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Cutting Board

failed dish----------any bad ingredient
rice ball------------rice
sashimi--------------2 fish
sushi----------------1 fish, rice
chirashi sushi-------rice, egg, mushroom, rock lobster, conger eel
marinated fish-------fish, onion, herb
marinated mushroom---mushroom, herb
pie crust------------breadfruit, butter
vegetable salad------vegetable, mayonnaise
egg salad------------vegetable, egg, mayonnaise
vegetable sandwich---brad, butter, egg, mayonnaise
mushroom rice--------rice, mushroom
potato rice----------rice, yam
chestnut rice--------rice, chestnut
bamboo rice----------rice, bamboo shoot
egg rice-------------rice, egg
eel bowl-------------rice, eel
conger eel bowl------rice, conger eel
tuna bowl------------rice, tuna
buckwheat chips------buckwheat
chocolate bar--------cocoa, milk
chocolate banana-----cocoa, milk, banana


failed soup----------any bad ingredient
potato stew----------potato
yam stew-------------yam
bamboo stew----------bamboo shoot
pumpkin stew---------pumpkin
boiled corn----------corn
steamed turnip-------turnip, sea bream
cheese risotto-------rice, cheese, onion
tomato risotto-------rice, tomato, onion
seafood risotto------rice, crustacean, squid, clam, onion
spinach risotto------rice, spinach, onion
bouillabaise---------tomato, onion, red herb fish, crustacean
spicy seafood soup---prawn, tomato, onion, spicy pepper
egg soup-------------egg, milk
corn soup------------corn, milk
tomato soup----------tomato, milk
shark fin soup-------shark, herb, spinach
stew-----------------milk, butter, carrot, onion, potato
seafood stew---------milk, butter, clam, crustacean, squid
spicy stew-----------milk, spicy pepper, carrot, onion, potato
salmon cream stew----milk, butter, carrot, onion, salmon
sardine tomato stew-sardine, tomato, herb
saury tomato stew---saury, tomato, herb
squid tomato stew---squid, tomato, herb
steamed egg---------egg, freshwater prawn, spinach
boiled spinach-------spinach
cheese fondue--------grape cocktail, bread
chocolate fondue-----cocoa, milk, bread
marmalade jam--------2 orange
berry jam------------2 very berry
blueberry jam--------2 blueberry
strawberry jam-------2 strawberry
apple jam------------2 apple
buckwheat noodles----buckwheat
b. noodles w/ eggs---buckwheat, egg
tempura b. noodles---buckwheat, eggplant, crustacean
shark fin stew-------shark
potato miso soup-----potato, laver seaweed
seaweed miso soup----laver seaweed
clam soup------------clam
fish soup------------sea bream
hot milk-------------milk
hot cocoa------------milk, cocoa
herbal tea-----------herb
milk tea-------------milk, herb

Frying Pan

failed dish----------any bad ingredient
fried egg------------egg
plain omelet---------egg, butter
tomato omelet--------egg, tomato, butter
cheese omelet--------egg, cheese, butter
omelet rice----------egg, butter, rice
southern omelet------egg, rice, pineapple, crustacean, spicy pepper
fried rice-----------rice, onion, egg
seafood fried rice---rice, onion, egg, crustacean, squid
southern fried rice--rice, pineapple, crustacean, squid, spicy pepper
salmon fried rice----rice, egg, salmon
croquette------------potato, breadfruit, egg
pumpkin croquette----pumpkin, breadfruit, egg
sauteed clam---------clam, butter
fish meuniere--------fish, butter, herb, spinach
sauteed spinach------spinach, butter
sauteed mushroom-----mushroom, butter
sauteed potato-------potato, butter
stir fry-------------vegetable
pancake--------------breadfruit, milk, egg, honey
potato pancake-------potato, egg, milk
ratatoille-----------tomato, eggplant, bell pepper, onion


failed dish----------any bad ingredient
mont blanc cake------breadfruit, egg, milk, butter, chestnut
shortcake------------breadfruit, egg, milk, butter, strawberry
yam cake-------------breadfruit, egg, milk, butter, yam
carrot cake----------breadfruit, egg, milk, butter, carrot
pumpkin cake---------breadfruit, egg, milk, butter, pumpkin
spinach cake---------breadfruit, egg, milk, butter, spinach
orange cake----------breadfruit, egg, milk, butter, orange
cheese cake----------breadfruit, egg, milk, butter, cheese
chocolate cake-------breadfruit, egg, milk, butter, chocolate
pudding--------------milk, egg
chocolate pudding----milk, egg, chocolate
pumpkin pudding------milk, egg, pumpkin
banana pudding-------milk, egg, banana
apple pie------------pie crust, egg, apple
pumpkin pie----------pie crust, egg, pumpkin
chocolate pie--------pie crust, egg, cocoa
orange pie-----------pie crust, egg, orange
chestnut pie---------pie crust, egg, chestnut
sweet yam cake-------yam, egg, milk, butter
mashed potato--------potato, milk, butter
cookies--------------breadfruit, egg, butter
herb cookies---------breadfruit, egg, butter, herb
orange cookie--------breadfruit, egg, butter, orange
chocolate cookies----breadfruit, egg, butter, cocoa
bread----------------breadfruit, butter, milk
herb bread-----------breadfruit, butter, milk, herb
onion bread----------breadfruit, butter, milk, onion
corn bread-----------breadfruit, butter, milk, corn
herb fish------------fish, herb---------------------2 fish for goood quality
bamboo en papilotte--bamboo shoot
pizza----------------pie crust, cheese
seafood pizza--------pie crust, cheese, crustacean, squid
vegetable pizze------pie crust, cheese, vegetable
potato gratin--------potato, cheese, butter, milk
seafood gratin-------crustacean, squid, cheese, butter, milk
mushroom gratin------mushroom, cheese, butter, milk
doria----------------mushroom, cheese, milk, rice,
french fries---------potato


failed soup----------any bad ingredient
perfume--------------5 flower
purple perfume-------2 lavender
yellow perfume-------moondrop flower 2
green perfume--------2 green bell
red perfume----------2 rose
blue perfume---------blue mist flower 2
shining perfume------2 expensive flowers
carrot juice---------carrot
tomato juice---------tomato
vegetable juice------cabbage, spinach, bell peper, green herb
orange juice---------orange
blueberry juice------blueberry
apple juice----------apple
pineapple juice------pineapple
honeydew juice-------honey dew
very berry juice-----very berry
grape juice----------grape
coconut juice--------coconut
yogurt drink---------yogurt, honey
strawberry milk------strawberry, milk
melon au lait--------honeydew, milk
banana milk----------banana, milk
bodigizer------------red herb, pontata root, honey
bodigizer xl---------purple herb, pontata root, honey, egg
cold medicine--------pontata root, royal jelly, mushroom
stay awake-----------pontata root, milk, spicy pepper
super stay awake-----pontata root, milk, spicy pepper, red herb

Aging pot

weird dish-----------any bad ingredient
seasoned egg---------egg
pickled turnip-------turnip
pickled cabbage------cabbage
pickled eggplant-----eggplaant
sardine in oil-------sardine
kimchi---------------cabbage, carrot, spicy pepper
grape cocktail-------2 grape
apple cocktail-------2 apple
blueberry cocktail---2 blueberry
yam cocktail---------2 yam
buckwheat cocktail---2 buckwheat
coconut cocktail-----2 coconut
rice cocktail--------2 rice

When I say crustacean it means a freshwater prawn, crawfish, lobster, or rock 

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