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The Gardens 
World 1 Walkthrough

1-1 Hint: Get it down! 

Termite, beaver, woodpecker, or lumberjack with saw, axe, or chainsaw. 

1-2 Hint: Two buttons, one switch. 

Knock the boulders down onto the pressure switches. If one doesn't bump and roll
the way it needs to, you can always summon another boulder. Or put a mechanic near
the red switch. 

1-3 Hint: Three ways to go! 

Dig through the dirt (spade, shovel), fly over the hill (wings, jet pack), or dive
under the island (scuba). 

1-4 Hint: The gate is broken but you can raise it! 

Drop a boulder or wheel against the button. It might take some careful rolling to
get it to bump the pressure button. 

1-5 Hint: Pull my starite! 

Attach a rope to the starite, attaching the other end to the box. Attach a second
rope to the other side of the box. Have Maxwell pull the end of the rope, pulling
everything down. 

1-6 Hint: Dig it your way! 

Drop a mechanic or engineer near the switch. Or zap the switch with a thunderbolt
or thunderstorm. 

1-7 Hint: Definitely not in Kansas. Or wait. 

You can use a shrinkray on the tornado, then run through. Alternatives: Ride a cow
or magic broom through it, tie the star to the tornado and have the tornado pull
it over to you, or place a shelter in its path and have Maxwell hide in the
shelter until the tornado crosses over him. 

1-8 Hint: Watch out for those barracudas! 

Attach a jump rope to the end of the bridge closest to Maxwell, giving Maxwell the
other end. Summon Pegasus, and have Maxwell ride him, flying up to tow the star up
out of the crevice where Maxwell can get to it. 

1-9 Hint: Watch your step. 

Put Fire between Maxwell and the iceblock, right against the iceblock. This will
melt the ice and scare the bear. Let the bear fall down to the lower level, then
delete the fire. Parachute Maxwell down to the star. 

1-10 Hint: A tale of two tripwires. 

Attach three balloons to the starite. When it floats up, run across the tripwire
to stand beneath it. If you need to, remove one balloon to drop the starite to

1-11 Hint: Sometimes things are exactly what they seem! 

Slant a plank on the spikes to protect the starite and roll it down to the water.
Put a rock on the red pressure button. Use Kraken, or another aquatic monster, to
take out the shark. Delete Kraken. Give Maxwell a scuba tank and dive in after the
World 2 Walkthrough

2-1 Hint: Can you dig it? 

Kill the rottweiler with a monster (ooze works), then dig down to the lowest box
on the far right. Empty it for the starite. 

2-2 Hint: Don't set off the chain reaction! 

Wedge an air vent sideways between the starite and dynamite, to blow the dynamite
off the ledge and over to the far wall. Do this on both sides. Blow the mines over
against the walls, as well. Then equip Maxwell with a shovel and wedge him in
beside a metal box, to have him dig the floor out from underneath it. Clear it out
enough to fall through and grab the starite. 

2-3 Hint: Heist! But don't harm the security guards! 

Use a fan to blow the starite past the guard to Maxwell. You'll have to edge the
fan forward bit by bit

2-4 Hint: Those bombs keep-a-rollin'! 

Use an engineer, mechanic, thunder, or thunderstorm to flip the green switch. 

2-5 Hint: Let's ride! 

Bike down to the starite. If you miss grabbing it on the jump, give Maxwell wings
and fly up to it. 

2-6 Hint: Use the doors to your advantage! 

Use a skunk to scare the enemy away from the starite, and summon an engineer to
flip the red switch. 

2-7 Hint: It's war! Dodge those bullets, but don't hurt your allies! 

Drop a monster on the enemy soldiers, deleting it when they're gone. Then run down
to the starite, and fly (wings work) up to grab it. 

2-8 Hint: Watch those tripwires! 

Use an air vent to blow the starite across its ledge, down into the water, and
past the crocodile. Then use an axe to break the bridge, and have Maxwell jump
down to get the starite. 

2-9 Hint: Firevents in the firehouse? 

Have Maxwell ride a flying mount. Equip him with a pickaxe. Use the pickaxe to dig
through the ice floor and the loose rock wall. Then fly through to the starite. 

2-10 Hint: The easy way is the most dangerous! 

Summon a trucker for the truck. He'll get scared and drive it away from the
mutant, getting the starite out of harm's way. Put a fire between the dynamite and
the mutant, as close to the dynamite as you can. This will set off the chain
reaction. The mutant should be killed by the explosions. Have Maxwell drop down
into the water and run along the now cleared pathway to the starite. Use a fixed
ladder or fly up out of the ditch. 

2-11 Hint: Prison break! 

Use a small powerful monster, like ooze, to kill them all. Flip all the switches,
and use a ladder to finish Maxwell's escape. If your alignment is lawful and you'd
rather avoid killing the guards, you can wall them in out of your way instead,
using an engineer to flip the switch behind them. 
The Peaks 
World 3 Walkthrough

3-1 Hint: Icy weather! 

Equip Maxwell with a scuba tank and an ice pick, using the ice pick to break the
large ice block, the ice bridge, and the ice encasing the starite. 

3-2 Hint: Hasta la vista, starite! 

Summon a husky. Hook the husky up to the starite using a rope. Put a skunk between
the husky and the lava. This will cause the husky to try to run back toward
Maxwell. When the husky has stretched the ropes as tightly as it can, drop a
torch, upside down, between the rope tying the starite to the ceiling and the
wall, where it can set the upper rope on fire but you can retrieve it again. When
the rope's on fire, give Maxwell the torch. The rope will burn through and the
husky will drag the starite to Maxwell. Have Maxwell stand on or near the starite
to melt the ice. 

3-3 Hint: Immovable object meets Maxwell! 

Suck the trap up into a black hole by putting it on the opposite side from the
starite, a little distance away to avoid catching the starite as well. Then equip
Maxwell with an ice pick, to break through the ice spikes. 

3-4 Hint: Spiky pain! 

Put a black hole between the two spikes, below the dirt square between them.
Maxwell can float over, but you'll need something heavy to bounce against him,
like a boulder, to bump him past the dirt square and into the cave on the far side
to get the starite. 

3-5 Hint: Locked down! 

Summon death to kill the red caps. Summon a thunderstorm or engineer to flip the
switches. Use a magnet to pull the steel box out of the way. Grab the starite. 

3-6 Hint: Falling Starite! 

Drop a plank under the starite, to block the gap and trip the wire. Give Maxwell
an icepick for the ice blocks. 

3-7 Hint: Tower of trouble! 


3-8 Hint: There is no quick way! 

Put Maxwell on a pterodactyl and give him a pick axe. Dig up and over to the starite. 

3-9 Hint: Just go get it! 

The magic lamp spawns a random creature when Maxwell gets close to it. It might be
harmless, it might be deadly. Advance Maxwell carefully, ready to run back and
summon a way to fight it if something dangerous spawns. 

3-10 Hint: Good luck with that! 

Give Maxwell a flame thrower. Move him back, closer to the wall, and use the flame
thrower to take out the iceblock next to him. Position dark matter, or a black
hole, in the space that was made in the ice blocks in the upper left, as far right
as you can get it. Place another one, trying to suck up the all the mines, the
minotaur, and as many enemy blocks in the path as possible, careful not to get too
close to the star or Maxwell. Sometimes it takes a third black hole or dark matter
to get enough blocks out of the way. Use stairs or a ladder, depending on how many
blocks remain, to get Maxwell to the star. Melt the ice with the flame thrower. 

3-11 Hint: Open all the doors! 

Summon death and put him in with the sultan. Then delete him. Have Maxwell run
toward the doors, which teleports him in where the sultan was. Use a thunderstorm
to toggle all the switches, saving the dragon's switch for last. As long as he
doesn't move Maxwell should be in no danger wherever else he teleports. When
toggled, the dragon's switch will put him back in with the star. 
World 4 Walkthrough

4-1 Hint: Evade the crusher! 

Flip both switches. Fly up (pterodactyl, pegasus), and use a balloon against the
red pressure switch on the side opposite Maxwell, to open the gate. Grab the starite. 

4-2 Hint: Survive the samurai! 

Use death to kill the samurai's. Use stairs to climb up over the wall. Knock the
box off the pressure button to go through the door, then put the stairs on the
pressure button to close it again. Get the starite. 

4-3 Hint: Make the buttons work for you! 

Use a balloon to press the green pressure button and a rock to press the red
pressure button. Fly (pterosaur, pegasus) as far along the path toward the starite
as possible, pausing at the red door. Move the rock off the red button and get the

4-4 Hint: The monster dungeon! 

Equip Maxwell with a pickaxe, and put him on a pegasus. Dig into the wall above
the red button. Use a balloon on the green pressure button. Get the starite. 

4-5 Hint: Watch for falling spike balls! 

Take out the dark knight (death or blob works), then equip Maxwell with a
parachute and a jackhammer. Dig down through the dirt, floating over to grab the
star when he gets to the bottom. 

4-6 Hint: For massive damage! 

Fly over the samurai (pegasus, pterodactyl). If the giant enemy crab doesn't drop,
you might have to have Maxwell land on the ground near the gate for a moment. Stay
out of its way. Let it and the samurai fight, then drop death (or an ooze) on it
to finish it off. Then the gate will open so Maxwell can get to the starite. 

4-7 Hint: Two equally dangerous ways to go! 

Summon Cthulhu to deal with the Gulper, then delete him. Give Maxwell a scuba
(tank) and an axe, and take the watery path to the starite. 

4-8 Hint: Raiders of the lost star! 

Kill the shamans (jersey devil, ooze). Drop water on the fire. Give Maxwell wings
and fly over to the starite. 

4-9 Hint: Not everything is as it seems! 

Summon death for spring heeled jack, then delete it. Equip Maxwell with a pickaxe
and give him a pterodactyl. Dig through the wall behind where spring heeled jack
was, drop down, get the starite. 

4-10 Hint: Race the leprechaun! 

Very quickly, drop a T-rex in the leprechaun's path. The largest part of the first
portion of his path, where a large green tree is, works well. After the first
section of path he starts teleporting and is impossible to catch. Then give
Maxwell wings and get him to the starite. 

4-11 Hint: Don't destroy his throne! 

Put Maxwell on a pterosaur, and fly him down, under the wall, and over to the
cracked rock platform. The throne's not actually in the way so it's an easy fly
over from there to grab it. 
World 5 Walkthrough

5-1 Hint: Get the starite before it's delivered to the pirate! 

Drop Cthulhu onto one of the tall cliffs underwater, where he can stand and stop
the boat. When he's stopped it, delete him and give Maxwell a scuba tank to go get
the starite. 

5-2 Hint: Crack the Kraken! 

Use a black hole to take out the kraken and the spiked ball. Then give Maxwell a
scuba tank to go hit the switches and make his way to the starite. 

5-3 Hint: The delicate, floating starite! 

Drop a drawbridge across the gap just underneath the dynamite, to catch it when
the door opens. Give Maxwell wings or a small flying mount. Put a plank underneath
the pressure button, and fly Maxwell over to get the starite. 

5-4 Hint: Get the diver safely in her ship! 

Use kraken or Cthulhu to kill the fish, then delete him. Put a scuba tank on
Maxwell and dive down to open the cage. The diver will follow him, so lead the way
to the boat. Then go back for the starite. 

5-5 Hint: Beware the Merlions! 

Lure the lower barracuda up to the Merlion using a fish. Use an air vent to blow
the star to the left wall. Give Maxwell a scuba tank, and send him in after it. 

5-6 Hint: Mate three! 

Kill the gulper (cthulhu or a hair dryer works). Give Maxwell wings and a diving
helmet. Use a basket or tote to contain the floating clam, starfish, and sea
urchin, one by one, and take them to their match. 

5-7 Hint: Watch out for the predators! 

Take the predators over the starite out with a hair dryer. Don't get it too close
to the starite or it will disappear, too. Give Maxwell a scuba tank and a pick axe
and dig down to the starite. 

5-8 Hint: The search for the starite continues. 

Set off the bombs with an upside down torch. Give Maxwell wings, flip the switch,
and fly up to the starite. 

5-9 Hint: Super fun fun happy time! 

Use an air vent under the boat to blow the boat and attached starite up and over
to Maxwell. Move the vent around as needed. 

5-10 Hint: Search for the starite! 

Summon the Sun for more light. Use an ooze to destroy all the creatures, then
delete it. Use an air vent to blow the steel door out of the way. Give Maxwell a
dive helmet or scuba tank and dive down to the starite. 

5-11 Hint: Maxwell can't help them directly! 

Use a thundercloud to flip the green switch, then use a rock (turned sideways) or
coin to press the red pressure buttons. 
Outer Wild 
World 6 Walkthrough

6-1 Hint: You might have an easier time if you bring her with you. 

Summon a lion to deal with the jackal, then delete it. Use a leash on the cub, and
fly up to the upper level (using a pteradactyl, pegasus, or anything like this).
When all the tigers have seen the cub and are friendly, unleash the tiger cub.
Keep the leash, but you won't need the flying creature again. Dig down to the
starite, using the leash to tug it out of the hole if needed. 

6-2 Hint: A fragile situation! 

Use a jackhammer to dig through the ice. Maxwell will grab the starite as he falls
and finish the level. 

6-3 Hint: High road, low road. 

Put out the fire with a raincloud. Use an air vent to nudge the rhino out of the
way, then flip the vent over to blow the star out of the tunnel. Use the vent to
blow the lioness up and away from Maxwell, or use wings to fly him over her. Drop
down and get the starite. 

6-4 Hint: Find and put down the three rabid animals! 

You can tell what's rabid because it gets aggressive when Maxwell comes near.
Maxwell will need to fly (wings), dig (pickaxe), and dive (scuba tank). Kill the
rabid creatures. 

6-5 Hint: Frozen double trouble! 

Thaw the caveman and yeti using a campfire beside their ice blocks. Take out the
yeti with a manticore, then use it on the bats as well. 

6-6 Hint: Rock-a-bye cattle, the starite will drop! 

Put a large air vent over the fire vent. 

6-7 Hint: Recapture the starite! 

Give the pterodactyl something else to grip, just be careful to position the item
for this exchange close to where Maxwell begins but not where it will fall on the
ledge. An apple, a weapon, a skull, anything like this will do. 

6-8 Hint: Underwater pain! 

The only switch that needs flipped is the green one, which will open a path for
Maxwell through the water to the starite. Clear the predatory fish from the path,
and away from the green switch, using something small and tough like the sea
serpent, or an ooze. Then have an engineer flip the switch, give Maxwell a scuba
tank, and have him swim to the starite. 

6-9 Hint: Get his cattle to the bottom of the mine! 

Use an air vent to blow the dynamite off the edge, the snake to the cowboy, the
cattle to the bottom of the shaft, and then Maxwell up to the starite. 

6-10 Hint: Vultures in the darkness! 

Summon Sun for extra light. Summon death to kill everything. Drop a rock on the
pressure button (lowest point of the screen, toward the middle). Give Maxwell a
pegasus to ride, and start making his way to the starite. 

6-11 Hint: Hippos love this lettuce and zebras love these apples. 

Summon a Large Half Pipe. This will be the base of a slide to direct the apples to
the zebras, so set it on the point of the dirt beneath the food drop where it will
slip down the slope on the hippo side, in a slanted position. Move it back near
the top if you need to, but keep the slant. Take a bridge ladder and carefully
drop it above it, which will move it into a ramped slant toward the zebras. Glue
the right edge of the half pipe to the middle of the bridge ladder to keep them in
position, directing the apples, when they drop, to the zebras. Now put a rock on
the green pressure button that has the stone pattern around it - the second one
from the right. After the zebras have had their apples, take apart the structure
and recreate it to slant the lettuces toward the hippoes instead. Move the rock to
the red pressure button with the stone pattern around it - the second red button
from the left. After the hippos have had their lettuces the starite will drop onto
Stunt Park 
World 7 Walkthrough

7-1 Hint: Movin' and groovin'! 

Shoot the rope, grab the starite. 

7-2 Hint: Race the developers! 

As fast as you can, get Maxwell into a UFO and zoom him to the end to get the

7-3 Hint: Don't stop! 

Give Maxwell a racecar and roll as fast as you can! 

7-4 Hint: Ceiling cat is watching you. Fall. 

Leap of faith - just tap the starite. 

7-5 Hint: Triathlon! 

Put a tractorbeam on the lower flat spot in the road near the spikes, where the
starite slowly descends. This will pull the starite out of the crevice, stop the
slowly sinking steel door, and basically stop the clock so you have more time to
finish the level. Fly Maxwell past the bear to the first door (wings work). Put
him on something with wheels, like a bike. After he gets through the gate, drop
the bike and fly over the cop to outdistance him and keep him from following you.
Stop before the water and the next gate. Equip Maxwell with a scuba tank and put
him back on the bike to cause the gate to open. Ditch the bike and jump off into
the water. Swim to a safe ledge and stop to kill the shark (sea serpent works),
then continue on the way. Delete the tractorbeam when he gets to it, and grab the

7-6 Hint: Time is running out! 

Very quickly, drop an engineer on the switch and death on the villain. Summon a
pterodactyl and fly up as high as possible to avoid the first enemy. Leave the
pterodactyl to deal with the enemy in the narrow opening and run forward. Delete
death and jump Maxwell down to grab the starite. 

7-7 Hint: The fourth one is bad! 

Fly Maxwell on a Pteranodon past the first boulder to wait in a safe place as it
rolls past, then fly on to grab the starite. 

7-8 Hint: Get! 

Use an air vent to blow the starite up out of harm's way, then tap it with the

7-9 Hint: Hardcore parkour! 

Use a pterodactyl to fly Maxwell to the starite. There's one spot where you'll
have to lure the guard out to chase you, flying back up out of reach, to get it
out of the way. There's another spot that may be too tight to fit through. Have
Maxwell fall down there, then give him back the pterodactyl. 

7-10 Hint: Saving private Maxwell. 

Summon death to kill the uppermost guerilla, then delete him. Give Maxwell a
pterosaur and fly as high as possible, then over and through the narrow gap. Drop
Maxwell down to grab the star. 

7-11 Hint: LOL! 

Move Maxwell to one side and use an air vent to blow away the other wall. Give
Maxwell wings and fly him up to grab the starite. 
World 8 Walkthrough

8-1 Hint: The dawn of the fire phoenix. 

Use death to take out the enemy and pheonix, then give Maxwell a pterosaur. Have
the pterosaur break the wooden bridge and then fly over to the starite. 

8-2 Hint: High-flying roller coaster thrill ride! 

Two carefully placed black holes can take out the lower three planes without
taking out the starite. Just make sure it's on the lower, outer edge of the plane
formation and the plane with the starite is moving away when you let go of it.
Then Maxwell can fly over on a pterodactyl, sneaking up from underneath to get the

8-3 Hint: The battle begins. 

Drop death on the haetae, then delete him. Place a thunderstorm over the red
switch. Give Maxwell wings and fly him down to the starite (he can also survive
jumping down, then flying up to the starite ledge). 

8-4 Hint: Harder than you think? 

Fly down to the blue button on a pterosaur. Press the blue button, then put stairs
under the starite and have Maxwell stand on them. Drop a rock on the red button,
then green button. The starite should fall on Maxwell and finish the level as they
come crashing down. 

8-5 Hint: Press them in any order! 

Or, you could just fly up there (wings, pterodactyl). 

8-6 Hint: Can you endure? 

Position Maxwell under the starite. Drop an engineer by the switches. If you need
to, you can keep the enemies off Maxwell with an air vent on its side, blowing
away from him. 

8-7 Hint: Balloon conflict! 

Fly a pterosaur up underneath the starite, equip Maxwell with a pickaxe and dig
through the wall. Fly through and up to flip the switch, then back down to grab
the starite. 

8-8 Hint: Death on a rope! 

Drop a black hole by the spiked balls to take care of them. Drop an engineer by
the switch. Maxwell shouldn't have any problem running through to get the starite. 

8-9 Hint: Nothing goes your way. 

Any small flying mount can get you over all the obstacles: Pterosaur, pteradactyl,

8-10 Hint: It may be easier to bring him the diamond! 

Blow a steel spike into each security camera using an air vent. Then use the air
vent to blow Maxwell up where he can press the red button. Move the air vent where
it will blow Maxwell up to the next level, and then the next, and finally over the
secret agent's box to get the starite. 

8-11 Hint: Watch that rope! 

Equip Maxwell with a parachute and a shovel. Have him dig down through the dirt,
then float over to the starite. If he falls onto the platform below the starite,
he can just climb the rope to it. 
Dark Hollow 
World 9 Walkthrough

9-1 Hint: Ice breaker! 

The pterosaur is great for this one. Float the star up off the blocks with three
balloons, then have Maxwell ride the pterosaur, directing it to break each block.
Then fly up and get the starite. 

9-2 Hint: This place is packed, man! 

Put a "God" in with each ghost. They'll then stay docile as Maxwell runs past. 

9-3 Hint: Go with the flow! 

Use a black hole or dark matter to take out the spiked ball and steel box. Kill
the boar and harpies using a ghost, then delete the ghost. Give Maxwell a
pterosaur to ride, flip the red switch, and fly up to the starite. 

9-4 Hint: These waters aren't safe! 

Drop dynamite on the ice spikes. Turn a propane tank sideways and drop it in the
tunnel beneath where the ice spikes were, right next to the iceblock holding the
frost giant. This should explode and destroy the giant. Move Maxwell to beneath
the starite, then equip him with wings to fly up and get the starite. 

9-5 Hint: Bones in the underground! 

Use a large air vent to blow the necromancer and skeletons into the lava. Place a
raincloud over the firevent to put it out. Give Maxwell a pterodactyl to ride,
having it break the stalactites in the way. The cracked rock holding up the spiked
balls can be safely broken from the left edge by the pterodactyl, before the trap
is set off. Fly to the starite. 

9-6 Hint: Dark side of the mummy! 

Use death to kill all the mummies, starting with those nearest Maxwell. Then leave
death by the tomb. Give Maxwell a shovel and have him dig his own stairs up to the
upper level, then break the wooden wall, rock, and statue in the way to get to the
dirt to dig down to the starite's level. Death should take care of the Cyclops
that will appear by the tomb. Then delete death. Finish making your way to the
starite, pulling it out of the narrow tunnel with a rope. 

9-7 Hint: Don't hurt the smaller sister! 

Use an air vent to clear the giant off the ledge into the water, clear the junk
out of the way deeper into the water, and push the plesiosaurus to the right. Give
Maxwell a scuba tank and have him swim over where the buoy and junk were. Then
give him wings to fly up and make his way around to get the starite. 

9-8 Hint: Beware the master of the dopplegangers! 

Drop an ooze on shoggoth's head, then delete it. Maxwell can run over and grab the
starite then. 

9-9 Hint: The urban legends of the fall. 

Clear all the enemies with a blob, then switch all the switches with an engineer
or thunderstorm. 

9-10 Hint: With great power, comes great. Lava pits. 

Another great place for a pterodactyl ride. 

9-11 Hint: Come and get it! 

Put a bomb on the red dirt. Light it, the rope holding the starite, and the wooden
platform across the tunnel using a candle or torch. If the starite catches fire
drop water on it. Blow the starite to Maxwell using an air vent. 
Mish Mash 
World 10 Walkthrough

10-1 Hint: Hint? 

Glue a bridge ladder to the square of steel on the left wall, underneath the
starite. Give Maxwell a pterosaur and fly down to get the starite. 

10-2 Hint: Start it up! 

Second verse, same as the first. Glue a bridge ladder to the piece of steel on the
left side, then use a small flying mount to fly Maxwell down to pick up the starite. 

10-3 Hint: This is a test of the emergency Scribblenauts system! 

Take out the werewolf and imp with a hair dryer. Drop a rock on each of the
buttons. Drop another hair dryer next to the switch by the vampire. Give Maxwell a
scuba tank and swim to get the starite. 

10-4 Hint: Choose wiser! 

Grab the x-ray goggles and run for the starite. Maxwell should be able to get it
before it or he are destroyed. 

10-5 Hint: Choose wisely! 

It's the switch on the far left. 

10-6 Hint: Hanging by a thread! 

Give Maxwell a pterosaur, then a hat. Fly under the wooden cage, and open it.
Catch the starite as it falls. 

10-7 Hint: I heart nuckelavees! 

Drop a couple of gas tanks against the dirt wall, the press the red button,
dropping the boulders into the hole. Fly Maxwell past (using any of the small
flying mounts, like pterodactyl or pegasus) and up to get the starite. 

10-8 Hint: The air of lightning. 

Give Maxwell a pterosaur and fly over to press the buttons, then fly in to get the

10-9 Hint: (enter long, rambling monologue that has nothing to do with the level)

Put a steel box on the firevent (there's a button there), put a rock on the button
in the water, and a balloon on the button on the ceiling. 

10-10 Hint: Where the wind blows the starite will drop! 

Cover the spikes to the right of the starite with a large steel door blue. Drop an
engineer on the switch. 

10-11 Hint: It's the last level! 

Ignore everything, just walk to the starite. The doors will open. 
The Gardens 
World 1

1-1 Objective: Give two of them what they would use in their hands! 

Possibilities: Cop: Gun, Baton
Cook: Spatula, Spoon, Ladle
Fireman: Axe, hose
Doctor: Syringe, Stethoscope, Scalpel

1-2 Objective: Capture the Butterfly

You can lure it down with a flower, or jump up on a trampoline, or fly up. You can
capture it in a net or pick it up with your hands. 

1-3 Objective: Use the ramp to beat his distance. 

You can use choices like the Go Kart, Bike, or Motorbike. The trick is to keep
tapping far enough out in front of Maxwell he builds speed and jumps off the end
of the ramp smoothly. 

1-4 Objective: Give the farmer three farm animals. 

Possibilities include Pig, pony, horse, goose, turkey, cow, goat, sheep, duck,
chicken, dog, cat. It doesn't need to be three different farm animals; they can be
all the same. 

1-5 Objective: Refresh him. 

Can give him bottled water, drop water on his head, rain on him, or give him an

1-6 Objective: Reunite the girl and her kitten. 

Can attach a rope and pull the kitten down, use ladder and climb up and get the
kitten, summon a firefighter, put some milk in a bowl to lure it down, summon a
mouse, or set the house on fire. 

1-7 Objective: Help him do his job. 

Give him an axe, saw, chainsaw, or summon a beaver or termite. 

1-8 Objective: clean up the park and get rid of the fly. 

Fly swatter, bug spray, any weapon. To clear this level without summoning any
items, stand Maxwell under the tree and throw the bottle at the newspaper in the
tree to knock it down. Put everything, including the fly, in the trash can. 

1-9 Objective: Knock 'em all off without cheating or guns. 

Throw a baseball at them, drop something on them, summon a termite or beaver. 

1-10 Objective: Protect the food, but don't upset the hippie by hurting the ants! 

You could summon two anteaters, or pick up the sandwich, or summon a bag or box
and put the sandwich in it. 

1-11 Objective: Return these flowers to her in her basket. 

You can use bug spray or a weapon against the bee, weapon or shark against the
piranha. Or ignore the piranha and use a fishing pole to snatch the flower out of
the water. Fly over to get the far flower on the ledge past the water. 
World 2

2-1 Objective: Help the birthday boy break the pinata. 

You can give the birthday boy a baseball bat, club, crowbar, or mace, or shoot the
pinata down yourself. 

2-2 Objective: Trick or Treat

You can finish this one without summoning anything, just pick up the jack o
lantern and throw it at a child. Treat alternatives include giving one the of the
children a piece of candy or other dessert. Trick alternatives include summoning a
zombie and putting it behind the cat, to terrify them, then snatching it back up
before it kills anyone, or summoning a ghost. 

2-3 Objective: What does the teacher want for her classroom? 

You can write boy, girl, child, student, students. 

2-4 Objective: Help the patient see. 

Glasses, magnifying glass, monocle, and contact lenses are all valid choices. 

2-5 Objective: Fully clothe the mannequin. 

To meet the objective, the outfit needs shoes, something on the head, and some
kind of suit/gown. Possibilities include: helm, suit of armor, knight boots; ninja
suit, ninja boots, ninja mask; scuba suit, snorkeler, flippers; suit, shoes, hat. 

2-6 Objective: Score! 

Put a soccer ball, football, baseball, or basketball in the goal. 

2-7 Objective: Clean up the spill and throw away the trash. 

Give the janitor a mop, or have Maxwell use the mop on the spill. Variation of mop
include rag mop, sponge mop, mop, dust mop. Put the banana peel in something. 

2-8 Objective: Contain a veggie, fruit, and drink item, and then pay. 

You can use a tote, basket, bag, knapsack. Then tap the cash register to check out. 

2-9 Objective: Wake the boy and feed the girl breakfast. 

Choices for waking the boy include alarm clock, siren, gong, or bell. Some of the
breakfast foods available are: pancake, omelet, melon, hash browns. 

2-10 Objective: Provide a hot meal, something to wash it down, and a sweet treat. 

You can't finish this one without at least turning on the stove. I've completed
the objective without actually cooking anything, though. Choices include cookie,
food, water, milk, omelet, pizza. 

2-11 Objective: Get rid of the rats, but don't hurt the chef's dog. 

Can use a mousetrap on the rat by the dog, and a cat for the rest. Other
possibilities include a longcat, moving it close to the rats then away before it
attacks anything else, or an owl, which will go after the rats but be fairly
harmless otherwise. 
The Peaks 
World 3

3-1 Objective: Give Santa something he likes, but doesn't already have here. 

Possibilities include: Mrs. Claus, an elf, candy cane, cookie. 

3-2 Objective: Power it on and get it home. 

You can summon a car battery and a cable, hit it with lightning from a thunderstorm. 

3-3 Objective: The Penguin is hungry for the smallest three. 

You can hook them with the fishing pole (using the scuba tank to dive) and bring
them back to the penguin, or catch them with Maxwell's bare hands. 

3-4 Objective: Return the favor to all of them. 

Hit them all with snowballs, or summon a blizzard and move the cloud around until
everyone's been snowed on. 

3-5 Objective: Return the lamb, but guns and explosions scare the flock. 

ROFLCopter and a leash can take the lamb up and over the wolf and water, back to
the flock. 

3-6 Objective: He's hungry for a dino omelet and needs heat. 

You can summon fire, and an omelet. Alternatives: summon a dino omelet, and use a
flamethrower to start the fire. 

3-7 Objective: Clear the way to get him home. 

ROFLCopter and Rope to move the cow. 

3-8 Objective: Stop the boat before it hits the iceberg! 

Drop something large in its way, like Cthulhu or another boat, then scuba over to
the star. 

3-9 Objective: Reunite the penguins, but don't hurt the whale! 

RoflCopter and a rope. 

3-10 Objective: Retrieve the lamp for him. 

From a safe distance, use a grenade on the stalagmites. Grab the lamp, fall back
down, and replace the bridge ladder. 

3-11 Objective: Get the patient to the hospital. 

Roflcopter, and a rope. 
World 4

4-1 Objective: Reunite the ugly duckling with the swans, but don't harm the cat! 

Cage the cat, jet pack over, pick up the duck, and jet pack it back over to the

4-2 Objective: Paint a portrait! 

Summon an easel and a pencil. Have Maxwell hold the pencil and tap the easel. 
Alternates: pen and canvas, brush and blank canvas. 

4-3 Objective: Reunite the unicorn with the druids. 

Feed it some hay and it will follow Maxwell back gladly. He can also lead it with
leash or rope. 

4-4 Objective: Bull in a china shop! 

Break everything. 

4-5 Objective: Deliver the baby to the King and Queen. 

Summon a basket, put the baby in the basket and take it back to its parents. 

4-6 Objective: Contain the corpse and put it six feet under. 

Dig a hole in the dirt, put a coffin in it, then put the corpse in the coffin. 

4-7 Objective: Return the chariot to the fort. 

Wall the knight in because he'll follow Maxwell and destroy the chariot as soon as
he gets close to it. Maxwell can ride pegasus and pegasus can drag the chariot
back up to the fort with a rope. 

4-8 Objective: Save the wizard! 

Take the orcs out with another monster. Drop a bridge ladder across the lava
filled pit. Tap the cage to open it. 

4-9 Objective: Lead the sweethearts back to each other, but don't harm the witch! 

Drop a Bridge Ladder over the water. Cross the water. Lead the knight to the
behemoth. Use a flying mount to fly up and over to the princess. Shrink her with
the shrink ray. Put her in a tote bag. Fly with the tote bag back to the knight
and let her out. 

4-10 Objective: Destroy the enemies before they hurt the royal family! 

Arm the first nobleman quickly, before the assassin can finish him off. Then arm
the knights. Destroy the minotaur with another monster, or Death, or something
that can similarly be effective remotely. `Alternatively, if you arm the Queen
with a ray gun, she can protect herself from the minotaur. 

4-11 Objective: Help the king get to his castle! 

Put out the fires. A blizzard, rain cloud, or dropping water on it all works.
Destroy the dragon with ooze, a black hole, or something else powerful. Bridge the
gap between the king and his castle. The bridge ladder is almost long enough but
will often fall through. If you glue bricks to the wooden pillars on each side,
the ones embedded in the dirt, it will give it a little more support and make the
bridge less likely to fall through when the sheep tries to cross. Fly Maxwell over
to the switch, and flip it. 
World 5

5-1 Objective: Get him off the island! 

He's not picky, by sea or by air is fine by him. Raft, hot air balloon, just for a
couple of ideas. 

5-2 Objective: Get her favorite candy bar from the vending machine, but watch out
for that bully. 

Give the bully a safe mount, like the Roc or a horse. Maxwell can walk right by
him then. 

5-3 Objective: Grow it! 

Water it, or use fertilizer on it. 

5-4 Objective: Get her in the pool! 

One way is to scare her in. A zombie between her and Maxwell will do the trick. Or
drop a python on her diving board. 

5-5 Objective: Rescue! 

Maxwell can use a bulldozer to push the whale into the water, or a boat to pull it

5-6 Objective: Play ball! 

Throw a baseball at the batter. 

5-7 Objective: Find and return his lost pocket watch! 

Kill the crocodile with another creature. Fly over to get the pocket watch. 

5-8 Objective: Win the race! 

Block the other racer in with a wall. 

5-9 Objective: Retrieve the bus! 

Have Maxwell ride Pegasus, and attach the bus to Maxwell with a rope. Then fly it
up out of there. 

5-10 Objective: Deliver the cargo to the other side, but no vehicles allowed! 

Kill the jellyfish and the octopus using a shark or some other aquatic predator or
monster. The whale won't be a problem. Connect one end of a rope or jump rope to
the large spiked steel ball on one side, dangling the other end of the rope off
the ledge to gradually pull it down into the depths. Give Maxwell a scuba tank.
Connect Maxwell to the cargo with a rope and have him dive in, towing the cargo to
the other side. 

5-11 Objective: Get him home safely! 

Maxwell can tow him, flying or under water. Watch for the pattern of the lightning
and try to take him across right after they've all gone off, to get as far across
as possible before the next one hits. Timed right, the fisherman should only be
hit once or not at all. 
Outer Wild 
World 6

6-1 Objective: Hunt duck! 

Arm Maxwell and shoot the ducks. 

6-2 Objective: Hatch it before mommy returns! 

Put a fire beside the egg. A heater works, too. 

6-3 Objective: Do two things to celebrate the newlyweds! 

Possibilities include: drop rice on them, drop confetti on them, give a present,
give a gift, or tie a can to their car. 

6-4 Objective: Lead the boy back to his father! 

You can give Maxwell a lantern, and summon the sun, to increase visibility. Drop
water on the fire to put it out. Scan ahead and destroy the two bats. Use a bridge
ladder to span the gap. 

6-5 Objective: Return the giraffe to the zoo! 

Fly over the gap, towing the giraffe back by rope. 

6-6 Objective: Help her get to the outhouse, but don't hurt the animals! 

Hook a rope to her and Maxwell can fly her up and over, sneaking down in behind
the lion to get to the outhouse. 

6-7 Objective: Return the diamond to him, but some of the wolves are endangered.
Don't harm them! 

Lure the wolves from the diamond's ledge into the crevice, or as near to it as
possible, with a sheep. That should move them out of the way to put a tornado back
by the diamond, which will catapult it out where Maxwell can get it. 

6-8 Objective: Feed the herbivores, but T-rex wants one of them. 

You can summon bushes to feed the herbivores, but can't complete the level until
T-rex gets to eat one. 

6-9 Objective: Contain the bear in the ditch and replace the camper's gear! 

Feed the bear a steak. Ride the bear to the edge of the ditch, then jump off. Lure
the bear the rest of the way into the crevice by dropping another steak into it.
Replace the camper's tent, flashlight, and sleeping bag. 

6-10 Objective: Clear the way and shoot the target! 

Fly over and rescue the clown from the wall. Roflcopter and a rope will work. Kill
the crocodile and the flies. Standing near the cannon (but not where the blast
will bounce off the cannon and kill Maxwell), fire at the target with an RPG, to
get the dirt out of the way. Then fire the cannon. 

6-11 Objective: Return the supplies in the crates to the soldier. 

Give Maxwell an RPG and have him stand at the very edge of the dirt ledge he
begins on, near the water. Fire at the closest enemy soldier. Take out the two
piranhas with cthulhu. Move cthulhu over to take care of the remaining enemy
soldier, then delete him. Now go to each of the crates in turn using flying or
scuba gear as needed, opening the crates and bringing the contents back to the
tree nearest where Maxwell and the soldier started the level. 
Stunt Park 
World 7

7-1 Objective: Make the guys on stage into a rock band. 

Give one of them a microphone and the rest an instrument, such as: bass, drums,
electric guitar, guitar, keyboard, microphone. 

7-2 Objective: Make the jump. 

A bike works. 

7-3 Objective: Get through the flags. 

Put a parachute on Maxwell and slide or tap the stylus along the path he needs to
take to go through all three sets of flags. 

7-4 Objective: Pin him down with an object. 

Drop a big vehicle on his head, like a fire truck, ambulance, or cement truck.
When it knocks him out and he goes to sleep, delete the vehicle to walk by and get
the star. 

7-5 Objective: Find the Starite Switch. 

Have Maxwell walk over to the rock platform in the center. The starite switch is
on the right side of the rock platform. Flip it, then have Maxwell walk to the
right past one switch, then turn around and flip it also, opening the floor on
either side of where he's standing. Roflcopter down to the starite. 

7-6 Objective: Find the crate the starite is in. 

Carefully arrange five bridge ladders across the gaps, stacking three on the
bottom row (on the far right, far left, and middle), then two spanning the gaps
left. Then walk across the trip wire. Give Maxwell a bat or club and have him bash
the crates until he finds the right one. Don't dally, they rudely keep jumping
around until they finally start jostling each other into the lava. 

7-7 Objective: Stop the runaway cement truck. 

Drop Cthulhu, a fire truck, or something else big in front of it, quick. Fly over
to the star. 

7-8 Objective: Save the allied plane. 

Give the two enemy soldiers something else to fight to keep them distracted from
firing on the plane, like Cthulhu, God, or Werewolves. 

7-9 Objective: Rescue the stranded and bring them to safety. 

You'll need a flying machine, like the roflcopter, and a rope, then just attach to
the stranded people and ferry them over one by one while trying to avoid the
lightning. If the lightning catches your rope on fire, put it out with water or
swap out the rope. 

7-10 Objective: Rescue the two sailors. 

A black hole will take out the three underwater mines if you position it right.
Then you can use something nasty and aquatic like Cthulhu to sink the enemy ship
and submarine. The shark will usually take care of an enemy soldier if it tries to
escape that way. Clean up anything dangerous left the water, and then you can make
Maxwell jump out of his boat. Give him a Scuba (tank) and have him swim over to
the sailors. Set their ropes on fire using a thunderstorm, moving it as soon as
each rope catches. Then have Maxwell lead them toward the boat. They won't follow
him deep enough underwater to go under the one rock they need to dive beneath, so
have him tow them over, one by one, with a rope. 

7-11 Objective: Battle each one with other creatures. No explosives allowed. 

Summon something big and nasty, like T-rex or Cthulhu, and it can chomp through
all three for an easy win. 
World 8

8-1 Objective: Trade something to the aliens and bring the rocks each one guards
back to the astronaut. 

Use a bridge ladder to span the gap, and give each one a gem: Diamond, Ruby,
sapphire, emerald. Use the fixed ladder to get back up to the upper level again. 

8-2 Objective: Find the imposter. 

One of them will have NO interest in a plank (board), and no idea what to do with
one. You can move the plank around a bit to be sure you've separated out the one
with no interest in it. Shoot the imposter. 

8-3 Objective: Get rid of the skunk, then give the astronomer something to look at. 

In a major case of overkill, I used Cthulhu on the skunk (deleting that ancient
one before he went after the astronomer, too), then hung a planet in the sky. 

8-4 Objective: The girl wants a teddy bear. 

Put out the fires with water or a raincloud. Then have Maxwell jump over, grab a
teddy bear, and deliver it. 

8-5 Objective: Get the girl to the chopper. 

Gotta be fast on this one. Put God behind Maxwell and the girl, but not so close
to the cemetery he disappears into it. Then, very quickly, summon another God to
get the wave coming from the front. When the immediate threats are dealt with,
just move one God over by the building to clear those out. 

8-6 Objective: Save at least one cow. 

Attack the alien with a big monster, like Cthulhu, herding the saucer around to
try to keep it away from the cows that are left and returning the monster to a
position to attack the alien if it slides off the saucer. 

8-7 Objective: Get the frozen alien to the truck. 

Use a bridge ladder to span the gap, and a rope to pull the iceblock. 

8-8 Objective: Lift the pipe up to the top floor. 

Another great place for a ROFLCopter and Rope. Attach the rope to Maxwell rather
than the ROFLCopter. 

8-9 Objective: Open the safe, but watch out for the security cameras. 

Put a wall between Maxwell and the security guard. Move Maxwell over to the door
outside the safe room. Summon another wall, putting this one on the two pressure
buttons closest to Maxwell. Move the other wall over to the last pressure button,
opening the door. 

8-10 Objective: Get the alien and his holograph to his ship. 

Use an RPG to take out the security camera, then use a bridge ladder to get across
the gap. Used another RPG on the second camera. (Be careful you're on the left
side of the exit door when you fire at that second camera. ) Summon a Griffin to
take out the secret agent guarding the alien, then put the Griffin on the upper
ledge out of the way to use later for the other secret agent. Click on the cage to
break the alien out, and lead him to the saucer. Move the Griffin down to fight
with the other secret agent, and then delete him and the bridge ladder. Attach a
rope to the hologram, and drag it up to the saucer using a fixed ladder. 

8-11 Objective: Timing is everything! Get a charge at eighty-eight! 

This objective requires that Maxwell drive a vehicle high enough, or with
something attached to make it high enough, to hit the wire. A Monster truck works. 
Dark Hollow 
World 9

9-1 Objective: Get the bad guys to heaven. 

Summon a stairway. They'll float right over. You could also summon God, or give
them all halos. 

9-2 Objective: Resurrect his creation, then contain it in the cell. 

Have Maxwell stand on the pressure switch to open the cell. Block him in with a
wall. Set up a thunderstorm to hit the creature, to bring it to life. Lure the
creature down onto the top of the wall, then to the lower floor and into the cell
using steaks. Jump off the pressure switch to lock it in, and delete the wall to
let Maxwell out. 

9-3 Objective: Help Little Red

"Granny" will wake up as soon as any creature comes near her, so anything that
will fight for you without killing you or the girl will work. God's always good
for that. Or you could protect them with a wall and put any big nasty over there
to take out the wolf. 

9-4 Objective: Open the coffin. 

You need to take out the vampire. Summoning Sun will do it. Then dig down to the
coffin and open it. 

9-5 Objective: Guide the postman so he can deliver the main, but don't harm the

Throw a silver bullet at the werewolf. This will turn him back into his human
self, thus not harming him, and let Maxwell and the postman pass unscathed. 

9-6 Objective: Get the party started, but Maxwell needs a costume. 

You need to summon a complete costume (like the ninja suit, shoes, and mask), and
music (like the jukebox). 

9-7 Objective: Send all the trash back up to the surface. 

Summon a wall to block off the mutants. Keep edging them closer and closer to the
far side of the sewer as they wander that way. When they get close enough to the
bag of trash on the pipe at the far end, connect two ropes together, and use these
to pull the trash to Maxwell over the wall. You can then use the connected ropes
to climb out of the sewer and move all the trash up to the street. Don't miss the
small wrapper that hides in the water. 

9-8 Objective: Three ghosts named Mr. Chef, Ms. Fashion, and Mr. Jazz haunt
certain objects. Find them. 

Put X Ray goggles on Maxwell, then summon food and a cd player and each ghost will
automatically be revealed. 

9-9 Objective: Help the Zombies transform the enemies, but watch out afterward. 

Summon another zombie, but let the other zombies get almost to the enemies before
dropping it in the middle of the enemies. Then summon a wall and place it between
Maxwell and the zombies. If you position it right, you can put it under the
starite so that Maxwell just needs a set of stairs to climb on top the wall and
safely get it. 

9-10 Objective: Catch the haunted clock. 

Block the areas the clock teleports to with something large, like boulders or
walls, until it has no place left to go. 

9-11 Objective: Protect the Giant, but don't destroy the villagers. 

Block the knights first, then the villagers, quickly. Two walls work. 
Mish Mash 
World 10

10-1 Objective: Whodunit? 

Carry the corpse to each suspect, then put it back. The guilty party will reveal
themselves. Kill the culprit. 

10-2 Objective: Make their night romantic. 

Jukebox and giving her a rose works. 

10-3 Objective: Lead him to safety or his demise. 

To save him, use a rope to tow him back to the lighthouse. 

10-4 Objective: Win all three carnival games. 

Hit the bullseye to drop the guy in the water. Shoot all the moles. Fly over the
mole stand. Hit the pressure button with a hammer. Fly back over the mole stand to
get the starite. 

10-5 Objective: Only he can win the duel. Help him. 

RPG works. 

10-6 Objective: One wants family, another medical help, and the other entertainment. 

Summon "Mom", a television, and a nurse, and move them around until you find the
patient made happy by each one. 

10-7 Objective: Save the woman and her child. 

Quickly summon a wall, then dispose of the zombies. 

10-8 Objective: Three prisoners have escaped. They're wanted dead or alive. 

Drop a lawman near the two prisoners still in stripes. Drop a bear in the line
containing the disguised prisoner. 

10-9 Objective: Fix the misplaced deliveries. 

A fixed ladder and lots of fetching and shuffling. 

10-10 Objective: Get the pets to the right owner. 

Dog and cat will fight if they're in the same area. Use a rope to lead one down
near the water, then detach, fly over and get the other, moving it to its owner.
Take the one near the water to its owner. 

10-11 Objective: Write the answer. 

"The Answer". 
Win, Starite, answer, and epic win also work.

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