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Third Version

After the intro become Fred. Walk underneath the symbol on the wall to the
left. Now become Daphine. Walk towards the other symbol on the far right.
Hopefully before you reach there you see the ghost. Follow him into the door
on the right. Now flush the toilet ...

CHAPTER 1 - "It's a Mystery!"
After the intro become Velma. Look through the window to your right and see
what Velma has to say about the Tesla coil. Exit using the door to your left.
Now go through the door on the right. Examine the symbol. Go back inside and
then to the left. Examine the symbol at the bottom of the stairs. Go left and
then left again. Take the paper on the fridge and examine the symbol. Now go
back right to the bottom of the stairs and climb to the top. Examine the
symbols on the left and right and then the one in the middle. Go through the
door on the top right. Examine the shower curtain to reveal the next symbol.
Look at the symbol. Go back downstairs and then through the door at the top
into the Library. Examine the first book that you come to on the right and
then take it. Go back and then head right until you get outside. Work your
way towards the lab on the far side. Go up to the keypad and use the book.

CHAPTER 2 - "Boo's Clues!"
As Shaggy and Scooby, go to the lab and try and get through the door. You'll
now have to find all the objects for a disguise. Go into the house - up the
stairs and through the door on the far right. Talk to Helga and pick up the
pillow to find the lockbox. Look at the photo and then exit and go to the
door on the far left. You'll talk to the boy on the bed. After the
conversation go towards the boy and fall down the trap. Use the robot and
pick up the shards. Use the shards on the cheese and then eat away! Pick up
the electrical tape and go through the door on the right. Look at the
iron, washer and dryer. Use the soap to create a mess. Go through the right
door and turn off the breaker. Go through the next right door and use the
tape on the wires. Turn the breaker back on. Use the levers and then go back
up. Go to the Library. Pick up Velma's Glasses. Use the book on the far left
and try to exit. You'll end up in a secret room. Open the sack to get the
lab coat and open the trunk to get the key. Leave the secret room and return
to the library agian. Use the book on the far left to move the room round so
you can get back into the main house. Leave the library and go to Helga's
room. Talk to Helga again. She'll leave to clean up the mess you made.
Use the key on the Lockbox to get the mustache. Take the note. Go outside
and return to the lab.

CHAPTER 3 - "Chemo-sabotage!"
Open the first door on the left and watch. Leave and go to the next door
along. Look through the door to talk to Fred. Go back to the house. Go to the
kitchen again and take the sausage out of the fridge. Open the cabinet to the
right and take the cow extract. Go out the door and then up into the Dinning
room. Take the stool at the far right. Go back upstairs to the boy's room.
He'll talk about his 'system' - make a note of the numbers on a piece of
paper. You may want to enter and exit the room a few times to get more codes.
Go back to the lab. Walk past the numbered doors and go into the next. Look
at the flower and take it. Now use the sausage in the freezer. Go back to the
hall. Use the stool twice on each of the lights (you'll need to re-freeze the
sausage a few times). Eventually, you'll get a light that won't break. Use
it. Go through one of the numbered doors. Watch the sequence and choose the
appropriate door to go through (if you don't have the code keep trying until
it's one that you have). Look at the lamp and potion. Use the light (it won't
work - hmm...) and then go back to the house. Go to the library and talk to
Velma - she'll explain everything. Go back to the lab and into the room with
the robo-shaggy. After the chatter - slap the robot to get his attention. He
will follow you to the numbered doors. Go through the right door and the
robot will follow (if you don't get it right just go back and try again)!
The robot should now malfunction. Go back to the room where Daphine is and
take the key. Talk to the Mad Scientist. Go back to the house and to the top
of the staircase. Use the key on the locked door then enter. Open the cabinet
and take the labeler. Go back to the corridor with the clock and open the
locked door (again with the key). Use the pen. Go back to the lab and talk
to the Mad Scientist twice. Use the labeler. Talk once more to the Scientist.

CHAPTER 4 - "Jailbreak!"
Go back to the house and into the basement (via the boy's bedroom). Use the
cutter. Go back to the lab and open the second door to release Fred. Become
Fred. Go back to the cutter and take the key. Use the key on Daphine.

CHAPTER 5 - "The Plan!"
Using Velma go to the room with the Freezer. Open the cabinet and take the
net. Become Shaggy & Scooby. Go to the basement and use the soap. Use the
towel on the suds and go back up. In the room where you come up take the rope
then go outside to fred and talk to him three times.

CHAPTER 6 - "Finale!"
Use the clock. Open the chute and throw down the towel. Relax and enjoy the
end sequence you meddling kids!

ACTION REPLAY CODES (Submitted by Matt)

Get Book 
Get Coat
Get Extract
Get Glasses
Get Key
Get Mustache
Get Note
Get Sausage
Get Shards
Get Stool
Get Tape
Get Towel


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Q. I don't have an object that you say I need to use!
A. Look back through the guide until you find out where it is. The position of
the objects never changes so you don't have to restart the chapter, just go to
the location directly.

Q. I'm having big problems with the door puzzle...
A. The doors are numbered (from left to right) 1 - 4. Watch closely as to
which doors Shaggy & Scooby enter. The combination will be identical to one of
the ones the boy gives you when you enter his room. You simply need to match 
up the correct combination. If you don't have the correct combination, keep
on trying the puzzle until you get one that you do have.

Q. I can't enter a door...
A. Not all the doors will open at the start of the game. Make sure that you
are trying to open the correct one. If you haven't got the wrong door then
make sure that you don't need a key to open it.

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