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Matthew Ruiz

This is my first FAQ I've ever written. If anyone has any questions, email me at 
[email protected]

This FAQ is for secret characters for Spider Man: The Movie that can be unlocked on 
a certain difficulty.

Secret Characters
There are 4 secret characters you can unlock for Spider Man:The Movie. All which 
will be at the Secret Store option.

Peter Parker

To unlock Peter Parker, beat the game on Easy difficulty or higher. Peter Parker 
will now be unlocked at the secret store option and can be tuggled on or off.

Wrestle Spider Man

To unlock Wrestle Spider Man, beat the game on Easy difficulty or higher.This 
secret will be at the secret store option.

Alex Ross Spider Man Design

To unlock this character, beat the game on Normal difficulty or higher. This will 
now be at the secret store option.

Green Goblin

Beat the game on Hero difficulty or higher to unlock the Green Goblin. The Green 
Goblin's story is different from Spider Man's story.This will also be at the secret 
store option.

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