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 Thank you for reading my walkthrough.San Andreas is sometimes hard and simple.I 
haven't beat it 100% yet,but i have the story missions complete.

Girlfriends-Try not to have more than 2 girlfriends.It is hard to keep up with more 
than 2.On each date,give them flowers and a kiss.
Here is a list and their times to be dated.

Helena-8:00-12:00 or 14:00-2:00
Also,drive a nice car and wear nice clothes.
Most girlfriends have a restraunt near their home.

Weapons-Keep an AK-47 or an M4 packed.Keep a Tec-9,Mac-10,or an MP5 packed with you 
as well.A Good pistol is handy,too.

Money-Kill the drug dealers on the street.They carry $2000 each.Easy money.Try to 
keep a decent amount of money with you.Don't bet too much money in the casinos.Bet 
small amounts of money until your money builds up.

Police-The police are everywhere in San Andreas.Don't highjack a car,hit someone,or 
fire a weapon with the police around.If you get one star,drive away and you 
should lose it.

Eating-If CJ gets hungry,go to a restraunt and eat.If you don't want him to get 
fat,eat a salad.If you want to fatten him up some, eat the meal before the salad.Do 
not eat more than twelve meals!If you do he will throw up and all the fat will be 
lost from that meal.

   I will update this soon! 

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