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  __  __ ___    __        __  __  ___   __
  |_| |_  |  | ||_| |\ |  | | |_   | |_||_  
  | \ |_  |  |_|| \ | \|  |_| |    | | ||_

     | / *
     |/          _    
     |\  | |\ | | |
     | \ | | \| |_|

6.About me

Cross=Speed attack or shoot
Circle=Physical Attack
Square=Parry and/or deflect
Triangle=Fierce atack
R1=Activate objects or pick up items
R2=Killing Move
L1=Ranged item
L2=nothing important
R3=Nothing important

If your now just starting a new game you should use Aragorn because he has good 
offense and speed.
If you like bows and arrows, pick Legolas. Once he's on Level 10 with all the 
Upgrades he's unbeatable.
If you like axes or if your an expert you should use this funny guy.
~Gandalf the White~
If you like magic and stuff like that choose this 10,000 year old wizard. Very 
The fat kid that's Frodo's guardian. He's really strong in perfect mode.
The ring bearer. You play with Frodo on the last level and Frodo sucks on level 1!
This Gondor captin, and brother of Baramir, is one awsome guy once you have a lot of 
This little guy rocks. He has an advantage towards big people. Him and Merry are 
Merry is sorta cool and strong on some levels.

3. ~~~~~WALKTHROUGH~~~~~

 If you now turned on the PS2 then they will start a new game for you. A movie cut 
is what you see and can tell when it goes into the game. You'll start out as 
Gandalf, so here you go!

~~~~~Helms Deep~~~~~ Character: Gandalf
 Fight fight and fight until Legolas calls for help. Run over to the ladder,climb it 
and kill the Orcs on the Deeping Wall. Now Aragorn will call for help to take down 
the T.N.T. Run over where Legolas jumped down, push R1 and you'll slide down the 
rope. Run over to themissle launchers and push R1 to fire it. Then run to the next 
one and fire it and then the next one. After you shot the launcher and the TNT blows 
up you will beat this level. Easy huh? Now it wil take you back to the main screen 
and three new ways will unlock. Go to the one on the left.

~~~~~Road to Isenguard~~~~~ Character: Gandalf
 You start out and you will see Orcs running. Chase after them until 2 Orcs come up 
to you and try to kill you,knock them down and continue on the path. After you go a 
litte while you'll see the Trees from the Two Towers. Orcs will run out and kill 
them. Don't forget about the one on the log. To kill him shoot a magic blast and run 
forward. What do you know,more ORCs! Kill them and keep going until you come to a 
vally type place. "Checkpoint" goes across the screen. Run down the path and 4 or 5 
Orcs will attack you, kill them and a picture will appear at the top right hand 
corner. Kill 75 guys to go on. Once you kill seventy-five guys go through the path 
that the Tree knocked down. Continue on this path and kill all the Orcs in your way. 
When you come to a place where there is an Orc arching you. Kill him, run up a 
little and more Orcs come. Shoot the TNT to kill most of them. Continue and go up 
the path and you'll see Checkpoint go across the screen. Run ahead and kill the Orc 
and TNT on the other side of the cliff to destroy the towers. Run across the brigde 
and kill the Orcs. Run to the right and Orcs will attack you. Kill them and continue 
down the path. Kill more Orcs and at the end at scene will appear. It shows a tree 
trying to pull the bars that hold the dam together. Protect that tree from being 
shot at to complete the Level.

~~~~~Minas Tirith-Top Wall~~~~~
___________________           __________________                                     
| LST            T |          |  T        RST   |
|______________    |__________|     ____________|
               |                   |
               | C                T|

LST=Left Seige Tower
RST=Right Seige Tower

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