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                                           Full Season One Walkthrough -by-
                                              Shotgunnova (Patrick Summers)

    I. CONTROLS & BASICS  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . CNTR
  III. WALKTHROUGH  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WLKT

       01) A New Day .................................................... WK01
       02) Starved For Help ............................................. WK02
       03) Long Road Ahead .............................................. WK03
       04) Around Every Corner .......................................... WK04
       05) No Time Left ................................................. WK05
       06) 400 Days ............................................. DLC ... WK06

   IV. APPENDICES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . APPN
    V. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . FAQZ
   VI. UPDATES & CONTRIBUTIONS  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . UPDT
  VII. LEGALITY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . LGLT

I. CONTROLS & BASICS                                                     [CNTR]
 Controls are fairly simple, but can't be changed.

 MOVEMENT: this is done with the W-A-S-D keys. The same buttons are used for
 menu navigation and certain scripted events.

 MOUSE: left-click is used as a "select" button. In some situations, as well
 as all menus, this function remains. Left-click is also used in events that
 require target selection.

 SAVING: The game autosaves at certain subchapters and when completing a full
 installment (including "400 Days"), but players can't manually save.

 REWIND: This goes hand in hand with completing subchapters. Players can load
 up their saves, then "rewind" the story to completed subchapters, essentially
 starting the story from that point. (Doing this deletes subsequent progress,
 however, so it's best to copy into a free save slot first.) Rewinding is very
 useful for finding out what choices matter or just for replaying scenarios in
 new ways.

 STORY GENERATION: This occurs when a player chooses to play a chapter that
 isn't connected to the current progress (like playing Chapter 4 when one's
 only up to Chapter 2). The game will allow it, and generates story decisions
 up to that point. These are apparently random, but there do seem to be certain
 trends (like being on Kenny's good side).

01) A NEW DAY                                                            [WK01]
 The walkthrough is written to be as spoiler-free as possible, but since some
 decisions will have to be explained, it can't be 100% on that end. Head's up!

1-1: The Freeway
 Items -----: Shotgun Shell, Handcuff Key
 Achievement: Out of the Frying Pan

 Meet Lee Everett: a teacher with dashing good looks and wit, taking a paddy
 wagon ride down the freeway. In the game's opening minutes, he'll be able to
 interact with the driver, making small talk. Although this chat has no real
 long-term consequences, it does serve as a warmup of sorts. For instance,
 noticing the cop's from Macon will change the conversation a little, whereas
 silence shuts it down. (If one has the default HUD up, notable choices will
 be displayed in the upper-left corner when chosen. In this case, it'll say
 things like "He picked up on that".)

 As said, this convo has no importance, a point driven home when the car jumps
 an embankment. Lee eventually comes to (thanks to a unique "alarm" sound) and
 aims to bust outta the backseat. Kick the side window until the mouse prompt
 changes to a hand icon -- players can switch between looking and action by
 pressing 1 and 2, respectively.

 After the escape, lurch along the wreck toward the policeman's corpse. Snag
 the shotgun shell near the passenger-side door, then walk to the body, which
 contains the handcuff key. (Like a butterfingers, he drops the key during the
 unlocking portion.)

 Unsurprisingly, the slain copper will resurrect in violent undeath, startling
 Lee right onto his back. Quickly back up, then grab the shotgun for an ammo-
 -loading prompt. (If the shell wasn't picked up earlier, that'll need to be
 done first, naturally. Lee always fumbles the insertion, forcing one to pick
 it up again anyway.) Like a trained killer, blow the innocent zombie's head
 off, earning a moment of safety.

 The highway chapter ends when Lee calls out to the pint-sized figure in the
 treeline. With no response, he fence-hops into the...

1-2: Suburbs
 Items -----: Walkie-Talkie
 Achievement: Adventures in Babysitting

 Unfortunately, Lee left his shotty back at the roadside, so he's coming into
 the backyard empty-handed. A search is fairly fruitless, so hobble to the
 porch and inspect the door until it can be operated. The explorable interior
 is limited to a living room and kitchen.

 There's little of interest in the living room, although the family answering
 machine can be used. (If one puts it off, it'll often beep and even give a
 stock "there are no new messages" line, prodding players to inspect it.) It
 must be inspected to continue, and plays while exploring, so it's easiest to
 do it early.

 In the kitchen, Lee can drink some water and grab a walkie-talkie in a right-
 -hand drawer. The fridge and cupboards have nothing of interest, and Lee has
 nothing else to do until the messages finish playing. Following, Clementine
 radios in on the walkie-talkie, mentioning her absent parents and her current
 caretaker, Sandra.

 Speaking of which, the zombified babysitter attacks Lee after the chat, which
 starts a QE event (a term I call it since players have to mash Q and hit E to
 get through. These are default buttons and can't be changed.) Once Lee brains
 himself on the countertop, kick Sandra away until Clementine arrives with a
 hammer. Snag it, then club the babysitter until the danger's passed.

1-3: Suburbs, Pt. II
 Items -----: ---
 Achievement: In Your Charge

 For players who haven't seen the game's marketing, Clementine's an 8-year-old
 who accompanies one through the chapters. She (among others) often remembers
 choices and acts Lee does, and this impacts the story's flow somewhat. Here,
 Clementine asks her new friend if the zombie's dead; any reply's fine, though
 giving silence scares her.

 The next decision is the exit strategy: trying to escape as soon as possible,
 or waiting for nightfall. Either pick is fine (the end result's the same) but
 it does change how the chapter plays out.

 • LOOK FOR HELP: Outside, approach the streetside gate to find two men (Chet
   and Shawn Greene) near a vehicle. Convincing Clem of the gameplan doesn't
   change anything. Shawn will want to know Lee's relationship to Clem, and
   one can either lie (babysitter/neighbor) or be truthful ("just some guy").
   The choice will be slightly impact the next chapter. Either way, there'll
   be a car-pushing event to escape the streets before they're overrun.
 • LEAVE AFTER SUNDOWN: Approaching the dark street results in a meeting with
   Shawn and a cop, Andre Mitchell, who fires a warning shot. Clem will want
   to know if they're going to die: answering "no" settles her, giving silence
   has the opposite effect. Either way, the two will have to emerge from the
   hiding spot. Describing the relationship to Clem is the last real choice
   before everyone escapes...well, except Chet, who became a zombie...but no
   one cares about him.

 Regardless of the chosen path, everyone winds up at...

1-4: Hershel's Farmstead
 Items -----: ---
 Achievement: Rock and a Hard Place

 Upon arrival, Shawn introduces the escapees to his dad, Hershel, who'll have
 some questions of his own once his boy leaves. He'll take note of any lies
 Lee feeds him, though it has no real consequences outside this chapter. The
 truthful replies are describing the car accident and police involvement, of
 course. (Failing to introduce oneself negatively colors his opinion, also.)

 Either way, Lee gets patched up and goes to nap in the barn with Clem. The
 next morning, one can meet the "other displaced family" -- Kenny, Katjaa and
 Kenny Jr. (Duck) -- after a wake-up call.

 To continue one must speak to all NPCs around the place. Shawn and Duck will
 be in the backyard; Kenny's near the gate; the girls are by the front stoop.
 Note that Kenny (Sr.) is a mainstay character in this game, so if one wants
 to get in his good graces, this is the first opportunity to win him over.

 • Duck: no conversations
 • Clementine: no conversations

 • Shawn: He'll talk about how he saw a child die, and notes Lee's steely 
   response ("You gotta do what you gotta do"), plus whether Lee volunteers
   info about the zombies he's killed. The rest is irrelevant, though Lee
   offers condolensces if Chet died earlier.

 • Katjaa: Lee can learn she's a veterinarian ("What do you do?"), and give his
   own opinion on how hopeful he is life'll return to normal, which she notes;
   "You two actually look relaxed" reveals Clem's a first-grader, while asking
   about the city gives Lee a chance to mention he was fired as a professor.
   There's a chance to do all conversations here.

 • Kenny: He'll note if Lee takes interest in his family ("How's your son
   doing") and mention having a boat in Fort Lauderdale ("What's your plan").
   He'll also note if Lee has any children, should his new buddy ask about
   helping him fix up the truck. Unlike some convos, all the choices can be
   explored here.

 After speaking to everyone, Hershel appears in the barn. The conversation's
 mostly irrelevant, though Lee's past lies/honesty comes into play. The chat
 is broken up by Shawn's screams as he's pinned near the fence, walkers nipping
 at his heels.

 Lee has to decide whether to save Shawn or Duck. This is the first of several
 life-altering decisions, or at least a test run -- this one's rigged! Duck'll
 always be saved (by Lee or Kenny) and Shawn always dies. Because Shawn has no
 real importance in the game, and Kenny will remember Lee saving his boy, it's
 usually better to get the youngun outta harm's way. Of course, for those who
 hate Kenny and want to piss him off, feel free to swing for the other choice.

 Either way, Hershel goes ballistic and kicks everyone off his farm, which
 leads to...

1-5: Everett Drugstore
 Items -----: Portrait, Bandage, Remote, Battery x2, Energy Bar x4

 After the opening scene, everyone takes refuge in the drugstore, which also
 introduces several more survivors: Doug, Glenn, Carley, Lilly and her father

 • Choice 1: Clem-related, doesn't affect anything
 • Choice 2: Clem-related, doesn't affect anything
 • Choice 3: Lilly-related (she remembers all answers except silence)
 • Choice 4: Larry talks about Duck; doesn't affect anything

 Lee will now have to throw in his lot with the irascible hardass or Duck.
 Since a lot of players want to side with Kenny but accidentally side with
 Larry (by picking options to reason), do these to the latter.

 • Choice 5: "It's him or Duck." -or- "Kick his ass."
 • Choice 6: Katjaa wants Lee to intervene (any option's fine)
 • Choice 7: "Deal with it."
 • Choice 8: "Hit him, Kenny." -or- "NO!"

 Like the last major decision, defending Duck helps his dad like Lee, while
 siding with Larry has an opposite effect. For those contemplating long-term
 decisions, note that Larry is always a dick to Lee (siding with him is mostly
 irrelevant) and Kenny will start forming a grudge if he was slighted both here
 and at the farm.

 But, regardless of how the choices above go, the tension's broken as Clem's
 grabbed by a bathroom walker. When Lee gets knocked over in a ridiculous
 fashion, quickly click on Clem's grab prompt to rush over for a zombie QE
 event -- this causes Carley to gun down the creeper. She'll do this either
 way, note, but Clem will remember (for a later conversation) whether Lee
 arrived in time.

 Anyway, Larry will have some heart palpitations and everyone settles down,
 letting Lee explore the pharmacy. (Responses to Lilly regarding pill-finding
 don't matter.) Glenn will have left to siphon gas, taking Lee's walkie-talkie
 for communication; Larry is resting. Everyone else, though, can be interacted

 • Clementine: She has three conversations, though none are of major note. The
   third awkward one does drop a humdinger from Lee ("Being good."),
   for those interested. She'll remember if Lee gives her an energy bar.

 • Kenny's family: They'll reflect on what just happened, whether Lee defended
   Duck or not. After exhausting all subjects or trying to exit conversation,
   Kenny will want to talk about Shawn. To build extra loyalty with him, pick
   "It happened pretty fast," then "Console?". (If Lee didn't defend Duck, this
   can't be done, however.) One can always show support by giving Duck an
   energy bar, though.

 • Doug: He'll be keeping watch by the door, and can go outside with Lee to
   check the street. This isn't completely necessary, though Lee can notice a
   trapped walker who presumably worked at the store. Doug won't be onboard
   with the idea of the zombie having any pharmacy keys without proof, though.

 • Carley: She's fiddling with a radio. Inspect it, flip it over, and search
   the battery case to find it's...empty. Lee can find two on the floor near
   Clem and a shelf near Kenny's kin, respectively. Deliver the batteries,
   then put 'em in right to get the radio working (turn power on). Fixing the
   sucker lets Lee inquire about Carley further ("Are you ok?"), where he can
   rattle her (option 2) or show concern (all others). She'll take note of his
   picks there.

 • Lilly: Her conversations don't matter much, though she does mention any
   recent violent acts and whether Lee saved Clem.

 Those seeking energy bars can find four: (1) opposite Clem, on floor near
 pharmacy window (2) shelf near Kenny's family (3) shelf near Lilly & Larry
 (4) shelf behind Carley. For some reason, the fourth one doesn't always show
 up, though.

 Eventually, Lee will have to enter the back office. Take the portrait near
 the bedding (mandatory for later) for a scene with Carley. She'll keep mum on
 Lee's past; she'll remember if Lee thanked her and doubting her reliability.
 When she's gone, inspect the pallet for a small scene, then move the desk
 with Clem. (The conversations aren't too important, although Lee can confide
 that he's a criminal and that his family, who owned the store, is dead.)

 Clem'll end up hurting her finger at this point, so fetch a bandage from the
 first aid kit nearby to do a patchjob. Answer her parental question, then
 search the desk drawer for the remote control. Trying the nearby door reveals
 it's locked; if Lee observed the street zombie, he'll know the keys are on
 its person. Either way, leave the office.

 Speak with Clem about her finger (a kind act she remembers) to get a call
 from Glenn at the motor inn. Lee relays that everyone'll talk the situation
 over, though the search party is always him and Carley. Speak with her to

1-5: Travelier Motel
 Items -----: Pillow, Axe, Spark Plug, Awl
 Achievement: It's Just One Bullet

 Reuniting with Glenn changes the goal to saving another survivor in a far 2F
 room. The team will have to silently nix the nearby foes first, though, and
 that requires hiding at the wall. (Peeking above the wall gradually draws
 attention, so only do it in short bursts; linger too long and it's game over.)

 First, lean left and take the pillow, then move to the crouching spot near
 the pickup. Try the pillow on the nearest zombie for a silenced gunshot. Open
 the door and flick the gear shifter; Lee finds a spark plug. Push the car to
 pin a nearby zombie, then use the spark plug on the pickup's window. Glenn'll
 break the plug to make a sharp fragment. Try again, claiming the cab's awl;
 this can be used to silently kill the first zombie (from 1st wall position).

 Once that pest is (re)dead, Lee hides by the RV to get the zombie 'round the
 corner. Inspect it with the awl icon to get its attention, then stab it when
 it nears. Upon success, everyone sneaks to the pushed car. Killing this foe
 with the awl automatically earns the axe, which can be used to slay the final
 two walkers upstairs.

 After a chat with the survivor, axe the 2x4 preventing access. However, the
 survivor has been bitten and wants to commit suicide to prevent any undeath
 scenarios. Neither Glenn nor Carley approves of helping her die, but that'll
 happen no matter what, so don't think too hard on it.

1-6: Everett Drugstore, Pt. II
 Items -----: Pharmacy Key
 Achievement: Hey, Bud

 The next order of business is getting Larry's nitroglycerin pills, which
 requires the back office key. Lee may have already deduced the key's in the
 street zombie's possession -- the real problem is claiming it. Speak with
 Doug to access the street. (Carley and Glenn have new conversations, but they
 don't matter in the long run.)

 First, use the remote on the electronic store display nearby -- Doug'll do
 his techie magic to turn 'em all on. Next, "use" the portrait on the pinned
 zombie to convince Doug the keys are outside. Lee's free to chop through the
 padlock and open the shutter now. Once it's done, grab the brick, toss it
 at the store display and make a break for the pinned zombie. For some reason,
 it takes Lee five whacks to do away with it, but sure 'nough, the keys can be
 looted afterward.

 Following a scene, unlock the pharmacy and root around for the heart meds.
 Unfortunately, this sets off the store alarm, alerting every undead punter
 for several blocks.

1-7: Everett Drugstore, Pt. III
 Items -----: ---
 Achievement: Everything's Going to Be Okay

 With everyone scrambling, Lee, Doug and Carley are in charge of keeping the
 front door secure...which is hard since the padlock's broken. D'oh! Take
 Glenn's spot so he can do his assigned job, then inspect the door prompts
 (twice) when the zombies start gaining the upper hand. After a small QE event,
 Clem will find a cane to hold the front door shut. Put it in position ASAP.

 At this point, Lee has to make a decision to save either Doug or Carley -- and
 unlike the farm choice, this really is a "one or the other" scenario. Whoever
 ain't chosen, dies. Note that Carley is a kinda-sorta love interest for Lee
 and a good shot, while Doug is a nerdy guy with no real assets. Either choice
 is fine; just be quick about picking. If time runs out, everyone dies (game

 With the choice made, help Clem get free from a zombie's clutches -- it'll
 take three kicks. On the way out to the alley, Larry reveals his true colors,
 forcing Kenny to save Lee. (He'll throw in a parting shot if Lee hasn't been
 helpful to his family, though, heh.)

 As "A New Day" winds down, everyone alights to the motel to converse about
 what just happened. There's no opinion-changing dialogue here, but Lee's
 previous decisions will come back to his favor (or to haunt him) as he checks
 in with everyone. The real shakeups are Glenn, who leaves permanently to find
 his buddies, and Carley/Doug, whichever survived. Both will want to know why
 they were saved over the other, and Doug definitely has survivor's guilt over
 the sitch.

 Speaking with Larry ends the chapter properly. Each chapter from now on will
 have an in-game recap that notes the 5 major choices. For fun, I'll just tell
 what they are:

 - Most players are forthright with Hershel
 - Most players are split 50-50 on who to save at the farm
 - Most players are split 50-50 in the Larry-Kenny slug match
 - Most players don't hand Irene (motel survivor) the gun
 - An overwhelming amount of players save Carley instead of Doug

 I suppose it's possible the stats could eventually change, but some are so
 overwhelming (like saving Carley), maybe that ain't happenin'. Either way,
 next chapter is playable after the first's credits.

02) STARVED FOR HELP                                                     [WK02]
 From now on, every completed chapter will recap the previous, reminding one
 of the current stakes and who's alive/dead. For those who skipped the first
 chapter and started on this one (which occasionally happens due to glitches
 that don't save properly), Carley is typically alive.

2-1: Macon Wilderness
 Items -----: ---
 Achievement: Going Hungry

 The second TWD installment takes place during a hunting party with Mark, one
 of the motel gang's new faces. After axing a walker, the player can speak
 about (1) Kenny's idea of moving on in the RV (2) why Larry has so much animus
 towards Lee. Mark will remember most strong opinions given -- especially if
 Lee paints Larry as a racist. 

 After Mark takes aim a bird (situation irrelevant), the duo scrambles to find
 the source of a scream. This leads to a situation involving David, a teacher,
 and two students, Travis and Ben. David's stepped in a bear trap, and after a
 chat about raids and helping, Lee's gotta make a decision.

 • SAVE DAVID: The only way to do this is chopping his leg off; other options
   won't work. It'll take four whacks to do the trick, after which time, he'll
   be brought back to camp. Travis will caught by walkers in the meantime,

 • LEAVE DAVID: This occurs if one chooses to leave him or wastes too much
   time deciding on how to help. David will be left to the approaching zombies
   while the boys are brought back to the settlement. Travis will have been
   accidentally shot by Mark, however.

 Who's saved only matters insofar as the next chapter is concerned, and it'll
 begin as soon as everyone returns. 

2-2: Travelier Motel
 Items -----: Jerky, Cheese Snack, Half-Apple x2
 Achievement: Conversation Killer

 After the first dialogue, Lee'll find himself smack dab in the middle of a
 Kenny-Lilly fight. To side with Kenny, pick "Kenny's right"; to side against
 Kenny, pick "Lilly's right". Staying silent frustrates Kenny; maintaininig
 neutrality annoys both to a degree.

 Either way, Lilly's job as Commissioner Hoardin' will now fall on Lee. He'll
 get jerky, half an apple and two cheese snacks to distribute to 10 hungry
 mouths. How Lee doles out the supplies will be remembered, though it's not
 quite as dire as it seems.

 • Clementine: she'll take anything
 • Katjaa: she's busy and never takes any, instead suggesting Duck gets it
 • Ben: he'll take anything, but the other survivors won't approve.

 • Lilly: she's on top of the RV. If Lee sided with her, she'll gladly take a
   portion, but refuses if Lee sided with Kenny. In the latter's case, there's
   no notable relationship improvement, so it's usually better to skip her.

 • Larry: he'll take anything, but this doesn't improve tensions with Lee. He
   also complains if Mark is fed before him, and goes ballistic if he gets
   nothing. (He certainly hasn't lost any weight, so maybe Mark's comments
   about Lilly sneaking food to him are true...)

 • Kenny: Everyone in the camp takes note of this choice. It only occurs if
   Duck was fed first, though. Later, Kenny can give Lee kudos for feeding the
   kids (excluding Ben), so it's not necessary to feed him in that regard.

 • Mark: He's along the fence, and takes anything. If Doug's alive and refuses
   his portion, Mark asks Lee for it, provided Mark hasn't been fed yet. It's
   mostly irrelevant whether he eats or not, relationship-wise.

 • Duck: he'll take anything; Kenny and his family will remember the gesture,
   even if Lee and Kenny's relationship has been rocky.

 • Carley/Doug: depending on who survived, Carley is near the kids and Doug's
   near the fence, installing an alarm. They'll both be grateful to Lee for
   his earlier judgment call, so stiffing 'em impacts little. Carley/Doug will
   only accept an apple, also, though they appreciate the gesture if something
   else is tried.

 • Lee: Mr. Everett can take the final portion for himself.

 Additionally, after talking with Mark and Larry, Lee will have to hand his axe
 over for the wall repairs. The decision is irrelevant, unless Carley died, in
 which case it impacts the next situation a bit. (Also, not giving it to Larry
 pisses him off, and that's always entertaining.) Clementine also comments on
 her lost hat, regardless of whether Lee asks.

 After handing out all food, a conversation with Katjaa occurs. Pick whatever,
 then prepare to fight off the zombified David/Travis. This includes banging
 its head along the truck bed, then backing up quickly. Carley, or whoever has
 the axe, saves Lee.

 The next relevant situation is Andy and Danny St. John, dairy farmers looking
 to barter food for gas. (If Doug is alive, his alarm notifies their approach;
 otherwise, Carley notices first.) Regardless of discussion, an exploratory
 squad -- Lee, Mark, Carley -- will agree to vet the dairy. On the way over,
 there's a unique convo with Carley or Doug, about Lee's past and a newfound
 laser pointer, respectively.

 Eventually, the brothers will ask Lee where he's from, who's running the
 motel group and how many said group amounts to. Whether Lee answers honestly
 ("I'm from Macon") or carefully ("Enough to defend ourselves") is remembered,
 though there's no long-term relevance. Arriving at the farm ends the current

2-3: St. John Dairy
 Items -----: 2x4, Rope

 After some opening chatter about the fence & safety, Carley/Doug and Ben will
 head back to the others, leaving Lee and Mark to look around. Andy will try
 to rope the team into checking the perimeter fence, a task that can start when

 There's a few things to do before then, though. Andy and Brenda (in house) can
 be questioned a little, revealing they keep guns on the property and they've
 had other guests. Grilling them for info, and inspecting some random objects
 (fence, fence light, etc.) are optional though. Lee can also check the broken
 swing, opening up a chance to fix it (available regardless of observation
 choice). Simply check the saw near the generator to cut a 2x4, then fetch rope
 from the porch's supply box. Note that the swing will be fixed later, even if
 Lee does nothing.

 When ready, talk with Andy to start the fence inspection, which has a few
 zombie husks clinging to it. The first can be pushed off; the second has to
 get chopped off; the third has knocked over part of the fence. After each,
 Mark will comment on the dairy's state; he'll pick up on any ambivalence and
 doubt, though the choices have no long-term consequences.

 With the fence rightside-up, Mark is attacked, forcing the two to seek cover
 by a tractor. The goal is now to break for the gate, something that's a pipe
 dream until the plow is raised (back) and the wheel chock is gone (front).
 Taking too long while exposed earns Lee an arrow-ridden game over, so don't

 The vehicle starts rolling when its impediments are gone, and the survivors
 can stay safe by crouch-walking alongside it. (Again, begin exposed results
 in Lee getting shafted.) When prompted, clear the wheel path of carcasses;
 the second one contains a QE event and small chase/crawl to safety. When the
 tractor hits the grain bin, everyone escapes safely.

 Report what happened to Andy, just as the remaining motel survivors (sans
 Carley/Doug and Ben, who already ate) arrive. Danny will immediately prepare
 to attack a bandit camp he knows about...and Lee's invited! The sojourn can
 begin immediately, or Lee can talk with the newcomers first. The only chat
 that matters is with Clementine, about life returning to normal. She'll soak
 up any honesty ("I don't think so") and hope ("yes") Lee throws her way.

2-3: Save-Lots Bandit Camp
 Items -----: Clem's Hat, Camera

 The site's abandoned on arrival, so the detective work begins. There's a ton
 of things to inspect, though most is irrelevant to the proceedings. Check a
 Save Lots box on the far table, then the dairy container behind it. A table
 near the tent has searchable boxes, one of which hides a battery-less camera
 Lee pockets. Taking it gives a throwback reference to who Lee said ran the
 motel group (if he didn't pick Lily, Danny ribs him).

 With the camera taken, Lee can investigate the tent. Taking Clem's missing
 hat from the sleeping bag starts a scene with Jolene, a crossbow-wielding
 Save-Lots employee. After some banter, Lee will have some chances to shoot
 her (these options are spelled out for the player) or talk her down ("Put the
 crossbow down" or "Don't be stupid!").

 Danny will kill Jolene if Lee tries talking her down or weighs the options
 too long. Lee will comment on her death, about why he pulled the trigger or
 why partner did (Danny remembers almost all of these options, even silence.)
 If Lee wants to be suspicious of Danny, let him take the shot, then reply
 "Thanks, I guess".

2-3: St. John Dairy, Pt. II
 Items -----: Multi-Tool
 Achievement: Thank You For Shopping!

 After some squabblin', Brenda notes the kids and Katjaa are in the barn with
 Maybelle (the cow) -- naturally, Lee can follow suit. This is one of the few
 times Danny can be spoken to, though, so feel free to ask him some questions
 before going in (the conversation about his gun echoes previous suspicion).

 Inside, there's (optional) conversation to hold, mainly giving Clem her hat
 back. Speaking with Duck has Clem point out what the barn smells like, which
 hearkens back to Lee's reply on Hershel's farm. Inspecting the locked door
 starts a conversation with Kenny about how suspicious it is. Lee can either
 echo his sentiments somewhat, or call him stupid (he doesn't like this). Be
 sure to inspect the slide lock's screws for a funny racial exchange, which
 even gives a dig at everyone's favorite punching bag: Florida!

 Andy soon breaks things up, letting Lee ask him directly ("what's behind the
 door?") or foist an excuse (Kenny does this if silence is chosen). Either way,
 the next step is checking the back room, which requires getting Andy out of
 the barn. The game HUD gives this as a notification if left on default

 To stage a distraction, head outside and take a Multi-Tool from the sawhorse
 toolbox. (This spawns after the bandit event and can be done even before one
 goes in the barn.) Larry is romancing Brenda in one of the few moments he'll
 ever show human kindness, giving Lee a chance to sabotage the generator. Use
 the Multi-Tool to undo the cover, then hit the power switch to grab the belt.
 This causes Andy to emerge and fiddle with the sucker. NOTE: simply hitting
 the power switch before checking inside doesn't buy enough time.

 Back in the barn (whose door Lee leaves open like a buffoon), approach the
 locked door for a dinner bell scene -- this clears the barn out. Unscrew the
 assembly to find the waiting surprise. Andy will soon arrive to fetch Lee
 (any reply to him is fine) for supper.

2-4: St. John Dairy (Farmhouse)
 Items -----: ---
 Achievement: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

 As Lee grows ever more suspicious of his hosts, he goes to the bathroom to
 wash his hands. Of course, this is just a cover to check upstairs (it creaks,
 but this alerts no one). Search the small closet the power cord runs into,
 then connect the cables to cue an odd light source. Lee can inspect this
 source by going into the next-door bedroom and pushing the shelf aside.

 It'll all be made clear of what's going on at this point, prompting Lee to
 rush downstairs. (Speed is of the essence to do this right.) Here, choosing
 "DON'T EAT THAT" or "CLEMENTINE, NO" has the best effect, while any others,
 including silence, fall short. When everyone asks what the ruckus is, Lee can
 say outright or yell at Brenda. Doing the latter gives a chance to explain
 further or let Larry start eating (a dick move, but funny). 

 Replies that happen past that point are irrelevant, as Lee big mouth gets
 himself, Kenny, Lily, Larry and Clem locked up.

2-5: St. John Dairy, Pt. III
 Items -----: Coins
 Achievement: Too Much Salt Will Kill You

 The incarceration act opens with an abundance of vomit and Clem commenting on
 what she (didn't) eat. Lee can then walk around to inspect the new cell, or
 comment with everyone. The conversation with Larry can be especially great,
 as he finds fault with everything Lee's done (not feeding him earlier, being
 rude to him that day, and so on).

 Eventually, or if Lee inspects the AC unit, Larry's paroxysm brings on a
 heart attack. This brings about "Starved for Hunger" major choice #3: help
 Lilly with her CPR maneuvers or hold her down so Kenny can ensure he doesn't
 return zombified. Either way, Larry won't make it, but Lee's relationships'll
 be affected. Note that doing nothing is tantamount to siding against Kenny,
 so there's no middle ground here.

 When Clem is consoled, Lee can go back to his search of the air conditioner.
 Inspect the screw, then Larry, then speak with Lilly -- she'll begrudgingly
 let Lee search her dad's pockets. Once the coins are found, use 'em to undo
 the AC's hitch, opening up the lateral vent. Clementine will need a pep talk
 to go through and unlock the door, but this portion goes off swimmingly.

2-6: St. John Dairy, Pt. IV
 Items -----: Hay Hook, Sickle, Mini Cattle Prod
 Achievement: Taking Charlotte

 Control is given to Lee in the abattoir. There's several things to inspect,
 though only one weapon can be claimed. (Oddly enough, the meat locker door
 has no lock. Maybe Larry didn't even bother trying the handle? Heh.) Speak
 with Kenny to enter the barn, where Danny is keeping watch with Charlotte,
 his lucky rifle.

 Sneak towards the brother until one's forced to hide in a side stall. Lee can
 peek out to see what Danny's up to, as he opens a bear trap and walks out of
 sight. The next time Lee looks out, or after some time's passed, Lee will be
 looking down Charlotte's barrel. He'll be shot if nothing is done, so quickly
 grab the barrel and follow up by attacking him with the claimed weapon (or
 fists, if that applies). Lee will be saved by either Lilly or Kenny, whoever
 he's on better terms with.

 At this point, Lee can do the chapter's fourth major decision: killing or
 sparing the brothers. Killing him will scare Clementine somewhat, even more
 if Lee was an accessory to the previous Larry incident, though she'll take
 note if Lee shows mercy. Lilly may reprimand Lee for helping Kenny deal with
 Larry but sparing Danny's life. Either way, Danny ceases to be a threat as
 he's disarmed and caught in a bear trap (perhaps the same tweaked type that
 can't come undone, seen in chapter 2-1).

 Exiting the barn starts a reunion with Ben and Carley; if Doug's alive, Lee
 will have to spot his laser pointer first (nearby haystack). It's short-lived,
 however, as Lee will approach the front porch all by his lonesome. Brenda will
 eventually spot him in the darkness, letting him lie ("Yeah, it's me!") or
 frighten her ("I left Danny in the barn..." and silence). Yelling about Katjaa
 only alerts her to one's real presence.

 Enter the farmhouse to find Brenda holding Katjaa at gunpoint. Advance only
 when the gun's pointed at the hostage and keep trying to defuse the situation.
 If things badly -- moving at the wrong time, inflammatory language -- Lee gets
 his daily dose of lead! Instead, try defusing the situation calmly (always
 the first option), causing the girls to back up the walk. Repeat as necessary
 until the standoff works itself out.  

2-7: St. John Dairy, Pt. V
 Items -----: Camera
 Achievement: You Fight Like a Dairy Farmer

 With Katjaa safe, Lee runs outside to find Andy. Reply to his first comment,
 then get saved by Carley/Doug's quick thinking. This starts a lengthy QE
 event where Lee scuffles with the gunman.

 Lee gets first blood, making them both roll downhill near the sawhorse. Andy
 will regain the upper hand, inching Lee toward the high-voltage fence. Mash
 Q-button until Lee calls out for Lilly's help. Depending on how he handled
 the Larry situation, she'll fire or do nothing. Either way, the QE event'll
 restart, with Lee fighting his assailant off. Slug it out a bit more until
 the survivors gather around.

 Having proved his point, Lee gets up to walk away, only for Andy to bait him
 further. Reply (doesn't matter, although he can pretend both Danny & Brenda
 died) then decide whether to leave the matter settled or finish the job. For
 the latter, Lee can kick him into the electrified fence or shoot him. (The
 gun is only available if Lee took too long in beating on Andy, letting him
 regain a momentary advantage.) Killing Andy will impact Clementine, so choose

 Following the farm events, everyone starts walking back. There's conversation
 to make with some main players at this point. This is the order:

 • Carley comments on leaving the motel unattended; this affects nothing, but
   does reflect whether Lee stopped Clementine from eating her meal. If Doug's
   alive, he'll comment on saving everyone with the laser pointer, to which
   Lee can drop plaudits ("I'm glad you showed up when you did") or censure
   ("You probably should have stayed").

 • Kenny will comment on what happened in the meat locker, and the options'll
   change slightly depending on who Lee sided with. If Lee wanted to revive
   Larry, all the options (except silence) are negative. On the flipside,
   helping Kenny take care of Larry gives options of support, plus one that
   express guilt ("We fucked up").

 • Clementine will comment on the farm situation. If Lee killed the brothers,
   the best options can reassurance ("I'm sorry you saw that") and honesty
   ("Yes. They were bad"). Lee can also show guilt ("I shouldn't have done
   that") if he prefers. If Lee let both brothers live, he can take a stab at
   their fates, reassuring Clem ("We didn't kill them, so I don't know") or
   being direct (any other non-silence option). Clem will, naturally, notice
   her caretaker's attitude.

 The discussion over, everyone happens upon...

2-8: Roadside
 Items -----: ---
 Achievement: It's Not Stealing if You Need It

 ...a supply-filled station wagon! Of course, this is only learned after the
 group sneakily approaches the suspicious vehicle. After the previous mess,
 and not knowing the owners' fates, Kenny will want to loot the commodities.
 This is the final major decision in the chapter:

 • AGREE: Taking the supplies makes Clem cross. Unload the swag, then hand
   her the child-sized hoodie. She's apprehensive about taking it, but Lee can
   make the pill easier to swallow ("Hold onto it for safekeeping") or convince
   her it's okay ("It's yours now"). Either way, she'll wear the hoodie the
   rest of the game.

 • DECLINE: Lee won't take supplies or the hoodie, making Clem happy. However,
   the rest don't mind free munchies, so the outcome's mostly the same.

 The chapter ends once the hard decision's reached and the camera's contents
 are spilled. To recap the major points for the curious:

 - Almost 85% of players chop off David's leg to save him
 - Almost 90% of players try to save Jolene (crazy crossbow psycho)
 - Most players try to save Larry
 - An overwhelming amount of players don't kill both St. John brothers
 - Most players don't steal from the car

03) LONG ROAD AHEAD                                                      [WK03]
3-1: Macon Streets
 Items -----: ---
 Achievement: Goodbye, She Quietly Says

 The third installment begins with during a two-man supply run in town. Almost
 immediately, Kenny will put Lee on the spot about leaving the motor inn -- he
 will remember any actual reply (and only agrees with "we should go").

 When Kenny climbs the trailer near the drugstore, inspect the ladder. When
 it's a no-go, use the jeep's winch, starting a chat about Lilly. Lee has a
 chance to condemn Kenny's actions ("You slaughtered her dad") if he didn't
 assist, though the other options don't affect anything. Attach the cable to
 an axle, then flip the winch control to comment on Clem and the station wagon
 (doesn't matter).

 Climb the jeep. Before Kenny pulls Lee up, he comments on Duck's near-miss at
 Hershel's farm. The choices change ever so slightly if Lee tried to save Shawn
 first, and Kenny remembers any remark here. Pick "what'd he say?" or "it was a
 scary situation" for best effect; the others border on cruel dismissals.

 Kenny will try hoisting Lee onto the trailer, only for it go bust. All that
 noise eventually starts the installment's first major decision: performing a
 mercy killing on a goner down the street or letting her be eaten (i.e. acting
 as a noisy zombie attractor). The decision will impact how much time can be
 alloted to the supply run afterwards, and the motel survivors will learn of
 Lee's judgment call, too.

 Either way, the next step is looting the pharmacy. The key to this portion is
 haste: just grab the items, don't stop to inspect what they are. There's 20
 to claim in all (8 shelf/floor, 7 box/shelf, 5 cabinet) and the game tallies
 this in the upper-left corner. Pressing left/right will jump to the next
 search area, eventually looping back around. If Lee killed the girl, time's
 heavily constrained here.

 When all items are found, or time runs out, Lee and Kenny turn to flee. Hop
 the prescriptions counter, only to be pinned by a falling door. The QE event
 is unwinnable in its first part, and ends during a small cutscene (Kenny will
 flee or help, depending on how Lee assisted with Larry last chapter). Either
 way, Lee will regain some strength to fight the horde off. Push the fridge to
 block the doorway.

 On the way out, the zombie pilot from the fallen helicopter will attack. Hit
 it twice -- its motions can make this a little hard at times! -- then QE to
 impale it on rebar. Kenny and Lee will then escape to...

3-2: Travelier Motel
 Items -----: ---
 Achievement: Bad Blood

 The conqueroring looters return! First things first, the two report the haul
 to Lilly. She'll still be holding a grudge about what happened to her dad,
 and voices her opinion about wintering at the motel. Lee's can support Kenny
 ("We do whatever is best for the kids" & "We have to go eventually") or Lilly
 here ("This place is fine, Kenny"). Kenny will take notice if Lee's backslid
 from his stance, and always tells the result of how they handled the girl in
 the previous subchapter.

 Lilly will also comment on stolen supplies, which sets up the main event for
 next subchapter...which starts now!

3-3: Travelier Motel, Pt. II
 Items -----: Flashlight, Pink Chalk
 Achievement: Hit the Road

 Lee can now be controlled in the parking lot. There's some optional convos to
 hold here, including a special Carley-only event (there's no counterpart if
 Doug survived) where Lee can reveal his criminal past to the others. It's
 optional, but fits the story well. Whatever Lee decides to do, she remembers
 the decision. If it's not done, there's little to talk about until one follows
 up on the supply thefts.

 • Clementine: She's doing a leaf rubbing. If Lee reveals his past crime, she
   will understand why he told her. (This option is available even if he tried
   to do the same thing at the drugstore in "A New Day").

 • Kenny & Katjaa: Lee can go through their normal conversations, but there's
   nothing of interest. Each can be pulled aside if Lee wants to reveal his
   murder conviction. It goes slightly different for each, with Kenny wondering
   what the crime was (if Lee is coy about it, he asks "it wasn't for touching
   kids, was it?") and Katjaa wanting to know about the meat locker incident
   after. Lee can decline that retelling, though.

 • Doug: he's near the couch in the RV foreground, and can be asked about his
   safety and opinion on Lilly. There aren't any noticeable replies here.

 • Ben: he's the RV watchman. He has some delightfully awkward chat options,
   but nothing else, unless Lee talks about his felony. Ben will appreciate
   being told...although it's more about someone giving him attention, not
   that he cares much about the issue. 

 If everyone was informed, return to Carley for a follow-up. Either way, the
 next step is speaking to Lilly about stolen supplies. Reply at leisure to her
 first two comments; when she hauls out a broken flashlight, she'll pay mind to
 how Lee reacts. ("I'll poke around" goes best; "It's just a few things" and
 "Seems like you're manufacturing this from nothing" make her suspicious.)

 Either way, Lee will have to investigate. Duck will have eavesdropped, and
 will want to assist like his comic-book heroes. This decision is irrelevant,
 since Duck's lizard brain causes him to join in anyway! (To be fair, this is
 probably the funniest exchange in the whole chapter.)

 Now that the event's started, Lee has access to clues. First, inspect the
 sidewalk's broken glass (left-hand side of lot), then the chalk 'X' on the
 wall nearby. Ask Clem about the chalk; Duck will find a piece near the gate
 and hands it over. (High-fiving him has no relevance.) Inspect the scuff under
 the main gate to gain outer-wall access. Walk "right" until Lee finds the
 removable grate. Pry it open and get the bag full of...meds!

 Lee automatically returns the supplies to Lilly. After the scene, bandits'll
 attack the camp, claiming someone broke their supply deal. Lilly will run to
 get in sniping position, asking Lee to stall. This can be done by simply
 talking to them (any option) until shooting starts.

 This starts an event where Lee clears the camp of intruders, an amount that
 slightly depends on Doug/Carley's presence (he bags one, she bags). Either
 way, reinforcements flock in from the forest, turning the place into a
 killing ground.

 Lee begins behind the RV. The goal is to pick off the shooters, which is done
 by popping out from cover, firing, and popping back. If Lee lingers too long,
 he'll be killed. (The now-standard red-screen effect gives this assessment.)
 When Lee's killed two, Carley and Ben safely make it to the RV. Next, take
 out three on the other side so Clem and Kenny's kin are home free. This will
 require sniping the zombie that almost gets Kat. Finally, eliminate the
 zombies on both sides of the RV (this part changes slightly if Doug, the
 less experienced gunman, is with).
 When Lilly finally arrives, the RV sets off...

3-4: Kenny's RV
 Items -----: ---
 Achievement: What Now?

 ...and she starts pointing fingers. Regardless of circumstance, Carley/Doug
 dies in this event. Outside that main shakeup, the only relevant dialogue
 choices reflect on Ben, and whether Lee goes to bat for him ("Ben's a good
 guy" or "I think he probably did it") -- this only occurs if Doug was alive,
 though. In-between those choices, during Doug's plea ("I know I don't get
 wrapped in the politics..."), Lee's choice has a different effect.
 We need to act NOW. ---> You and Lilly agreed on this.
 Doug's right ----------> Everyone noticed that.
 Let's just let him go -> You tried to let it go.
 ... -------------------> You chose to remain silent.

 After the chips fall, another major decision is reached: whether to let Lilly
 come with or strand her on the roadside. Ironically, for as much trouble as
 she just caused (especially with the growing Lee-Carley romance angle), this
 decision matters little. It does make the next subchapter more interesting if
 she tags along, however.

 Before the decision takes root, Lilly will reveal Lee's past to the group.
 Obviously, if Carley was alive, Lee had a chance to explain, but this ain't
 the case for Doug. Back in the RV, speak with Katjaa and Kenny (who reflects
 on the recent murderer news), then do a chat & silly QE event with Clem. This
 is the only QE event where Lee can win it by doing nothing.

3-5: Abandoned Train
 Items -----: Pencil, Water, Spike Remover, Map, Rag
 Achievement: Handle It

 The RV will come to rest at a train-blocked crossing, causing everyone to
 get out for a rest. If Lilly tagged along, she'll be inside still. Lee will
 need to get a Pencil out of the cup holder for later anyway, so feel free to
 snag it now. Afterwards, there's a mandatory conversation about how Lilly
 wants to commandeer the vehicle. Regardless of what happens, she'll drive off
 in it, stranding everyone else. Any response to Kenny's yelling is fine here.
 The others have nothing of relevance to say, although Ben will be annoyed if
 Lee fingers him as the motel traitor. 

 Anyway, enter the train and search the boxcar. Grab the water (can be brought
 to Katjaa) and start inspecting the engine. It has four compartments, but for
 now, only the second-from-left, which contains tools, has anything of use: the
 spike remover. Don't bother taking the spanner or monkey wrench, since Lee can
 only hold one tool and will have switch later.

 Kenny joins Lee in the conductor's car after they inspect the engineer. Look
 at the tablet to find the startup controls...or what's left of 'em. If Lee
 got the pencil, he can immediately set to work rubbing the indentations; if
 not, he'll have to fetch it now. (This starts the Lilly/RV event.)

 The tablet rubbing will give the correct order and switch positions. Lee only
 needs to find the corresponding switchboard, in this order:

 6: Down, Down, Up, Up, Up, Down, Up
 5: Lateral, Vertical
 9: Left Turn, then Right Turn

 Switch line 5 & 6 are near the driver's seat; 9 is on the train's outer
 face, the leftmost of the four doors. When done correctly, the engine's primed
 and Kenny will walk over (conversation is irrelevant). Try the throttle on the
 engineer control panel to find the cars are stuck on the wrecked portion. Lee
 can cut this loose by taking the spike remover, exiting out the boxcar's other
 side, and jiggering the coupling.

 Head back to meet Chuck, a hobo who's been inhabiting the train, and who's
 already introduced himself to the others. He'll ask if Lee's taken anything
 from the place. Lee can either lie ("I didn't take anything," although this
 may be true, too) or be honest ("I took the map of the train routes"). He'll
 take note of any subject-changing deflections, which is what other responses

 Either way, Lee will get the map and Chuck is accepted into the survivors'
 group. Approaching Kenny will start the next even, so feel free to discuss
 any remaining dialogue at this point. (The chat with Kenny about Duck's
 worsening condition will always have the same tone.) When ready, press the
 throttle to get rollin'.

 En route, Duck will take a turn for the worse. Use the rag (on floor) to wipe
 him off, then prepare to inform Kenny, who's still up front. There's no point
 procrastinating, since there's nothing else to talk about now. Lee can get
 the train to stop through dialogue or force.

 • DIALOGUE: Avoid showing him the rag, then try to talk in a friendly or
   understanding tone. Basically, these answers listed below. Confrontational
   replies will tip things towards a fight, so pick the "back off" or "calm
   down" option to right things and try again when the next opportunity arises.

   - "Katjaa needs you"
   - "I'm sorry"
   - "This isn't about Duck"
   - "You think you're the reason Duck got bitten"
   - "You didn't kill Hershel's son"

 • FORCE: Show the bloody rag, then provoke Kenny until he gets out of the
   chair. When given the option, don't "back off" or "calm down" -- this'll
   initiate the fight. Lee can simply take Kenny's blows (eventually, his rage
   subsides) or follow the on-screen prompts to dodge his blows and put up an
   actual fight. If done right, Kenny will get some sense knocked into him.

 Finally, the train stops.

3-6: Georgia Wilderness
 Items -----: Bottle of Whiskey, Map, Scissors
 Achievement: Unexpected Delay

 The first reply to Kenny doesn't affect anything, but the next decides who
 (Kenny, Katjaa, Lee) does the deed. Not deciding is the same as picking Kat,
 note. If Lee's been the family friend this whole time, him volunteering will
 mean a lot to them. Clem will eventually ask about Duck, prompting variations
 in Lee's dialogue (second convo counts as speaking honestly).

 Regardless of what was chosen a moment before, Lee will run into the woods.
 Lee can now have Kenny or himself do the deed. The third option, easiest done
 by silence twice in a row, simply has the men leave the forest. Generally,
 having Lee shoulder the burden is the best bet for future relations.

 Once the event's over, Lee automatically speaks with Clem and Chuck. The
 latter will chastise Lee over his lack of planning (he never likes Lee's
 second reply) and give some sound advice for keeping Clem safe. Talking with
 Kenny doesn't give anything important here, but it's flavorful! Ben, who's
 outside the boxcar, doesn't have much to say, although the exchange about
 Carley/Doug is hilarious in a twisted way.

 Before speaking to Clem, snag the whiskey bottle and bring it to Chuck. Lee
 can share a drink with him (doesn't matter), then tell Ken about it. This
 gets him up long enough to snag the map in the side bin. En route to the
 boxcar, Ben will confess his long-kept secret. Lee can either threaten him
 about it ("I could kill you") or dissuade him from sharing it (any other).

 Find Clem to follow up on Chuck's advice. They have to be done in the listed
 order (Lee can talk about Ben and Chuck in the meantime).

 • Shooting: Clem will get in some target practice. To coach her correctly
   follow where her shot's off, then give suitable corrections. For instance,
   if she shoots SE of the bottle, telling her to aim up and to the left would
   straighten her shot. ("Keep it steady" means she's aligned perfectly.) Once
   three bottles are broken, practice is over.

 • Plan: Lee will hammer out a plan for when Savannah's reached. What Lee
   tells Clem here will be echoed later, and some other survivors may not
   agree with the priorities Lee sets.

   - 1st conversation has Lee talk about main goals. Finding a boat is the
     only option Kenny considers later, so tell her that to avoid future
     problems. (Silence is tantamount to "let's look for your parents".)

   - 2nd conversation is about looking for Clem's parents. Lee can humor her
     or say they're dead, which naturally upsets the kid. (Making her cry
     counts as "we'll look for them, but then we move on".)

   - 3rd conversation is about informing her parents of Lee's checkered past.
     This isn't important, so pick whatever.

 • Haircut: Grab the scissors from Chuck's pack, then use the cutting option.
   Clem expresses relief about Lee talking about his prior conviction. His
   response (except silence) will be remembered.

 The chapter ends when all three are squared away.

3-7: Abandoned Overpass
 Items -----: Electrical Tape, Blowtorch
 Achievement: Look Behind You

 Kenny stops the train before it barrels into a petrol truck dangling from
 an overpass. Before a shouting match can erupt, the group is noticed by Omid
 and Christa, passers-by on the bridge above. They'll remember Lee's first
 impression (pick "no, we're friendly" for best effect).

 Climb the ladder, then answer their questions. The important replies they'll
 remember deal with Lee's past and if the other survivors are on the level.
 Lee can inform them about Kenny's latest predicament, Ben's youthful stupidity
 or how they just met Chuck. There's little else to do up here, 'sides getting
 the electrical tape from the emergency vehicle.

 Back at ground level, pick anything in the next choice, causing the group to
 mingle -- Lee can follow suit. Christa ("Where you from") can reveal Omid's
 a Southern history buff, but won't appreciate further snooping about their
 previous spat. If Lee wants to bond with Omid about the Civil War, find him
 in the engineer's room. Note that the boxcar and surrounding area is closed
 off from now on.

 With the chit-chat over, head for the defunct station on the overpass' other
 side -- Clem accompanies for this part. Round the far side is a locked door;
 Lee will need to inspect the high window, then use the boost option on Clem.
 Reply anything to the next question and Clem will unlock the sucker, despite
 it quite clearly having a normal keyhole. Perhaps Lee's taught her magic in
 addition to other survivalist traits...

 Prop the door open with the spike remover, then inspect the gap above the
 locked door. This time, however, walkers break in, causing Lee to drop his
 sidearm. Back up to the door, take the tool and eliminate the foes. Then,
 for part two, grab the keys from Clem, unlock the door and take the pistol
 to eliminate the final straggler. When Christa investigates the noise, she'll
 gently scold Lee for dragging Clem into the walker den. She'll remember any
 reply to the last convo; to reassure her, pick "we're still alive, aren't

 Grab the blowtorch, tell Clem the lesson they learned (she'll recall anything
 mentioned here, even silence) and head back. Visit the overpass and begin
 cutting task...only to find there's a minute leak somewhere. Patch it with the
 electrical tape, cut it as much as possible, then have Omid do the remaining

3-8: Abandoned Overpass, Pt. II
 Items -----: ---
 Achievement: Lend Me Your Ears

 Omid's cutting goes smoothly, just as a giant herd of walkers approaches. Kick
 the blowtorch into the petrol, then prepare to jump. Lee can push Omid; the
 other verbal options let him jump himself. Silence has Omid push Lee, of all

 The fifth major choice of this installment is picking who to save, Christa or
 Omid. However, both will end up being saved, so feel free to pick either --
 it matters little. What DOES matter is letting time run out, which is a major
 dick move and influences how the couple likes Lee later on.

 With everyone on board, relay to Kenny the decision Clem was told earlier. As
 said earlier, he only agrees with finding a boat; the other options rub him
 the wrong way. Chapter recap:

 - Most players shoot the girl in the street
 - Most players don't strand Lilly by the roadside
 - Most players end up fighting Kenny to calm him down
 - An overwhelming number of players perform the mercy killing
 - Most players save Omid and Christa in equal portions.

04) AROUND EVERY CORNER                                                  [WK04]
 The fourth installment begins after the team has landed in Savannah and
 disembarked from the train to the suburbs. Lee starts with the walkie-talkie
 in this scenario.

4-1: Savannah Streets
 Items -----: ---
 Achievement: Georgia's First City

 After speaking with Clem about her radio, Christa will comment on Omid's leg
 injury. Lee can have the group halt ("you're right, let's stop") or continue
 on, with or without assistance. If Lee lends Omid a hand ("I'll help carry
 him"), Christa will appreciate it. Regardless, two useless conversations
 later, the loud church bells will summon walkers.

 To begin, a zombie will latch onto Kenny's leg, so shoot it off quickly. (If
 a player's too slow, Christa saves the day instead.) Next, Clem will be in
 the midst of a zombie crowd, which starts a first-person shooting event to
 save her. The pistol has infinite ammo in this portion, but Lee can never slay
 the leftmost sidewalk zombie gunning for Clem. Instead, just shoot the nearby
 stiffs until Chuck's rescue.

 The chapter ends soon after.

4-2: Abandoned House
 Items -----: Shovel, Collar

 Desperate to escape the walkers, everyone congregates in a backyard, trying
 to find a way inside. Control returns to Lee at this point, letting him speak
 with everyone before continuing.

 • Kenny: several topics, but none important
 • Ben: several topics, but none important
 • Clem: she'll be worrying about the yard's safety. Most answers will give
   reassurance, though silence is a little unsettling.

 • Omid: he'll be wondering about his leg. Lee can be a straight shooter
   ("She's right, it looks bad") or reassure him (any non-silence option).

 When ready, inspect the house's doggie door, enabling Lee to grab the shovel
 along the shed. Use the implement on the grave to uncover the former pooch
 and his unique collar. When Clem asks, reply anything except the 1st option
 ("stay away") which hurts her feelings.

 Now that the collar's been found, the doggie door can be Clem.
 When no one's looking. Lee has a chance to praise ("good job, Clem!"), gently
 warn ("you should have asked me first") or outright scold her ("don't ever do
 that again!"). Like usual, silence offers some neutrality.

 Once inside, Christa asks about the walkie talkie issue; Lee can either lie
 ("I didn't know"), offer an excuse ("I didn't want to worry anyone") or be
 honest ("I only found out yesterday," though this still annoys her). After,
 Clem will speak to Lee. If Lee scolded her for the entrance stunt, he can
 make her feel better by apologizing ("I'm sorry I yelled") or exacerbate the
 issue (silence). If he praised or gently warned her, this event doesn't occur.

 Next issue for Lee is checking all the downstairs doors: two in the sitting
 room, plus the closet near the main entrance. (There's many things to look
 at here, though none are important, save the whiskey Lee can't take yet.)
 Once all three are checked, there'll be another walkie-talkie scene. If Lee
 shouts at Clem ("we want an answer, Clementine!"), he makes her nervous, so
 pick one of the gentler options instead.

 The conversation's broken up by Ben, who wants Lee to check the attic. See
 what the ruckus is, then choose who should kill the zombie. (If Lee chooses
 himself, approach the foe, then stomp, shoot or bludgeon it with whatever
 instrument is on-hand.) If Lee chooses to leave the attic, Christa performs
 the killing. Regardless, our protagonist has to do a backyard burial. Place
 the corpse in the dog's grave, then haul dirt four times.

 Immediately after, Lee will yell at a shadowy figure spying on him. When the
 others run out, he can lie about the encounter ("just a stray dog"), ignore
 the question (silence) or be honest (anything else). This event will rattle
 the survivors, prompting Kenny to start his River Street boat hunt. There's
 no changing the outcome, so those who want to get in good with Kenny should
 agree ("the sooner we leave, the better"). This affects a decision later in
 the installment.

 Clementine and Ben will want to accompany Lee, but they have to be refused.
 It's just a matter of informing Clem (gently or firmly) and telling Ben his
 place; for the latter, Lee can bring up his past ("no offense, Ben...") or
 have him keep watch over Clem/Omid. Either way, Lee and Kenny will be the
 two-man crew, leading to...

4-2: River Street Docks
 Items -----: Quarter, Climbing Pick
 Achievement: Down by the River

 Answer Kenny's questions en route (they don't matter) to control Lee on the
 empty waterfront. The suggestion to check the telescope doesn't pan out, as
 neither of the men has a quarter. Lee inspects the walker barricade at this
 point, if it wasn't done before. Don't bother shooting any of 'em -- they
 pose no threat.

 To get a coin, inspect, then club, the newspaper machine with the tool taken
 from the train. Get back to the telescope, then start scanning around. The
 only thing worth watching will be on the leftmost side of the vista, where
 Lee spies a red-clothed figure climbing down a building. The two men hide as
 the stranger approaches the defunct newsstand.

 Pick any option, 'cause a sneak attack is decided on. Approach the counter
 and peek over, only to get snuck up on instead. Lee can grapple with the
 stranger and block incoming blows to gain the upper hand, or get clobbered --
 either way, Clementine breaks up the row. After Kenny appears, the stranger
 then reveals himself to be...herself! Molly!

 This handy she-ninja will be wondering who the people are and whether they're
 from Crawford, wherever that is. She'll remember Lee's first reply about the
 subject if he clams up ("I don't have to tell you anything") but subsequent
 queries -- regarding children, bells, the back fence, etc. -- aren't.

 Just as the conversation comes to a close, the local "geeks" arrive, causing
 the survivors and Molly to enter the alley. Clem and Kenny will get hoisted
 up, but Lee lands flat on his bottom. Quickly push the dumpster aside, then
 inspect the manhole to get a gift from Molly. Take the climbing pick, then
 pry open the cover in a small QE event. Lee, separated from everyone, has to
 take refuge in...

4-3: Savannah Sewers
 Items -----: Handle, Revolver
 Achievement: Support Group

 Surprisingly, only one zombie takes a header! Lee's only chance of escape
 lies deeper in this complex, so venture on, down the small slope, past a
 locked door and unusable pipe. From there on, a zombie group blocks the way
 forward, and approaching them leads to an inevitable game over. Instead, duck
 into the waist-high passage, tamper with the valve clockwise, then take its

 The way back is blocked, so take the foreground passage to the locked door
 passed earlier -- it can be pried open with the pick. Next, use the valve on
 the corner pipe, being careful not to linger too long in plain sight. (Just
 input the command from afar for easy effect.) The running water creates noise
 for a diversion, so quickly retreat to the short maintenance tunnel and let
 the walkers past.

 Lee picks up a revolver while moving past the zombies' latest corpse, and
 can stealthily approach the far-off straggler. However, a zombie in a lower
 grate snags his leg, causing a small QE event. Lee will need to free himself,
 plus deal with the alerted straggler, and the best way to get through is by
 using the climbing pick. Lee can also use his own pistol, but the noise will
 attract the distracted zombies, making the next portion have a time limit.
 Note that if Lee uses the pick on the grate zombie, he'll have to reinput the
 command for the 2nd one too, so be careful not to foul it up!

 Either way, Lee will make for the passage's end. Use the climbing pick on the
 broken ladder to knock loose the sign, which is covering a mysterious hole.
 Push it aside and head in to find...a fully-supplied underground bunker! The
 door leads into a morgue where several new faces are hiding, which leads to
 a quick standoff.

 The geezer with the gun will wonder who Lee is. The easiest way to get past
 this event is trying to calm him down ("I don't wany trouble" or "nobody"),
 then giving reassurance ("let's talk about this" "I'm not from Crawford").
 Lee will be shot if he responds with silence to the 2nd question, or if he's
 slow taking Vernon's gun away afterward (even if he reassured them), so be
 quick about disarming!

 With things settled, Lee converses with the cancer survivor group. He can be
 honest about his arrival ("walkers" or "we were looking for a boat") or avoid
 the question. Lee's next reply doesn't matter much, since, like it or not,
 Vernon agrees to guide him back to his group. Finally, Lee can incentivize
 his guide, via lies ("we have medicine"), duress ("If you don't, I'll kill
 you") or mentioning Clementine; silence brings up Omid's injury. Mentioning
 Clem gives Lee a chance to lie about her being his real daughter (Vernon'll
 assume this if silence is chosen).

 Either way, it's back to...

4-4: Abandoned House, Pt. II
 Items -----: Hatchet
 Achievement: Bedside Manor

 Back at the brownstone, the first person seen is Molly, who tagged along with
 Kenny and Clem. She'll inquire about Vern, letting Lee answer plainly ("he's
 a doctor") or deflect in some manner. Either way, Lee returns her climbing
 pick and Christa comes downstairs. If Lee lied about having meds earlier, it
 creates an awkward situation when Vernon brings it up. Either way, there's
 a scene with Omid before Lee can walk around normally.

 Next is finding Clementine. Lee starts upstairs, although to save some time,
 she's not up there. (Molly is, though, in the far bedroom, and directs Lee to
 his "redneck friend".) Going downstairs automatically starts a scene with Ben
 and the newly liquored-up Kenny. Lee can try to reason with his buddy ("give
 me the bottle" or "Kenny, take it easy") or yell at Ben. Staying silent does
 nothing. After, speaking with the pair again questions them about Clementine,
 giving a good chance to rail into Ben, if he was asked to guard her. (Note
 that this doesn't affect anything, but it's still great to see Ben get flak.)

 Lee will enter the backyard. Approach and open the shed door to reunite with
 Clem. Much to everyone's surprise, the shed held a motorboat. Answer any way
 one wants until the group must decide on where the battery and gas, the only
 two things their new vessel lacks. Suggesting Crawford is the only realistic
 answer; suggesting a street search or doing nothing doesn't go over well. The
 method Lee wants (negotiation, sneak attack, by force) won't matter.
 Eventually, Clementine will ask about Crawford, letting Lee answer honestly
 ("I don't know" or "yes, it will be dangerous") or assure her ("no, don't
 worry"). Either way, having been left behind earlier, she'll want to
 tag along, to which Lee can agree/decline. This is the third major decision
 and affects the invasion of Crawford slightly. Omid will live either way, so
 there's no story-related reason to exclude her, really.

 Make the decision and wait for nightfall. Eventually, Vernon will arrive with
 his mouthy ally Brie, to which Lee can respond positively ("the more, the
 better") or rudely ("we don't need her"). She's coming either way, however.
 Also, depending on Clem, Lee will decide to (not) arm her or explain his
 rationale, respectively. Hatchet in hand, the group moseys through the sewers

4-5: Crawford
 Items -----: ---
 Achievement: Georgia's Last City

 *NOTE* If Clem's not with, her related Crawford events don't occur, natch.

 When able, climb up to the eerily quiet streets via the manhole. When the
 group stumbles upon a guard, approach and dispatch him -- this makes everyone
 take refuge in the old school. The response to Kenny about pursuers will
 freak out Clem/Ben unless Lee responds firmly ("I don't think so"). Respond
 to Vernon's comment to move into a classroom.

 Here, the tasks are divied up, with Lee and Molly seeking out the battery,
 supposedly in the school's maintenance garage. It's down the hall, past the
 staircase entrance, then the right-side exit. Feel free to look around the
 classroom -- including a fun convo with Clem, if she's there, and a question
 about admitting fault with Ben -- before going outside. (Note that Lee gave
 his hatchet to Kenny at this earlier.)

 Walk to the small shed along the garage. Eye the roof hole and climb up the
 shelving; Lee can hop the side fence. Inspect the heavy garage door and back
 fence for a scene where a falling zombie signals Molly's reapparance. Reply
 to her in any fashion, then do a quick QE event where Lee jacks up the door.
 Naturally, being a slowpoke means dinner for the undead assailants...

4-6: Crawford, Pt. II
 Items -----: Hilda, Tape #1, Tape #2, Tape #3, Logan's Code, Hatchet, Shotgun
 Achievement: For Whom the Bell Tolls

 Inside, inspect the hydraulic hose near the raised car, then ask to borrow
 Hilda (the "hook-thingy") from Molly. Nick the hydraulic hose to lower the
 car...a bit too fast. Disconnect the battery by inspecting the plugs twice
 each -- this portion is timed, so don't dawdle. Molly will keep the battery
 in her pack, so escape by climbing the truck, shooting the skylight and
 letting her pull Lee up. In fact, she has a stronger pulling arm than Kenny!

 Now above the garage, respond to Molly's roof-jumping goad (any option's fine)
 and prepare to leap. Make sure to click on her hand as soon as possible, lest
 Lee and the concrete become intimately familiar! On his way down the hallway,
 Kenny and Brie will arrive with gas...and walkers. To do this QE event, close
 the door, shoot the zombie, grab the hatchet, then shut the door a 2nd time.
 Odd how a billion zombies can infiltrate a small garage and push down fences,
 but they can't get through a simple glass door...

 Return to the classroom to find Ben and/or Clem waiting, though the armory's
 still shut. The next step is visiting the hallway's left fork, although one
 can chat with the current survivors here (including one of Kenny's funniest
 exchanges, where Lee reminds him Molly saved his life and he complains "but
 what has she done for me lately?"). If Lee didn't speak to Ben earlier, he
 will repeat his guilt-related query; the answer's irrelevant.

 The fork leads to a small QE event where Lee guns down random zombies who've
 accumulated at the nurse's station. Inside, the meds have been found...behind
 a password-locked safe. When able, root around the office for any goodies,
 namely Tapes 1 (inside a file on the desk). Play it in the camcorder.

 Lee will recognize the doc as the walker near the outdoor garage. Return to
 the garage via the same method -- the only change-up is a walker in the shed,
 which is fought off in a QE event (probably the funniest death in the game).
 Stomp the doc's head and loot his body for the 2nd tape and a code to Logan's
 locker. Lee will automatically backtrack to the schoolhouse, so no garage
 hijinx this time.

 Finding Tape #3 is optional, but easy to find: it's in the "bloody locker"
 en route to the nurse's station. Return to watch Tape #2, after which all
 the morphine and antibiotics will be claimed. Lee can watch the third tape
 at this time, giving a bit about Molly's past. This will come into play on
 the way to the classroom, where Lee can confront her about it (the first two
 options) or blow it off ("forget it, let's go"). If Molly explains herself,
 Lee can sympathize ("I understand"), blow her off ("I don't care") or gently
 change the subject ("let's just go").

 On the way back, meet Ben (irrelevant convo) and see Molly get attacked by
 a straggler. Lee will have to shoot the zombie in first person POV to save
 her, or waste time, leaving her behind. If Clementine was brough to Crawford,
 she saves Molly, eliminating the need for Lee to intervene. Either way, Lee
 gets his hatchet back and everyone gathers in the classroom.
 At this point, Ben's feelings come flowing out. Lee can try to silence him
 ("we don't have time for this" or "Ben, shut up") but either way, he informs
 Kenny about past actions. Lee can then side with Ben ("it was a mistake") or
 his longtime travel companion ("Kenny, calm down!" or "kick his ass later!").

 Regardless of what Lee says in the next conversation, everyone calls a vote
 to let Ben come or stay. Clem will want to vote, too, if she's with -- Lee
 can refuse ("no") or agree ("of course you do" or silence). She always picks
 to let Ben stay, note. Lee can then cast his vote, or abstain (silence counts
 as abstaining also). If Lee votes differently than Clem, she'll be annoyed,

 After a cutscene, everyone will scramble through the armory door Kenny kicked
 down. For the next event, Lee will have to ascend the stairs while fighting
 off the zombies he foolishly let into the room. Luckily, an infinite-ammo
 shotgun is just what the doctor ordered. Slowly back up, firing when needed
 (watch out for crawlers) until Lee's foot gets jammed. To free himself, he'll
 have to kill approaching zombies, then tug on his leg when the coast's clear.
 Repeat this four times to get free.

 With covering fire from his buddies, Lee can now stalk upstairs to melee the
 unaware pursuers. Click on them when able to do the deed, being careful not
 to let them turn around and attack (only the third one tends to get a chance
 at this game over). The hatchet is dropped after this event.

 Everyone congregates at the bell tower's apex, looking to reach the roofs.
 Somehow, a zombie is attached to the bell rope and grabs Ben. Lee can shoot
 it off or let Ben die. If Lee kills the zombie, Ben will be hanging by a
 thread, opening up another conversation in which Ben asks Lee to let him go.
 Letting Ben fall, or saving him, is the fourth major decision to deliberate.
 (Picking silence lets him die, for those wondering.)

 Choose wisely to finish the chapter.

4-7: Abandoned House, Pt. III
 Items -----: ---
 Achievement: The Morning After

 With meds in tow, everyone returns to base.

 • If Clementine was left behind, she'll either have killed an intruding
   zombie (provided she was armed) or trapped one in the closet, forcing the
   men to gun it down. If Clem didn't come with, she'll ask about her parents.
   Lee can reply honestly ("no, we didn't" or "there wasn't time") or sidestep
   the issue. If Lee heartlessly left Molly behind, she'll ask about that, too
   -- the options are clearly spelled out this time, though. Clem remembers any
   reply given (silence included) here.

 After the above bullet point, or if Clem came with, everyone goes to Omid's
 bedroom. He'll have survived either way, though if Ben died, Kenny mentions
 it in front of Clem, causing her to run into the hall. Vernon will want a
 private chat, its tenor decided by Lee's recent action (like threatening him
 or lying about having meds in the house). He'll also offer to take Clem off
 Lee's hands, since there's doubts about her wellbeing. Lee can entertain the
 offer ("you have a point"), give a non-answer ("I need to think about this")
 or tell him off ("walk away, Vernon").

 Having heard Vern's deal, and seen Molly split (assuming she survived), Lee
 automatically seeks out Clem upstairs. She'll ask about the boat destination
 and Ben, though the replies aren't important. The third question is about
 searching for her parents; Lee can be honest ("let it go" or "there may not
 be time"), avoid her question (silence) or lie. Either way, the response'll
 upset her. Lee will sit on the couch until he conks out.

 In the morning, Mr. Everett goes into the backyard. 

4-8: Abandoned House, Pt. IV
 Items -----: Clem's Hat, Walkie-Talkie
 Achievement: Penultimate

 Pick up Clem's Hat, then hop the fence to find her walkie-talkie by some
 garbage. Lee will be ninja'd by a walker, forcing him to bash it into a wall
 then stomp it. However, he ain't unscathed. As the other survivors approach,
 he has a chance to show or hide his death sentence -- the 5th and final major
 decision to make, and it directly impacts the final installment.

 Basically, Lee will now have to convince his comrades to help him out on the
 search for Clem. They're spoken to in a set order.

 • Omid & Christa: They never help if Lee concealed his bite, but always help
   if Lee was forthright about his new injury.

 • Kenny: Having been in Lee's group since the first installment, there's a lot
   of baggage for him to weigh, particularly if Lee's flip-flopped on major
   choices that Kenny had. However, it's possible that, in light of past help,
   Kenny can rationalize his assistance ("Clementine is my family"). Choosing
   the other options, particularly "go f*** yourself," are dead-ends. If Lee
   has had Kenny's back the entire game, Kenny pledges assistance immediately,
   foregoing any rigamarole.

 If Ben survived, Kenny will chime in that he doesn't want to go anywhere with
 him, giving Lee an ultimatum. Lee can get both to accompany anyway ("Kenny,
 deal with it"), which makes the next chapter more exciting. Otherwise, Lee
 can choose not to bring one of them (silence is taken as siding against Ben).

 • Ben: if asked to stay, Lee can ask him to stay with the boat, or hook him
   into coming with anyway ("Clementine stood up for you"). If Lee has helped
   Ben throughout the game, without being overly critical or threatening him,
   letting Ben choose ("it's up to you") has him come with, too. Silence will
   always have the kid stay put.

 Either way, Lee will head to the morgue with those who agreed to help.

4-9: Hospital Morgue
 Items -----: ---
 Achievement: ---

 Listen to the radio conversation, then the one after that. What Lee responds
 doesn't change anything, despite the chapter-ending cliffhanger! Recap:

 - Most players kill the zombie in the attic themselves
 - Most players are rational and honest with Vernon (instead of threatening)
 - Most players bring Clementine to Crawford
 - An overwhelming amount of players save Ben at the bell tower
 - An overwhelming amount of players reveal their bite

 Additionally, the game keeps track of the survivors Lee got to help him (8
 possible combination). The combinations are:

 - Lee
 - Lee, Ben
 - Lee, Kenny
 - Lee, Kenny, Ben
 - Lee, Christa, Omid
 - Lee, Christa, Omid, Kenny
 - Lee, Christa, Omid, Ben
 - Lee, Christa, Omid, Ben, Kenny

 The five-man group is generally available by being honest and kind to the
 allies, so it's a little surprising that (at time of this writing) it's got
 the highest attainment percentage. Just a little trivia.

05) NO TIME LEFT                                                         [WK05]
 The final installment will play out slightly different, depending on the
 survivors Lee recruited (if any).

5-1: Hospital Morgue
 Items -----: Rib Spreader

 The installment opens with the response Lee chose last chapter, which ends
 radio contact with the stranger. At this point, if Omid and Christa are with,
 they'll ask Lee how his zombie-inflicted wound is feeling, remembering any
 answer he gives. No matter which survivors Lee ends up with, zombies attack
 the bunker's door and he'll have to find an alternate route.

 One can now inspect the morgue, namely surgical supplies (can't be taken) and
 a Rib Spreader, which Lee should pocket. Next, maneuver to the back elevator
 and stick the newly-acquired item into the gap; Lee will start cranking open
 the door. When the deed is done, Lee loses consciousness.

 When he comes to, he'll be on the operating table, surrounded by his pal/s
 who've discovered his wound. (If he's alone, he wakes up by himself still.)
 This is where last chapter's decision to conceal or reveal the zombie wound
 comes into play...although it doesn't have earth-shaking impacts like one
 would expect. If Lee hid the ailment, he'll have a chance to make amends.

 The installment's first major decision is whether or not Lee should amputate
 his arm (to stave off infection) or do nothing. Despite being one of the big
 choices for Lee, it affects very little plot-wise, so either option's fine.
 If our protagonist goes under the knife, he'll have to pick the saw prompt
 four times to complete. (Lee always passes out afterwards, leading to his
 helpers dressing the wound.) If Lee skips the literal hackjob, there's no
 fuss to deal with.

 Anyway, with the milestone over, it's time to enter the elevator. Work the
 rib spreader again to bust open the door, leading to a long ladder. Lee will
 always take up the rear of his group here (assuming there's a group to begin
 with). On the way up, if Lee didn't amputate, he'll nearly fall off, and has
 to quickly grab a rung to avoid splattering the shaft's bottom. Otherwise,
 the ascent is all about hitting "W" to climb. Any dialogue that takes place,
 as well as the falling zombie, don't matter here.

5-1: Hospital Rooftop
 Items -----: ---
 Achievement: Into the Fire

 Up top, everyone will discuss how best to leave the hellhole they're in (this
 includes meaningless dialogue about staying on track and, if applicable, Lee
 passing out on the ladder). Lee can walk around when everyone disperses, but
 his comrades have little to say besides flavor text. However, if Ben is still
 alive, Lee can give him further encouragement (or its opposite), which he'll

 To continue, look at the bell tower near Omid, pick up the ladder along
 the long wall. Click on its destination for a rote discussion on who'll do
 the honors -- it's always Lee. Speaking of things that always occur: the gear
 holding the extension in place snaps, forcing one to click the sprint prompt
 before our strapping protagonist plummets to his death.

 Everything's gone well and now Lee is...stranded on the tower. Inspect the
 floor hatch, then pull the rope -- those sweet peals attract all zombies for
 miles around. Lee now has the arduous task of jumping back to safety, which
 is roughly the same, regardless of possible amputation. Click the ledge
 prompt to safely pull up, which cues everyone's swift exit to...

5-2: Abandoned House
 Items -----: Cleaver
 Achievement: Twice Shy

 Home sweet hovel! Unfortunately, someone has alighted with the boat. Lee can
 deduce the thief ("This was Vernon") or give a wild, panicky guess (the other
 two) that makes Christa take notice. If Lee didn't recruit some survivors to
 accompany him to the morgue earlier, this situation is replaced by a different
 scenario, in which they (the ones who stayed behind) are locked inside the
 shed. Lee will then have to let them out to uncover what transpired.

 Before going inside, Lee will also have to deal with 3 other situations, if
 they apply: (1) if Lee didn't tell Christa and Omid about the bite, forcing
 them to stay behind, they'll find out at this point and question Lee. They
 remember his answer. (2) Lee will have to answer what he thinks the best
 course of action is. "Get to the countryside" appeals to Omid & Christa. (3)
 if Ben is alive, he and Kenny will get into a loud argument; dialogue options
 here make no difference.

 Either way, walkers will force everyone to take shelter inside. Lee gets to
 give everyone their marching orders, but it's mostly pointless (although
 Christa remembers her given task) -- the front door's open. Kick the zombie
 that grabs Lee through the doggie door, then grab the cleaver in the upper-
 -right drawer when prompted. Finally, end the panic by slicing the hands off
 the door-clogging dead. Be quick about it or the place is overrun!

 ...which is kinda what happens anyway. Have Lee chop down the unfriendly face
 attacking him, then help Kenny push the upstairs desk (QE event). Everyone'll
 mount a last stand in the corridor, but no matter how true one's shot, the
 horde's too big. End the subchapter by pulling the attic rope and scrambling
 to the top level.

5-3: Abandoned House, Pt. II
 Items -----: Pistol
 Achievement: There Ain't No Way

 Trapped in the attic, no way through the window...great. (On the positive
 side, if Ben is with, he'll give Lee the gun he dropped a moment before.) In
 the next few minutes, there's dialogue about Lee's arm and Clem's walkie, but
 they lack notable choices.

 At this point, tension starts to boil. Lee's reaction to Kenny's escape query
 ("we have to go NOW", et al.) will be remembered. Kenny will also chastise
 Lee if he kept his arm intact, referencing "Starved for Help" events. The only
 major decision here is whether or not to let loose on Kenny. To do this, grab
 the nearby bust and throw it at him, or do nothing and have Kenny smash it
 against the wall in frustration. Either way, a hole in the wall is formed.
 Grab the coat rack when prompted.

 Kenny will take first shift on the wall-breaking crew, letting Lee converse
 with the rest. The dialogue here is plentiful, but irrelevant. Only the talk
 about who will be Clem's caretakers if he turns (Omid & Christa, Kenny, or
 "find a family for her") will be remembered. Later on, after the whiskey's
 found and Kenny starts reminiscing, Lee can comment on Lilly and the past.
 One can be forgiving ("I'm sorry for any pain I caused"), brush it off ("water
 under the bridge") or call Kenny a bastard; silence is noted by Christa. It
 doesn't matter if one drinks the whiskey, either.

 Omid breaks through the wall at this point.
5-4: Abandoned House (Next Door)
 Items -----: ---
 Achievement: Mercy

 After some dialogue in the corpses' bedroom, inspect the balcony door. The
 entire squad will jump onto the roof and make for River Street without any

 • However, the balcony jump portion plays out much differently if Ben's still
   alive. Since he's last to leap, and the balcony always unhinges after Kenny
   goes, this causes Ben to fall into the alley. The gist of this portion is
   Kenny and Lee go down to investigate, walkers appear, and Kenny stays behind
   to give Lee a fighting chance to escape. If Lee disagrees, he's locked into
   the side alley. None of the dialogue in this section matters, except what
   Lee conveys to Christa and Omid on the roof: what transpired and Lee's
   honest opinion on Kenny's actions (pick "he wasn't a bad guy" for best

5-5: River Street Rooftops
 Items -----: Pole, Walkie-Talkie
 Achievement: The Marsh House

 The team has finally made it to River Street!

 • If Kenny's with, after some small talk, he accidentally knocks the walkie
   into a roof hole. Respond to the nudge, and eventually Christa will jump
   down to claim it. Grab the pole near the scaffolding to start a QE event,
   only for it to (mandatorily) fail. However, the second one can succeed; if
   Lee's too slow, it's game over. Later, after Kenny's fighting off-screen,
   our hero can comment on his heroics ("he's dead," "I don't know", "maybe
   he ran"). Omid and Christa will remember that comment.

 If Kenny isn't with, Christa will want to talk about Lee's decision to have
 them (or Kenny) take care of Clem. If Lee wants to make a good impression,
 pick "you guys would be great for her" or "yeah, you do" (which appears
 depends on previous decision). Either way, the 3-man crew will approach the
 Marsh House overlook.

 Lee now has to decide who'll test the waters in crossing the street-spanning
 sign. This choice doesn't matter: Lee will get separated from his companions
 from now on. (However, if Lee went first, he'll have to do a small event to
 grab the broken strut, lest he fall.) This situation always gives a chance
 for Lee to meet up with Christa and Omid later at a designated spot. To do
 this, Lee has to decide right when asked ("F*** it, I'm going for it") then
 choosing a destination (rendezvous at street level, by the train, or north
 of town).

 Either way, Lee's going to rough it at street level with his melee weapon(s).
 He automatically advances on his own, so the only matter at hand is clicking
 on zombies to kill before they approach for snack time. Do this ten times to
 finish the event.

5-6: The Marsh House
 Items -----: Pistol, Cleaver
 Achievement: What's in the Bag?

 Lee starts in an empty corridor. Enter the first room available and look at
 one of the doors connected by rope -- this introduces Lee to Clem's abductor.
 After some awkward small talk, Lee will be asked to put his possessions on
 the writing desk. How Lee complies here is the third major choice to make in
 this installment. (Giving away everything off the bat does just that; picking
 a lie requires lying a 2nd time, or caving in to the previous request.)

 At this point, the abductor will sit Lee down to discuss who he is and some
 past choices, namely:

 - who is saved during the drugstore climax of Chapter 1
 - the supply-filled station wagon in Chapter 2
 - whether or not Clem was brought to Crawford

 Lee's responses during this portion don't matter. Eventually, Clem will sneak
 out of the bathroom. Lee can nod (prompt click) for her to grab an item on
 the desk and smack the stranger with it. If nothing is chosen, she'll use
 fisticuffs. No matter what's chosen, this provides enough of a distraction
 for Lee to attack.

 Bumrush the gunman to start a QE event, which successfully disarms the goon.
 Lee can either tackle him as he tries to get the gun, or punch after he gets
 the gun and misses. Either way, the guy is pressed into the closet, and Lee
 can make the 4th major decision: killing or sparing the abductor. To do the
 former, continue choking with the QE prompt; to spare him, simply quit the
 stranglehold. Of course, his reprieve is short-lived because Clem ends up
 shooting him anyway. (If Lee chokes him, he has the option to shoot the guy
 to prevent him from turning, an irrelevant gesture.)

 Finally, the reunion takes place. Answer at leisure, then feel free to inspect
 what little the room holds. To leave, inspect the main entrance and kill the
 walker before it can get Clem. Lee now has the inenviable task of smearing
 rotting guts as a type of putrid smokescreen. After cutting into the fresh
 walker, do this three times to continue. 

5-7: River Street
 Items -----: ---
 Achievement: Stay Close to Me

 The shortest subchapter in the game is just walking along at a snail's pace.
 Anything Lee comments on here won't be held against him, and he's scripted to
 pass out, regardless of amputation.

5-8: River Street Jewelers
 Items -----: Baseball Bat, Handcuffs
 Achievement: What Remains

 Do the unwinnable QE event and Clem learns Lee's dilemma. Inch along the
 counter and listen to Clem's misgiving ("never let yourself get trapped" is
 the only option she remembers) before slumping near the radiator. Try and fail
 two more QEs, then direct Clem to the baseball bat under the counter. She can
 now break the guard station window. The zombie's alerted, but the way's still
 clear: move the stool, grab the handcuffs and pick their target.

 Clem now has to get the zombie's gun. Coach her in what to do first; either
 way, the zombie breaks free and starts chasing Clem. Let it continue (man, it
 feels bad saying that) until she bumps the display stand -- quickly inspect
 it to get her out of harm's way. Finally, inspect the baseball bat to properly
 arm Clem for the kill. (Even if Lee's handcuffed, it won't change results.)

 Lee can congratulate her on killing the zombie, though only one option ("you
 can take care of yourself") will be retained by the young'un. Eventually, Lee
 will have to face the 5th and final major decision: having Clem mercy kill him
 or leaving him to turn.

 • ABANDON: Lee can explain why he chose this, but Clem will only remember two
   of the options ("save the bullet" and "shooting people changes you").

 • MERCY KILL: Lee gets to impart a bit of wisdom before the deed. First, he
   can suggest where Clem goes from here (find Omid & Christa, don't trust
   anybody, find a group). Second, he can offer miscellaneous advice (avoid
   cities, always be moving, keep short hair) as a follow-up. She'll remember
   any non-silence answers.

 That ends the game! Here's the final recap for the main storyline:

 - Most players amputate Lee's arm
 - Most players don't calmly argue with Kenny in the attic
 - A little over half the players surrender all weapons to the stranger
 - A little under half the players strangle the stranger
 - A litle over half the players have Clem stop Lee from turning

 Additionally, the game will recap all major events for all characters. Some
 of these events listed can impact Season 2's installments, note. (As of this
 writing, only the first two are released, but I've already seen some scenarios

06) 400 DAYS                                                     [DLC]   [WK06]
 The first season's only DLC is a series of vignettes setting up new faces and
 reintroducing old ones. The short character pieces can be done in any order,
 but the walkthrough'll just do with the 400-day timeline, which is concurrent
 with Season 1. Each side story has a major impacting decision, except Shel's
 which has two.

 Note that the DLC is the only installment with missable achievements ("Two
 Out of Three" and "Reunited").

 Days In ---: 002
 Achievement: Chain Gang

 Fresh off a murder, Vince's chapter begins with him deciding whether to ditch
 the hot weapon (trash can, roof) or keep moving. This decision is referenced
 in dialogue later, but doesn't change that he's arrested and, eventually, put
 on a prison bus out of Atlanta. Unfortunately, it's now stuck in traffic...

 Chit-chat with the other soon-to-be inmates -- including an option to mention
 his crime ("I helped my little brother") -- before trouble breaks out. Danny
 will want to help the criminal being choked; Vince's buddies will remember
 his answer. Of course, it doesn't change anything: Crabtree chokes the thirsty
 fella before getting a shotgun lobotomy.

 Talk to the guard until he's attacked, then flip him over (small QE event) to
 snag his shotgun, which can then be used to kill the walker. The tension over,
 search the guard for the chain keys and...they're not there. Next, shoot at
 the looters, then the chain.

 This marks the chapter's major decision: shooting the ankle off Justin or
 Danny so the other one can escape. The person shot will be left behind,
 presumably to die. (To successfully flee, the ankle must be shot twice.)

 Days in ---: 41
 Achievement: Abandoner

 Wyatt and his buddy Eddie, two stoner types, start on the highway, going past
 the now-empty prison bus from Vince's chapter. The action begins immediately,
 as Wyatt has to shoot out the back window at a pursuing truck. Fire until the
 guy's headlight is hit and he disappears.

 After turning into a misty forest, the two argue a bit about the course of
 action (Eddie remembers the response to him turning off the lights). The rest
 of the banter is flavor, including a sweet "let's Tom Cruise outta here," but
 fairly meaningless. When prompted, check the glove compartment.

 The plot rears its head again when the laughing buddies accidentally hit
 someone in the road, causing an abrupt stop. Respond to Eddie, then look at
 the missing side mirror and windshield, then glass in the road. Finally, check
 the rearview mirror. This starts the major decision of this chapter: which of
 the two goes out to check on "the guy".

 Wyatt will go automatically if he volunteers. If he doesn't want to, Eddie
 suggests a game of rock-paper-scissor to decide. Which friend ends up being
 the 1-man search party forms the basis for this story's major decision. (This
 is the only chance to get the "Two Out of Three" cheevo, which requires
 winning, naturally, 2 of the 3 tries. There's extra funny dialogue for
 repeatedly tying.) Whoever checks takes the gun with 'em.

 • EDDIE CHECKS: After a little while, Wyatt is thrown the keys, which are
   dropped somewhere. Turn on the cab light, then check the floorboard, which
   requires pushing the seat back. Once they're claimed, do the QE event, close
   the door and fire up the ignition. Punch the attacker three times, then hit
   the gear shift to escape.

 • WYATT CHECKS: Examine each piece of debris while proceeding, then approach
   the cop's body. Wyatt will have to pick up the half-dead man and drag him
   back toward Eddie's car, all the while shooting off zombies stumbling outta
   the fog. This part's pretty simple -- just don't let the walkers get too
   close and things'll be fine.

 Completing either scenario ends the story.

 Days In ---: 184
 Achievement: Friends Like These

 Russ begins hitchhiking on a road, his first real choice being to hide from
 an oncoming truck or do nothing. (To get the "Reunited" achievement, pick the
 hide option -- it's the only way to get it.) Nate, the driver, will remember
 whether Russell gets smart about his name or not. Regardless of any creepy
 vibes this guy has, Russell always ends up taking a ride.

 After some amusing small talk, the team will pull into a gas station. Answer
 any way to Nate's goad, then sprint to the truck (which Russ foolishly ran
 away from originally) for cover. Peek to spy the shooter, then push the truck
 in a QE event. Russ will get the option to cover Nate first or run to the
 red car first; the choice will be noted, but doesn't matter much. Choose to
 fire on the sniper when given the option (it's available sooner or later).

 Once the team flanks the station, it's time to hop the back fence and sneak
 into the kitchen. Peek over the serving counter, then prepare to take the
 gunman unawares (done by holding left-click button and slowly moving up).
 Either way, Nate and Russ will find two NPCs, leading to the chapter's major
 decision: executing them or leaving 'em alone.

 Days In ---: 220
 Achievement: Who Goes There?

 Bonnie starts the chapter in the woods with Leland, one of her companions.
 Get through the dialogue (probably the only time flirting involves "lobster
 hands"...) until Leland's true feelings start coming to the surface. Whether
 Bonnie accepts or rejects ("slow down") his advances will be remembered. Dee,
 Leland's wife, eventually returns and the woodland trek begins.

 En route, a husband-wife spat will take place. Try to warn them about keeping
 voices down until karma steps in to teach a lesson. Continue running to slide
 down an embankment, and in a few more moments, attack a crawling zombie. (It's
 the same one from Russell's chapter, apparently. The prison bus from Vince's
 chapter seems to be nearby, too.)

 Taking refuge in the cornfield turns out to be a mixed blessing: vision is
 impaired, making proceeding rather hard. This starts a small minigame where
 Bonnie has to avoid flashlight-wielding gunmen. To win, keep advancing (to
 background) and switch rows (left or right) when an assailant's beam points
 straight down the row. Getting caught earns a game over, while success will
 lead to a small clearing with a tractor.

 Unearth some rebar by wiggling it back and forth (requires holding left-click
 down) and prepare to attack whoever's approaching. Although Bonnie soon comes
 to regret this act, note that failure to strike will lead to a game over, too,
 so her hands are tied. Reply in any form until Leland arrives, setting the
 stage for the chapter's major decision: truthfully/deceitfully informing him.

 Days in ---: 236-259
 Achievement: Paradise Lost

 As the chapter dawns, we find Shel, her sister Becca, survivor Steph and
 group leader Roman enjoying a guitar performance. After, Becca will want to
 handle the gun inspection -- she'll remember whether Shel trusts her with it
 or not. There's plenty to inspect here, but the main goal is visiting the back
 lot, through the kitchen and pantry.

 The watchdog (who may or may not be familiar) will be fed on arrival, and
 Roman will suggest letting Becca handle this work. He'll remember whether
 Shel's up for it or wants to shelter her. Check the far walker, walk back
 inside for a faux scare (respond in any fashion), then move to the station's

 Roman will have apparently caught a thief and wants to execute him for the
 good of the group. The first major decision Shel's faced with is siding with,
 or against, the leader. Becca will remember her sister's choice here, both
 with her initial assessment and where her swing vote lies. (If the man is set
 loose, Boyd will end up dying in the interim period coming up.)

 With the decision over, fast forward three weeks to a strenous game of Go
 Fish (which Shel can cheat at, oddly 'nough). Roman will want to have a talk
 about the latest thief; he's across the parking lot. This mounts the 2nd major
 decision Shel makes: to execute the accused or flee the encampment. To do the
 latter, grab the keys from the counter instead of the piece. Becca, who is
 opposed to fleeing, will remember the decision.

 Days In ---: 400
 Achievement: Loose Ends

 This chapter automatically starts once everyone else's is over. Tavia, a
 survivor from a larger camp, will stumble upon the DLC's main survivors and
 invite them back. (Some of the choices made, like Bonnie lying, will have been
 made known in the last 100+ days, so they do have an effect at this point.)

 Whether a survivor accompanies Tavia depends largely on how their chapter
 went (the exception is Bonnie, who always leaves camp). Some replies may also
 encourage people to leave, such as talking about finding missing friends (if
 Wyatt was stranded by Eddie).

 - Vince leaves camp if he saved Danny
 - Bonnie leaves camp
 - Wyatt leaves camp if he left in the car
 - Russell is always skeptical, so Tavia's choices may sway him
 - Shel & Becca leave camp if they fled the station in the RV

 As for the general recap:

 - Vince's Chapter: most players shoot Justin's foot
 - Wyatt's Chapter: half the players end up staying (makes sense, actually)
 - Russell's Chapter: most players leave Nate
 - Bonnie's Chapter: most players lie
 - Shel's Chapter: most players leave in the RV

V. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS                                            [FAQZ]
 [Q] - 

 [Q] - Do the choices impact Season 2?
 [A] - Some do. When you start a new Season 2 save, the program will search
       for Season 1 saves, if any. Should a save be found, but it isn't fully
       complete (ex: up to Chapter 3), then the game fills in the rest of the

 [Q] - Will these games spoil the TV series? I haven't watched it yet!
 [A] - A few characters from the show do exist in the game (Glenn and Hershel,
       notably) but the game follows a completely different plot, so it won't
       give away any show twists. However, there is one chunk of knowledge
       learned in the 2nd chapter that people in the show only learn at the
       end of the second season. Keep that in mind.

 [Q] - Are there any references to the Walking Dead show?
 [A] - A couple, probably more for the comics (haven't read 'em). One notable
       thing is the RV with its screwy radiator hose, which plays a part in
       "Long Road Ahead" and the show's second season.

 [Q] - I try to load my save, it asks me to rewind and it glitches...?
 [A] - I've seen this myself. You'll try to load a save, starting at the
       continuing chapter, then after picking to (not) rewind, the game just
       hangs. Sometimes it may even "load" so the inventory bar is seen, but
       the screen's still black. As far as I know, this is mostly a between-
       -chapter problem. Going back to the previous chapter and rewinding to
       the last-played subchapter usually fixes everything.

 [Q] - Should I get 400 Days?
 [A] - Did you like the normal Season 1 installments? Are you getting Season
       2? If so, it can't hurt. Judging from the current amount of episodes
       out, the characters shown there will be returning, and decisions made
       will naturally sweeten the plot.

 [Q] - When I load up the game, none of my saves have...err, saved!
 [A] - This has also happened to me. After looking around, it seems the culprit
       may be the prefs.prop file, which exists in two places. Copying the one

       /My Documents/Telltale Games/Walking Dead the one in...

       Program Files/Steam/Steamapps/Common/The Walking Dead/Pack/Default

       ...may solve things. At least it did for me. Just make sure to do it in
       the right order; otherwise, things may be even more screwy! (Of course,
       people using Macs and whatnot may have different file paths, so that's
       where google comes in, eh?)

VI. UPDATES & CONTRIBUTORS                                               [UPDT]

 03-14-14 --------------------------+ Started walkthrough
 03-28-14 --------------------------+ Finished walkthrough

 • Sailor/Ceej, for hostin' my crap
 • Wyatt and Nate, for getting the best dialogue

 • Chapter 1: energy bar behind Carley -- can't pick up?

VII. LEGALITY                                                            [LGLT]
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through electronic or commercial means without the expressed consent of the
author (P. Summers). It cannot be hosted, edited, or distributed for profit,
and may not be given away as an add-in/gift to bought items. All rights are
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who find this document on sites not listed below should e-mail the author (me).
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