Resident Evil Zero

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Resident Evil The Walkthrough

Resident Evil 0				
			The Walkthrough

	Table Of Contents


This is where I am suppose to say ok this is the walkthrough is for resident evil 0 
for game cube. I made this so you don’t have to go cant do this or you start crying. 
So I will cut the crap if you need so more information email me at . Here it comes.


Rebecca Chambers-One of the newest members to the S.T.A.R.S. members. She is only 18 
but she is one of he best medics (well she sure cant take many hits weak person).

Billy Cohen-A man who used to be in the army. He is now being executed for the 
murder of 23 people. Wow more then Tommy 


S.T.A.R.S. standard pistol

Billy’s pistol

Shot Gun

Hunting Gun

Moltive Cocktail

Grenade Launcher


Combat Knife

Ok now for the walkthrough

Part 1 the train. Ok after you get in the train to the left because the other door 
is locked for now. That guy looks ugly hate to see the parents of that dude anyways 
get ready for some action. After you see the get up kill them all. If u got bit you 
will be on caution because Rebecca is weak person but don’t panic its yellow you 
panic when its orange or red. Ok o to the next car I think there are some zombies 
ready to attack or when you come back in here but continue on to the next car. Go to 
the first door there should be some bullets in here or herbs. Next room there are 
bullets, two herbs, and ink ribbons. You can save if u want or wait. Ok go to the 
end and grab the key from the corps I don’t think he needs it anymore. Well you 
finally get to meat the famous Billy. You talk then e walks off then boom in comes 
Edward he looks worse then me after skateboarding, well ad to say he is not alone in 
comes some doggies. Kill them and go back to the place I said the door was locked 
and open it. Now Billy is back to see you. Rebecca gets snippy and you have to go up 
stairs. Looky it’s a man who is still alive. Hey is head fell off there is something 
wrong with him. Its your first boss fight. Now you can sit there and shoot him but I 
am a nice guy so instead run down the stairs and he explodes and leeches on you. 
Wait bill came to save you. After you go snippy with him he came to save you. After 
that let Billy crab the bullets he fights more then Rebecca. But still let Rebecca 
pick up the ammo. Anyways go out the window let Billy lead to the hole and let him 
attach the wires. Now that you are in the hole go grab all those bullets so they 
don’t have to go to waste. Grab the key to the conductor’s office and open the 
sending thingy and stick the key in there and send it. Now switch to Rebecca and go 
back to the room were Billy saved you and go down the stairs and go into the 
kitchen  and go to the were the little space is there is a lift look inside. The key 
you sent is in there  well grab it and go on your way. All yeah after Billy saves 
you some strange looking man starts a storm and the train sorry for no mentioning 
that sooner.  Now go to the room were Edward jumped through the window and were you 
first met Billy if you come across some zombies blast them dead and continue to the 
cart that I said to go. When you get there go to the conductor’s office there two 
herbs1 red and 1 green. Ok now you should see a cabinet there is a locked briefcase. 
Now go push the button on the wall and a latter comes out of the ceiling. No you 
might want to climb the latter but that’s just me. When you get up there you will 
here something on he roof. You want to go to the end of the room and go through the 
door. Ok next go to the door and open it. Jackpot there is a hunting gun, a box of 
shells, and some herbs. Ok get that hunting gun ready go back to the door there is a 
ice pick grab it and go back through the door you came through. All no a giant 
scorpion just what you need. Blast it with all the shells and finish it off with a 
couple of handgun rounds. After that go to the kitchen. If you happen to come across 
some zombies kill them. When you get to the kitchen send the ice pick to Billy. Wow 
Billy is still there well anyways grab the ice pick and go to the locked door and 
use the ice pick to unlock it. Those zombies are a waste of time just run from them. 
ALL yeah I forgot to tell you to pick up that panel opener. Hopefully you did grab 
it because it is a shiny object and you are suppose to pick those up. Anyways go to 
the kitchen and meet up with Rebecca. If she has thepanel opener use it on that vent 
in the corner and let Billy go first. When you get out be ready for some dogs to 
attack. After you kill them all dead go grab the golden ring, the shotgun shells, 
the gas tank. just get rid of it. One more thing get rid of the hunting gun and do 
not load the shells into it. Now that that’s over go out the back door. See that 
grapple hook  in the corner you do need it so make Billy go to the switch and 
Rebecca go to the hook. After Billy pushes the button have Rebecca grab the hook but 
you only have a few seconds before the lock goes back on it. Let Billy lead the way 
see the door go unlock it and walk out. Have Billy walk by the freezer. A zombie is 
ready to attack. Shot him dead. Grab the bottles in the freezer and mix t with the 
gas tank and save the moltive cocktails for later. Go to the car and the next car. 
When you get to a car with the window let Rebecca use the hook and go up. Go forward 
until you get to the hole on the roof  jump down kill the zombie and pick up the 
goodies in the room and go out the door. After the leeches hatch hurry up and run 
down the stairs and meet up with Billy. When you were in the room you should have 
picked up a jewelry box. Go to the weapon/item screen and examine the box and get 
the silver ring. Now that you got both ring put them both into the briefcase and 
pull out the card. Now go back to the place were Edward jumped through the window. 
Go to the key card reader. Make sure Billy has the key card and the cocktails to 
take out Edward. Ok after the guys for that backstabbing Wesker are killed go out 
the door. When you walk in the room make Billy go. When you walk out the guys will 
get up just run around them. Instead of screwing with all the zombies go to the 
conductor’s office go p the latter and go through the room were all the leeches are 
go to the stairs and go down. Go through the door and get those cocktails ready and 
throw them at Edward an run around the other one. Go through the kitchen door and go 
to the back of the train. Just go keep going until you get to were you got the hook 
shot. There should be a car reader. Now if you did not listen to me and get that 
card laying on the ground you are screwed but if you did listen you have to get a 
combination of these numbers 36 witch is 5,5,5,5,4,4,2,2,2,2 81 9,9,9,9,9,9,9,9,5,4 
and last but not least 67 9,9,9,9,9,5,5,5,4,3 and enter one of those in with Billy 
and one with Rebecca then the train crashes.

Part 2 The Research Center: Ok after the crash run to the door at the other end of 
th screen and go through it and go down the ladder. Now go to the end untill you see 
a ledge jump on top of it andclimb up the latter. Now you are in the research 
center. Ok after Murcus talks go to the double doors. Make sure you grab the handgun 
bullets on the table. Ok yuo should be in the dinning room. Well kill all the 
zombies in the room go to the guy layin on the ground. I aint sure but i think there 
is a key around him. Well go through the door and walk to the door at the end ok 
kill the 2 zombies in here. Have Rebecca crab the gas tank and statue and Billy the 
shoutgun. Now that ladder is bad news stay away from it. Because all thats up there 
is about 8 zombies and like herbs so leave it alone. Now back to the main place were 
you enetered the place and leave the gas tank.Take the statue and put it on the 
scale. Now send either Rebecca or  Billy to the door on your left. Grab the bullets 
and the crank handle form the cabinet and get the hell out of there before the crows 
attack you. Now go through the doors behind the scale and go the back and garb the 
bullets. Now go to the other side and go though the doors. Kill the zombies in there 
and go through the double doors  and have one of them grab the micro disc. Now go to 
the back of the room and have Rebecca equip the shot gun and get on the lift and 
separate them and have Billy use the crank handle to lift Rebecca to the next floor. 
Now be ready to fire your shotgun. When you get up there kill the first cock roach. 
Go pick up the shotgun shells next to the lift. Now walk forward then another 
cockroach will drop down blast the sucker and get out of there through the door at 
the back. Now run through the crow infested porch. Don’t worry about anything in 
this place yet just run across it until u find a stair case. Go down it and go to 
the end and go through the door on the right. You should be in the entrance of the 
mansion. Now switch back to Billy and go meat up with Rebecca. When you get back 
there go back through the door where Rebecca just came from. Give Billy the shotgun 
and shells and make Billy equip the shotgun. Walk through the door on the left and 
kill the cockroaches. Have Billy garb the shotgun shells and grenade rounds and 
grenade launcher. If you have to give Rebecca your handgun. Have her grab the white 
statue in the back of the room. The get out of there and go up the stairs. Now split 
them up have Billy go to the cranks and have Rebecca go down the ladder where the 
big pits are. Have Billy Lift the cage and then have Rebecca grab the key. After the 
movie where the centipede grabs Rebecca time to kill it. Get out the grenade 
launcher and empty it into the monster reload it and do it again. If it is still 
alive blast it with the shotgun until it dies.  Now go back to the dinning room. 
Kill the zombies in there and go the red door. Use the key and go down to the window 
and go inside have Billy pick up the lighter fluid  and have Rebecca pick up the 
bottles. Go back to where you came in. have Billy combine the lighter with the fluid 
and have Rebecca use the gas tank to make some cocktails. Have Billy drop the 
grenade launcher. Now go back to the room where you lifted  Rebecca up to the clock 
room. Light the candle and go through the doors waste the zombies pick up the 
grenade rounds and climb up the ledge and push the book shelve and then have 
Rebecca  grab the book of good. Examine the book to get the wings and go back to the 
hallway and go to the door at the end of the hallway and use the key again and 
discard it. Go in the room. Push the table to the end of the room climb over it and 
switch the light on. Push it by the moose head climb on it and crab the clock 
needle. Get off on the other side and pick up the ammo and go back out of the room. 
Go back to the main lobby and have Rebecca by herself take the clock needle to the 
clock room. When you get there put the needle on the clock and set the time to 8:15. 
When you here the chimes two white doors will unlock. Go meat back up with Billy and 
go up the stairs  and go through the white door that just unlocked. Kill all the 
zombies in here and go grab the micro disk. Now go back down there and grab the 
other micro disc and go to the other and go through the doors with Billy only. Go to 
the end of the hallway until you see the white doors kill the zombies and put the 
two micro disc in the projector and get the floppy disc. Go back to the place where 
you left Rebecca avoid the weird looking zombie in the hallway. Go up the stairs 
have Rebecca take the white statue of the scale and combine it with wings and lace 
it back up on the scale. Now go through the doors behind it and go through all the 
tables until you see the stand. Go up the stairs and put the disc in the monitor.  
They will all light up. You have to push two buttons in a certain order I don’t know 
it but it is one on each side. After that all the doors with knights in front of 
them will move there swords. Go through the door closest to where you are at now. 
Kill the zombies in the hallway and go through the double doors. Match the giant 
cheese board with the one on the desk. When you do that grab the book of evil off 
the desk. Examine  the book and get the black wings and take it to the scale and 
combine it with the black statue. Then the painting will lower. Go down the stairs 
and run to the end of the hallway. Warning avoid the spiders they are hard to kill 
and can poison you very easily. When you get to the end of the hallway go through 
the door. Use the herbs if needed. Go through the next room lift Rebecca into the 
vent into a torture room. Restore the power by pushing  up, up, down, up, and up. 
After that Rebecca falls and is in trouble time to save her as usual. Run to the 
dinning room and run to the left to the door kill the zombie and go through the door 
go left and down the stairs. Run around the to the other side equip the shotgun and 
go down the stairs through the doors. Shoot the monkeys and turn left and go through 
the door, down some stairs, and, then go through a door on your right kill the 
cockroaches and save Rebecca. After your touching moment get out of there. Go 
farther down the hall avoid the spider. Go through a door and you should be in the 
weapon room. Now this makes me mad out of all those AK47’s you can only pick up 
handgun bullets and shotgun shells.  Well anyways have Billy take the bullets. Have 
Billy load his shotgun and go down the stairs this his hard to explain have Billy go 
forward have Rebecca push the buttons so you can keep going. Now when you  push the 
red button two hunters are coming after you blast them and grab the facility key. 
Now go to the room where you saw all those animal statues. Light them in this order 
deer, wolf, horse, tiger, snake, and eagle. The door facing the tiger opens and go 
through the passage will open. Go inside and grab the tablet of unity and go back 
out. Drop off the grenade launcher and pick up the cocktails. And go to where you 
picked up the grenade launcher and use the key. Equip the cocktails and kill the 
leech zombie. Go through the end door and pick up the vise handle. Now go to the 
piano room. There might be bottles to make cocktails but I am not sure. Have Billy 
play the piano to open the passage. Then have Rebecca pick up the magnum rounds and 
battery. The door will close but just have Billy play the piano again. Go through 
the last door in this hallway. Kill the two zombies in this room and use the vise 
handle to get the tablet of obedience. Now go to the entrance of the mansion  and go 
outside. Go to the lift put the battery into the thermal device. Then you will see 
the lift dome down get on it and push the crate off of it. Ride it up and grab the 
tablet of discipline. Now time to get out of here. Go to the last door where knights 
where blocking off. Try to avoid the cockroaches. Take all the useful items in to 
the telescope room. climb down the ladder and place all the tablets into the device. 
Switch to disc two and now you are at the church.
PART 3:The Old Church
	Make sure Billy has the shotgun and the shotgun shells and handgun and ammo. 
Split them up make Rebecca  go in the stone room and have her stand on the brick so 
it will unlock the entrance to the church. Then have Billy go inside and equip the 
shotgun. Go to the end until you see a room. Go inside and pick up whatever items 
seem to use for you. Go back out and its time to fight the giant bat.  Just aim when 
it gets close and blast it. Ignore the little bats they isn’t worth the time or 
bullets. After you bring the beast  to it’s knees go back out and switch to Rebecca. 
Make sure she has the hook shot. Make Billy go stand in the garden house and then go 
inside. Go to where the big hole in the ceiling is and shot yourself up there and go 
to the end of the roof and climb down the ladder.  Then lift the handle to the power 
box. That should have turned on the elevator nearby. Go around and unlock the gate 
so Billy can get to where you are. Call the elevator and time to go downstairs.  Go 
to the end of the hallway and go into the room. Have Rebecca go to the back of the 
room where there is a hole in the ceiling. Shoot yourself up there. Grab the gas 
tank and go out the door before that ugly ass monster attacks you. When you get out 
there go to the left of the button or switch. Go in the room and pick up the 
bottles. Make the cocktails and go kill the leach man. Go to the narrow passage 
where it was standing after you kill it first. Make more cocktails by picking up the 
bottles. And pick up the capsule. Go back out where the button is and go through a 
green door. If you want you can kill the zombie laying on the ground. Pick up 
anything useful in this room and go to the red tank and get some of the chemical 
inside of it. Now go through the door right in front of the one in front of you.  
Kill the zombies in here and go to the green tank and take some of that chemical. 
When you have the red and green stuff mixed  combine that with the leach capsule to 
get the charm. Go this little service lift where the red button is. Put the 
cocktails and leech charm in it. After Billy gets these items have Rebecca lift the 
wall that is outside of the room where Billy is in. Out there you will see one of 
those leech monsters. Equip the cocktails and  kill it. Go to a blue room and use 
the charm to unlock the door. Grab the coil and handgun bullets. Go into the next 
room and grab the green leech. If possible ignore the zombies. Ok now go send 
Rebecca the green leach charm. Go to where u saw the green door like the one Billy 
just came out of. Use the charm to unlock the door.  The poor zombie can only crawl 
put him out of its misery by blasting it. Grab the canister. Go to where you got the 
red chemical and put it in the gas chamber like room. Run in and grab the key and 
get out before the zombies get you. Now go through the room you  haven’t went in 
yet. Avoid the hunters and grab the dial. Run like a bat out of hell to get out of 
there. Go send the dial to Billy through the service lift. Now switch to Billy and 
grab the dial go to where the door is missing a dial. I think the code is 4 8 6 3 if 
I am wrong it should be on a file in the building somewhere. Lift the lever and 
switch back to Rebecca. Ok make sure you have all your weapons and ammo. Ave Billy 
put the two coils in to the control room to start the cable car. Get rid of the hook 
shot and make sure Rebecca has the grenade launcher, her handgun, handgun bullets, 
and the magnum rounds. After Billy is knocked off the bridge and killed kill the 
leech man. Don’t panic Billy is still alive I just had to say that. Put the coil 
back in to the slot and get into the cable car. Grab the Desert Eagle and now for 
the last part of the game.
 I promise this walkthrough will be done at the end of the month


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