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Submitted by: ExpertPlayer at: [email protected] Last Edited: 9/19/09. 
(obviously) My Sims

This is my first FAQ; so if there is any thing wrong or missing, please let me 
know. Also, I will add more as I discover them. If you know any not listed, 
please let me know. And, this may not seem like a FAQ, but it is my FIRST FAQ.

What You Need To Do
Character Essences
Emotion Essences
Special Section
Copyright Stuff
Who May Use This FAQ

9/25/09- changed Email address. FINALLY! FREEDOM! WOOHOO!
9/19/09- added a Secret Essence (eat), glitches section, cheats section, 
Special Section, and Q&A section.

9/6/09- added more Secret Essences (stove, telescope, karaoke machine, pizza 
oven), added Character Essences, and added Emotion Essences.

I've posted several "Secret Essence" Tips. You can see them in the "Hints and 
Tips" section, but I'll just put them all in here since I keep discovering 
more. "Secret Essences", as I think of them, are Essences that you have to do 
something with an item to get an Essence, an Essence that just reveals itself 
after using certain furniture items. Let's get started!
These are all the items needed to get the Essences. I'll list who first 
requests the item, but for more information, check Fishy Crackers' Walkthrough, 
which I thought was very useful.

Television (large or small)- Elmira
Sink- Chef Gino
Refrigerator- Chef Gino
Arcade Game (any)- Vic Vector
Sarcophagus- Vincent Skullfinder
Pizza Oven- Chef Gino
Hot Tub (maybe bathtub too...?)- Chef Wantanabe
Stove- Chef Gino
Karaoke Machine- Chef Wantanabe 
Telescope- Professor Nova
Eat Food
To go into Chef Gino's restaurant and kneed the dough
What You Need to Do
This, simply, is just what you need to with the items listed above. Note: You 
won't get the Essence EVERY time you interact with the item, so keep using it, 
and, eventually, you will get the Essence. Also, the ones with the * mark: the 
Essence will ALWAYS pop out if "blah blah blah" happens.

Television- select "Watch" and wait until you are done "watching" the TV. You 
could get some Robots.

Sink- this one is hilarious! Keep on washing your hands in the sink, and 
eventually you will get blasted with water! Some Octopus Essences will also pop 
out! *

Refrigerator- eat a snack out of it, and you could get some Red Apples. (Like 
you really need those!) Drink something out of it, and you could get some Green 

Arcade Game- select "Insert Coin" and start playing. Watch, cause after a 
while, your Sim might either defeat the "Evil Eye" or not. If you do defeat the 
Evil Eye, you will get some Video Games. *

Sarcophagus- all you have to do is select "Peek" and you will peek inside the 
sarcophagus, and get scared, getting you some Scary Essences.

Pizza Oven- bake a pizza, and you might get some Bacon! Mmmmm... bacon....

Hot Tub- get in the hot tub and wait a second. Hop out and some Tiny Sharks 

Stove- this has two! If you see that "Use" has a frying pan on it, you could 
either fry a fish or stir some soup. Either way, you could get some Rainbow 
Trout from doing both. Now, go up to the stove again. Wait a bit, and the 
frying pan goes away it will show a cake. Select "Use" and you will bake a 
cake, and I bet you know what the Secret Essence is...Cake!

Karaoke Machine- Step up, sing loud and proud, and you could get some Cherry 
Blossoms. Cherry Blossoms for singing? Weird….
Telescope- select “look” and you will look through the telescope. Wait a bit, 
then move away. You might just get to keep the Stars you were looking at! (If 
you didn’t get what I just said, you get Star Essences)

Eat- first, make something to eat, the stove will give you something to eat if 
you fry the fish (the twinkle afterwards), then sit down at a chair and select 
eat! It doesn't matter what you eat, from the sushi at Chef Wantanabe’s, to the 
pizza at Chef Gino's, or even the ice cream at Roxie Road's, you could get some 
Happy Essences! Oh no... I just made myself hungry!
Also, if you go in Gino's restaurant and kneed the dough, you could get some 
Gingerbread Men.

Character Essences are Essences you get from specific characters, once they 
spot you, the Essence will pop out, and they will do a little dance! But only 
if you are good friends with them.

Spooky- Deadwood
Geeky- Videogames (???)
Tasty- Cake
Studious- Pencils
Fun- 8 Balls
Cute- Tina Dolls or Happy Essences

Those ones vary from Sim to Sim, so experiment to see which Sims give which 

Emotion Essences are Essences you get by Being Nice or Being Mean. Note that 
not all Sims will give Angry Essences when you Be Mean!

Be Mean- Angry Essences
Be Nice- Happy Essences
Be Nice to a Spooky Sim- Sad Essences (maybe be mean too)
Be Mean to a Geeky Sim- Happy Essences
Be Mean to a Sim like Jeremy (the one in the pajamas)- Sad Essences

There is only one that I know of right now, and that is:

1. While in the bathtub, wait for the Rubber Ducky to appear. Then, hop out. 
The Duck will stay in between your feet for about 1 second.

Yes I know, what you've been dying to see! Here they are!

First, press "-" to pause the game, then enter: 2,1, Down, ^, Down, ^, <, <, >, 
>. (^= up, <= left, >= right) A secret keypad will appear. Then type in the 
following case-sensitive codes for the desired item!

Bunk Bed- F3nevr0
Hourglass Couch- Ghtymba
Modern Couch- T7srhca
Racecar Bed- Ahvmrva
Rickshaw Bed- Itha7da

Camouflage Pants- N10ng5g
Diamond Vest- Tglg0ca
Genie Outfit- Gvsb3k1
Kimono Dress- I3hkdvs
White Jacket- R705aan

Great huh? These items can ONLY be gotten this way, as you'll find out with the 
furniture; it will have a * before it. Also... let me know what all the new 
clothes look like; I think I only found the White Jacket!

What is this "Special Section" you ask? Well, I thought I'd include some cool 
furniture items I made, how to make them, and other tips! If you would like 
a "Tip" on something, let me know. Also, I will add more later on.

Cool Bed Trick- One neat thing you can do is make shelves to put Essences on 
that look like your stuff! (Ex. video games, 8 Balls, ect.) Look at Vic 
Vector's desk for example; it has lots of stuff on it like a Happy Essence, 
Rainbow Trout, Video Games, and lots of things! What I did was I made the 
Racecar Bed and put stuff on the spoiler (the back part). It looks awesome!

Awesome Refrigerator- This is the coolest thing ever! Make any refrigerator, 
and add some slots on the side! Make some little boxes on the side, and then 
put some food Essences in the boxes. (Apple, [halves work best] orange, rainbow 
trout, ect.) Then close the boxes up, and select Paint. Hopefully you've gotten 
Sapphire Essences by now, cause you need some! Spray the front of the boxes you 
made on the side. They will look like glass, making for an awesome refrigerator 
with real food in it! Just like the one in Chef Wantanabe's restaurant!
Mario Furniture- Yea that’s right peoples, you heard me! MARIO FUNITURE! YOU 
CAN MAKE IT! I've made lots! It’s HARD though! I'll share a few with you to 
start! These can either be made by Sculpture or by Wall Sculpture.

1. Green Shell- use a bottom half  (thing shaped like this “D” only facing up), 
then use one disk on top, after that, put a half on top, finally,  put one 
small disk in front, like a hole. The colors: use green for the top parts, 
black for the small disk, and peach-ish on the bottom half!
2. Red Shell- same as Green Shell, only make it red instead of green.

3. Lightning- this ones simple! Just take a short  “–“ piece, find the /l 
pieces, and put one on the top and bottom! Color: yellow!

Q: How are you feeling right now?
R. Weird….

Q: Are you good in English?
A: Weel, I be goodums in Egahlish, an mee edumacation is had well. Any persom 
need a calcumalator?
R: I’d say not very

Q: How great are you?

If you have an actual question, Email me and I’ll post it here!

With help from TecnoPanda- who let me know about the kneading of the dough, and 
about the Pizza oven. Thanks!
Also, you may NOT copy the ENTIRE FAQ, but you may use any certain part that 
you would like. 

Also, if you love Animal Crossing: City Folk, you’ll love this! I’m finishing 
up the biggest walkthrough EVER for it! Everything from characters to the fact 
that if you run on the grass in the same spot a lot, it decays! ~COMING SOON~

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