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Hello. Here is my FAQ on how to beat the bosses on Sonic and the Secret Rings.

Sand Scorpion 
Difficulty: **(Depending on how good you are.)
Encountered In: Sand Oasis

This should obviously be the first boss you encounter in the game. So this is
how you beat it.


Purple Missiles- He randomly throws missiles at you. They are easy to dodge but
later in the battle he will throw more at you.

Tail Slam- He uses one of his tails to try to crush you. It lights up first so
it's easy to dodge. 

Double Tail Smash- I haven't seen this yet but I hear in the Second phase he
might use both of his tails on you. I fight him a lot and I haven't seen it so
keep cautious anyways and if he does tell me.

Eye Attack- I guess I can call it that he sends his eye in the second phase at
you. Use a homing attack on it or else it will hurt you.

Phase 1:

When the fight begins collect all the rings you can then go after him. He will
throw some Purple Missiles at you so dodge them. When you get closer he will use
a Tail Slam on you. Dodge it and keep your distance until one of his tail just
drops. Use a homing attack on it, then the next eye, and finally hit the one on
its back to damage it. Repeat this again to go into Phase 2.

Phase 2: 

Now he will turn around and you will see its real eye. Keep distance like last
time. When he uses his Eye Attack get ready to do a homing attack. When you do
the eye will return to it's body so keep up and keep using homing attacks two
more times to win.

How to Gold Rank:

Well you need to beat him under a minute to get a Gold Rank basically. If you
have at least Speed Up you can keep up with him so you can attack when you are
able to. In the second phase if you have H-High Expand you are in luck. When you
 attack the eye you can continuously attack it until you beat it. Homing Balance
works well too so use these to eventually get Gold.

That's all for now. I will continue these when I can so be patient or try out
the boss yourself and see if you can beat it. So see you later :)

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