Respect Breakdown - Guide for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

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Respect enables you to recruit gang members, and is made up of a number of 

Respect Type:                                   Total Contribution:
RUNNING RESPECT                                 40%
MISSION PROGRESSION                             36%
TERRITORY UNDER CONTROL                         6%
MONEY                                           6%
FITNESS                                         4%
GIRLFRIEND PROGRESS                             4%
CLOTHES                                         4%

Running Respect Breakdown:                      Stat Modification:
KILLING A DEALER                                + .005%
KILLING A GANG MEMBER                           + .5%
KILLING A MEMBER OF YOUR OWN GANG               - .005%
TERRITORY GAINED                                + 30%
TERRITORY LOST                                  - 3%

Recruiting Gang Members:
You can recruit gang members by pressing up on the D-pad. Once a gang is 
recruited, press up on the D-pad to call them to you; they will follow you and 
return fire if you are attacked by opposing gangs. Press down on the D-pad to 
tell your people to stay put; hold the button down to disband the gang. The 
number of gang members the player can recruit is as follows:

Respect Amount:                                  # of Members:
ABOVE 1%                                         2
ABOVE 10%                                        3
ABOVE 20%                                        4
ABOVE 40%                                        5
ABOVE 60%                                        6
ABOVE 80%                                        7

You can also bring gang members along with you in cars.

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