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OK I decided to write my own review on how your girlfriend will ask you to come 
into her house for "coffee" if you catch my drift.  :::...YAY...::: 

1. HUNGRY: If the girl wants to go get something to eat, just take her a fast food 
or a fancy place to eat. If she like the date just take her there every time shes 

2. FUN (not the kind your thinking about}: If your girl wants to go driving, you 
might say AWW DAMN!!!! But, driving is very simple once you get it. All you have to 
do is take baby steps when driving(hitting X every 3/4s a second), the best car I 
suggest with alot of sex appeal is the CADDY!!!! you can spawn it because thats the 
only way i know how.Now back to the tips, If she says CJ your driving too fast!!! 
hit square and hold on it until your speed is just about the same as the other 
pedestrian cars. If she says slow down well, same thing, you hold on X until your 
driving about as fast as everyone else.

3. DANCING(still not what your thinking about...) If your girl wants to go dancing 
its pretty simple, take her to the nearest club and DANCE HER SOCKS OFF!!!! However 
if your dating Babara the nearest club is in Los Venturas so... Bad luck. Ok these 
are the 3 things ive come across so far and i dont think there are any else. 

4. PROGRESS BAR:If you get the progress bar until max without killing her youll get 
her car keys. ...:::YAY:::.... If you get it near the max youll get a gift, for 
instance, Babara bought me a cop suit so i can go around and point my gun at people 
and pretend im cool.

Well, all I can say if she invites you in for coffee, unless your gay, you better 
reply positively.

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