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I have compiled a list of the odd jobs that you must complete in order to get to 
100% completion. These jobs MUST be completed, or you will not reach your goal of 
100%. I will include Details about the Odd Jobs, what you have to do, and how many 
levels there are to complete. I hope you enjoy what I provide for you all to read. 

Misc. Odd Jobs-
BMX Challenge
Chiliad Challenge
Freight Train
NRG-500 Challenge
Lowrider Challenge
Quarry Missions
Driving School
Motorbike School
Boat School
Stadium Events-
Blood Bowl
Dirt Track
Vehicle Missions-
Taxi Missions

BMX CHALLENGE- The BMX Challenge is available only after you complete mission "OG 
LOC" in the Big Smoke series. You have to get the BMX at the top of the hill near 
the vert ramp to start the challenge, but there is a catch: You must have 20% 
cycling skill to do this challenge. This is a basic Checkpoint challenge, where you 
must obtain all of the checkpoints befor time runs out. Every Check you cross, you 
have 10 seconds Added time. The challenge is located in BMX Park, Glen Park, Los 

CHILIAD CHALLENGE- The Chiliad Challenge is held at MT. Chiliad between 7:00 and 
18:00. You need to have race against other racers from the top of the mountain to 
the bottom. There are three courses: Scotch Yellow Route (easy), Birdseye Winder 
Yellow Route (medium), and Cobra Run (difficult). 

COURIER- There are 3 courier missions throughout San Andreas. There is 1 in each 
City, Los Santos, San Fierro, and Las Venturas. Each 1 requires you to go through 
the town dropping off packages to different houses. There are more houses in each 
stage you complete. Here are all the Stages you have.
Los Santos:Stage 1- You start tthe courier missions on a BMX Bike at the Roboi's 
Food Mart in Commerce. In stage 1, there you have 3 minutes to deliver 6 packages. 
There are only 3 targets, but you get $100 for every package left over. Stage 2 You 
must deliver 6 packages in 3 minutes to 4 targets. You are still on the BMX, as you 
will for the entire courier Los Santos Mission. In stage 3, you must deliver 7 
packages to 5 targets in 5 minutes. This 1 is a little harder, but dont quit. 
Finaly Stage 4. You deliver 8 packages to 6 targets in 8 minutes. This 1 is hard. 
If you complete this stage, you will generate $2000 at the Roboi's Food Mart 
Everyday! There are also Courier Missions in San Fierro that are similar to these. 
Its the same package amounts, but the time and distance of your deliveries will 

IMPORT/EXPORT- Import/Export has FINALLY returned. The only way you can get Import 
Export is if you Beat all of the Zero Missons, and completed Driving school with a 
Bronze, Silver, or Gold. There will then be a string of missions where you have to 
obtain different cars. This is also when you have to buy "Wang Autos" outside your 
safe house in Doherty. Once you beat the missions, you are given A list of cars to 
find. I will give you all three lists. Outside the Container Ship, there is a 
Crane. You can use the crane, or there is a ramp. The ramp will damage your car, so 
you CAN do what I did: CHEAT!!! Its Better to use the crane, unless you are lifting 
like the Sanchez or FCR-900. Use the ramp fo Motorcycles.

List 1: Patriot, Sanchez, Stretch, Feltzer, Remington, Buffalo, Sentinel, Infernus, 
Camper, Admiral.
List 2: Slamcan, Blista Compact, Stafford, Sabre, FCR-900, Cheetah, Rancher, 
Stallion, Tanker, Comet
List 3: Blade, Freeway, Mesa, ZR-350, Euros, Banshee, Super GT, Journey, Huntly, BF 
Reward Cars
5 Cars: Monster
10 Cars: Windsor
15 Cars: Bandito
20 Cars: Tourismo
25 Cars: Vortex
30 Cars: Bullet

FREIGHT TRAIN-These missions can be started anytime you enter a Brown Streak or 
Freight Train. You have to run goods from Station to station. Once you complete all 
of the missions, you get $50,000! Plus, you can enter a train and it will take you 
to the next station, but only if its a Brown Streak. But, you have to complete the 
mission Yay Ka-Boom-Boom.

LOWRIDER CHALLENGE-This is an optional job, but you can only do it once a day after 
completing the mission "Cesar Vialpando" mission for Sweet. You only win what you 
bet, and the bet goes from $50 to $1000. Follow the arrows at the bottom of your 
screen to get points. What points you dont get, your opponet does, so keep to the 

QUARRY MISSIONS-The quarry missions can only be done after completeing the 
Mission "Explosive Situation" for Woozie. After that, you have to do 7 missions, 
and you will be rewarded with the quarry asset, $2000 a day. 
Mission 1: You have 3:30 to clear 6 rocks from the path befor the delivery trucks 
Mission 2: You have to push 4 bombs into a safe zone. You have 1:29 seconds for 
each bomb. The time remaining from the fist bomb will carry over to the second, and 
second to third, and third to fourth. 
Mission 3: Thieves have stolen equipment from your Quarry. This mission is 
exceptionaly easy once you find the other dumper, just shoot it with an Uzi or 
something like that. In about 2 seconds, the Damage meter will zero and you just 
have to get away from the dumpers blast. EASY AS PIE!!!!
Mission 4: Quarry Mission 4 is a little harder than mission 3. You have 4:00 to get 
to a dumper at the other end of the quarry. DONT GO THROUGH THE QUARRY!!!! Head to 
the road and follow the blip. Enter the Dumper and go the same rout to the Red 
Marker. It will tell you to drive down the road. Be careful, yet try to go fast. If 
the bodies fall out of the back, you FAIL!!! Once you get to the fire, Dump the 
bodies in the fire. They dont have to be perfectly in the fire, but close to it. 
Once they are all on Fire, you pass the misson.
Mission 5: Your dumper is loaded with explosives. You have 3 minutes to get to the 
abandoned airport in Verdant Meadows. Try to carefully cut corners. Drive north on 
the road next to the Resticted Area. Then drive through the big rocks just south of 
the Airstrip. you should have a strait shot there. Have fun!
Mission 6: You have to clear explosives off of the Train tracks. You have 3 minutes 
to do so. Drive the dozer on the tracks. Make sure that the bombs go off the RIGHT 
side of the tracks. The bombs are represented by a green blip. When they fall off, 
the blip disappears.
Mission 7: In this mission, you have to ride the Sanchez into the bottom of the 
quarry. Dont worry about staying on the road. Just jump off the sides. Once you get 
to the bottom, use the dozer to push a police HPV-1000 and a police officer in a 
body bag. Use the magnet crane (big yellow thing). Once you have them in the right 
area, put them in the Dumper (blue blip). Put them close to the front of the bed, 
so they have room to slide. Drive the Dumper to the river and dump the bike and 
body into the River. They will fall in and wa-la. MISSION COMPLETE!!!! Once this is 
done, you get $10,000, and you will have a $2000 quarry asset and can play the 
missions again to beat your time!

Driving School: Driving school is located in Doherty, San Fierro. You have to 
complete the mission "Deconstruction" to open it. If you complete all of the 
challenges you are rewarded with a car. The better you do, the better the car.
Bronze or Better: Super GT
Silver or Better: Bullet
GOLD or Better: Hotknife (super powered Hustler)
Bike School: Bike SChool is located in Blackfield, Las Venturas near the highway. 
You have to complete Toreno's "Flight School." Like driving school, you are 
rewarded with a motorcycle.
Bronze or Better: Freeway
Silver or Better: FCR-900
All Gold: NRG-500
Boating School (no, your teacher is not a puffer fish)
Boating school is located in Bayside Marina, Tierra Robada. You have to beat the 
mission "Pier 69" to open the boat school. Once you complete all of the test, you 
are rewarded with, big surpirse, 3 BOATS!!!!
Bronze or Better: Marquis
Silver or better: Squallo
All GOLD: Jetmax
Flight School:
You must buy the Verdant Meadows Airstrip for $80,000. Once you have done all of 
the previous missions, you cant continue untill you complete flight school. Once 
again, here are the rewards for completing Flight SChool.
All Bronze or better: Rustler
All Silver or better: Stuntplane
All Gold: Hunter (War Helicopter)

8 Track: 8 track is your simple Figure 8 Hotring race. Beat the race and you unlock 
the Hotring Racer and Monster outside the Los Santos Stadium. You have to get First 
to unlock this event.
Bloodbowl (Bloodring): This is similar to the Bloodring Derby in GTA: Vice City. 
You have to get your Overeall time to 1:00 to win the Bloddbowl. If you win, you 
get the Bloodring Banger outside the San Fierro Stadium.
Kickstart: Kickstart is a Sanchez Stunt track where you try to get all of the 
checkpoints, or 26 points. In order to win, you must get higher then the record of 
25, or in other words, you must get 26 points. If you do, you unlock the dune, a 
heavy off road vehicle that sits outside the Las Venturas Stadium. 
Dirt Track: Dirt Track is a basic motocross race on a difficult course. You must 
place first to win the BF Injection that sits outside the Las Venturas Stadium.


BURGLAR- This is simple. You have to beat the mission "Home Invasion." Once you 
complete that mission, there will be a Black Boxville hidden in each city. In order 
to get closer to 100%, you have to steal $10,000 worth of goods. If you get to 
$10k, than you will get $3000 every time you stop a burglar mission after that.

FIREFIGHTER- You dont have to complete a mission for this. You simply have to find 
a firetruck and enter it. Hit the R3 button and off you go. Once you beat Level 12, 
you become FIREPROOF! This is recomended befor doing the misson "End of the Line", 
as you will have to go through a burning building.

PARAMEDIC- You dont have to complete any missions, just like the Firetruck 
missions. Just enter an Ambulance and hit R3. You must get to level 12 to get your 
health to 150, rather than 100.

PIMPING- This is a fun thing to do. PIMPING!!!!! Simply enter a Broadway (Jizzy's 
Pimpmobile) and hit R3. You have to escourt girls to their tricks. once you beat 
level 10, you dont pay for prostitutes. Girls will pay YOU!!! Hows that sound?

TAXI DRIVER- Its back and just the same. Enter a Taxi or Cabbie (old Taxi) and hit 
R3. Once you complete 50 fares at one time, you get Nitro on all Taxis.

TRUCKING- This is one of the longer vehicle missions. You have to make 8 loads to 
different places.

Mission One Reward $1000: You have to deliver something to a random location in 2 
minutes to complete the mission. If you arrive on time, $1500 is added, giving you 
a total of $2500. Its quite easy

Mission Two Reward $1500 (possible): You have to deliver a load to Montgomery, Las 
Santos. The goods are fragile, so you loose cash for damaging your rig. There is no 
time limit, but you need to watch the damage.

Mission Three Reward $2000 (possible): This is your first mission where your load 
has a wanted level. The goods are delivered to a random location. You have to avoid 
getting busted to win.

Mission Four Reward $3000: You have to take a load to Angel Pine in 5 minutes to 
get there. Thats plenty of time for a good driver. If you get there in time, you 
get a $10,000 bonus!

Mission Five Reward $4000: This mission a load must go to the Gas Staion in Easter 
Bason. The Trip is a long one, and you have damage. Remember, Damage = Less Cash so 
keep it clean. This is harder, but keep trying!

Mission 6 Reward $5000: your hauling illegal goods to Angel Pine. You have a 3 star 
wanted level again, and you have to make it there in one piece. Its not as hard as 
you'd think. The hardest part is getting on the highway.

Mission 7 Reward $7000: You have to deliver fragile goods to Green Palms, Sherman 
Dam, or other parts of northern San Andreas. This is a damage mission going into 
Las Venturas. It will be hard to keep all the money, but keep on truckin'.

FINAL MISSION Reward $10,000 and RS haul Asset. This mission is a doosey. A four 
star wanted level into Redsands, Las Venturas. An extremely long haul and a 4 star 
level. Make sure to have the handy Uzi or SMG to shoot off cops. Try not to Jack 
knife the trailer. Thats the worst thing you could do. If you make it, its $10,000 
and a $2000 a day asset from here on out!

VIGILANTE IS BACK- Welcome back to the exciting Vigilante missions. You gotta get 
to leve 12 to beat it, and it gets tricky. This is by far one of the best reward 
missions. Your armor is boosted to 150. This is a good thing befor you start the 
gang wars. You can do it in any Law Inforcement Vehicle. The Best is the Hunter, 
with the Brown Thunder mission. Beat that, and wa-laa. You also get cash for each 
threat eleminated. Its one of the only times you will help the Cops of San Andreas.

Thats it for the Required Odd Jobs. I will post another one about Other things in 
the game that arent required. Hope you have fun!

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