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    This is part 2 of my faq.I will hopefully update another faq after this 
is what else I have.

Cars-There are many cars to choose from in San Andreas.Some are fast and some are 
slow.If you are in a hurry,try to get a Banshee or Super GT.They are common in San 
Fiero.You can find a Banshee next to the gym in San Fiero.It has plenty appeal to 
your girlfriend as I mentioned in the last faq.Las Venturas has the best sports 
cars and cars with plenty of appeal.After 
the Wang's Auto strand of missions,go to the import/export dock down at the harbor 
in San Fiero.After you get all 30 cars in, you should be able to import nice cars.

Radio Trick-If there is a song on the radio that you don't like,try this.Switch to 
the next station and back.When the name of the station that you're listening to 
turns yellow,flip it right then and back.It should change to another song.It may 
take a few trys to get it to work,but it will work.Repeat if desired.

Police Department Trick-Did you get arrested while driving a nice car?There is one 
way that you can get it back.Get a police car or motorcycle and drive to the city 
police department (it is on the map that came with the game).(This trick only works 
in San Fiero and i think Los Santos).Drive to the police department.Go around to 
side.On one of the sides you will see a gate with an officer standing near it in a 
shack.If you are in a police car or motorcycle,drive up do the gate and wait for 
officer to open it.Drive on in to a big garage door with another officer near it in 
a window.It will open as well.Go on in.Do not get out of the car or off the 
motorcycle yet!Drive to the end of the garage.Your car may sometimes appear 
there.If its there,park next to it and very quickly get into your old car.Get out 
of there 
fast.The garage door should open back up.You may have to drive through the gate to 
get out.You may get a three star wanted level tring this.

Gang tags-I can't tell you were they all are,but i can tell you what you'll get 
when you 
get them all.You will get a sawed off shotgun,a tec-9,and some molotov cocktails 
when you get them.Check some of the other faqs for tag locations.There are 100 tags.

San Fiero photos-There are certain things that you must take pictures of in San 
Fiero.I would wait until night before i would take pictures.You can see the icon 
where you must take a picture.You may have to zoom in before the succesful picture 
is taken.It will tell tou that another picture has been taken.There are 50 photos.

Las Venturas Horseshoes-In Las Venturas there are 50 horseshoes that you must 
collect.They are in spread locations through out the city.They are a gleaming 
  *You will get some weapons after you complete each of these tasks.*
  The gang tag weapons will be at CJ's house in Los Santos.
  The photo weapons will be at your garage in San Fiero.
  The horseshoe weapons will be at the Four Dragons Casino in Las Venturas.

Unique Stunt Jumps-Unique Stunt Jumps are not reqired to beat the game 100% like in 
Vice City.They are located throughout San Andreas.

My reccomendation-you should buy the strategy guide to get you through the 
missions,gang tags,photos,and horseshoes.There is many more things in the guide as 

Clothes-Clothes contribute to your appeal and respect.The more expensive the item 
the more appeal it has (most of the time).Green colored clothes give you more 

Tattoos-Tattoos are like clothes they give you appeal and respect.After you unlock 
Las Venturas,go to the tattoo studio next to the norther part of the strip.It has 
tattoos that give you more appeal and respect.

Haircuts-Haircuts hive you appeal and respect as well.Get a blond cornrow style 
haircut.It has the most appeal and respect.

  That is it for now.I will try to update soon.If you have any questions,email me 
[email protected] for reading.

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