Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

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San Fierro Help

San Fierro

This city, based on San Francisco, has a number of huge hills on which to get Insane 
Stunts. It also features one of the few exterior save points, so if you want to 
build up your weapon skills, start blasting away with your chosen weapon on the 
civilians near the garage, then hit the save point when the cops start coming. A 
couple dozen cycles of this will let you max out a weapon skill, but you’ll have to 
have plenty of ammo, obviously. 

The hidden items here come in the form of screenshots that you can only see when 
you’re using your camera. Check our Extras section for more details and locations of 


With Flowers In Your Hair 

After you’re done screwing around in San Fierro, you can start taking missions. The 
first isn’t given by any specific NPC, but is listed as "CJ" on your map. This is a 
simple little escort mission, where you have to take Truth around to find a few 
friends. No combat, no wanted stars, no high-speed chases; just get your garage set 
up and start getting your business running. 

555 We Tip 

Tenpenny wants you to frame a D.A. by loading up his car with dope while he makes a 
stop at a hotel. 

First off, head to the Vank Hoff hotel downtown and follow the valet into the 
garage. After he gets out of the car, kill him and take his uniform before returning 
to the hotel’s driveway. You’ll have to wait for the D.A. to arrive in his car, but 
don’t worry about memorizing its make and model; you’ll be notified when it arrives. 
Note that you can’t just kill the other valets here to make sure that they don’t get 
the car, because if you do, you’ll fail the mission. 

After the D.A. comes up, grab his car and drive back to your garage. You don’t have 
to worry about any damage, so head two blocks west, then floor it back south until 
you hit your stash. You’ll then have to drive it carefully back up to the hotel; you 
can damage it a bit, but if it takes too much damage, you’ll fail. When you get to 
the hotel, watch out for valets on the ramp down to the parking garage, as killing 
either of them will be an insta-fail as well. 

When you have the car safely stowed away, return outside and call the cops. 


This is another two-parter. Firstly, grab a bulldozer and destroy the six portable 
trailers in the construction lot above your garage. You have to get a bit of 
momentum behind yourself before you can actually pop the trailers, and you’ll have 
to be careful about getting jacked by the construction workers, but apart from that, 
this shouldn’t be too difficult. 

Next up, you have to kill off the construction foreman, who’s holed up inside a 
portable john. You’ll have to maneuver him into the ditch near his position - the 
dozer should suit you well for this task - then back up a cement mixer and fill in 
the ditch while he’s in it. 

After that bit of Hoffaesque business is taken care of, wait for Jethro to call you 
on your cell; when he does, you’ll be able to take some driving school classes at 
the facility down the road to the south. 

Back To School 

The driving school takes the form of 12 discrete driving challenges, each of which 
will force you to score 70% or higher to pass. For most of them, the trick is to 
avoid hitting cones, as they pop up a 10% or 20% penalty. The good news is that the 
tests are short, and thus easy to repeat over and over until you pass them. 

The exception is, of course, the last mission. This sees you trying to get from the 
driving school all the way to a bay halfway across the city without getting damaged, 
all in under two minutes. You have significantly more leeway on the damage than you 
do the time, though; the damage takes the form of a percentage penalty, not an 
automatic failure, so don’t get too concerned if you bump somebody. 

It is actually possible to get 100% on this mission, but regardless of your goals, 
it's probably easiest to head down to the road that runs along the docks and follow 
that along to the checkpoint, then double back and head back to the docks before 
returning to the school. Even a minor scratch will be enough to reduce you below 
100% completion, but if you're only concerned with passing, then it should be easy 
enough to get to the checkpoint and back within two minutes. The main problem will 
be the car's wonky controls; it's a powerful beast, but can spin out quite easily at 
high speeds, thus necessitating a bit of braking when attempting to go around turns. 
Even when making minor adjustments, you'll want to let go of the gas. 

Another large problem will of course be the presence of other cars and pedestrians 
on the roadways. If possible, try to tilt the right analog stick up before heading 
over hills; this will let you get a bird's-eye-view of what's oncoming and let you 
know whether or not it's safe to make a jump into the oncoming lane. It'll take a 
few repetitions, but you should be able to repeat the mission as often as you like 
until you get your desired completion percentage. 

Photo Opportunity 

Cesar’s got a line on some Ballas that have been running dope into San Andreas, so 
meet up with him in the back country. Don’t worry about keeping your car in nice 
condition on the way down there, but Cesar will refuse to get into any car but his 
own, so you’ll need to keep his in one piece until you hit Angel Pine. 

When you do reach your old haunt, all you have to do to complete the mission is 
photograph four men, but you’ll have to get a close-up of their faces. Two arrive in 
the garage across from your position, while two more roll up on the road off to the 
right. After you get them all, you’ll have to make your way all the way back to the 
garage in San Fierro before your next mission. Ugh. 


The delightfully named Jizzy is apparently the biggest pimp in town, and if CJ wants 
to get close to the Ballas connections, he’ll have to get close to Jizzy. 

You’ve got four tasks to run for Jizzy before he’ll start giving you missions, 
though, and you’ll have to do all of them in his pimpmobile, so keep the collisions 
to a minimum. First off, drop off the girl at the hotel, then head up to Hashbury 
and take out the rival pimp. The pimp will run south when you catch up to him, so 
approach from that direction and drop him before he manages to get around the 
corner. As a note, if you want to have a stashed Pimpmobile (you'll need to get to 
level 10 in this mini-game if you want a 100% complete savegame), shoot Jizzy's 
girl, then take the Pimpmobile and stash it in your garage before retrying the 
mission. The pimpmobiles can be tough to find, so it's worth getting one stored away 

Next up is a timed run towards a ho in trouble, so get to her before the hometer 
runs out and kill the two freaks before they ice her. If you've taken any damage to 
your car after you rescue her, you'll probably want to head to a Pay N' Spray to get 
your vehicle fixed up, as the next bit is going to be even rougher on your ride. 

The last mission here is the toughest, as you’ll have to take down two cars while 
still in the same pimpmobile; use your Uzi to do most of the damage to avoid 
wrecking your ride. After both cars are destroyed, you’ll end the mission, but you 
will have a two-star wanted level to contend with as you make your way back to a 
save point. Luckily, you can ditch the ride and grab something else to ride back to 
the garage with. (As a note, the limo here will apparently wreck itself when it hits 
a fountain if you just follow it long enough, so if you run out of ammo, just hang 
back and see what happens.) 


Now, this one’s just plain fun. After the cutscene with T-Bone and Toreno ends, grab 
the rocket launcher and sniper rifle and get on the bike. You’ve got four roadblocks 
to take out before the van can get to its destination, so hit the first one as soon 
as possible. The other three are fairly close to the first, so if your Sanchez gets 
destroyed, you can probably just proceed on foot. The only thing to be careful for 
are the soldiers that are watching the road from the windows of buildings; you can 
lock onto them fairly easily with your Uzi or SMG, though, so you shouldn’t have a 

When you get the van to where it’s going, you’ll complete the mission, but you’ll 
get three wanted stars. Book it back to the garage and save your game to get in the 

The Courier 

The Courier isn’t actually a discrete mission. Rather, if you accept Cesar’s phone 
calls on Wednesdays and Saturdays, he’ll let you know that a courier is running drug 
money from San Fierro to San Andreas; if you take him up on the challenge to track 
the courier down, you can make a fair amount of money when you get the kill, but 
it’s difficult to actually find the guy. As Cesar says, the guy goes off-country, so 
if you don’t have a Sanchez or some other kind of vehicle that can handle itself in 
the dirt, you can expect to have the courier ride circles around you. You can always 
wait until he hits pavement before making your move, but it’s still an awful amount 
of effort for a relatively small payday (you generally get a couple thousand 

Ice Cold Killa 

After you nab the silenced pistol from Cesar, take a ride down to Jizzy’s club and 
climb in through the skylight. You’ll have to use the scaffolding near the bridge 
pillar to get above the roof, then drop down. Once you’re inside the club, you can 
just turn around and fall off the edge of the plank to the floor to start the next 
cutscene; although it looks like you’re high enough to take some major falling 
damage, the cutscene actually begins before you hit the ground, so no need to worry. 

After the cutscene, you can either blast out all the fools in the club, or head 
straight for the door to give chase to Jizzy. He’ll take off in a fairly speedy car, 
so avoid the limo next to him and go for one of the cars in the parking lot instead. 
Blow his car, chase him down on foot, and grab his cell to complete the mission. 

Pier 69 

Now that you’ve put a dent in the cocaine cartel by killing Jizzy, you’ll have to 
take down T-Bone and Ryder. Start off by meeting up with Cesar on a building near 
the docks; there’s a barely visible alleyway behind the building, with a set of 
stairs leading up to the roof. On it, you’ll have to use a sniper rifle to pick off 
the gang members that are assaulting your Triad friends.

When the roof’s clear, move down to the streets and start proceeding towards the 
rear of the building. Although the cutscene made some noise about smoke grenades, 
you should be able to use your sniper rifle to full effect here, after you clear the 
first little set of car obstacles. You can use the sniper rifle to shoot out the 
bangers from farther away than they can see you, so take your time and get your 
headshots. Your initial target is T-Bone, who's positioned at the far end of the 
pier, right up next to the fence near the water, so get up onto the wooden walkways 
and snipe him out from above. 

After T-Bone gets grilled, Ryder’ll make a break for it in a boat, so give chase and 
engage in one of those always-plausible marine drivebys. If you run out of ammo, 
you’ll have to ram his boat onto land to make it blow up, but Ryder can’t shoot you, 
so you shouldn’t have any problem staying alive long enough to effect this. If you 
do want to try the driveby, it seems to be easiest to approach him from the left, 
then use the R2 button to aim right while holding down both the X and the O buttons 
with your thumb; this will let you continually fire without having to let go of the 
accelerator. After the boat blows up, you'll be 15 grand richer and that much closer 
to getting to Las Venturas. 

Toreno’s Last Flight 

After Jizzy, T-Bone, and Ryder’s deaths, the only living member of the cartel is 
Toreno. Cesar’ll give you a little intel at the beginning of the mission; seems 
Toreno is riding out of San Fierro in a helicopter, which you’ll need to shoot down 
if you want to ensure that Grove Street stays free of base. 

Begin by riding over to the helipad. There’ll be a bunch of Ballas around the area, 
firing away at you, but try to avoid killing every single one of them, as you will 
get stars for their deaths, and having a wanted level higher than one star will make 
the following little test much harder. You see, after you get close to the 
helicopter, it’ll take off, forcing you to give chase, rocket launcher in tow. Jump 
on the motorcycle at the bottom of the helipad and ride down the freeway, stopping 
every once in a while to fire away at the heli. All it takes is one or two good 
shots to crash it, but it’s tough to hit due to the way it slides from side to side 
over the road. If you can’t hit it before it heads south of San Fiero, it’ll hover 
over the point where the freeway forks, so wait for it there and slam it. 

Yay Ka-Boom-Boom 

Now that you’ve offed the heads of the crack operation, you can strike the decisive 
blow by destroying the factory that they use to make their product. Begin by getting 
a wired car from the garage that Wu Zi refers you to. Don’t worry, there isn’t any 
requirement to keep the bouncing to a minimum, as there was in Vice City; you can 
bang the car up as much as you want, although you’ll want to keep it fairly healthy 
before you reach the factory. 

When you do hit up the facility, kill the guards outside to convince them to open 
their gates, then bust through the guards (just run them down to prevent them from 
firing on you), find the ramp leading into the building, and drive until you reach 
the bombing location. Ignore anyone you meet; it’s not worth risking damage to your 
car by running around and attempting to drive-by everyone that’s firing on you. 

After activating the bomb, you’ll have 40 seconds to get out of the building before 
it blows. Again, don’t worry about the guards; just hold down your run button and 
head for the exit, and you should make it out without any problems. You’ll have to 
fight your way back to the gate, but before you can run out, it’ll shut! Your last 
resort is to take the car that the homeboys were driving and jump the ramp to leave 
the factory. This isn’t difficult, but the car isn’t armor-plated or anything, so 
you’ll need to get out fairly quickly or it’ll explode due to all the gunfire. 


T-Bone Mendez 

Your task here is to reach a hijacked drug van and grab the loot off of it before it 
can be taken away, but unfortunately you'll be too late; four motorcycles will beat 
you to the scene and grab the drugs before you can retrieve them. Luckily for you, 
they'll leave a motorcycle behind, allowing you to give chase. 

In order to grab the drug packages, you're going to have to tail one of the bikes, 
get real close to its tail end, then hit L1 to nab the package. This can be 
difficult to do, but if you manage to catch up to the bikes while they're on 
straightaways, they should continue to move straight ahead, allowing you to roll up 
and make like the Hamburgler. You don't even really have to slow down, if you don't 
want; you can just speed past them and tap the L1 button precisely as you reach your 
point of closest contact with them, then just keep going. It's fun! For the most 
part, though, it's easiest to try and match their speeds before grabbing the loot. 

If you're taking your time with this mission, then the hijackers may try to chase 
you down on their bikes after you take the loot off of theirs, so keep moving and 
use the center of the streets to avoid traffic and boost your speed. When you have 
all four packages, return to Jizzy to complete the mission. 

Mike Toreno 

Mike, the badass brains behind the whole cocaine operation, has apparently been 
kidnapped by more bangers looking to score by taking a van of the coke. It’s up to 
you and T-Bone to track him down while he talks to you on his cellphone. 

Luckily, whomever grabbed the van apparently enjoys joyriding immediately after they 
jack a truck full of blow, as you’ll have to track Toreno to the building site next 
to your garage, then down to the docks, then over to the airport before you catch up 
to them. If you get there with more than two minutes remaining on the clock, the van 
will be parked somewhere on the airport grounds. In order to locate it, you'll need 
to play hot-and-cold with Mike's cell phone transponder. When you have a strong 
signal, Mike is nearby; if it starts to go cold, then you're moving away from him. 
With this device, you should be able to track down Mike, but be aware of the fact 
that the van he's in will start moving when the clock starts ticking down from 2:00. 

When you do find it, though, you'll be able to get alongside it and let T-Bone bust 
a cap in it. Eventually you'll get a message telling you to kill all of the goons. 
When this pops up, you'll want to drive a bit away before getting out of your car 
and killing the goons from a distance. 

After you torch the van, you’ll have to get Mike and T-Bone back to the Pay N Spray 
to lose the cops. You can only do this in a car that can be painted, so avoid 
jacking a police car if you can avoid it. The easiest way to get to the spray shop 
is to take the turn onto the highway, then drive in the oncoming lane until you 
reach the section with the unfinished left wall. You can drop from there right onto 
the Pay N Spray ramp. 

Wu Zi Mu

Mountain Cloud Boys 

It looks like Wu Zi’s been having some trouble from the Vietnamese gangs, and 
shortly after you begin this mission, you’ll be caught up in the middle of it, as 
the Vietnamese ambush you and Wu Zi in an alleyway. 

Despite your fantasies of escape, you can't hop into the Sentinal that the first 
group arrive in and drive away; you'll be blocked at the alley entrance by another 
car and quickly blown to bits. You'll thus have to head out the slow way, by killing 
off all of the enemies as they come at you. After the first load from the Sentinal, 
four more will arrive on a pair of bikes; after they're dispatched, you'll need to 
deal with the rest of the horde in the alley around the corner, including a sniper 
on one of the rooftops. This latter is going to be the biggest pain, and will likely 
be out of range of your SMG lock-on, so you may have to manually aim at him to put 
him down. If you have a rocket launcher, then this little gauntlet can be completed 
much more easily. 

When you reach the end of the alley, Wu Zi and Carl will hop into a car and attempt 
to bust out of the alleyway, only to be pursued by a pair of hostile cars. All you 
can really do here is wait for Wu to bust a cap into the other vehicles, so try and 
get a bit ahead of them and match their speed; Wu can fire backwards fairly well, 
and he'll blow up the opposing cars much more quickly than they'll damage you, 
allowing you to outlast them. 

Ran Fa Li 

An associate of Wu Zi’s requires a favor, and Wu, like any good puppetmaster, places 
the favor on you. You’ll need to retrieve a package from the underground parking lot 
at the airport and move it all the way back to the docks. Getting there is the easy 
part; you’ll have to deal with Danang assassins during the entirety of the trip back 
to the docks. The main trouble will come in the form of a pair of bikes that'll 
follow you down the dock road; let them get alongside you, then try to ease them 
into a building or wall to shake them for a bit. Avoid the city streets during your 
trip; instead, just take the road along the coast, and try to weave your way into 
the small alleyways between the buildings and the fence that lines the water. You'll 
run over plenty of civilians, but the bikes will have a hard time following you. If 
you can make it to the docks, all you have to do is park the car in the red circle 
to end the mission. 


Besides the long-ass ride out into the countryside, this is a pretty simple mission. 
It’s essentially a race, checkpoints and all, save that your opponents will be 
trying to shoot at you. You’ll be in a Ranger, and although you won’t be able to 
stave off the motorcyclists’ fire, you will have a bit of a speed advantage on 
declinations, so floor it and get to the gas station before you get too badly 
damaged. The backcountry portion of the race is the worst, since you'll have a 
couple of bad hills that will allow the motorcyclists to pretty much unload on you. 
If you can survive until you get to the freeway, though, you should be able to build 
up enough speed to outrace them to the end of the track. 

Amphibious Assault 

If you haven’t been training up your underwater breathing skills - and let’s be 
honest, you haven’t been - you’ll need to upgrade your lung capacity before you can 
take this mission. The easiest way to do this is to find a body of water, dive 
underneath and swim downwards for a bit, then let CJ float back to the surface. You 
won’t lose as much breath while CJ is motionless, allowing you to spend more time 
underwater per dive, thus letting you upgrade a bit more quickly. You’ll need to get 
three or four full lung capacity upgrades (meaning that it’ll pop up a message 
letting you know that you can breath underwater for a longer period of time) for 
around a quarter or third of the whole bar (check this with L1 while you're standing 
around) before you can actually go through with Wu Zi’s plan. 

Said plan, obviously enough, involves a lot of swimming. Wu wants you to plant a bug 
on a boat in the harbor, but you’ll need to swim underneath the surface to avoid the 
Da Nang patrol boats. Getting past them, thankfully, isn’t too difficult; swim just 
underneath the surface until you run out of breath, then come back up for another 
lungful. The guards won’t shoot you when you surface, so long as you don’t move 
until you dive again. If you're impatient, you can just tap X to swim as fast as you 
can on the surface of the water, as the patrol boats aren't fantastic shots, and 
won't follow you forever. The tanker has a ladder on the far side from the shore, so 
dive underneath it and jump onto the float there to get aboard. 

Now, if you make a lot of noise, the guards will come running, so it’s worth your 
while to get stealth kills. You can use the knife near the ladder, if you wish, but 
it’s a better idea to just get through the garage and Jizzy missions until you get 
the Ice Cold Killa mission, in which you’ll be furnished with a silenced pistol. 
(Alternately, you can just use an SMG or other noisy weapons; the guards aren't that 
difficult to kill.) Use that to make headshots on the guards, then proceed to the 
boat’s cargo hold and plant your bug. All that stands between you and a completed 
mission at this point is a swim back to shore, so jump off the boat and get hoofing. 

The Da Nang Thang 

Get some body armor before you begin this mission! Trust us, it’ll come in handy. 

You’ll start out here on a rail-shooter mission, but don’t fret if you’re bad at 
these, as you actually can’t win this one; the helicopter you’re in will get hit by 
an RPG, forcing CJ to sidle up the side of the freighter and start killing Da Nang 
boys the old-fashioned way. The more thugs you kill while in the helicopter, though, 
the fewer enemies you'll have to deal with on the boat. Unfortunately, after the 
chopper crashes in the water, you'll lose all of your guns and weapons, save for a 
basic knife. 

You can get some easy stealth kills as you move along, but eventually you’ll run 
across a couple of guards that’re facing your way, forcing you to get back to basic 
spray-n-pray mechanics. Hopefully you’ve upgraded your Machine Pistol skills to 
Hitman, as dual-wielding these TEC-9’s will come in really handy here. You'll need 
to proceed as slowly as possible here to avoid taking damage; you'll probably get 
killed more than once, so be sure to refill your armor before heading back to Wu Zi 
to get the mission again. 

Eventually, you'll be able to make your way back down the boat (don’t miss the 
health refill in one of the small passages), then drop down into the hold. If you 
need armor, then kill the first couple of guys in the hold before looking around the 
area you dropped down into to find a cargo container you can jump onto. There'll be 
some ammo for your machine pistol here, as well as some welcome armor. 

Check your corners as you proceed through the hold, as there are one or two guys 
hiding in little alcoves that'll pop you in the back when you pass by. Keep an eye 
on the red mark on your radar; it pinpoints the location of the refugee’s main 
guard, who’ll open his assault by chucking a grenade at you. Run into his line of 
sight to trigger the attack, then run back out to avoid the blast before returning 
to drop him. 

After you free the refugees, you’ll have to return up to the deck of the ship and 
move up to the bridge to kill the snakehead. He’ll force you to a katana duel, but 
he’s not too hard to take down, especially not if you’ve trained up in some martial 
arts. Begin by using the triangle button for a kick to stun him, then just wail on 
him until he dies. 


Snail Trail 

Another joyous assassination mission from Officer Tenpenny, who wants you to shut up 
a journalist and a snitch. This one’s simple, but annoyingly time-consuming, as 
you’ll have to follow the train that the journalist’s on all the way to Los Santos. 
In point of fact, you shouldn’t follow it at all, but rather speed ahead of it until 
you reach Market Station in Los Santos, at which point you can get out of your car 
and jack a new one on the street above in preparation for following the journalist 
after he gets a taxi. Once the journo makes it to the pier, kill both of the targets 
to complete the mission. 


A note: Zero’s missions are optional; you don’t have to complete them to finish the 
game. Keep this in mind when you hit the Supply Lines mission, which can be 
terrifically frustrating. Heck, all of these can be pretty frustrating. If you do 
manage to complete these missions, though, you’ll unlock the RC Shop as an asset, 
which will generate money for you over time. 

Air Raid 

Air Raid may be just another point-and-shoot mission, but it’s a toughie. Your goal 
is to protect Zero’s transmitters from hordes of incoming RC airplanes. You have a 
minigun with unlimited ammo, but your targets are very small, and the minigun jumps 
when it fires. If you want to up your kills, don’t fire while aiming; you’ll improve 
your accuracy if you’re zeroed in on a target before blowing it out of the sky. 
Also, keep an eye on your radar to discern between the incoming targets and those 
that are leaving the area; after a plane drops its bomb, it crashes, so don’t waste 
your time shooting anything other than incoming targets. Also, keep an eye out for 
clumps of planes; there are a couple of instances of planes arriving in groups of 
four or five. If you can’t shoot them all down, you’ll probably lose a transmitter. 

Lastly, be sure to start this mission no later than 14:00 or so. If you try this 
mission at night, then it'll be pretty much impossible for you to see the RC Barons 
against the black sky. 

Supply Lines... 

Supply Lines is one of those missions that separates the men from the boys. It’s 
almost certainly going to be the most difficult mission you’ve come up against thus 
far, if not in the entire game, so don’t feel too frustrated if you don’t succeed on 
your first few (dozen) tries. 

The basic gist of it is that Zero wants you to take a remote-controlled plane, find 
five of Berkeley’s deliverymen, kill them with the plane’s machineguns, and return 
the plane to Berkeley’s shop without the plane running out of fuel or getting shot 
down. The first time you get into the plane, though, just ignore the deliverymen and 
concentrate on learning how to fly the plane itself, as it’s a beast to control. 
What you should try to focus on is keeping the plane level and lining up behind 
targets before throttling back and opening up with your machineguns. You're going to 
need to practice this mission quite a bit before you can actually hope to complete 
it; it's very difficult. 

When you feel that you're ready to begin, go ahead and start the mission. As soon as 
you take the controls of the Red Baron, check your map to get your targets. The 
first three are grouped near the RC Shop, so they'll be your initial targets, with 
two more to the northeast; save those for later. The first target should be the van 
farthest to the west from the shop. The other two are closer, sure, but the van will 
soon start driving down the hill away from you, so you'll want to take it out before 
it gets too much distance on your position. Fly across the park, slow down when you 
near the van, then start unloading your machineguns into it. You'll want to be 
fairly close before you start firing, as the machineguns have a pretty good amount 
of spread to them, so if you start firing from too far away, the van will speed up 
and only make itself harder to hit. 

When the first van's blown to pieces, wheel around and head east to take out the 
other two targets. Most of the rest of the targets will have one of two reactions to 
being fired upon; they'll either speed up, while the passenger will return fire, or 
the driver will hop out of the vehicle, forcing you to strafe-kill him before he 
blows you up. Again, getting close to the targets before firing is usually your best 
bet, as you'll be able to land more bullets. Luckily, all of your targets will 
travel much more slowly than normal cars, allowing you to approach them and level 
out your plane while decelerating (with the square button) so that you have more 
time to fire. 

(If you're having a lot of trouble beating this mission, and are willing to cheat to 
get past it, enter the Faster Gameplay code. This will let the plane move much more 
quickly than normal, without burning extra fuel. If you want to revert to normal 
afterwards, use the Slower Gameplay code to counteract the effects of the first 
If you have a truly difficult time hitting people, try landing the plane behind or 
in front of a target and firing from the ground. You can rotate on the ground by 
using the R2 and L2 buttons to line up with your target. Also, keep the X button 
depressed while you’re in the air; it doesn’t affect your fuel consumption at all. 
If you want more time to fire on a target while flying, hit the Square button to 

Beyond those rudimentary tips, this is essentially a mission based on a little bit 
of skill and a whole lot of luck. 

New Model Army 

Zero’s last mission involves a large-scale model of a battlefield. Zero’s going to 
be attempting to enter Berkeley’s base in his little car, while you get to do the 
heavy lifting in your helicopter. Don’t worry, though; if you passed the last 
mission, this one should be cake. 

Take a couple seconds to get used to how the helicopter handles; it’s much easier to 
control than the model airplane. Your primary tasks here are: lifting barrels out of 
the way of the car; placing planks across the rivers that don’t already have 
bridges; and destroying Berkeley’s tanks with bombs. You can use your magnet with 
the O button, but you can’t hold it down; you have to tap it while you’re hovering 
over a metallic object in order to trigger it. The biggest risk of failure comes 
from the tanks, which can quickly damage Zero’s buggy if you let them. You can use 
bombs to kill them in one good shot, or you can drop barrels on them form a height 
to inflict somewhat less severe damage. Barrels are sometimes the better choice, 
though, especially if you’re low on time, since you can drop them, then immediately 
pick them up and drop them again, allowing you to quickly destroy the tanks without 
having to return to your base for bomb after bomb. If you find that things are going 
well timewise, though, you may want to leave Zero at one of the barrel obstacles and 
grab bombs to take out the tanks before they get a chance to hit him. 

When you complete this mission, you’ll gain the RC Shop asset, which will generate 
cash for you over time, as well as a cool 7,000 smackers up front. 


As with Zero, Cesar’s missions in San Fierro are optional. When completed, they’ll 
open up the car dealership asset. They’re much easier to do than Zero’s, though. 

Zeroing In 

Getting cars for the dealership isn’t just about jacking them and riding them back 
to the garage, as it was in Vice City. At least, not initially; instead, you’ll have 
to run discrete missions to get a few of the cars on the list. 

To begin with, ride out with Zero and track down the car that a woman is driving. 
You’ll have to follow the triangulation signals until you catch up to her, then use 
a P.I.T. maneuver to spin her around and force her out of the car. The P.I.T., in 
case you skipped driving school, involves coming up alongside a car, then tapping it 
on the rear side to spin it around. If you perform one of these on the car you’re 
pursuing, the woman will exit the vehicle, allowing you to drive it back to the 
garage. This is far easier said than done, mostly because the woman drives like a 
banshee and is very hard to catch up to, let alone P.I.T. properly. You can't go too 
long in this chase, due to the fact that her car will eventually take more damage 
than it can handle and blow up, which will fail the mission, so try a couple of dry 
runs of the mission to learn her route cutting her off somewhere and blasting her. 
If you follow her far enough, she'll eventually take one of the bridges out of town, 
which can be a good place to attempt the P.I.T. Keep in mind that you'll have to 
drive the car back to the garage after you jack it though, so don't bang it up too 
much during the chase. 

Test Drive 

After you grab the cars out of the garage, you’ll have to follow Cesar on a little 
scripted adventure through the city. Nothing too troublesome here, but you might 
want to lay off the nitro, as it makes your car somewhat difficult to control. 

Customs Fast Track 

All you have to do here is go down to the docks and use the crane to get the crates 
off of the ship. The leftmost crate was the one that contained the car for us, but 
it may be randomized, so grab any that you wish and lower them to the ground for 
Cesar to inspect. After you get the correct car, exit the crane, kill off the 
attackers, and drive back to the garage to pick up your winnings. 

After you complete this mission, you’ll unlock the import/export mini-game at the 

Puncture Wounds 

Another fairly simple one. Take the car you’re supplied with, track down the car 
you’re targeting, get in front of her, and hit the O button to drop your spike strip 
behind you so that she runs over it. Luckily for you, the tires miraculously 
regenerate when you get into her car, so drive it back to your garage to unlock the 
asset money for the dealership. 

Thats it for San Fierro.

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