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                           Guitar Hero III
                         An FAQ by Adam McCoy

Mode Features:

Easy: Features the Red, Yellow, and Green buttons and goes at the the slowest
speed. There are few double notes.

Medium: Features the R, Y, G, and Blue buttons and goes faster than Easy. Alot 
of double notes and the songs have a little more notes.

Hard: Features the R, Y, G, B, And orange buttons and goes faster than Easy and 
Medium has a ton of switching between notes, double notes, and slides.

Expert: Features all buttons at a rapid speed, switches all over the screen, 
very hard notes and very fast, the songs have about 400 notes to be hit for a 
100% on the song and there are double, even triple notes in all songs.


Career: Jam out on the guitar by yourself on an exhausting adventure mode 
feature. Each song well completed will earn you $300 for the store to buy 
things. There are four songs per arena, usually 3 out of 4 songs have to be 
completed to move on. If all three songs are preformed well, than you have the 
chance to play an encore, in which you unlock another song in quick play. 
Sometimes you have to face a boss in a battle after you complete the three 
songs. The bosses feature Tom Marello, Slash, and others. Once you beat a boss,
you can choose to play an encore with them which also after the battle, you 
have a chance to buy the boss in the character section of the store for $10,000.

The Store(In the options section):

The Store: Here you can use your hard earned money from career or Co-Op career 
to buy things like guitars, guitar finishes, characters, bonus songs, videos, 
styles, and outfits. I recommend coming here with at least $10,000.

Co-op Career: 

Co-op Career: Here you can basically play career with a friend. Instead of $300 
per song you get $75, but here, in case you mess up, you got a friend to cover 
you. There are also no boss battles, but still encores.

Quick Play:

Quick Play: Here you can play all the songs you have unlocked in Career. This 
is only one player. You can also play bonus songs here.


Multiplayer: Here you can have two people face off in Face Off, Pro Face Off, 
or Battle mode. In face off, you both play the same song on one difficulty at 
the same time. In Pro Face Off, you both play the same song on your choice of 
difficulties taking turns playing the song. In battle, you both face off trying 
to mess each other up. There is no star power, instead there is battle power 
where you hit spinning blade notes and tip the guitar up to use power up's like 
amp overload and broken string to hurt your other player's performance. If you 
tie you go into sudden death and use a power up called death drain until your 
oppenent loses.

Thank you to and everyone who is reading this!

Name: Adam McCoy
E-mail: [email protected]


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