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Pokemon Emerald Recommended Moves FAQ
7/26/06-Date Published
Master_Cyz--  Owner-Publisher
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Table Of Contents-
1. Recommended moves     
1.2 Hint of a Master

  SOrry for the inconvenient....


Torchic- Slash, Flamethrower, Aerial Ace, Fire Blast
Mudkip- Hydro Pump, Mud Shot, Water Pulse, Surf
Treecko- Mega Drain, Double Slap, Slam, Tail Whip----->for double slap or you could replace it with pound..
Skitty- Sing, Assist, Secret Power, Return-->or<--Swagger
Magneton- Thunder, Thunderbolt, Thunderwave, Shockwave
Wailord- Water Spout, Blizzard, Body Slam, Hydro Pump--- i got it  from wailmer lvl78(random)
Altaria- Aerial Ace, Dragonbreathe, Dragon Dance, Fly
Claydol- Psychic, Earthquake, Mud Slap, Rapid spin---- i got it from baltoy
Celebi- Psywave, Psybeam, Endeavor, Metronome--->added for fun
Jirachi- Return, calm mind, Mirror Coat, Psybeam
Deoxys- Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Rest w/ Chesto berry, Ice Beam
Blissey- Softboiled, Metronome, Toxic, Double slap-- useful bec she has a high defense

That's all!

1.2 Hint of a Master-
well not much a FAQ but hint i caught all kinds of pokemon including totodile, chikorita and cyndaquil and also charmander
bulbasaur and squirtle using gameshark and game replay but the rest is all i caught but the legendaries are now useless you know why so bye bye 
thank you for reading my FAQ



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