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Table of Contents

1) Introduction
- Spoiler Alert
- Character Status Guide
- Boss Guide
- Status Ailments
- Commands
- Controls

2) Updates
3) FAQs
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The 1st CD:

4) Walkthrough: Part 1
- Burg
- Dragon Cave
- Wierd Woods
- Saith
- Old Hag's Forest
- Saith
- Boss: Saline Slimer

Walkthrough: Part 2
- Voyage to Meribia
- Meribia!
- Sewers of Meribia
- Boss: Aqua Lizard
- Magic City of Vane
- Cave of Trials
- Boss: Truffle Troubler
- Vane
- Nanza Barrier
- Lann Island
- Boss: Fake Dragonmaster
- Getting Locked Up
- Crystal Tower
- Boss: 4 Gargoyles
- Revisiting Burg

Walkthrough: Part 3
- Save Meribia!
- Vane in Trouble
- Boss: Vile Crustacean

- Nanza
- Reza / Meryod
- Boss: Plaster Mell
- Damon Spire
- Lluk Field
- Althena Springs (Men)
- Red Dragon Cave
- Boss: Bronze Dogs

Walkthrough: Part 4
- Meryod / Lyton
- Althena Springs (Women)
- Blue Dragon's Cave
- Tamur
- Myght's Tower
- Boss: Tempest
- Lost Woods / Pao
- Black Dragon's Cave
- Boss: Black Dragon
- The Betrayal

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Second CD

Walkthrough: Part 5
- Talon
- Talon Mines
- Cadin
- Ruids
- Vane Vs The Grindery
- The Grindery
- Boss: The Magic Emperor
- Revisiting Dyne

Walkthrough: Part 6 - The Finale
- Goddess Tower
- Boss: Royce
- Boss: Xenobia
- Boss: Ghaleon
- Revisiting Meribia

5) Characters
- Characters
- Magic

6) Items
- Weapons
- Armor
- Headgear
- Accessories
- Items

7) Locations of the Bromides
8) Contents and Locations of the Red Chests
9) Tips and Tricks
10) Monster Guide - By Kevin Moore
11) Miscellaneous
- Places to Level up
- Items to look out for
- Songs - By Kevin Moore
- Mini Game! / Movie Viewer
- Secrets, Gameshark Codes Etc.
- Quotes

12) Thanks, Disclaimer Etc.

Introduction -
Lunar: The Silver Star Story is a game rereleased on to the Playstation.
The game was originally created for the Sega CD and now has been remade
with 75% new text, a soundtrack, updated graphics and anime as well as a
hardcover book and a cloth map.

Other versions of Lunar have been remade onto the Sega Saturn which was
released two years ago.

The game is created by Game Arts and distributed by Working Designs. There
once was a young boy named Alex. The hero of the game. He lived with his
dear mother and father in the town of Burg.. His parents are very nice..
they even offered to take care of a girl whom was named Luna. She had a very
beautiful voice which combines nicely with Alex's musical talents. Besides
Luna, Alex had two other friends, Ramus, a young entepreneur whom wishes to
move to a large city someday and become wealthy, and Nall, a little creature
whom was given to Alex at an early age by a mysterious man. Every day Alex
visited the memorial to his hero, Dyne outside of town. Alex idols
Dragonmaster Dyne and hopes he will fullfill his dream and join the ranks
of him.

Alex and the gang were all hoping to go on a quest one day. That dream came
true when Ramus found out about a quest one day. They're suppose to find
some sort of diamond in a cave to the east. Of course Alex and all were
escatic and enthusiastic about the idea because this is one of their first
real adventures. Ramus went to get some snacks to munch on for the trip
whereas Alex went to practice with Luna as they regularly do, usually
just for fun, or sometimes for the town's festival.

As usual Alex was late for practice. They began to practice with Luna
singing and Alex playing his ocarina. Half way through the song Alex quits
playing with a worried face. Luna looks at him and asks what's wrong. He
tells her about the upcoming adventure to the cave and how they have to find
about the diamond. At first Luna was worried as she didn't know what risks
were involved, but knows that she cannot stop him, so she insists on coming
along to see what will come out of the adventure.. and so the quest begins.

Who will this game appeal to? The game will appeal to mostly fans of the
classic 2D style RPG fans with simple a to use interface and stunning
anime cutscenes and great voice acting.

The gameplay is pretty easy to comprehend. The main commands are AI
and Command. When using AI, the computer plays for you but don't use it
because the computer always uses powerful magic on weak characters.
After using command, you can defend, attack, use an item or magic.

This is my very first faqs so please be patient as I try and find
everything. You can find the latest version of this Faqs at my page, There are spoilers in the game and also,
if you have the Sega CD version, I highly suggest that you try and find
a faqs for that version of the game. Also, the Japanese version of the
game may be slighly different, such as Kyle's most powerful sword isn't
obtained from the Black Dragon's Cave etc. The differences may be minor,
but not everything on those versions are the same on this one. Also,
I cannot answer questions from the Sega CD version since I haven't
had the opportunity to play it.

Also, when I refer to you, I mean Alex, and the same goes for when I'm
referring to Alex. At anyrate.. Enjoy the walkthrough :)

Spoiler Alert -
Just a word of warning before you begin looking at this faqs. There will
undoubtly, be many spoilers contained in this faqs, so if you want
to fully enjoy Lunar and wonder what the next unsuspecting twist will
be, then try and play without a walkthrough.

Also, there might be a few spoilers in the characters section..
Anyways, I'll try and limit spoilers to those who are just starting
out and don't want to read ahead in the walkthrough.

Different Character Stats -

Wisdom : Wisdom basically tells you how much damage your magic attack
will be so it's better to have a lot of wisdom.
HP : Hit Points (Life)
MP : Magic Points (Magic)
Attack : The higher the value, the more powerful the attack
Defense : The higher the value, the more you can withstand attacks
Agility : If your agility value is high, than your character will be able
to react quicker during battles.
Magic En : Magic Endurance is how much you can withstand magic attacks
#Attacks : The more #Attacks you have, the more attacks you can have
during that character's turn so if you had two attacks, your
character could hit an enemy twice in one turn but it doesn't
apply to magic however.
Range : The distance your character can travel in the battle
Luck : The higher the value, the more you're able to avoid attacks
and the more you're able to successfully perform critical hits.
EXP : This is how many experience points that you've accumulated
so far in the game.
Next Lvl : This shows you how many experience points you will need to
gain before gaining a level.
Level : The level your character is currently at. The higher the level,
the more powerful the attack.

Boss Guide -
Unlike other RPGs, you can't just level up to defeat a boss. It's not that
simple. For example, if you're at the cave of trials and before you
got there, you leveled up, say to level 25 which is a lot more powerful
than enemies in that level but once you reach the boss, the boss will
level up with Alex.

For example.. Every boss has base stats and once you level up, those
"base stats" are multiplied with Alex's stats. For example, the base stats
of the Saline Slimer are (HP80, Attack 2, Defense 1, Agility 1,
Wisdom 1 and Magic Endurance 1). So, the bosses stats are multiplied
with Alex's stats. If you had say, 90HP, the bosses HP would be, 80x90,
which is 720HP and the same goes for the rest of the stats.

So it doesn't really matter if you level up or not but there is a cap
where the enemies can't level up. Once you reach level 50, it's smooth
sailing from then on but then again, you won't be at level 50 when you
reach the end of the game.

Anyways, here is a guide to how much you'll have to calculate your level
in accordance with Alex's HP.

Saline Slimer : Alex's HP x 80HP
Aqua Lizard : Alex's HP x 80HP
Truffle Troubler : Alex's HP x 120HP
Dragonmaster Zoc : Alex's HP x 160HP
Vile Crustacean : Alex's HP x 180HP
Bronze Dogs(2) : Alex's HP x 90HP

Status Ailments -

Poisoned : Your characters will lose a bit of HP after each round.
Stoned : Your chracter can't move but you can heal them or use items
on them.
Confused : Your characters will randomly attack anyone, including
allies, who are within range.
Sleep : You can't carry out commands but they'll rewaken once they
have been hit. Also, if your characters are asleep, the
amount of damage, dealt to them will be substantially higher.
Mute : You've been silenced and can't use magic.
Paralyze : You can't command the character and it's difficult to
heal them.
Faint : Your characters are gone. They cannot do anything unless
they are resurrected.

Commands -
AI : Try very hard not to use this command. The AI will consume
your MP and use powerful, and useless attacks on weak
Items : You can you your healing items or mp restore items or any
other items you have in stock and you may also use your
weapon's ability. For example, if you have a fire rod, and
you select the fire rod from the items menu during the battle
then you will shoot fire towards the enemy without MP
Attack : Use weapon based attacks.
Magic : Use magic based attacks.
Command : This lets you control the characters instead of AI.
Defend : With this function, you can move anywhere on the battle
field away from the enemy.

Controls -
These are just the basic buttons used in the game. The start button is
the only unused button in the game.

|Button: | Description of Use: |
|Start | Not used |
|Select | Open up the menu |
|Analog Button | Switch to Analog mode |
|Dir- Buttons | Move cursor / Ctrl direction of characters |
|Triangle | Returns to previous menu / screen |
|Circle | Save Screen |
|X Button | Open chests, Confirm commands, start chats |
|Square | Open up the menu |
|L1/R1 | Change characters on menus / Display status |
| | Choose which memory card to save on |
|R2 | Turn the dual shock function or off. |
|L2 | Turn the names for spells on or off |

Updates -
Version 1.0:
This is my first gamefaqs so if there's an error or something then just
tell me. Anyhow, the faqs so far is half done. I will implement more
as I play along the game. I will include up to the end of the demo and then
gradually add more info.

Version 1.5:
I added the bromides section and added a few more questions in the FAQs.
I also added a bit to the walkthrough, and also the locations to where
the red chests and their contents.

Version 1.6:
Minor updates.. I added a few sections in the introduction area and I
also added a bit to the walkthrough, up to the Red Dragon cave.

Version 1.7:
I'd like to thank, Kevin Moore, a big contributer who supplied the
monster guide and wrote out the lyrics for the music section.
If you have any questions, you can email him at [email protected]

Version 1.9:
I added a lot more to the walkthrough and I'm finished up to the Talon
Mines. I'll be adding the Ruids very soon. Anyways, I finished adding
some of the sections, finished the characters section and a bit more.

Version 2.0:
I finished up to the Grindery. I'll have that section done soon. I also
updated the charcters section and added some codes.

Version 2.5:
The faqs is complete! Well the walkthrough is. I'll add the items section

FAQs -
Q) When did the game release?
A) June 2nd for retail and May 28 for online orders.

Q) What's this I hear about the bug in the demo?
A) If you give Nall, Alex's ocarina in the demo, something will happen,
although I'm not sure what will happen but you will not be able to
finish the game.

Q) How do I get Nall to attack?
A) You have to get Kyle to use his fastcut attack and have the rest of the
party escape. Afterwards, Nall will attack. Kyle has to be at lvl 99.

Q) Why won't my levels increase in the demo?
A) Working Designs put a level 12 cap. However you can still collect money..
But, don't go and kill enemies to build up your experience points
because regardless of whether or not you have 99999 experience points
built up or fifty thousand built up, you'll start off at level 12 when
you start the game.

Q) Laike looks pretty cool. Do I get to use him?
A) Yep :)

Q) What's the highest level I can achieve?
A) Level 99

Q) Is there dual shock support?
A) Yep

Q) Is this version different from the other versions?
A) Yes.. For instance, in the original version, Luna doesn't join you and
the bridge after the wierd woods is broken. A lot of things have been
taken out such as overworld random battles and the anime and graphics
have also been udpated. Nothing too drastic though.

Q) How do I open the red chests?
A) You have to get the Theif's Crest.. look below for a list of locations
and areas and what is contained in the chests there.

Q) What's this I hear about revealing Alex's Magic in Black Rose Street?
A) Oh that's nothing. In the sega CD version, you had no magic until
you discovered his magic on Black Rose Street.

Q) How do I use a weapon's magic ability?
A) To use a weapon's magic ability, select the item function, then the
weapon during the battle.

Q) How do I open the red chests?
A) After finishing the scenario at Reza, you'll get a Thieves Crest which
should allow you to open these chests. For a list of where the chests
are at the bottom.

Q) Does leveling up help beat bosses?
A) Unfortunately, no. Well, when you level up, the boss does so too
so it doesn't really matter but ah well, it adds to the overall
challenge. For a list of how the boss function works, look above.
By the way, there is a level 50 cap according to Victor Ireland. So,
after Level 50, you're home free... I presume.

Q) What are the purposes of the Bromides?
A) They actually serve no purpose other than a bunch of scantly dressed
female characters in the game. However, they do boost up your stats
ever so slightly.

Walktrhough Part 1 - The Beginning
Enemies: None
Items Found: Fire Ring, Daggar, Sling, Dragon Wings, Starlight, Ocarina

You start the game off with Alex admiring Dragonmaster Dyne's statue again.
However, Nall comes up and warns you that you're late for a meeting with
Luna. So, you leave and on the way to meet Luna, Ramsus encounters you and
tells you about a journey to the Dragon Cave. You decide to go and then
now you meet Luna while Ramus leaves to get prepared.

Now you're in the town of Burg. Firstly, go to your house and talk to your
parents. Go to the basement and you'll notice that the trunks are locked.
Talk to your parents and then go back down and collect the items that are
contained inside the trunk. You'll also find a starlight which is useful.
Starlights just basically restore your MP partially.

Now go north to meet Luna. After a brief anime cutscene, you tell Luna all
about the adventure. She's not happy about the idea but quickly forces
Alex to take her along. Afterwards, go back to your house and your parents
will give you and Luna a weapon (Sling and Daggar).

Next you'll see Ramus by the entrance. Go meet him and leave for your
journey. Once on the world map, go around the top of the chain of mountains
and on to the right side. At the bottom you should see the entrance. If you
attempt to go to the wierd woods, you'll be restricted from going there.

Walktrhough Part 1 - Dragon Cave
Enemies: Slime, Baboons, Synapse Guard, Mutant Fly
Items Found: Dragon Ring, Dragon Diamond, Star Light, Herbs(5), Silver(?)

Before I begin, I'll have to warn you.. The cave can be tough if you
don't have enough Herbs or good enough weapons. Thus, I recommend that you
stay near the entrance and go after the Slimes until you get enough money
to go back to town and upgrade your weapons/armor.

Explore the cave and avoid baboons at all costs. They can deal a great
amount of damage to you and since you want to conserve herbs and MP, just
run from them. You might want to avoid Synapse Guards also (Diamond-shaped

Once you've gone through the cave, you should come to a door. Enter and you
will find Quark. Don't worry, you don't have to fight him. :) He'll tell
you about the diamond and the ring.

So you're off again and now in search of the ring in exchange for the
diamond. Leave the room and head south/west of the door and enter the door.
You should see a few Albino Baboons. Enter the other door and you should
end up in a room with a few ice blocks, several chests and one albino
baboon. However, you don't need to attack the baboon. Just go in front of
him and he should run in a straigt direction so you don't have to worry
about him chasing you. Have him run in the directions of the ice blocks
to open the way to the chests. The one on the top/left should contain the
dragon ring. Once you've obtained the dragon ring, you might want to get
the others which mostly contain money or go back to Quark.

Once you've arrived back at Quark's domain, he'll give you the crystal
and tell you about his other dragon counterparts. Afterwards, head
back to burg. The statue of Althena can now heal your party so go the
statue to rest. Now you want to try and sell the crystal :) Unfortunately,
the only item store in town doesn't have enough money to pay for the
crystal so what does the employee suggest? Go to Meribia to attempt to sell
the crystal.

After, Ramus will want to go to Meribia to try and sell it and of course,
asks Alex to come along and asks that he not tell Luna. Comply to his
demands and head out to the wierd woods, which was one restricted earlier.
However, the woods have not yet cleared up and thus, Ramus chickens out
and heads back to town for the night. Go back to your house and talk to
Luna and your parents. During the night, she'll meet you at the Dragonmaster
Dyne monument.. And of course, force Alex to allow her to come.

Walktrhough Part 1 - Onward to Meribia!
Wierd Woods-
Enemies: Flytrapper, Spore, Goblin, Gorgon
Items Found: Antidote(?), Herbs(?)

A good portion of the enemies can poison you but you probably won't have
to use any Antidotes. My characters were at a low level.. Somewhere around
5 or 6 so the enemies posed to be quite a challenge so level up a bit first.
Just battle your way through and eventually you'll come out to an open
area and encounter a lot of Gorgons. However, fret not, Laike will come out
and help you out.

Laike is one of the most powerful characters you'll first encounter. He's
at a level around 99 (I don't really recall what level he's at) or so and
can attack three times and deals a lot of damage.. somewhere around 290 -
320 damage. After, head down to Saith.

Walktrhough Part 1 - Saith
Firstly, you might want to upgrade the weapons and get armour for the
characters. It's optional though but you should at least upgrade
Luna's and Alex's weapon. After, head down to the docks and enter
the building. The captain will inform you on how he lost his Sea Chart
Map to this gambler(Brett) in the bar. After, head to the bar and have
a little chat with Brett and challenge him to a gambling game. Don't
worry if you lose the money (Or the Dragon Diamond which you'll wager on the
2nd try) at first because he's cheating. He's actually using a two sided
coin which Ramus will spot. After you discover his cheating, he tells you
that he lost the map to a woman who lived in the Old Hag's Forest. If you
talk to him again, he'll give you a fortune cane which can be equipped onto
Luna. Make sure you heal and equip your characters and leave for the Old
Hag's Forest in the upper North West of the map.

Walktrhough Part 1 - Old Hag's Forest
Enemies: Mutant Ants, Killer Wasps, Killer Fly, Mantile Rapper
Items Found: Starlight, Herbs(3), Money(400)

The enemies here are pretty hard. I basically just zoomed right through
without fighting but you'll have to sooner or later to prepare for the
upcoming boss. You can either go around the right or left. The Old Hag's
house is at the very top. Be cautious of chests in open areas. Once you
open them, flies will fly from several directions and chase you.

Once you reach the top, you'll meet Nash who is trapped in a cage.
After getting him out, go to the Old Hag's house. In the house,
the Old Hag will, in exchange for water cane which Nash obligingly gives.
(note: Or go back to the village for some reactions the towns people at
saith will have when they see nash before visiting the woman :)

After, head back down and if you want there's a starlight hidden on the
left side of the forest by the Mantile Rapper.

Walktrhough Part 1 - Saith
Boss: Saline Slimer

Once you head back to Saith and go to the house by the docks, the Captain
will inform you of a slime that is slowly digesting the ship and of course
you're the only one that can save it. Make sure your characters are at,
at least level 10 with Alex's Vigor skill and Luna's Cascade Song.

Boss #1 - Saline Slimer
Recommended Level: 12

First off, your regular attacks will be virtually useless. This blob can
heal everytime you heal it from 50HP to 90HP. Make sure you're at level 10
at least and have Alex's Vigor skill and Luna's Cascade Song. During battle,
have Ramus act as bait since Ramus himself does little damage incase
the slime uses his mucus attack which will encase one of your members in a
blob which you can't get him / her out of. Once you use the Vigor Skill on
Alex first, Nash second, have him use his Dancing Sword technique and have
Nash use his Lightning attack. His Dancing Sword technique will do about
210 damage and Nash's lightning attacks will do about 59 damage. The Slime
also has other attacks, one which he uses his hands to attack, does about
29 damage. Have Luna heal incase. Anyways, the battle isn't too hard
and he has about oh, 850hp I believe.. around. This battle isn't too tough.
Flame Explosion will not work on this boss.

After the boss, Luna will announce that she won't go and will go back to
Burg. The next morning, just as the ship is about to sail, Luna joins you
again and now it's off to Meribia!

Walkthrough Part 1 - The Voyage to Meribia
Once the ship is about to leave, Alex starts to regret not asking Luna to
come and just as the ship takes off, Alex tells Luna how he wants her to
come she gets yanked up onto the ship just as it leaves the docks.
Afterwards, you can talk to Nash and Ramus or meet up with Luna who is in
the cabins. After that your whole party goes to sleep for the night.

In the middle of the night, Alex wakes up to find Luna missing from her
bunk. You race out of the room and look around the deck and eventually find
her on the lookout tower and is singing. A anime cutscene will follow.

The next morning, you arrive at Meribia!

Walkthrough Part 2 - Meribia!
Once you arrive at Meribia, you find out that Nash has some important matter
to attend to and Ramus will go off to try and sell the Dragon Diamond. So,
it's only you, Nall and Luna. Now you can go explore.

Explore the area and make sure that you upgrade your weapons and armor at
the weapon shop on Black Rose Street. Though some of them may cost a lot of
money, they'll be worth it for the upcoming battles. Afterwards, you can
either stop at a few more sites such as the other shops or go see
Master Mell.

Go north and you'll eventually see castle walls. Enter through the main
entrance and you'll encounter Master Mell. After a brief anime cutscene,
and introduction, Master Mell will challenge you to a fight. You don't have
to get worked up about this because regardless of whether or not you win
or lose you don't have to win this particular battle. You probably won't
win unless you really leveled up at which case you'll be rewarded 100EXP.

After the battle, head to the shops, west, and you'll meet Nash and
Royce. She's a fortune teller and will tell you your fortune.
After a short cutscene, head to Black Rose St. In the items shop you will
see Ramus negotiating a deal with the dealer who agrees to buy the
Dragon Diamond for 2000 silver pieces. However, the dealer is taking quite
a long time to get the money and when Nall checks behind the counter, he's
gone! At the back of counter, you discover a door that leads to the sewers.

Walkthrough Part 2 - Sewers of Meribia
Enemies: Grog Snake, Ammonia, Evil Wisp
Items Found: Silver 250(2), Herbs, Antidote(2), Starlight(3),
Boss: Aqua Lizard
Recommended Level: 14

The sewers isn't too tough. You might want to level up here before
encountering the boss. Since you can just go the statue to heal yourself,
this is an ideal place to level up. Try and get all the treasure chests.

However, if you don't want to level up, try and avoid all the enemies at
all costs because you want to conserve your MP for the last boss unless
you want to waste all your starlights but they're pretty expensive
so you should conserve them.

Once you arrive at the last boss, be prepared and make sure you're well

Walkthrough Part 2 - Aqua Lizard
Much like the blob that you fought earlier, use the sword dance technique
along with the vigor sword technique. Have Luna use her cascade song
to boost up Alex's attack/defense. The lizard will most likely use the flame
breath attack which causes about 50 damage so beware. Make sure you're
leveled enough and have Ramus act as bait again because his attacks
aren't as good as Alex's. By the way, sometimes, he will back up, making
it impossible without using a bow or some sort of long range weapon but
if you're using a sword technique with Alex, you can hit him.

Once you win, the dealer attempts to fork over 500 of the 20000 silver
pieces but of course it's not enough. In addition to the 500 silver pieces,
Ramus manages to get the store :)

Ramus becomes the store owner, the store owner is the assistant and you
get half of the winnings.

Walkthrough Part 2 - Magic City of Vane
After winning, leave Meribia and loop around to the right side. After that,
a small cutscene will occur and you should see Vane but you can't enter yet.
First go to the little circles. Talk to one of the people standing by
the circle and they'll tell you that outsiders aren't allowed and that you
must get permission from Phacia.

Head to the Shrine of Althena which is that big monstrosity in the center.
(The giant tower). Once you're inside, talk to the different people
and go straigt down the hall and Nash will go fetch Phacia. After a short
cuscene, head back to the warp circles. You should be able to go BUT, you
have to go through the cave of trials. It's not that tough however, before
you go, save in a different file incase and if you're not leveled up,
go to the Nanza Barrier entrance to level up a bit. It's off to the left
but don't go through yet since you should go to Vane First.

Walkthrough Part 2 - Cave of Trials
Enemies: Mushroom, Goblin
Items Found: Healing Ring, 250 Silver(3), Herbs
Boss: Truffle Troubler

There are three parts to this part, each harder than the previous ones and
the use of items isn't allowed. This cave won't be that hard but again,
make sure you're at least at a good level.. maybe 15-16 for the boss.

The enemies are pretty easy so just go through and explore the cave. There
are some pretty good items to be found here. After you go through a part,
you will meet the same man you met at the entrance and will heal you when
necessary. Once you get to the last part, make sure you save. You're going
to be facing...

Walkthrough Part 2 - Boss: Truffle Troubler
Don't get worked up over this boss. Sure he may seem tough at first but
just make sure you're at a good enough level. Conserve Alex's MP.. since
all your MP is required for Sword Dance.

As with the other enemies, use sword dance on the boss but make sure that
Luna uses the cascade spell on him twice. Don't use Vigor since that will
just waste Alex's MP..

Continue to use Sword Spell and when you run out of MP just use regular
attacks. Have Luna heal after every turn if she can. The boss has two main
attacks. One that attacks the whole screen and does about about 30-31
damage to everyone and the other one does damage to one person and does
around 50 damage.

If you run out of MP just use regular attacks with Alex and hope that he
doesn't use any of his paralysis attacks on Alex or else your whole match
could be in jeopardy.

Walkthrough Part 2 - The Magic City of Vane
Just explore around and buy new equipment. Afterwards, head off to the big
building at the back. That's the Magic Guild er school. *ahem*. Explore
around while Luna goes to the room to rest and meat Ghaleon. Anyways, after,
once you decide you're ready, head to Mia's room (the stairs at the bottom
left of the school). After talking with her, Nash will come and take
you out of there.. since he is trying to get Mia's attention :) Anyways,
after, go and meet Ghaleon who is on the same floor as where Luna went
to relax. After talking to him, you find out that there is a so called
Dragonmaster at Lann.

Now you have to go and investigate. Doh!
Make sure you're prepared and head off through the Nanza Barrier which is
just left of the shrine.

Walkthrough Part 2 - Nanza Barrier
Enemies: Giga Wasp, Antorian, Mud Cyclops,
Items Found: Starlight, 50 Silver (2), Herbs (2), Enemy Chests (3)
Boss: None

Nanza is one tough area if you're not leveled up. You may want
to level Nash up first in the Cave of Trials. Anyways, I didn't bother
fighting any enemies and just zipped right through since you want to
conserve your MP. Anyways, halfway through, you'll get to the Nanza

The Nanza Barrier is just a bunch of thieves that were hired to protect
the area by fighting off monsters etc. Kyle is the chief of the area.
Once you try and go through, you'll discover that you can't go through
unless you talk to Kyle. So firstly, go to the north tower, he won't be
there so talk to the guy on the second level walking around. After, head to
the east tower, head to the top and talk to the girl. Afterwards, head
to the basement and go to the cafeteria and talk to a few people to
find out that he went to his room. Next, talk to the guy in the room
and you'll discover that he's the jail cell. Talk to him and a brief
cutscene depicting a giant bubble pop out of his nose :P will come up.

The guard will talk to you about how waking him up isn't good because of
the fight he and his girlfriend.. had. He then proposes a deal with you.
If you don't disturb him, you're allowed access to Lann. Too bad you
can't choose to stick around and wake him up :)

Just continue through. The enemies here are equally as tough as the
ones on the other side of the Nanza Barrier. You'll notice that you're
almost at the end when you see a bunch of people lined up.

Once you exit the barrier, head north to the riverside city of Lann.
At Lann, you'll discover that this fake Dragonmaster is stealing the
village's famous fish but no one will do anything about him and a lot of
people doubt that he could be thee dragonmaster. Anyways...

Go north to the hut and you'll encounter Jessica. She's giving a speech
and notices you entering. Afterwards, she'll join your group in finding
this fake Dragonmaster. Get the equipment you need then head to the docks
and talk to the guy who has the canoe-like boat.

Walkthrough Part 2 - Lann Island
Enemies: Monocrop, The Deep, Barrel Snake, Nightmare,
Items Found: 500 Silver, Enemy Box (5), 200 Silver (2),
Boss: Fake Dragonmaster Zoc

Once you get here, you'll notice the wierd looking swamps. Try not to
walk in the swamp because your HP will decrease if you do so. Also,
the enemies here aren't too tough so they shouldn't pose to be a
problem. The tent in which the fake Dragonmaster lives is northwest of
where you start out. Just make your way around and beware of fake chests.

Once you reach the tent, level up before talking to the guy. Afterwards,
get ready for..

Walkthrough Part 2 - Boss: Fake Dragonmaster
This is one of the easier bosses. As with the other bosses,
have Luna use cascade on Alex twice (instead of vigor to conserve Alex' mp)
and have Alex use Sword Dance. Use Jessica for regular attacks and/or for
healing but her attacks are pretty good. Have Nash use the lightning attack.

After about 1300HP, the dragon that the fake dragonmaster is sitting on
blows up and the dragonmaster will run away. You'll get 600EXP for your

After beating Zoc, he explains what he was doing with his "so-called"
dragon which was really a phony and apologizes then flees.

Once you arrive back at Lann, you'll meet Phacia who was supposidely,
was there to investigate the Dragonmaster ordeal also. Anyways, she
congratulates you on a job well done and then parts. Jessica leaves your
party also.

After you finish with Lann, head back through the Nanza barrier. If you
wish, you can collect all the chests now and/or fight the enemies.

Walkthrough Part 2 - Getting Locked Up
Once you arrive in Vane, Nash will leave and tell you to get ready to
meet Lemia. Look around and get all the necessary items that you'll need.
Once you go to the grand hall to meet this Lemia person, she tells her
guards to cease you and put you in jail. Of course, Mia opposes her
mother.. as does Luna but nothing can be done. You get put in Jail and
Luna gets captured.

Once you get put in jail, you hear a familiar voice. It's Mia's voice.
She's come to get you out and has brought Nall with her. After your brief
chat with her, she hands over Althena's Mirror which is able to reveal
the truth because she doesn't believe that the Lemia that arrested Alex
was really her mother.

After leaving the jail cell, you will hear a woman mumbling in another cell.
Mia claims to think that this woman will know where to go and how to save
Luna and discovers that she is wearing a mask that is preventing her from
remembering the past. You decide to rescue her also incase she should
happen to be of some service.

The woman happens to mumble the words Crystal Tower. That name happens to
ring a bell with Mia so then you decide to head there. When you're
about to enter, Nash comes by and wants to join.. mostly because he can't
dare see Mia get injured :)

Walkthrough Part 2 - Crystal Tower
Enemies: Reflector, Plasma, Blood Lord
Items Found: Angel Ring, 250 & 500 & 750 Silver,
Boss: 4 Gargoyles

The crystal tower isn't too hard except for the fact that you will have
to de-equip all of Alex's, Mia's and Nash's weapons so it'll be all
magic but for some strange reason, even after de-equipping Alex,
he can still use his Sword Dance and sword techniques with a sword. :P

Just go through the different levels. Some doors just lead to chests.
Try and conserve MP so just rush through some areas without confronting
the enemies. Mia's attacks are pretty strong so don't worry. Just keep
a few starlights and herbs incase.

Once you reach the top you'll find Ghaleon, Lemia, Phacia and Royce.
Mia tries to confront Lemia and use the mirror. Even though nothing
happens, Mia knows that she can't be Mia's mother. Lemia then asks
Ghaleon to force Luna to continue singing but Ghaleon, disobeys her and
goes to Mia's aid. After using the mirror, that mysterious woman whom you
brought along through the crystal tower will emerge from the mask and
reveal her true form and say how the mirror allowed her to take the mask
off. She confronts the fake Lemia then the fake Lemia gives in and reveals
that she is actually Xenobia who wanted to overthrow the Magic Guild.

A brief anime cutscene will occur showing Xenobia, Royce and Phacia
and their true roles as being in the Vile Tribe, an evil tribe that is
set out to destroy everything. Xenobia will zap out and will summon
4 ultragoyles. Too bad Ghaleon just sits there and doesn't help out.

Walkthrough Part 2 - Boss: 4 Gargoyles
Just use the Sword Dance/Cascade Spell/Vigor technique with Alex,
have Nash use his lightning attack and have Mia use her Blizzard attack.
They're not that hard to beat and later on in the game you will have
to fight these enemies in the dungeons. Anyways, if you don't
want to fight them and are positive you can't win then just use Luna's
escape spell which which will send the enemies away but you won't get
the EXP however.

Afterwards, you will end up back in a room with Ghaleon. He tells you how
he must stop the Vile Tribe and how he must find the locations of the
dragons and since Alex already knows the first location, Quark, Ghaleon
asks Alex to take him there. Alex obligingly does so.

After, head off to Meribia and have a chat with Master Mell. You will
encounter Jessica there. She will pretend not to know you. After a brief
chat, Master Mell will tell you how he can't go and that you will have to
stay overnight as the ship gets prepared. Afterwards, you, Alex and
Jessica will have a talk. In the morning your ship leaves and you
end up in Saith. Walk around and talk to the different people.

After, head to Burg. Go to the music practice area for a small in-game
sequence. Just go around and talk to the different people.

When you're ready, head off to the White Dragon's Cave. Since Ghaleon's
with you, you won't have to worry about fighting anyone since he has
powerful attacks which do close to 250 damage to each person. Too bad you
can't go to a different location with enemies with higher EXP to level
up. Anyways, once you reach Quark, talk to him and Ghaleon will
ask whether or not Luna is the one. Of course, Alex has no clue what
Ghaleon is talking about. Soon, Quark tells Ghaleon since he was the best
friend of Dragonmaster Dyne.

After Ghaleon finds out, he reveals that he is the Magic Emperor himself
and a small anime cutscene will pop up. He transforms and then traps
Quark in this flashy-like ball and then the ball falls off the cliff.
Ghaleon then kidnaps Alex and then zaps Alex whom falls to the ground.

After waking up, you will find yourself in your home. Your parents will
come by and tell you that it was Laike whom saved you from the Dragon
Cave. Go to Dragonmaster Dyne's monument to meet up with Laike. Or,
before you go, go to the basement of your house and examine one of the
bookshelves for Luna's Bromide.

Afterwards, Laike will tell you a story about how Dragonmaster Dyne
risked all for someone he loved and that's how he died. But, that doesn't
discourage Alex but he gets encouranged. After Laike tells his story,
he tells Alex to seek revenge and save Luna.

Before leaving, Laike, gives Alex Dragonwings which he found in the
Dragon Cave while rescuing Alex. This is a very useful tool. It
allows you to venture from city to city without having to use boats
etc and is much easier. After getting the Dragonwings, use them to
go to Meribia.

Walkthrough Part 3 - Save Meribia!
Enemies: Gargoyles, Shadow Lord, Guardians,
Items Found: None
Boss: None

Once you get to Meribia, you'll meet Jessica and she's in a bit of
trouble. Quickly save before you fight, heal and then head off to
Jessica. After meeting with Jessica, she'll tell you about how the
monsters just suddenly came. If you want to level up, one good place to
level up are the places with four gargoyles attacking at once. If you
have flash cut, you might want to do so. They give 76 or so EXP per
fight. Other than that, you can go and save Mel.

Once you enter the mansion, head off to the battle arena area. You'll
meet Mell there who is in a bit of trouble. Both Ghaleon and Xenobia are
there. Unfortunately, Jessica attempts to save her father but she
doesn't realize that Xenobia was about to turn her into stone. To save
her daughter, Master Mel, jumps in front of Jessica and turns into stone.
After Xenobia leaves, she attempts over and over to cure him with her
spells but nothing works and come to the conclusion that the only way
to beat the spell is to destroy Xenobia..

Jessica, whom is not feeling so good after this sadistic event decides
not to be sad but to cheer up since after all, she is the daughter of
Master Mell and must do all she can to seek revenge for what Xenobia
has done. Afterwards, save and upgrade all the weapons and armor since
you'll have to fight a boss later on.

Next, use the Dragonwings to head to Vane.

Walkthrough Part 3 - Vane in trouble
Enemies: None
Items Found: None
Boss: Vile Crustacean

This boss isn't as easy as you think. Make sure you save _before_ you
head to Vane. I unfortunately, forgot to save and had to restart all the
way from meribia. Once you enter vane, you'll automatically have to fight
the Vile Crustacean whom has attacked Vane but you find Mia and Nash
unable to do anything because their magic has no effect so you
immediately go to their aid.

Walkthrough Part 3 - Boss: Vile Crustacean
This boss is not as easy as you think.. Make sure Alex uses Vigor once
and have him use Sword Dance.. as with all the other bosses. Have
Nash use his lightning attack even though it does hardly any damage and
have Mia use her ice attack.. not the blizzard attack but the other one.
Nash's attack should do at least 18 damage, Mia's ice attack should do
at least 18 damage and Alex should use his Sword Dance. Since Alex might
run out of MP, make sure you have a few Starlights. Or, equip Alex
with the Angel ring so if he happens to fall during battle, he'll rewake
with full MP and HP. Equip the healing ring on someone else.

Again, if Alex falls, you might as well just hit the reset button. After
you beat this boss, go and talk to Lemia who is still recovering from
wearing the mask too long. Anyways, she will tell you to go and find the
other dragons and seek revenge on Ghaleon and Xenobia. After talking to
Lemia, Nash and Mia will join your group along with Jessica. Now it's
off to Nanza to get Jessica's "boyfriend" to join. :)

Walkthrough Part 3 - Nanza
Unlike before, you have to go south, instead of west. Anyways, once you
get to Nanza, you will encounter Xenobia with a woman and demons. Xenobia
threatens to attack the woman. Afterwards, a brief anime scene will pop
up showing that the woman is kyle in disguise. Next, you'll have
to fight the four demons with Kyle, but don't worry, they're easy..
Afterwards, Jessica talks to Kyle and tells him all about the dragons and
the whole story. He then decides to join your party.

Afterwards, head south until you hit Reza. After you pass through the
approaching scenario, you can finally open up those red chests.

Walkthrough Part 3 - Reza / Meryod
When you get to Meryod, go in and someone will bump into Nall but actually
that guy you bumped into stole you Dragonwings.. (this happened even when
I gave my dragonwings to another character) Anyways, go up to the bar,
and talk to the guy behind the counter. He'll explain how if you become
a thief and join the guild, the thief who stole your dragonwings will
have to return them.

Anyhow, no one likes the idea but you have no choice. Afterwards when
you're done exploring the town, go east to the forest and ignore Lluk for
now and also if you try to go to the Damon Spire, you will be restricted
from entering. If you want, you can go to the Althena Springs for
a few brief anime scenes if you have soap. Anyways, once you head east,
you will come up to Meryod Forest. The enemies here give off a fair amount
of EXP.. somewhere around 200-270 EXP a fight.

However, try and avoid the wasps or Killer Buzzes if you can since they have
an attack called the Killer Sting which does around 88 damage and can
sometimes instantly kill a character.. But don't worry, just have Alex
use his flash cut and the enemies will be a piece of cake.

Just proceed through the forest and you should be out pretty soon and come
up to Meryod, a city that is built over water. Once you enter Meryod,
a guy will tell you that there's an unstable bridge. Continue right,
ignoring all the warnings and the bridge should collapse. You should end
up by a house. Afterwards, go and meet the rest of your characters
who are at the different locations. The last person you'll meet is Kyle
who is in the bar. You'll find him talking with someone there and
telling Kyle how to become a thief and join the thief's guild. He tells
you about a Damon Spire which you will go to shortly. He'll hand over
an old notebook which contains the password to enter the Damon Spire.
When you're ready, upgrade your weapons, heal, save, then head back
through the forest but, wait... Jessica sees Mel just standing there
in the forest. When you get there, your characters will turn into stone
except for Jessica. Once Kyle hears that Jessica is about to turn to stone,
he uses his vast amount of strength and breaks free. Now, it'll be a 1 on 1
fight with..

Walkthrough Part 3 - Boss: Plaster Mell
This boss is pretty easy. Well, I barely made it however. First off,
use the power up skill that Kyle has. Each hit, Plaster Mell does is about
20 damage. After the power up, just continue to use his Power Slash
attack on him. You should be able to finish him off before he depletes your
HP but you won't get any EXP for this battle. Afterwards, you will
discover that that's not Jessica's father but actually something that
Royce conjured up. Anyways, Royce will get upset and just take off.

Once you're out of the forest, directly south is a pagoda-like structure.

Walkthrough Part 3 - Damon Spire
Enemies: Mummy, Killer Roller, Bat Knight, Rufus
Items Found: Starlight(4), Ice Pendant, Sage's Clothes, Spirit Bandana,
Boss: None

Once you enter, a guy there will tell you that only people with the
password may enter this building. But, since you have the notebook with
the password on it, you can enter. Once you enter, you'll have to step on
a series of buttons.. or these red circles to open and close doors. Once
you open the right amount of doors, you should have access to stairs which
are south-west of the building. Before you go down, you will have to
answer one question to proceed. The guy will ask a question about Althena
and you get to choose who answers it. Although I don't know whether or not
it would make a difference if you chose Mia or Nash, I chose Mia.
The answer is Magic which Mia will you don't have to worry about
these questions..

Once you go up, beware. Some of the enemies down here are succeptable
to physical attacks. Use Mia and Nash for the 2nd and 3rd floor and use
physical attack for the 4th level so use Kyle and Alex. Once you
finish pressing all the switches on this level go through the doors
(which don't open automatically) and go up but before you do, you have to
answer a question. For this question, have Nash answer it.

After you're finished, head up. This part is short and doesn't require
fighting that much unless you get all the chests. Once you reach the
stairs, you'll see a guy in the floor, in pain. He'll of course, deny
his pain at first but later on he'll say it hurts. Jessica doesn't
believe it but persuade her to heal him. After you heal him, you pass
the test and you can go.

After, head to the next level. You won't have to do much fighting.
Anyways, once at the end, Damon will come back and ask your weakest
or most useless character to go. Just say no, you don't want any of your
characters to leave and you'll pass the test. On the next floor, you'll
see a hunk of clay. Damon will ask you to mould something beautiful out
of the clay. You must then choose someone to come up with an idea.
Have Alex choose the idea. Alex will choose to mould Luna but everyone
thinks it's Althena.

Once at the top, talk to Damon. He will hand you a paper which you will
use to get into the guild. Read the books then head back down and also
collect all the chests that you missed along the way. There are some
useful equipment in this tower.

Now, you can either go back to Meryod to talk to the guy in the bar
and hear a girl sing horribly :) or head to Reza. Talk to the guy
behind the bar and he will give you the Thief's Crest and grant you
access to the Thieves Guild. Do so and head down the hall then go
up and you should end up in a place with a bunch of people. Talk
to the guy in the upper right corner and he will give you your
Dragon Wings back and for the trouble he's caused, he'll throw in a
soap. After getting your Dragon Wings back, upgrade all your weapons
and armor. You won't be able to use your Dragon Wings just yet. As you're
about to leave, you will see Lily being abducted by Xenobia. Her
Grandfather will try and come in to help her but it's too late. Nothing
can be done. You wonder why the Vile Tribe is abducting all the beautiful
singers. After, you discover that she will be at the Red Dragon's cave
next. However, you can't go there. You will need some sort of
transportation. Anyways, Lily's grandfather will lead you back into the
area where you got your Dragon Wings back and a guy there will give you
you blueprints which you'll need to build an hot air balloon.

Now you have access to your Dragon Wings. Use them to head to Lluk
if you've visited there before or else you'll have to go by foot.
Go into a house to the north and hand the inventor your blueprints.
He'll tell you that he requires a fluffy bug and you decide to
help him out while he's building the balloon. Firstly, go down
the stairs by the woman and the vegetables. Once downstairs, talk to
the guy. He'll open the doors to Lluk field, where you're able
to find the fluffy bug.

Walkthrough Part 3 - Lluk Field
Enemies: Puffy Bug, Fluffy Bug, Fly Devils, Man Eaters
Items Found: Spooky Hairpin, Heal Ring, Crystal Bracelet, Silver
Boss: None

You'll want to level up here. You can get about 630EXP by fighting
a group of Man Eaters (5) and it shouldn't be too tough if Alex has
flash cut. So you can level here and whenever you need to refresh
yourselves, just go back to Lluk to the Althena statue. Anyways, you
can travel all over by using these spring like devices in the ground
that will launch you over small ponds.

If you attempt to go and fight any of those "bugs" then you won't be
able to catch any fluffy bugs because they'll just flee from the
battle. Anyways, to catch one, go to the very upper left field and
a bug there will just look in different directions but it's not moving.
During the battle, the bug will flee but don't worry. Finish off the
rest of the bugs and after you've finished the battle, then Kyle
will go and catch the bug that left the battle. When you're ready,
head back to the inventor and hand him the bug. He will tell you that
you'll have to stay overnight for the balloon to be ready. In the morning,
the balloon looks flimsy and won't work but Nall will accidentilly bump
into it and will pop back up into shape. :)

Anyways, the inventor will ask you whether or not you want to go. If
you're ready then go but I'll warn you, save first or you won't be able
to head back. Make sure that you upgrade all your weapons and armor first
at the Thieves Guild which has the most powerful weaponry. Anyways,
after you're ready, head into the balloon and you'll slowly descend
into the volanic area.

If you however want to do something else for now, you can head to
the Althena Springs :)

Walkthrough Part 3 - Althena Springs
Well, this is just something you can do in your spare time. Make sure you
have soap and save before you go in. There are two springs, one for men
and one for females but despite all the rumors, there aren't any unisex
springs. For now, the only one available is the Men's spring. Don't go
to the Women's spring yet as the enemies surrounding it can kill you
with a single blow.

As I said before, save first. There are two cinemas at each spring so
if you didn't buy enough soap on the boat to Meribia than just save,
watch the two cinemas and reload from where you saved and you will
have watched the cinemas and yet have the soap.

Anyways, nothing at the Men's spring except for a few brief cinemas and
a digitally sensored picture of Kyle's butt *grumble* >:\

So if you're ready, head off to the Red Dragon Cave.

Walkthrough Part 3 - Red Dragon Cave
Enemies: Blood Slime, Burner, Scorpion, Fire Elemental
Items Found: Flame Sword, 5000 & 1000 Silver, Angel Ring,
Rainbow Tiara, Starlights(8), Barrier Ring
Boss: Dogs

Make sure you saved "before" you came here or else if you saved in the
volcano and you don't think you'll make it then you're toast. You
can't use the dragonwings nor can you take the balloon back. Anyways,
have two save games.

Try to avoid fire attacks since this is a volcano and fire magic won't
be much use here. Try and use ice attacks. Mia's ice attacks are pretty
good. Have Jessica use regular attacks or if she has the Ice weapon,
use the weapon's ability by going into the items menu and choosing that
weapon. Anyways, the weapons that you bought in the Thieves Guild are
really useful here since they work well against fire-type enemies.

I was at level 25 when I entered the cave and it was pretty hard. I found
the enemies doing attacks, excess of 70 damage per hit so I fled from
quite a few battles. Anyways, make sure you bring a few healing nuts
and make sure everyone has a star light. If you want to be sure that
you won't perish during this battle or something, then go and level
up a bit. By the way, just to remind you, running away from Burners,
those enemies that have this white flame around their hands and grunt
whenever you get close, is very difficult because they're fast.

Try and conserve MP in here but don't worry about Mia since she has alot
and have Nash just use regular lightning attacks or regular attacks if you
want to conserve his MP also which isn't that necessary.

Anyways, you might want to level up in this cave but try not to waste
too much MP, especially with Alex. You should try and collect as many
items as you can such as the Barrier Ring and especially the Flame Sword
which will be useful in "another" cave since this is a fire cave so just
stick to ice based weapons.

Sooner or later, after you've explored for a bit, you'll come to a long
strip with fire. Make sure you're ready.. Save, equip starlights on
characters etc.. then make your way through the flames but you'll
encounter two enemies along the way so if you want, you can run from
the battle. Anyways, you'll have one last chance to save right
at the exit of the firey path.. Well after getting out, don't go
too far up or your battle will start. The fire will cause minimal
HP loss. After you're ready, go up to the two statues.

Walkthrough Part 3 - Boss: 2 Bronze Dogs
There are two dogs to fight in this stage so be prepared...
Concentrate at one enemy at a time. Going for both at a time will
take longer and it's better to have one enemy going after than two.

Anyways, have Alex, as with every other boss in the game, use vigor,
or not, depending on whether or not you want to conserve MP, and have
him use sword dance the rest of the time. Have Kyle, use power up,
and then have him use Power Slash. Have Mia using ice wall, Jessica
healing the party, or using her ice weapon's ability, and have Nash
use Thunder Thrust or just regular based attacks since he's pretty
much useless. If you need to, refill Alex if he runs out of MP.
By the way, if Jessica doesn't have to heal, then have her use her
ice weapon since each blow can cause around 70-140 damage.

Anyways, if you're at level 26-27 during the game, each dog should have
around 2835 HP each. Well, it's not that hard. The dogs have three
attacks. One attack is shooting fireballs a few times at one person
which causes around 80 damage, another attack, where the dog goes
around hitting everyone which causes around 30-60 damage each, and a
third attack where the dog goes around hitting one person, then another
each causing around 30-40 damage.

Afterwards, Royce gets upset and leaves again..
Once you're ready, proceed and go and pay a visit to the Red Dragon.
You'll receive a Dragon Shield for your hard trouble.

Once you're done, use a warp or head back to the entrance of the cave
and use the balloon to head back but there seems to be a leak in the
balloon *gasp* as you're trying to head back but Nash tries to take
control and a brief anime scene will pop up. Afterwards, you'll
crash near Reza. After you arrive at Reza, you'll encounter Laike
who will talk to you a bit and just see how everything is going and
congratulate you and then tell you to head east and go to the Blue
Dragon's Cave. Once you're ready, head to Meryod and upgrade everything.

Walkthrough Part 4 - Meryod / Lyton
Once you reach Meryod, you'll notice something. The bridge is fixed! :)
Anyways, you won't need to stay in Meryod for long. Go and upgrade
some weapons and then go east past the bridge and travel into a new
continent. Anyways, head north ignoring the forest to the east and
you should sooner or later arrive at Lyton.

Lyton is a town that used to be built upon wonderful and cheerful music,
but however, one day, that all changed and the music has turned from
good to horrible. Of course, you and your group will go to the rescue and
help. *sigh*

You'll definitely want to upgrade everything and heal. If you don't have
enough money, later, you'll be able to go and fight. Once you enter
Lyton, go and pay a visit to this person who resides in the
north part of the city. He'll explain what's going on and why the
music is so horrible and that the way the spirits play the music has
changed. Later, he'll tell you to go and investigate in the Lyton Shrine
about what's happening and you oblige. Anyways, he'll tell you that you
need to change the tune.

Walkthrough Part 4 - Lyton Shrine
This isn't such a hard part of the game. My characters are at about
level 27 and it's not that hard. For the most part, the enemies are
pretty easy. Once you get to the second floor, the enemies here give
700 or so EXP and a good place to level up if you want but if you
don't want to, then just continue.

As you advance, the enemies will become tougher and tougher.
Don't worry about losing too much MP since I didn't have to use a single
starlight. Once you reach the third floor, you'll notice that the only
other stairs lead up. Don't worry, there aren't any stairs that lead down.
Once back up to the second floor, avoid all the cracks and go to
the end to the stairs down. However, the cracks aren't that bad if you're
on the second floor as they will bring you down a floor. By the way,
on the third floor, some of the enemies give off 1000 EXP. Make sure you
have flash cut or some powerful attack ready though.

Anyways, at the bottom, there are four holes and two rocks. To crack
the combination, move the rock on the left side to the very left
hole and move the rock on the right side to the very right.
After that, you should be able to crack the combination. Afterwards,
the music will become a more, "happier" tune. You can go back by
using Jessica's Escape magic or just walk back if you want to gain
some more levels.

Once you get back to Lyton, the people will be happy once again and the
festival can now take place. Also, you'll learn that you can now
access the Blue Dragon's cave which is in the north part of the continent
under the water and accessable through Lyton.

Walkthrough Part 4 - Althena Springs (women)
If you wanted to know why I said not to stop at the forest to the
east is because it's the Forbidden Forest. Don't go in there. If you
must know, it's because the enemies in there are insanely difficult
and your whole party might die within one battle. If you're wondering
why the programmers made it so hard is because this forest leads
to the women's Althena Springs. :) And if you have soap, you'll be
treated to a few clips. Anyways, just continue on with the journey
now and come back after you finish the blue dragon's cave.

But I have to warn you, that even at leveled, the enemies can still
be pretty strong and you might not even make it. My suggestion is to
either use Alex's Dragon Grief magic or just make a run for it
during every battle. If you're going to run, have one character run
at a time instead of all at once because then if one person makes it out,
and the rest die, then you'll still be able to run. If you're wondering,
the characters deal about 80-110 damage each and they have two turns.
I managed to get through by using Alex's Dragon Anger attack but when I
did go there, the spring was closed, so make sure that you go before
you head to the frontier, otherwise the spring won't be accessable. :\

By the way, if you're at level 40 or so, the enemies here won't be a
problem.. They may actually be easy to beat.

Walkthrough Part 4 - Blue Dragon's Cave
Enemies: Water Elemental, Aqua Genie, Razor Wolf, Gelatin
Items Found: Dragon Armlet, 5000 Silver, Chira's Tail, Ruby Tiara,
Angel Tear, Jewel Bracelet,
Boss: None!
Recommended Level: 29

Guess what?! There's no boss! *phew* Anyways, I was at level 29 when
I finished this cave. It's not too hard when you have the right idea
on what to do. Some of the enemies deal quite a bit of damage.

Anyways, once you go north through Lyton, to the lake, you'll remember
that it takes two who are in love to enter the shrine, or the Blue
Dragon's Cave. If you want to hear something funny, then ask Kyle and
Jessica, then Nash and Mia to sing first :) Anyways, once they finish
singing, go to the little edge and you will start playing your
ocarina. At the jail in which Luna is encased in, Luna starts to sing.
Soon, all the girls in the cell start to sing and then Xenobia, Phacia
and Royce come in. They have a small chit chat and then the sequence
continues with Magic Emperor Ghaleon talking. Then, the Blue Dragon's
Cave arises beneath the river.

If you're below level 29, 28, try and level up a bit first. Actually,
at level 29, I accidentilly beat the cave when I all I was trying to
do was leveling up. :P Anyways, the enemies give off between 600 to 1280
EXP each but at level 29-30, you probably can't get higher than that
without spending a lot of time in the cave.

The level is basically just a bunch of warps. It's pretty obvious which
warps you'll have to go through. Anyways, if you go through the wrong
warps, you'll have to face Water Elementals. Anyways, just go through
the warps and once you go through the second warp, you'll see a warp
beside the one you just got out. Ignore that one. Just level up a bit.
The next warp is the top left one. Well I sort of guessed. Usually the
warp is the last or the second last one. Just continue for a bit,
and you'll know that you're coming close to the last area when
you come to a place with 6 - 8 warps lined up. The warp is the second
last one. Afterwards, pick up the Dragon Armlet (As well as all the other
ones such as the Ruby Tiara). Enter the room, and you'll meet the Blue
Dragon. He turns out to talk even more than Nall :) Anyways, once he
opens up the room to the Dragon Helmet, go and get it. A sadistic
sequence will follow. As you head back, the Blue Dragon will have been
taken over by the Vile Tribe. Phacia, appears and tells you to head back
before Luna gets hurt. For some reason, I think Phacia is actually a nice
person. Hm.. Anyways, the Blue Dragon will tell you to go and become a
Dragonmaster before it's too late. He hints on something about Luna,
singing the song that only Althena sings.. I won't spoil it.. yet :)

Afterwards, if you've missed a few items, just backtrack and get them
or if you're in a rush, just use Jessica's escape magic so that you can
just zip back to the entrance and head back to Lyton.

Basically, the warps can only be found if you guess so if you're running
low on HP or MP, just save first and then go into a warp. Also, the
rule of thumb to beating these monsters is to have Alex, use Flash Cut
whenever there's a lot of enemies in the battle, have Kyle use regular
attacks or have him use his Sonic Riser attack. Have Jessica use
regular attacks, Mia, fire attacks and Nash, thunder thrust. If you're
low on HP, just refill Nash's since his Thunder Thrust can deal quite a
bit of damage. Around 200 to each character at level 29. Then, Alex
should be able to take out each character with 1 or 2 hits at level 29.
Just one more cave and you're a full fledged Dragonmaster. :)

Walkthrough Part 4 - Tamur
Enemies: Great Hornet, Octo Plant, Shrieker,
Items Found: Starlight, Wind Cane, Chira's Tail, Angel Tear, Healing Nut
Boss: 7 Dark Sorcerors, 4 Caparace Knights
Recommended Level: 30

Once you leave Lyton, head along the east coast until you see a village
on the right side and a small passage way in the overworld map. Head into
the area. This is another area like Nanza except it's easy. Once you get
into Tamur Pass, just follow the trail and ignore the signs because they'll
totally screw up the direction you're going in. For example it would
say to go south but actually, you would need to head east. Just something
to keep in mind. The enemies here aren't tough. Just use your regular
technique but make sure Alex has enough MP to execute two Flash Cuts.

Once you reach the end, you'll encounter Xenobia who summons a few monsters
whom you'll have to fight and are very easy. I wonder why she would summon
such weak monsters if she hated Alex so much. Hm..

Ah well.. Anyways, this is another easy match. Just use your regular
tactics. Have Alex use flash cut, Jessica use regular attacks, Kyle
use his Sonic Riser attack and have Mia use Ice Wall magic. The enemies
should perish within one battle before Mia is able to cast her magic.
After you finish the first set, you'll have to fight another set of
enemies. Just use the same attacks as before. When you beat them,
she'll summon even more monsters but luckily, two mysterious people,
(Tempest and Fresca) show up. With a blink of an eye, Tempest launches
arrows at the enemies and poof, they get destroyed. Then, Xenobia gets
upset and leaves.

If you haven't, go back and collect the items or just continue up ahead
to Tamur. There's nothing really much at Tamur except for their famous
water I guess. The weapons here are pretty good and so is the armor.
Upgrade all the weapons and armor as possible but it costs a lot though
so if you don't have enough, just go back and get more money.

This town is pretty dull asides from a few people complaining about the
monsters in Myght's tower or the Vile Tribe. At anyrate, save and
exit through the nort exit of Tamur. You should encounter Laike who is
there. He will tell you about Myght and says that you can acquire valuable
information from him. However, only you and Laike can go and no one else.
Anyways, you can either go or wait a bit. Either way, you'll have to go,
without your characters to help you out. Don't worry though, Laike is
one of thee best characters in the game and powerful too. If, however, you
decide to go and level up or get better weapons, decline and you'll be
able to find him at the Tamur Bar. So, go there once you're ready,
leave Tamur and head north to Myght's Tower.

Walkthrough Part 4 - Myght's Tower
Enemies: Plasma Prism, Magic Hat, Tormentor, Mecha Star
Items Found: Barrier Ring, Silver 500, Silverlight
Boss: None

Just to let you know, Magic Hats can only be attacked with magic so
just be cautious. This is a "really" easy area.. Well it wouldn't
be so easy without Laike. Anyways, with Laike by yourside, you can just
have Alex sit back and watch Laike do all the work.

Once you get to the tower, and go up the first flight of stairs, you'll
notice that there are four doors, each with symbols on them. A lot
of people have had trouble with this so here's the solution:

::Planet, Star, Sun and then Moon::

Afterwards, you'll end up in a room with a series of elevators and
rooms. If you want to get all the items then I suggest that you look
around on the different floors. You won't get many levels here. Anyways,
take the first elevator you see, up two floors. Go through there, and
fight all the enemies, and collect the chests along the way. Continue
going through the different maze-like rooms and you should, sooner
or later end up in Myght's laboratory. Talk to Myght and he'll decide
to make you your airship. Laike will then stay and tell you that you can
go back. Head through the left door in Myght's room and you'll go
straigt back to the beginning. After you get down, head back to Tamur.

Once you get to Tamur, go to the bar and talk to the characters. After you
had a talk with them, Nash will come up and tell you that there's someone
being hanged and also, the people you met earlier in Lyton Pass are there.
Head to the northern exit area and you'll see a man getting hanged because
he was going around selling fake medicine and therefore, Tempest wants
to execute him. But, you stop him and Tempest gets upset and calls you
a coward. To prove that you are a true warrior, he challenges you to a
match and you accept. Just make sure you healed at the Althena Statue
first before encountering Tempest. Anyways, after introducing who they
are and why they're doing this, accept his offer for a battle.

Walkthrough Part 4 - Boss: Tempest
I don't know why I even bother putting Tempest down as boss. He's
such a simple contendor. The trick is to have Alex wear a healing ring
and you should be able to heal at least 80% of the damage he causes to
you. Just use vigor once and hack at him with Sword Dance afterwards.
This should be a _very_ easy match and you should be able to finish him
off within a few rounds.

After you win, he'll hand over a Dragon Necklace which Alex is reluctant
to accept because it means a great deal to Tempest. Nevertheless, you
can't return it since Tempest and Fresca leave promptly, and impressed
with Alex's abilities as a warrior.

After, your group suggests that you should go and pay Tempest and Fresca
a visit to find out more about how to get to the Black Dragon's Cave.
You obligingly go for the village of Pao. From Tamur, head south, to the
Lost Forest.

Walkthrough Part 4 - Lost Woods / Pao
Enemies: Wasp, Ambush, Killer Shroom, Yeti
Items Found: Dark Sheild, Holy Hairpin, Chira's Tail, Silverlight,
Star Bracelet, Healing Nut
Boss: None
Recommended Level: 30

The enemies shouldn't post to be too much of a threat but some of them
do, deal a fair amount of damage. Anyways, some of the enemies, such
as the Yeti are pretty avoidable however, the wasps aren't.

Just continue through the forest, and shortly, you should come up to a
clearing. You notice that this could be meant to be a camp area or
something for wandering travellers. You decide to continue on. Head south
for a little bit and you should come up to two trees, colored slightly
brighter than the other trees. Kyle senses that the exit is near but
you can do nothing. Head back up and Kyle will want to take a break. You
decide to do so.

During the night, Alex has a pretty depressing dream about Luna, and wakes
up to find two villagers from Pao or the Prairie Village. Anyways, they
first think that you are enemies but then notice the Dragon Necklace
and realizes that Tempest would only give that to his friends. Follow
them down to the two trees and they should open them up with a song.

Afterwards, you can either do one of two things. Go back to collect some
of the good items or you can just leave. It's up to you but some of the
items are pretty good. Once on the world map, de-equip Jessica and Mia
and give their equipment to Nall. You'll see why in a second. Save,
then go south to the village of Pao, by the monument. Once you go in,
go to Tempest and Fresca's tent. Their's is the largest there. Once
you enter, you encounter Tempest. He tells you that Fresca has gone out
seeking where the evil voice is coming from. You wonder what he's talking
about until you yourselves hear it. Shortly after, Jessica and Mia
are affected and faint.. *sigh* Fresca will come back telling that the
voice is coming from the Black Dragon's Cave. Tempest will tell you
to join him as he cannot do it alone. He rushes towards the cave.

Head east and talk to the guard. He will tell you to get permission from
the Elder first. Head to the tent, left of the cave and a guard there
should tell you that it's the Elder's tent. Enter and the he'll grant you
permission to the cave.

Walkthrough Part 4 - Black Dragon's Cave
Enemies: Nipple Yanker, Hell Raiser, Slice O Dead, Chaos Fiend,
Items Found: Silverlight(2), Bow-?, Angel Ring, Dragon Bandana,
Dragon Armor, MP Drain Chests(2), Dragon Wings
Boss: Black Dragon
Recommended Level: 32-34

I finished the cave at level 31 but I also a few healing nuts on the
way too :P Anyways, this isn't such a long cave, but make sure you have
a few Starlights but then again, I was able to go through the cave without
using much magic.

At any rate, I have to warn you, there's a few chests in the cave that
suck a lot of your MP. But, again, if you have enough starlights, then
you should definitely go and collect everything in the chests.

Some of the enemies do, do a lot of damage, but I was able to use regular
attacks. Make sure you equip healing rings on your characters. Once you
reach the second floor, you should encounter Tempest who's waiting for
you. He'll be at the same level as Alex. There are a total of
three floors I believe. Once you reach the third floor, Nall should
say he heard a deep voice. Then suddenly, the Black Dragon will appear.
He will just chat for a bit telling you he heard about you and that
you are destined to be the next Dragonmaster. However, he is only there
in spirit. He hands over the Dragon Armor and tells you to destroy
his actual body, before Ghaleon can manipulate it. Equip it the Dragon
Armor, then save. You don't need to heal since your MP and HP will be
fully restored before you fight the next boss. After you've saved,
head up. By the way, make sure every character has at least two
healing nuts and a Starlight.

Collect the Dragonwings to the right and head up. You'll find out that
Luna was the mysterious songstress this whole time. Tempest wants to go
and attack her while she's still vulnerable but Alex prevents him from
doing so. Luna doesn't recognize him. She continues to sing, then suddenly,
Alex takes out his Ocarina and starts to play. Luna will slightly remember
who you are, then Ghaleon will appear and again, manipulate her. She
will then sing a song that will paralyze you, and your group.

Your group is now paralyzed and the Black Dragon is attacking. Don't worry,
your group won't die. Alex keeps on fighting, trying to save Luna,
but nothing works, and Alex becomes a Dragonmaster! Afterwards, you'll
see a pretty cool anime scene. The Dragonmaster outfit doesn't look that
good to me.. Ah well. Anyways, you'll have to face...

Walkthrough Part 4 - Boss: Black Dragon
When you first start this boss, you'll notice that your MP, as well as
your HP are restored. :)

I found the boss to be pretty easy, considering the fact, that I forgot
to equip my characters with any form of healing or magic restoration items,
and the fact that all my characters were down except for Alex. Basically,
I beat him with only Alex.

Anyways, just use the same regular technique that you used for all the
other bosses. Have Alex use vigor once, then afterwards, use sword dance.
Have Kyle use his power up technique, then use Power Slash. Afterwards,
have Tempest use regular attacks or Flash Arrow, then have Nash use
his Thunder Thrust technique but if you leveled your characters up to
level 34, then Nash should have Thunderbolt which he should use instead.
Make sure you have some sort of healing item in everyone's inventory. I
barely made it out. One more hit and Alex could have been down and I
wouldn't have one. Alex's attacks should be able to do 500 damage, give
or take 10-20 damage. Kyle's attacks should be able to do 250 damage
and everyone else's attacks will do about 90-150 damage. Keep in mind
that you don't have a healer. You shouldn't need to worry about MP
that much.

You should get 22000 EXP for your trouble. Afterwards, Ghaleon will
laugh at your pitiful attempt at trying to rescue Luna. He'll summon
the Black Dragon. You won't have to fight him, thankfully. :) He'll
hop onto the dragon with Luna and tell you to meet him in the frontier.
If you want, you can head back down, and collect all the chests. Otherwise,
use the Dragonfly Wings you found in the chestbox before you entered the
battle with the Black Dragon and warp back to the beginning.

Anyways, once you go back to Pao, go to Tempest's tent. When you enter,
they're all cured. :) Anyways, they're just glad to see you alive.
After a few minutes, Laike will enter Tempest's tent. He'll tell you
to go and see Myght to see how he's progressing on the airship.

Use the Dragonwing item to warp to Myght's tower. After you talk with
myght, he'll tell you that you'll have to wait until morning. Go
around and talk to the different characters. They'll just chat while you
just listen on to their personal conversations. :) After you wake up
next morning, Nash will be even more agitated and worried about going
than before. De-equip Nash before continuing on.

Once you get to the top, Nash, admits that he actually is working for
Ghaleon and has been informing him of all the moves you have been taking.
Everyone snaps at him but nothing can be done. He uses a lightning attack
and the ship's engine gets damaged. He swears he does it out of his own
good will because he can't see Mia get hurt. He knows that you probably
won't win against Ghaleon and doesn't want you travelling to the frontier.
Of course, everyone else is worried about this too but Nash is worried
about Mia the most. Royce then appears and congratulates him on what
he's done. He then parts with Royce. Your party literally wants to
rip out his throat but Mia, however knows what Nash did, actually might
have been out of his own good will. Now, with the engine damaged, your
group still wants to go to the Frontier but Myght said it would take quite
a while to get a new engine. One of your group members mentions the engine
from the air balloon but Myght is against anyone else's work but you still

Walkthrough Part 4 - The Betrayal
Head to Reza using the DragonWings. First talk to the guy at the Bar.
After, go to the Thieve's Bazaar and talk to the guy standing by the
balloon. He'll give you the engine at no extra charge. Or you can just
talk to the guy by the balloon without talking to the guy at the bar
and pay for it. :P

After you retrieved the engine, you can get the rememberiser from Ramus.
It allows you to watch all the previous movies from the game using the
item. Pretty spiffy item :) But, if you wait until after you go to
the frontier, the item will no longer be in stock. So, get the item
_before_ you leave.

Once you decide to carry on, go back to Myght's tower and he'll install it.
Now, you can enter the airship, and finally beat Ghaleon! Well, sort of.
Anyways, right after you board the ship, you will have finished Disk 1!!
The next part of the game contains some pretty difficult bosses.

Disk 2: Walkthrough Part 5 - Talon
Just to warn you.. Once you arrive at the Frontier, you won't be able
to use the Dragonwings to warp back so be ready before you go.
Once you board the airship, you'll all say your humble goodbyes to
everyone. As you fly over the Frontier, Mia notices the desolate areas
and no trees or plants. Sooner or later, you'll see a tower like
structure. A brief anime cutscene will pop up. Soon after, Jessica attempts
to stear the ship into the tower but fails to do so as there is some sort
of sheild around there preventing you from entering. Anyways, Jessica
attempts to go in again but fails to do so. Your group gives up and
you end up going to the small town of Talon.

When you enter Talon, you'll notice that it's pretty small, but soon,
you'll notice that it's actually a vast network of hallways and stairs.
The people.. (Are they people?) here are pretty disgruntled. Especially
since they were banned there by Althena. Anyways, they show a some sort
of resentment towards humans. Anyways, you discover that this is just a
mining town. The people here are mining ore for Ghaleon in hopes for
a better life which Ghaleon promised them. Some are losing their lives
while others are working strenuously and many are unhappy with the
working conditions.

Just explore around. Stop by the inn (with the weapon shop sign) and
he'll heal you for free. Or, head north and you'll find a few more areas.
After you've done talking to all the people and seeing everything that
you want, head north and you should arrive at the Talon Mines.

Disk 2: Walkthrough Part 5 - Talon Mines
Enemies: Groper, Rock Biter, Stalker, Mecha Tank,
Items Found: Holy Robe, Angel's Tear, Fire Tiara, Silverlight(2),
Refresh Ring, Hell Armlet, Devil Pendant, Healing Nut(3)
Boss: Shadow Spectre
Recommended Level: 34-35

The enemies here aren't too difficult but you'll probably be healing a
lot. This area is kind of confusing. I kept on forgetting whether or
not I had already visited one area. Anyways, conserve some MP at first,
but you don't really have to since you'll encounter a Goddess Statue
later on in the mine. Just go around to the different areas and collecting
as many chests as you can. The enemies here give around 2200 EXP each.

Anyways, continue on. About half way through the mine, you should come
to a room with a few miners who are pretty depressed and hate their jobs.
Just continue on and a minor earthquake will have stirred up. Quickly,
go back and you'll find a miner trapped in a pile of rubble. Talk to the
guy on the left and then your party will promptly go and save him.

Once the miner gets out, some guards will come and inspect your work.
They soon realize that you aren't miners.. but humans. You'll have
to battle them. This is no biggie. It's about the same as if you were
going to go into a random battle. There are a few gropers and stalkers.
Just use your regular, Flash Cut, Regular attack, Blizzard / Ice Wall
combo. They should go down pretty easily.

After that battle, as you leave, Phacia will appear. She senses that
humans have good intentions and have been misconceived as being
horrendous people by the Vile Tribe. She is beginning to change sides.

As you continue on, collect the chests and you should soon come up to
a graveyard. Right in the middle is a Goddess statue. Your group
wonders why there is a Goddess statue and the miner explains how
they must, even out of their hatred and resentment towards Althena,
worship a part of her to stay alive. Afterwards, if you haven't, go
back down for the chest, by the water. Then, head back north. Save,
then go up and you should see Xenobia.

Once you go into the room, the lights go out. Soon after, the lights
will turn back on and Mia and Jessica just happen to be in her pocession.
She commands you that Alex and Kyle fight. Anyways, during the battle,
nothing can be done. You deal 0 damage and vice versa. Anyways,
after 3-5 rounds, Xenobia becomes restless and ends the battle. She
says that she will execute Jessica and Mia if nothing is done. Kyle,
and his egostical nature, pretend that he doesn't care about Jessica
anymore. Then, as Xenobia is distracted, Mia and Jessica escape.
Xenobia, once again, upset, summons the Shadow Spectre to attack
you while she flees.

Walkthrough Part 5 - Boss: Shadow Spectre
This boss isn't too terribly difficult. The only major attacks that
he has are his regular attacks, which cause about 60 to 80 damage
each hit. He can hit three times per regular attack. His other
attack deals about 80 damage to each character at level 35. Anyways,
you should have Alex use Vigor the first round, then sword dance. Have
Mia use her power-up technique on both Kyle and Alex once, then have
Kyle use his Power Slash technique. Jessica should use Saint Litany
during the first round. Then, she should either use Calm / Heal Litany
or use regular attacks. Mia, after powering up Kyle and Alex should use
the flame bomb attack which deals about 115 damage.

He won't be that problematic, but one of his attacks can mute a
character for a few rounds. I got about 25000 EXP for this battle.
At any rate, once you beat him, go back to heal, then, head through
the exit and you should be inside the bubble dome which you were
restricted from entering earlier on with your airship. Anyways, go
to the egg like structure.

Walkthrough Part 5 - Cadin
If you attempt to go to the tower (Ruids) first then you won't be
able to open the door. At any rate, head towards the egg-like structure.
There aren't any enemies here so just keep on going until you see
an Althena statue with the mine worker you saved. The miner will then
transform into Phacia. At first you are reluctant that she is there
in peace and draw out your weapons, but she explains why ironically,
even though they hate Althena for banning them, they must be accepted
back by Althena. She says that life cannot exist without Althena and
slowly the Vile Tribe will wither away. She believes that humans, such
as Alex are good people and therefore she doesn't want to work with
her sisters much longer.

Afterwards, you have a choice of whether or not you want to trust her.
Say you'll trust her and she will tell you the password to enter the
ruids. The password is "green earth". Anyways, she tells you how
only a select few knows this password and bids you farewell.

Heal at the statue if you need to then head to the ruids, which is the
tower up north. Once you get there, Jessica will go to the door and
say the password which will then open up the door.

Walkthrough Part 5 - Ruids
Enemies: Flash Lord, Master Mirror, Devastator, Mecha Tank?
Items Found: Tri-Ring, Silverlight(2), Dark Mace, Healing Nut, Fire Armlet,
Tri-Ring, Star Light, Fortune Ring,
Boss: Magic Masher

There's one good thing about the Ruids. The good thing is, is that if
you leave the Ruids to go heal in Cadin, the enemies won't respawn.
Whew :) Anyways.. The Ruids isn't that tough of a place. As long as you
use magic, you should be fine, although I didn't have to use much magic.
I was able to complete the most part of it just having my group except
Mia use regular attacks.

Along the way, just collect some items. You might want to level up a bit
here since some of the enemies can give off as much as 5200 EXP. Anyways,
just go back to the egg to heal and restore your Magic Points.

The enemies are pretty hard to avoid. The Flash Lords are capable of
teleporting out of a room and right in front of you but they nore a
threat or anything. There's about 5-6 levels. The top two-three levels
are very short, meaning, that they're just one hallway and stairs that go
up. Make sure that you collect the treasure because some of them are
pretty good.

Once you're on the 5th or 6th floor, save. Then head up the final set
of stairs. You should see a fancy entrance. If you haven't yet, heal,
then save, or go back to the statue and save. Once you get in, you'll
encounter Taben. He's an evil inventor, currently working on the Grindery.
He'll taunt at you, then summon his "latest creation", the Magic Masher,
otherwise known as Nash in a giant chicken suit. :) He comes out,
senseless, and starts using a lightning attacks but avoids hitting
Mia. He doesn't want Mia to go and fight Ghaleon and thinks that by
destroying Alex, Mia won't go. Mia then slaps Nash in the face and tells
him that it's her that chooses to go. Woo go Mia! :) Afterwards,
Nash humbly apologizes to the group and says he won't attack them anymore,
but it's too late. Taben has the remote control for the Magic Masher.
Nash desperately tries to stop what his "suit" is doing but he can't.
You'll now face...

(Just a quick note: After beating the Magic Masher, try and level up here
since most of the other places in the game don't allow you to level up
easily, and the enemies here give upwards to 5000 EXP each)

Walkthrough Part 5 - Boss: Magic Masher
This boss can either be moderately difficult or very easy depending
on his attacks. When Nash uses his regular attacks, they will deal, about,
oh, somewhere around 1 hp damage each hit. :) However, he only uses that
about one quarter to one half of the time. The rest of the time, he either
uses his regular lightning attack, the thunder thrust or thunderbolt.
Unfortunately, the thunder thrust attack can deal a lot of damage but
you can probably heal the damage with the other attacks. The thunder
thrust did about 80-120 damage to each of my characters.

As with most of the other battles.. Have Alex power up, then use his sword
dance technique. Have Mia power both Alex and Kyle up, then use the flame
bomb attack. Jessica should first cast Saint Litany, then use
calm litany or heal litany when necessary. If your characters fall below
90 HP, have Jessica heal them immediately because one thunder thrust
attack will kill them. I didn't heal and the only person left was Alex.
Surprisingly, I beat the boss with 3MP and 40HP left. One more round and
Alex would've fainted so heal.

He's not all that hard. I would probably say that he's easier than the
Shadow Spectre, overall. After you finish fighting him, Taben runs
off to the control panel in the Grindery to start it up. You quickly
chase after him. After approaching him, Ghaleon will show up. He'll
laugh at your pitiful attempt to stop him. Then, the gate shuts and
the Grindery starts up. A large earthquake shakes up everything and
the building starts to collapse. You will then see a pretty cool
cutscene of the Grindery leaving from the area.

After you watch the movie, someone will suggest that you go back to
the airship. Quickly go down to the second floor and exit from the
main entrance which is now open. This time, however, you won't have
to go through the Talon Mines. You can just exit from the crater
because the Grindery has broken off a chunk of the edge. Quickly,
run towards your airship.

Walkthrough Part 5 - Vane VS the Grindery
As the ship leaves, you notice that the Grindery is moving at a very
slow pace. Your group suggests to Jessica to try and land on the
monstrosity while they can. As Jessica tries to land on it, the ship
bounces back. Unfortunetly, there is a barrier surrounding it. You
then notice that the Grindery is heading towards an unfortunate target,
Vane. But, Mia knows what to do but has no time to explain it and
tells Jessica to head to Vane as fast as possible.

Once in Vane, you'll be in the Grand Hall, talking to Lemia Ausa.
Mia tells her mother about the Grindery and tells her about using
the Silver Spire. Before going, Lemia tells Alex to retrieve Nash,
despite all the damage he's caused. Go to the classroom on the right
side of the guild first and talk to the student. He'll tell you
that he's preparing and gives you Mia's Bromide 2. When you're ready,
head towards the teleporter and talk to Nash. Once Nash has rejoined your
group, head towards the Silver Spire, which is the door to the left
of the hall that is grey.

You'll meet the rest of your party then enter. Anyways, go down the
stairs and you'll come into a chamber. Mia will cast a spell and you'll
end up in a bigger chamber with a view of outside. She asks everyone
to channel their energy as she tries to gather it. Slowly, the Grindery
rumbles towards Vane then it comes to a sudden halt. An anime scene
commences. A circle will appear around Vane and Althena's Shrine with
symbols while the Grindery's weapons raise. Suddenly, a burst from
the Grindery shoots out while a burst from Vane goes towards the Grindery
and then they pass through each other. Vane gets struck from the sky and
tumbles down but don't worry. Throughout all the blasting, the Grindery
does sustain minimal damage. Well, enough damage to remove the barrier
around the Grindery. Unfortunately, Vane gets shot down and has lost
all the magic that Vane once used to be. You will be unable to leave
the Silver Spire through the door so you'll have to use your Dragonwings
to teleport out. Go wherever you want.

Right now, you'll be able to do whatever you want. If you want to go and
collect the two other secret items, go to Lily, in Reza, by the Thieve's
Guild, and talk to her three times. For the other one, go talk to
Damon a few times and he'll give you a secret items. The other items
have to have been obtained _before_ you went to the Frontier. *sigh*.

Once ready, you can approach the giant monstrosity, the Grindery. I'll
warn you though.. Once you enter the Grindery, there's no turning back.
If you feel that you can't win the battle, or just to be safe, save in
a separate file, then head towards the Grindery which is close to where
Vane crashed by Althena's Shrine. Before you go though, make sure to
level up a lot. I would say that somewhere between level 38-42 is
sufficient enough to beat the Grindery.

Walkthrough Part 5 - The Grindery
Enemies: Soul Yanker, Archmage, Blyzer, Bomb Angel, Magic Machine,
Tank Golem, Death Armor, Arrow Fish,
Items Found: Insane Shield, Silverlight(2), Ribbon, Insane Helmet,
Holy Bandana, Healing Ring, Healing Nut(2), Stone Bracelet
Boss: Magic Emperor Ghaleon
Recommended Level: 38-42

This isn't the last area just to remind you. You should be at, at least
level 38-42 and if you didn't level up in the frontier, then like me,
you'll find it pretty difficult to level up considering the only enemies
that give off the most EXP are in the Black Dragon Cave and only give
about 2000 EXP which isn't that bad though. Just another tip before
you enter.. Give Mia, something that will drastically raise her
agility, such as Chira's Tail.

Anyways, despite of what you might've heard, the Grindery is not that
hard. I was able to dodge, oh, about 75% of the enemies I encountered,
and even when I did, they weren't that hard considering that I was
able to finish the enemies off within a round or so. Also, I didn't really
need to use magic for the most part except for Nash's thunder thrust and
some of Mia's attacks and regular attacks with the rest of the group.
Try and avoid using any MP restoring item, unless you have an overload of
starlights. Don't use silverlights though.

The Grindery is made up of a series of pipes of which you have to travel
through. It's like a maze and every pipe you go into will lead you into
a different area. Don't worry though, the Grindery isn't that long. It's
not long compared to many other dungeons or caves of other RPGs. Maybe
it was just a fluke for me.

At anyrate, be sure to collect all the items, including the insane shield
and helmet since they are Kyle's best armor in the game. Be sure to
collect the silverlights also, as you'll be needing them for the "last"
boss of the game, which you won't be facing in the Grindery, thankfully.

As you continue, up and through the pipes, you'll eventually come up to a
garden-like area, with *drumrolls* a Goddess Statue. :) So, if you need
to come back to heal, this is the place to heal and this is a great
opportunity to level up. The enemies give around 4300 EXP each.

Also at the garden are pixies. If you talk to them, they seem
disillusioned and speak highly of the Magic Emperor Ghaleon, saying how
he gave them another chance. Your party will wonder why the Magic Emperor
has a garden and believe that this is the "soft" side of Ghaleon, despite
brainwashing the pixies and keeping them in the garden, like prisoners.
Anyways, once done talking to all the characters in the garden, save, heal
then go to the door, north of the statue. If you like, just go and level
up a bit, using the, (Dragon Anger, Thunder Thrust, Flameria) technique,
which is basically just to use everyone's most powerful magic attack,
then afterwards, when you run out of MP, just go back and heal up.
When you are ready, however, just heal up, but refrain from using anything
that requires vast amounts of MP, or equip the MP half ring (Hell Ring).

As you continue on, make sure you collect all the items because once you
go to the last area, you can't go back. Just proceed down the hallways,
and you'll eventually come to an area with a wall and no door. Mia,
however senses the presence of magic. You try and try but unfortunately,
you find no switch, button.... nothing. Suddenly, Phacia pops out. She
pleads with you, telling you to go and stop the Magic Emperor. She says
how the Magic Emperor, is using the Vile Tribe and that all he wants
is to become as powerful as Althena herself and exploit her powers to
make him invincible. She says, to help not only themselves but the Vile
Tribe who has been neglegent of the fact that it is Althena whom they
must be respecting and that it was their fault for being banished to
the Frontier and it is them, who must admit that they made a mistake.

While this is all going on, Xenobia and Royce pop in. Disgusted at how
Phacia has betrayed them, she goes after her. Phacia tells Royce and
Xenobia that they must stop this atrocity before any more people die.
They say that they must not go on with the Magic Emperor who's sole
purpose is to gain power. She then tells you to hurry along while she
holds off her sisters. Do so. If you try and go back, you won't be
able to. As you continue through, you'll encounter the Magic Emperor.

(Before you encounter him, make sure you're well healed and have enough
starlights and your MP is refilled)

Walkthrough Part 5 - Boss: The Magic Emperor
The Magic Emperor, while not that tough, is a moderately difficult boss.
He has four basic attacks. Tornado, Rock 'n Roll, Inferno and Nitro Daggar,
which you have seen before when he joined you group for a short period of
time. At anyrate, he's not that difficult overall.

Have Alex use power up, then sword dance. Have Kyle use his power up
technique then his power slash technique. Mia should power them both
up, then if you want, have her increase their defenses, or have her
attack. Jessica on the other hand, should use Saint Litany first, then
heal all the characters whenever you need to. I had her using calm litany
the whole match. Nash should just use lightning bolt or if you need to,
have him heal people. Just continue this sequence.

The Magic Emperor's attacks aren't that bad. The most they did was about
90 or so damage. Sometimes 80 damage or sometimes upwards to 120.
At anyrate, he won't be hard and is about the same difficulty as
most other bosses.

Once you beat him, you win the game!.. well actually no, but you'll
think you did for a brief moment. Suddenly, Alex will head up north and
discover that Luna is standing there. An anime sequence will commence.

Alex will slowly approach Luna. She seems to be fine at first but then,
she'll give you an evil glare. But then, Ghaleon appears. You wonder how
he could be there when you beat him back there. He tells you that the
other Magic Emperor was a mere test at your pathetic abilities. With a
blink of an eye, she'll transform into.... Althena! Your party is suprised
that Luna could encase such a powerful force. With a swift movement of a
hand, Alex gets hit and launched back, but continues to disbelieve that
Luna could be evil. As you watch, Althena raises her arms, and the Goddess
Tower will arise into the sky. Mia senses a lot of power coming from up
there. Ghaleon will just laugh and pity you, as he continuously claims
to be invincible and with Althena's power, nothing, not even the
"Dragonboy" himself can stop him. Despite all of Ghaleon's claims, you
still want to challenge him to a fight. Even with all the horror of
Luna becoming Althena and Ghaleon's supposed power, you still, want to
go after him. You then challenge him to a fight.

No matter what you do, you "cannot" win this fight. No matter how many
times you cast White Dragon Protect and keep on attacking, once you
run out of MP, he'll just, with one attack, bring your whole party
down. There's no use in wasting any items. Just stand there as he
blasts you down. As your group is lying on the floor, Ghaleon laughs,
and then flies away with Luna to the Goddess Tower. As the Grindery
tumbles, your whole party lays there, helpless. Then, Nall starts to
glow and then your Dragonwings react and you're magically transported to
Meribia inside the upstairs bedroom.

As you wake up, Nall is there by your side. He tells you how the
Dragonwings reacted and brought you to Meribia. Everyone, including
Jessica and Mia were very worried that you might have never woken up,
because you were in such a deep sleep, and for several days. Nall, then
tells you to go to Mell's office to meet Jessica and Mia there.

Once there, talk to both of them a few times. They'll tell you how they're
planning on defeating Ghaleon, but, however, Nash and Kyle have sadly,
decided not to go, because they're scared of the shear thought that
Ghaleon could easily take them down. After you had a talk with Mia and
Jessica, head out of Master Mell's mansion and head south by the
man lying drunk on the ground. Afterwards, head into the bar, or seagull
tavern. Inside, on the first floor, left side, you will spot Nash and
Kyle. Talk to them both. Nash will seem very cranky and mad at how
he'll lose his life whereas, Kyle is plain drunk and upset at how useless
everyone is. Talk to them both a few times, then head back to Jessica
and Mia. They'll both be upset and they'll follow you to the bar to
have a little "chat" with them. Once in the bar, talk to Nash and Kyle
again. Somehow, Mia will convince Nash to come and Jessica will do the
same with Kyle.

As you're about to leave, Laike will enter the bar and approach you.
He'll tell you how he doesn't want to put all the pressure on you to
go and fight Ghaleon but if you're a true hero, and believe you can, then
you should go after Ghaleon. He then asks you whether or not you want
to persue your dreams and save Luna or hold back for awhile.. Just say,
sure. You don't have to leave quite so soon though. He'll ask you to
come back whenever you're ready.

Once in Meribia, you can explore the grounds and talk to the different
people whom have lost all hope because even the Dragonmaster himself
couldn't even beat the Magic Emperor. Everyone is skeptic. You'll even
meet some of the people from Vane on Black Rose St. Anyhow, there's
nothing really to do here. The store on Black Rose St sells wrath and
barrier rings and Chira's tails but you won't need to buy any of that.
Also, once you go to Ramus' shop, have a talk with Ramus. He wants to
do as much as he can to help you on your journey so he'll give you all
the items you want for free. :) Although, he only has items left and
no weapons. You should sell off "all" of the items in your inventory
which you don't use anymore since you'll need all the extra room. Fill
most of your inventory up with Starlights and Healing nuts but mostly
Starlights. Make sure to keep your silverlights as you'll be needing
them. Make sure to bring along several Angel Tears also. You can carry
99 items and I highly suggest that 30-40 be reserved for Starlights,
30, be reserved for healing nuts and you can fill the rest with whatever
you want. Make sure to leave all essential items in there though,
including rings which you may need.

Once you're absolutely sure that you're ready, save, then head towards
the Seagull Tavern and tell Laike that you're all set to go. But before
you do go, he'll take you the Dyne Memorial.

Walkthrough Part 5 - Revisiting Dyne
At Dyne's Memorial, Laike will tell you why he brought you here and tell
you the story of... Dyne.

During this anime sequence, you'll witness Ghaleon and Dyne with Althena.
Dragonmaster Dyne, slowly was slowly approaching Althena which Ghaleon
tried to prevent. Ghaleon warned Dyne that he'll lose all his Dragonmaster
powers if he continued, but Dyne continued. His love is what kept him
going. Slowly, he approaches Althena and all his power, which he spent
countless hours getting was all gone, to protect everyone. Ghaleon was
confused at what was going on. He cries out and asks why, why Dyne would
do such a thing. He then replies back, that it's for the people, and all
the future generations.

After the flashback, Laike will reveal his true identity. He is Dyne,
reborn into the world as Laike. Your group stands there in shock,
disbelieving this claim. He then goes on to say that, on that day,
Ghaleon didn't understand love and that Dyne, lost his life, since his
power wasn't enough. He wanted Althena to be reborn into everyone and
born as a normal human being so no one could exploit the power and also
so that, the power wouldn't be from one person only. He then tells
everyone how during the time that Althena ruled, many desired the
attention of Althena and that all this pressure was unbearable, and,
therfore, had to end. The power of Althena couldn't be encased into
one person. After this "confusing" story, he will tell you that he
doesn't want to fight anymore and tells Alex to go and accomplish his
goals and tells you that if you really want to go and save Luna, to go
up to the memorial and remove the sword.

Walk up to the sword, press the x button and an anime sequence will follow.
You'll see an animation of Alex, the sword and how his armor powers up.
Your group is now, more sure than ever, that you _will_ beat Ghaleon
but there's one dilemna. You have no way of reaching such high altitudes
if which the fortress is floating in. But then, Laike explains that
you're wrong. You do have a form of transportation to get there. Nall
senses a great enormous amount of power. He suddenly, with a blink of
an eye, transforms into a giant, white dragon. Afterwards, your party
bids farewell to Laike and boards the dragon as it lifts off for the

Afterwards, Laike sits at the monument, while your party flies across the
sky, heading straigt for the fortress. An anime cutscene will follow.
You'll soon approach the fortress.. Once there, Nall will transform back
into his regular form and enter the fortress. Save, then proceed.

Walkthrough Part 6 - The Goddess Tower : The Finale
Enemies: Gades, Necromancer, Death Warrior, Cannon Thug, Ultra Fiend
Stone Creep, Ring Horn, Stone Creep
Items Found: Insane Sword, Insane Armor, Aegis Robe, Starlight Bow,
Silverlight(3), Dragon Cane, Holy Mace, Spirit Talisman
Detonator Armlet, Holy Clothes/Robe,
Boss: Royce, Xenobia, Ghaleon
Recommended Level: 43-46

You should be at level 43, or at least 42 by now considering the fact
that a lot of the enemies are tough. If you're at level 42-43, then
I suggest that you level up once you reach the 2nd Goddess Statue. You
might enter at level 42, but you will be at a much higher level once you
reach Ghaleon.

Once you enter this vast monstrosity, and enter the first area, you'll
notice you can't enter through the door. You'll have to fight the enemies
in the room. Those types of rooms, however are scattered through the
fortress so beware. Usually though, I found that after you kill the
Necromancers, the doors will open up. Usually the non flying enemies
are the ones you have to destroy in order to open up the door.

You'll want to make sure that you have plenty of starlights but if you
don't, then it's too late because you can't head back. Anyways, continue
through. You can avoid some of the enemies but a lot of them move too
fast for Alex to run away from. The enemies here can deal from around
50 damage to an excess of 145 damage depending on the situation. You'll
most likely find yourself using and draining your magic up pretty
quickly but try and conserve your starlights. Collect as many chests
as possible and if necessary go through all the rooms to get all the items
since the items are the best ones in the game for the majority of your
characters. Even if it means, geting locked up in more rooms and having
to fight them all, it's worth the effort unless you're running low on

About three floors down, you'll encounter Luna. As you approach her,
she seems to be the real Luna but immediately you can tell it's not
her once she says that you really should leave and that Ghaleon is a good
person. Suddenly, Royce's face will replace Luna's and she will cast a
_horrendous_ spell on your characters. She calls this her "trial" and
you must pass it. Her fortune is that your party will not succeed but
everyone else begs to differ and have the courage to continue. Royce
then disappears. Incase you're wondering what that spell did, it
places any two people in your group to sleep in any battle, so it's
basically random. If the enemies go after your characters whom are
asleep, they can deal, from 150 damage to an upwards of 210 damage so
just be cautious but you won't be able to avoid enemies however.
Also, items such as the tri-ring won't nullify the status ailments,
so the only way to heal it is to 1) get hit or 2) have Jessica use
Cleanse Litany.

Now you'll have to go after Royce. Just continue through the levels,
collecting items and on the sixth floor or so, you'll come to a large
area, with no enemies. Before entering, heal and restore your MP with
the starlights but _refrain_ from using any silverlights, as you'll
be needing them for Ghaleon. Save and then continue on north, and you'll
approach Royce. She'll predict your future and the future is that your
party will have been defeated. However, your group begs to differ and
says that a future cannot be determined.

Walkthrough Part 6 - Boss: Royce
This is one pretty difficult match, depending on who the spell affects.
If it affects either Alex or Jessica, the level will be somewhat difficult
but if they're both down, then you'll be in a bit of trouble. Her
attacks are very powerful. A large portion of her spells can deal about
140 damage or so to each person, so it's a good idea to use calm litany
after every round. If someone is asleep, have Jessica use Cleanse Litany,
but only on the person who you think will be more beneficial to the
battle so if you had a choice between Alex and Mia, use it on Alex first.
Have Alex power up, as with Kyle. Have Mia power up both of them, then
use her magic attacks. Have Jessica heal while Nash uses his thunderbolt
technique. Never keep anyone below the 120 hp level.

Royce has several attacks. One of them affects all and causes about 80-
120 damage while the single person attack does around 120-150 damage to
each person. If the person is asleep while she is attacking, they will
most likely instantly fall. This is one of the more difficult matches
you'll face but it's not as difficult as the upcoming ones. Also, she
is pretty vulnerable to Ice Attacks, so have mia use ice magic.

After you defeat her, you will have proved your point and she will
disappear without a trace. Head up, and you will find a Goddess Statue!
Heal then save. You'll get 50000 EXP for your trouble with Royce.

Head north and now you'll enter the Goddess Tower itself. In the next
area, you'll face a set of a few simple puzzles which are pretty easy.
The enemies in the next area are well, pretty easy to avoid, but if I
were you, I'd recommend that you fight them, because they give off around
5000-7000 EXP each and it's a good idea to level up. At anyrate,
save by the Goddess statue and continue up North through the somewhat
easy area. Don't worry about using up your magic all that much since
you'll come up to another Goddess Statue pretty soon.

Puzzle #1) White, Red, Blue, Black

The upcoming puzzles are pretty simple and fool proof, meaning you can't
screw up no matter what. The first one was pretty confusing for me at
first. There's a door there that once you go in, leads to another part
of the room. It's a bit confusing, but anyways, for the first puzzle,
you have to hit the buttons corresponding with the order in which you
met each dragon. So it's basically, white dragon, red dragon, blue dragon
then the black dragon. Just step on those little black circles that
look like holes. Only the one that's lit up, (green) can be stepped on.
After you step on the green button, the next "hole" or button in the
puzzle sequence gets lit up. So, as I said, you can't really fail.

After head up to the next area. In this area, the solution is the exact
same thing as puzzle #1. Anyways, I suggest that you level up along the
way. At any rate, once you finished the puzzle, step into the teleporter
and you'll end up in a room with a teleporter in each corner. The items
in this area should be collected. It's just a small area though. Anyways,
just head into each corner to warp to a different small area, each with
a chest and a button. Do so for the rest of the colors in this order:
(The clues for this area are Blue Dragon Helmet, Black Dragon Armor,
Red Dragon Shield and White Dragon Wings)

Puzzle #3) Blue, Black, Red, White

Before you go on, be sure to collect the Insane Sword, The Detonator
Armlet, the Sage's Clothes and the Spooky Armlet. Anyways, proceed
through the warp and you'll come to the last puzzle. This one is
quite simple but the clues make absolutely no sense. (The clues for
this area are as followed: Smashing through the ice, Sprinting through the
red flames, Swimming through the blue water, Sojourning through the
black earth). Just go to each corner to flip the switch. There's a
Goddess statue coming up so don't worry about losing MP in the battles.

Puzzle #4) Red, black, white, blue

After you've hit all the swtiches, proceed up the stairs to the warp,
and you'll end up in a room with a Goddess Statue as well as a more
cheerful tune :). This is thee last chance to level up without using
Any Items. level up to level 45-48 which is a good range to be in, but
the higher the better. :) Just keep on killing the enemies in the room, so
if you want them to respawn, just head down the warp and head back up.
I wonder why they'd place a Goddess Statue in the tower.. Hm.. At any
rate, once you've leveled up a few levels or so, continue up north. If you
ever need healing, just go back down to heal up at the Goddess Statue.

The next area of the tower isn't all that long and a lot of the enemies,
as with the White Dragon cave are needed to break down barriers. As you
progress through, you'll find the enemies to be pretty easy to avoid,
especially the ones that move like the Albino Baboons. At anyrate,
you might be able to make it through, only battling 2-3 enemies. Make
sure you collect all the items. As you proceed through, you'll come to
giant stairs. Save before going through and heal and restore all MP/HP.

As you approach Xenobia, she will tell you that she doesn't care that
Ghaleon is power hungry. She then laughs at you and then zaps you to
another area. Here, your characters must face their fears. Jessica must
face a fear involving her father, Mia must overcome her fear of taking
over the Guild, Kyle has to comeover the fear of losing and Nash has
to overcome the fear of losing to Ghaleon. Then it's Alex's turn. Alex
must overcome the fear of losing Luna. When it's your turn to face your
fear, keep on walking towards Luna, regardless of whether or not she
zaps you. As you approach her, your trial has finished. You have
defied Xenobia's plans so now you must face her...

Walkthrough Part 6 - Boss: Xenobia
Make sure that you have at least three healing nuts for at least two
members of you group as you'll be needing them.

Actually, she's not that tough at all. She has a few basica attacks
but for the most part, with me anyways, she did single people attacks.
Firstly, equip Jessica with the Tri-Ring to prevent any status changes.
Form your group so that you make an X:

Alex Mia
Nash Kyle

Anyways, Have Alex power up first, then Kyle. Mia should power both Kyle,
then Alex up, then add some defense to them. Jessica should cast Saitn
Litany at first and then she should use calm litany or heal litany whenever
necessary. After Alex and Kyle is powered up, Alex should use his Sword
Dance technique and Kyle should use his Power Slash technique.

Xenobia has some harsh spells. Her Sonic attack attacks a row at a time,
and if you spaced out, then it will only affect two people. The attack
may also petrify so if you equipped the Tri-Ring or a ring that prevents
status changes on Jessica, then she can cast cleanse litany on stoned
characters. Her other spell is a 80-140 damage spell, called the aura shot.
Her last attack is just a regular attack which she can hit twice. The
attack does about 80 damage.

After you beat Xenobia, Mia will comment on how Xenobia may have actually
loved Ghaleon and how pitiful it is to see something like that, and
finally Xenobia is gone.

She's not all that tough. I managed to beat her without having to restart.
At anyrate, once you beat her, you'll get 55000 EXP. Save, then restore
all your MP and HP. I don't suggest going back to the Althena Statue
since you'll have to fight all the enemies again, but if you want you can.

Anyways remove all unused armor and give each character at least two
silverlights if possible (the more the better), three or more healing
nuts per person and at least one angel's tear per person.

Despite what you might hear about how hard Ghaleon is, I managed to
beat him easily, on my first try, with only 4-5 silverlights.

Walkthrough Part 6 - Boss: Ghaleon
Recommended Level: 46-48

This guy has some pretty nasty spells. This is basically what I did to
beat Ghaleon. Before you approach him though, throw away all unnecessary
items that your characters have or give them to Nall. Equip Jessica,
Mia and/or Nash with two silverlights each, not starlights. Equip everyone
with three healing nuts and fill the rest with either angel tears or
whatever you want. You can fill Alex's inventory with whatever you want.
Kyle's inventory should be filled with one silverlight, 4 healing nuts
and one angel's tear. Here are two strategies:
Strategy Number 1:
This one will take longer than any other strategies but, anyways, it's
safer to execute. This is the strategy I used and it worked, quite well
and the match actually seemed easy.

Alex: Have alex equipped with the Hell Ring to half his MP usage. Anyways,
Alex should use White Dragon Protect every round to shield off all
of Ghaleon's Magic Attacks. You'll require about 3-4 Silverlights
to restore Alex's MP. If Alex doesn't need to use the White Dragon
protect, then have him attack with sword dance.

Kyle: Kyle should power up once, then should hack away with his powerslash
technique, over and over. Restore his MP when you need to, as he'll
be the main source of attacking. Kyle will require about 1-2
silverlights. Also, have him power up first.

Mia: Mia should be either an attacker or a healer. Have her restore Kyle's
and Alex's MP when necessary and attack when she needs to. Don't have
her wasting all her MP on spells such as Flameria. I basically used
her most powerful, single person hitting flame attack, the flame
bomb. Have her power up Kyle, and Alex if you want, then have her
increase defense on the main attackers.

Jess: Jessica should be either the main healer Anyways, have her restore
MP, when needed, or use regular physical attacks (well actually,
Physical attacks are pointless against Ghaleon). You'll most likely
find yourself using calm litany every round. Make sure to cast
saint litany. It'll help.

Nash: Have him use his thunderbolt spell, or restore MP. If he runs out
of MP, have him use just regular attacks (Which again are pointless).

Basically, this was an easy match. I used the above strategy. Since Ghaleon
has two attacks, the white dragon protect can only nullify one attack.
So you'll need to heal pretty often using calm litany. If Ghaleon uses
an attack that only affects one person, don't waste the MP again for the
White Dragon Protect.

Strategy Number 2:
A strategy different from above, and you'll be able to finish him off
quicker but there's a lot more risks involved.

Alex: Alex should power up once, and then continue blasting him with
Sword Dances. Anyways, don't hesitate to use the Dragon Healing
if your character's HP falls below 100 or so, because Ghaleon's
spells are harsh.

Kyle: Kyle should power up once, and then use his Power Slash technique.
If you need to, have him heal, but you should keep him attacking.

Jess: Have her cast Saint Litany first, and then have her use calm litany
or restore Magic but a large portion of the time, Calm litany won't
be enough. She should also resurrect all fallen characters.

Mia: Have Mia heal or restore MP. Otherwise, have her power up both Alex
and Kyle and then give everyone a boost in defense. If she's not
healing or restoring MP, then have her use spells such as Ice Wall.

Nash: He should basically just use thunderbolt over and over. If he runs
out of MP, he should attack normally. If, however, someone needs
resurrecting or healing, or MP restoration, then have him do so.

This battle will be pretty tough, and time consuming. He is, thee toughest
boss in the game. At anyrate, this battle took me around 30 minutes. Make
sure that if Kyle or Alex runs out of MP, restore them with silverlights.
If Jessica, Mia or Nash run out, just have them heal, restore MP or attack
regularly. Don't waste Silverlights on Jessica, Mia or Nash. If you want
to restore their MP, just use starlights. Also, it's a good idea to
space out all your characters prior to the match so that the attacks won't
nearly be as damaging if your group was bunched up, but when he uses
his Tornado attack, your group will be in the center. One thing you'll
have to watch for is his Chaos Shield move. He will conjure up this shield
which, just blocks all attacks. The shield itself has about 1000 HP and
is very irritating.

You'll want to look out for a few of his spells. In addition to his four
spells which you're probably familiar with (Rock 'n Roll, Tornado, Nitro
Daggar and Inferno), he has a few other attacks. His chaos shield move,
conjures up a shield which requires 1000 damage to take down. His
Syphon Soul move will take your HP and restore his, for about 450 HP.
Fate Sword kills one of your allies automatically. Worm crush attacks
a group and Hell Wave hits everyone. Make sure that you block that attack
as it does a lot of damage. Or at least prepare for it. You can tell when
a powerful attack is coming up when he raises his arm/hand.

Just don't do something that will jeopardize your chances of winning such
as accidentilly not healing. He's a powerful enemy, but a pretty weak
looking one. Anyways, after you beat him, _Save_. It's essential to
save in case. Otherwise if you die in the upcoming area, you'll have to
beat Ghaleon again.

As you finish Ghaleon, he'll be hacking and coughing, wonder how such a
weakling could beat him. He'll topple over. Then you approach Luna who
is high atop the staircase. She starts to throw attacks at you. Then
Ghaleon gets up and laughs, saying it's too late. Althena is once again
resurrected and fully restored and nothing can be done. He'll then topple
then disappear from his own ignorance.

As your group gathers around, Alex will tell everyone that he has to go up
by himself. As you go up _play_ your ocarina first, or else you'll die
and you'll have to start from the last saved game. So after playing
your Ocarina, it'll disappear from your inventory. From there, just head
up and talk to Luna. She will continue to throw attacks but just continue
up. Afterwards an anime sequence will commence.. I however won't spoil it..

Walkthrough Part 6 - Revisiting Meribia
Items Found: Rememberizer

After the pretty long cinema, you'll end up back in Meribia. From there,
the group splits and it's just you and Luna. Go talk to Ramus first, and
buy the Rememberizer if you haven't done so yet. Also, you can purchase
Jessica's/Mia's bromide #3.. After getting Luna's Bromide #1 Afterwards,
talk to Mia and Nash on Black Rose St. You can talk to the different
people for their reactions but nothing else is new. Afterwards, head to
Mel's mansion and you'll meet Kyle and Jessica, ready to enter Mel's
office. After the sequence with Mel and the short reunion and the
announced "marriage" (Well sort of :P) of Kyle and Jessica, just head
down to the Seagull Tavern. As you go in, Tempest and Fresca will enter.
They'll bid you farewell and hope Alex and Luna have a lot of kids. :)
Last but not least, head to the docks, with the ships, and in the north
east corner is Laike. He'll congratulate you and he too will bid his
farewell as he travels the world, searching for new things. It'll be a
while before you see him again, Laike explains. Now, you're ready to leave
for Burg!

The ending credits will play, then stay tuned for the outtakes which is
just basically the outtakes of the actors who were performing the voices.
Some of them are pretty hilarious. :)

The End!! Woo! Anyways, hope you enjoyed the game :)

Main Characters - Spoilers

Alex is the hero of the game.. He is from the small town of Burg, where
his idol, Dragonmaster Dyne's monument resides. He wields the power of a
natural born hero and the heart of Dragonmaster Dyne. He too wants to be
just like his idol. Alex is a great character, with a good will, and
cares for nothing more, than Luna.

Combat Tactics:
Well, you'll basically require that Alex perform his Sword Dance technique
for every boss. Basically, he has a few techniques but his best ones are
Sword Dance, White Dragon Protect, Dragon Healing, Dragon Angor and Vigor.
White Dragon protect should be used when wanting to nullify one magic
attack and is especially useful for Ghaleon. Dragon Healing restores
everyone's hp back up and Vigor raises your power drastically. I listed
Dragon Angor because, later on in the game, when you have an althena
statue nearby, use Dragon Angor for an easy win.

Weapon of Choice: Sword Magic Type: Sword Technique

Luna is Alex's friend who is under the care of Alex's parents. She is a
great singer, which some say is even, "magical". She, herself is special
yet she doesn't know the power that she pocesses in her songs. She is
deeply in love with Alex, and have the same mutual feelings, and will
play one of the biggest roles in the game.

Combat Tactics:
She has "so-so" magic. While she is great for healing and all, her
physical attacks are moderately powerful and has a lot of MP. Keep Luna
as the main healer in all the matches and have her also power up Alex
when necessary with her Cascade Song although her other songs aren't all
that great. She isn't in your party for the whole game however.

Weapon of Choice: Bow Magic Type: Healing

He's the 3rd ranked magician in the magic guild of Vane, egotistocal
and Ghaleon's "helper" or assistant. Although he is very stubborn,
and thinks too highly of himself. He doesn't stop talking about Mia,
whom he has a crush on and would even risk his life, or even Alex's
to ensure Mia's safety.

Combat Tactics:
Nash is a pretty good fighter. His attacks, such as Thunder Thrust,
and lightning bolt are pretty good but overall, he's just average. You
won't be depending on him much for bosses but he's a pretty good fighter
or magic user when it comes to fighting a group of characters.

Weapon of Choice: Bow Magic Type: Lightning

Laike is a very powerful character that you will meet along the way
to Saith, in an encounter with a group of enemies. He's extremely powerful
although he has no magic. His attacks go for about 250 a hit and he has
three attacks and is on Level 99. Well, he plays a larger role than you
think. He'll randomly encounter you and help you on your quest but only
aids you on one journey and a battle in the Wierd Woods.

Combat Tactics:
When you do get Laike as a playable character later on in the game,
for one dungeon, just have him do regular attacks. Most likely, he'll
be able to take on the whole group while you have alex sitting in the

Weapon of Choice: Sword Magic Type: None

Jessica, the daughter of Master Hell mell has a fairly quick temper,
espeially when Kyle is around and certainly doesn't like studying
to become a Priestess and is known to skip and leave Althena's Shrine,
where she's training onec in a while. She takes after her dad and
has good intentions. She's brave, and sticks by your side the entire
time, and despite her quarrels with people such as Kyle, she actually
does, in a way care for them.

Combat Tactics:
After Luna leaves your group, Jessica will basically replace her as
the main healer. Her healing magic is stronger than Luna's especially
with Althena's Litany which heals your group every round, like regen
in other RPGs. Her physical attack is very good too. The amount of
critical rates she has are great, and her speed is pretty good also.

Weapon of Choice: Cane Magic Type: Healing

He's gotten the respect from Master Mel and is the chief at the Nanza
Barrier. He gets drunk quite often and is basically a male chauvinist.
Jessica dislikes him being that way, but asides from Kyle's faults,
and there are quite a few faults, he only wants the best for Jessica,
and the rest of the group. He's also one of the most hilarious characters
of the game. :)

Combat Tactics:
Overall, he's second, or in some ways, better than Alex. His attacks are
very powerful, as are his sword attacks, such as the Power Slash, which
you'll be very dependent upon during the battles. Like Alex, if he goes
down, then your battle might be lost as well.

Weapon of Choice: Sword Magic Type: Sword Attacks

Mia Ausa, the future leader of the Magic Guild of Vane and also, the
daughter of Lemia Ausa, the head of the Magic Guild and the founder, is
Nash's "crush". She is very determined in helping out your group, in
seeking revenge. She is one, very powerful magic user and therefore, she
is granted the power to be the next leader of the Magic Guild.

Combat Tactics:
She is physically, pretty weak and also she is the slowest person you'll
have in your group, unfortunately. Nevertheless, her attacks, do
inflict a pretty high amount of damage. She basically has two main
attacks; Fire and Ice elemental magic. She has a lot of MP, but also
should remain as a healer if her magic seems useless.

Weapon of Choice: Cane Magic Type: Fire / Ice

Well, for the short time you have him, he's awesome but soon
you'll hate him. Too bad he goes to "the dark side". Well, you'll see
what I mean. Overall, he's a "very" good fighter. His attacks can instantly
kill everyone on the screen using up very little MP. He's at Level 99.
But, without spoiling anymore, I'll just tell you to beware of his spells
and tactics.

Weapon of Choice: Cane Magic Type: All Elemental

Someone you unsuspectingly meet. He wields a great power with
his bow but not that great of a power. He's ok but you won't be seeing
much of him. After a plague has struck his village, he vows to
go out and find some cure before his wife, Fresca passes away.

Combat Tactics:
Nothing more to him then just his Flash Arrow and regular attacks.
His flash arrow can inflict about 130 HP damage to a group of
enemies but his regular attack is pretty good also.

Weapon of Choice: Bow Magic Type: Arrow Attacks

Ramus is the son of the elder of Burg, and also Alex's long time best
friend. He has dreams to become a millionaire and go on adventures with
Alex and decides if he can go and do so with Alex to the White Dragon
Cave. After scoring his first store in Meribia, his life long dreams,
have been accomplished.

Combat Tactics:
He is absolutely, THEE worst character of a game. Not only is he quite
slow, but his attacks aren't that good and only inflict about 27-28
HP Damage. After going to level 13-14, his stats don't get any higher,
even after leveling him up. In a battle with a boss, keep him as the
decoy, or distraction, by deploying him up close to the boss.

Weapon of Choice: Sword Magic Type: None

Other Characters:

Nall: Nall is basically the comic relief, asides from Kyle, in the game.
:) He's basically a flying cat but sounds sort of like a squeaky four
year old girl. Anyways, Nall was given to Alex as a present by someone
mysterious. He may seem small but Nall has the potential to be a great
"Dragon". Some may even say that he is an offspring of a white dragon.
Nall can attack but only if Kyle is at level 99 and uses his Power Slash
technique. I'm not so sure it's worth the effort just to see Nall
attack. :)

Royce: At first, she seems to be a normal fortune teller in Meribia,
but soon reveals her true nature and her evil intentions.

Xenobia: Not much is known about Xenobia except she is a very strong
person and one of the top leaders in the Vile Tribe. She is second to
the Magic Emperor.

Phacia: Once a Priestess at Althena's Shrine, she has become Evil.
Despite the fact that she has gone "sour", she still has some good
qualities. She knows when she's doing something bad and regrets that
but, she still has to defend the Vile Tribe because she, as with many
others were banned to the Frontier. But later in the game, she will not
remain bad.. You'll see. :)

Master Mel: The father of Jessica, he is the mayor of Meribia and one of
the legendary four heroes. Although he doesn't join your group, he plays
a significant role, in the dicision of Jessica to join your group.

Myght: An inventor that lives in a tower, north of the village of Pao.
He is the one who helps create an airship for you to fly to the

Lemia Ausa: She is the leader of the Magic Guild and also the founder.
She teachers others on how to unleash their hidden magic abilities.
Recently, she has been harsh, locking up people for the such small
wrong doings. What has come over her?

Fresca: She's the bride, or soon to be bride of Tempest. She suddenly
gets struck by an epidemic that has struck her hometown of Pao. Tempest
vows to stop at no cost to save her.

Characters - Magic
Range Legend: 1 = One Person | 2 = Portion or a group | 3 = Everyone

Name | Range |Name of Magic | MP | Description
Alex | 1 |Dancing Swords* | 6 | Powerful Sword Attack
| 2 |Explosion Staff | 9 | Sword/Fire attack
| 1 |Vigor* | 18 | 20+ Increased Att.
| 3 |Flash Cut* | 18 | Dash across the battlefield
| 3 |Dragon Protect* | 60 | Nullify one magic attk.
| 3 |Dragon Anger* | 35 | A shower of fireballs
| 3 |Dragon Grief | 15 | Suck enemies away
| 3 |Dragon Healing | 40 | Everyone back to full health
Luna | 1 |Healing Song* | 4 | Heals one person
| 1 |Temptation Song | 8 | Hypnotic Spell
| 1 |Purity Song | 4 | Cures Status Ailment
| 1 |Cascade Song* | 10 | Increase Attack by 10
| 3 |Tranquil Song* | 15 | Heals all members
| 3 |Escape Song | 10 | Helps you escape
Nash | 2 |Thunder Bomb* | 6 | Lightning attack
| 2 |Stone Spell | 6 | Turns an enemy into stone
| 1 |Thunder Bolt* | 15 | A powerful 1 person attack
| 3 |Thunder Thrust* | 18 | Lightning attack (everyone)
| 2 |Spark Ball | 10 | Temporary Paralysis
| 2 |Sleep | 9 | Sleep
| 2 |Confusion | 7 | Confusion
| 2 |Magic Box | 8 | Silences
Jessica| 1 |Heal Litany* | 4 | Heals
| 3 |Calm Litany* | 15 | Heals whole party
| 3 |Saint Litany* | 12 | Healing after each turn
| 1 |Althena Litany | 10 | Fully heal 1 person
| 1 |Miracle Litany* | 20 | Ressurect a person
| 1 |Cleanse Litany | 4 | Cure a status ailment
| 2 |Fear Litany | 6 | Make an enemy flee
| 3 |Escape Litany* | 20 | Teleport out of a dungeon
Tempest| 2 |Flash Arrow* | 8 | Explosive arrow on a group
| 3 |Flash Wind | 10 | Blow monsters off battlefield
Mia | 1 |Flame Bomb | 13 | 1 person fire attack
| 2 |Flame Circle* | 7 | Fire attack on a group
| 3 |Flameria | 30 | Powerful Group Fire atk.
| 1 |Power Drive* | 11 | Raises attack power
| 1 |Ice Lance* | 5 | Single enemy ice attack
| 2 |Ice Wall* | 15 | Ice blocks fall on a group
| 3 |Blizzard | 10 | All enemy ice attack
| 1 |Ice Shell | 11 | Defense up
Kyle | 1 |Power Slash* | 6 | Single Person Sword Attack
| 2 |Power Sweep* | 9 | Multiple Person Sword Attack
| 2 |Sonic Riser* | 14 | A beam slashed across
| 1 |Power up* | 8 | Attack Power up
Ghaleon| 3 |Inferno * | 14 | Flame attack
| 3 |Nitro Daggar* | 14 | Ice attack
| 3 |Rock n Roll* | 10 | Rock attack
| 3 |Tornado* | 10 | Er.. Tornado Attack

* - Indicates Good Magic

Items / Armor


Name | effect | Range
Daggar | AT+5 | Short
Sling | AT+2 | Long
Short Sword | AT+11 | Short
Poison Darts | AT+8 | Long
Long Sword | AT+16 | Short
Fortune Cane | AT+16 LK+10 | Short
Water Cane | AT+20 | Short


Name | effect | Range
Peasant Clothes | AT+5 | N/A
Heavy Clothes | AT+2 | N/A
Robe | AT+11 | N/A
Leather Clothes | AT+8 | N/A
Leather Armor | AT+16 | N/A


Name | effect | Range
Hat | DEF+2 | N/A
Bandana | DEF+1 | N/A


Name | effect | Range
Garbage Can Lid | DEF+2 | N/A
Wooden Shield | DEF+3 | N/A
Scarf | DEF+1 | N/A
Mia's Bromide | WIS+1 | N/A
Iron Armlet | DEF+1 | N/A
Flame Ring | DEF+1 AT+1 | N/A
Iron Bracelet | DEF+4 | N/A


Name | effect | Range
Herb | Slightly Heals | N/A
Antidote | Cures poison | N/A
Starlight | Restores some MP | N/A
Water | Revive | N/A
Ocarina | Play Music | N/A Wings | Leave a dungeon | N/A
Dragon Diamond | Worth a lot | N/A

Location of the Bromides -
There are a total of 13 bromides. While, they have no known reason for
their existance in their game, they do raise your stats up a _tiny_ bit.
If you're wondering what they are, they are basically just pictures
of scantly dressed female chracters from the game. A lot of these bromides
require that you look for them before and after a certain event so you
should be sure not to go too far ahead without looking everywhere for
the bromides.

- Mia's Bromide:
Already equipped on Nash when he first joins your party...

- Jessica's Bromide 2:
After Alex becomes a Dragonmaster and after Nash destroys the airship,
head to Lann and talk to the guy by the boat.

- Mia's Bromide 2:
On Vane, right before getting Nash and before entering the Silver Spire,
go talk to the kid that's gathering everything in the classroom to the
right of the Magic Guild. He will give it to you.

- Mia's Bromide 3 / Jessica's Bromide 3:
Talk to the guy on the second floor of a shop in Burg. Ramus will tell
you to lend him money. Do so, and at the end of the game, he will give
you these pics.

- Mia's Bromide 4:
Go to Lluk and talk to the guy who wants to get pics of Mia for the
magazine or paper. Do so, after nash destroys the machine and before
you give the invention to Myght.

- Jessica's Bromide:
Talk to a girl, who believes that she is Jessica's sister twice at
Althena's shrine after Jessica joins your group.

- Jessica's Bromide 4:
After you meet Kyle for the second time and before he joins your party,
go to his bed and get it.

- Royce's Bromide:
After Mell is turned into a stone, someone on Black Rose Street will give
it to you.

- Luna's Bromide 1:
Talk to Ramus at the end of the game, and he'll hand it over..

- Luna's Bromide 2:
Luna's Bromide is in the basement of Alex's house with all the chests.
Search around there. Nall will say something and that's the key of where
it is. (After Luna leaves your party and before Mel changes to stone)

- Xenobia's Bromide:
After the Grindery moves away from the Ruids, go talk to the miner that
you saved. He should give it to you, but only if you chose to save him.

- Phacia's Bromide 2:
After you finish the Crystal Tower, go to Althena's shrine. The Priest
or Priestess at the very back will give it to you.

Red Treasure Chest Locations -
Before you search for these chests, you need the thief's crest.

Burg - Mayor's house - Garbage Can Lid
Old Hag's house - Downstairs - Silverlight
Weird Woods - Northeast area - Wrath Ring
Saith - In a house - Protection Ring
Merbia - A house below Ramus' shop - 2000 Silver
Merbia Sewers - Area in basement of Mel's - Silverlight
Cave of Trials - A few floors down - Soap
Nanza - Bedroom area - Diamond Neclace
Lann - Behind a house - Silverlight
Nanza Barier - South of Nanza - Silverlight
Reza - West edge of town - Silverlight
Meryod Forest - Northwest corner - Fortune Ring
Meryod - Behind a house - Silver light

Tips and Tricks -
Here are some tips and tricks...

- Always spread your characters out.. if the enemies have a multiple
target spell.
- Don't use the AI function
- When in doubt, level up a level or two.. but it won't help against
- Keep magic users at the back
- Listen to the NPCs.. some of them bear valuable info
- Use the formation function in Lunar to form different formations
- Heal often.. don't forget you can use healing magic when not in battle
- Level up a few levels at every new area
- Don't have the whole group flee at once. Do it person by person so that
if only one person makes it out, you'll be able to flee.
- Don't make your characters unbalanced with Alex's. If Alex is at level
40 and your other characters are at level, 20, the bosses stats will be
much higher than those of your characters since they correspond with
Alex's stats..
- Don't have any soap? Just save before you use them and reload and two
should be sufficient enough to watch all the movies of the game.

Monster Guide - Contributed By Kevin Moore

Name HP Name HP
=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=
Slime 15 Blob 250
Gelatin 350 Mutant Fly 10
Killer Fly 20 Giga Wasp 25
Slumber Moth 25 Fly Devil 100
Synapse Guard 20 Star Comet 85
Mech Star 250 Albino Baboon 50
Yeti 400 Fly Trapper 35
Mantle Rapper 30 Man Eater 150
Octo Plant 300 Ambush 250
Killer Weed 450 Gunfoot 65
Cannonfoot 400 Monoclop 120
Killer Roller 225 Goblin 40
Bobogoblin 300 Hell Raiser 350
Gorgon 45 Chronogorgon 100
Scythe Spore 35 Scythe Spore 2 250
Death Shroom 25 Shrieker 300
Mutant Ant 25 Antorion 50
Giga-Ant 210 Death Armor 350
Ring Horn 450 Shadow Lord 130
Rufus 150 Burner 250
Groper 200 Vikin 250
Stone Creep 400 Gades 550
Ultra Fiend 650 Gargoyle 125
Bomb Angle 350 Cannon Thug 400
Guardian 90 Dark Sorcerer 350
Nipple Yanker 200 Chaos Fiend 400
Flash Lord 210 Soul Yanker 325
Arc Mage 350 Beacon 350
Brain Licker 110 Brain Picker 350
Homunculus 110 Tormentor 200
Stink Bug 200 Devastor 280
Aqua Genies 300 Tank Golem 450
Magic Bat 50 Mecha Tank 225
Magic Machine 300 Arrowfish 250

Places to Level up -
Here's some of the best places, in my opinion, where you can level
up at the different locations.

1) Old Hag's Forest
A good place to level up, early on in the game.

2) Cave of Trials in Vane
Level up here a bit, after Nash rejoins your group to level him up.

3) Lluk Field
This is one of the best places to level up, in the middle of the game.

4) Meryod Forest
Another very good place to level up.

5) The Grindery
Halfway, you'll find a Goddess Statue. This is a good place to level up.

6) Ruids
Although not that good of a place due to the distance between the Ruid
and the closest Goddess Statue, this is a pretty good place to level
up before the Grindery.

7) Black / Blue Dragon Cave
These caves are pretty good to level up, since there's a Goddess Statue
by the entrances.

8) Goddess Tower
Midway, you'll find a Goddess Statue with enemies that give up to
7000 EXP.

At anyrate, there's a lot of good places to level up, but these are just
some of them. It's a good idea to level up a level or two, before
proceeding to another castle or cave.

Items to look out for -
There's one or two more items. If you know the locations, please
email me at [email protected]

Hell Ring : This is probably one of the most beneficial items you'll
ever find because it cuts the MP usage in half of whatever
spells you're using. Anyways, go talk to Damon after Vane
gets shot down.

Gale Ring : After Vane gets destroyed, talk to Lily three times.
She's by the Thieves Guild. You'll get an extra attack
with this.

Rememberizer : After the whole ordeal with the betrayal of Nash, go and
talk to Ramus at Meribia. This device lets you watch
all previously seen movies. You must get this item
_before_ you head to the frontier. But, however, you
may also buy this item after you've finished the game
and have arrived back in Meribia.

Ghaleon's Tear : With this item, you'll be able to hit everyone with
your normal attack on the screen. Get this item before
Nash leaves your party but after you've become a
Dragonmaster from the elder in Lann.

Songs - Contributed By Kevin Moore : [email protected]
Well, the songs are very well sang in the game by Jennie Stigle.
Anyways, here are the lyrics to two songs that she sings in the game.
The intro song as well as the boat song.

Japanese: | English:
Far, far into the | In your dreams, magical thoughts..
distant horizon | All things are real, unless you dream
let's ride forgtten on | they're not..
wings in the wind. | In your dreams, love is the plot,
| carried on wings of hope
Sometimeswe will surely meet |
as the charming future | Each, of our souls, intertwine,
beckons us on. | like we do..
| Instantly we see it,
Let's start the journey | the time to grow and be it,
to a new world! | when everything is pinned on a hope
Open the door to a memorable |
legend! | Let rise the dreams of your heart,
| that innocent youth
| carless and kind.
| Free to roam the the breeze in love
| only when two -
| brilliantly shine, as one..

Boat Song
Japanese: | English:
As traveling across the sea, | Wishing on a dream that seems far off
from the unknown country, | Hoping it will come today.
the wind passes gently |
behind my ears, | Into the starlit night,
will you tell me if people | Foolish dreamers turn their gaze,
live with the same | Waiting on a shooting star.
bewildering feeling inside? |
| But, what if that star is not to come?
| Will their dreams fade to nothing?
To love someone, | When the horizon darkens most,
or to be loved by someone | We all need to believe there is hope.
I wonder what those feelings |
are like? | Is an angel watching closely over me?
I can only feel vaguely | Can there be a guiding light
from afar, | I've yet to see?
I want to cherish the feeling | I know my heart should guide me, but,
that has just started | There's a hole within my soul.
inside me, |
the fate trembles my | What will fill this emptiness
heart like the wind. | inside of me?
| Am i to be satisfied without knowing?
| I wish, then, for a chance to see,
| Now all I need,<>
| Is my star to come...

Mini Game! / Movie Watching -
During the making of Lunar movie, press up, down, left, right, triangle
then start. Anyways, you should be brought up to the Lord's of Lunar,
mini game and it's basically pong.

It's nothing big though.. Unfortunately. :P

Although, if you use the code, open up your playstation, put in the
first or second CD to watch all the movies on the CD you put in from
the beginning to the end.

Secrets / Gameshark Codes -
Gameshark Codes:
There are literally hundreds of codes so I only collected the good ones.
Sorry, I can't test these codes out since I don't have a gameshark.

Alex: Infinite HP - 801DBFC0 03E7
(Normal) Maximum HP - 801DBFC2 03E7
Infinite MP - 801DBFC4 03E7
Maximum HP - 801DBFC6 03E7
Level 99 - 801DBFDC 0063
1 EXP to next level - 801DBFFC 0001
- 801DBFFE 0000
Alex: Infinite HP - 801DC240 03E7
(Dragonmaster) Maximum HP - 801DC242 03E7
Infinite MP - 801DC244 03E7
Maximum HP - 801DC246 03E7
Level 99 - 301DC25C 00FF
1 EXP to next level - 801DC27C 0001
- 801DC27E 0000
Kyle: Infinite HP - 801DC0C0 03E7
Maximum HP - 801DC0C2 03E7
Infinite MP - 801DC0C4 03E7
Maximum HP - 801DC0C6 03E7
Level 99 - 301DC0DC 0063
1 EXP to next level - 801DC0FC 0001
- 801DC0FE 0000
Jessica: Infinite HP - 801DC040 03E7
Maximum HP - 801DC042 03E7
Infinite MP - 801DC044 03E7
Maximum HP - 801DC046 03E7
Level 99 - 301DC05C 0063
1 EXP to next level - 801DC07C 0001
- 801DC07E 0000
Mia: Infinite HP - 801DC080 03E7
Maximum HP - 801DC082 03E7
Infinite MP - 801DC084 03E7
Maximum HP - 801DC086 03E7
Level 99 - 301DC09C 0063
1 EXP to next level - 801DC0BC 0001
- 801DC0BE 0000
Nash: Infinite HP - 801DC000 03E7
Maximum HP - 801DC002 03E7
Infinite MP - 801DC004 03E7
Maximum HP - 801DC006 03E7
Level 99 - 301DC01C 0063
1 EXP to next level - 801DC03C 0001
- 801DC03E 0000
Misc: level 99 - 800282CE 2400
Infinite HP - 80030660 0055
Infinite MP - 8002E7E6 2400
Infinite Silver - 801DC37C FFFF

There aren't many secrets in the game asides from the secret items.
The only one that I recollect is the one involving the old hag. When
you first visit the Old Hag to give her the Water Cane? for the sea
chart, talk to her a few times later to give her your fortune cane.
Later on in the game, you can visit her again with Ghaleon and she'll
most likely give you the ice cane. While, it may not seem like much,
you'll save a few thousand silvers by using this trick... Well sort of.

Quotes -
Just some cool quotes that I happened to pick up :) I'll add more if
I remember anymore.

Royce: That primative cry of yours disrupted my spell.
Kyle: Just wait 'til you see what else I can do with my tongue!
Royce: A tempting offer, but not today I think.

Nall: You...ninny-ninny, dumb-dumb poopy-head!

Nall: I hope your nose is a snooze button, because I'm about to jab it

Ramus: Don't worry nanny, I'm a big boy now..
Nall: Yes, Ramus is big. In fact, he's one of the largest kids I've seen.

Nall: What.. What are you? Stay back! Get away from us!

Laike: Are you lost? Or out for a picnic?

Kyle: Heh heh.. He said "Sturdy Wood"...

Luna: Alex, your face is turning red... What kind of Naughty things are
you thinking about?!

Kyle: Who would've thought that a flying cat would turn out to be a

Thanks, Disclaimer, Etc. -
I'd like to thank Game Arts for making the game and Working Designs
for bringing the game over.

Big big thanks to Kevin Moore for giving me a list of enemies and their
HP.. and it's a very long list :) and for writing out the songs.

I'd like to thank Ming Wong for a bit of help on the Meribia sections
and for giving me the enemy names.

I'd like to thank Chris for giving me a list of the items as well as their
effects and for the list of items in the different areas.

This walkthrough was written by Andrew C and none of this walkthrough
may be taken without prior consent. This page is copyright 1999-2000
by Andrew C. And was made for sites such as and Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete is copyright 1999 by
Working Designs, Game Arts and other companies involved in the production
of Lunar. No reproductions, copying etc may be made without prior, written

I'll be adding more as soon as I find more secret items and such. If you
have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me. And if you want to ask if
you can post my faqs on my page, then of course you can. :) Well in Txt
form anyways and just give me credit. If you'd like to make an HTML
version of this walkthrough, be my guest, however keep everything intact.

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