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Hi every body... This is blahismyword ([email protected]) With Version 1 of Grand 
Theft Auto: San Andreas' Accurate Car names.

Last updated: February 23, 2005

Complete List of Cars


Huntley- Land Rover Range Rover
Landstalker- Jeep Grand Cherokee
Perrenial- Chevrolet Nova
Rancher- Chevrolet Blazer
Regina- Ford LTD
Romero- Hearse
Solair- Ford Taurus

2 Door Compacts and Sedans

Alpha- Dodge Stealth
Blista Compact- Honda Civic CRX
Bravura- Mercury Cougar
Buccaneer- Chevrolet Monte Carlo
Cadrona- Chevrolet Cavalier
Club- Volkswagen Golf
Esperanto- Cadillac ElDorado
Feltzer- Mercedes-Benz SL
Fortune- Ford Thunderbird
Hermes- Mercury
Hustler- Ford Hotrod
Majestic- Pontiac Grand Prix
Manana- Dodge Aries
Picador- Chevrolet El Camino
Previon- Nissan Pulsar
Stafford- Rolls-Royce Spirit
Stallion- Ford Mustang
Tampa- Dodge Coronet
Virgo- Lincoln Mark 7

4 Door Luxury Sedans

Admiral- Mercedes-Benz 300D
Elegant- Buick Roadmaster
Emperor- Infiniti J30
Euros- Nissan 240SX
Glendale- Chevrolet Bel-Air
Greenwood- Chrysler Fifth Avenue
Intruder- Chevrolet Lumina
Merit- Ford Crown Victoria
Nebula- Buick Century
Oceanic- Dodge Coronet
Premier- Chevrolet Caprice
Primo-Toyota Corolla
Sentinel- BMW 7
Stretch- Lincoln Town Car
Sunrise- Acura Legend/Honda Accord
Tahoma- Chevrolet Monte Carlo
Vincent- Mercedes-Benz E120
Washington- Lincoln Mark 7
Willard- Dodge Dynasty

Street Racers

Elegy- Nissan Skyline
Flash- Honda Civic Hatchback
Jester- Toyota Supra
Stratum- Saturn Twin Cam
Sultan- Subaru WRX STi
Uranus- Eagle Talon


Blade-Chevrolet Caprice
Broadway- Cadillac
Remington- Lincoln Mark 5
Savanna- Chevrolet Bel-Air
Slamvan- Chevrolet CST
Tornado- Chevrolet Biscayne
Voodoo- Chevrolet Impala


Banshee- Dodge Viper
Bullet- Ford GT40
Cheetah- Ferrari Testarossa
Comet- Porsche 911
Infernus- Acura NSX
Super GT- Mitsubishi 3000GT
Turismo- Ferrari F50
Windsor- Jaguar Convertible
ZR-350- Mazda RX-7


RC Van- Ford Econoline
Bobcat- Ford Ranger
Walton- Chevrolet Farm Truck
Yosemite- GMC Sierra

Muscle Cars

Buffalo- Acura Integra
Clover- Plymouth Barracuda
Phoenix- Pontiac Trans Am
Sabre- Chevrolet Chevelle SS


BF Injection- Volkswagen Dune Buggy
Camper- Volkswagen Microbus
Journey- GMC RV
Mesa- Jeep Wrangler
Monster- Chevrolet S10 Monster


Cabbie- New York City Cab
Patriot- Hummer H1
Taxi- Ford Crown Victoria

I made this as accurate as I possibly could, so it would be helpful.
Thanks to gtarox2much for the Hustler, Walton, Slamvan, and the Previon.

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