Robbing Houses Part II (Finding The Right Truck) - Guide for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

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Many people have been asking where to find the van that you need to rob a house.  
Well im about to tell you.  The van that you need is called the BOXVILLE.  And it 
has to be the black one.  If its not black then you cant use it.  

The boxville is shaped almost like a box.  I know, the name gave it away didn't 
it.  Its the same shape as a UPS truck in real life.  

You hardly see it driving around.  There are 2 main locations for the boxville.  
One is in the bushed directly south of the Ganton Gym near CJ's house in Los Santos.
The second is Behind Partailly sealed walls Southwest of you're garage in San 
Fierro.  Use the Jetpack to get to it.  It will save a lot of time.  The Las 
Venturas location is not a Fixed location so stick to the Los Santos and San Fierro 

Now when you get the truck its time to rob a house.  You can only access the 
mission in the night from 22:00 to 6:00 the next day.  This is typicall, because 
who would rob a house in the day.  When you access the mission look for yellow 
arrows that will tell you which houses you can rob.  Park you're van with the back 
by the door for easy delivery.

Be carefull which house you choose because some houses have people standing outside 
or sitting on the steps so why rob the house.  Rob one in an area where you dont 
see much people and less chaos.  

When inside the house be quite because you dont want to wake the sleepers, unless 
you want to wake them up and start something.  You know what I mean.  Take items 
like TV's, Radios's, you know stuff like those.  

The reason I tell you to park the back to the door so when you carry the items 
outside the van is right there.  If a police sees you with a TV in your hand 
sneaking up to a black van in the middle of the night they will be suspicous and 
even chase you.  So keep it on the DL if you know what I mean.  

When you finish drive to the lockup that will pop up on your radar because its time 
to get paid.  Now I know you fealing that.  Now listen people, if you didn't steal 
anything dont go to the lockup expecting to get any money because you'll only look 
like a fool.  That wasn't harsh was it.  Sorry if I offended anyone in anyway.  Who 
am i kidding.  You can cry for all I care. 

Now remember, Its the black boxville at night, KNOCK YOURSELF OUT. 

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