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                       TABLE OF CONTENENTS
                         -Game Basics
                          -police station
                          -back downtown
                          -clock tower
                          -clock tower with carlos
                          -hospital with carlos
                          -clock tower with carlos and jill


It's been a month since the chaos at the mansion. September. While the Umbrella 
Corporation quietly conducts its sinister business in the background, the 
townspeople turn back to their normal lives. 
Now it's started again, worse than ever. The T-Virus has spread, polluting the 
citizens, turning the townspeople into a seething herd of walking dead. No one is 
safe. None will survive... 

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis is the third title in Capcom's saga of terror. It begins 
just hours before RE2, and exists as a sort of side game (or sequel/prequel, 
depending on how you look at it). 

Jill Valentine, special S.T.A.R.S. operative, reprises her role as the hunted. The 
faceless evil of the Umbrella Corporation is loose on the streets in the form of 
genetically mutated undead, and Jill is trapped in the city. The object is simple: 
avoid becoming a zombie entree and get out of Raccoon City! 

You'll have difficult decisions to make along the way; decisions that affect the 
course of the game. This guide explores all possibilities. When a crossroads occurs, 
the different routes are marked either (1) and (2) or (A) and (B), depending whether 
the decision occurs as the result of a Live Selection or player preference. 

This is a deep game with lots of repeat playability. Different modes and a mini-game 
enhance the action, and make this the most comprehensive RE game ever.

Game Basics

First things first. There is a choice between Easy and Hard gameplay on the startup 
screen. There are several basic differences between the modes. In Easy mode, weapons 
come early and plentiful. You get an infinite supply of Ink Ribbon, so saving 
progress is simple (as long as you can make it to a Safe Room). The beasties are a 
bit easier to kill, and easier to dodge as well. 
In the Hard Mode, you start with little more than a handgun and a smile. Items are 
not as plentiful, baddies are tougher to kill. There are fewer Inventory slots at 
the beginning of the game (although Carlos evens things up later, giving Jill a 
fanny pack as part of an event). Ammunition is also harder to come by. 

The advantage of the Hard mode, outside of bragging rights, is the ability to gain 
special weapon pieces every time you fight and beat the Nemesis. These weapons 
cannot be gained any other way, and cannot be found in Easy Mode. You will also 
receive a ranking at the end of the game, and be privy to several character 
epilogues. Winning in Hard mode unlocks anywhere from 0-5 costumes. In Easy mode, 
only two will be awarded. 

Gameplay apes the other RE games for the most part, but this one incorporates 
several new features, including an enemy dodging system that is a real help. Jill 
Valentine is a nimble little sprite, and she's given plenty of opportunity to show 
off her feistiness. 

New-fangled dodging is achieved by pressing R1 or R2 the moment before an enemy 
attacks (if you do not have your weapon drawn). If you already have your weapon in 
the ready position, hitting X right as the enemy attacks will either dodge or knock 
the creature back, and Jill will be free to attack. In Easy Mode, the dodge is 
easier to trigger than in Hard Mode. 

Another new and useful feature is the quick turn. This comes in handy in evasive 
endeavors, especially when fleeing the Nemesis. It's also helpful when enemies are 
closing on both sides. To execute the move, press down and tap the square button. 

Fight or flee? If you have a coward complex, get over it! There are plenty of times 
you will need to (in the immortal words of Monty Python) "Run away!" Running is 
accomplished by pressing up in concert with the square button. 

Pushing R1 or R2 draws Jill's weapon. R1 causes Jill to aim her weapon toward an 
enemy. R2 causes Jill to aim at all targetable objects, including Attack objects 
(which can be often utilized to enhance damage to enemies). Pushing X while holding 
either button will fire that weapon. Once pressing an R button, you can aim higher 
or lower using the directional buttons or left analog stick. Pushing L1 changes 

Some objects can be modified or climbed on to. To push a movable object, simply 
stand behind it and hit the up directional button. To get on an object, face the 
object and press X. To get off of an object, go to the edge and press X. 

To climb or descend stairs, press up or down on your directional pad when you are 
facing them. 

The circle button accesses Jill's current Inventory list: the items she carries on 
her person, ready for use. On this screen, Jill can mix ammo and Herbs with the 
Combine feature, learn more about an item by selecting Examine, or Equip a weapon. 
Jill also stores all the information she collects here, and it can be accessed by 
selecting the File feature. 

Pressing the L2 button will bring up the current area map. While in the map display, 
pushing Select will access other area maps (if available). X will zoom out for a 
better view of the big picture. Yellow indicates an unlocked door, red means locked. 

During certain points of the game, Jill will be faced with a new feature called 
a "Live Selection." Choosing different options can radically affect the storyline 
for significant portions of the game. However, the areas will have to be defeated in 
order. This guide explores all options. Look for the Live Selection choice, then 
follow the (A) or (B) sections to determine the action required by selecting a 
specific option. 


RE3 doesn't skimp on the enemies. There is a veritable smorgasbord of baddies, and 
they're all out for your blood. Luckily, they behave in similar ways: they signal 
their attacks, and there is often a pause before they spring. This leaves Jill 
opportunities to dodge. 
Different enemies are susceptible to different kinds of ammo. It takes a little 
repetition to determine which rounds work best on which creatures. One thing is 
universal: when you see blood, be it red or green or purple, you know that baddie is 
on the escalator to Hell. 

Here's a short overview of what you can expect: 

The recently deceased are up and about, and coming to a neighborhood near you. Yes, 
the latest victims of the T-Virus are loose in Raccoon City and hungry for human 
flesh. They're all over town and like to spring out at unsuspecting victims from 
behind doors and through fires. They usually announce their presence by groaning and 
wailing, and loudly shuffling their feet. Zombies are relatively slow and often can 
be avoided by running around them. They attack by grabbing on to you and biting. 
When you're above or below them, they can also spray green vomit at you. When in 
groups, they handicap themselves by schooling (like so many guppies). When this 
happens, it's easy to slaughter a gaggle of them with a close shotgun blast. Aim for 
the head. They attack with arms outstretched, and are easy to telegraph, so dodging 
is fairly easy. Zombies can be taken out with a couple of shotgun blasts (or one to 
the head), one magnum round, or a barrage of handgun hits. 

Zombie Dogs
That pesky T-Virus has even infested man's best friend. Zombie dogs are weaker than 
actual zombies (they can be put down with a close-range shotgun blast), butthey are 
quicker and more well-hidden. Dodge first, then when Mad Rover is in the air, pick 
him off with a couple shots to the bread basket. Once you discover their locations, 
zombie dogs are relatively harmless.

More of an annoyance than anything, crows do little more than fly around and peck at 
you. You can pick them off if you want to, but usually they are easy enough to avoid 
by simply running by. 

Sliding Worms
No more than glorified leeches, these bloodsuckers exist in the shallow water of 
sewers. Running around them makes the most sense. Worms are most easily dealt with 
by weaving while running. If they do latch on to you, they do very little damage. 

Arachnophobes beware! The Spiders in RE3 are bigger than VW Beetles and hairier than 
George "The Animal" Steele. They lurk on walls and ceilings andattack with their 
front legs, or spit poison on you (often from above). Luckily, they are also fairly 
slow, easy to spot and can be managed with one or two shotgun hits. When they die, 
they drop young everywhere, and these little Spiders pester you until you leave the 
area. Baby spiders can be killed with one hit, but it's easier to simply run away. 
Leaving the room makes them disappear for good. 

Drain Deimos/ Brain Suckers
These grotesque beings are close cousins. Both look as if they've been thrown 
together with an amateur geneticist's hobby kit: barely spackled together with 
enough slime to exist. They appear interchangeably in the game. Both Deimos and 
Suckers scuttle around on floors and walls and attack with their many claws. If they 
get close enough, they'll try to suck your brain. Brain Suckers also possess the 
charming ability to spray poison. Since each emits a high-pitched shriek before 
coming at you, they are relatively easy to dodge. A couple of shotgun shells or a 
grenade round will stop their screaming for good. 

Hunter Betas
These bad boys are first encountered in the Hospital, fairly late in the game. They 
stand upright and have sushi for heads. They're also equipped with foot-long talons 
that can and will decapitate those foolish enough to cross their path. If you do get 
in close quarters, Betas will jump and slash at you. They whittle down life quickly, 
so dodging is a must. To effectively avoid attack, hit dodge just as the Beta leaps. 
Magnum or Grenade rounds will send them packing with one hit. Otherwise, two Shotgun 
hits should do the trick. If possible, peg them from a safe area, before they 

Hunter Gammas
Little more than evil, biped frogs, Hunter Gammas take after their Beta brethren. 
They get in close and slash at you with what amounts to razor flippers, then consume 
you with a killer gulp. Needless to say, the shorter the encounter the better. The 
same ammo and fighting style applies. 

Grave Digger
She's basically a big, muscle-bound slug with snaggleteeth. You only encounter the 
Grave Digger twice. The first time you run into this beast, you can dodge it; the 
second time it's a Cage Match to the death. Watch out for the springing, teeth-
gnashing attacks. Kill it with Acid Rounds in the gullet. 

The game's namesake looks like a gigantic, noseless, leather-clad cadaver with 
severe gingivitis, and he's mean as hell. He attacks by bashing with turkey-sized 
fists, or lifting you off the ground gasping for air. At a couple points during the 
game, the Nemesis travels with a rocket launcher. Later in the game, he attacks with 
tentacles and other nastiness. You have to be a seasoned dodger to successfully 
manage Nemesis' attacks. He's big, fast and as smart as can be expected from someone 
whose cranium is full of toxic goo. When he appears has a lot to do with what course 
you choose, but you can be certain he will appear at least seven times. The recipe 
for defeating this recurrent foe is maximum firepower, coupled with an ability to 
dodge. His attacks are swift and severe. Choose your battles wisely. Fleeing the 
Nemesis is often a better option than throwing down. Freeze or Flame Rounds from the 
grenade launcher or Magnum rounds are your best bet, but a shotgun will work if you 
can avoid him long enough.


Managing items is a huge key to successfully navigating the game. At the outset, 
Jill has either 8 spaces (Hard) or 10 spaces (Easy) on her Inventory List. The 
things on this list are the only items Jill has access to away from the Item Box. To 
preserve space on the list, combine items such as Herbs and ammo, but be careful: 
once items are combined, they cannot be separated. 
Scattered throughout the city are several Item Boxes, which are located inside Safe 
Rooms. Having the correct items with you at the appropriate times will save you 
hours of backtracking gameplay, so think ahead. 

Ink Ribbons
Ink ribbons are used to save Jill's progress in the game at various typewriters 
stashed around Raccoon City. With few exceptions, typewriters are located in Safe 
Rooms, so it is usually wise to stow Ink Ribbons in Item Boxes, since they will 
almost always be used there. In Easy mode, there is one Ink Ribbon. In Hard mode, 
Ribbons are located in various places, but can often be found next to typewriters. 

Healing Items 
Several Herbs are located throughout the city, and nearly all of them can be 
combined to provide Jill with medicinal aid. 

Green Herb - heals about 1/4 of Jill's health.
Blue Herb - cures poisoning. 
Green Herb + Red Herb - heals all of Jill's health. 
Green Herb + Green Herb - heals about 1/2 of Jill's health. 
Green Herb + Green Herb + Green Herb - heals all of Jill's health. 
Green Herb + Blue Herb - heals 1/4 of Jill's health, cures poisoning. 
Green Herb + Green Herb + Blue Herb - heals 1/2 of Jill's health, cures poisoning. 
Green Herb + Blue Herb + Red Herb - heals all of Jill's health, cures poisoning. 

In addition to Herbs, Jill can collect First Aid Sprays, which heal all of her 
health. When in Easy mode, Jill will get a First Aid Box (containing three Sprays). 
It is a powerful ally, since it only takes up one Inventory slot. The Box can also 
be won after beating the Nemesis for the third and sixth time during Hard mode.


This causes the least amount of damage and the greatest amount of skill to master. 
Unless you're John Rambo, you'll want to shy away from using this against any 
creature more powerful than a zombie. Single combat only. 
The trusty handgun holds 15 bullets. It does moderate damage, but fires quickly. 
Good for single or distant enemies. 

The deadly spray of the Shotgun (which holds 7 shells at a time) is useful against 
almost any opponent, especially groupers like zombies and crows. At close range, it 
is a powerful ally. Point it up to take a zombie's head clean off. 

Grenade Launcher
Holds as many rounds as you can cram down its muzzle. A great weapon to take on the 
Nemesis with... and it comes in so many flavors! 

Regular Rounds - The least amount of damage, but still not shabby. Most beasts die 
from one blast. Nine of these will take down the Nemesis. 
Flame Rounds - An orange blast of destruction, this packs a fiery wallop. 
Freeze Rounds - Rounds of extreme chill halt enemies in their tracks. 
Acid Rounds - Not as powerful as Flame or Freeze, but work best against the Grave 

Dirty Harry would be proud. This bad boy packs a nasty wallop, surprisingly without 
a lot of kickback. One shot drops most creatures. Levels the playing field 
considerably against the Nemesis. It holds six shots. 

Assult Rifle 
Available in Easy mode, in the Carlos segment of the game, or after beating the 
Nemesis all seven times, the assault rifle is a consistent medium damage weapon. Its 
strength is the constant stream of damage it causes. Rounds are measured in 
percentage. You cannot mix ammo for this weapon. 

Eagle Handgun 
Created from parts that the Nemesis drops, this handgun is faster and more powerful 
than the standard version. Every few rounds, it delivers and extra strength hit that 
levels most creatures. 

M37 Western Shotgun
The second weapon created from parts gained after beating the Nemesis. Like the 
Eagle Handgun, this Shotgun fires faster and has more power. 

Mine Thrower 
Available only in Hard Mode, the Thrower shoots explosive darts that stick into 
anything. When the darts sense movement, they explode, simple as that. 

Rocket Launcher 
Available for purchase in the Mercenary mode, this is the most powerful weapon in 
the game. You canÕt aim it up or down, but who cares? Use it to take down the 
Nemesis. Dueling LaunchersÉletÕs write a song! 

Gatling Gun 
Another treat from the Mercenary game. It comes with unlimited ammo, and is a deadly 
friend. It takes a little while to get cooking, and has no up or down mobility, but 
is still useful against most foes. 

RE3 allows Jill to mix her own ammo, a feature which allows you to produce the kind 
of firepower that you desire. There are two types of Powder (A and B), and they are 
used in various combinations, either with the Reloading Tool or Grenade Rounds to 
produce varying types and amounts of ammunition. 

Mix them by using the Combine feature. A + A = AA, AA + B = AAB, etc. Once powders 
are combined, they can be loaded into ammunition by combining again with either the 
Reloading Tool or Grenades. 

The following is a list of combinations. The "R" stands for Reloading Tool, the "G" 
for Grenades. 

A + B - Powder C
A + R - 15 Handgun Bullets / A + G - 6 Flame Rounds 
AA + R - 35 Handgun Bullets / AA + G - 12 Flame Rounds
AAA + R - 55 Handgun Bullets / AAA + G - 18 Flame Rounds 
AAB + R - 20 Shotgun Shells / BBA + R - 60 Handgun Bullets 
B + R - 7 Shotgun Shells / B + G - 6 Acid Rounds 
BB + R - 14 Shotgun Shells / BB + G - 12 Acid Rounds 
BBB + R - 30 Shotgun Shells / BBB + G - 18 Acid Rounds 
C + R - 10 Grenade Rounds / C + G - 6 Freeze Rounds 
CC + R -10 Freeze Rounds / CC + G - 12 Freeze Rounds 
CCC + R - 24 Magnum Bullets / CCC + G - 18 Freeze Rounds 
AC + R - 10 Flame Rounds / BC + R -10 Acid Rounds 

Never carry the Ammunition Reloader, unless you know you are travelling to Powder 
that you need to mix into ammo. Keep it in a Safe Room and mix your ammo there to 
preserve space on the Inventory List. 

Upon mixing enough ammo (usually 6-7 times), Jill will be faced with the decision to 
make regular ammo or enhanced ammo. Enhanced ammo is available for the handgun and 
shotgun only. Basically, it is more powerful and provides less ammo. If you are a 
killer, not a runner, mix more ammo more often, and forget the enhanced. You need 
quantity, not quality. 

When fighting enemies, do not wait for the reloading animation. This takes time and 
leaves Jill vulnerable to attack. Instead, count your shots and access the Inventory 
list to reload. This will save Jill from lots of damage and keep her weapon poised 
to kill. 

During certain points of the game, Jill will be faced with a new feature called 
a "Live Selection." Choosing different options can radically affect the storyline 
for significant portions of the game. However, the areas will have to be defeated in 
order. This guide explores all options. Look for the Live Selection choice, then 
follow the (A) or (B) sections to determine the action required by selecting a 
specific option. 


The game opens with Jill in immediate peril. Don't sweat it. These zombies need not 
be killed. Simply dodge, run past them to the stack of crates, scale it and watch 
the story begin. Even if you take a few hits from zombies in the first mini-scene, 
never fear. Your condition will automatically be set back to fine. 
When the cut scene concludes, Jill arrives at a Warehouse, southeast of the starting 
point. After a short encounter with Dario, a rather frightened individual, Jill is 
free to explore. 

Go upstairs to the office. Get the Warehouse Key, 2 helpings of Gun Powder A, and 
the Ink Ribbon. To save space in your inventory, read the two books of Game 
instructions, and they will become files. Stow the Ink Ribbon and Reloader in the 
Item Box, to preserve space. Leave the knife. If you'd like, go ahead and combine 
the two Gunpowders, and then combine again with the Reloading Tool to make 35 
Handgun Bullets. Or save the Powder for better goodies later. Go downstairs and pick 
up the First Aid Spray (on crates near forklift) and Handgun Bullets, in the alcove.

Open the green door with the Warehouse Key, and discard the key. Proceed west down 
the alley. Take a left after the door in the alley and proceed to the door in the 
cul de sac. Follow the alley until you get to a wooden floor. Upon trying to open 
the alley door, zombies will burst out. Waste them efficiently and enter the 
basement room they have just vacated. 

There is one more zombie at the bottom of the stairs, and you must dispose of him as 
well. Then, you are free to collect the items here. Grab the Lighter Oil from the 
table and the Shotgun from the corpse. 

Once you exit the room, hang a right and go back to the walkway at the beginning of 
the planks. There are a couple of Green Herbs here. Go to the door at the far end of 
the passageway and exit. You are back out in the streets. There are a couple zombies 
staggering around, so be mindful. You can run past them, around the bar heading 
Northeast. If you climb the stack of crates (grabbing the Uptown Map on the wall), 
you'll find two Green Herbs on the fire landing above. Back at street level, head 
east until you reach a flight of stairs down into the area behind the bar. 

Here, several zombies are snacking on an unfortunate citizen. If you get down the 
steps quickly enough, you will see Brad go up the back stairs and into the bar. 
Either stay and wax the zombies, or dodge them; either way, your ultimate objective 
is to follow Brad into the bar. 

When you enter the bar, sit back and watch the show. Brad is busy slow-dancing with 
an overzealous zombie, but soon comes to his senses and blows the bloodsucker away. 
When he leaves, collect what the bar has to offer: the Clock Tower Postcard on the 
bar, the Handgun Bullets near the register and the Lighter on the table near the 
front door. Combine the Lighter Oil with the Lighter; you'll need it later. Exit 
through the back door. There is also another Ink Ribbon (3) buried within the 

Out the back door, the stairs lead to another wooden passageway. The path eventually 
comes to a dead end (get it?) teeming with zombies. They are barricaded behind a 
fence, but as soon as you move close, it bursts open and the zombies start a-comin'. 
Retreat until you are at the edge of the screen and aim at the oil can. When a 
quorum of zombies is even with the barrel, aim at it and blow them to bits. There 
will be some cleanup, as they all will not be taken out by the blast. If you decide 
to stay and kill all the baddies, there are some Red Herbs and another file in the 
area the zombies just vacated. Or, you can scoot by and get to the door that has 
been secured with twine. Use your lighter to set the twine on fire, and then get on 
in there. 

There are some pretty nasty zombie dogs laying in wait for you in a flame-engulfed 
alley. They're pretty easy to deal with; just wait until they rock back on their 
haunches and prepare to spring, then dodge. You can pick them off in mid-air, if 
you're quick enough. Once you get by them, go to the door on your left. It's a Safe 
Room. Collect the Gun Powder A and B that is on the shelves by the door. ItÕs also a 
pretty good time to save for the first time. 

Follow the North path to the doors of the Police Station. 

Note: There is another area Uptown that hasn't been covered. It's the street east of 
the warehouse. Very little resides there except zombies and possible injury. 
However, as you go by one of the wrecked police cars, a zombie will burst out. On 
the seat of the car is a box of Powder B, handy for making extra Shotgun Shells. 

2.Police Station

Upon opening the gate to the Police Station, you will be confronted with your first 
Live Selection. It's the Nemesis come calling, and you have to decide whether to 
hang tough or run. This choice has relatively few repercussions except whether or 
not you get your butt kicked. You probably don't have enough firepower to 
effectively take him on, but if you're into hardcore carnage, or your name is 
Charles Bronson, you may want to stand and fight. 
In that case, the best way to take on the Nemesis is with the shotgun and lots of 
dodging. Avoid those meathooks. If he gets you in a one-hand hold three times in a 
row, you're toast. When in the monster's grip, hit your directional buttons like mad 
to shake free. The same applies to getting up. Remember to reload your weapon 
manually, because if you wait for the onscreen animation, you're a goner. 

If you do succeed in wasting the Nemesis, go collect Brad's Card Case (if you 
examine it, the S.T.A.R.S. ID will come out of the case) and your first weapon piece 
(Eagle Parts A), and proceed into the station. 

You can also collect the Card Case by simply selecting a fight, dodging the Nemesis, 
picking up the identification and dashing inside, but Jill's ID is also waiting 
inside, so it's really not worth the danger.

If you chose simply to run, you will automatically end up in the police station. 
Once inside, there are some Green Herbs near the entrance. If you fought the 
Nemesis, you may need them stat! In the desk area is a typewriter, but it is a waste 
to use it again so soon. There is a computer you will need to access later, and the 
Police Station Map near the chair. Some Handgun rounds are also available on the 

If you somehow got Brad's ID (by beating the Nemesis or tricking him with sleight of 
hand), you can use the computer to get a number code that will access a locked 
drawer later. 

The west door leads to a chain of wrecked rooms that contain some useful stuff and 
several ill-mannered Deadites. Polish them off with shotgun blasts to the head. 

The open door on the left side of the trashed filing room leads to RPD Officer 
Marvin Branagh's office, and he's laying down on the job. Actually, he's been 
(surprise, surprise) brutally murdered. Collect his report. There may or may not be 
Shotgun Shells on his desk as well. 

Through the opposite door is a room containing a couple of key puzzle pieces. Here, 
in the red blinking filing cabinet near the door, you will find the Blue Gem, which 
you will need to activate the gate to City Hall. Around one set of file cabinets is 
another blinking light, and the drawer is locked with a number code. Leave it for 

Waste the lady zombie in the back corridor. Proceed down the hallway and either 
dodge or fight the zombie who's milling about there. Continue north until you reach 
a set of stairs. The corridor that runs alongside the stairs leads to the dark room. 
In this Safe Room, you will find another Ink Ribbon (3), a typewriter, some Gun 
Powder A (in the doorside cabinet), another file, and, of course, an Item Box. Dump 
the Lighter for now. 

Through the door below the blue sign lies a twisty corridor. After a couple turns, 
either a pair of toxic pooches or a group of zombies wait for you. Two well-placed 
shotgun blasts will send both canines to doggie Valhalla. By now, you're a seasoned 
zombie-slayer. Around the corner is a set of double doors that lead to a training 

Go to the head of the class! On the front table is your S.T.A.R.S. ID. You'll need 
it to access the police computer. In the corner by the door is another Ink Ribbon 
(3). In the little room in the back, you'll find a box of Shotgun Shells, unless you 
already grabbed them in Marv's office. 

After you've grabbed these items (and if you haven't already gotten the password), 
get back to the desk area in the main foyer. Use your S.T.A.R.S. ID to access the 
computer and get the number code for the locked drawer you encountered earlier. 
Write the password down or remember it. It's randomized each time you play the game. 

To free up some room, you may want to go back to the safe room and dump the ID and 
Ink Ribbon. Then proceed back to the filing room to use your new-found password on 
the number lock to get the Emblem Key. Then, maneuver to the staircase and go up. 

Whack the zombies at the top of the stairs. From the landing, you can shoot them all 
from safety with single shotgun blasts to the head. Enter the door in the corner of 
the statue room. This leads to the S.T.A.R.S. office. Here you will find the 
twinkling Lockpick at the second desk to the left, a First Aid Spray in the far 
right corner of the room (in the first aid box), a fax from the Kendo Gun Shop, and 
some Handgun Bullets on the far left desk. There will either be a Magnum or Grenade 
Launcher in the large, metal doorside locker. 

When you attempt to exit the room, you will hear a guy named Carlos come over the 
transmitter. Once out the door, if you proceed away from the S.T.A.R.S. room, around 
two corners there may be some Red Herbs. 

When you go back to the stairs, guess who's waiting for you at the bottom? Our old 
pal Nemesis. That's twice already! Get used to it. You'll be seeing his ugly mug a 

The Nemesis comes through the window at the bottom of the stairs, and comes through 
swinging, so be prepared to dodge. This time he's got a rocket launcher, and you'll 
have to avoid that, too. Do a quick turn and run to the end of the hall, then square 
to face him. You'll want to face him with the grenade launcher or magnum you found 
in the S.T.A.R.S. office. Dodge those rocket attacks. 

He's actually easier to beat when he's carrying the launcher, because he can't get 
you in those giant paws. Dodge once to avoid a rocket, then shoot once. You have to 
be disciplined. If you take more than one shot (unless he's down or roaring), you're 
going to leave yourself open to attack. If you get hit more than twice, use a First 
Aid spray or a combined Herb. 

If you don't want to fight him, run down the hall, through the room where you picked 
up the Gem and Emblem Key, through the rooms with wrecked bookshelves, through the 
lobby and back into the Uptown area. The Nemesis will get caught up in all the 
wreckage and have trouble pursuing you, so this is a viable option, especially if 
you want to save ammunition. 

Once you defeat Nemesis, you may want to save your progress in the Safe Room. Then 
go out of the police station and head south. Run past the fire and to a door. Here 
you will use the Lockpick you got in the Police Station. This door leads Downtown.


When all the lights are low, I know a place to go... Follow the alley to the left, 
then the right. There is a Drain Deimo/Sucker hanging out on the wall, but you'll 
barely see it if you run fast enough. There is no point whatsoever in fighting it--
you can't hit it. There is another file in the mitts of the dead mercenary. After a 
door, the corridor comes to a T-intersection. To the right is a Fire Hose. Think 
that might come into play sometime? You bet. But not now. 
Heading left from the door, there are some Blue Herbs, but you won't need them 
(unless you plan on being poisoned), so resist the urge and save some space. There 
may or may not be Green Herbs here as well.

Through the door lie a couple of Zombie Dogs. Lay that rabid vermin low with 
accurate bursts from your handgun. There's one more dog when you move ahead, so be 
ready. In the space to the left of the bus lies a corpse, which is holding some 
Powder B.Through the door to the right are another couple Dogs. You may want to haul 
out the shotgun and get them both at once when they get close. When you move 
forward, there is a car hooked up to a battery charger. Go grab the Power Cable. 

The left path concludes in another Safe Room. There are some Blue Herbs outside, and 
you may want to pick them and store them for later use. There is another Ink Ribbon 
(3) here, and some Handgun Bullets as well. 

Three Dogs are up to no good outside the other Safe Room door. Dodge 'em and 
waste 'em, or run by them. Following the alley North, you will come to a door on the 
right. After a short passageway, you will come to a corridor. Hanging above is a 
wooden crate. This can eventually be used to take out your enemies, but you may 
prefer the more straightforward approach. The Downtown Map is also in this area.

Upon reaching the end of the hall, you will be properly introduced to a couple of 
Drain Deimos. You have three options: either try to lure the Deimo back under the 
crate, target it, and drop it on the filthy beast; dodge and blast; or run, as 
always. To dodge, wait until the creature screams, then leap aside. There's another 
one waiting in the hallway to the right, so be ready. The dead body in the main hall 
is holding some Powder A. If you follow the Northeast stairs up, you will discover 
an elevator, which will come into play later.

Go back to the corridor where you originally encountered the Deimo and head North. 
To the left, you will discover a door to the Arcade Shops. Four saucy dead lads are 
holding a meeting in this area, and to get through, you must dispatch them. 

You'll find a Safe Room in the side alley on your way to the restaurant. Here, 
you'll find a box of Shotgun Shells and a Rusty Crank. Stow the Crank and grab your 
Lockpick. Save progress if you're squeamish, because another Nemesis encounter is 
nearly at hand. 

There are two ways of tackling this section of the downtown: Restaurant first or 
Newspaper Building first. All told, the restaurant route is the quickest and 
easiest, and there is more space to fight the Nemesis when he comes calling. This 
guide discusses the restaurant first route completely. The newspaper building route 
differs only in the ways listed.

Restaurant First
If you continue ahead up the stairs, you will come to a door that leads to the back 
room of a restaurant. In the corner of the room is a cabinet. Pick the lock to 
reveal the Fire Hook. You'll need it only briefly. 

In the dining room you will find a City Guide, two canisters of Powder A and a file. 
In the kitchen, there is a trapdoor in the floor that can be pried open with the 
Fire Hook. Doing so will cause the door to open, and will also reveal an event in 
which you meet Carlos Oliveira, an Umbrella mercenary who is in the city attempting 
to help civilians get out unharmed. 

Midway through your conversation with him, the Nemesis shows up and spoils the 
chemistry. There is a Live Selection that follows: either (A) Hide in the kitchen or 
(B) Run into the basement. 

(A) Hiding in the Kitchen sets up a battle with the Nemesis. Carlos will help you, 
so use this opportunity to save your own condition and gang up on the Rotting 

Run to the area in the dining room near the front door. This affords you the most 
space to maneuver. Take up a position with your back facing the door, but do not 
fire until Carlos does. Use either the magnum or grenade launcher you gained in the 
Police Station. 

Carlos will pepper him with AK rounds. The Nemesis will likely charge Carlos and 
begin whaling on him, so get as many rounds as possible into the beast before he 
comes after you. Do not let him focus exclusively on Carlos, however, because if 
your new friend dies, you do too. When the Nemesis decides to come after you, do the 
usual: dodge and shoot, repeat. He will fall to the ground, and you can get a couple 
rounds into him there. Don't forget to reload manually, and monitor your health. 
Eventually the old boy will croak and you can get the weapon piece he's carrying 
(which varies, of course, depending on how many times you've already smoked him). 
You can grab whatever pieces there are in the kitchen near the basement passage. 

If you exit in the front, you will have a chance to explore the L-shaped area that 
surrounds the restaurant. To the Southeast of the front door, there is a curious 
little walkway that contains a couple of lighted placards. The one on the right 
reads, "Place your wisdom here," and contains a hole for an object; the one on the 
left reads "The future is in our hands." If you attempt to take the Compass that is 
there, electrified water will spill out of the bookending statues and bar exit. The 
mechanism will have to be disabled later. There are also a pair of Green Herbs here. 

If you exit in the rear, you can make a short trip to the Safe Room before 

(B) Running into the basement postpones your battle with the Nemesis. You do, 
however, have to find a way out. You're hip deep in water but can still slosh 
through at a reasonable pace. Turn the corner and search for an escape. There's a 
ventilation shaft halfway up the wall. Face it and press X to escape. Carlos will 
give you a boost. 

In the ensuing scene, Carlos explains his motives further. When he leaves you, 
zombies are closing in all around. Spin and wax the zombie behind you, then proceed 
down the alley to the Safe Room. 

The disadvantage to playing it this way is that you will eventually encounter the 
Nemesis again. In fact, he will truly live up to his name, and chase you all over 
town, until you dispose of him. Since Carlos has departed you will have to face him 
alone, or run away from him everywhere you go, so the showdown in the restaurant is 
a much safer option. 

Go back to the Safe Room. If you didn't save before the Nemesis fight, now is a good 
time to do it. After doing your thing in the Safe Room, run to the end of the 
corridor (away from the zombies that are dogging you) and through the door. Follow 
the path to the newspaper offices of the Raccoon Press. 

In the lobby of the Raccoon Press, there's a First Aid Spray on the right counter, 
an Ink Ribbon (3) in the right corner, and Photo B by the pay phone. 

In order to open the fire shutter on the North wall, you have to push the ladder 
against the vending machine, which will allow you to operate the most inconvenient 
control panel in history. If for some reason you push the ladder the wrong way, 
leaving out the front door and returning will reset it to its original position. 
When the device has been properly activated, it will glow green. Then go to the 
panel near the fire shutter and activate it. 

It opens unto fire, but Jill won't be hurt by it. Apparently, her boots are made of 
asbestos. At the top of the stairs is a minor explosion, but it is only there to 
scare you. After the green door, there is a single zombie at the end of the hall, 
and he is easy enough to pick off with your handgun or ignore. Inside the office, 
there are two more zombies, who are unwittingly guarding the Green Gem. The 
Reporter's Memo is in the Southwest corner of the room, and another file is between 
the overturned chairs. You've gotten what you came for and can exit the newspaper 

Newspaper Building First 
The same things apply to the Newspaper Building as in the above section, but when 
you do it first, you will need to make a decision about the Nemesis here. The 
downstairs is the same. In the upstairs office, Jill meets Carlos for the first 
time. She also runs into the Nemesis again. This triggers another Live Selection. 
Either (A) Jump out of the window, or (B) Hide in the back.

(A) Jumping out of the window deposits Jill and Carlos in the alley beside the 
newspaper office. There are some Red Herbs here. 

Carlos tells Jill she should hook up with the Umbrella Mercenaries, and makes a 
lovely comment about ladies swooning at his accent, and then leaves, probably to 
comb his flaxen locks. 

Proceed back to the restaurant. The Green Gem is in the tunnel area under the trap 
door in the kitchen. Beware, there are zombies everywhere, and most of them will 
have to be killed to collect the contents of each room. 

Whenever you exit the restaurant, the Nemesis will be waiting for you. Since Carlos 
has already ditched you, the fight will be much harder, and probably not worth the 

(B) Hiding in the back causes the Nemesis to be temporarily knocked out by a random 
explosion. Use this time to pick up the item he drops (for free, yippee!) or brace 
to fight him. As in the restaurant, you can use this opportunity to fight Nemmy tag 
team style. Use Carlos as a human shield as you pepper the beast with magnum or 
grenade rounds, or more pedestrian shotgun blasts. With both of you cooperating, 
this is a fairly easy battle (except for the narrow confines). Dodging is tough, but 
can be done. 

This option also allows you to pick up the contents of the office (discussed above). 
When you go outside, Carlos tells you the same things he says if you jump out of the 
window. You still will have to go to the sewer under the restaurant to get the Green 
Gem. After you have gotten the Green Gem (either restaurant first or newspaper 
building first), go get your Blue Gem from the Safe Room and save your progress, 
then travel back out into the street, but continue straight instead of running 
right. This will take you to the twinkling face of a decrepit clock, the mechanism 
to open the doors of City Hall. Place the Blue and Green Gems in the damaged face to 
unlock the gates. 

Through the courtyard and past a barricaded door, the path splits. Take the 
Southwest (left) fork to a door, then take a right through the alley. There are a 
couple of zombies faking here, so run by them without disturbing, or your ankles 
will be appetizers. After weaving through the undead, go through the grated door to 
a quaint, little garden. Follow the path around "Lonsdale Yard" to a hallway that 
leads to a rusty door. 

Outside this door is an unhappy bunch of deadies. Most of them can be taken out by 
aiming at the foreground barrel (R2) and blasting the lot. The rest can be dealt 
with the old fashioned way. Grab the double box of Shotgun Shells next to the 
prerendered zombie near the door. Then, scale the stacked crates and continue toward 
a massive blaze. 

Taking a right, Jill encounters three more zombies which also can be taken out by 
judicious use of an oil barrel. Then continue to the cable car door. 

Immediately inside the car is a wrecked control panel and a Mechanic's Memo 
explaining it. 

Jill encounters Sgt. Nicholai, the leader of the mercenaries, in the cable car, and 
a wounded compatriot named Lt. Mikhail. Carlos is in the front of the car with 
Nicholai. They discuss a plan to get downtown via cable car, to get to a helicoptor 
pickup point. Here Carlos gives Jill a fanny pack that holds two more items. 
Sparkling on one of the seats is a Wrench which will be of immediate use. 

Exit the cable car and head back toward the Safe Box. As you pass by the previously 
barricaded door in the corridor, another group of disgruntled undead leap at you. 
Waste them with shotgun blasts to the head. Inside is a statue of the goofy mayor of 
Raccoon City. There may be three Green Herbs here as well. 

Pushing the green button on the statue causes Mayor Warren to extend his book to 
you. There are three things you will need to get to complete the disabled cable car: 
a Fuse, Mixed Oil (which comes in two parts on opposite ends of the city), and the 
Power Cable. Your quest to assemble starts here. Take the book and go back to the 
Safe Room. 

Here you can reload your weapons and get the Rusty Crank. Taking the North fork in 
the City Hall garden area leads you to your Machine Oil destiny. After a maze of 
wrecked cars, you will come upon a shuttered door. Your Rusty Crank fits in the hex-
hole. When that breaks, use the Wrench to complete the job. A couple of Red Herbs 
are here as well. Take them if you can carry them, but leave room for the goodies 
inside the station. 

Inside you'll meet Carlos again. Carlos runs off to "play hero" and you're left to 
explore the machine shop. There may be three cans of Powder A on the table. Behind 
the counter is a First Aid Spray. Next to that is a locked cabinet, with a code 
lock. If you need to stow items, do it now before activating the lock. If you set it 
in motion, you can't go back. 

The puzzle is simple. One of the letters will be brighter than the others. Your 
object is to get the light above that letter to shine alone. When you press a 
button, the switches of the button you press and the two around it toggle (lit 
changes to unlit), until the cheese stands alone. A process of deduction makes this 
go quickly. Inside is the Machine Oil. 

When you get back outside, Carlos is slumping against the wall. There is a Kodak 
moment when Jill thinks he's dead. But he's only resting. When you begin to the 
leave the area, a huge explosion levels the machine shop. That area of the city is 
now inaccessible. 

When you make your way back through City Hall garden, you are again kamikazed by a 
couple of zombies: a crawler and a shuffler. Waste them and get to the Safe Room. 
Make your way back to the walkway with the electric fountain. Put the Book you got 
from the mayor in the space where it says "Place your wisdom here." This kills the 
mechanism that guards the Compass. Grab it and head back to the Mayor's statue. 

On your way there, some Crows crash through a shop window. You can dodge and run 
past them. They aren't worth wasting ammo on. 

At the Mayor's Statue, give him the Compass. He'll give you a Battery! What kind of 
Mayor is this? What kind of kooky dude keeps a battery in his statue? The world may 
never know... 

Go back to the are where you first encountered the Drain Deimos. Two more have 
reclaimed the area. When you enter, stay at the top of the stairs and peg the Deimos 
from there, otherwise, you could be lurching through the city looking for a Blue 
Herb to get rid of the poison. 

The elevator at the top of the stairs is the right place for the battery you've just 
acquired. The elevator leads to the City Power Plant, and there are about seven 
zombies in Jill's way. You can run around them to the grated door that opens into 
the plant. Or, if you stay and kill them, there is some Handgun ammo on the dead 
body at the end of the first passage. 

There are a couple Red Herbs in the first hallway. On the Southeast wall is a 
transformer that supplies power to the facility. The power transmitter behind it 
needs to be set to manual mode before the transformer operates. Once you have 
enabled manual mode, the transformer presents you with a puzzle which will 
eventually open the facility doors. Set the first switch to Red, Red, Red, Blue and 
the second to Red, Blue, Blue, Blue and the doors will roll open. 

Room #1 contains the Fuse. When you leave the first room, you are interrupted by a 
bunch of party-crashing zombies trying to break through the chain link, and are 
presented with another Live Selection. Either (A) Run to the emergency exit, or (B) 
Increase power. 

(A) Running to the emergency exit will cause Jill to bust open the rusty door in the 
Northeast corner of the plant. One of the coolest cut scenes of the game ensues. The 
star? Mr. Nemesis himself. He's perched atop the building and raining missiles on 
the street below. Dodge the missile blasts by running in a zig-zag pattern. Nemmy 
will eventually join you on the street. 

This is a good place to fight, since you will encounter him later Uptown if you 
defer. There is lots of space to move and dodge, and after the fight you will get 
the next item from his personal stash, possibly (if you've beaten him twice already) 
an ultra-tempting First Aid Box (with three Sprays). 

(B) Increasing power will introduce the zombies to the wonders of voltage. Their 
blood will boil and their heads pop off. They won_t bother you and you_re free to 
search the remainder of the plant. 

Room #2 contains either the Magnum or Grenade Launcher; whichever you didn't pick up 
in the Police Station. Exit the same way you came. If you didn't pick it up before, 
pick up the Powder A from the corpse. 

Now it's back Uptown to pick up the last piece of the cable car puzzle. Remember the 
Fire Hose? You will need the Wrench to unscrew it, then take it Uptown. 

Also: The next time you return to the cable car triggers a Mikhail event, in which 
he fights off "Zombie-Party of Five!" then explains to Jill the complicated mess 
that is the Umbrella Mercenary Unit.

4.Uptown (revisited)

Apparently, in Raccoon City, Crows have nothing better to do than congregate behind 
windows and crash through them, startling unsuspecting passers-by. On your way back 
to the Fire Hose, another such event occurs. As before, simply run by it and get 
that hose! 
In the alley where you first picked up the Mercenary's Diary, another couple of 
Drain Deimos await. If you can maneuver past them, the oil can is a great ally in 
taking them out with little ammunition. 

In the open street another six zombies get a sniff of you and come running. Once 
again, you can avoid them and run to the West corridor. Across from the Safe Room is 
the wall hydrant. Use the Fire Hose to quell the flames. 

There are a couple of Blue Herbs in the subsequent hallway. In the corridor after 
that is a Crank. Watch out as you continue. A couple of Drain Deimos have staken a 
claim to the alley and won't give it up easily. You can target the fire box and take 
them out with one bullet, but make sure you're far enough away. 

Or you can run right by them to the set of double doors which lead to the Umbrella 
office. Nicholai is here, and there is a mini-event where he explains he had to kill 
one of the mercenaries before he turned into a zombie. Near the body is an open file 
cabinet which contains a Business Fax (a curious little pharmaceutical order). In 
the cabinet is a First Aid Spray. Behind the desk, you'll find another Ink Ribbon. 

The Manager's Report and Remote are near the computer. Grab the Report, and then 
activate the remote to watch a little Umbrella propaganda. Pressing play on the 
remote shows Jill the latest of Umbrella's quality products, and whatever product 
name is listed there is the code for the computer system. It's either Aqua Cure, 
Adravil or Safsprin. Once you enter the password, the door to the back room is 

In the back room, you may find three cans of Powder B or Powder A and the Oil 
Additive to make Mixed Oil for the cable car. 

Uh oh! Something's stirring that isn't a mouse! As you're exiting the back room, 
zombies burst into the office on a mission for flesh. A sextet of them is on their 
way to greet you in the hallway. To avoid wasting ammo, target the steam pipe on the 
side of the corridor just as the zombies are going by. This will take out the lion's 
share, and the rest can be wasted with a few judicious pecks from the handgun. 

A female zombie lurks in the entryway on your way out. You can run right by her into 
the street. If you left the Deimos here, they will have to be dealt with. Otherwise, 
take a trip back down the alley toward where you put the fire out. 

There's an optional side trip using the Crank, but all that is really available are 
some Grenades (which you can mix later) and some Gunpowder. To get these items, make 
sure you have the Crank, and take a sharp right in the alley with the 
hydrant...before you reach the hydrant. If you go too far, you will trigger a 
Nemesis attack. 

If not, proceed to the back of the bar area. Keep your shotgun handy. As always, 
zombies are cruising for flesh. A flock of crows is also out and about in this area. 
Shut them down with a close range shotgun spray. 

Using the Crank on the metal shutter will reveal Grenade Rounds (in 18 easy to 
swallow servings). 

If you continue on to the warehouse where Jill began her journey, you will find that 
Dario has become a TV dinner. However, the ammo he_s been stockpiling is yours to 
take. There are two cans each of A and B, and plenty of zombies to keep you honest. 

Head back to the fire hose area with all your new goodies. When you pass the fire 
hydrant, another Nemesis encounter occurs (unless you already killed him outside the 
power plant). 

If you didn't kill him at the power plant, now is a good time to secure that First 
Aid Box, if you have the firepower for the job. It's the same drill, except for the 
tight space. The Nemesis has a rocket launcher, he wants you dead, etc. Dodge the 
rocket attacks as you did in the Police Station. Then hit him with shots from the 
Grenade Launcher or Magnum. 

You can run, too, heading east, back Downtown. He'll follow, of course, but you can 
outrun him fairly easily. 

5.Back Downtown

As you pass the wrecked bus in the beginning of the downtown area, another murder of 
crows bursts through a window. Again, wasting ammo on them is frivolous. 

In the area where you first picked up the Power Cable, the ground begins to rumble 
and opens beneath Jill's feet. She grabs on to the edge, and almost out of her 
predicament when she notices a couple of crates sliding down the van ramp towards 
her. Guess what? Another Live Selection. Either (A) Jump up or (B) Let go.

(A) Jumping up will keep things status quo. Continue toward the cable car.

(B) Letting go will take you down a little subterranean jaunt which contains a 
glimpse of the Sliding Worms and the Grave Digger. That's it. Go up the ladder and 
back to safety.

Now head back to the cable car. You may need to stop and pick up all the goodies: 
Fuse, Mixed Oil and Power Cable. After you leave the Safe Room, a zombie will jump 
at you from a wrecked car in the street. Kill that freak and collect the grenade 
rounds from the car.

On your way back through the City Hall crossroads, Jill encounters the Nemesis 
again. This guy comes back more times than George Foreman! Stay in the spacious area 
right at the crossroads. Dodge his lunges and pump him full of grenades or magnum 

If you run you'll want to head up the stairs in the Southwest fork and keep running. 
The Nemesis will be right behind you.

Either way, you will proceed through Lonsdale Park towards the cable car. Midway 
through your journey, the ground will once again swallow you up and this time, you 
have no choice. You're in the lair of the Grave Digger. In order to get out of this 
subterranean nightmare, you'll have to trigger two switches (in side alleys) before 
activating the ladder panel and ascending to freedom.

Right after the cut scene, the Grave Digger will retreat and seemingly leave you 
alone. But as soon as you get near one of her holes (in the side passages and the 
area near the ladder), she will attack in full fang-spread splendor.

Run to the switch that is in the corridor to the right of you immediately after the 
cut scene happens. Hit the switch as the Grave Digger begins coming at you. The game 
will ask you if you want to flip the switch. Of
course. Right after you select "Yes," hit the dodge button to roll out of the 
corridor to safety. This is tricky and takes some getting used to. Continue to the 
next switch and repeat the process. Then go to the ladder controls and bring it 
down. The Grave Digger will attempt to attack you here too, so be ready to dodge. If 
you are fortunate enough to get to the controls, push "Yes," then immediately push X 
to go up to ground level.

You can also dodge and attack, but it takes several acid rounds from the grenade 
launcher and too many shotgun blasts to make it a feasible option.

Whew! That was a workout. First the Nemesis, then the Grave Digger. Never fear, 
gentle mortal. This game's just heating up. Finally you can get to the cable car. If 
only you had been MacGyver in the first place...

Putting the pieces in place in the damaged control panel will return the cable car 
to workable order. Carlos comes to give you another gift. Flame rounds! These come 
in double handy against the Lurching Lunkhead.

Carlos starts the cable car and it starts to move. Once again, there is the all-too-
familiar symphony of death that is the Nemesis theme music. When Jill trips back to 
the back car, Nemmy is there again. You can stay and fight him, but don't let those 
new grenade rounds go to your head: this is a pretty narrow space for a Battle 
Royale. However, if you turn tail outta there (a quick spin to rejoin Carlos works 
well), Mikhail will stay and keep the Nemesis busy while the cable car lurches to 
its destination. This saves both ammo and health. 

When you get back to the front car, Carlos informs you that the brakes are out. This 
brings Jill to another Live Selection. Either (A) Use the emergency brake or (B) 
Jump out of the window. These selections determine where you begin exploring the 
Clock Tower (and how the Nemesis will look during your next rendezvous). This 
decision represents a turning point in the game. You will not be returning Uptown or 

Clock Tower

A) If you leap out the window, your exploration of the Clock Tower begins in a 
wrecked bedroom in the Southeast corner. Three flaming zombies come at you when you 
get to the far side of the room. If you want to collect all the goodies here, turn 
and waste them. Otherwise, run. On a table near the door, you will find two cans of 
Powder B and two of Powder A. Behind the askew picture of the stately lady is the 
Clock Tower Key.

Through the door is a Safe Room. The Clock Tower Key you recently collected unlocks 
the other door in the Safe Room. In the next room, a library, you come upon Carlos 
again. He sure is a generous bugger. This time he gives you Freeze Rounds. There are 
some Grenade Rounds on the table as well. On the other side of thestacks is a desk 
that contains an Art Picture postcard.

The green door to the North is locked. The other door exits into a huge foyer. Near 
the bloody corpse is a box of Shotgun Shells. There are some Blue Herbs along the 
South wall. The Mine Thrower weapon is also here (Hard mode only) On one of the 
desks is the Clock Tower map and a First Aid spray. A creepy music box in the corner 
plays a dissonant melody.

The West door opens to a medieval dining room. Here are either Brain Suckers or 

If they are Zombies: A couple fakers are obscured by the table, so watch out for 
your ankles. Another Zombie is poised here as well. A side passage leads to a 
ballroom containing a grand piano.

If they are Suckers: there will be three, and they can go everywhere. You don't want 
to mess with them, so if the magnum is handy, kill them with one shot each and 
proceed on. Otherwise, dodge and blast with the shotgun.

Another Safe Room (a chapel) resides behind the far door. In a small cabinet near 
the altar is the Clock Tower key (different from the first you collected).

When you exit the Safe Room, a six-pack of Zombies burst through the window and dog 
you again. Is there no respect for plate glass in this city? Don't bother trying to 
kill them. Run to the side door and exit.

A side door leads out to the Clock Tower courtyard. Either another murder of Crows 
or a couple of Zombie Dogs guard the courtyard. The Crows: You can take most of them 
out with a shotgun blast before they take flight. Otherwise, they pester you all 
over the courtyard. The Dogs: stay on the steps and nail them with the shotgun. In 
the West path are three Green Herbs and a pair of Blue Herbs. The gilded double 
doors lead back into the main foyer. 

(B) If you chose to use the emergency brake, you will begin in the courtyard. 

The front door is locked, but you can get in through a side door tha leads to the 
room with the grand piano. On the far side of the room is the door that leads to the 
Chapel, a Safe Room. Here you will find the Clock T. Key, which works on the other 
door in the music room, and perhaps some Powder A and B.

On your way through (as with the other scenario), a group of zombies comes through 
the glass and lurches after Jill. Avoid them and exit into the dining room.

Carlos is back and Jill slaps him in the melon. The only other thing of note in the 
room is a possible set of Grenade Rounds.

The main foyer boasts the same items as in the previous description. So does the 

Once you have collected the Clock T. Key (from either route), return to the foyer. 
The grand staircase leads to the balcony of the Clock Tower. At the top of the 
steps, three Spiders are roaming. They have a propensity to climb walls and 
ceilings, and if they get above you, they will spray you with poison. If you get 
inadvertantly sprayed, a trip to the foyer to grab a Blue Herb will cure your woes.

A couple of shotgun blasts should dispatch the first Spider. Around the corner is a 
red box. Target that (R2) with the handgun to take out the second two. Watch out--
when a spider is killed, it drops babies that swarm and pester you. A shotgun blast 
pointed down should take care of the whole litter. When you wax a young'n, it leaves 
the most precious little green spot. Aren't babies cute?

The balcony area through the door contains two Red Herbs. Use your Clock T. Key in 
the ornamental copper plate to descend a ladder from the clock face. The room at the 
top of the ladder doubles as a gear room for the tower and a Safe Room. There are 
two cans of Powder A and a Silver Gear on the shelves near the typewriter.

On the opposite wall is a music box puzzle that you must solve to get the other half 
of the Chronos Key. The box will play a melody, and you will have to match it by 
maneuvering switches up and down. It's the easiest puzzle in the game. If a chord 
sounds dissonant in the up position, change it to down. Inside is the Chronos Chain, 
which is combined with the Key to become the Chronos Key. It will work in the green 
door with the God's Eye etching in the library.

When you attempt to leave the balcony, Nemesis appears again and presents Jill with 
another Live Selection. Either (A) Use the light or (B) Use the cord.

(A) Using the light will blind Nemmy and send him tumbling over the ledge. This 
means he won't be following you around the Tower making life difficult, so it's 
probably the best option.

(B) Using the cord will shock Nemesis temporarily, but before long he will be up and 
about and trying to spoil your life. Since you will meet him again in the courtyard, 
there's no reason to deal with him as you finish
your business in the tower. The only possible advantage to this option is that the 
Nemesis drops an item that you will not have to fight him for. Most likely, it is 
the second piece of that snazzy new M37 shotgun all the kids are talking about.

Either way, the next step is to go to the library and unlock that green door with 
the Chronos Key. There's more Spider-splurting fun awaiting. Take them out with the 
shotgun and watch out for the young they drop.

The hallway leads to a room containing three clocks and three statues, which are 
holding three orbs. Three is the magic number. A couple of dead lovebirds in the 
corner are hanging on to the Mercenary's Pocketbook.

Of course, all these threes add up to one, big bad puzzle that makes very little 
sense. The first step is to grab all the orbs. Having three inventory slots open 
will keep your headaches to a minimum; otherwise you'll be running willy-nilly 
around the room for a long, long time.

Take the orbs to the clocks. The object is to get the middle clock to read 12:00, 
and each orb in each different clock tray will modify the time differently.

The following chart lists the values of each orb in each different tray. Therefore, 
if the clock reads 5:00, put the Crystal in the Past Tray (-1), the Obsidian in the 
Present (+2) and the Amber in the Future (+6), to bring the time to 12:00. (5:00 -1 
hr= 4:00, + 2 hr= 6:00, +6 hr= 12:00). 

Past Present Future
Crystal: -1 +1 +2
Obsidian: -2 +2 +4
Amber: -3 +3 +6

When you complete the puzzle, the middle clock will open and you can grab the Gold 
Gear. Combine it with the Silver Gear to make the Chronos Gear. Guess where this 

The back room may contain a box of Shotgun Shells and a blocked exit that will come 
into play later.

Return to the machinery room in the tower to get that clock chiming! The Chronos 
Gear goes into the clock mechanism and rings the massive bell. Load up on everything 
you need: weapons (grenades especially), First Aid Spray, Combined Herbs...when you 
exit the room the Nemesis comes a-courtin' and you'll want to be ready. This is the 
toughest Nemesis battle yet. The machinery room is also a great place to save your 
progress. You may need to do the Nemesis battle a couple of times to get past him.

After a heartbreaking cut scene, Jill will have to stand and fight. Whichever option 
you chose on the cable car will affect which Nemesis you fight. If you leapt from 
the car, Nemmy will be packing a rocket launcher. If you used the brake, he will be 
a slightly mutated version of the last encounter, and Jill will be introduced to his 
tentacle attack. The Nemesis leaps off a building and gets spikes her in the 
shoulder with a tentacle, infecting her with the T-Virus. She will be poisoned, so 
she will act wounded. She'll still be able to dodge, an activity that is heartily 
recommended. But count those hits. If you get hit with a head-on rocket blast, heal. 

Immediately after the cut scene, run past the Nemesis into the wide open courtyard. 
This will give you more room to maneuver. Use either fire or freeze grenades at 
medium range and stay disciplined. Dodge, then shoot. Stay outside the reach of 
those tentacles. 8-9 grenades hits should knock him down, 7-8 more will kill him.

After you have killed the Nemesis, Jill will collapse into a pile and Carlos, Johnny-
on-the-spot, will rush to her aid. 

Jill awakens in the Clock Tower Chapel, weak and poisoned. Carlos takes over the 
quest at this point. He needs to get to the Hospital and find a cure before Jill 
turns undead.

Carlos has his own items and his own health meter. You will find all of Carlos' 
weapons in the Item Box in the corner. The most significant difference is that he is 
packing an assault rifle. If you are playing thegame after purchasing a weapon in 
Mercenary Mode, Carlos will have that weapon as well

Clock Tower with Carlos

Pick your way from the Chapel Safe Room to the library. There are zombies in the 
piano room (don’t bother), zombies in the dining room (waste Œem), and possible 
Brain Suckers or Spiders in the east hallways.

Go to the Chronos door and through. Three Spiders will be waiting in the corridor. 
Tag them with the shotgun and proceed to the room behind the orb puzzle chamber. The 
heavy bell that Jill couldn't budge is waiting for Mr. Oliveira and all of his 
brawn. Push it past the door and exit.

To the west lies a Hospital-- a likely place for the T-Virus cure. But there are 
some zombies in the way. They should prove no match for Carlos' assault rifle. Or 
let them congregate around the oil can, and then blow them to bits with a single 

Hospital with Carlos

There is some evil afoot in the Hospital lobby, in the form of a couple of quick, 
bloodthirsty Hunter Betas. A short cut scene demonstrates what can happen to those 
not fleet of foot in the presence of a Beta.

The only items of worth are a pair of Red Herbs in the rear lounge area, so you may 
want to slip into the office door (to the right of the front entrance) before the 
Hunters leap at you. 

If you stay and fight, make sure you get one before it gets near you, because two at 
once are impossible to fight. Keep Carlos in position near the office door, just in 
case escape is necessary.

The office is another Safe Room. On the desk is an Ink Ribbon and on some shelves is 
a First Aid Spray. If you tried to take out the Hunters and failed, this will be a 
welcome acquisition.

The opposite door leads to another wasted lounge area. Right by the door is a Blue 
Herb. The corpse so elegantly draped over the couch is holding the Director's Diary, 
which outlines the grim symptoms of T-Virus infestees. In the far locker are some 
handgun bullets. The Tape Recorder on the desk will need to be used on a voice based 
lock in the Northeast corner of the room.

The voice recognition lock asks if you would like to push the microphone button. Do 
so, then use your Tape Recorder. A nice English chap mutters something about elbows, 
and you're on your way.

It's an elevator! The panel lets you select a floor: either 4F or B3. Let's go to 4F 
first, shall we? (Going to B3 first gives you a slightly different story line, but 
it really doesn_t matter what order you do them in). Waiting outside the door is a 
gang of zombies. Pelt them with the assault rifle.

At the end of the hall is a Data Room where Carlos encounters Nicholai, who is busy 
putting another Mercenary to rest. Beginning to think Nicholai may not be the 
amiable, gentle man you once hoped him to be?

This time, however, his prey is not so quick to submit. He heaves a grenade at 
Nikky, causing an explosion that sends the commander through the window.
Carlos is propelled further into the data room. Some Handgun Bullets are waiting on 
the desk. In a small side room is the Sickroom Key and Photo D.

The hallway near the elevator leads to two rooms. The first, next to the blue sign, 
is guarded by either Sliding Worms or Zombies. Either flavor are easily put down 
with the assault rifle. The doctor's corpse by the door is holding a slip with a 
three-digit number written on it. You will need the number for a lock in the Sick 
Room. Note the position of the cart. You will need to repeat it in the other room as 
part of a puzzle.

Inside the Sick Room is a movable cart. Push it into the corresponding corner of the 
room (to the corner the cart was in in the slain doctor_s room) will cause the 
cheesy hospital art to fall away, revealing a safe with a number-based lock. Enter 
the number you got from Dr. Deadington to reveal the Vaccine Base, the first element 
of Jill's cure.

Go back to the elevator and travel to B3. The corridor leads to a lab. Two Hunter 
Betas are guarding it. One is apparent immediately when you enter the room. The 
other is hanging out behind some supply shelves. The first can be taken out with the 
assault rifle. Remember to dodge. If you keep to the right side of the room, the 
other Beta will remain behind the shelves. By inching along the shelves, then 
quickly turning the corner, targeting the fire box and popping a handgun round, you 
can get the second Hunter with one shot.

There are two Green Herbs Behind the shelves. A heavy door near the shelves leads to 
another lab. There are a couple of Hunter Gammsa suspended in water here. You can 
bet your bottom dollar they won't be staying there. The Medium Base is on the 
shelves near the door. A Medical Instruction Manual waits on the lighted desk. It 
gives instructions on mixing the vaccine.

On the east side of the room is a fancy doo-dad that controls the power supply to 
the chemical synthesizer to its left. Setting the Medium Base inthe synthesizer 
allows Carlos to operate it. Levers I, III and A should be toggled, and the 
synthesizer will cough up the Vaccine Medium. Combine this with the Vaccine Base to 
make the Vaccine. Hang on, Jill, I'm coming!

But wait! Just as you'd suspected, you can't get out of this room without the Gammas 
showing their mugs. Run around the lab equipment to the door. They will come at you 
from both sides, so retreat is your best option.

If you stay, dodge and use the quick turn to alternate your attack on the closing 
baddies. Then get out of there with your vaccine.

Out in the hall, a couple of Betas have come to their cousins' aid. There is another 
fire box in the hall, so target that to take them down with one shot.

Back on the first floor, yet another pair of Betas await. Stay in the elevator and 
smoke them before they can get too close. Save progress in the Safe Room, then go to 
the lobby.

As you try to exit, a time-based bomb activates. Run to the front door and exit. The 
hospital makes like the gas station, exploding in grand fashion, and sealing that 
area off from now on. 

Now, Carlos, quit panting and get back to your lady in the Clock Tower.

Clock Tower with Carlos and Jill

As you enter the tower from the northwest, a swarm of sliding worms (or maybe 
crawling zombies) has taken up residence in the back room. Kill them with the AK, or 
run by them. Hmmmm... there's a bit of rumbling overhead. Who could that be?

Make your way back to the main foyer (through the library) and prepare forbattle. 
The Nemesis has transmogrified into even more of a tentacled nightmare. You have two 
options: fight or flee.

If you run, make sure you get to the Chapel before Nemmy does. If he reaches Jill, 
game over. Wait until he comes at you, then run by to the west door, through the 
dining room. He'll get hung up on the table, and you can get to the southern side 
door. Run through the ballroom to the Chapel.

If you fight, the foyer has lots of room to move and dodge, so stay in the middle. 
Remain at medium range and pelt him with the assault rifle. Those new tentacles like 
to grab you and smack you around a bit, so avoid them at all cost. 

If you do get caught, heal when you are released. It doesn't pay to be stingy with 
Carlos' healing items. His health will not help Jill, and his tour of duty is nearly 
up. Besides, if you knock out the Nemesis once, he will be easier for Jill to fight 
the next time she faces him.

When the Nemesis falls the first time, he will stay down. Go to the chapel and heal 

In the chapel, Carlos explains to Jill what's been going on with Nicholai, then 
leaves unexpectedly. You're back in Jill's skin. Load up at the Item Box. The 
Nemesis isn't done rocking your world just yet. Grab grenade rounds especially and 
all the healing items you need. Get the Lockpick from the box as well; you will need 
it when you exit the Clock Tower.

As Jill moves through the ballroom, the Nemesis bursts through the door. Stay in the 
middle of the room and plug him full of grenade rounds. As with Carlos, dodge to 
avoid the tentacle attacks, and heal if you get caught in one. The Nemesis should be 
easy to beat if Carlos has already taken him down. Otherwise, it will take about 8 
special grenades (Freeze or Flame work best) to knock him down and 8 to finish him.

The other option, as ever, is to run.

After you lay the Nemesis low or decide to evade, head out the same west door Carlos 
took to get to the Hospital. There's another zombie congregation outside, but they 
can be dismissed with one handgun pop to the oil can.

Go across the street and use the Lockpick on the door. Here is another Safe Room. 
Hanging on a board on the east wall is the glinting Park Key. Thereare some Grenade 
Rounds on the table near the typewriter, as well as an Ink Ribbon.


Use the Park Key to unlock the friendly confines of Raccoon Park. There are a couple 
of Betas lurking about (or possibly sliding worms). Dispatch the first with a Magnum 
Round, then edge along the pool to hit the other from long range.

To the east lies a set of stairs, which leads to a bridge. Either a pair of zombies 
or two Hunter Gammas are guarding the bridge. A magnum round sends the Gammas to a 
watery grave. The shotgun can be used on the zombies.

Through the door, three Dogs wait for you along the path. The shotgun can damage a 
couple, if they group. The corpse near the oil can is holding another Park Key.

The path eventually dead ends at a locked gate-the rear gate of Raccoon Park. The 
dead civvy in the corner is holding some Magnum Rounds. He's not using them, so 
grab 'em and head back from whence you came.

Once you've returned to the main Park area, go through the west door. This will 
bring you to a fountain. Directly ahead of the door, you'll find three Green Herbs 
and two Blue Herbs.

In order to get any further, you'll need to drain the fountain. The controls for it 
are in the northwest corner. Open the lid and Jill is presented with a gear puzzle. 
Maneuver it until the two dark gears are on top and the two lighter ones are on the 
bottom. Then, the gears will grind and the fountain will drain.

Once the area's been drained, a ladder will be exposed. Take Jill into the 
netherworld. There are sliding worms slithering all over here-disregard them and 
continue to the opposite ladder. This leads up into a graveyard.

The graveyard is a treat for many reasons. Here, you actually get to see the dead 
rise. The soil will flutter a bit and a zombie will struggle to its feet, so you 
have quite a bit of lead time. Retreat slightly from the
ground disturbance and whack the reborn with a magnum round or mouthful of shot.

There are some Red Herbs in the central part of the cemetary. The path around the 
perimeter of the cemetary leads to a shed. Use the Park Key to enter.

A panoply of gear awaits, so much so that you may have to utilize the Safe Room to 
the rear to free up space just to carry it. On the table are two cans of Powder A 
and two of B. Leaning in a cabinet is an Iron Pipe.

In the Safe Room is a First Aid Spray. Grab the Lighter and mix some Grenade Rounds. 
Keep some Acid rounds with you. 12-18 will work. You may want to save again as well. 
Things are going to heat up again soon.

Back in the main room, use the Lighter to clear a path through the fireplace. The 
Iron Pipe will finish the job. Break on through to the other side.

This is a hidden Umbrella room. Take the Park Key on the edge of the table, the Fax 
from the chalk board, and the Supervisor's Report from the table. This contains some 
details on the existence of the Nemesis and more of the Umbrella party line. There 
are more Grenade Rounds on the south shelves.

In a little alcove in the east end of the room is a transmitter, set to auto-
receive. As soon as you try to leave the room, a transmission comes through telling 
all supervisors to leave immediately.

When Jill comes back through the fireplace, Jill runs into Nicholai again. He 
details more of Umbrella's sick little plan, then turns tail when he hears "another 
mutant" approaching.

That other mutant becomes apparent shortly after Jill exits the shed. It's the Grave 
Digger again, and this time, it's personal. Jill drops into a subterranean labyrinth 
of the Digger's creation. She can run back and forth in a U. The whole while, the 
Digger is underfoot. You can track where Superslug is by watching the dirt. Dust 
rises from the spot she's at, and she can spring out at any moment. When she 
surfaces, do a quick turn, run to a safe distance, then torque some Acid Rounds down 
the chute. Rinse, lather, repeat. Once the Digger's swallowed about 8 or 9 bitter 
pills, it will explode and deflate. 
Another way to beat her is to wait until the street lights shudder, then target them 
with R2 and bring them down. The fallen lights will electrify a pool of water. Stand 
at its edge. When the Digger attacks again, the skirmish will be over.

When the GD has been defeated, a piece of ladder falls down to allow Jill to 
scramble to safety. There's no rest for the wicked, though. Lurking in the corridor 
following the ladder are three Mama Spiders. The first comes at you as soon as you 
arrive. The other two are lollygagging at the end of the hall, and are easy to pick 
off at some distance. If you are impatient to get going, smoke them with some 
grenades, and go merrily on your way.

Go back up the opposite ladder, through the fountain and out. The main park area is 
teeming with zombies. You can run by them for the most part. The area you're aiming 
for is the rear gate. Use the Park Key to exit.

After you climb the stairs, and begin crossing the bridge, the Nemesis once again 
blocks your path. Here is another Live Selection: (1) Jump off (2) Push him off 
(actually, they are presented opposite here. In the game, the default is push him 
off). Once again, this selection dictates where you begin your journey, and what 
storyline will unfold. Jumping off is the more straightforward route. However, 
differences between the two are again noted.


(1) Jumping off leads to a subterranean sewer that opens into the Factory. Carlos 
saves Jill from a quartet of flesheaters, and warns her that the City is going to be 
destroyed at daylight.

Down the south hallway lies a monitor room, which is also a Safe Room. The Security 
Manual can be found on the desk. It details the sick factory security strategy. In 
the glowing eastern panel is a Water Sample.

The east passageway leads to a room containing three cans of Powder A and B, and a 
First Aid Spray.

The piece of apparatus in the far left corner checks water quality. Use the Water 
Sample here. The random puzzle that ensues is fairly easy. Manipulate the three 
level indicators (A, B, C) right and left until all the ranges combine to form the 
picture next to the Sample. 

The easiest way to do it is line up the areas where spaces are required, then worry 
about the stacked ranges. The way it works is, if a bar exists in all three ranges, 
the picture bar will be three spaces high, etc. When you have completed the puzzle, 
the panel will activate a door in a different part of the building.

Afterwards, the water-filled passage leads you to another door to the north. This 
portal leads to a room guarded by Brain Suckers. There is an oil can to target. Use 
it to avoid wasting ammo and health. There are three Suckers total. Two can be taken 
out by the oil can, the third resides in the rancid pool beyond the stairs. Get it 
with a magnum round or grenade from long range.

There are a couple boxes of Shotgun Shells on a cart near the water pollution 
control device. The huge metals doors take Jill to an elevator.

The elevator dumps Jill into a control room. Three zombies are lurking here. There 
are also three Green Herbs along the railing. Two Blue Herbs are hidden in an 
alcove. The Factory Map is in the corner. The System Disk lies on the central 
computer deck.

Exiting through the northwest door, Jill encounters Nicholai again. He shoots at her 
and then ducks into a door, sealing it with an iron shutter. The hallway to the left 
leads to the main doors of the Factory. To the right is a door that leads to another 
Safe Room.

Inside, you'll find the Facility Key on the bookshelves. A First Aid Spray sits next 
to the Item Box. On the desk is the Manager's Diary. It details the manager's high 
hopes for this great, new facility. What fun you can have with bio-manipulation!

The east door leads to a room with a steam puzzle. There are some Blue Herbs here if 
you need them. The various switches manipulate the steam valves scattered around the 
room. With a little trial-and-error, this is easy to negotiate.

The object is to get to the safety system controls on the east wall. Flip the switch 
to supply power to the safety system. It will unlock a distant lock (and shows you 
where to find it on the map).

The elevator in the northwest corner of the room needs a Key Card to operate. You'll 
be back!

Pick your way back to the control room. The door that was unlocked in the steam room 
is in the northeast corner. The resulting room has a studio-sized refrigerator in 
it, which has been clawed from the inside. How pleasant. A control panel near the 
fridge requires a System Disk to unlock.

The door that is unlocked leads to a sealed chamber, which is the private romper 
room of the Nemesis. Equip your Grenade Launcher (with Freeze or Flame Rounds) and 
go on in. 

This fight is timed, so if you don't get out, Jill will buy it, but you should have 
plenty to spare. The melee takes place in a narrow, U-shaped area. There are several 
spigots on pipes, and they are filled with acid. Run away from Nemmy, then turn and 
target the pipes to spray him. He'll lose an arm here, an arm there, even his head. 
Pump him full of grenades at the same time, and he'll be easy to take down. Even 
though he's not as strong as he once was, avoid those tentacles. They'll still bash 
you around good.

Grab the Card Key and find the exit.

(2) If you push the Nemesis off the area will play out a bit differently, but not 
much. Pushing him off guarantees you won’t see him until the final fight, and 
affects the way that Nicholai figures into the end.

Instead of starting from the bottom, Jill starts from the top. She encounters Carlos 
in the Safe Room rather than the sewer. Then go to the steam room, solve the puzzle 
and unlock the control room door. You will find the same items here as described 

Take the elevator in the control room to the lower level. Fight through the Hunters 
in the waste management area, and go to the partially submerged passage (where Jill 
first enters if jumping off the bridge). After the tunnel, Jill will find herself in 
the monitor room. Here she will needs to solve the Water Sample puzzle discussed 

Then it’s back upstairs to the control room. Go to the newly-unlocked northeast 
door. In the next room, you will encounter Nicholai for the final time. So sad to 
see him go.

Going into the waste dump triggers the Nemesis fight discussed above. Kill him, grab 
the Card Key and leave.

When you exit the room, a voice comes over the speaker warning that the missile 
attack is confirmed. Make your way back to the main entrance. Lock and load. It's 
boogie time. 

A group of nudie zombies comes at you in the control room. After you use your Card 
Key on the shuttered door that Nicholai escaped through, more unclad undead await. 
You'll have to waste them, so why not be efficient? A few shotgun blasts should 
clear a path. At the end of the corridor are a couple of Green Herbs. Grab them if 
you can carry them.

Through the door lies a transmitter room. There are some Magnum Rounds in the 
doorside locker, and a portable radar receiver on the transmission panel. Luckily, 
it does not take up any space on the Inventory list.

If you chose path (2), Carlos comes over the transmitter and tells Jill there will 
be a chopper waiting. 

If you chose path (1) Nicholai comes over the radio, telling Jill she is doomed. As 
she hears him out, the chopper he is piloting appears in the window, firing on her. 
Another Live Selection presents itself: (A) Negotiate with Nicholai or (B) Return 
fire to the chopper.

(A) Negotiating with Nicholai saves the chopper, but does not change the 
circumstances much.

(B) If you return fire on the chopper, you will have to dodge missiles and score 
hits on it. The best way to beat it is with Grenade Rounds. 

After either choice, Carlos meets you in the control room and declares that he 
refuses to die. The missile attack is confirmed as you attempt to mount the ladder, 
and you are locked in the room. Descend to your destiny.

At the bottom of the ladder is an Item Box, a couple boxes of Shotgun Shells and a 
file. Another file is in the garbage pit. Load up on whatever you'll need for the 
final battle: plenty of grenade rounds and plenty of healing items. A family of 
fakers is hanging out in the hallway. Either run by or blast them with the shotgun 
and exit. Then pick your way to a set of heavy double doors and enter.

This room contains three battery stations and the corpse of the Tyrant (remember 
me?). This is the final stomping ground. Jill_s main objective here is to get the 
rail gun charged up--it is a powerful ally in defeating the fully-mutated Nemesis. 
To get things rolling, go to the far corner of the room and activate the power. Then 
go to Battery Station #1 and push in the battery. 

This will revive our old chum, the Nemesis. My, Nemmy, you've changed. Did you do 
something with your hair? 

It's final showdown time. Don't stick around for social pleasantries. 

This version of the Nemesis has extremely long tentacles, a poison spray attack that 
knows no range, and a body flop slam that will send Jill to the chiropractor for 
years. It is almost better to fight the creature in close, attempting to dodge the 
body slamming, rather than taking chances with the poison and tentacle attacks.

The best tactic, however, is good old-fashioned avoidance. Only when you have lured 
the beast into the death ray is it time to turn and fight full bore. When you do, 
give Nemmy a faceful of grenades (any flavor will do, but Freeze and Flame work 
best). The rail gun is what really kills it, though. Use healing items whenever 
necessary. This is it. You_re not going to need them after this fight.

To continue setting up the rail gun: Run to Battery Station #2 and push in the 
Battery. The new-look Nemesis will follow you (of course), so move in an expedient 
manner. Then, it's on to Battery #3. Repeat the previous moves while running around 
the creature and plugging it with fire or freeze rounds from the grenade launcher. 
When Battery #3 has been pushed in, run between the barrels to lure him into the 
path of the rail gun you've just activated. Two direct hits from the rail gun should 
end the nightmare for good. While you are waiting for each countdown, stay out of 
the range of the tentacles and blast the beast with the grenade launcher. Fire 
rounds are probably the easiest to keep around, and they work well at medium range.

Once the creature's been tagged a couple of times with the laser, it will explode 
into a mist of bile and goo, and all that will be left is something that resembles a 
mutant turkey leg. When you are done basking in the carnage, you have one more live 
decision to make. Whether to finish the beast or run. Exterminating the Nemesis 
allows you to hear the cool one-liner Jill mutters just before she defeats Nemmy 
once and for all. That’s closure! If you are low on time, though, you’ll just want 
to go.

Run to the door to the right of Battery Station #2, exit the door and climb that 
ladder! Activate one more door and you're home free. Depending which path you chose 
through the Factory, the ending will be slightly different. Doesn't it feel good to 
be alive? Sit back and watch the pyrotechnics. You've earned them. 


Upon winning, you will be given a ranking (A-F) based on how many times you saved, 
healed and how long the game took you to complete. 
Your ranking will determine what bonus costumes are unlocked. There are five total: 
S.T.A.R.S. type, Regina (from Dino Crisis) type, Biker type, Disco type and Police 
miniskirt type. If you win in Easy mode, you can only unlock two. Depending on your 
Ranking in Hard Mode, you unlock anywhere from 0-5. They are available in the locked 
boutique (Uptown) once you restart the game.

Also available upon winning (Hard mode only) are Epilogue Files. You will earn one 
each time you beat the game. They explain what happened to specific characters in 
the other Resident Evil games.

The best thing you unlock, however, is a grand little game called "The Mercenaries." 
In this blood-filled adventure, you are given the mission of getting from one side 
of the city to the other using the mercenaries introduced in the game: Carlos, 
Mikhail or Nikolai.

To beat the game, you must get from the northwest corner of the Uptown to the 
southeast corner of the Downtown. You are given 2 minutes to complete the mission, 
but can gain more time (and money) by killing and dodging baddies along the way. 

Completing a mission requires judicious use of both ammo and time, and is not 
negotiable until you memorize enemy patterns. Luckily, dodging enemies gives you 
valuable seconds, as does killing enemies in combinations.

When the game ends (either by death or completion of the mission), you will be given 
a ranking (A-F) and a sum of money. Acrue dollars to buy weapons: $2000 for an 
assault rifle with infinite rounds, $3000 for a gatling gun (also infinite rounds), 
$4000 for an infinite rocket launcher and $9999 for an infinite ammo case for all 
weapons in RE3.

The three characters available employ different fighting styles and have different 
weapons and healing items. Mikhail is the easiest to win with--his rocket launcher 
and magnum come in handy, especially against the Nemesis. Carlos requires speed and 
careful use of ammo. Nicholai is for true champs only.

Enjoy! This game is challenging and rewarding. Once you secure a few infinite ammo 
weapons, go have some fun in the real game. Simply save and restart, and the items 
will be waiting for you in the Warehouse item box.

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