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Chapters: START
          THE POKENAV

When you start a new game (after birch is don yakking), you appear in Littleroot
town. You set yur clock an then you can explore. The first thing to do is talk to
May/Brandon. Then you go out to rescue Birch. You have to choose a Pokemon(Mudkip,
Torchic or Treeko) then you fight a poochyena. Battle don, you have to fight
brandon/may after reaching Oldale town. Once don that, You have to go back to the Lab
and get a Pokedex and some PokeBALLS. Now you can catch those Pokemon like Wurmple,
Winggul, Poochyna and zigzagoon(good 2 catch bcos of it's ability PICKUP(you get
items)). After coming out of the lab yur mom gives you RUNNING SHOES(Press B while
moving 2 run)

On the way to Petalburg, you can find two rare pokemon(Ralts, Surskit(both
super-rare) and Lotad)and some berries.You make your way to Petalburg city(5th Gym so
don't bother fighting the gym leader(dad)) You go inside the gym and talk to yur dad
and kid with green hair named Wally comes and you show him how to catch Pokemon and
he catches a Ralts. You pretty much can't do anything else there. So you go out and
make your way to the Petalburg Woods.

When you go to the Petalburg Woods there are 4 new pokemon to catch(Silcoon(evolves
from wurmple), Cascoon(also evolves from wurmple), Shroomish(a semi-rare pokemon) and
Slakoth(A really rare pokemon). You will eventually encounter some guy who wants to
find a Shroomish and then a TEAM AQUA grunt will battle you(He has a Lv.9
Poochyna.The guy who wanted to get a Shroomish will give you a Premier Ball. After
that you can get out of that Woods.

When you get out of the woods there will be one guy who gives you a TM(Techinal
Machine) which contains Bullet Seed and berries for you to pick. In front of the
woods there is a flower shop. One lady will give you a Wailmer Pail to water Berries
you planted. There is a bridge on that route. Go on it an there will be twins who
will fight a 2-on-2 pokemon battle if you talk to them. When you finally get to
Rustboro City, look for a house with a sign that says CUTTER'S HOUSE. Go in and a guy
will give you HM01 CUT(You need to haave Rustboro's gym Badge to use it). The gym
leader(Roxanne) in that town uses ROCK-type Pokemon. So use water, grass or
Fighting-type Pokemon to help you beat her. Examples are Lotad(Water/Grass),
Surskit(Water/Bug), Shroomish(Grass), Mudkip(Water/Ground), and Treeko(grass). Once
you defeat her, there'll be the guy whom you saved in the Petalburg Woods running
after the AQUA grunt. You need to go all the way to a cave to fight the AQUA grunt.
On the way to the cave(called RUSTURF tunnel) you can catch more new pokemon
(Nincada(common but good against the 3rd gym leader), Whismur(Crappy a beginning but
powerful when it evolves into EXPLOUD), and Skitty(very rare). So when you reach the
tunnel, you find the same grunt whom you fought before but his Poochyena's level
increased. After you finish him off, The guy whom you saved in the Petalburg woods(I
will now call him Devon Guy after this) would ask you to come to the Devon building.
The Devon Executive will give a Letter to deliver to Steven in Dewford and Devon
Goods to Capt. Stern in Slateport and a Pokenav for yourself.

Before I finish I would like to explain the Pokenav. There are 4 functions: The Hoehn
Map which you zoom in on any spot which gives you details on what is there, Trainers
Eyes which shows the record of your battles and wether you can battle them again,   
Pokemon Status which shows the Coolness, Beauty, Smartness, Toughness, and Cuteness
of your Pokemon, and finally Ribbons which shows you what ribbon you Pokemon obtained
(You can't see it first because you need to have at least 1 ribbon to access it.     

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