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 - [ W A R L O C K E D  -  G B C  E X C L U S I V E ] -

Game Information: 
Platform- Gameboy color
Name- Warlocked
Size- 16 megabits
Genre- Real Time Strategy
Release Date- July 26th 2000

FAQ/Walkthrough Information:
Author- Anthony Polizzi
Author's Email- [email protected]
Purpose- Personal, Non Profit
Copyright- Anthony Polizzi
Version- 1.0


   -Azarel Walkthrough
   -Zog Walkthrough
   -Linked Battles

          - [ I N T R O D U C T I O N ] -

     Warlocked is a Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game for the Gameboy Color. Gamers 
who are use to this genre will notice its striking similairities to the Warcraft 
series. It features two sides of gameplay; one as the good-hearted and peace 
oriented humans, and one as the evil hordes of darkness. Even though the plot 
and gameplay isn't totally original it is a great game. Just imagine a portable 
Warcraft! Warlocked may be very similar to Warcraft, but it also has some unique 
features. For example, doing regular game play you can find hidden wizards and 
save them for future battles. There are 27 wizards in all but like Pokemon you 
must trade to get them all. You can also battle a friend via link cable!

     - [ A Z A R E L ' S  W A L K T H O U G H ] -

     If you choose to play as the humans then this is the walkthrough you want 
to read. I honestly think that playing as the humans is easier than playing as 
the beasts. Here is a list of the human units, their cost, and what they do:

   Mine for gold and cut down trees. Can also build buildings.

   Infantry fighting unit.

   Long-distance fighting unit.

     Now that your fimilar with the units lets get on with the walkthrough. I 
will go through each scenario and write what I think is the best way to beat it 
and also give information like how much gold is in each mine.

     This is the first scenario and therefore will obviously be a just for 
letting you get use to the game controls. Experiment. Build some extra grunts 
and read the red scrolls that are laying around. Get use to cutting down trees 
and collecting gold from the mine. Also note that there are chests containing 
gold laying all over the place.

Gold Mine: ????
Starting Units: ????
Enemy Units: ????
Wizards: None

     In the last scenario you got your first taste of the game, now you get you 
second taste. It's a little more complexed but still very simple, instead of 
building grunts, build knights. You are also introduced to battle for the first 
time, build a couple of knights to kill the beast blocking the way to your first 
wizard. Bring the wizard to the newly introduced temple.

Gold Mine: ????
Starting Units: ????
Enemy Units: 5 beast warriors
Wizards: One, in the upper right corner

      This is the first head-to-head battle against the evil beasts. First send 
soldiers to kill all the "spare" beast around the map, then bunch them all 
together into one massive force and over throw the Evil Tree. There will be at 
least two towers and five beast guarding it.

Gold Mine: ????
Starting Units: ????
Enemy Units: ????
Wizards: ????

        - [ Z O G ' S  W A L K T H O U G H ] -

     If you are playing as the Beasts then you are at the right place. I 
recomend playing as the beast if you are a RTS veteran. This mode will offer a 
little more of a challenge. Here is a list of the beast units, their cost, and 
what they do:

   Mine for gold and cut down trees. Can also build buildings.

   Infantry fighting unit.

   Long-distance fighting unit.

         - [ L I N K E D  B A T T L E S ] -

     I have to be honest with you, this is the main reason why I personally 
purchased this game. To me not much is funner then having my own army of Knights 
and Wizards beat the crap out of my friends army of Beast and Wizards. The first 
player to start up the battle plays as Humans and the second player will play as 
     There are many different scenarios to choose from in the multiplayer mode. 
You can unlock new scenerios by beating the single player mode. Once you 
complete every scenario in the single player mode you will unlock yet another 
secret, you gain the option of building a perfected, personal army that you can 
trade and battle with your friends! Here are some of the scenarios:

     This is a fairly small scenario. There is a mine in the middle with trees 
to the North West. The humans start in the South West and the beast start in the 
North East. There is a Dragon egg in the North West corner and water in the 
South East corner.
     This is what you got to do. The main objective is to get more gold then the 
other player, but if you can get to the dragon egg and bring it back to your 
castle then you can easy destroy the enemy and then take all the gold. Send all 
you grunts to the forest and trim a path along west edge of the map until you 
reach the egg. Have it escorted back to the castle by a few knights. Once the 
egg hatches have the dragon destroy the enemies castle. This goes for both the 
humans and the beasts.

     This is a big scenario. The beasts start to the north and the humans to the 
south. The beasts are in the open but have a dragon egg located near them and 
the humans are located inside huge walls that act as a castle.
     This is what you do if you are playing as the beasts. Quickly send troops 
to retrieve the dragon egg to the east. Mine the gold from the mine and cut down 
some trees. Build up a large force of warriors and skeleton archers along with a 
few extra goblins. Have the goblins go ahead and build towers along the walls of 
the human's castle. Have the soldiers flood the human's entire area. By this 
time the dragon should be hatched, in the midst and confusion of battle send it 
to destroy the humans main hall. Start building more soldiers to protect you 
from attack. Once you take the castle walls line it with archers and you've as 
good as won.
     The battle plan is a little more defensive if you play as the humans. I 
would snatch the dragon egg from the beasts as soon as the battle begins. 
Without it the beast have no advantage. Now start to build your defensive line. 
Put archers along the castle walls and build towers.Once you have a firm grip on 
your own land start to build a huge army of knights. Wait until right after your 
buddy attacks then launch a huge counter-attack. Don't forget to use the dragon. 
The beast should fall in minutes.

     This is a medium sized scenario. Like the name may suggest there is a lot 
of mines on the map, actually there is five, one in the middle and four on each 
side of that one. The one in the middle is filled with much more gold then the 
others. There is a small castle in the middle. Humans start in the north west 
and beast start in the south east.
     The battle stategy is the same for both the humans and the beasts. What you 
want to do is take the center gold mine. To do so send a worker(grunt or goblin) 
to build a tower next to the mine, once you train some archers position them on 
the castle next to the mines. This will give you total monopoly over three of 
the mines. You will have more money then your enemy and there for will have a 
stronger force to throw around. Speed is the key.

     This is a large scenario. There are trees in the middle of the map and a 
gold mine next to each main hall. The humans start to the south west and the 
beast start to the north east.
     This is the first scenario where you and your opponent are equally matched 
in resources. Strategy is the key and the player with the best strategy wins! 
This strategy is the same for both humans and beasts. Have your workers(grunts 
or goblins) more numerous in the forest then at the mine, here's why. Both 
players have equal advantage to the forest, if you get more feul then your 
opponent won't have as much, giving you one advantage. Then build towers around 
your mine and farms. In the mean time build three archers and ten knights(or 
warriors). Move the knights to one side of the enemy's base and the archers to 
the other(still out of sight).Then have the archers attack and run. If things go 
right your opponent will chase your archers with his/her main force leaving the 
base up for grabs! Invade with the knights(and maybe some workers to build 
towers) and destroy the enemy's base.

     This is one of the only scenarios that is underground and has no gold mines 
or forest to send workers to get supplies. Instead there are lots of treasure 
laying around on the ground throughout the map. There are a lot of castle walls 
in this scenario. The humans start in the lower righthand corner and the beast 
start in the upper lefthand corner.
     This is the strategy for playing as either side. First, build as many 
troops as you can from the start. Second, as soon as they are ready, send them 
to collect as much treasure as they can. Third, once all the treasure is gone 
position archers along some of the castle walls. Finally, wait until your 
opponent attacks, he will most likly send infantry, have the archers take out as 
many as they can before they reach your main hall. Move in for the kill.

     The beast are to the north and have two castle walls surrounding them. The 
humans are to the south and are in the open. There are two dragon eggs, one in 
the lower lefthand corner and one in the upper righthand corner. There is one 
gold mine by the beast and one gold mine by the humans.
     The battle strategies are pretty much the same as Castle Siege, except the 
humans and the beast switch places. The one who gets the most dragons will 
probably win, even though the beast will probably get the dragon near them 
leaving the humans with the dragon near them. Try to get both of them though, 
your opponent might not know about them!

     This is a small scenario. There are two gold mines, both are in the center 
but one is located alittle closer to the beast and one alittle closer to the 
humans. The map is divided into four corners, the top lefthand corner is where 
the beast are, the bottom left corner is filled with trees that have a dragon 
egg in the middle. The top righthand corner is the same as the bottom lefthand 
corner, and the bottom right corner is home to the humans.
     The strategy is the same for both sides. Send you workers to the forest and 
get both of the dragon eggs before your opponent can. Make sure to guard you 
gold mine from the enemy or they might steal alittle. Once you have both dragons 
send all of your workers to the mine and build up a huge army. Your opponent 
will have a huge army too but you have the two dragons and will win the war.

     This scenario is split in half diagnoly by a river of lava. There are two 
bridges that connect each side but they are broken, and to the beast's side. The 
humans start on the top and the beast on the bottom, there are gold mines and a 
dragon next to each.
     The strategy is almost the same for both side except the beast have the 
option to repair the bridge and when. If you are playing as the beast and have 
Sweatwiz, have him speed up your goblins. Then have them repair the bidge next 
to the humans dragon egg and steal it, don't count on it though, if your 
opponent knows of the egg then it maybe theirs by now.
     If you are playing as the humans try to prevent your opponent from 
repairing the bridges while you build up a suitable army.

     This is a good sized scenario. The humans start in the upper lefthand 
corner and the beast start in the lower right hand corner. There is plenty of 
gold mines and mushrooms. There is a dragon egg in the lower left corner and in 
the upper right corner.
     The strategy is the same for both sides. As soon as possible send one 
worker to each of the dragon eggs  before the other side can. If you get them 
both great, if your opponent does great. Try building some towers next to some 
of the gold mines so that your opponent can't get gold. After that just build a 
strong army to win.

                  - [ W I Z A R D S ] -

     In the world of Warlocked only one side will be left standing, it could be 
the humans or the beasts, and it will always be the side with the best wizards. 
You find wizards during the single player mode and can save them for later 
battles, including Linked Battles. There are many wizards but you can only get a 
certain number in your gamepak. You have to trade to get them all. Most wizards 
are mercs who don't care which side they work for, but some only work for the 
humans or some only work for the beasts.

BOMBWIZ- Mercenary
     Turns enemy units into bombs that explode shortly afterwards.

BRICKWIZ- Mercenary
     Upgrades buildings making them less vurnable to enemy attack.

     Turns enemy units into chickens.

     Speeds up the training time of beast units.

CROWWIZ- Mercenary
     Turns your units into crows that can uncover unseen land.

     Turns your units into Elfin Archers.

FIREWIZ- Mercenary
     Burns enemies with fire magic.

FUELWIZ- Mercenary
     Turns enemy units into usable fuel.

GOLDWIZ- Mercenary
     Turns enemy units into gold.

ICEWIZ- Mercenary
     Freezes enemies with ice magic.

MUDWIZ- Mercenary
     Turns enemy units into mud.

     Turns enemy units into hearts that heal your units.

     Turns enemy units into Skeleton Archers.

     Turns enemy units into pigs.

POISONWIZ- Mercenary
     Turns your archer's arrows into poison arrows.

POXWIZ- Mercenary
     Spreads disease among units.

QUAKEWIZ- Mercenary
     Destroys enemy buildings very fast.

     Speeds up training time of human units.

SAGE- Human
     Turns enemy units into hearts that heal your units.

SLEEPWIZ- Mercenary
     Puts enemy units to sleep.

SMITHWIZ- Mercenary
     Upgrades unit armor making them less vurnable to enemy attack.

     Hides your units from the enemy until you attack.

STORMWIZ- Mercenary
     Shocks enemies with lightning magic.

SWEATWIZ- Mercenary
     Speeds up your workers.

TELEWIZ- Mercenary
     Teleports your units to any part of the map.

TOXICWIZ- Mercenary
     Poisons enemies with toxic gas.

WINDWIZ- Mercenary
     Blows enemies away with his wind magic.

                 - [ D R A G O N S ] -

     Dragons play a major roll in Warlocked. You may find a dragon egg or two in 
some of the scenarios. If you have a unit bring it to your main hall it will 
eventually hatch into a very powerful dragon. Dragons are immune to sword and 
magic attacks making them very troublesome. The best way to slay a dragon is to 
build a tower and have a worker constantly repair it as the dragon attacks. Here 
is a list of where you can find some dragon eggs.

  Home Run- in the upper righthand corner.
  Frozen Sea- in the lower and upper lefthand corners.
  Spider's Lair- in the center of the map.
  Desert Thieves- in the left center and in the upper right corner.
  Zog's Fortress- in the center of the map.

  Hidden Temple- in lower righthand corner.
  Elven Forest- in lower righthand corner.
  Dark Tides- in upper lefthand Corner.
  Azarel's Castle- alittle to the left from the center.

                   - [ F A Q S ] -

A: If you haven't gotten him then he probably isn't in your game, trade with a 

A: Find a dragon egg and bring it to your main hall.

A: It unlocks a mini game that you can access at the options screen.

A: Select the temple and pick the wizard you want.

                - [ C R E D I T S ] -

  -Thanks for making and licensing this great game.

  -Thanks for telling me about this game.

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