
seconds). X out the Cletus FMV. Chunk Cletus with the launcher. Climb the stairs and 
unlock the door to the Sitting area/Piano room hall. Keep Jill's left side against 
the wall, ignore the spiders and run the hall 'til you hit the Dining room door. 
Enter the Dining room and then the Main Lobby.

 (I consider this a bit over half-way in the game, If you are still having a problem 
running this program, as I did for so long, I suggest saving here. I had to practice 
this program something like 15 times, before I was able to avoid the save here. Be 
aware that saving here may skew the needed Inventory space for later in the game. If 
you feel the need to save, there is an ink ribbon near the typewriter.)

 Climb the stairs and head east to the Armor room hall door. This place is now full 
of Hunters, But you can make it through without a hit. Once in the Armor room hall, 
take about three steps into the room and stop. (Hear the hunter approaching.) As 
soon as you see the Hunter's hand in the screen, take off, eh! Hug the wall on the 
left and run. You'll pass two Hunters by the time you take the left at the corner. 
At a run, move to the right outside wall (opposite the Armor room door side). Just 
before the corner on the left, turn hard left and take the corner tight, trying to 
scrape Jill's left shoulder against the wall. Then swing right, behind the Hunter, 
to the Bug room hall door. When you gain control of Jill in the Bug room hall: 

(There are two methods of dealing with the situation, neither will work 100% of the 
time. I haven't been able to figure out which one will work when.)

#1. Bear left, to avoid the Hunter's swat. Staying to the left, turn the corner and 
slam into the Hunter standing against the railing. Keep pressing 'til it gives and 
pass to the stairs. Sometimes the first Hunter will get his wits and hack you. Once 
you have been stopped and attacked, you should fire on one and then heal before you 
take too many hits and smoke the 2nd one.

#2. Run and slam into the first Hunter from behind, goosing it forward. As the 
Hunter starts to turn on Jill, swing left and around the Hunter. The second Hunter 
at the railing begins to turn to the right as Jill approaches, allowing her to pass 
saftely between it and the railing to the stairs. As with the first suggestion, 
follow the solution for an attack. As both solutions have worked at least 65% of the 
time, I always go for the run over the kill. If you are forced to eliminate them, it 
will kill the time you're playing for, but if you survive, it's worth the 
If both Hunters hit you you're toast, I haven't been able to get away from them long 
enough to heal or fire on them.

 When you get down to the bottom of the stairs, again, bear right to the wall and 
haul lass to the door at the end of the hall, avoiding the two Hunters. 

(There have been times when the Hunter at the bottom of the stairs is positioned so 
that there is no way to pass it without taking a hit if you stay against the wall. 
When you start your run to the door, you will be forced to make an on-the-spot 
decision. You'll have to notice whether the Hunter is facing you, facing the door 
you're aiming for or the S/I room. If the Hunter is facing the S/I room, you're safe 
to book for the door. If it's facing the Picture room hall door, you'll take a hit 
but be able to continue on to the door. If Big Green-and-Ugly is facing you, you'll 
have to bear to the Hunter's right side to avoid the attack and move on the the 
door. If you slam the Hunter, keep moving forward and to the Hunter's right during 
the attack - you'll probably take one hit and continue on. Sometimes you may not be 
so lucky, being ganged by both near the stairs.)

 Exit the door at the end of the hall and enter the Picture room hall. Swing wide to 
the right to avoid the hunter walking toward you and run to the Mansion's rear 
entrance. Exit, stay close to the left wall to avoid the next Hunter and run the 
length of the hall to the Garden shed. If you've been hammered by the Hunters, heal 
in the garden shed. Exit the garden shed, turn right, run to the Green weed and then 
the Red weed, combine them and store. (You're going to be on a zombie dog 
rollercoaster from hell in a few seconds, and more than likely you're going to need 
the weed.)
Turn left and run straight to the pool area gate. Cross the pool and access the 
elevator down. It will start getting harder to avoid the dogs now. Your aim is to 
place the battery in it's slot, (he said slot, heh, heh, heh) 

(The dogs are mobile and are rarely in the exact same place, so, it's too difficult 
to second-guess where they're going to be. Best advice is to be as loose and agile 
as possible, have no preconceived notions of where you're going to run, only where 
you're going to end up. Big help, I know.)

 (I miss the battery slot on the first try about 35% of the time. A good portion of 
that time, I'm able to adjust at least once without a bite. I have rarely been able 
to adjust twice without a hit, so, it's very important to get it right. You have too 
many chances to be attacked through this area.)

Hopefully, you'll hit your mark on the first attempt, access Inventory and place the 
battery. Enter the elevator and ride it up. When you reach the top, hold for a 
second and try to pick the best route through the dogs. I like to wait till the two 
closest dogs move closer together and go for it. Try swerving about two thirds the 
length of the alley, then pick a straight line for the gate. You want to get to the 
crank station for the pool's flume gate and lower it. 

(When you're accessing the Crank from Inventory, take notice of your health. If 
you're in the Caution Yellow, take the weed when you're done with the crank. If 
you're Green/Yellow, you could hold off and save a few seconds.)

Now you want to get back to the elevator, so, on your way. This is where I usually 
take it in the throat. I often have a difficult time traversing the skinny alleyway 
going back to the elevator. Ride it down and bee-line it to the sewer ladder. 

04.  SEWER

    This section and the Guardhouse are probably the easiest sections of the game 
for me. When you get to the bottom of the ladder, if you haven't taken the weed by 
now, do it anyway. Turn right, enter the door and make your way to Enrico. Turn 
right, run to the end of the hall and take the door on the left. Run to the end of 
this hall and take the door on the right. Run the horseshoe hall to Enrico. (cut 
scene) Get the crank from poor dead Enrico and make your way back to the sewer 
ladder at the beginning of the Sewer.(ever notice that Enrico takes the hit, groans 
and starts to slump before the shot is fired?) So let's go - run the U-shaped hall 
back to the door, enter and bear left, run to the next door, bank right and hug the 
left wall to avoid the two Hunters. Turn left into the niche with the door. Turn 
right and run the U-shaped hall past the save station. Navigate the hall to the 
Sewer's first crank station. Crank the rotating section to get the hole out of the 
way. Exit this hall, turn right and approach the boulder. Turn around, hug the wall 
to her left shoulder and run back to the door you just came through. Once the 
boulder blows through the wall, get up with the launcher and run through the hole in 
the wall. Stay to the left wall to avoid the Hunter. Enter the door to the Spider 
room. Before regaining control of Jill, press and hold (R1) and the fire button. 
When the scene returns, you'll have smoked Spider into pieces. Do a 180° and exit 
the room. Do another 180° and return to the spider room. Before you have control of 
Jill, hold down (R1) and fire, Now the webbing will be gone from the door.
(This little trick shaves something like 22 seconds off the game clock. I timed the 
above mentioned method and the standard method of grabbing the knife and slashing 
the webbing. The aforementinoned technique is superior. Don't bother trying to run 
to the Door and shooting the webbing first because Jill will just turn around and 
shoot the spider. You'll waste your time trying to shoot the webbing after this 
also, because you'll have 20-plus mini targets running about in a few seconds.) The 
fastest means to the ends:

 Run to the door and exit the Spider room, bank right and run the length of the hall 
to the door at the very end. Enter, bear right and position Jill at the second Crank 
Station. (I hate this station because you have to hit it three times.) Once 
completed, run to the boulder, turn around and activate it by running into the now 
open tunnel. Enter the puzzle room, run to and move the statue, count 5 floor 
scrapes and stop pushing. Approach the third Crank Station, move the statue out from 
the wall and crank again to retract the pushing wall.

 (I hate this puzzle. If the statue is light enough to push, why the need for a 
pushing wall? Tomb Raider let's Lara pull boxes, why can't Jill and Chris pull 

 Push the statue to the pressure plate to open the locked panel. Get the key and 
leave the puzzle room. Continue out to the boulder hall and back to where the 
boulder originally was. Acquire the 2nd (RED) Doom book. Now you want to get our 
pretty to the elevator, to the ground level secret garden. Exit this hall and 
continue straight across the tri-section of openings. enter the elevator and ride it 
up to the Garden. Bear right around the wall to the first Medal station, access 
Inventory and access the (BLUE) Doom book. Check, pull out the medal and use. Move 
to the 2nd medal station, enter Inventory access the (RED) Doom book, check, pull 
out the medal and place it in the station. Fountain FMV, (12 seconds). X out the 
Fountain FMV. Run to the opening in the fountain, take the stairs and ride the 
elevator down to Hell. Run out of the elevator, bear left and climb down the ladder. 
You have at least two free spaces in mobile inventory so there is no need to stop at 
the inventory box to empty anything. If you're worried about getting hit, you can 
pick up the FAS you dropped in the Inventory box at the beginning of the game. Our 
route doesn't allow us to stop for health aides where and when they are present.

05.  Underground Labs, B2 Level.

    Exit the Inventory room and turn right as soon as you have control of Jill. 
There are three zombies in this L-shaped hall. Two of them are rather close 
together. They are staggered far enough apart to make it through them, but you have 
to be very exacting in the maneuver. The camera angle blows here as bad as it does 
in many of the critical movement areas in the game. Run forward about 3 or 4 steps, 
turn hard left, run to the wall, turn right and scrape the wall against her left 
shoulder 'til you get past the second zombie. The third zombie is down the hall and 
to the left, well out of harming distance. Run to the head of the stairs and step 
down to the B3 level. Once at the base of the stairs, run out and turn left, hug the 
wall to Jill's left and run by the rotten one. Continue down the hall 'til you get 
to the door on the left and enter the room.

 (Sometimes, the rotten one may be turned to a different direction and may also be 
up against the wall to the left side of the hall. Most times the Rotten one is more 
to the middle of the hall, giving Jill easy access against the left wall of the 
hall. It's another one of those immediate decisions. If in the middle go left, if 
against the left wall, go right.)

 (*) This is where the change of route, mentioned in Commentary, comes into play.

(This is the only trick supplied by Firebrand and his bro that works on "Arranged". 
Their game is the original version of RE. Nonetheless, it is an excellent two minute 
time saver and I'm jealous that I didn't have the gray matter to see it myself)

Pass the room, turn right at the door, (R1) and fire on the rotten one. Run to the 
Rose door, unlock it and enter. 
Route continues at ($&$)

This is my original route, ignore
 (Enter the Computer room and access the comp. Open up the B3 level door only. Close 
the computer down and exit the room. Take about four running steps straight out of 
the door into the hall (R1) and fire! Take out a rotten one. (These guys are so 
rotten that their clothes must have run away.) Run to the Rose door, unlock it.)
When you have control, run down the hall, staying close to the right side of the 
hall to avoid zombie #1 to Jill's left. Stop at the corner, turn sharp right and run 
past zombie #2. Stay close to the wall on the right, run to and access the Power 
Room door. Sometimes, Zombie #2 is facing a slightly different direction. If you 
have the presence of mind, holding your position for that seemingly eternal second 
gives Zombie #2 a chance to begin his turn on Jill. This is the moment you need to 
move to the left side of the hall and slip by on the opposite side side of the 

 Turn right and run counter-clockwise to the console in the far right side of Power 
room #1. A ceiling monkey will be hanging. Run to the right side and hug the railing 
to Jill's right side. Access the computer. If you hit your mark on the console 
without errors, the monkey won't have the time to turn around. Run back so that the 
Monkey is on Jill's right side.
 Through the rest of this room, keep close to the wall on Jill's left. Run the U-
shaped room to the door leading to the #2 Power room.
 Take the right turn coming up in the #2 Power room and access Power room #3. Turn 
right in Power room #3 and run counter-clockwise keeping Jill's right side close to 
the wall on the right. Ignore the Ceiling Monkey, swing a wide left, stop on the 
battery and pick it up.

 (Try to hit it correctly - the monkeys will gang you fast here if you screw up.)

 After picking up the battery, continue running the room counter-clockwise. Keep to 
the left against the machinery; another Monkey is coming up. Keep him on Jill's 
right side as she passes it, swing out wide left at the corner and access the last 
computer console in the power rooms. When done, continue counter-clockwise to the 
door Hit it on your first try, another monkey will be coming up fast in front of 
Jill. Pass through Power room #2 and, once in Power room #1, keep to the right side 
wall. A monkey will be coming around the corner from the ceiling. Stay against the 
right wall and exit Power room #1.

 The hall is empty. 
(The whistle must have blown, ending the noon to eight PM zombie shift, while you 
were in the Power room. Jill just didn't hear it. Run the length of the hall to the 
elevator and push the button for access.) 

(Cut scene) Call Barry a dead loser, while tapping the (L) hand symbol to your 
forehead. "You're a D.E.A.D  LA-HOO ZA-HER, Barry!"

06.  Tyrant Lab

    When you get to the bottom of the elevator shaft, you'll meet up with 
Wesker. "OH, WELL THAT'S A SURPRISE." This has got to be one of the longest bad 
dialogs in ... no, wait, this is bad, but there's nothing on the planet to compete 
with the "PLEASE KILL ME NOW" monologs from Metal Gear Solid! "SHUT UP AND DIE PUH-
LEEEEEEZE!!!!!" If there's one thing I hate, it's being forced to listen to the 
bloody cut scenes in these games!
 Tyrant FMV, (23 seconds). X out the Tyrant FMV. (cut scene) Greedy, stupid Wesker 
releases Tyrant from the tube and before you know it, we have Wesker Shish Kebab, a 
la Tyrante. Skewered by Tyrant's sickle hand thingies, Limp Wisket is tossed to the 
floor. As he hits the floor, his keys spill out of his pockets.
 Before you have control of Jill, start tapping the (START) button. Arm with the 
launcher from inventory, (R1) and fire. There were Tyrant pieces over here and there 
were Tyrant pieces over there Oh My! Pick up the keys that Scum Life dropped as he 
was plopped onto the floor. Move to the computer to the right of the Tyrant tube and 
unlock the Lab doors. Run to the elevator and head back to the B3 level.

07.  Escape to the Heliport

    Once on the B3 level, we're about 5 minutes from the end of the game - half that 
if it weren't for embarassing Barry getting in the way again. The Power room hall is 
still empty. All the zombies must have heard that the Great Ugly Hope got smoked 
with "A LAUNCHER ROUND" in round one. Exit the Rose door, turn right and hug the 
left wall. A ceiling monkey will be at the corner when you get there. Once past the 
corner, move over to the right side of the hall and take the stairs to the B2 level. 
 This is the last spot in the game where you will have to worry about zombies. 
Remember the three zombies you left dead on the B2 level on your descent into the 
Labs? Well, they're still there, meat puppets! This is tricky, but it can be done. 
You just have to make sure that you don't hit the outside corner of the wall. At the 
head of the stairs, do a wide swing left so that you cause the first zombie to 
rotate as it follows Jill. The zombie will be on Jill's left and you'll be running 
between the zombie and the wall. Stay against the wall and run past both zombies. 
The third zombie at the end of the hall is easily avoided.
 Enter the Inventory room and be bored to a near-death experience with Barry's 
(Was Barry hacked on by zombies or ceiling monkeys?)
 Climb up the ladder, use the key on the locked exit door and run to the next 
elevator. Install the battery and take the ride to freedom. At the top, grab the 
flare and pop it, don't bother running out to the chopper landing symbol.


08.  'Ádíjj',t'áá

  So, how did you do? I got hammered on this run, by dogs, hunters, zombies and the 
Guardhouse plant (from the holes in the floor), for a total of 10 hits, forcing me 
to take two Red/Green weed combos, a green/green combo and an FAS. Like any game, 
you need in game practice to acquire the tools, (read: dexterity skills) to become 
speed game adept. 
I got a 1:16:12 with the time saved not entering the Computer room on this run. I 
had to kill Forrest, thirteen zombies and one dog. The last fast time was 1:18:35. 
Did you notice that there was no (BAMMING) in this guide? 

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