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Resident Evil Zero Puzzles

Table Of Contence:  
1 Train
   A. Turn on power for the electric door.
   B. Free trapped Partner
   C. Getting Hookshot
   D. What To Do With Hookshot
   E. Briefcase
   F. Put On The Breaks
2 Training Facility
   A. Find Crank For Lift
   B. Fire Key
   C. Lighter Fluid
   D. Lighter Door
   E. Clock Doors
   F. Microfilm
   G. MO Disk
   H. Unlock Sword Doors
   I. Chessboard
   J. Balance
   K. Basement Power Supply
   L. Save Rebecca
   M. Circle Fountain Flames
   N. Open Aluminum Case
   O. Water Key
   P. Get Battery For Outside Lift (Piano Room)
   Q. Unity, Discipline, and Obedience Tablets
3. Church And Lab
   A. Get Into Church
   B. Stripping Agent
   C. Blue Leech Charm
   D. Green Leech Charm
   E. Neutralize Gas
   F. Combination Door
   G. Give Cable Car Power
4. Treatment Plant
   A. Power Grid
   B. Motherboard (Gondala)
   C. Door Handle
   D. Battery Fluid
5. Other

3/17/04 All the way through 2I.
3/18/04 The rest of the walkthrough

1.*The Train*

A. Turn On Power For Electric Door
   After you defeat the leech monster up stairs go to the back of the room.
There will be a ladder to climb up.  Go across the top of the train till you 
see the little box and a hole in the roof. Simply go to the box and press A
on it and it will ask to reconnect.  Say Yes.

B. Free Trapped Partner
   Check the room your partner gets stuck in and you should find a key.
Have your other character go through the electric door.  Take an almost
immediate 180 to the right of the character.  There will be a hall with a 
device to send item to the room where your partner is trapped.  Have the
trapped partner sent the key through the similar device in that room.  When 
it comes through have the untrapped partner grab it.  Take the key to the
opposite side of the train.  Unlock the conductors room with it.  It is a good
idea to collect the stuff in the room.  Lower the ladder by hitting the switch.
Climb the ladder and run through the room to the door on the opposite side.
Once your go through that door right to the left is an ice pick.  Explore the other
room (grab the shotgun because there is a boss ahead).  Take the ice pick to 
the room you came through and kill the monster.  Grab the tool by the ladder too
because you will need it later.  Go all the way back to the sending device
and send it throgh to your partner.  Use it to unlock the door and there you go.

C. Getting Hookshot
   To get the hookshot go to the back of the train nad use the tool you got in
the last puzzle to go through the crawl space.  Continue to the back till you
get on the back balcony.  Use one partner to pull the lever and the other to
grab the hookshot.

D. What to do with the hookshot 
   Take the hookshot to the room where you first saw zombies and next to
the door there should be an open window thing.  Just use it there.

E. Briefcase
   The case uses two keys.  They are metal rings.  The silver one is on the first
floor.(I can't remember where but I know it is easy to find)  The other is where
you end up in after you use the hookshot.  It is in the jewlry box.

F. Put on the breaks
   When you get to the front of the train one will have to stay behind while the 
other goes to the back.  Choose, then grab the key before you set off.  Go the the
very back where you get the hookshot and use the key card to start the breaks.
Then it will tell you to enter a code that will have to equal a number.  If it is:
36 use 3333333339
81 use 8888888889
67 use 7777777774
Then it will go to the other character. But this time you have to do it without 
seeing the number your numbers currently equal.  Once you do that your done.

2.*The Facility*

A. Find The Crank
   The Crank is on the second floor in the room on the left side.

B. Find the fire key
   In the big room on the third floor have billy turn the crank and have Rebecca
go down in the pool and grab the key.

C. Lighter Fluid
   In the door unlocked by the fire key on the first floor you will find lighter 
Combine it with Billy's lighter to get the full lighter.

D. Lighter Door
  Use the full lighter to light the candle next to the door in the room you used the
crank and lift.  The door will be unlocked.

E. Unlock the Clock Doors
   In the other room locked by the fire key.  Turn on the lights and on top of the
moose head you will find an iron needle.  Take the needle to the room Rebecca
took the lift to and use it on the clock.  Then set the clock to 8:15. The doors 
then unlock.

F. Microfilm
   In the room on the first floor that the clock unlocked you should see a 
Put both microfilms in the projector and an image resembling the conferance room.

G. MO Disk
   After you insert the microfilms as a result a disk will come out.  Take the disk 
the confrence room.  Insert it into the computer and it will say to enter a code it
means to refer to the microfilms and press the buttons in the corresponding seats.

H. Sword Doors
   Insert the MO Disk into the computer and it will say to enter a code it means to 
refer to
the microfilms and press the buttons in the corresponding seats. Then the doors 

I. The Chessboard
   All you have to do here is make the big board, look like the board on the desk.
The only one you need to move is the one out of place.  If you move any others
you will be gases almost to death so be smart.  The little board will move and 
the evil book.

J. The Good-Evil Balance
   On the first floor in one of the rooms on the right hand side (I’m not sure
which one) you should have found the good statue. Upstairs in the room you
unlocked by lighting the candle you had to push a bookcase to the side to find
the good book.  Open it and combine the wings inside with the statue.  Then
take the bad statue and go to the chessboard room after you complete that 
puzzle open the evil book to get the evil wing.  Combine that with the evil statue.
then take them to the balance and put them on.  It should balance out.

K. Basement Power Supply
   When you get to the torture room by climing through the air vent there will be a
box with a red light on it go up to it and press A.  It will have you flip four 
up or down to make it equal 70.  I flipped the first two up, teh third down and the
last two up.

L. Save Rebecca
   After you get teh generator working Rebecca will fall.  Billy will have to go 
her and save her.  Be carful because even though it doesn't show a time limit
there is one.  Billy must first exit the basement back to the main hall.  Then go to
the door on the right of the main hall.  In this room go to the door that is not the
fire door.  Turn left immediatly and go down those stairs and to the end of that
hall to another to the basement agian.  When you come across the fountain go
passed it and to the door on the right.  This room should be indicated on the map
if my directions aren't clear.  Go to the hole and Billy will save her.

M. Circle fountain Flames
   All the ask is to light the flames in the order of weakest to strongest.  If your
confused light them in this order:  deer, wolf, horse, tiger, snake, eagle.  The 
should unlock and open.

N. Open The Alluminum Case
   Its accually very simple, just examine the case and you will see the number
385.  When examining it you should see three little circle like objects, press A
on them and just enter the numbers.

O. Water Key
   When you get to the room where you cant move because the gates are down
have one character stay there and the other go down the hall and up the stairs
to the control room.  Have the partner press the buttons Left, Center, then Left
again.  Between each one move the other characteras far as possible.  Eventually
they should come to a button.  Press it and the mini gates will open and release
the hunters.  Kill them and pick up the key.

P. Get The Battery (Piano)
   When you come across the piano room have Billy play the piano.  The door will
slide open.  Have Billy stay and Rebecca go get the battery.  The door will close
again.  Just have Billy play again to open it.

Q. The Tablets
   The Unity tablet is in the first room through the gate locked by the fountain.  
should be in the fireplace.
   The Discipline tablet is on the pillar outside.  Use the battery to turn on the 
The lift will come down and yu need to push the box off it.  Move the box next to
the pillar to get enough of a boost to grab th tablet.
   The Obedience tablet is in the room furthest passed the water door.  But first
you need to get the vise handle in the first room after the water door.  Use the
vise handle on the vise to open it and hte tablet will fall out.
   Take the tablets to the room on the third floor in the sworded door.  Use them
on the big telescope looking thing to unlock the door and lower the tower.

3. The Church and Lab

A. Getting into the Church
   To get into the church have one character go to the little building on the right
of the church.  You should see some shotgun ammo with a square next to it on
the ground.  Stand on it to unlock the church as the other goes in.

B. Stripping Agent
   As you walk around you should see some green and red tanks.  Don't think
they are just in the background becaude you need to get the chemicals from
them with Rebecca.  Im not sure about where the tanks are but you should
find them alright i think.  The chemicals combine to make the stripping agent.

C. Blue Leech Charm
   When you find the capsule some where upstairs in a machine have Rebecca
combine it with the stripping agent.  Then use it to open the door down stair.

D. Green Leech Charm
   You should find this in the room unlocked by the other charm.  Use this one
upstairs on the green door.

E. Neutralize Gas
   In the green leech charm room you should find sterilizing Agent.  Take that
to the gas chamber and put it in the machine.  this shold clear the gas and
unlock the door.  There should be a breeding room key in there.

F. Combination Door
   In the breeding room you should find a dial for a combination door.  Obviously
take it to hte combination door.  And the comb has to do with the number of
leechesit says in a file.  Some math is involved to get the answer so I will just
tell you it is 4863.

G. Give the Cable Car power
   You need both coils to do this.  In the cable car room you should be able to
use the hookshot to get to the second floor room.  Just place both coils in the
machine in there.  
   The input is located in the room locked by the blue leech charm.
   The output is located under the movable ladder you hit the switch to move
get Billy down.  In the Cable Car room.
   Then when you go to get in the car you fight a boss and the output comes
out.  Just go fix it and your off.

4. Treatment Plant

A. The Power Grid
   This was a very frustrating puzzle and very hard to complete.  But I'm a nice
guy and will just tell you which ones to press.  First press the one under the
very top left one.  Second press the one up and to the left or the bottom right
one.  Last press the one directly above the bottom left one.

B. Motherboard
   To activate the gondala you need to find the motherboard.  In the room of the
gondala take the lift down.  Then in that room press the button to lower the
ladder.  Go on up and the motherboard is in there.  Go back and put in the
control pannel of the gondala.

C. Door Handle Wheel
   First push the metal box to the bottom of the screen.  Then rotate the gate.
Push the top box next to the one on the opposite side.  Push the other wooden
box right behind the first one.  Then push the metal box to the far wall.  Rotate
the gate closed.  Push the second box to the bottom of the screen then in place.
Get Billy out of there then fill the tank.  Now cross the boxes to get the handle.

D. Battery Fluid
   Mix the blue, red, and green chemicals to get the battery fluid.  Mix the fluid
with the emty battery to get the hi-power battery.  Use the battery on the forklift
to get the Key.

5. Other

If you have any questions or any other puzzles that I have not covered E-mail
me at [email protected]

I hope i have covered all I can for you. 

Now that you beat it go out get Drunk and have fun!

           This was a walkthrough by: 
                                    The WalkthroughNinja Davey D.


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