Rock Moves - Guide for WWF: Road to Wrestlemania

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                                     The Rock 
                                  Front Grapple
Club To Neck:B
Elbow Strike:B + Up
Overhand Punch:B+<
Scoop Slam:A
                                    Back Grapple
Forearm Smash:B
Standing Clothesline:B+down+left+up
Falling Back Drop:A
Atomic Drop:A+down+<+up
Running DDT:A
                                      Irish Wip
Back Toss:A
                    Standing Near Prone Opponents Head (face up)
Elbow Drop:B
                    Standing Near Prone Opponents Head(face down)
Rock Stomp:B
                                  Opponent In corner
10 Punch:B
                                Standing on Turnbuckle 
Double Axe Handle:B
Back Elbow Drop:A
                            Now go have fun kicken ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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