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by intelli
[email protected]
Request For Any Player's CAW'S
Body- A1

Nose- Default
Eyes- Default
Mouth- 9
Hair- 1 128/128/0
Mask Base- 24
Mask Accesories- 30

Upper Body
Base- 1 normal 3
Tattoo- Im not sure about what to use for 
this. You decide what to use for this
Elbow Pads- 5 128/128/0
Hands- 2 128/128/0

Lower Body
Pants- 25 120/128/128
Shoes- 5
Belt- 19 100/153/164

Skin Color- 126/131/104 
Height- 5'68
Weapon- Any

Music- Edge
Class- Light Heavy

Personality- Edge+, Kurt Angle-, Single+, 
Favourite, The Iron King 

2 0 2
4 4 2
4 4 2
1 0 1

Logic- Aerial and Grapple 
Base- Normal, Jumping, Normal, Taunt 
Christian, Making A Trumpet, Backward 
Somersault, X-Pac

Ready Moves
Attack- Elbow Smash, Low Kick, Dropkick, 
Front Dropkick, Spinning Back Kick, 
Rolling Wheel Kick
Grapple- Arm Drag, Judo Flip Suplex, 
Scissors Sweep, Snap Suplex, Northern 
Suplex, Jumping Tornado DDT, Hopping 
Sunset Flip, Flip Suplex With Pin, Back 
Pin, Dragon Sleeper, Spinning Hurracarana, 
Mexican Suplex Pin

Angry Stomp, Flip Splash, Leg Drop, Crash 
Holly Cradle Pin, Mahistrol Cradle Pin, 
Pin With Bridge, Mexican Surfboard

Frankensteiner, Moonsault Kick, Super Back 
Drop, Foot Choke, Bronco Buster
Rope Opponent- Boss Man Attack, Lionsault, 
Fake Diving Attack 1 (619)

Diving Hurracarana, Dragonrana, The 450, 
Diving Leg Drop, Dragon Attack Running
Dropkick, Diving Forearm Smash, 
Headscissors Takedown, Hurracarana Pin, 
School Boy, 
Scissors Sweep, Whirl Back Breaker

Double Team
High Angle Back Drop, Whip and Lay Down

Hurracarana, Hopping Sunset Flip, Elbow 
Smash, Elbow Smash (flipped), X-Pac 
to Face

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