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Here’s a walkthrough on Ivy…

My name’s Jared Haire, and I’m a big fan of the soul caliber series.

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                                              2. Profile
                                              3. Stage Profile
                                              4. Game Help
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Name-Ivy (Isabella Valentine)
Age- 32
Birthplace- British Empire, London
Height- 5’ 10’’
Weight- 128 pounds
Birth date- December 10th
Blood type- unknown
Weapon type- Snake sword
Weapon name- many different weapons
Discipline- unrelated link
Father- Cervantes
Mother- dead

Copyright Soul Caliber 2


	Ivy’s father, Count Valentine was driven insane by his pursuit of Soul 
Edge.  By the time of his death, the Valentines- one of London’s most distinguished 
families- was now in ruins.  The Countess fell ill and passed away soon there 
after, leaving Ivy with the words that the Valentines were not her true parents.

	Obeying the wishes of her adoptive father, Ivy continued the search for 
Soul Edge and studied Alchemy.  During her investigation, she uncovered the true 
nature of the sword, which was an evil blade that feasted on souls.  She vowed to 
destroy Soul Edge to avenger her father’s death.  She invoked strange powers 
through occult rituals to summon a mysterious individual who gave life to the 
mechanical sword she dubbed “Ivy Blade”.

When she left on a journey, to search for the evil sword, Ivy crossed paths with 
Nightmare, the one who breathed life into the sword.  She agreed to assist him in 
his ritual to summon souls.  Little did she know that it was all part of the 
demonic weapon’s plan.

	Ivy found out the truth the day Nightmare was defeated and Soul Edge was 
shattered.  She realized that nightmare possessed Soul Edge, and that her birth 
father was manipulated by the weapon’s wicked powers.

	Shaken by the horrifying truth Ivy returned home and locked herself away in 
a dark laboratory.

	After months of soul searching, Ivy emerged with renewed resolve.  Her goal 
was to completely wipe out the Sword’s existence.  She renamed her weapon, which 
shared the same fate as herself, “Valentine”. 

Stage Profile
Egyptian Crypt

This crypt lies beneath the old ruins that house the murals surrounding Soul Edge.  
The ruins have many mysteries, such as the Pharaoh’s tomb, shrine of worship, and a 
seal to lock away some evil being, but the true goals of these structures remain 

	One thing is certain however- the entire structure, including the shrine at 
the entrance, using the very best technology available to ancient Egypt.  It is 
clear these ruins were of vital importance.

	Future generations have named the place crypt out of convenience, but this 
structure has numerous features that warrant such a name. 
Copyright Soul Caliber 2

Game Help

Hello people who need help with this fighting game. I’m going to give some help for 
those throw down the controller and quit fights.

During Chapter 9 where you fight someone’s legs. They are really Charade’s Legs. 
All you really have to do is crouch and kick and block. If you do this fight will 
be easier than the training fight.

During Chapter 10 where you have to fight Ivy, Astaroth, and a few others. If 
you’re super good with your person use his special unblockable move. Just pause it 
and go to command list and go over to power, and use the one  at the bottom.

          That’s  all I’m going to help with…    If you need more help, email me 
at   [email protected] 

Legal Junk

This walkthrough may not be copied, used for own, or printed without permission. 
For use of     

Emails I will accept. Put these in the subject and I’ll read it


Emails I won’t accept. Put these in the title, and I’ll delete it

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2-chain letters

        My email address is [email protected]

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