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     I made a guide like this, but couldn't strain my mind to recover my year-long 
dormant account, so I'm revising it here. And making it friendlier to those like 
myself with grammar.

1.Chao types
  e-How to get these chao
  2.Chao gradings
  a- E and D
  b- C and B
  c- A and S
  d- Why they matter
  3.Chao gardens
  d-Why they differ
  4.Interesting things
  b-Chao behavior
  c-False tellings
  d-Warnings about the Chaos Chaos
  1.Chao types
  Neutral-These chao are the most basic chaos, they have a yellow ball over 
head, a sky-blue body, with yellow tips on their head, back, arms, and legs. One 
advantage is they can enter both hero and dark races. Their age is measured by how 
large their tail is.

(Note: Chaos Chaos have no mouth.)

  Hero-These chao are a bit more complex, they have a white body with blue tips on 
their head, back, arms, and legs, with two blue spheres on the top center part of 
head, which has a blue, light blue, yellow, orange, pink, red, or green halo 
overhead. Their age is measured by how large the two spheres are.
  Dark-These chao are black with red tips all over, with a devil tail, bat 
wings, slanted eyes, a spike ball hovering overhead, and a semicircle mark on its 
chest. These chaos are blue-eyed, and they don't look very sinister at all. I have 
to find out how you measure their age. 
  Chaos-These are extremely complex chao, they can be hero, neutral, or dark. The 
is white and pink, with flowing hair, a transperent gold halo, and transperent 
(Note: This chao is very feminine.) The 
neutral chaos chaos are tansperent in a lot of places, but I don't know much more 
about it. The dark chaos chao is Devil-esque. It has orange and red flames on its 
arms and legs, (They look 
like they were painted on), it has horns supporting a floating blue flame. It has a 

  To get a neutral chao, you must keep its ball yellow, it will go into a blue 
cocoon, and emerge the same it was before. (Note:It's ball could change color 
depending on how you got its ball to stay the same.) To get a hero chao, you must 
feed it hero fruit or pet it with a hero, or abuse it with a dark character, but I 
don't recommend the abuse. Dark chaos, you must give it dark fruit, pet it with a 
character, or abuse it with a hero. I still don't recommend the abuse. 
Chaos chaos have a different life cycle. You 
have to let it reincarnate 2 times, it has to like you or it will flat out die 
(This means you have to pet it, this is the easiest way, for if you pet it enough, 
it will come to you if you whistle. This is how you know your Chao likes you.)  As 
soon as you give it all 21 animals, wait until the next reincarnation. After the 
second reincarnation, (Which takes time 
because it takes 30 hours to let it reincarnate twice.) Once it evolves into a 
hero, neutral, or dark, the normal evolution music will change from the original, 
and will be cathedral-esque music,and it will emerge a 
chaos chao!

  2.Chao gradings
  E's and D's are the worse grades, each time it grows up a level, its points will 
up to 15 at the highest, I would not recommend a chao to be turned into a chaos 
with one of these grades.
  C's and B's are moderate, the score for each level can go up to 23 These are sort 
of good grades, it would be ok for a chaos chao.
  A's and S's are the absolute best,these can go up to 30+ if you have a chao with 
these rare stats, start training, because the wait for a chaos chao would pay off 
  These scores depend on how good your chao is doing, these chao are easy to raise 
with good scores. If you have a maxed out chao with good stats, it could be 
invincible in races or in chao karate.

  3.Chao gardens
  Neutral garden-This garden is a basic landscape, and it open to every chao.
  Hero garden-This has deeper, fresher water with a fountain and a paradise 
landscape. It is open once you have a hero chao.
  Dark garden-This has deeper,err...Blood.With a hellish lanscape, graves, and 
mountains, this is open once you get a dark chao.

  These differ from fruit, and behavior capabilities, like if you put two of hero 
two of dark chaos in the neutral garden, they would start yelling at each other. 
chaos like hero fruit, and hero chaos LOVE dark fruit. I don't know why...

  4.Interesting things
  A superglitch I found in the neutral garden is that the space with the weed next 
to the forcefeild and the cliffs, yeah, with sonic or shadow go up to the space, 
up, and keep doing the homing attack, you should penetrate the forcefeild, and fly, 
you go inside the clouds,your chaos should swim underground. It doesn't hurt them 
anything. Once you leave the sky, there is a black and blue pattern as your 

  Some chaos that you have fed it a boar, and it still has its characteristics, may 
be a "footbal chao", tackling others whenever it feels like it. A chao fed with a 
dragon may breath fire time to time. (One of my trees is still recovering)And a 
that you have fed a skunk,might...err...."pass gas" whenever it likes.

  Some people think it's funny to mess other people up, I tried that "Chao dying in 
the birdcage thing" a lot, yet they just escape. Tails won't drown in hero or dark 
water, I've waited for two hours, and nothing!

  A caution you might want to take-when you are about to have a chao 
reincarnate, MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT GIVE IT HEAD GEAR. If you do and it 
reincarnates, the head gear will stay on even after it hatches, and their head will 
be replaced by whatever you gave it. I have a chaos chao that has a pumpkin 
for a head because of it. I learned the hard way.

                         Legal stuff
                Copyright 2004-2006 All rights reserved
If there are any questions, e-mail me at [email protected], or at 
[email protected]

                       Well you've learned what I have to say (Err... Type)
                      THE END.
  What are you waiting for, this is good stuff, now go 
away, stop reading, DO SOMETHING...

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